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2020-12-30 19:37:18

    This is not how I’ve planned to post here again. I’m still under the deep, dark, choking emptiness after the WS servers shut down, and now… this shit.

    Patreon - with it’s discord the most reliable and frequent one
    rt - pretty much abandoned
    ty - slow on updates
    Hentai Found
    ry - even slower on updates
    er - currently empty but will move my junk here

    If I’ll find other, more suitable places, I’ll upload there too. Feel free to suggest nsfw artist friendly sites. On that note, thank you for your support over these many years, the likes and the reblogs, and I’ll hope to see you again in some of these platforms. I only ask you to be patient until I’ll catch up with the uploads.

    For the @staff, merry fucking christhmas to you too. I was genuinely optimistic that you can fix your shit, instead, punching yourself in the nut seemed like a much better idea. I put my faith and trust in you guys over the course of many years, and now just in a few days, we’re all booted. Nice.

                                As my favorite green holo-man would say:
                                   “Good luck. You’re going to need it.”


    Preposed commissions done for @wildstarbunny, from which Bun is used in Retromissile’s incredible lineup in honor of the bestest game, Wildstar.
    I couldn’t decide between Cia and Stax so I just let the composition dictate and my boyo was chosen after all.

    Cia is a head over Bun’s height at least, makes her look pretty big in this case :’D


    The bestest game in recorded history. So many good memories came from it and allowing me to meet some of the best people I’ve known to date..

    I’m seriously going to miss it so much, but i’ll treasure it even more because of that.

    Finally! It’s a shame to see Wildstar go, but on the other hand it is amazing to see how the community sticks together. We had hopes till the end, and it’s so nice to see that we still have, now with the news about the museum preserving abandoned games. Who would have expected that so many people would gather and put so much effort into this farewell collaboration for this awesome game. I can’t describe how overwhelmed I am about all the amazing art of you guys. :D BTW feel free to upload your artwork now, if you haven’t already. ;-D

    In case I didn’t place your character near someone else, I’m deeply sorry. In the end, time pressure was real and I probably forgot one or two requested placements. It were just too many entries and I don’t want to start about the technical difficulties on this. ^^; Using brushes was impossible, which is my excuse for these weird shadows. XD

    This is only a very small JPG in bad quality, since the original one is way too big to upload. You can get the original sized one here:


    Anyway, here are all characters from left to right.

    Berry - by Punmonster on tumblr

    Kuneho - by Kunehokun on tumblr

    Akisa - by PepperDraig

    Caelith - by Klaisen on tumblr

    Avestrus - by Tales-of-Nexus on tumblr (drawn by Catbat)

    Perseus - by FredrickDavis on tumblr (drawn by Catbat)

    Jenny Brightmist- by prfoundlysuperengineer on tumblr

    Bron - by Spousal (drawn by wethatkindoforc)

    Murdoch - by wethatkindoforc on tumblr

    Shilov Zhope - by Xetoset

    Breezi - by Destroythecore

    Blinky - by Yinis

    Jack shade and Antimony Stibine - by Mmostuff and twinflamable on tumblr

    {{ Hayden - owned by bluemoon9628 on DeviantArt

    Anima - owned by rain-11 on Tumblr or rain847 on DeviantArt

    Tonka - owned by mustanglegends on Tumblr and DeviantArt

    Sana - owned by firewolf-anime on Tumblr and DeviantArt

    Ruvin - owned by nythlyx on Tumblr and nythero on DeviantArt

    Aerglo - owned by grace-winters on DeviantArt

    Zadinel - owned by chibicreates on DeviantArt

    Kinari - owned by niawolf15 on Tumblr and DeviantArt }} (collaboration of them all)

    Kibwe - Alpestris-Flowers on tumblr (drawn by Catbat)

    Jarekai - by Jarekai on tumblr (drawn by Catbat)

    Shiron - by Shiron

    Dremik Velore - by Dremmie

    Zynrell Warpvale - by Wilder-Weave on tumblr (drawn by hkluterman)

    Zero Skyweaver - by hkluterman on tumblr

    (floeating above them) Zlatzi - by Kristi L

    Arseniy Bogatir - by Kiiwis

    Cubix - by Alcube51

    Siri - by Siritheaurin on tumblr

    Thiira - by Fusspot on tumblr

    Zurije Psiankowa - by Felroki

    Payne - by Payne (drawn by Siaindas)

    Clown Granok “who’s name I don’t know” - by Siaindas

    Bootsanna - by Funky Bacon

    Naletevski - by Epic-loot on tumblr

    Drav Palkan - by Techmarine Reylen on Deviantart

    Zero Halcyon - by Retromissile

    Rahibe - by Schatten-Phoenix on Deviantart

    Luna Muenster - by Luna Muenster on twitter

    Zerrlik - by Lurluu

    Zaari - by Wyrmforge

    Kintallo - by Kintallo

    Guy - C.E. Bennet

    Sly Shadeleaf - by Straycatsketch on tumblr

    Marco Eclypsebane - by Chaudown450

    Sweetysour - by Dulceybot on tumblr

    Mordesh (who’s name I don’t know) - by sir_pinche_victor on instagram

    Nord - by Wild-Di

    Noonie - by Autodi

    Nika Belaascht - by NikaBelaascht

    Veronica - by Ler (drawn by Cyberella)

    Macia Mystgrove - by Dakota J.

    Zackie Fox - by Zackie Fox (drawn by Aelith-Earfalas)

    Seeker - by Eldanseeker

    Rhylin, Asper and Toadie - by Quartervirus and friends (all drawn by Quartervirus)

    Captain Yaedra - by thedovahcat

    Ran - by Ranavos

    Neer - by Neoneer on tumblr (drawn by Deeafrotailmisstress)

    Alala - by Moo

    Rilk Duskrunner - Sidhevicious on tumblr

    Mei Lei - by Badaxefamily (drawn by Aelith-Earfalas)

    Rook - by Aldridge-Asset on tumblr (drawn by Deeafrotailmisstress)

    Sevena Ashtail and Remarus Locke - by rhiowroleplay and Remarus on tumblr (collaboration between both)

    Skjaldr Thorvaldson - by Windrider Shiva

    Gina Gutrot and Ceze Gutrot - by Wormcursed and friend and tumblr

    Kuro - by CuteMilee

    Jazz - by Deeafrotailmisstress

    Beebe - by RurushIchi

    Staxyn - by Stendra

    Kelinarik - by Adhara

    Vyzura - by Angiebeast

    Elkhan and Kitty - by Elkhan Albright and friend (drawn by Aelith-Earfalas)

    Cheiron Melchorius - by Titaniumsnail (Lines by Fusspot)

    Butter and Dash - by Malicioustaste and Deagz (drawn by Malicioustaste)

    Cryosia and Desai - by Cryosia and Faeforge (both drawn by Faeforge)

    Chihiro Roseheart - by NoodleRyuu on tumblr

    Jelena Arikin - by Nexusmoon

    Cinder - by Bluecrysto

    Ixhortion - by Ixhortion

    Majro Skyfern - by majros-mishaps

    Croix - by Cryosickness

    Oliver - by Htg17

    Foley - by Catbat

    Cyberella Hellspree - by Cyberella

    Bun - by Bun (drawn by Stendra)

    Valerian and Rufus - by DE4THPUNCH and Vladibear (drawn by DE4THPUNCH)

    Taren - by Datela-vodenit on tumblr

    Bird - Straycatsketch bae (drawn by Straycatsketch)

    Roda (floating above) - by Roda Smash

    Lolyta - by Jenny626

    Lorelei and Xallius - by Agentlex and Axis-Pheydra on tumblr (drawn by Retromissile)

    Valil - by Aelith-Earfalas

    Tai Treza - by Serbaki

    Fluffy - by wildstarfan

    Jellifer - by Fangsofamber on tumblr (drawn by Catbat)

    Varyt - by Wild-Blades

    Grexxa - by Breir-Blueleaf on tumblr

    Calean Astertail - by Mike W. (drawn by Fusspot)

    Luna - by nesquidlydoodles on tumblr

    Lady Starheart - by Stellaralchemist on tumblr (drawn by Deeafrotailmisstress)

    Kim - by FridaDz

    Veneann - by Kell, mire-inheid/Harrarke on tumblr

    Wyr Esprithardi - by IfreannMutsou

    Mordesh, who’s name I don’t know - by Rudsnr

    Aedan Marandei - by Midge