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    This is something really special; slide it in and get a hands-free fucking!

    Silently sliding back n forth, and pulsating, the contoured silicone ribbed shaft gives you a proper internal massage. This is so much more than a vibrating dildo – this is a gud fuk that satisfies your hole and stimulates your prostate – for that p-spot orgasm that I’m always talking about.

  • 10 speed quiet vibration / pulsation
  • Easy clean skin-safe silicone – totally waterproof
  • Use with your fave water-based lubricant.
  • Rechargeable via USB Click-n-Charge magnetic charger, it’s totally hands free and wireless in use.

    Down from $86 USD to $42.20 – and sold internationally! Take a look at the Passionate Nights Thrusting Machine now.

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    The previous ten images were part of a greater lesson about non-verbal communication using JUST your face to tell Daddy what he needs to know. Most Daddies can intuit your emotions, but being able to express them with your face confirms his understanding leading to a deeper bond between you. You could nickname this “How to moan with your face”, as that too would be appropriate. Enjoy!


    Putting the reference images together into one post along with a link to read more.

    #1 How to say “Please Daddy”

    #2 How to say “More Daddy”


    #3 How to say “I’m ready Daddy”


    #4 How to say “You’re so big Daddy!”


    #5 How to say “Oh God Daddy”


    #6 How to say “Harder Daddy”


    #7 How to say “Thank you Daddy” (midway version)


    #8 How to say “Am I a good boy Daddy?”


    #9 How to say “Please can I cum Daddy?”


    #10 How to say “Thank you Daddy” (finale version).


    I was wondering why this post was getting action again. Now I know. The reference images are still there and the post isn’t ‘hidden’ . Let’s see if it survives a reblog.


    Pretty funny!

    “Check this out.”

    Your friend’s father works for an erotic tech company. Your friend told you how they had captured werewolves and other beasts to help inspire their latest line of products.

    “They’re huge.” The didos were larger than anything you had taken. Touching the knotted dog cock and thick horse shaft made your own cock swell.

    “They’re practically real. My dad said they used an experimental technology, I guess to mimic them.”

    The substance they were made of felt like a cross between latex and real skin. Each cock had a solid metal ring at their base too.

    “These would rip my ass wide open.”

    “Try this lube. It has nanobots that will temporarily loosen you up. You’ll still get a nice tight fit, but no pain.”

    Back in your bathroom, you thoroughly explored each toy. The lube worked. The knot and thick horse shaft felt like they barely fit, and each thrust hit your prostate just right.

    You stopped right before cumming, out of breath from the toe curling pleasure. That’s when you notice a switch on the metal base of the canine cock.

    “Huh. Does this have a vibrate mode?”

    You flick the switch, and the room fills with red light. Laser from the base of the dildo construct a figure. A hulking one at that. In a moment, the light fades and reveals a hairy beast looming over you.

    There’s a werewolf in your bathroom, and you’re holding its throbbing cock.

    The next moments are a blur. The beast growls and slams into you. You try to roll and crawl away, but its jaws clamp on your shoulder. He doesn’t break the skin, but the bite freezes you with terror.

    You’re pinned beneath the werewolf. His warm cock presses against your sensitive hole. You clench. He forced it in. With a pop, the knot takes its hold. Out of fear, your hole clenches around the knot as the werewolf takes you for a wild ride.

    Thanks to the lube, the fucking floods you with pleasure. After a dozen or two thrusts, you’re spurting your cum onto the tile.

    Still the beasts fucks you. For a minute. Then five. You lose count of time, and orgasm twice more.

    Finally, you both are panting. The beast’s cock throbs inside you, but he thrusts no more. He pulls his knot experimentally, and you focus on relaxing.

    With another pop, cums squirts on the floor. The beasts climbs off you and pads across the bathroom.

    You look up and see he has the other dildo in his paws. With a toothy grin, the werewolf flicks the toy’s switch.

    Another flood of light reveals the owner of the second cock. A minotaur. The beast has to hunch to fit in your bathroom. Its musk fills the room.

    “He’s all yours.” The werewolf growls and paces out of the room.