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                   L’ENCULEUR DE TANTES DU JOUR..

             Ce mâle sait comment un hétéro doit traiter un pédé.. ! 

        ….comment il lui défonce trop bien ses trous de tante, comment il se sert de sa chatte de tantouze pour branler sa grosse bite dure de vrai mâle…

        …comment il se sert de sa vulve de pédale pour y décharger son foutre de vrai mâle..

      “allez tarlouze, suce ma bite et fais la durcir, avant que je l’enfonce dans ta chatte de sale tante et que je t’explose ton trou de pédé, sale enculé!”


    Ah comment il lui parle .. très excitant 🤤🤤🤤👅👅👅🍆💦🍼🥛🥰🥵😍😛si tu cherche un autre pédé à remplir je veux bien faire ma candidature 🤤🤤👅🍆


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          SPÉCIAL PÉDALE DU JOUR: la tante qui rince les bites qui enculent les pédés, de la chatte à la bouche…

        .. c'est le genre de pédale que j'aime utiliser quand j'encule un pédé.. 

          ..elle me sert à rincer ma pine quand je la sors de la chatte de la tante que j'encule..

       ..ça lui permet de savourer le gout que laissent les chattes de pédales sur ma bite quand je les enfile..

           “régale toi tarlouze, et il faut que ça reluise, ou c’est ma main sur ta gueule de pédé qui va reluire!”

             ÇA SERT AUSSI À ÇA LES PÉDÉS..!

    TF College Stories: The True Alpha

    Hey guys! Hopefully some of you guys are still here on Tumblr to read this first post-purge story. It’s a story based on an RP I had with the incomparable @agmsye, I hope you guys like this story. We worked hard on making this RP an interesting tale.

    Transformation College is proud to be a safe haven for those who feel they don’t belong

    However, the College Campus and Dormitories have an environment of persecution amongst jocks and nerds.

    Here is a story to warn aggressors of what would happen to them, and to give the abused a sense of hope, that things will get better.

    - The Dean


    “Um… Marcus? Here’s the essay you asked me to write for class…” Erving said, shaking in the presence of Marcus’ intimidating form.

    “Yeah, twerp, hand it over. Professor Torres has been bothering me with it for a while, so it better be good,” he replied, his voice booming across the room which made Erving nervous. 

    It was completely unexpected that the two would even share a dorm, they already share a major: History. The two are also polar opposites: he was a nerd, as nerdy as can be; Marcus was a jock, a stereotypical one at that.


    Erving was always helpful to everyone… but Marcus abused that help and forced him to write all his essays for class. Erving had some courage left in him to ask for one thing.

    “Marcus… can we talk?”

    “Yeah but make it fast, twerp, I got a meet with Cindy later. You know what that means.” Marcus scoffed, but unbeknownst to him, Cindy is a close cousin of Erving’s… and he and she have a strong familial bond.

    “Can you please stop treating me like I’m a nobody, please? I’m a person too.” Erving was shaking. He had asked for the impossible… what was left for him to do?

    Keep reading

    Craving It

    You paced your small apartment, a little anxious.  The guy you had been messaging for several weeks would be here soon.  You would never have expected to be able to meet a cock pred in person.  Usually you just got to watch cam shows, or if you were lucky, GoPro footage of them in action.  But you had found David in a forum specifically for preds, and the two of you had hit it off. When he revealed that he quite enjoyed using his dick to digest men, you were very turned on. You and he spent several long nights talking about it, whether through text or over the phone.

    Several days ago he mentioned he was traveling to your city for business, and asked if you would want to meet up. You said you were unsure, and you didn’t know quite how the night would play out. He told you in no uncertain terms that if the two of you hung out, that he would go home that night with you melting down to jizz in his balls. He was very blunt, and he told you that you showed all the classic signs of willing cock food. You had a fascination with a pred’s big musky balls, you love to drinking jizz, and you told you that you knew, deep down, that your place in this world was servicing a beefy pred before feeding yourself to his dick.

    You wanted to protest, to say you just found cock vore as something fun to jerk off too. That you could never actually go through with it. But as he told you this, your cock had never been harder in your life. You couldn’t help but start jerking yourself as you imagined actually meeting him. You ended up agreeing to host him when he visited, and then the two of you began discussing some details of how it would go down. Now you were counting down the minutes until he knocked on the door of your small apartment and you could get to fooling around.

    You heard three quick raps on your wooden door and approached it anxiously. You unbolted the lock and opened the door wide. Before you stood a stocky man, just shy of six feet tall. The perfect word to describe him would have been beefy. He had plenty of muscles, emphasized by the tight tank-top he was wearing along with the short shorts that showed off his thick quads. But he also had a pretty healthy amount of fat. His belly was pushing out to the front of the tank top a couple inches, and his ass really looked plump. He had been sweating a little bit, and already the slightest whiff of his male pheromones caused you to chub up in your shorts. You had been relaxing in a simple pair of mesh athletic shorts, your hard dick already giving away how excited you were.

    “Hey bro, good to finally meet you in person.  Looking really tasty.  I love churning up jocks, they always have tons of good stuff for me to absorb. Plus, they’re usually fit enough to last quite a while inside my nuts and I love a man struggling in there.”

    David’s straightforward manner of speaking, of already treating you as though you were just cum that had yet to be churned up was both rather forward but also very hot. He came over and gave you a hug, and when he pulled back a little bit, he grabbed your face and shoved it in his odorous armpit.

    “There you go Bud. Nice and sweaty, just like you like it. I haven’t worn deodorant in a couple of days, and I may have skipped my shower this morning. You told me how much of a scent pig you are, and I want to give you a healthy dose of my pheromones. I want to get you nice and relaxed here, and sniffing my sweaty armpits is going to do just the trick.”

    You immediately begin shoving your face in there, needing no assistance from him in. You could not help yourself as you grunted and snorted, pigging out on his delicious musk. You stuck out your tongue and begin lapping up the sweat that had collected on his furry pit before switching over to his other one. After spending a couple of minutes enjoying it you certainly felt much calmer and less anxious about the whole ordeal.

    “Fuck man, you definitely are a scent pig. You are definitely going to love what else I’ve got for you. But enough of that. You’re not here to worship my armpits. I’ve got something much better for you to enjoy.”

    David’s dick was making a prominent bulge through his shorts. What underwear he was wearing did very little to contain the obvious arousal that pred displayed, and his confident swagger made you feel that much more secure in your decision to feed his dick. Not only was the pred someone who was happy to talk you through your concerns, but now that it was time to do the deed, he was letting his natural alpha personality out in force. Not only that, but per your initial discussions, you had the heat cranked up in your apartment and all of the ventilation shut. Already he was starting to sweat more, to fill the small, enclosed room with his pheromones. You were in pig heaven as your own cock began creating a damp spot on the front of your shorts as you enjoyed David’s stink.

    Abruptly, David grabbed your shoulders and pushed you to your knees. His hands reached behind the back of your head, and soon he was pushing your face against his bulge. You felt the heat radiating out from his groin, even hotter than in the sauna of a room. You could actually feel his cock and balls growing inside of his shorts, as the bulge started to push you away. You could feel his cock twitching and throbbing, sensing it was going to be fed tonight. You could feel his entire heartbeat through his groin, as he pressed you against there without saying a word. You knew it was part of the conditioning, and it would help you deliver me maximum amount of nutrition to his body after he melted you down. Hearing his heartbeat was soothing, and already your mind was imagining how amazing it would feel to be growing his body even more after you were melted down in his nuts.

    “You contacted me because you wanted to firsthand experience becoming food for someone’s cock.  I’m here to give you that chance bud.  A sexy jock like you is gonna feel great, sloshin’ around in my sack as you melt.“

    You want go, giving you some room to pull away a bit. You cleared your throats, and looked up at him from your position kneeling before him.

    “For sure.  I’ve always felt that, deep down, I belong as cum in someone’s balls, you know?”

    You smiled as you said that and ruffled your hair. You could tell he was turned on, and now his groin actively pulsed and twitched visibly through the front of his shorts.

    “I wanted the chance to worship my new home before we ‘do it’, if that’s cool.”

    You have been very clear that while you had every intention of offering yourself up as a willing cock snack, there were a couple of things you wanted to enjoy first, things that you could only do with a cock pred.

    “You know I sort of have a fetish for sniffing musky balls, and really hoped I could enjoy yours from the outside before I enjoy it from the inside.”

    You suddenly felt something sweaty and heavy slap back down on your shoulder. His balls had grown visibly larger through the front of his shorts, and he quickly shucked them. Underneath was a flimsy pair of white briefs that, if anything, were more scandalous than if he would have been naked. The thin material was clearly struggling to contain the monster inside of it.  You watched in awe as a small damp spot quickly grew larger and larger as David began leaking precum. Soon a quarter of the material was soaked with his pre, making it cling even tighter to the massive equipment within.

    “Oh wow.  They’re huge!”

    Even though you had seen pictures before, you have never seen a cock bread in person. It was almost comical how big his balls were getting already. While they were rather large to begin with, each was easily the size of an avocado and still growing. His dick was still extremely soft, but looked almost as large as an empty bottle of soda crammed into those tighty-whities. Your own cock was impossibly hard.  

    “There is a pred right here”, you thought.  “He wants to feed me to his cock and melted me into thick musky cum.”  You should be terrified.  But instead your arousal had reached greater heights than you imagined. You had remembered reading that a pred’s pheromones could make willing prey start to crave being transformed into the pred’s next load. Breathing in his musk would slowly help you down the path to sliding down his shaft and becoming soupy spunk, feeding and invigorating the pred while giving you the greatest sexual pleasure a person could experience.

    “Can I take off your underwear?” you asked.

    “You may”

    You grabbed his briefs and try to peel them off.  His cock has already grown so large that it was going to be a challenge to disrobe him in this state.  As you puzzled what to do, he peeled off his tank top, showing off his furry ball gut. Seeing the sexy man above you take his shirt off, you decide to opt for a different tactic.  You start massaging his cloth-covered orbs, planning on turning him on enough so his growth shreds the pathetic briefs.

    “Fuck you’re so big.” you state, as his cock and balls grow even more.  You can see the fabric struggling, and losing, to contain the growing member.  He stand there as you massage his cock from above the damp, pre-soaked briefs, working it over and causing it to grow and swell.  As you massage his meat, you begin pawing at your own hard cock through your shorts.  You used to think of yourself as rather hung before you saw how large a cock pred to grow to.  Hoping to give him that last push, you peel off your shorts and threw them the same pile with his clothing. You flex for him will still on your knees, showing off your muscled physique. Then you turn around and bend over, wiggling your perky bubble butt at him. He growls at the sight, and you start to hear a tearing sound.

    You offer the pred your worn leather armchair to use.  You want to make him comfortable after all.  You want to provide him the maximum pleasure of melting you down, just as you are brought to an Indescribable sexual high as he will cummify you.  Your apartment is small, but you offered it all to this man to use as he cum digests you.  His musk continues to spread and inundate your senses, and some of the earlier cares from before start to fade away. You don’t have to worry about what will happen to your apartment, or your job. Cum does not have such worries.

    “Fuck you’re so big. I wanna see you shred those briefs.”

    He sits down with his bulging arms crossed, and in a show of force, flexes as out bursts his cock. Shreds of underwear fall to the floor as his cock is still only semi hard at over a foot long as his coconut-sized nuts hang off the front of the armchair as David grins and run his hands across the top of his veiny cock, holding it with his right as he smacks it against his left.  You see a massive glob of precum forming at the tip, and reflexively move close to lick it, but freeze.

    “Sir…may I have permission to taste your pre?”

    The more of his musk you breathe in, the more submissive you feel. It’s not just that you feel the need to submit to David. It is almost like you view his cock and balls as a separate entity. They seem deserving of your worship. You want to prostrate yourself before them and praise it on high. It continues to grow in his hands and makes you feel even more in awe of its size and they swell larger.

    You lean in and open your mouth, and slurp up a big glob.  It is delicious.  Salty and masculine and unique.  You felt it coat your throat as it slid down into your stomach, spreading a tingling sense of pleasure throughout your body.

    “Fank u fir”, you try to say through a mouthful of pre.

    In a way to taunt you, David grunts as you see a bulge travel up his cock as the slit opens wide and you’re hit with a rush of warm precum.  You groan.  The smell is incredible.  A fresh burst of pred pre like that ramped your libido up to eleven.  It starts to modify how you think even more than his musk. More and more you want to be jizz in those balls.

    “May I worship those fat sweaty cum tanks Sir?”

    He nods once more. He moved my legs around so his huge nuts had a chance to roll around my thighs so he could give you a better view of them.  You lacked words to adequately describe how purely sexual you found his balls. They’re fucking beautiful.  Big and hairy and wrinkled,

    You lean in and start to sniff.  Their musky odor continues the process of making you dumb and craving to be cock food. Soon high on huffing your sack you start to kiss and lick it.  You pull a mouthful of David’s saggy skin and enjoy his taste.  You bury my face in his balls, not wanting fresh air anymore.

    He bends over and manage to grab your head as his nuts grow big enough to practically smother you as he pulls you into it, unhampered by his briefs now.  It takes everything you have not to cum as the pred pulls you towards his sack.  Your cock is hard and dripping pre, nowhere near as much as the pred, but you are more aroused than ever before.  You really get into the ball worship now.  The sound is muffled, but you tell his musky sack how much you love it, how hard it’s musk makes you hard, and how much you wanna be food for it.  He pushes his nuts deeper on your face and locks you in place, forcing you to live off the smell of his sweaty sac as he rolls his hips around. After almost passing out, you start a thorough tongue bath, getting every inch and fold of the stretchy skin.

    You in total bliss as your mind is getting foggier.  You crave his musk beyond all reason at this point, struggling to get as much of it in your lungs as you can.  The heat of your warm apartment has sweat dripping down his nuts as they continue to grow. Big droplets slide down his wrinkled skin as you move quickly to lick them all up. You know you do not have to be gentle as a pred’s balls are all but immune to feeling pain from force. Instead you focus on using your strong arms to massage his sack, grabbing and hugging his nuts as you continue to pig out on his scent and sweat.

    You feel something wet and slick on your back, having almost lost track of time. His dick must have been leaking precum all over you while you got lost in the sweaty confines of his nuts.  The wet slickness of the pre on your back gives you pause.  You then feel guilty.  This pred’s balls have been getting all the attention.  It’s time you start servicing his cock.  He eases off from smothering you with my nuts.

    “Whoops, I almost got carried away. It’s a little known fact, but I’m actually able to absorb men directly into my ball sack. Any longer and my nuts would have simply sucked you on in, converting you straight into additional mass for my testicles instead of turning you down into sticky, musky spunk.”

    David looks down at you, your face covered in a mixture of drool, precum, and ball sweat. There’s a huge puddle underneath you from your leaky cock, and your whole body is sweaty from the effort of pleasuring him. He grabs his cock, now almost a foot and a half of meat and growing thicker, and waves it over his massive sack. His control over his anatomy was excellent. He had been constraining the growth of his cock while allowing his balls to grow massive, in order to give you tons to enjoy. You hadn’t even realize that they were now the size of beach balls, supported by the floor just as much as they were supported by the armchair.

    “You want this boy to that you slowly with his mouth? Really work over your cock and balls? Totally pig out on my manhood?”

    David watches as you pull up only for his massive cock to be mere inches from your face as he flexes his dick.  Finally getting to move a bit, you tearfully pull away from the musky sack and are greeted with a huge pred cock.  It is still not even fully hard yet, and already it is bigger than the largest toy, let alone the largest man, that has ever been inside of you.  You move forward and start kissing and Frenching his piss slit, gulping down his precum.

    You had mentioned one of your other fetishes, cum bloating, and your desire to get stuffed full of David’s pre.  As you had discussed, he knew you planned to suck it down until your belly was swollen and full, sloshing around with over a gallon of his sweet sticky precum.  You were soon rewarded as another grunt from him as he forces you to swallow up another large glob of precum which then starts pouring out the slit like a running faucet.  You gulp and gulp and gulp, trying to use your hands to stroke his cock, and coax even more juices out of it.

    You keep coaxing more out of him, and it seemed your thirst was endless.  David’s precum was the only thing you planned on drinking ever again, and you wanted to get as much if it as you could.  You slurped and swallowed until it hurt before finally pulling back, getting drenched in another gush of his continuously leaking juices.  Your greedy pigginess had pre leaking down your face and all over the front of your muscled jock body, and all over the floor. You let out a big precummy burp and smacked your lips, loving the feeling of fullness in your belly.  Every stroke seems to make his cock grow bigger, and you already need two hands to hold it but it just gets heavier and heavier

    “Fuck, your musk and your pre….how do you not have men feeding themselves to you every day?”

    “I do man. You’re almost done having my last meal. Skinny twink, saw me getting coffee and asked to suck me off.  My rules are if you drain these tanks, you gotta fill ‘em back up though.  He didn’t think I was serious, but I have been slowly digesting him all afternoon.  There wasn’t a ton of body mass on him, and I figured he would be just the fuel needed to leak enough for you, my piggy little cock snack. Quite the fighter, but he was delicious"

    “Mmm…..yeah he is.  Before you get too big, would you wanna fill my ass like you filled my stomach?”

    “Sure man!  I love stretching out a hole as I grow.  But you better hurry before my cock gets too big. I don’t need to be splitting you in half now.“

    David laughed at his proclamation, and in your musk and precum addled state, you smiled at his joy. You wanted to make him and yourself feel good.  Good cockfood like you exists purely to provide pleasure to men, especially right before a hot pred like this slurps you up and melts you down.   You nodded dumbly and turned around.  You knew you don’t need to bother with lube because of how leaky his cock was.  You were glad you took the time to thoroughly clean out before, because there was no way that huge pred cock was waiting another second before stuffing you.

    He used both of his hands to hold near the base of his cock and smacked it against your ass a couple of times. It was still leaking, and soon your backside was slick with his juices. You grunted and start shoving back. His cock head was huge, and still leaking, but after a minute of struggling and sloshing you managed to put it in your hole.  You planned on taking a brief rest to recover from the efforts of slipping him past your anal ring, but then you felt his dick growing into you.  Even more, it now felt like he was pissing precum into you. The feeling was heavenly.  None the less you managed to shove another inch in you before your ass feels like it was tearing.

    “Ok Sir, now flood my guts!”

    He moaned and pushed his hips forward.  You could feel his cock deep inside you, deeper than any man has ever been before. His nuts were heavy and starting to pull up, as he was already worked up from your oral ministrations.  He had enough time to thrust a couple times before he groaned in pleasure. He grabbed your hips and managed to stuff his cock just a bit deeper, as deep in your guts as he could go. His grip was like iron, and his balls were so hot that you could feel the heat from them all over your ass. You knew that this pred still had the majority of a young twink inside his balls, and he was about to fill you up all the way.

    “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

    You could feel the warm cum inflating your insides.  There was so much, and it felt like he and shove to hose into your greedy ass. He grew his dick just a little bit as he unloaded, forming a Tight Seal around your ass to ensure none of his cum spilled out from your backside.  You felt blast after blast of potent pred jizz filling your rectum up, and then pushing his load even deeper into you. Your stomach was already rather full from all the precum, but his massive load pushed up from your colon up to your belly. Soon you felt your stomach expanding to capacity, then you felt jizz rising in your throat.

    Never before have you been fucked so full of cum that it filled use the point where it was leaking at your mouth, and the feeling was everything you had hoped it would be. You opened your mouth slightly, groaning in pleasure as his load started to dribble down your chin and onto your chest. This man had so much cream inside his balls from his earlier meal that he filled you to the point of overflowing. Your gut was stretched so full it look like you were pregnant, and you loved the feeling of his seed pumping you so full that you would have trouble moving.

    “Thank you so much Sir. This feels incredible.  I’m so full of your seed.”

    David grinned as he managed to pull his cock out just far enough as to let you try to squeeze your hole shuts. He slowly in and out of you, encouraging you to keep your ass tight so that he wouldn’t leak out of you. Eventually, his dick pulled free. You tried to hold down, but you were just so full. Some of his seed dribble down your ass, but you could tell that the majority of what he pumped into you was staying inside.

    “Now that you’re full of my cream. I think it’s time we get you inside this cock. It’s been aching for you.”

    "Oh yes sir.  I wanna be in there so bad.  Make me into cum.”

    You can’t move now, you’re so full.  Your balance and center of gravity are totally off. In addition, the stink in the room from sweat, precum, and pred jizz has made it difficult for you to form even the barest of thoughts. Your mind is dominated by the massive pair of cock and balls in front of you. All you can think about is how amazingly big they are, how great they smell, and how your every desire is either pleasuring them or climbing in so you can feel yourself get melted down.

    “Sir, I may need your help ….”

    He gets up, his cock now looking monstrous at this point. It was big and freakish and hungry for you. You can see every detail of the huge cock head.  It really was a massive helmet of flesh, dark red and swollen. His piss slit had grown wider and wider, precum was still dribbling out of it steadily. The shaft of his cock was covered with a multitude of thick veins. The amount of blood required to keep such an organ erect was staggering, but it was one of many special features that a pred had at their disposal.  

    He helped you so that you were angled to face the giant slit of his cock, careful to adjust yourself in light of the massive amount of cum you’ve swallowed up.  You were a little sad that all of this seed was dampening be natural musk of his balls. On some level you knew it was for the best. If you were allowed to go back to worshipping his massive sack, you would surely have just fed yourself to it and grown his nuts. But that was not what you agreed to. You promised for him to slurp you up and melt you down, and that was all you could think about now.

    “I need it Sir. I’m ready.  I wanna be cum.  Make me into your next load.  I need it.”

    You gazed into his hungry cock, which pauses briefly as he stand with his hands on his hips as his cock simply stretches forward and pushes into your face as the slit swallows up your head.  You feel his slimy cock maw stretch over your head, wrapping your visage in its spongy flesh. When his cock lips go over your face, you initially struggle.  But they feel so soft and warm and slick with pre that you relax.  You wiggle your head a bit, in order to get it coated with pre-cum. You want to make it easy for the pred to swallow you, and to making sure you’re coated with pre will keep you all lubed up.  You take big breaths before squirming deeper, up to your neck.  The smell is even better from inside the preds cock than you could imagine.  But you can tell the best is still deeper in.

    You make sure to twist and squirm so you give him pleasure from inside his cock head, and soon your whole head up to your shoulders is in.  He flexes and grunts as he feels his cock begin its feast as it hungrily starts to pull your mass inside.  The undulations of his cock massage your skin and keep slicking more of you up with his pred precum.

    The hardest part is getting your shoulders in.  You put your arms flat at your sides and try to scrunch in, but it still took a minute for the huge cock to pop more of you in.  With that part out of the way you push in a bit more, feeling the fleshy walls of the shaft slurp you in deeper, contracting and gripping like a snake eating a large rat.  Once you were in up to your elbows you get a little light headed and start to relax and let the cock do more and more of the work.  It’s so warm, like you’re enclosed in a humid sticky sleeping bag of cock flesh, and you can’t wait to get in more.  You don’t have to do much.  David’s cock is inexorable; easily devouring you whole inch after inch. He can taste you in his cock and simply wants more and more as watches you disappear all while his cock swells in size and girth.

    Now you’re up to your calves.  Your cock is drooling pre-cum continuously. You’re so full and happy on his cream, now that you are inside his cock.  You fail to realize the cum digestion process has already started, working from the inside. All that hot jizz is softening you up, making it easier to slide down into his meat.  Soon your feet pop in, and your head reaches the entrance to his balls.  From the outside, you can see him standing still until he sits down back in the armchair so he can get comfortable for the next part.  Now his cock was finally fully hard, sticking up in the air over five feet as the last of you was pulled in.  When your toes finally slipped past his cock head and you were completely sealed within him, a large gush of precum splashed down his gargantuan dick.

    His cock felt like a cocoon to you. You felt nice, safe and warm even though you know the first stages of cum digestion were already happening. David had coached you to keep wiggling once you were inside of his cock. There were some men who, once they were encased within the shaft, never made it to down to David’s balls. They enjoyed the feeling of being constricted by his shaft too much, and David had to melt them down while still in his cock. He mentioned how it Didn’t feel nearly as good as churning someone up in his balls, and in your current state, you only wanted to do what was most pleasurable for him. You shimmied and wriggled further and further down his shaft until you felt the entrance to his sack.

    There was a shift underneath you, and then there was an opening you could slide into.  It was steamy and made you crave his balls even more, and soon you popped your head fully into David’s balls.  The chamber was stiflingly hot, like a steam room. But the smell….  It was pure, unfiltered primal pred cum.  That progenitor seed, the kind that melts down cockfood like you into a pred’s load.  This was the good stuff, the soupy liquid that would ultimately render you down into musky man cream.  You took a big inhale and finally blew your load. This made you shift, and it was like his cock let go of me.

    You slid down the rest of his shaft and into David’s balls.   They were huge, and stretched even farther when you entered them. There was a splash of jizz as you plopped in, spraying the primal pred cum all over your body.  It felt like relaxing in a hot tub.  It was warm, almost bubbling, and as soon as it touched your skin you felt so lustful and needy.  You rolled around a few times, coating your body completely in it.  Soon you had a good layer of his seed all over you. You were at maximum cum saturation inside and out.

    Stuffed full, but still wanting more, you rolled my body until your face was in the liquid, which was steadily rising.  You took a big gulp of cum and shot another meager load of your own seed.

    You moved and adjusted yourself, stretching against the spongy flesh walls of your new home, signaling that you was safely tucked in

    Unbeknownst to you, David is digging his arms into the leather armchair as his cock begins the next phase of its digestion. He spreads his legs extra wide to accommodate not only his now massive ball sack, but a hundred and ninety pounds of jock stuffed into it. His cock is hard and throbbing, almost painfully so. You have done such a good job of servicing him that he almost felt bad for what he was going to do to you. He begins using his legs to massage and stroke his sack. It was as if he could tell you had begun drinking his spunk. Even if you were not though, he would have just shoved your face down into the warm, steamy liquid. Once he knew you were fully saturated, he attempted to start jerking himself off. It was a bit of a challenge, considering how large it was, but slurping up willing prey always had him so aroused that it would never take too much effort.

    “Fuck yeah man, you’ve worshipped my balls so thoroughly. I’ve never had prey so completely devoted to them. Fuck you were practically willing to feed yourself to my sack from the outside, and now you are fucking making love to my nuts from the inside. It’s a shame about to turn you into a ball batter, ‘cuz you would have made a great ball sniffing sub. It’s okay though, you’re about to become part of the thing you worship so much. You gotta be like fifty percent jizz by now anyway, but if you can still hear me, keep doing that. Worship my sack, rub my nuts from the inside, and keep filling yourself up with more and more of my spunk.”

    You feel him push down on you, dunking your head back into the slowly rising level of his ball batter. You suck in another glorious mouthful as you roll around in it again, still fat and bloated from the jizz he stuffed you with earlier.  Already you can feel certain thoughts and memories slipping away, as though those parts of your brain are melting and slowly liquefying.  The desire to service cock still remains, and more importantly, the mighty need you feel to be churned into David’s next load is overpowering.

    You can’t speak much, so the noises you make are deep moans and gurgles, but the vibrations travel through his sack.  He hears how piggy you have become, rolling and grunting in his cum, unable to get enough. The temperature increases, and the cum now sloshes around more violently.  You feel a numbness and tingling in your extremities, as well as deep in your guts.

    ‘Fuck…wanna be jizz….feels so good…need to please cock….love musk….such sexy fat balls…“

    He continues rubbing my nuts, the bulges inside beginning to buff and smooth out. His nuts swell even bigger as he inexorably cummifies a fully grown man.  He begins moaning louder as this dick surges forward. If grows a little thicker, a little heavier. The heat coming off of it is incredible, to the point where it is almost too uncomfortable to hold. David’s cock and balls are covered with a sheen of sweat, so much that it is rolling off not in rivulets, but a steady drizzle. He feels the tingling inside his groin as his balls start to pull and move. They’re starting to tenderize his prey, by slowly grinding against him, causing your softening form to yield more and more. More and more of you gets broken down, fueling David’s cock.

    It’s so warm.  You can barely think.

    'wanna be jizz…..wanna be jizz…..wanna be jizz….’

    You know you were almost to the point of no return. You can tell that all of his delicious jizz is liquefying you from the inside out. Most of your insides are sexy, musky come. There’s so much of it around you, and it’s melting you more and more. You have almost no sensation in your extremities, and you’re pretty sure your arms and legs are almost all liquid now. The temperature rises more and more, but you feel a disconnect from the Heat and pain. You only feel pleasure now, as though the sensations of your dick are the only nerve endings left in your body.

    It almost feels like your dick is pissing jizz out of it. You are stuck in a perpetual orgasm as you jizz away more and more of the potent seed inside of you. You shut your eyes, and soon the level of jizz rises above your head. You are suspended in it, feeling the warm embrace of David’s spunk all around you. Then, you start to feel tendrils of yourself growing his cock. You can’t describe it, but it is almost like you have two awarenesses. One is fading, and it comes from your old body. But the other awareness is growing stronger, and it is adding mass and energy to David. You smile, knowing that you are making his gargantuan cock and transcendent balls even more alluring to other men. You are barely more than lust now, all of your thoughts now turning to the last few moments of getting churned up.

    "Melt me all the way. Cummify me.  I want it so bad.  I’m almost there.  I wanna fill up your balls all the way!”

    David’s cock grows even heavier, the head beginning to dip down to the floor. The last of your thoughts start to fade away, and you disperse into his dick and the massive volume of boiling jizz in his balls. His sack starts to seize, his balls pulling up as he gets closer and closer to release. He grabs it and tries to pull it up over his head as high as he can, using his arms and upper body as leverage.

    He cannot even stroke himself anymore, but he knows what he has to do in order to push himself over the edge. He shuts his eyes and thinks about how amazing you were pleasuring him. How horny you were to sniff and lick his balls, how badly you wanted it. He knew that even though you were hesitant, he was doing you a favor by helping you find your place in the world as nothing but jizz in his nuts. That was what finally did it. The feeling that he convinced another man to willingly offer himself up to get melted down into spunk in order to give David some energy and some extra size in his junk pushed him over the edge.

    He groaned loudly, his cock now almost seven feet long and thicker around then an industrial trash can. His nuts pulled up tight against him and he let out a shout. Cum erupted out of his cock, and his spurts where the size of water balloons. It was a massive torrent, a tribute to everything you did to pleasure him. His cock kept shooting and shooting, minute after minute. Soon there was an inch of jizz on the floor of the apartment and still David kept unloading. He was caught in the wonderful ecstasy of orgasming while his sack was full of prey, and that always emptied him out.

    Eventually, he could tell that every last drop of you is gone. The level of cum is up to his ankles, and the apartment is completely covered in spunk. This cock starts shrinking down back to its normal size, just over nine inches soft. He notes with a smirk that his balls are far fatter than usual, since apparently your fascination with his nuts let them grow far bigger than he was used to. A cocky smile slowly spreads across his face as he reaches his finger down and dips it in his cream covering the floor. He pulls it up to his lips, tasting it and letting out a lusty sigh.

    “Thanks for being my meal bro. Now I’ve got to get out of here. There is this total stud of a daddy bear who’s been messaging me for ages, and he wants me to fuck him and breed him before melting him down.  Thanks for the extra size, I’m sure we will both love it.”

    [Based on a role play with Dodeedodoesatumblin]


    Favorite Daddy Phrases


    ~Who’s in charge? ~Who owns you? ~What did I say? ~Do I make myself clear? ~Do you remember your rules? ~Do you need to be punished? ~What did you just say? ~Are you going to be a good girl? ~Who’s my good girl? ~Who do I love the most? ~How’s my little girl? ~What’s my little girl doing? ~Are you in little space? ~What are you coloring/drawing? ~How are your stuffies? ~Can Daddy join? ~Are you taking care of yourself? ~Have you eaten enough? ~Are you drinking enough? ~Have you taken your meds? ~Are you ready for bed? ~Are you snuggled in bed?


    ~Listen to Daddy ~Don’t disobey Daddy ~Do it for Daddy ~Be a good girl ~Speak up ~Use your words ~Stay close to Daddy ~Be safe ~Show Daddy what you’re wearing ~Show Daddy your favorite little outfits ~Show Daddy your coloring/drawing ~Show Daddy your favorite stuffies ~Tell Daddy about your day ~Go to bed, princess ~Close your eyes, baby


    ~Good girl ~You’re such a good girl ~I’m so proud of you! ~You did such a good job! ~I love you so much ~You’re my one and only ~I only want you ~I’m not going anywhere ~I promise ~You’re such a cutie! ~My little girl ~Daddy loves when you’re in little space ~You make Daddy so happy!

    Pet Names:

    ~Kitten ~Princess ~Babe ~Baby ~Baby Girl ~Little Girl ~Little One ~Angel ~Bunny ~Love ~Lovie ~Sweetie ~Sweetheart ~My Future Wife ~Wifey ~My Nerd ~My Dork ~My Girl ~My One and Only


    I want a man to tell me all of these things! 😍


                         LA TANTE DU JOUR…

         ..les tantes sont exigeantes question volume, elles ont besoin de se faire bourrer la chatte par de grosses bites dures de mâles hétéro..

       à force de se faire enculer les trous des pédés se dilatent: pas facile de trouver un pédé avec conduit serré..

        “enculé de pédé, tu vas la serrer ta chatte de tante?!” 

    “  j’ai l’impression de niquer un hall de gare!”


    Just love fucking ‘sons’ in any position they fancy…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   yum yum yum

    Slip into my bedroom while I’m asleep. Find me only wearing a t-shirt and underpants. Slip them off my body while I’m deep in dreamland and split me apart on your cock, push all the way inside until you stop at my womb and cum right through my cervix, filling my body with your seed and putting your babies inside of me. I sleep very deeply, not even a thunderstorm will wake me. Leave me there to find stickyness between my legs the next morning with a rape baby growing in my little womb, see me suffering weeks after, a guy racing to throw up in the bathroom with his belly slowly swelling, panicky and crying because I didn’t fuck anyone. I fret about how this could have happened and you place a hand on my shoulder, all calming and sweet and tell me you’ll help me. Once I have given birth to your child, your sweet attitude drops and you force me onto a flat surface, push my legs up and fill me again, making it clear that to you I’m just a warm, wet hole and a place to spread your DNA.