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    Av Idol : Akari Mitani

    I totally love this series. This series is about a young school girl how tried to save her childhood friend from his bullies. Unfortunately the consequence of the girl’s action lead to her being sexually abuse by the gang. It’s not just the rape and sexual abuse that makes this movie fantastic. The emotion portrayed by the actors and the feeling of betrayal made this film more realistic.
    There are 3 films release in this series. I love all the 3 films done my Moodyz but MIAE-140 starred by Minori Kawana has the edge.

    Anyways, in this film Akari-chan did an amazing job with her acting and cries that made the rape scene more hot and convincing. I like the way she resist but overwhelmed by Kubota and Koshi. Speaking of male actor, I’m a big fan of Kubota, he is a man with right personality of a rapist. LOL. I mean his acts and facial expression is spot on as a “very” pervert man. It very clear that he likes doing rape scenes.

    Each scenes is pretty hot, atleast for me. The blowbang in the first scene is fantastic and it give me an orgasm. I love how the gang treat Akari-chan in this blowbang scene. They are forceful plus Akari-chan acts perfectly in that situation. One guy force to cum in her mouth, poor Akari-chan, she’s been tapping the guy but he still pushes her head down choking her with his cock and semen. After few seconds, he releases her and she has a mixed facial reaction of disgust and catching her breath. Awesome. The childhood friend was watching Akari-chan being blowbang on his mobile phone as the gang send a live fed to him. He felt guilty and ashamed to himself as he got an erection and cum while watching his friend being raped.

    I think the second scene will definitely hit you with all the emotion and betrayal, well atleast that’s what I felt. In this scene Kubota rape Akari-chan in front of the gang, also her childhood friend coerced to watch her being raped. Awesome sex scene, plenty of force blowjob and rough banging. The childhood friend was forced to fuck Akari-chan. One member of the gang pushing his back to give a thrust into Akari-chan pussy. Later he cums on her tummy. He tried to apologized to her but Akari-chan felt betrayed as he got an erection while watching she’s being raped. She moved away from her and cried. Seeing Akari-chan cried of being betrayed is touching.

    The bullying of the childhood friend continues, also Akari-chan sexually abuse hasn’t stop either. In the third scene, the gang toyed her body with sex toys as her childhood friend watch the gang enjoy abusing Akari-chan body. 

    Last scene, Akari-chan become submissive to the gang. She enjoys the company with them. The gangbang is pretty hot, but I prefer Akari-chan still being threatened and abused. For me I don’t like the plot where the girl becomes compliant to her abuser. I still give this 10 out of 10.


    Despite she not my top AV actress, Yume-chan tick all my type of an AV model; beautiful, busty with big areola, a bit chubby, keen to swallow semen and enjoying getting plastered with nasty sperm from strangers. lol.

    Anyways, Front cover is so sexy while back cover as such nasty. I like her enthusiasm to do a bukkake and was keen to swallow one load when asked by the director. Her facial was so filthy yet pleasing to watch. She was surprised how much semen received on the face, she was not even felt gross of it. 

    Next scene, she with the couple of amateur guys who will blast their seminal fluid on to her face. Some of the amateur actors were luck to suck her breast and one guy tastes her pussy after she squirts. The sex scene was pleasant to watch. Those babies are bouncing hard every time she fucks hard. One by one the actors sprayed their white gooey semen on her face.

    The last scene involves swallowing, sex and bukkake. I like a ladies who are keen to swallow and Yume was even sexier to watch as she has a little bit struggle to swallow those thick semen. The second guy gave her a thick load and her face was so cute to see the struggle. Then she received a couple of white gooey while being fuck. She was so sexy with all semen tainted on her face while being fuck hard with her big boobs bouncing wildly.


    If you are looking for an actress who do hardcore stuff, facefucking and some anal look to Honoka-chan filmography. She is a beautiful busty (lovely breast) actress who does plenty of this kind of stuff. In this movie she was facefuck and the guy cum in her mouth. I love how Honoka-chan let the cum drips out of her mouth, that was so sexy. She also has a double penetration in the last scene. Although I enjoyed the first scene, the entire movie was a letdown. First, the mosaic was so THICK! You won’t enjoy the DP or the sex with that kind of censorship. It’s labeled “hardcore” but the sex scene was not rough. Lastly, the creampie is fake, at least for me, as it always has a cut before the actors cums.



    What’s appealing to this movie is we have two cute Japanese girls who’re love to share cock, swap semen, swallow thick cum and has a hot sex scene in the last set. It’s enjoyable movie if you love Moka and Marin and if you’re into blowjob and gokkun genre.

    The movie started with Moka and Marin giving a blowjob on a guy. Both girls enjoy sharing the job, they finished the guy together with their both one hand wrap together around the cock. Marin sucked his cum then share it to Moka where she swallowed it afterwards.

    Following scene was Moka and Marin provided soapland service to a guy. They gave him a double fellatio. Marin saddled his cock on a cowgirl then followed by Moka with same position. The guy fuck Marin again on a missionary and cum on to her tummy. Moka sucked the cum and she gave the reward to Marin for making the guy’s cock happy. Marin was thankful to have the load and swallowed it with a big smile.

    Third scene is were the two girls gaving blowjobs side by side. Their blowjob skill is first-class, I was imaging that it was my cock. lol. I love how Moka and Marin make cute faces when they swallow the semen.

    Next scene was a pure gokkun were they blow few actors and collected the semen on their own cocktail glass. Once they’ve collected the good amount, they then swallow those thick sperm.

    The last set has a good sex scene. Moka and Marin wear a nice pair of bra and underwear. Both girls have male actor who gave them a good fuck. It’s such a hot scene where Moka and Marin been fuck hard in missionary, screaming on pleasure with cum stain on their mouth and their breast racking hard.


    Mio-chan played a role of a female teacher who was forced to have sex with fellow teacher and her students. As usual IEnergy do fake creampie. Mio-chan acting was lame, no facial expression and just a little resistance during her forced sex. She still got a great body and lovely breast though.

    Plot : Mio-chan teaching an all male students. One of her colleague has a sexual desire on her. He molested and groped her but a male janitor came to stop his evil intention. 

    -He groped Mio-chan but she was saved by the janitor.-

    The male teacher, with the help of male student, plot a scheme that will cause trouble to the male janitor job; by stealing money from Mio-chan. The male janitor fell in to their trap. Mio-chan tried to saved the male janitor’s job by agreeing a deal with male teacher. The male janitor left the room and the male teacher started to fuck Mio-chan. 

    He was tempted to steal her money, unfortunately the male teacher recorded the incident. He most loss his job however his action put Mio-chan on a misery. 

    =The male teacher had the evidence of the attempted stealing. He blackmail the janitor and looks like be sack of his job. Now the male teacher had the advantage. He proceed his plan to make a deal with Mio-chan. -

    -Her disbelief looking face as she about to suck a dirty cock from a person she even personally don’t know. -

    -Early managed to groped her smooth big breast until that janitor appeared and saved her. Now he has all the opportunity to savor Mio-chan delicious body.

    -Though this gif is quite hot, the sex scene was quite lame though. What a waste.-

    The male teacher unload his cum inside her. She was left in the room staring blank at the ceiling with cum dripping out from her pussy. Her misery is just about to start.

    She still goes at work teaching the whole class but this time she had an additional job. She will be serving the whole class during their break/lunch.

    -This guy and the male teacher made a business out of her. Each break this section of the school becomes a brothel. I will a lot an extra money from my allowance just to get in to that room. 

    Inside this room is beyond what you expect in a school. Students lining up and waiting for their turn to be served by their own beautiful teacher. They spend their allowances to experience Mio-chan’s blowjob. 

    The whole class continued their abuse to Mio-chan. This time she was forced to have sex with the janitor in front of the whole class. These two male teachers are such a bad influence to their students.

    -Surrounded the all men, she was forced to do things she doesn’t want to.

    Like this one, if she unwilling to suck the dick, they just push her head and let her choke down with that dirty cock.

    They then forced the janitor to fuck Mio-chan. Her student’s helped restrained her as she refuse to let him put his dick inside her. But she was overwhelmed and the janitor was compliant to do what they wanted.

    His being forced to fuck Mio-chan but he can’t deny the good sensation he feel every time he move his hip and fucking her pussy. As the sensation getting more intensified, he felt his about to cum. He wanted to pull out his cock but the male teacher was pushing his back and didn’t allowed to withdraw. With no other option and can’t stop that sensation of orgasm, he unloaded his potent baby batter in to her unprotected womb. Inside, his semen are competing each other to whoever first managed to reach the finished line to couple her only one egg cell. Some of his white gooey dripped out as he put out his dick. 

    After that, the whole class started the raping spree. Each one of them had a turn to put their dick and unload their semen inside her. Anyone of them might end up fathered her child. 

    -The male teacher carried her, he wanted to thrust her very deep. She felt each thrust his dick kissing her womb.I really like this position especially when a do a violent thrust leaving the girl clinging on the guy while having intense sensation on her pussy from rapid thrust.-

    Such as humilating position for her, legs wide open while being pounded and her breast a bouncing wild. I wonder what the other class doing, I think they might heard her scream. They must be waiting for there turn after this class finish.

    Now the whole class done using her, she was left cum filled inside her womb. I wonder the whole class will be arrested for their crime. 

    End of movie.


    Definitely a 10/10 rating. One of my top 5 female teacher gang rape movie. This is almost a 4 hours movie and definitely worth it to watch, if you like rape genre. I did really enjoy how the abuser treat Ai-chan. There were not much rough sex but the way they humiliate her in different scenario was so sexually arousing (in fantasy way). I don’t support rape in really life and I’m fully aware that girls in adult industry are being harassed and abused. I’m just enjoying this fantasy.

    Note: I don’t really know the names of the name actors, so I just created their own name for sole purpose of identifying the characters.

    The cover photo gave me an excitement how hot the rape scene. She was totally became their sex pet.

    Scene 1 : Story begin Ai-chan was concerned her student named Yoshi not attending the class. She approached Morata and Genjin (students) and ask them if they have any idea what’s happening to Yoshi. The two boys sounds like they gave her an impression that lead Ai-chan to visit Yoshi’s home. On her first visit, she had a little chat with Yoshi before he cut off their conversation. On the second visit, Ai-chan brought him food, cooked him with meal and clean up the house as an encouragement to go back to school. She then went to his room and found out couple of photos of Ai-chan posted on the wall. Yoshi explained he had a crush on Ai-chan and wanted to take photo of here right in the room. She agreed with it as she thought it just an ordinary photo shoot. 

    Later on Yoshi asked if he can take photo of her breast, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and covered her body with her own hand. Ai-chan explained that it’s impossible to do his request. But Yoshi was adamant and begging to take photo. In the end, she agreed but with a hesitation to take off her clothes in front of Yoshi. He then took photos of her half naked. Her careless decision had a hellish consequences.

    Scene 2 : On the following day, Ai-chan arrived in the classroom very happy as she saw Yoshi now back to her class. But the happiness was abruptly changed to horror as she found an envelope in her table enclose with her naked photo. She looked to Yoshi with dismay and try to pretend to the class that the envelope was nothing important.

    Scene 3 :After class, she went into one of sport equipment store room. There Yoshi was sitting on the corner, she then approached him and demanded explanation. Then Genjin and Morata appear behind the unused beds, both of them holding Ai-chan naked photo. 

    Yoshi say sorry that he was forced by Genjin and Morata to do such disgusting act. Genjin immediately restrained Ai-chan and Morata threatened her about the photo to be spread to the class and to her husband. Genjin asked Yoshi to leave the room as they about to rape Ai-chan. Her facial expression and acting of putting a fight against her abuser really stand out. She definitely know how to act on being harass and rape. Genjin and Morata slowly stripped her then gave a good groped of her breast and licked her pussy. Genjin gave her a good face fuck while Morata roughly finger her vagina. Next both guys have a turn fucking her pussy on missionary and dog style, they also took a photo while raping her. They finished cumming on her mouth and shoved forcefully their dick into her mouth.

    Scene 4: Later on, she went home late and husband was wondering. She tried to show a smiling face and explained that its examination week. Then her face turned terrified when she received an SMS with a photo of her being rape. She immediately left her husband in the living room stated she is tired and tried to avoid her husband see the photo she received.

    Scene 5 : The following day Ai-chan’s misery continue. Before the class start (examination day), Genjin and Morata did a training session for Ai-chan. Morata was giving her teacher a blowjob and deepthroat lesson. He occassionally laugh at her as he tried to choke her with his dick. I wish Morata was a more rough fucking Ai-chan mouth, but I guess he doesnt want to ruin her make up as she still has a class to teach afterwards. Morata then cum on her mouth then shoved his cock back into her mouth for her to clean his dick. While still out of breath with cum dripping on her mouth, Genjin told her to wear the clothes he brought. Ai-chan facial expression was so hot with cum still dripping while she was protesting not to wear the lewd clothes. Eventually she had no choice but to obey what her abuser want. She undressed all her clothes but before she wore the clothes they want, they asked her to beg to have the clothes. Genjin gave first the singlet, which was so thin and small as her breast was about to explode. He then gave to her the black mini skirt. Ai-chan was pleading on tears to return her panty as her clothes is so relieving. Genjin gave her the panty and before she managed to wore it completely, Genjin showed a little egg shape with wire. Ai-chan asked Genjin what is that thing, Genjin didnt said nothing but turned the vibrator on. Ai-chan realized that its a sex toy and they wanted her to wear it on class. 

    Scene 6 : The torment Ai-chan received from her abuser never stop. Forcing her to wear a revealing clothes on the day test was never come up to her mind, let alone a vibrator put in to her vagina. The class was utterly surprised to see there teacher wore a naughty clothes. Their eyes glare to her body, she felt like everyone was inspecting her body thoroughly. 

    She anounced to start answering the test paper but the student’s eye was glued to her lewd body. She repeated to start the test with a firm loud voice and in her mind thinking to stop looking the her body. Now that the student busy taking their test, Genjin and Morata had other plan. They commanded her to walked were they seat and started to playing Ai-chan body. She really tried hard not let her voice out while Genjin set the vibrator intensity to highest level at the same time Morata violently rubbed her pussy. The whole class found out as Yoshi tried to stop the harrassment of their teacher. She felt mortified as the Genjin told the whole class that Ai-chan is there sex slave. She run away out of the classroom .

    Scene 7 : Later on the afternoon, the whole class watched Ai-chan having a sex with Genjin, Morata and Yoshi. Before she was fuck, they played on her a vibrator. I like who Genjin left the vibrator inside while she stand posing for the class. They then fuck her, Genjin was rough on her during a reverse cow girl. Yoshi was forced to lay flat on the floor while Ai-chan saddled on his dick. Such hot scene were Genjin hammered Ai-chan behind on standing position while Yoshi kissing her. Genjin finished her on a missionary position.

    Scene 8: On that evening, Morata and Yoshi brought Ai-chan back to her apartment. Her husband is already asleep, but her abuser still wanted to do naughty thing to her. Morata wanted to fuck Ai-chan in the room while her husband sound asleep on the bed. Once again her facial expression and cry of misery was spot on. She was fuck on bed, right beside her husband. I dont know how the hell her hubby didnt noticed any movement and disturbance. She really tried hard to conceal the noisy she making. After Morata fuck her, he left the room and hubby woke up with Yoshi and Ai-chan naked. Husband beat Yoshi hard.

    Scene 9 : Now Ai-chan marriage collapse and nowhere to go. She went with Yoshi to his apartment. Shattered by the event she went thru, Yoshi took advantage to her. At first she was just staring blankly, no emotion to the caress Yoshi gaven. Later on, she gave in to the pleasure and had a good sex with Yoshi.

    Scene 10: Ai-chan went back to her apartment and found out that his husband left the home and leave a divorce letter to her. Meanwhile Yoshi, did a horrible thing by stabbing Genjin and Morata. He then told Ai-chan to come to the school and she saw Yoshi’s face splattered with blood. Genjin and Morata laying on the floor with out life. Movie end.

     I’m starting a new tumblr account. I’m doing a Japanese porn reviews with majority of the theme are incest, rape and gangbang. 

    I will try to put some new post in this blog soon for the meantime I will reblog post from my second tumblr account : javaddictlover. 



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    On other hand, I would like to Thank YOU and the rest of my FOLLOWERS for your kind support on this blog.

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    I’ve been blogging almost a year and making a gif/s is so much FUN in a sense (in my perspective) that it let me vent my fantasy through making captions that’s not acceptable in our modern world. However blogging a post that involves making a gif/s consumes a lot of my time and definitely won’t help my current situation. I also want to allot more time engaging activities with my community and give a spare time with my new hobby (photography).

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    As you observed I just reblog that post from theirownmoms.tumblr. He’s the one who make that gifs, go visit his blog and follow and you can ask him the name of the pornstar. I’m sorry, I can’t help you as I don’t have any idea who’s she. Thanks for asking…