NSFW site. 18+ Only. Leave this site if you're under age.. I am man at late 20s. I love incest, most of it are mom-son father-daughter theme. I do also love anal sex, gangbang, dp and deepthroat. I'm not really good in English, but I will try my best to construct a sensible caption (in a sense of fantasy statement) and arouse the reader who visit this blog. Pics/Gifs depicted sexual abuse are assumed that all parties consented the act and all models are over 18 and legal. Feel free to re-blog my post, all pictures are from the internet and I don't own them.

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    myfuckedupworld asked :Hi. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your blog. And I mean I have really ENJOYED it. Thanks. asked :

    Really appreciated, so glad that the you guys still enjoying my blog. Currently I have a little free time and decided to make a few gifs and will be upload via schedule post. Once again thank you for all your support

    mafiosoloco-deactivated20150915 asked :When are you going to blog new pictures your site is awesome asked :

    Sorry for a very late reply. I still don’t know man, but I hope soon.  I really  missed making gifs and captions but “Time” won’t allow me to do it. In fact I have some gifs and videos on my cloud storage. But the problem is the my internet. It sucks that my current internet connection is mobile broadband with limited data usage. Everytime I visit tumblr  I lost a quarter of my monthly data. It so sad that I can’t even see and read  good stuff from my fellow incest bloggers.

    On other hand, I would like to Thank YOU and the rest of my FOLLOWERS for your kind support on this blog.

    a-family-circus01 asked :Was hoping for a shout out from some of my old followers, since my last blog got deactivated. Hoping to get some of my 40,000+ followers back, thanks asked :


    a-family-circus01 is back! Check it out guys definitely you gonna love it…

    Yep, I’ll be gone for a while and I don’t know how long it will be. I need to focus on something that has meaning in MY LIFE (my work).

    I’ve been blogging almost a year and making a gif/s is so much FUN in a sense (in my perspective) that it let me vent my fantasy through making captions that’s not acceptable in our modern world. However blogging a post that involves making a gif/s consumes a lot of my time and definitely won’t help my current situation. I also want to allot more time engaging activities with my community and give a spare time with my new hobby (photography).

    Let me end this message by saying THANK YOU to all my followers and without all your support I think I won’t reach a year blogging… I’ll be back..

    PS: There was supposed to be a new post before I post this message but I deleted it simply because it was not in order and I just found out that i don’t have the back up of that gifs. STUPIDITY.

    likessbigtiitmatures asked :Who is the woman in this christmas jack off asked :

    As you observed I just reblog that post from theirownmoms.tumblr. He’s the one who make that gifs, go visit his blog and follow and you can ask him the name of the pornstar. I’m sorry, I can’t help you as I don’t have any idea who’s she. Thanks for asking…

    mase-1 asked :How do u make your gifs? Thanks man asked :


    Tbh I don’t make them. I find them and add captions. You have to pay for a gif maker program for your computer if you want to make them. And online gif makers can only use youtube as a video source so fuck all that.

    If you dont mind, I just want to add info about gif maker. There are free gif maker you can DL online, I’m currently using video-gif-converter, you can DL the software @ Other software you need are VLC player and Photoshop CS6 or older (this is optional, you need this if you need to add text in your gif)

    Now the steps:
    1. Using VLC Player: choose the part/scene of the video you would like in your gif, by using the record button in VLC, you can crop the scene you desired (note: its better to record the scene less than 7seconds).

    2. Using the video-gif-maker software: Now that you have the crop scene, upload the file into the gifmaker then choose what size dimension you would like with your gif (note: tumblr only allows 500x750 pixel size maximum). Hit the next button to transfer to other page. Here you can choose which frame you would like to eliminate. I usually delete the first three frames because those frames has a freezing effects once the whole frames cycle back to the first three frames. Dont forget to hit the high quality button on the lower panel for a good image(not HQ gif though).
    Laatly hit generate to create the gif.

    You already have the gif, you the post it to your blog. But if you like to add text to your gif, you need to use Adobe Photoshop. there are lots of tutorial in youtube on how to add text in your gif.

    I hope this help.

    It’s been awhile I haven’t updated my tumblr and it surprised  me to know people still continue to love this blog. Well, I will post few stuff for awhile since I’ve missed so much the fun in this blog. Moreover, I will just updating this blog for a month or less and will have a hiatus for months until I have settle in.  I will take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who support and love my blog..