MMMPH! MMMPH! You screamed into your gag, as the girl from the bar loomed over you carrying some device up to your mouth and nose. “Relax baby” she said “This gas will just make you sleepy, thats all. Perfectly docile for your therapy later”. MMMPH! You screamed. What was this crazy bitch talking about?! “And here we go” she said shoving the device onto your face “I’m just giving you what you have always wanted baby. You were so cute when I saw you at the bar, I just had to take you home with me. I just slipped you a lil something in your drink, no one suspects when a girl does it, and besides its not like I don’t know you. Perhaps you don’t remember since I’m all grown up, but its me, Jamie from elementary school. Remember how we used to play house? How I was always the mommy, and you were the baby? Remember when you had that accident in first grade and I cleaned you up, let you borrow my soccer shorts? Well I certainly was reminded when the lil drug I slipped you made you pee yourself by the time I had brought you back to my place. You cried just like last time, only this time when I held you, it ended with you sucking on my nipples to you passed out. Oh yes, you will be a perfect candidate for my friends new therapy method! And you know her too! Elise, the girl who always wanted to play doctor with you…”

    You awoke to find yourself with a drunk and high feeling, again strapped down, only this time with a straight jacket and Elise looking down at you as a doctor adjusted your restraints. “Ok nurse Layla, he’s ready for his diapee” she said.

    “Ok, sweetie” Nurse Layla cooed “Since this is your first diapee, I’m just going to put an enema in here too to help get out all the stinkies”. “Ok Nurse Elise fasten the paci to the patients face” the doctor said “And now we wait…don’t struggle baby, just let it all out for us” In a minute you felt your stomach cramping, you tried to hold it in but you let go.

    “Oooh there we go baby, my my you’re making quite a mess” the Doctor said “Nurse Elise, please administer more of the gas and add the audio hypnosis loop head phones to the patient as well” “Yes doctor” Nurse Ellise said as you slipped into another trance. This same process went on for days…weeks? You couldn’t tell. By this point it was like your body was running on auto pilot. “A few more rounds of this and the patient should be ready for the next phase” Nurse Ellise thought.

    You awoke to again find yourself tied down, with another Nurse looming over you, holding a paddle. You looked down further to see some sort of purple device by your diapered croutch. “Helloooo baby” the Nurse said in a sing songy tone “Nursey Vicky is here to either dull out punishment (she held up the paddle) or reward (she held up the purple device). Now, lets take your paci off. “What do you want?! Lemme ou…mmmmph!” you started to shout before your pacifer gag was again shoved back into your mouth. “Oh no baby, it seems you still do need more training” Nurse Vicky said lifting your butt up and swatting it with her paddle “You are only to speak in baby talk understan…” she cut herself off as she noticed you had started wettting yourself. “Oooh good baby” she said taking out the purple device “Now that gets you a reward. She turned the device on and started grinding it on your wet diapered cock. Mmmmph you moaned into your pacifer gag. You hadn’t cum in FOREVER you began trying to lift your croutch up to grind into it more. “Ah ah ah baby!” Nurse Vicky said “to make a cummy you gotta do one more thing for me…make a big boom boom in your diapee!” You really didn’t want to, but you really wanted the purple wand again. “Oh don’t worry baby, we fed you while you were dazed 3 hours ago, you should start to feel it…now” Nurse Vicky stated. And you could feel it now, especially after wetting, but you still really didn’t want to. “I put no enema in their, no castor oil” Nurse Vicky said “You can hold it in for another hour probably…but I want you to go as soon as you feel the urge” Well, you were going to mess yourself later anyway, might as well do it now, and get the purple wand. “That’s it baby push” Nurse Vicky said. You strained against the unnatural feeling, yet you started to feel it coming out. “That’s a good baby push out all those stinkies for Nursey” Nurse Vicky said as she pressed the purple wand into your diaper just as you started pooping. MMMPH! You came so hard. “That’s a good baby! Nurse Vicky said (a few more weeks of this and he’ll be ready for the next phase)

    Now you didn’t know or even care how much time had passed. All you knew was that you had woken up strapped to a high chair of some sort that made you kneel on the ground, with a big bib around your neck, and a lady who was not Nursey smiling sweetly at you holding a spoon and food. “Helloooo baby” she said “I’m Nanny Natalie. You must be starving baby, so I took your paci out, good thing I put that bib on you too, cuz you are a drooly one!” Nanny was right, you were drooly, you could feel your mouth hanging open, saliva dripping down your chin, but it was ok, you had a bib and you were hungry and you wanted to please Nanny Natalie to get your reward. “Leave that cute lil mouth open for the airplane baby” she said shoving the spoon into your mouth. Your mouth had been hanging open so much that it slowly closed and only barely catched the food, before most of it spilled onto your bib. “My my what a messy baby you are!” Nanny Natalie said. You started to cry as you felt you now wouldn’t get a reward and would be punished for not eating your food properly. “Awww sweetie its okay, messy babies are SUPER good babies. And does baby know what super good babies get?” Nanny Natalie said lifting her shirt up over her head “Super good babies get milkies” Instantly you suckled away, feeling a state of bliss you never felt…that was until Nanny Natalie started rubbing your diaper too. Mmm Mmmnn you cried about in delight. “That’s right baby, Nanny Natalie loves her messy baby”

    You woke up…uh sometime later…in an unfamiliar, yet familiar setting, you were outside, but you were still in bed. You started to cry as you could not see Nanny Natalie anywhere. “Awww baby, I’m sorry I wasn’t there soon as you woke up, Mommy had to run back to the regression center cuz she forgot you’re ba ba. And look the regression center even filled it with fresh milk from Nanny Natalie. Shhh baby take your ba ba and let mommy explain” You suckled on the bottle, it really did taste like Nanny Natalie, would this lady, Mommy, feed you and rub your diapee too? “I’m Mommy Hailey, I’m the girl friend of your soon to meet other Mommy, Jamie, you remember Jamie?” Mommy Hailey said. You couldn’t really remember but then the memories started flashing back, you were not a baby you were a big boy, you had been taken here by Jamie and…you started to bawl your eyes out. “Oh no, I fogot the Nurses said mentioning things from the past might trigger a flash back” good thing they gave me this” Mommy Hailey said taking out a spray and spraying you in the face, with a familiar smell that had been used on you at the regression center. Oh no you, continued to cry, Nurse Vicky was going to punish you now for having big boy thoughts… “Here we go baby” Mommy Hailey said pulling out…PURPLE WAND. You instantly pushed your diapered crotch to it. “Shhh baby, just breath in deeply” she said spraying you again as you let out a big cummie as the wand grinded on you.


    Wenn jemand so etwas mit mir machen könnte wäre es einfach nur super


    “…Yeah, it’s basically a “funishment” for ‘problem’ little-ones like yourself…you won’t be able to get out of this once you’re put in it, and you won’t be able to use the ‘baffroom’ for the suppository-induced mess you’re sure to be making while in it either…but, hey, it’s also a good bit of bouncy ‘fun’, and we’ve been told you seem to enjoy all the other babyish stuff too, ‘Potty Pants’, sooo…what’s not to like, right?…“


    Top three fantasies 🤤


    So eine spreizhose würde ich auch gerne besitzen.

    JUST A REMINDER TO LITTLE DIAPERED BABY GIRLS to repeat these lines in your head…

    You wear your diapers Proudly

    You wear your diapers all the time

    You wear your diapers in public

    You wear your diapers to bed

    You wear your diapers at work

    You wear your diapers because you have to

    You wear your diapers because daddy says so

    You wear your diapers because you love them

    You wear your diapers because wetting feels good

    You wear your diapers because you’re just a dumb baby

    You wear your diapers because you have no control

    You wear your diapers Because you gave up control

    You wear your diapers because your mind is empty

    You wear your diapers because your mind is blank

    You wear your diapers because you’re happier this way

    You wear your diapers because you’re regressing

    You wear your diapers because you’re going to regress to infancy

    You wear your diapers because you need them

    You wear your diapers because you’re going to become a bedwetter

    You love to wear your diapers…It feels so good being put back in diapers, being put in your place, having thought and control whisked away from you, voluntarily giving up control, giving up potty training, giving up adult thought, and regressing, leaving you a mushy, wet , warm and squishy baby…

    Image credit @abdreams