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    It’s story time again…

    Third person perspective. A wants to treat B to a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day, but B, the nefarious fucker, has other, more self-indulgent plans. There’s stuffing, quite a bit of burping (some in public), and things get rather not sfw at the end (but that stuff’s not in public). Even though this story had potential to have emeto in it, that’s not something I’m into- so if it squicks you out too, worry not, I didn’t put any in. Another thing is that it’s not explicitly a feeder/feedee relationship, but could be interpreted as such if you want.

    Enjoy! ;)

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    But we kinda want to see Bela killing someone just with his burps

    But we kinda want to see Bela killing someone just with his burps

    “Ahhhhhhh…now that…was…purrrrrrr-fect…”

    Kepp blushed as he felt Bela Sulten tug on the leash he had attached to his collar, pulling him closer to the fat cat God’s side. The Lord of Excess was seated upon a sofa in the parlor of his castle-like manor house, his black and orange robe splayed open, nothing but his favorite boxer briefs worn underneath. The massive, bloated beast of a God smirked down as he held Kepp close to his belly, which rumbled deeply, thickly churning the heavy load of food inside. An assortment of now-emptied plates and bowls sat on the table nearby as the God of Gluttony groaned heavily with the lovely, warm weight inside his big, round gut.

    A loud bubbling sound - like a kettle close to boiling over - came from the beefy ball gut of the God. Bela lifted his free hand and lightly pressed into the doughy mound of blubber that was his belly, and trumpeted out a long, rumbling belch of satisfaction.

    RRRLLLLLLLLLLP! Ahhhh,” he sighed again, and chuckled, wiping some stray specks of spittle from his lips on the back of a sleeve as he grinned toothily at Kepp. “My compliments to the chef.”

    Kepp, still blushing, gave a timid smile in return. One of his arms came up as he all but hugged Bela’s girthy frame, snuggling closer as he placed his ear to his Master’s heavy belly.

    “I’m…I’m glad I could…could satisfy you, Master,” he peeped, shyly.

    Bela rolled his eyes.

    “Oh, I am hardly ever ‘satisfied,’ my sweet little toy…but I think this meal will leave me content for a short time at least,” he responded.

    So saying, Bela began to scratch behind Kepp’s ears, as if he really were just a puppy or a kit compared to the mammoth-sized man-cat, while his other hand reached for a bottle of sparkling wine. Instead of pouring it into the empty chalice that was also nearby on a small table beside the couch, Bela simply poured the remaining half of the bottle down his throat. Kepp watched with interest as his ogre-like owner’s throat bobbed with every swallow. He could actually hear the fluid flowing into the greasy, grimy gut under all that adipose-addled flesh that made up his Master’s middle…a loving, dumb sort of smile was on his face as he worshipfully moved his palm in a wide circle across the central area of that pudgy, padded distention of his Lord’s body.

    Bela purred deeply between greedy gulps of carbonated alcohol. His long, black, feline tail flipped once against the armrest on the opposite side from Kepp. Finally - “Pah! Most refreshing…” - Bela Sulten finished his long drink, and placed the empty bottle down on the table stand beside to sofa…

    …Only to wince a short while later. His feline ears flicked as he growled and clutched his stomach, his fingers sinking very, VERY deeply into the many layers of engorged lipid cells that lined his framework. His gut let out a very, VERY noisy bubbling sound, a thick “guh-slorsh” coming from somewhere behind his navel. Kepp blinked and gulped nervously as he could actually see the gut quiver with the force of the rumbling within.

    Bela let out a low, deep burp, which stank of pure death; while Kepp turned a bit green in the gills, the God just fanned his face.

    “Brrrreeeeeoooouuuuurrrrrrrph…oof…I think my…mph…my stomach is rather…rather GASSY at the - URP - moment,” mumbled Bela with a frown…which soon became a devious grin as a nefarious smile came to his face. “In fact…I can feel some particularly…POTENT fumes brewing inside of my body’s deepest abyss as we speak…”

    He licked his teeth with a sadistic smile. Kepp felt fear freeze his chest and whimpered at the look in the glowing orange eyes of his Master. His fear was not helped when Bela leaned close and cupped his cheek; breath that reeked of a charnel house puffed against his face, making his eyes water.

    “...I ought to…RELEASE them…don’t you think?”

    Kepp whimpered again. He somehow managed to find his voice, speaking slowly and carefully, trying not to do anything that would incite Bela to use that gas on him. Kepp, better than anybody, knew there was more to Bela’s belches than a bad smell and some noise…

    “Would you…like me to, um…t-to fetch you something from the cupboard? Master?” he peeped, patting that jiggling blubber pot.

    Bela purred, and nodded wordlessly, before undoing the leash on Kepp’s collar. Kepp let out a breath of relief, and hopped off of the couch before sprinting to the kitchen. He returned quite soon, holding a jar in his hand. The demi-cat God let out a rumble of approval as he extended a clawed hand elegantly.

    “Good boy,” he crooned, as Kepp placed the jar in his hand, and the God of Gluttony peered through the glass at the prisoner inside. Within the jar was a shrunken human being, dressed in nothing but a pair of underwear. They were only a little older than Kepp, and looked particularly frail and puny, with dirty blonde hair and a gangly framework.

    Bela clucked his tongue.

    “Poor, pitiful little morsel,” he cooed, in a mock-sympathetic tone, as he began to open the jar. “Perhaps this is a mercy, as I’ll only be putting him out of his misery…”

    Bela snickered; he, himself, was the cause of said misery, and he knew it.

    Kepp sat cross-legged on the floor, watching expectantly with wide purple eyes. The little figure in the jar mumbled something and began to stir, as the sound of the jar being opened awakened them. A pair of hazel eyes blinked blearily open…then, upon seeing the lid fall away, jolted to a full state of awareness, heart pounding as a shrill sound of fear left his little form. Bela smiled widely, his lethal fangs on full display as his orange eyes burned deeply into the puny thing’s tiny irises.

    “Hello, my little one,” Bela purred, in his most luxurious of tones. “Did you have a good sleep?”

    The shrunken human gulped nervously, and paused, clearly trying to decide on his answer…before finally speaking up, in a voice almost as small as he was: “It was…decent, L-Lord Bela.”

    Bela rolled his eyes. Why did the vermin seem to think lies would help their cause?

    “I’m pleased to hear it,” Bela lied right back, and then cocked his head slightly. “What is your name, small one?”


    “Mmmmm…a great name,” Bela replied, and chuckled at his own inside joke. “Well, little Alexander…since I know you were fibbing about your rest, I am sure you will be grateful to hear that your all-powerful, all-consuming God of immensity is going to help you.”

    “H-Help me?” Alexander responded, suspiciously, glancing back through the glass to Kepp, then up at Bela again, crawling back until he was pressed up against the “wall” of his jar. “In…in what way, uh…My Lord?”

    “Simple. I’m going to put you to sleep. Permanently.”

    Bela snickered at the look of mortification on the little one’s face at his words.

    “Awww, now don’t be scared…I shan’t devour you little one. Nor shall I smother you, nor even crush your bones. No, no, no…but believe me, having said that…”

    He now held the jar in both hands as he brought it closer to his face.

    “...You might wish that I did, once this is over.”


    Another belly-shaking rumble came from the gut of the gluttonous God. All eyes turned to look at his stomach…then, Bela grinned devilishly at poor little Alexander, who was trembling like a frightened mouse, shaking his head desperately. He, like Kepp, already knew what was about to happen.

    “No…n-no, no, please! Please, Lord Bela!” he begged, and moved to his knees, hands clasped. “Not…not that! Anything but that! Swallow me, make me bleed, but PLEASE not…not THIS!”

    Bela was panting. A deep mrowl of pleasure left him as he moved his mouth and the top of the jar closer to each other.

    “Silly…silly…thing…the more you beg…the more I want to hurt you. Just a few belches…that’s all it will take…are you ready? If not, too bad!”

    And with that, Bela began the bizarre torture.


    The gas flooded

    into the jar, in an invisible cloud of purest, most pungent stench. Kepp caught only the slightest whiff of it, and that was enough to make him cough slightly and cover his mouth, a tremor flickering across his spine. The goosebumps he felt prickling him were caused by a mixture of sudden adoration for his awful owner…

    …And the slight chill that flowed into his bloodstream as Alexander let out a squeal…then began to gasp and choke, instantly falling onto his side on the bottom of the jar. The little fellow felt his stomach lurch at the reek; he spasmed on the bottom of the jar, trying to keep himself from vomiting at the putrid horror. Bela snickered and raised an eyebrow as he saw his victim respond to the odor.

    “Awww…a little too nasty?” he teased.

    “N-No!” coughed Alexander. “S-Stop, it’s not-!”

    “No?” Bela repeated. “No, it’s not nasty enough, you mean? Well then…”

    He took a deep breath, pumped his chest, and belched sloppily; slobber splattered from his jaws, speckling the inside of the jar’s rim, the awful odor piling itself onto the lingering slob-stench of the first.

    “How about that one?” he asked innocently.

    Alexander groaned; the world already was starting to feel fuzzy. The stench made and heat of the gas swarming into his glass enclosure made his head swim His lungs felt like they were being seared from the inside-out. His sickened guts roiled as he gasped and gulped, trying to find some fresh air…but all he could find was Bela’s inner odors.

    “Stop...stop, please!” the poor thing managed to choke out.

    “Oh, are we weakening already?” Bela crooned, and snorted. “Pathetic. Like all your kind.”

    “Why...why are you...doing this?”

    “Because I can,” Sulten said simply, and his cheeks ballooned before - flabby lips flapping - he let out a lower, breezier burp into the hole. “Brrrrruuuuuuooooorrrrrrrph…”

    Alexander felt a pained sob creak in his chest; even his tears seemed to burn his cheeks as he felt them crawl over his cheeks. His vision became a moist blur. It was happening, he realized. He was really able to do it. He’d heard stories from others, but he’d thought them to be myths…up until Bela had made the threat. Now, that threat was a reality, and it was more horrendous than he could possibly imagine. The quieter belch smelled so foul, it turned the shrunken mite’s skin green. He felt as if he were drowning, the miasma of deathly stink wisping into his miniaturized lungs like transparent tendrils.

    The God of Gluttony cackled as he watched his toy writhe and claw at their neck. Every burp, Bela was controlling to make it stinkier and more toxic than the last. If this kept up, Alexander would suffocate on his pure stench. Just when it looked like the littone one was about to start begging again, he burped once more.

    “UUUUUURRRRRRRLLLLLLUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPH! Mmmm...that felt good coming up,” grunted Bela, and thumped his bubbling grub tub with satisfaction. He chuckled darkly as Alexander let out a feral sort of keening sound, shaking his head desperately and fighting hard not to breathe it all in...without success. The foulness was inescapable, poisoning his mind, infecting his airways, till all the small creature could think of, all he could sense or reasonably comprehend, was the cat man’s belch gas.

    Alexander’s terrified frenzy of pain only heightened as he realized the venomous reek he was was fighting against was formed from who knew how many innocent lives, damned to a sloppy, stinky death inside the size-shifter’s gasbag of a gut. How bad did it have to be in there to form an odor this literally poisonous?! He scrambled to the nearest wall of the jar, his tiny nails squeaking and screeching against the glass. He looked imploringly into the eyes of Kepp, who was watching with morbid fascination.

    Help...help me…!”

    “Fear not, small one!” boomed Bela. “I shall help you…to your grave. BRRRRAAAARRRRRRUUUUUUCK!”

    Another burp flooded the jar…and Alexander began to yowl and screech. His words faded into unintelligible, deranged babble; an incomprehensible string of insane gibberish as all

    he could feel now was foul agony. You could pick out every single morsel of food the bear had eaten recently in that foulness; a rotten stench of acrid death and sludge-coated, muscular power. You could almost envision the organic hellscape that must have been inside of Sneed’s stomach just from the odor alone...you could imagine the agony of a hundred sentient beings just in that floating foulness that wafted through the air…

    Bela watched the little one lose his mind with a look of almost affectionate amusement, as if seeing the tiny creature suffer was adorable to him.

    “I haven’t murdered you mites like this in a while…I forgot how…entertaining it is,” he giggled ghoulishly. “Two more to go. No point in waiting…GWWWWUUUUUUUUAAAAAAALLLLLLLUUURRRRRRRIIIIP!”

    Alexander abruptly went still. He closed his eyes, resting on the floor, twitching and letting out little babyish blubbering sounds. Kepp bit his lip (so did Bela, but for completely different reasons), as he could hear the little one mumbling under his breath…his voice hoarse and broken....

    “...M-Mommy…want…my…M-Mommy…pleeeeeease, no moooooore…”

    Bela was panting again. His tail swished and his toes curled as he gripped the jar tightly. One more belch. One more belch, and he’d end this little creature’s life. He began psyching himself up, focusing on the bubbles brewing in his belly’s pit…he would put every ounce of deadly rottenness into this final eruption. There would be no mercy, no pity…Alexander would die, all thought and all hope giving way to nothing but thoughts of the vile air torturing his insides with a fatalness that could match a biological weapon. A little magic, and a lot of meat, went a long way…

    Bela began the countdown. It was time to end the game. Time to finish his toy. Time to break them and kill them and send their soul on its humiliating way to the very stomach that forged their doom. Three…two…


    Alexander let out a squeaking sound, like a rat right after the trap snaps upon it…this was replaced by an unsettling, rattling, wheezing noise…he twitched three times, as he felt the world spin, felt the darkness take him…

    …Bela sighed deeply, as a little fluttering in his no-longer-so-gassy stomach told him the soul of his victim had found their rightful place. The body in the jar was no more than an empty shell.

    “Ooooooh…that was…exhilarating,” he declared, and tipped the limp carcass out of the jar and into his hand before tossing it into his mouth and swallowing it whole. He hiccuped and chuckled, before giving the empty jar back to Kepp. “Thank you, my pet.”

    Kepp just nodded as he took the jar back…then blushed and blinked as Bela patted him on the head.

    “Y-You’re welcome…so, um…wh-what now, Master?”

    Bela hummed thoughtfully, scratching his gurgling stomach in thought…then grinned wickedly and licked his teeth.

    “Bring me more wine…and more from the cupboard. I think I’m in the mood for a few more rounds of that game…”

    Kepp nearly thought he’d faint, as Bela’s stomach let out a sinister warble.

    It almost sounded like the belly, itself, was laughing with evil glee.

    An Extended Stay

    For years Joey had dreamed of being eaten by a hot pred and digested, he knew it was weird but it was his deepest desire. The thought of being inside his alpha stomach while being processed into fat and muscle was just so perfect, and he wanted nothing more. So the time had come and he'd finally found somebody willing to put him in their powerful belly.

    Joey met Louis online, he'd put in his bio that he was a pred, but Joey was pretty skeptical as he was pretty skinny and lots of people lied about being preds for attention from potential prey. His doubts were put to rest though when he sent Joey a video of himself gobbling down another twink and belching up his underwear.

    After a few days of chatting and one meetup in person so he knew Louis was real they finally agreed to do it. "You really want in here, don't you? Most people are terrified but you're just so damn eager" Louis said to him when they finally met up for the big event. "Yep! Don't know why but it just feels right, I want to be digested." He said confidently, this felt like the right thing to do. Joey had stripped down completely before him so no clothes would get in Louis' way, his cock dripping with precum. "You ready to get in this stomach then?" Louis asked, showing his tight, flat abdomen.

    "Ready as I'll ever be!" Joey said happily. "Well then, let's get this show on the road!" Louis finally said, licking his lips at Joey. "I'd usually have to hold my prey down but as you're so willing I'll just slide you right down." The eating process was just as perfect as Joey imagined. He practically unhinged his jaws like a snake, revealing a mouth dripping with saliva and a long slimy tongue. Louis winked at Joey before dropping his head towards him, enveloping most of his head in an instant.

    Things were dark but Joey felt amazing. The warm, wet mouth lathering his face up made his cock rock hard as Louis began sucking Joey down. The fact that he was so willing and relaxed made the whole process pretty quick. It only took a few seconds for Louis to reach Joey's chest, causing his feet to lift off the ground and hang in the air. Louis just kept greedily shovelling more of him in.

    Outside his belly began to bulge out as Joey's top half entered it. His tight shirt quickly became a tank top as it rode up his torso, exposing a huge round ball gut that only continued to expand as Joey was pulled in further. Once up to his hips and crotch Joey began letting out moans of ecstacy. Louis' tongue rubbing along his cock made every second pure bliss, until finally he involuntarily spurted out cum, which was just extra flavour to Louis.

    Within moments only Joey's feet remained remained outside of Louis' mouth, wiggling in the cool air. Seconds later Louis' lips sealed themselves shut and trapped Joey's entire body with him. After only two powerful swallows Joey was inside Louis' stomach, which bulged out like a beach ball.

    "BOUUUUUUUUUURP! Damn that felt amazing!" Louis said, his ears ringing from his own ear splitting belch. "Yeah you're too right it did!" Joey said happily, even after cumming he was still happy to be crammed in another human's belly. Louis put on a looser fitting shirt so he could relax while digesting Joey. He pulled it up, admiring his new ball shaped gut.

    "So d'you think I'll be gone within the hour? I'm looking forward to being digested but I doubt the process is as much fun" Joey said, already feeling Louis' body working on him. Louis smiled slyly. "Yeah... About that" he said. "You're gonna be staying in there a while, I've been training my body to keep prey alive for extended periods of time, and you're my first test!" He said, giving his gut a pat.

    "What do you mean, extended periods? I wanted this bit to be over quickly, I don't want all that pain to last!" Joey said from inside Louis, a little worried as he felt the walls hug him. He was excited to be in a gut finally but wanted to be digested as quickly as possible. "Well that's the thing, having a prey boy in my belly always feels fucking amazing, so I want you in there as long as possible. It's gonna hurt but you'd better get used to it, my belly won't hold back!"

    "I didn't agree to this! Just digest me and get it over with!" Joey shouted, punching the walls of Louis' belly. "You don't really have a say anymore buddy, you lost any of that when you agreed to let me eat you. I decide what happens to my food not some whiny little twink." Louis let out another hefty UUURP, which made the walls of his stomach constrict around Joey's body even more. He could hardly move inside the slimy, humid prison as acid spewed on him and loud rumbles rang in his ears. "Face it, you're mine for however long I can keep you!" Louis said triumphantly, fondling his gut while Joey kicked and screamed inside him.

    The first few days were hell for Joey and bliss for Louis. He'd learnt how to keep prey alive in his belly by drinking around a pint of water every 4 hours, which kept the stomach acid from penetrating too deep into Joey's body, and kept him hydrated enough to stay alive while he digested away very slowly and painfully. The nights were the worst for Joey, while Louis slept he couldn't keep the steady flow of water, meaning the acid got more aggressive, burning Joey's tender skin. The heavy breathing from the sleeping predator also made the air (which was already heavy from all the digestive juices) thick and difficult to breath in.

    The feeling of Joey's heavy body inside his gut made Louis horny virtually all of the time. He taunted his food, constantly reminding him that he'd be stuck inside the tight belly until he finally wasted away. "How you feeling in there? Painful?" Louis got no reply, Joey didn't want to give him the satisfaction. "Feeling quiet?" Louis asked, poking his gut a little and feeling Joey's fragile form wince in his belly.

    From inside his belly Louis' gentle poke felt like a dagger to the back, while the acid hadn't done any serious damage to Joey's body yet it had managed to seep into his nerves. Every single cell in his body felt like it was on fire, whenever he tried to move he would let out an agonized whelp like an injured lamb. The lack of response clearly annoyed Louis, who let out two heavy smacks on his belly, before prodding and fondling it some more.

    This caused an explosion of pain in Joey, who screamed loudly, his voice echoing throughout Louis' body. "I asked you a question! You're my property until you're digested so you'll fucking act like it. So again, how you feeling in there little man?" "It's horrible!" Joey shouted, his voice hoarse from the painful process and blistering heat. "Can't you just let me digest? Please?" He asked, sobbing inside his predator's belly. "That's right, cry like the little bitch you are. By the time you're done in there you'll have felt much worse!" He said, laughing. The tears were like music to him.

    The fact that Joey had been so eager was kind of boring to Louis. He liked his prey to be screaming and crying with fear and pain inside him, and when they were willing it was never good enough. By doing this he could make sure Joey felt all that fear as well by dominating him with his gut for so long, turning his once deep desire into a living nightmare. All Joey could do was pray things ended soon.

    His prayers weren't answered, when two weeks later Louis was still walking around with a full belly, keeping him alive with his steady intake of water. People outside hardly noticed Louis' belly anymore, which had begun to shrink as it got used to the man inside him, and as Joey started to waste away and weaken during the process. "Damn, I'm so glad you're still alive in there!" Louis said, smiling down at his gut.

    Joey just let out a small moan, he'd lost the ability to talk as he was so physically exhausted. His skin was red and blistered, finally giving into the dull acids that were slowly eating away at it, and he could feel his joints creaking any time he tried to move, he knew he didn't have long left. "See, now you're acting like a real prey boy should. Prey is best enjoyed when it doesn't want to be in your gut, something about it just makes them more fun to have inside you, and much more satisfying to digest!" Louis said, pondering while he slowly fondled his gut. He could feel that Joey was getting very weak and didn't want to do anything too aggressive in case that sent him over the edge.

    A few more days passed until Joey's body finally gave up, giving into the body it had been held captive in for almost three weeks. Louis was busy taunting him when it finally happened. "I bet you look like a real freak show in there don't you. All blistered and broken, like prey should be. There's definitely no going back for you, even if I wanted to let you out you're only useful as a piece of meat for my body to claim." He let out a loud OUUUUUUUURP, careful not to suck out too much of Joey's air.

    Inside Joey felt himself slipping in and out of consciousness. He looked at his blurred silhouette in the darkness and tried to make out what was left of his body. His dream of being digested into Louis' body had become a 3 week long waking nightmare. "Bet you regret coming to me for your prey needs now don't you!" Louis chuckled, slapping his gut. The slap was what finally did it. Joey felt his world rumble and his body move a little bit, and as it did he felt his body finally begin to fall apart. As the feeling of his body collapsing moved up from his legs towards his head, he let out one final adrenaline filled set of screams inside Louis' gut.

    Louis knew what that meant as well. He listened to the muffled screams happily as they slowly faded away, and he felt the last of Joey melt away inside him. BUUUUUUUUUUUUURP! He let out a final belch as Joey faded out of consciousness, letting his body finally claim him and absorb what was left. "Holy shit I need to do that again!" He said aloud, proud at how he was able to hold a man in his gut for so long, and looking forward to all the other guys that would be staying in his belly for a long time. He took one final look at his spherical belly, gazing down at it affectionately, as if to say goodbye to the meal that had been sitting inside him for the last few weeks.