Beautiful Flight Attendants & Female Pilots
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2018-12-27 11:19:22

    We have moved - Thank You and Please Join Us

    While Tumblr has not touched most of the posts here, we have lost friends and now have very few people to appreciate us.

    So we have decided to make the painful decision of moving to MeWe

    Please join us


    Goodbye @tumblr - axe,foot..you get the idea

    17 December Update

    So, you’ll all note that we are still here. I marked all posts flagged as sensitive for review. The entire process hasn’t completed as yet, but safe to say that 80% of the responses have been positive and the sensitive flag removed.

    While I will continue to monitor, I also need to commence the painful process of movin content to MeWe. If I’m honest I’m not (yet) a big fan of MeWe, it’s not as slick and quite a painful process.

    Alternate Home - Backup Strategy

    So I’ve noticed some of my posts have been tagged as “sensitive”, not many. I have sent all the tagged ones for review but decided to have an alternate plan, just in case these posts were affected on 17th December or after.

    I have opened a MeWe account though not moved the content there yet. Please start following my MeWe account and I will start porting all the content there as well.

    For now it is an approval based account but will change it once I get a handle on how MeWe works

    MeWe - Winged Perfection

    Use this link to join: https://mewe.com/join/wingedperfection

    Post December 17

    All, many of you will be aware that post December 17, Tumblr will no longer allow adult content on the community. While I take this to be explicit nudity and porn content, I’m not convinced that this page depicts either of that (well not generally any way - there are a few posts that could be considered explicit).

    On their notice page Tumblr has mentioned that they will give a “heads-up” to any pages they believe are hosting adult content or are liable to be shut down.

    I haven’t heard anything from them as yet, but will keep an eye out.

    So far there are no back-up plan but I have had a message to move all content to a reddit page.

    Suggestions welcome..