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    That is really hot picture


    Jamie was a scavenger. He scouted out abandoned locations and old junk yards in hopes of finding things of value to sell on the net.

    One day, something found him. A gang of outlaw bikers who had set up a camp in a junkyard found Jamie rustling through their stuff when the came back from a ride. Usually, they would beat a guy savagely for such an offense. But the chief biker saw Jamie’s worked out body and handsome face as an asset. He had found a mask, new in the box, that someone had discarded, and just was certain it would fit Jamie perfectly and that Jamie would find his purpose in life with the help of the mask.

    Jamie fought and buckled, swore and cursed, but when the biker Big Al, all 300 pounds of tattooed muscle, grabbed Jamie’s nuts and gave a good hard squeeze, followed by a hard punch to the gut and a right to the jaw, Jamie was flat out on the ground, knocked out.

    They bikers found to their amazement what a perfect fit between the mouthpiece and Jamie’s mouth and lips. In no time at all, they had the mask on Jamie and Jamie mounted to a rack in a shed that was firmly mounted in the ground. No possibility of escape.

    Now Jamie was awake, aware of the extra weight on his head and the block to his vision by the mask. All 14 of the bikers crowded into the shed. Jamie was unsure what to expect. When Big Al walked up and straddled Jamie, unzipped his leather pants, and unloaded his big hog into the funnel with a steaming blast of piss Jamie thought he would die of humiliation and then drown, but he something in him kept him swallowing until the last drops trickled down his throat.

    Jamie did not have time to stop and think. The rest of the gang made a queue or double teamed him from the sides. Piss load after piss load. This continued day after day. Night after night. They occasionally poured water and cans of liquid nourishment into the funnel to keep Jamie going.

    Then they got the idea to use Jamie for drinking cum too, though the bikers were straight, jerking into the funnel didn’t seem queer. The fun of getting up and sneaking off to the shed where Jamie was strung up and jerkin a lot of dick snot into the funnel while squashing Jamie’s balls with a steel toed boot never seemed to wear off.

    There were a few bi bikers too, who when no one was looking would lift Jamie’s legs and throw him a good stiff fuck too. Jamie had never been penetrated before and it was a good thing he was wearing a mask that blocked his curses at the men who penetrated him. But in a short time, from never thinking about sexual orientation, Jamie was finding delight in being a bottom. Jamie’s own prick had not been touched since he arrived at the junkyard, 6 weeks ago.

    Jamie was wondering how, from barely being able to swallow the piss, he now craved it, ached for it when it was not there, dreamed of it. This had all been part of Big Al’s plan too. With every load of piss, some hard drugs had been added to the funnel.

    Not enough to get Jamie high, but enough that Jamie was now addicted, psychologically and physically. Soon, they could unlock Jamie without any fear he would run away. Jamie needed the piss and the “pinch of something else” much too much now. He belonged to the bikers now. Jamie was still strung up, but he could hear the bikers argue in the distance, what kind of tattoos and where should they be on Jamie’s body, branding and other “modifications” . There was a time when all that would worry him, now he was becoming an object, a fixture, and objects don’t really have opinions, do they?

    The Healer

    Art by Antios Kalkares

    Story by Douglas Benjamin

    “Keep an eye on the faun,” Anthony said, clambering down from the oxcart.

    It was nearly dusk, though the heavy canopy of the forest had plunged us into near-dark for most of the day. We were heading back to the village with our precious cargo, but the old ox was tired and slow and there was no hope of completing the journey before night fell. 

    I turned to look at the figure lying in the hay on the back of the cart. His arms were bound behind his back with a leather strap, pinned in place on either side of his furry brown tail. His legs, also bound by a strap, were covered in a shaggy brown fur that nearly obscured his hooves. Two large ears framed his bearded face, tall black horns jutting from his forehead. Lying on his side, he scowled at me, and said nothing.

    As Anthony gathered stones and kindling for a campfire, I climbed into the back of the cart.

    “Can you speak?” I said, though I’d already asked and received no response when we first came upon him that morning. The faun had been snared by one of the rope traps that we’d set to catch bears. I wanted to set him free, but Anthony insisted we bring him home. The horns of a faun, he said, would make us rich.

    As I moved closer to the faun, he jolted back, nearly falling off the back of the cart. His body was thick and muscular, broad, like that of a manual laborer. His shoulders were wide, his arms bulky and strong. His chest was larger than any I’d ever seen. I tried not to stare between his legs, where soft, shorter hair framed a thick cock. 

    But he was also injured, I could see. The leather strap around his arms and chest had cut into him, and he had a red abrasion on his torso that had started to bleed.

    “Oh no,” I said, reaching for my pack of provisions. “I’m sorry – let me help.” I removed a vial of red liquid, and the faun’s eyes widened, his nostrils flared. He struggled against his bonds.

    “It’s okay,” I said, “I won’t hurt you. Relax.” I unstoppered the vial, and released a few drops onto my thumb, then pulled open my shirt and rubbed it on my chest. It glowed red on my flesh, then evaporated.

    “It’s healing,” I said. “Magic. See? It won’t hurt.”

    He narrowed his eyes.

    I released a few more drops onto my thumb and reached out with my hand. The faun didn’t move, so I edged closer until I could make contact with his skin. The red drops on my thumb connected with the cut in his chest and he emitted a soft snort, grimaced, and then looked down to see the glow of the healing liquid heal the abrasion on his skin. The glow traced a line across his muscular chest as the bloody wound closed and vanished.

    “I’m sorry,” I said again. “Are you … are you okay?”

    “Why ask this,” the faun said, startling me. After his silence all day, I didn’t think he understood. He had an accent I could not place. “Do you wish for answer? Or for someone to pose same question to you?”

    “I …” My words caught for a moment. “I was trying to be nice.”

    “Nice! Human nice,” the faun scowled, turning away from me. “You are false. Heal before you kill.”

    “We’re not going to kill you,” I said. As he turned away, I could see there was another cut on his back. I dropped more of the healing fluid onto my palm, and pressed it against the back wound. “What’s your name?”

    He grunted, straining against the pain of my touch as the cut on his back healed. I stole a glimpse at his perfect round ass before he relaxed his rippling muscles and muttered, “Monachikos.”

    “Monachikos,” I said, my hand lingering on his back. “I’m Eidos.”

    He glanced over his shoulder at me. “Eidos,” he said. “Means ‘kind’ in Fae.”

    “My mother was a healer in Icho,” I said, “back when the city was a crossroads between the Wildlands and the Mortal Reach. She had a lot of Fae clientele. One of them named me when I was born, the story goes.” I realized my hand was still on his back and I pulled it away, brushing his tail.

    The faun was studying me more closely now. “And your father?”

    I shrugged.

    His nostrils flared and he took a deep breath in, then nodded, but said nothing.

    “Anthony says we’ll be back in the village by tomorrow afternoon,” I said. “He wants to … forgive me … take your horns. He says they’re magic.”

    “Your mate is correct,” Monachikos said, closing his eyes.

    “He’s not my mate,” I said.

    Monachikos snorted and smiled for just a moment. “Good,” he said, then opened his eyes, seemingly embarrassed at what he’d just said. “Good that he … I am sorry. I speak too fast. I try to say good, good that he is not cruel husband to you.”

    I snorted with a quiet laugh at that. “Oh, he’s cruel to me,” I said. “Anthony’s cruel to everyone.” I glanced to the side and saw Anthony clumsily trying to strike a fire in a circle of stones.

    “But you,” the faun said. “You are Eidos. Kind.” He inched up closer to me in the hay. In the dim light, I could see a curious expression on his face. His ears, furry and broad, were cocked towards me, and he took another deep breath as though taking in my scent.

    I leaned back against the side of the oxcart, close to him. “Will it hurt, cutting your horns? We can numb them like we do for goats.”

    “No,” Monachikos said. “It will not hurt.”

    I reached out to touch one of his dark black horns, and his eyes followed my hand. He did not pull away as I ran a finger along it. “You’re sure?”

    “Afterwards will hurt,” he said. “Without them, I am not magic. I become human.”

    “Oh – I didn’t know that,” I said. “Will they grow back?”

    He exhaled heavily, his eyes closed, and rested his head on my leg. I stared down at the masculine creature’s face in my lap, rubbing a hand along the horn and then through his hair. I could see that his eyelashes were wet.

    “One day, maybe.” he said, almost whispering. “Can regrow with help from a mate. I have no mate.”

    “I’m sorry,” I said, grasping for words. “Being human … it’s not bad.”

    He opened his eyes, looking up to me, and tears fell from them.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to …”

    “You are so sad,” he said, gasping for air. “I feel it. I feel you. I feel pain. Your whole life. Sadness so vast it is your whole body.”

    I said nothing. My hand stroked his hair. He stared up at me. Neither of us spoke for some time.

    “So you’re a healer too,” I said at last.

    “Not of the body,” he said. “But yes. I listen. I find what hurts.”

    “So what did you find?” I asked. “What hurts me?”

    “Being human,” he said.

    I closed my eyes. There we sat in silence. I ran my hands through his hair, felt his hard smooth horns, and then lowered my hand to his bristley beard, his broad neck, his furry chest. I felt his heartbeat. It matched mine.

    “Roll over,” I said, pushing him roughly to the side. He obeyed, rolling onto his chest to expose the metal latch on the leather straps that bound him.

    I squeezed the latch, and the straps unfurled. His arms were released, and I did the same to his legs.

    “Go,” I said, glancing back to Anthony still fussing with the campfire.

    “Come with me,” Monachikos whispered.

    “I can’t – I’m mortal, I can’t enter the Wildlands.”

    Monachikos shook his head. “Idiot,” he said. “Do not let sadness make you stupid. Can you not see?”

    “See what?” I said.

    He lunged for me, grasping my head in his strong wide hands, straddling my body with his furry legs. He pressed his face to mine, opening his mouth, and I opened my mouth to accept him. His tongue was forceful, his breath earthy, and his grasp softened and grew tender as we kissed.

    I felt my cock stiffen as did his against my abdomen, an electric thrill that surged throughout my body. There was a tightness in my temples, a tremble in my legs, and my feet cramped inside my shoes. Something was happening to me. Something magic.

    The faun caressed me, his hands unlacing my shirt from collar to navel and then pulling it down off of my body. I felt flush with heat, felt the friction of our furry chests pressing together, and I fumbled with my pants to pull them from my legs. 

    Monchikos pulled away, grinning, and yanked my pants down to expose me. To my shock, my legs were covered in fur like his, and as the pants passed my feet, I saw my toes darken, felt them curl, tighten, and form tough black hooves.

    I looked back up to face him, shocked, and felt the tightness in my temples again. I reached up and felt them – horns growing from my head.

    “What … what did you do,” I gasped. I felt a flicking sensation above my ass, and knew I’d grown a tail. 

    “I am healer,” he said, beaming.

    “You turned me into…”

    “No. I restore.” he said. He moved closer and kissed me once more. I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around him and holding him as tight as he held me.

    “We’d better go,” I whispered to him.

    “We go,” he whispered back. “Home.”

    Monster Mash

    (Check out the full, NSFW version of this story HERE!)


    Officer Bron hated Halloween.

    Every year on the night of October 31st, the young cop would spend his whole evening running around and ruining everyone else’s. Confiscating alcohol from teens, breaking up huge house parties… not only was Bron not having fun, he was the reason no one else could have any fun either. He joined the force to make the world a safer place, not make people angry. On Halloween, he felt like a monster.

    But that all changed when Bron got a call from some sleepy neighbors about a rowdy frat party at the Delta Sigma Gamma house. Here we go again, thought a tired and irritable Bron, who’d been the one to bust the Delta party three years in a row now. At this point, those guys probably wanted to see him dead. He couldn’t blame them.

    Officer Bron pulled up to the frat house five minutes later. But much to his surprise, the windows were dark and the house was quiet. Not a single frat boy in sight.


    Bron hopped out of his cruiser and switched on his flashlight. Through the windows, he could see the inside of the house. It was empty. He marched up to the porch and gave a knock.

    The door creaked open.

    “Hello?” Bron called out into the dark, empty house, “anyone home? We received a noise complaint from next door.”

    Silence. Bron raised his flashlight, his other hand hovering just above his taser. Something didn’t feel right. Was this some sort of prank? Had the party ended early? Doubtful.

    Bron crept through every room of the house. There had obviously been a party at some point that evening, as evidenced by the tacky decorations, the mess of empty beer cans all over the floor, and a bowl of blood red punch on the kitchen counter.

    Probably spiked, Bron thought. He dipped a single finger into the bowl. This is a bad idea. Checking to see if the punch was spiked served no real utility. If there were a party to bust, it had long finished, and the beer cans were grounds enough to charge the frat boys with possession.

    Bron gazed at the liquid clinging to his finger, shining in the light of his torch. It was far more viscous than your average punch. If it had been spiked, it wasn’t with alcohol.

    The officer gently dabbed his finger on his tongue. Just a little taste. A little taste never hurt anyone, right?

    Little did Bron know just how good the punch would taste, how the liquid warmed his throat like cinnamon and pulsed like sugar through his bloodstream. It felt magical.

    Bron looked around to make sure the kitchen was in fact empty. The coast was clear; it was just him and the bowl of punch.

    So he went to town, dipping his fingers, then his hands, and eventually his whole face into the bowl, drinking as much of the punch as his stomach would allow. God. It felt so good. After years and years of being the party pooper, Bron was going to have a party all on his own. He’d earned that much.

    “So… delicious…” The warmth that began in his throat spread to every corner of his body. He felt held by the liquid, like it had always been a part of him, his very own blood re-entering his veins.

    But along with the warmth came a feeling of discomfort. His uniform—perviously loose on his rangy body—now felt small and constricting. His muscles ached, the way they did after a long workout. The weirdest part? His teeth felt strange, particularly on the bottom row.


    The bowl dropped to the floor. It shattered, the remaining red punch spilling over the kitchen floor like a big pool of blood. What the fuck was he doing? Who knows what illegal substances he’d just ingested? LDS? Ecstasy? Or worse…

    Bron stumbled through the dark house, his discomfort turning to all out pain. Something was happening to the young officer, something he could not understand, let alone see in the all-consuming blackness. All he could do was writhe in agony as his body began to change.

    It started with his chest. Bron heard the threads of fabric squeezing and straining all over his torso. He ran frantic hands over his pecs, hoping that these sounds were just hallucinations. But to his dismay, Bron felt the uniform pulling apart between each button, and underneath, solid muscle, and thick, unfamiliar hair.

    Bron got caught in a doorway as both shoulders shot out in either direction. His back had almost doubled in size, allowing his frame to accommodate for the enormous amounts of muscle he was packing on. The empty house echoed with pops and cracks as the very bones in Bron’s body began to grow and adjust.

    He fell to his hands and knees. There was just enough light creeping through a nearby window for Bron to see his arms transform. They quivered as new muscles snaked down through his biceps to his forearms, bringing with them the dusting of the dark hair that now covered his chest.

    To Bron’s horror, the muscles continued to grow. He could do nothing but watch as his biceps inflated past the point of acceptability, subjecting him to a future of tank tops and XXL shirts. What would the sherif down at the precinct say when sweet little Bron showed back up looking like an IFBB pro?

    The growth spread to his lower section, and Bron involuntarily spread his knees to make way for the incoming muscle. Bron would be the first to admit that he skipped leg day, but now you would never be able to tell. The arrival of Bron’s thighs brought with it another series of pops and stretches, as his pants fought against the insane amount of mass now occupying them. He winced as his new size 14 feet tested the strength of his size 11 boots, and an ass that required years of focus and attention threatened to make a giant hole in the back of his uniform.

    “Good evening officer,” came a voice from behind him.

    The room filled with light, and Bron brought his colossal forearm up to shield his eyes. Through the dense black arm hair, he could see dozens of faces now occupying the space.

    But these were unlike any faces Bron had ever seen. The first thing he noticed was the skin. Everyone in the room was bright green, like the Wicked Witch of the West. Protruding up from every mouth were two, horrible white fangs. No, they were more like tusks. Why did everyone have tusks??

    “Neat costumes, wouldn’t you say?” A figure stepped out in front of Bron, “though I wouldn’t call them costumes. Not exactly.”

    A laugh reverberated through the crowd, and the officer instantly recognized the red varsity jacket and cocky stance of Chet Wheelhouse, the president of Delta Sigma Gamma and the most notorious party boy of the county. Bron and Chet had butted heads many times… but the Chet that stood before him now was almost unrecognizable, what with his lime green skin, mature muscular body and engorged dentures.  

    “What… happened to… all of…. you… to… me…?”

    “Shhhh,” Chet knelt down so that he was face-to-face with Bron, “it’ll all be over soon.” His breath was hot and musky, not the breath of a 20-year-old frat guy, but of something ancient, powerful, and deeply masculine. “Soon,” Chet continued in a voice that was almost a whisper, “soon you’ll be just like us.”

    “NO!” Bron screamed, “I don’t… don’t wanna…”

    “Don’t wanna what? Have fun??” Chet stood up and paced the room. “C’mon man. You’ve been busting our asses for years. Don’t you wanna let lose for a change? Have some fun?”

    He wasn’t wrong: Bron did want to let lose. But not like this. He opened his mouth to retort, but stopped when a sharp pain shot up from the base of his jaw.

    Oh god.

    Bron knew what was coming. His body tensed, every muscle bracing for the arrival of his own tusks. His jaw cracked as it jutting out an extra inch from his head, and he felt as his teeth grew at an alarming pace. Out of the corner of his eye, Bron saw two flecks of white creep up from under his cheeks

    “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??” Bron cried, though the words were slurred and incoherent. Talking through these teeth was going to take some practice. But Bron didn’t have time to ponder the consequences of his fate, as he was already noticing his skin take on a green tint.

    This was it. Bron was about to become just like all the other frat boys—all of whom had likely consumed the same blood red punch.

    But his changes were not complete. As Bron entered the final stage of his transformation, he let out  primal growl, forcing everyone in the room to take a step back, Chet included. He looked down between his legs, and witnessed the bulge pressed up against his skin-tight pants inflated like a water balloon.

    He wanted to be scared. He wanted to be horrified that his dick was probably eleven inches and counting, that there wouldn’t be a pair of pants on earth that could conceal his embarrassing size. But more than anything, he just wanted to whip it out and pipe down every single guy in the room. This wasn’t garden variety horniness; Bron was overcome with what he could only describe as an animalistic urge to fuck.

    Bron stood, now towering above every frat boy in the room. “Woah dude,” Chet said with a nervous laugh, “how much of that shit did you drink? We only took a cup each, and we—“

    But Chet stopped short when he saw what Bron was doing. The officer, who now stood just under seven feet tall, unzipped his fly and freed the one eyed monster from his pants. Jaws dropped all around him, wide eyes taking in the sight of his fat, green cock.

    The crowd of giggling frat boys went dead silent. Bron’s voice boomed throughout the whole house, his authority as an officer of the law meeting the sheer power of his new, orc body: “So here’s how this is gonna go: you’re all gonna get on your knees and take care of this little problem I got right here,” he pointed at the dick swinging between his legs, “and I won’t say anything to the sherif about the illegal substances you’ve been handing out. Capeesh?”

    At around 3 A.M. the local police department received yet another noise complaint from the house next-door to Delta Sigma Gamma. Only this time, the complaint was not of loud, rambunctious partying, but of ecstatic moans and rhythmic thumping. “If I didn’t know any better,” said the neighbor on the call, “I’d say they were shooting a porno over there!”

    She wasn’t far off. Bron spent his Halloween night fucking every member of Delta Sigma Gamma, dumping a bucket of cum inside each frat guy, and at least ten loads in poor Chet. By the time the sun rose, their transformations had faded away, and the morning patrol arrived at the house to find over a dozen frat guys, fast asleep, and covered in what was described in the police report as “bright green slime.”

    What they didn’t find, however, was officer Bron. No one really knows where the young officer disappeared to that night. But they still say that if you cause enough trouble on Halloween eve, you just might be visited by a hulking orc in a raggedy old officer’s uniform, hungry for justice, cum, and a good time.

    Happy Halloween from The Changing Room!🎃 Thank you all for reading this story, and a HUGE thank you to Celery Man for letting me use some of his original artwork! You can check him out on Twitter and Instagram. Have fun, and stay safe! 


    I’ve recently been trying to get back in touch with my Russian cultural roots. Do you have anything that can help me on my journey to release my inner Russian muscle beast?

    Of course! I never pass up an opportunity to help someone reconnect with their cultural heritage, and I certainly always have something for the job.

    And for this job, I know just the thing...

    Ever tried beard oil? Well, I doubt you’ve ever tried anything quite like this. A few drops of this sucker will unlock all your dormant Russian genes—and I mean all of them.

    Translation: if you don’t have a drop of Russian blood running through your veins, nothing much will happen (though your beard will be nice and shiny!)

    But if you do? Ohhhhh man, the changes I’ve seen guys go through after using this…

    I once lent this bottle to a friend of mine. He said his family was all from China, so I just assumed he didn’t have any Russian heritage. Turns out: his great, great grandmother had fucked a sexy Russian lumberjack, and nobody knew!

    Ten minutes later, he looked like this:

    Yup. This is some potent-ass shit. I would argue some of the most potent shit I own.

    As such, you’re gonna wanna start with just ONE drop. It might not feel like very much, but trust me when I say: you need to start slow. One drop will change you enough to give me a sense of how much Russian blood you have. From there, I can calculate a proper dose.

    So, are you ready to find out just how Russian you really are?

    Love it. Let’s get you started with that first drop… alrighty sir… great! Next, I’m gonna need you to gently massage that into your beard…

    Fantastic. Now, you probably won’t see that many changes on this first go. Like I said, this is really just to gauge how deep your Russian roots go, and—



    Ummm… okay, so don’t freak out but… fuck how to put this delicately? Well, the good news is that you’ve definitely unlocked some Russian genes!

    The bad news? Ugh… do you own any XXXL shirts? Cus I think that’s all you’re gonna be able to wear from now on.

    Don’t look at me like that! I thought you had a couple drops of Russian blood, not a goddamn bucket! Besides, you’re the one who wanted to “release my inner Russian beast.” Is this not exactly what you asked for?!

    Aaaaaaand you can’t even tell what I’m saying. Great. I’ve really got to brush up on my Russian.

    Okay, so we learned a couple things about your heritage, didn’t we? Like every single male relative of yours has spent time in a Siberian prison. That’s the only other place I’ve seen tats like those. We also know all your male relatives were engorged muscle monsters with 10-inch cocks and literal pelts of hair…

    Jesus. I can only say this right now because you don’t understand a lick of English but… you look unreal, man. Like inhumanly large. How are you even going to fit through doors? Or bend your arms??

    I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start simple, like finding you some new clothes. Hopefully ones that fit.

    Great, so it looks like sleeveless shirts and gym shorts for the foreseeable future. Congratulations.

    This is rough. I haven’t seen size like this in ages. You got so big, it looks like you could pop at any moment.

    These fucking Russians are so obsessed with breeding the biggest, burliest men, and now you’ve got all their DNA balled up in one, ridiculously huge body. You’ve inherited the brute strength of a hundred Russian strongmen, and from that doughy look on your face, it looks like you’ve inherited their less-than-staggering intellect as well, no offense. Not that you even know what I’m saying.

    Christ. What to do, what to do… I guess the only option now is to stick you on a plane and send you back to the motherland, let you really reconnect with those “Russian roots.” Maybe someone there will recognize one of your tats and take you in. Maybe you’ll have a stellar career as a professional bodybuilder, or end up in a Siberian prison yourself. Either way: not my problem.

    I did leave you this nice, sleeveless sweater though. Thought it was apropos. It gets pretty cold up there in Russia, but I think between all that scruff and all that muscle, you’ll feel right at home.

    Have a nice flight! (and that goes for the poor guy crammed next to you. I’m so sorry dude… or you’re welcome 😏)

    Rubber wetsuit tf story

    A awesome story that was submitted by anonymous person, thanks for sharing

    “Jeez, it looks nice!” said Jake, excited to finally have a trip away with his father.
    “Yeah, shame about the weather though. Maybe a winter trip wasn’t the best idea” Alan replied as they pulled up to the old cabin. After getting out the car, the two quickly grabbed their bags and ran inside to avoid the heavy rain and chilly winds.
    “Man, it’s cozy in here!” Jake said as he wandered around the cabin. It wasn’t very big, only a lounge/dining room, a kitchen, and a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.
    “Uhh dad, there’s only one bed” Jake said, settling his bags down on the floor.
    “Ah dang, I knew this place was dodgy. Ah well, guess you can cozy up to your old man for the next week” Alan said with a grin, shaking his coat. Jake didn’t mind this arrangement, he loved his father. They didn’t get to see each other as often now that he’s in college, but something about his dad was always warm and comforting. At 6'7ft, his father Alan was a huge behemoth of a man. He was almost as wide as he was tall, with a shapely belly protuding under his shirt. Jake could never tell if it was solid muscle or a beer belly, or maybe both. His huge tanned arms were covered with a thick mat of dark hair and his body was that of a retired bodybuilder. Jake wasn’t too bad himself, at 6ft he was mad that he didnt get his father’s full height, but glad he definitley didn’t get his width. Jake was fairly toned and muscular due to his college football & swimming comps, but not to the absurd proportions of his father. While his father was dark haired with flecks of grey, Jake had dull sandy blonde hair instead, from his late mother. His mother passed when he was 10 years old, about 11 years ago.
    “What’s there to do around here anyway?” Jake enquired.
    “Well, the owners said there’s a 2 man canoe out the front and some hiking trails, but honestly it’s pretty isolated” his dad said, rubbing his chin as he spoke.
    “Yeahh not sure if the weather is super ideal for that” Jake responded, looking out the window as the rain seemed to ease. The pair had the whole day to decide what to do, as they continued putting their stuff away.
    “Hey buddy, come check these out” Alan bellowed from the bedroom as Jake finished packing groceries away into the fridge.
    “Coming!” He yelled, as he arrived to see his father holding two sleek pieces of rubber in each hand.
    “They’re wetsuits. They were hanging in the wardrobe, I’m assuming for guest use” Alan said, setting the two jet-black steamers on the bed.
    “Oh sweet, do you reckon they’ll fit? Are we sure they’re clean?” Jake said, as he peered at one of the suits.
    “Seems like they’re brand new, but there’s no labels or tags. We can wear these and go for a paddle in the lake if you want” His dad said, seeming more excited at this new prospect.
    “Yeah sounds good! Don’t have any other plans haha” Jake chuckled, as his father was already removing his clothes.
    “Jeez, you’re keen” Jake laughed.
    “No time like the present” Alan replied as Jake turned away in embarrasment, with Alan’s pants hitting the floor. After hearing rustling sounds of neoprene and his father grunting, Alan finally chuckled “C'mon buddy we’re both men, you can turn around haha”. As Jake turned to his father, he had a strange feeling in his stomach looking at him. He’d never seen his dad wear anything like this before, where his dark curly chest hair was now replaced by smooth black neoprene. The wetsuit was so tight that he clearly see the outline of his father’s solid pecs, along with his nipples. The suit barely contained his father as it stretched taught over his firm belly, even showing the indent of his belly button. It almost looked like a second skin instead of clothing, as Jake stared at the large man before him. He didn’t notice his eyes begin to wander as they traveled over his dad’s surprisingly curvy body, down to his thick thighs and the bulge between his………wait what? Why was he thinking those things about his dad?
    “Hey you don’t have to stare at me like a freak” Alan chuckled with a hearty laugh, with Jake turning red as he met his dad’s eyes.
    “Here buddy” Alan said, stepping towards him and handing him the other suit, “it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but it’ll keep you warm”. Jake laughed and casually grabbed the wetsuit, then took his shirt off. He was toned & well built like his dad, but had little to no body hair.
    “Wow big boy, I swear you get more buff each time I see you” his dad said with a grin, while adjusting his wetsuit in the large mirror door of the wardrobe.
    “Haha nothing compared to you dad” Jake said sheepishly as he dropped his pants and began to step carefully into the wetsuit.
    “Ah sorry, careful there buddy. You might wanna take your boxers off before putting that on, it’s so tight that they’ll bunch up and give you chaffe” Alan said while still posing in the mirror.
    “O-oh right okay, I’ve never worn one of these” Jake stammered “can you turn around though?”
    “Jeez, kids are so precious these days” Alan said with a cheeky wink. Jake quickly dropped his boxers too and stepped into the back-zip suit. The material felt so smooth going up his legs, then his mid section, then over his smooth chest. The suit hugged every inch of him as he didn’t realise how tight wetsuits were, and wondered how on Earth his dad fit into his one. After carefully sliding his arms into the tight sleeves, he turned to face his dad.
    Looking good big man! Can you zip mine up and then ill do yours?” Alan said, waving his hand to beckon Jake over. His suit is already that tight and it hasn’t even been zipped up?? Jake thought, wondering how the wetsuit could possibly stretch even more over his father’s body. Upon struggling to zip his father’s back up, he finally reached the top.
    “Ahh feels good, ready to roll!” Alan said, shaking his meaty arms and legs, “C'mere, ill help you”. Jake turned as he felt his father’s massive hand fumble with the small zipper, before finally zipping it up. He felt a slight chill as it felt like the air was expelled from the suit and it felt even tighter after being zipped up. The two turned to face the mirror to get adjusted to the new attire.
    “Jeez dad, you might have to suck in a little” Jake laughed, pointing to his dad’s round stomach.
    “Haha no way buddy, this is all pure muscle!” Alan replied, slapping his firm belly with a thick thud that echoed through the empty cabin.
    “Alright, let’s go!” His father said as he excitedly left the house with heavy, booming footsteps. The canoe was only yards away, at the lake’s edge. Jake felt like he was in somewhat of a dream state as he and his father pushed the canoe out, watching his dad’s large back muscles ripple under the tight rubber. Staring straight forward, his eyes began to trail down his father’s enourmous triangular back, down towards his even larger ass. His cheeks were perfectly defined by the impossibly-tight suit, as the material conformed perfectly to his father’s body. It looked more like his dad’s skin had turned jet-black, as opposed to him actually wearing any clothe-
    “You paying attention? We’re already past knee-height water, time to jump in the boat buddy!” Alan bellowed infront, setting one massive hand on the side of the canoe.
    “R-right, sorry dad!” Jake replied, breaking his train of thought. Alan held the canoe steady while Jake jumped in, then Jake kept the canoe balanced while his father’s hulking body gently entered the front section of the canoe. Jake was unaware of how much time had gone by while they were paddling and although it was fun, he was still mesmerised by his dad sitting in front of him. His huge, veiny arms showing through the wetsuit, his thick neck stretching the neck hole wide and he was even transfixed on the beads of water that would land on his father’s rubbery muscles. After an indeterminate amount of time, the boys decided to call it quits and paddle back to their cabin near the shore. Being sure to position himself behind Alan, Jake discreetly watched his father’s bulbous ass move as if he wasn’t wearing any clothing. He was utterly fascinated by how the rubber seemed to fit each and every contour of his father’s body, even down to his massive calves, and how the rubber clung to his father in all the right places. Feeling a stir in his groin, Jake quickly looked away shamefully as the pair dropped the canoe after dragging it up from the banks.
    “Phew that was a workout! Good fun but” Alan said, grabbing a towel to rub dry his wet buzzcut head and sharp, clean-cut jawline.
    “Y-yeah, really enjoyed it” Jake stammered, drying his short blond hair and trying to avoid staring at his dad’s scultped rubber body. To Jake’s surprise, Alan simply brushed the water droplets off the shiny neoprene instead of taking the wetsuit off.
    “What?” He said, catching his son’s eye, “we might head back out later. Besides, these suits are warming me up in this cold drafty cabin” Alan chuckled. Jake agreed and began to do the same. The two men lounged around on the couch in their wetsuits, flicking through channels on the tv until Jake stood up to go to the kitchen.

    Reaching high into the top shelf, Jake struggled to get a glass right at the back of the cabinet for some water.
    “Need a hand?” His father said, appearing behind him. Jake’s arm was still outstretched into the top shelf when his father also leant into to grab the glass, and then something strange happened. Similar to the chill he felt when he first put the suit on, Jake almost lost his breath when the suit seemed to tighten. Whether he lost balance, or due to some unseen force, he was suddenly pulled back toward his father and seemingly stuck to the front of him.
    “Ugh! Ha-what?” Jake said, breathless. Disorientated, Jake tried to move his other arm but found it was also somehow stuck to his father.
    “What the hell..?” Alan grumbled as he stepped back. Away from the bench, the situation had become clear. As they were both facing forward, Jake was completely stuck the the front of his father. His left arm, which was reaching for the glass, was stuck to the underside of his father’s left arm, with Alan’s hand resting on top of his. Raising his right arm was the same; the top of Jake’s right arm was connected to the bottom of Alan’s right arm. Looking down, the two were pefectly aligned. Jake’s back was glued to Alan’s chest, with Alan’s large belly fitting perfectly into the curve of Jake’s lower back. Alan’s left leg had Jake’s left leg glued to the front of it, and same with the right.
    “What the hell happened?” Jake said, struggling to pull himself off his dad’s body.
    “I’m really not sure…” Alan replied, as Jake felt his father’s thick fingers at his hips, trying to remove him from the front of his groin to no avail. The awkwardness of the situation then suddenly dawned on Jake, as he felt a bulge against his ass.
    “Oh Dad I’m so sorry, this is so weird I have no idea what happened” Jake said struggling, however he could only move his hands, feet and head which were not restrained by the wetsuit. Well perhaps not only the wetsuit, as since his father was much larger and stronger than him, his body was essentially paralysed until Alan wanted to move, unable to pull away from him.
    “I can’t seem to pull you off” Alan said still fumbling at his hips. Despite all his might, he couldnt remove his son’s ass from being attached to his groin. Everytime he’d try push and fail, his big hands would keep slipping onto Jake’s abs and further down his hips.
    “D-dad stop, let’s just try move and sit down” Jake said in a panic, as he felt a familiar heat in his loins.
    “Alright” Alan said, perplexed “let’s just coodinate walking. Rest the soles of your feet on the tops of my feet”. Jake did as he was told, resting his soles down on his father’s humongus feet.
    “Just hang tight and let me control walking” Alan said, as if Jake really had a choice. It was a funny sensation, almost similar to walking with platform shoes, but feeling the comforting warmth of his father’s hairy feet below him. Moving to the couch, the pair slowly lowered themselves to a sitting position.
    “Right” Alan said, “let’s see what we can do about splitting this”. He moved his hands up towards Jake’s shoulders, which were plastered to his collarbone area. Jake felt strange as his arms were moved also, almost feeling like a puppet.
    “I can’t really even see what’s sticking it together and I can’t really separate it” Alan said thoughtfully, pushing and prodding his son’s shoulders. After a few minutes of examination, Alan suddenly stood up, taking Jake by surprise.
    “Woah sorry buddy, I forgot we move in unison now. It just feels like wearing a backpack on my front” Alan chuckled, as Jake was not amused. Resuming with his feet placed firmly on top of his father’s, the pair moved slowly back to the bedroom to examine themselves in the mirror. The suits definitley did look tighter, at least it did to Jake, and it was strange to see his father towering over him. Seeing his dad’s body mass be both taller and wider than him, Jake felt completely engulfed by the man.
    “It’s probably just water suction” Alan said, trying at Jake’s hips again, “but it’s a little awkward sorry”.
    “Water suction…? Ive never seen that happen before like this” Jake said, not fully believing the explanation. “What are we gonna do dad? It’s not coming off”
    “It’s fine buddy, I’ll just unzip mine and step out so it’s not as awkward” Alan chuckled, slapping his son’s stomach. As Alan raised their arms in unison, he was fumbling around and slapping the base of his neck where the small zipper should be.
    “What the hell?” Alan muttered, as he slowly rotated the two of them to get the side view. The pair were shocked by what they saw.
    “W-where is it? Where’s the zipper?” Jake panicked, as the back of Alan’s suit only showed smooth black neoprene. Any traces of a zipper were completely erased.
    “This is unreal” Alan said, running his fingers thoughtfully over where the zipper used to be. Whether it was due to having his arms controlled by someone else, being tightly packed against his father, or the sweat that was building in his suit, Jake began to freak out.
    “Dad it’s not there anymore! What the hell this is insane, you gotta call the owners” he pleaded.
    “Relax Jakey boy” his father said, trying to calm him down, “I’m sure it’s all good. We don’t want to disturb the owners on the first day when Im sure the zipper will come back”
    “Come back? Where did it go??” Jake replied frantically, as he struggled against his father’s firm body.
    “Look, we probably just left the wetsuits on too long and maybe melted the rubber or something” Alan said, studying the sides of their bodies in the mirror, looking for a seam.
    “Then we ruined them! We should just cut them off” Jake replied, frustrated and hot.
    “No buddy, just calm down and let me call them. It’ll all be okay”. His father’s words weren’t very certain, but his deep rich voice made Jake feel a little more at ease.

    After going to voicemail several times, Alan put his phone down on the side of the couch.
    “So?” Jake said, his head resting on Alan’s right shoulder.
    “Still can’t get through. We might just have to sleep like this buddy” Alan replied, exhausted.
    “C'mon Dad let’s just cut it, I’m working up a sweat in here”
    “I know buddy me too, but we can’t just destroy other people’s property. This could just be a function we don’t know about” Alan replied sternly, resting their hands on Jake’s thighs.
    “I doubt it” Jake complained. Grunting as he lifted the deadweight of his father’s massive arm with him, Jake tried to fit his finger in between the wetsuit and his neck, “I can’t even pull it away from my skin it’s so tight”.
    “I know buddy, let’s just thank God it’s not summer” Alan chuckled wearily, “look, let’s just hit the hay for tonight. It’s been a long day”.
    “Yeah okay dad” Jake said, looking up to his father’s dark blue eyes. As they slowly shuffled to their bed, the pair became more and more tired with each step. Upon finally collapsing, they laid on their side with Alan’s large arm engulfing Jake’s, his huge hand on Jake’s abs.
    “Goodnignt buddy” he said as he nestled closer “if I was gonna get stuck with anybody, at least I’m stuck with you”
    “Goodnight dad” Jake chuckled softly, “love you”.

    Drifting in and out of consciousness, Jake felt his father’s warm breath on his neck. It was wet and hot, but strangely comforting. His entire posterior felt strangely wet and hot, as he imagined he was swimming in a pool of his own sweat. His back felt slightly scratchy, and he could feel a hard mound against his ass. He would have gone straight back to sleep if the hard bulge wasn’t poking him so much, but he tried to ignore it as much as he could. As the intruder became hotter and wetter, he didn’t understand why the neoprene had ridges, but still tried to pay it no mind. It wasn’t until he felt it noticeably pulse that he began to pay attention to it. The texture, the way is moved, the hair…hair? But his ass was hairless, he didnt have any body hair…
    “Wha…Dad!” Jake said as he bolted awake.
    “Mmh hmm…wha?” Alan muttered in a low voice, “are you okay Jake?”
    “Do you feel anything strange in your wetsuit” Jake whispered, frozen in place.
    “Mmmh no…just very hot and sweaty” Alan said wearily, shifting slightly.
    “No, at the front of your suit. Try moving a little bit”
    “Yeah I can shift my hips-” Alan stopped as he instantly understood what Jake meant. His entire chest and stomach were coated in a slick, hot substance and he could slide his new-found morning wood in between two wet mounds.
    “What’s going on-”
    “Dad! Stop moving right now” Jake hissed, as he felt his father’s erection slide between his sweaty ass cheeks. It was undeniable. Somehow, some way, he was feeling his father’s actual flesh in between his buttcheeks, instead of just neoprene.
    “What the fuck” Alan said in disbelief, as he effortlessly got the pair out of bed. In the morning light, he inspected their bodies in the mirror door of the wardrobe. The results were clear. Before, they were clearly in two separate wetsuits, which were being held together by a strange sort of magnetism but now, it’s as if the two suits melted together. Instead of 2 people wearing 2 wetsuits, it looked as if they were 2 people sharing 1 wetsuit.
    “What the fuck dad how are we wearing the same suit! How did they meld together?” Jake panicked, beginning to struggle and try grab at the suit.
    “I don’t know Jakey but please calm down, please stop stuggling so hard” Alan pleaded with a grunt, “I’ll call the owners again now.”
    “Owners?? Who cares what they say dad I can feel your dick sliding in between my ass! We’re cutting this off NOW!” Jake snapped back.
    “No we’re not, just calm down and let me think” Alan said sternly.
    “Think? I’m your son, this is so fucked up that you’re hard right now”
    “Don’t blame me Jake, I just woke up so it’s morning wood. And look at yourself buddy, practise what you preach” Alan replied, pointing at the reflection showing the clear outline of Jake’s raging erection.
    “Well I-I…” Jake trailed off as he went bright red. As Alan stood there thinking, looking at their reflection proved too much for Jake. As claustrophobia set in, it all hit him at once. His father’s hot, hairy flesh enveloping him, the tight neoprene restricting him and his erection, his father’s large, hard rod nestled between his cheeks. Jake took a few short sharp breaths, before he passed out.

    As he awoke staring at the ceiling, listening to the rain, it seemed as if the last two days were nothing but a bad dream. But as he felt a familiar pulse in between his ass, he knew it was no dream.
    He and his father laid there staring at the ceiling, Alan laying on his back and Jake laying on top of his father’s chest and body.
    “You doing okay kiddo?” Alan said raising their hands to stroke Jake’s cheek.
    “Yeah sorry dad, just got overwhelmed I guess.”
    “Completely understandable.”
    Silence filled the room.
    “I couldn’t contact the owners yet” Alan said softly.
    “Go figure” Jake said, becoming aware of his father’s heartbeat pounding through his back.
    “I know this is weird. When we get out of this, let’s just not talk about it again” Alan said.
    “Sounds good to me” Jake said with a chuckle. Jake exhaled, sinking further into his dad’s warm wet flesh and realising they are both still very, very hard. Laying there for a second, Jake lightly brushed his foot over the top of Alan’s large, hairy foot. In turn, Alan interlocked his fingers with Jake’s, covering his son’s hands with his own.
    “We’ll get through this, just have to admit its gonna be weird and be accomodating with each other” Alan said, squeezing his son’s hands, “it’s not like we can really go anywhere though. Roads are flooded, it’s biblical rain out there”.
    “I see” Jake said softly, “thanks for taking care of me dad”
    “Of course buddy”.

    The day went by slowly, as the pair began to walk around freely. They learnt to effectively move in unison pretty quick, almost as if their bodies fit together perfectly. Sometimes they couldnt even tell when one man’s flesh ended and the other’s began, but they avoided sitting down as much as they could. The only part between them that could move separately was Alan’s extraordinarily large cock sliding between Jake’s asscheeks. Besides that, the two men were essentially vacuum sealed together. Alan’s tip even sometimes touched Jake’s lower back, it must’ve been 9" at least. Alan was also acutely aware of this, as he preferred standing or laying. A whole day of having his aching dick slide between a sweaty, hairless bubble butt was a different kind of torture. The men found that they weren’t really hungry or thirsty, and thank God they didnt need go to the bathroom. To pass the time when they weren’t focused on their rubber prison, the pair talked about everything, especially how Jake was going with college. Alan was almost thankful for this forced closeness if it wasnt for his dick being constantly on edge because of his jock son’s amazing ass. They watched the rain, mucked around, and tried to test if Jake’s 85kg body could support Alan’s 130kg body for very long. Jake took two steps before collapsing. After a full day of edging and growing closer, the men decided to go to sleep while the rain pelted down outside. With Alan completely curled around Jake, he put one large hand over Jake’s stomach and gently stroked it until they both fell asleep.

    The next morning was much the same. As the men awoke, the rain continued outside as they tried and failed to separate their sweaty bodies. As they walked to the couch to sit down, something strange happened. As Alan steadied his hands to lower their bodies to the seat, it seemed as if the neoprene around the hips area suddenly loosened. This has the unfortunate effect of startling both men, who were still sleepy, and also positioning Alan’s incredibly hard cock to point at Jake’s sweaty hole. As they men fell into the seat, gravity and the rubber’s elasticity did the rest. Using the copious amounts of sweat on Alan’s rod and Jake’s sweaty cheeks, Alan’s lubricated cock enetered his son’s ass.
    “AHHH!” Jake shouted out in shock “WHAT THE FUCK”
    “OH FUCK” Alan groaned as Jake’s virgin ass swallowed half of his girth in one go.
    “Take it out! Dad take it out!” Jake yelped as he tried in vain to move away from his father.
    “I’m trying” Alan said as he fumbled but as quickly as the rubber loosened, it suddenly tightened again, probably tighter than it had been before. The mysterious tightening forced more and more of Alan’s veiny cock into his son’s wet hole.
    “Oh god dad fuck its so big, jesus christ what are you doing!” Jake yelled as his ass had almost fully engulfed his father’s thick rod. The sensation was too much for Alan to bear. Unable to pull his hips away from his son, Alan relinquished control to the wetsuit’s tightening and was soon nestled deep within his son’s ass. The two sat there for a second, with Jake panting and squirming. The deed was done.
    “God dad please take it out” Jake pleaded, but he already knew it wasn’t possible.
    “I can’t Jake, I wish I could. I don’t know how that happened but the wetsuit’s too tight. I can’t pull my hips back far enough to pull out” Alan said, stiffling a wet groan. The two man sat there, as Alan’s cock throbbed deep inside his son. As they both tried to supress their feelings, Alan couldn’t ignore his son’s wet, twitching ass slowly milking his cock. It was so tight and hot, the vice grip felt like he wouldnt be able to pull out even without the wetsuit on.
    “Let’s…just wait until I go soft” Alan said with laboured breath.
    “Yeah…” Jake grunted, knowing full well they’ve both been rock hard for days now. Abnormaly hard. Slowly getting over the pain, Jake began to grow accustomed to the long, hard intruder deep within his guts. Although despite the shame and pain, there was another feeling. Like an itch deep inside him that he couldn’t scratch.
    After waiting for what seemed like hours, Jake couldnt take it and suggested they stand up.
    “No Jake, let’s just….wait” Alan said, sweat running down his face.
    “No dad it’s fine, let’s just do it”
    “Fine, but this was your idea” Alan replied, putting his shaking hands on the couch rests to try lift them up. As the men stood up, it was if the gears suddenly clicked into place. For Alan, the last of his dick finally entered his son’s hole, as he was completely sheathed to the hilt. For Jake, his dad had entered the deepest part of himself that he didn’t even know existed and instantly hit his g-spot. The two men collapsed back into the chair, unable to conceal their moans of ecstacy. For Jake, he had never been so horny and horrified in his life. For Alan, it finally felt like things were right. They’d finally reached their destination, like two puzzle pieces locking together perfectly.
    “Dad…we need to stand up” Jake whispered, panting. Alan didn’t respond. Slowly but surely, the men began to stand at full height. Jake had never felt this way before. His own father, throbbing deep inside him, as his hairy belly molded perfectly to his lower back. They felt like the perfect fit.
    “H-how much can you….yknow, withdraw” Jake said sheepishly.
    “Don’t know” Alan said, putting his hands on Jake’s hips. He pulled his hips back with all his strength, then sank back deeply into his son, resting his chin on Jake’s shoulder.
    “Maybe max an inch, I can tilt my hips and go in half an inch” he said in a low voice as he wrapped his arms around Jake, demonstrating the motions. Lost in euphoria of the hard cock repeatedly pressing up against his g-spot, Jake suddenly froze. The slow, subtle movements of his father’s hips, the way he breathed down his neck…….he was fucking him. His father was fucking him, slowly.
    “Okay let’s stop! I get it dad” Jake stammered as Alan froze. His dad didn’t respond. Jake tried to apply more pressure to the top his Alan’s feet and stand on his toes so there wasn’t so much constant pressure inside him, but it barely made a difference. No matter what he did, his father was deep, deep inside of him with no chance of coming out. Alan got a lot quiter after this, only speaking a few words in a low tone. He was sweating buckets, as beads of sweat constantly rolled down his red face. His palms were constantly sweaty as he tried to hold on and resist the temptation.
    “We need to cut this suit open” Jake said, with Alan following his request to go to the kitchen. Getting scissors out of the drawer, Alan didn’t protest to cutting the wetsuit open as Jake tried to cut the sleeve.
    “Huh…?” He breathed, perplexed. The rubber wouldn’t cut.
    “No way” Jake exhasperated, as Alan remained silent. No matter where he tried to cut the suit apart, the scissors simply wouldn’t cut the rubber.
    “We…we have to go get help dad!” Jake said, addressing his father directly.
    “No help” Alan said firmly, “no one around for miles.”
    “But we have to get out of this!”
    “We can’t let anyone see” Alan replied “Even if they can cut, what would they say?”
    Feeling another pulse inside of him, Jake realised his current situation would be cause for concern.
    “What do we do? We can’t stay here, like this, forever!”
    Alan looked thoughtful. “We wait”
    “Wait for what!” Jake exclaimed
    “Owners” Alan grunted. “Or zipper”.
    “Right, like the zipper is going to mysteriously reappear” Jake retorted sarcastically. His train of thought was interuppted by another throb within him and he could almost swear his dad was tilting his hips like that on purpose.
    “Come sit” Alan said through gritted teeth. It seemed like he was in pain, so Jake obliged. In reality, Alan was sweaty from holding back the most powerful orgasm of his life. No pussy was as wet or tight as his son’s hole, nothing ever fit him so perfectly.

    As the evening went on, Alan was on the egde of agony and ecstacy. Unbeknownst to him, Jake was much the same way.
    “Bed time” Alan said, getting up without waiting for Jake’s response.
    “Yeah I’m getting tired” Jake said as they collapsed onto the bed. Feeling his father’s arms wrapped around him was a familair feeling that assisted with the foreign feeling of having something invading his ass.
    “Goodnight dad, love you” Jake said. Alan didnt respond. Feeling his father’s rough hands travel around his body was the usual routine, but something felt different this time. His breath was heavier, as Alan’s hand rested flat palm on his son’s abs. The other hand traveled up, carressing his sons protruding pecs and almost seemed to circle his nipple. Both of the men were silent. His top hand roamed around his son’s chest, squeezing and massaging, as Alan’s hips began to slightly rock back and forth. Jake needed the release so bad but knew this was wrong. Maybe he was just having a dream?
    Alan’s hand slowly moved from his chest and up towards his son’s neck, and the hand on his abs started to move down towards his son’s hard cock.
    “A-ah dad you gotta…"Jake whispered but dropped off.

    There was silence is the room, except for deep, heavy breathing and the rustling of the smooth rubber. Jake was frozen there, unable to move as his father’s hand groped at his abs and crotch, while his other hand began to wrap tightly around his neck.
    “D-dad….?” He whispered, with no response from his father. Jake must be dreaming, either that or his dad is doing these movements in his sleep. As Alan’s rough hands trailed down, they slid over Jake’s raging erection, then back up to his abs. Back and forth, back and forth. Jake gulped as his dad’s sweaty, meaty fingers pressed into his throat. As his father’s lower hand ran over his erection again, he felt his father grab the outline of his dick through the neoprene. All he could feel was Alan’s hot breath on the back of his head, and his big hands wrapping tightly around his dick and neck. His dad was slowly jerking him off while plunging his own dick in & out of Jake’s tight hole. There was no escape, his father was fucking him. Due to the restrictive rubber and his racing thoughts, Jake was paralysed, at the mercy of the man who created him. He couldn’t deny he’d been aching for release all day and was so close to orgasming. His father slowly picked up the pace as their wet bodies intertwined inside the tight neoprene. His father was in the deepest spot of him, entering the very core of his being. If he hit his prostate a few more times, it would be over for him.
    “Dad you have to stop, wake up!” Jake hissed, moving his hands and feet in vain. He tried to push his father’s hand off his cock with his own hand, but his Alan’s hands were much larger and much stronger.
    “Mmmh” Alan moaned, “wha…”
    “Dad you’re probably dreaming but you gotta stop!” Jake said, biting his lip. Fuck. He was too deep. As he tried to squirm away, his father moved in with one final, forceful hip thrust. Alan’s large body coiled completely around Jake and became rigid. Locked into a breeding position, nothing could separate this man from his son. As his rod entered the deepest part of his son’s wet tunnel, Jake began to twitch and spasm.
    “UUNNNGHHH!” He groaned through gritted teeth as the combination of the pressure on his cock and his father hitting his g-spot overtook him. Jake was overcome by the most powerful orgasm he’d ever felt, almost making him see stars. He could barely breathe with his father’s enourmous body grabbing him so tightly, feeling him throb deep inside his guts. As his asshole spasmed and locked down somehow even tighter onto his father’s cock, the wet warmth overtook Alan as well as he began to finally cum.
    “MmmmhhhhHFUCK” He growled, still locked into breeding position as his hot seed flooded his son’s insides. Pump after pump, Alan released a seemingly infinite amount of cum into his son’s warm hole. He’d never had an orgasm like that in his life, no, he’d never felt better in his whole life! This feeling was all-encompassing, better than any other sex he’d had, even better than holding his baby son for the first time. Alan kept pumping his hips in and out, as much as the wetsuit would allow, as he continued cumming. Jake was overcome by the warm sensation all over his body and now the hot seed inside of him, reaching his full body climax, bliss. The men didn’t feel like two separate people anymore, they felt like one mass of wet flesh, wrapped in incredibly tight neoprene. They felt like they had finally become one.

    The room was again silent, only punctuated by heavy panting and slight groans. The moonlight reflected off the contours of their tightly coiled muscles, traced perfectly by the smooth black rubber. Breathing in unison, Jake realised their heartbeats were also in sync as his father’s hard rod pulsed inside of him. The wet mat of his fathers body seemed to melt into his own skin, as Alan’s chest and belly conformed perfectly to the back of Jake’s lean body. He had never felt so connected to someone, as if his dad’s flesh had truly become his own. Coming down from his insane high, Jake realised how full he felt, as his vice grip hole kept every drop of cum securely inside of him. His hole was far too tight to let his own father even pull out, let alone leak fluid. He realised his dad’s arms were still wound around him tightly, with his large hands slowly releasing the death-grip they had on his neck & cock. His father slowly exhaled and let out a low moan.
    “Mmhhh Alice….just wish it were real…” he sighed, as Jake was still frozen. Was his dad dreaming about his mom? Jake instantly felt bad for his huge father, possibly dreaming that he was fucking his late wife instead of his son. Jake kept silent after the ordeal and eventually relaxed his muscles, sinking deeply into his father’s body. Surrounded by warmth and buzzing with pleasure, Jake shortly drifted off into sleep.

    Jake was the first to awaken the next morning. Staring at the ceiling, he realised he & his father were laying on their backs. As he rested atop his father’s heavy weight below him, he groggily swayed up and down as his father’s large chest rose & fell with their breaths. Breathing wasn’t very easy in the tight wetsuit, but it seemed breathing in unison made things easier. As he gingerly tried to clench his asshole, he realised it was impossible as his father was still very intimately connected to him. He woke up feeling incredibly full, almost as if he was somehow incomplete before. Deep, deep inside of him, their heartbeats echoed in unison. His hole was secured tightly around the very base of his father’s erection, with his wet walls holding his father snuggly in place. It almost felt like his dad’s large cock belonged there. Jake laid there silently, trying not to stir his tired father. He realised this is probably extremely stressful for him too, as guilt about the previous night began to set in. His dad didn’t ask to have his own son wrapped tightly around him, constantly milking him slowly. Slightly raising his head, he peered down at their conjoined bodies, almost impressed with how aligned they were. His father’s body engulfed him with their proportions seeming like a perfect match, as he felt his dad’s large sweaty hands cover his own. He looked down to see his own cock still extremely hard, as if it were desperatly trying to break through the tight neoprene. It was perfectly outlined, veins and all, as if it were simply painted black. He gazed proudly down at his abs, with his 6 pack & V-taper clearly defined by the tight rubber. Letting his eyes travel over his own body, it really did look as though the wetsuit was painted on. He swears it must’ve somehow gotten tighter again, as he’d be extremely embarrased to see any other people while wearing this. Looking back to the ceiling, he rested his head back upon his father’s broad shoulders and let himself be rocked gently by their combined breaths. Despite the all the shame, guilt and uncomfortablness of the situation, Jake almost felt at peace. Sinking into his father’s sweaty flesh and being enveloped by him, Jake took a minute to realise how quickly he’s grown accustomed to this closeness. Almost like it was always meant to be.
    What am I thinking?? Jake shook his head, alarmed at the pe
    rversion of his own thoughts. This situation isn’t right in any sense of the word, no father should be this close to his son he thought. Focusing back on his anus, Jake tried to force the intruder out using only his internal muscles. But not matter how hard he pushed or pulled, his father’s large cock only seemed to sink further into him, like a one-way tunnel that only pulled things inward.
    “Ngh….hey” Alan mumbled, slowly bring their left arm up to rub his eyes.
    “Oh h-hey dad!” Jake replied nervously. His exercise served only to stir his father, as Jake felt his rod becoming harder inside of him. It was the difference between regular hard and rock solid, fully flexed steel inside of him.
    God his tip must be close to my bellybutton, Jake thought as he nervously shifted.
    “H-how’d you sleep?” Jake asked, trying to distract himself.
    “Soo good” Alan replied with a low rumble, still rubbing his eyes. This reply made Jake’s face flush red as he remembered he still has his father’s cum secured tight within his hole.
    “Phew I’m sweating like a pig in this thing already” Alan said, “let’s go wash our faces”.
    Not waiting for Jake’s reply, Alan positioned the two of them on the side of the bed, before standing up again. Repositioning his feet upon his father’s hairy paws, Jake became acclimatised to the gentle bouncing up and down on his father’s cock as they walked. Unsure how this felt for his father, Jake swears his dad gets deeper, almost like he’s thrusting on purpose with each step, as Jake remains impaled on his large rod. Upon finally arriving in the ensuite, Jake was embarrassed by how close he was to orgasm already. As the pair looked in the mirror, it became clear that days had passed. Alan’s large head jutted out above his son’s, almost being able to rest his chin on Jake’s head if he tried. His face was red and sweaty, with beads of sweat running down into the new salt & pepper stubble that he had grown. Jake looked mostly the same, no new facial hair, just sweaty with very pink cheeks. Alan pushed his son’s hard crotch into the sink basin as he leant them both forward to turn on the taps. Leaning down to wash his own face first, Alan then brought his massive hands up to wash Jake’s, as his large body loomed and curled around his son. Upon turning off the taps, Alan flicked the excess water from his own face before looking at his son in the reflection. Jake looked a little nervous, with water droplets running down his face. As he moved his large hands to wipe them, Alan carressed his son’s face and ran his thumb past Jake’s lips. Noticing water on the front of the suit, Alan trailed his hand down, following the stream from Jake’s neckline. Tracing his finger down with the water, his thick finger passed through the valley in between Jake’s large pec muscles. Alan was proud of how big and defined his son was, but he also wanted to grab them like a pair of bouncy, rubbery tits. His index finger continued tracing down Jake’s rubber torso, down with the water’s path through his abs. God his son looked so much like him when he was younger, just blonde and less tanned. He swirled his finger through the 6 tight mounds of Jake’s abs as they peeked eagerly through the tight neoprene. Continuing down his son’s navel, the water finally pooled in Jake’s rubbery bellybutton. Alan moved his hand down Jake’s navel, brushing the water off. Alan was sure his cock was buried deep inside this boy, he wondered if he pressed hard enough, could he feel his own erection through Jake’s stomach? He rolled his hips slightly and pressed int-
    “Ah dad, I think there’s towels to dry off too” Jake stammered, as Alan raised his eyes to meet Jake’s in the mirror’s reflection.
    “Right you are. Sorry buddy just……..sleepy” Alan said, moving the pair towards the towels.

    The rest of the day continued strangely for Jake for a few reasons. First, his father seemed to be in a trance and couldnt give a straight answer as to what their next move should be. Next, unless he was spoken to, Alan didn’t seem to have much interest in talking to Jake, as the pair laid & sat around all day. Lastly, Jake was sure now that everytime they moved, his father would subconciously thrust into him, slowly fucking him the whole day. As the pair left the bed yet again, Jake spoke up.
    “Dad can we stop moving around so much?” He said half irritated, half aroused.
    “Sorry buddy” Alan mumbled as the pair stood up, thrusting into Jake yet again.
    “Ngh….what are we doing? Are we just gonna sit around all day?” Jake said, watching them in the wardrobe mirror.
    “I guess” Alan said lazily, as his hips thrusted yet again. There it was! Jake finally saw his father bucking his hips into him, like an animal needing release.
    “Nghh Dad stop! We have to get this wetsuit off, this is ridiculous now. Especially with sleeping, you know what I mean”
    “No idea what you’re talking about buddy” Alan said nonchalantly, thrusting into Jake again, “I almost don’t want to tak-”
    Alan was interuppted by a familiar chill that both men knew. As the cold sensation ran over them, the pair noticed that the wetsuit somehow seemed to loosen again. Feeling a chill over his back, Alan turned the pair to face the mirror.
    “Huh…..?” Alan muttered in disbelief. With no zipper or prior warning, the back of the wetsuit was split down the middle, as if the two flaps of neoprene had never been zipped up.
    “Th-this is great!” Jake squirmed, eyes widening. Moving the deadweight of his father with him, Jake pulled his hands up to his neckline and pulled the suit away from his skin with a schlop sound. As Jake tugged the suit away from his chest, his nose was assaulted by the hot stench of sweat, neoprene and sex. Alan stood there quietly, bewildered by the new development.
    “C'mon dad help!” Jake said, as he struggled to hold his dad’s meaty arms up by himself. Alan didnt move, instead watching his son struggle with the suit. As Jake pulled at the shoulders of the suit, sweat began to spill out on to the floor. It was everywhere now, gleaming as it ran down the wetsuit. As his son pulled more of the neoprene shoulders to the front, more and more of Alan’s huge back became revealed. Realising they were no longer trapped, encased together, Alan began slowly assisting his son. As he began moving the material forward and down their arms, Alan was almost overcome by the sweaty smell. It was almost….alluring. Little by little, they shimmied the material down until they finally got their left arm free.
    “Yes!” Jake exclaimed, feeling the cold, cold air hitting his arm. Once their arms were free, the rest became easier. As they pulled the rubber down to their waist, sweat was flowing everywhere, forming a small pool on the ground below them. Still moving in unison, the pair yanked the neoprene suit down from their waist, until it was only caught around their ankles. Catching their reflection in the mirror, Jake was mortified. His father’s huge body stood up straight with Jake, tiny in comparison, stuck to the front of him. They were both red, sweaty and panting, as Jake stood on his toes, still impaled on his father’s huge cock. They were both glistening, as his enourmous father had rivulets of sweat flow from his dark, matted body hair. Jake felt horrified looking at his wet, hairless form, the way his back curved like a woman’s while his dad’s large stomach filled the small of his back, his large cock nestled deep inside him. He felt like a mere accessory to his father’s hulking form, curved and filled, while his dad stood straight, nonchalant.
    As Jake stood there panting, Alan broke his arms away from Jake’s and began to push the boy forward. His looked down to see his chest slowly become unglued from the boy’s back where it had previously fit so nicely. His dark chest hair clung to Jake’s back by strings of sweat before falling back to his wet chest. Pushing him further, Alan realised he would have to withdraw from the slick warmth of his son’s hole if he wanted to spearate from him, or else he’d simply be pushing him over to fuck him doggystyle. Jake realised this too, as he watched their panting bodies in the mirror.
    “Okay dad, im gonna have to mo-UGH” Jake said, interuppted by his father’s large hards grabbing under his armpits. His father began to lift him agonisingly slow off his hard, pointed cock. Jake was impressed by how his old man could still manhandle him so easily, until he was made aware of his wet walls clinging to his father’s cock as it withdrew, as if begging it not to go. Being raised higher and higher, Jake wondered how much more dick could his father possibly have when Alan paused with a grunt.
    “Unhyou okay dad?” Jake half moaned, looking at his impaled, sweaty reflection in the mirror.
    “Just gotta……take it slow” Alan said as he peered down at his own cock, mesmerised. His son’s hole did not want to let him go, as it clamped down and pulsed around Alan’s sweaty cock. Jake’s hot, wet hole was gripping Alan like no pussy had ever down to him before, the suction was incredible. He was only halfway withdrawn but every centimetre he withdrew, his son’s vicegrip asshole fought hard to keep him there. Alan could feel every ridge of his son’s wet tunnel as he slowly pulled out, with Jake’s hole providing perfect resistance, as if trying to pull Alan deeply back into his son. It was almost enough to push Alan over into an orgasm, but he stiffled those feelings as much as he could.
    Even Jake could see how tightly his own hole gripped his father, as he could see his hole stretch beyond what he’d ever seen it do. The grip & suction was almost looking like a pussy struggling to keep a dick inside of it, further adding to Jake’s humiliation. Unsure if he’d ever be able to withdraw, Alan continued the painstaking journey out. As Jake felt his father slowly leave his body, it felt like he was taking a part of Jake’s soul with him. Jake suddenly became aware of the intense emptiness inside him where his father was. Holding his sweaty, squirming son high above his head, Alan’s cock was finally released from Jake with a slick, audible pop sound, as Jake’s stretched hole retreated to his body. Settling his son down on the ground, the two men stood there, as heavy breathing and the stench of sweaty rubber filled the cabin. Regaining his breath, Jake turned to face his father, who was still standing in the sweaty pile of neoprene at his feet. Despite being so intimately connected with him for so long, Jake tried to avoid his dad’s eye contact. Alan just stood there, panting like a dog. Jake briefly took in the sight of his dad’s body, seeing the clear red indent in Alan’s skin where his own body once was, and finally saw his father’s enourmous cock. Pointing straight up and slick with sweat, his dad’s 13” cock stared angrily at him. Protruding from a trimmed dark bush between his dad’s thick thighs, Jake could finally see the cock that was inside him for so long, remembering the feel of each vein he saw. However with this, Jake felt a slimy substance begin to travel out of his ass, as he remembered his father’s massive load inside him. Panicking, Jake swiftly ran to the bathroom and shouted “I-I’m gonna have a shower. Glad to be out!”.
    Alan didn’t respond, he just stood there sweating and breathing heavily. Feeling extremely cold, Jake was glad to feel the hot water against his own skin. Feeling the tendrils of his father’s hot load spill out of him, Jake began to feel increasingly empty. He couldn’t understand it, this situation was digusting but he almost felt……sad?
    After freshening up, Jake opened the door to the bedroom to find his dad, still naked, sitting on the edge of the bed holding the saturated wetsuit.
    “So what are we gonna do with that? Can you wash it out when you shower, it stinks” Jake said, tightening the towel around his waist.
    “….yeah sure” Alan murmered quietly, staring at the suit before tossing it back to the wet spot on the floor.

    Their vacation was back on track and continuing great for Jake, as he lounged around the cabin listening to the rain. He was finally wearing comfy clothes, sweatpants, a sweater and warm socks, as he heard the shower stop. A few minutes later, he could hear his dad’s thunderous footsteps as he emerged from the bedroom barefoot. Alan was wearing grey sweatpants and a loose fitting white t-shirt.
    “Aren’t you cold at all?” Jake chuckled, as his father’s wet footsteps slapped across the floorboards.
    “I think….I’ve been pretty warm for a while. Good to feel the air” Alan joked back, as he gave his son a grin. Jake felt like it had been ages since he heard his dad crack a joke or smile, as Alan’s regular demeanor began to return. The boys still had 5 more days left of their trip, and Jake was eager to forget the first part of it. The pair didn’t speak about their time in the wetsuit, the only reminder was the thick stench of sweat and neoprene that permeated the house. Alan didn’t wash the wetsuit when he showered, but he did shake it off and hung it up back in the wardrobe. The pair felt their apetite return like a storm, as they ravenged the fridge for all the food they bought with them. Watching movies and playing card games, Jake began to truly enjoy his vacation with his father. It felt good to have his dad back, laughing and playing, as they waited for the rain to stop. Jake excitedly talked about his plans with college, about his sports and about a girl he liked while Alan listened gleefully.

    As day became night, the pair began to settle into bed. Almost by instinct, Alan wound his arm around Jake’s waist and Jake scooted back into his father’s warmth. Realising what they were doing, the pair instantly separated as Jake reached for his phone on the nightstand and Alan sat up with a cough.
    “So…..do you want to talk about it” Alan said quietly.
    “Not really. I thought we’d agreed to never speak about it once we were out” Jake replied plainly, laying on his back.
    “Right just……what should we do with it?”
    “With what? The wetsuit?” Jake questioned
    “Yeah” Alan responded “How do we explain why two wetsuits became one”
    “I don’t know and I don’t really care. We’ll leave a note for the owners since they never answer their phone” Jake replied curtly.
    “And did you wash it? The whole cabin reeks. Honestly we should burn it, I’m never wearing a wetsuit again” Jake scoffed, as he settled into his pillow. He was a football and swimming star, he’d never need to wear a wetsuit again. He didn’t swim in open waters, and he definitley was never going to now. Alan didn’t respond as his son drifted off into sleep.

    Jake was having the most wonderful dream. He was floating in a warm river, much unlike the freezing cold river outside. His body felt amazing, as he was pushed and pulled by the cosy currents. The water felt silky and was the perfect temperature for a bath, something he’d been longing for during winter. He felt his left leg sinking deeper into the water, which seemed to become warmer the more you drifted down. Then his right leg, then his left arm was engulfed by the pleasent feeling. Suddenly, a larger weight seemed to push him further below the water, quickly becoming much warmer. This temperature would almost make him sweat, as he feared he might wet the bed. As he continued drifting, he felt warm tendrils prod at his……anus? His ass suddenly became very warm, as the tendril-OUCH
    “UNGGHhwhat?” Jake muttered, drifting in and out of consciousness. A hushed whisper tried to soothe him back to sleep, “shhh shhhh there, there……”
    “MmmhhMMHH” Jake moaned, almost yelling, “mmmhhmy ass? What the fu-”
    “Shhh hush Jake. Just relax” his father’s voice said softly. Jake froze. He knew this feeling, this heat. Something was entering his ass.
    “MmmDAD! Whats going on?” Jake said as he tried to squirm, realing he could only move his right arm slightly. Opening his eyes, he realised what what was happening. He was back inside the warm, slick wetsuit. All his limbs were already inside, and his dad was pinning him to the bed. Beside the wetsuit, they were naked as his dad postioned them both into the suit. Both of Alan’s legs were also inside the suit, positoned behind Jake’s, while only his leg arm was in the sleeve with Jake. His right arm was fumbling with something else.
    “Get the fuck off me! What are you doing?” Jake thrashed, as he felt his father’s hairy belly hovering just above his lower back.
    “Just…..relax Jake” Alan said sternly, forcing his weight onto his son, “just gotta…….there we go”
    Jake felt his father’s thick, girthy rod enter about halfway inside him.
    “NNNGHHHHH STOP” Jake groaned in pain, as his father stretched him out. Alan now pressed the full weight of his torso onto Jake, molding his belly back into place in Jake’s lower back.
    “Just stop struggling Jake, its……for the……best” Alan said, subduing his son as his free right arm entered the right sleeve, pinning Jake’s right shoulder to the bed.
    “W-we just got out! What are you doing??” Jake said panicked, his face full of pillows
    “Yeah, and you said you never wanted to wear it again” Alan said, his large hand slipping down Jake’s tricep inside the sleeve.
    “Of course I said that! Are you insane?” Jake yelped, feeling his father enter him inch by inch.
    “I just…….couldn’t have that buddy” Alan said in a low voice, “you have no idea how good this feels. Your tight little body stuck to the front of mine, milking me with every step I take.”
    “WHAT?? You want this?” Jake squealed, as Alan’s handed slid down to his elbow.
    “You have no idea how this feels for me Jakey. It’s so hot and wet, you feel perfect wrapped around my cock” Alan purred into his son’s ear, “like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I can’t let this get away.”
    Feeling his father’s hand slip down his forearm, Jake realised he wouldn’t be able to fight him off. He needed to negotiate.
    “Woah woah stop for a second, we can still have sex!” Jake yelped, as his father paused.
    “That’s what I like to hear buddy” Alan sighed, as another inch entered Jake.
    “J-just without the wetsuit” Jake shivered, biting his lip, “we dont know how to take it off or why we got out last time”. Alan paused for a second, as a bead of sweat fell from his chest onto Jake’s shoulder.
    “No can do” Alan replied plainly, as he forced the entirety of his throbbing erection into his son. With his chest now glued to Jake’s upper back with sweat, Alan’s hand moved to the wrist of the right sleeve, just shy of his hand poking through the sleeve hole.
    “NNNGGGHHHHGOD DAD” Jake groaned, trying to buck, kick and thrash his father off, to no avail.
    “Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s like your hole was made for me” Alan purred, licking the top of Jake’s right ear, “our bodies are a perfect fit, like two puzzle pieces”.
    Jake couldnt deny the ecstacy that came with his father filling every nook and crevice inside him, while also having his father’s whole girth pinning his lean frame to the bed.
    “Dad puh….” Jake sputtered, breathless, “please don’t”
    But it was too late. Alan’s hand shot through the hole of the right sleeve and encompassed his son’s smaller hand. Reaching the position they were in prior with Jake feeling his father domiante his entire posterior, the two men felt a familiar chill. As if on cue, the wetsuit suddenly tightened as the back of the suit became black goo and resealed itself, no zip required. Recognising the familiar sensation, Jake shouted out half in despair, half in ecstacy.
    “No no no no NO!” Jake yelled into the pillow, as his father’s huge weight writhed on top of him.
    “YES!” Alan roared, finally reaching the destination he’d longed for since they ever first removed the suit.
    “GOD Jake finally! Things are right again!” Alan exclaimed, raising the pair from the bed, “you little fuckin tease! This is what you get, boy”.
    Jake felt himself become rock hard while he bounced on his father’s dick again, along with a different strange warmth at his loins.
    “I could even see that huge jock ass through your sweatpants, boy!” Alan roared, “you can’t hide from me! It belongs to me, all of you!”
    Looking at the their reflection in the wardrobe mirror again, Jake thought he father looked high as he thrust wildly into his ass. Peering at his crotch, Jake became even more panicked after seeing black tendrils around his own cock.
    “What’s this?” Alan said, watching as Jake’s hard dick emerged from the wetsuit. It was completely black, as if he were wearing a rubber sheath.
    “Look at this Jake!” Alan said, grabbing his boy’s newly rubberised penis, “this is a reward!”
    “Dad….j-just let…..go” Jake exhasperated, unable to get a breath in between his father’s mad thrusts, along with his dad’s thick thumb rubbed the tip of his rubber dick.
    “No way buddy, look!” Alan said manically, furiously bucking his hips and jerking off his son, “it’s a reward from the suit! Saying we made the right choice!
    “I…..didn’t make any choice” Jake moaned, almost unable to speak from pleasure.
    “Shut it. You made the choice when you were born to me, this is what we were made for Jake!” Alan said, grabbing a fistful of Jake’s hair with his free hand. Pointing his chin towards his own, Alan’s tongue invaded his son’s mouth, as Jake felt his aggressive stubble against his face. As his father’s tongue wrestled passionately with his own, Jake lost the ability to form coherent thoughts. His dad’s cock was back home at his g-spot, his father’s sweaty hands jerking him off and feeling his hot, prickly stubble against his face, Jake lost control. He erupted into the most earth-shattering orgasm, as if he’d completely lost control of his motor skill and cognitive abilities. His mind was blank and his entire body filled with the most pleasurable feeling known to man. As his hot hole clamped down on his cock, Alan became unable to pull out of the vice grip and shot the largest load he’s ever had directly into his son. As Jake’s cum spurted from his rubber penis, Alan’s load filled up his son as the warm seed spread to every crevice inside of him. There was no chance of this load leaking out anymore, as the two men would be intertwined forever.
    “GOD yes Jake!” Alan roared, still pumping his hips, “you can’t deny you don’t love this! You’ll never feel like this from anyone else!”
    Jake’s mind was completely overtaken but the sweaty, rubbery pleasure but he knew his father was unfortuantely right. There was no where else he could ever find this sensation. Coming down from his high, Jake’s body was madly gripped by his father’s needy hands, and Jake’s hole helplessly sheathed Alan’s entire cock. Grabbing at his dick, neck, chest and abs, Alan desperatly groped his son while still kissing him wildly.

    There was nothing else now. Jake was his father’s fucktoy, unable to escape or even grab his phone as his father drove into him all day long. They fucked like rabbits, barely allowing Jake to get a word in as they’d have mindblowing sex at least 8 times per day. Jake lost track of the days and was sure they’d must’ve gone past the last 5 days of their trip, but no one came to the cabin to kick them out. It was just Jake and his father, forever. Sweating as they sat on the couch, Jake spoke up as his dad’s hands groped him and traveled around him constantly.
    “D-dad what about college? I’ve gotta get back to college and I can’t go like this” he stammered
    “Don’t need it” Alan replied blankly, fondling and squeezing Jake’s large pecs.
    “What about food?” Jake exhaled, squirming.
    “Think about it Jake” Alan said, “we don’t need it. We don’t need food or to go to the bathroom while wearing this suit. Those urges only came back once we took it off”
    “T-that’s impossible” Jake whispered, but he knew it to be true.
    “Stop asking questions” Alan said, shifting his hips so he pressed deeply into Jake. His dad would usually shut his protests up with moans. Jake was being fucked 24/7. He couldn’t figure if his dad was possesed, in a craze or in some sort of trance, but it didn’t matter anymore.
    Jake knew deep inside that the suit only gave them one chance to escape, it was never coming off again. As the pair sat there, Jake felt a wet warmth at their feet.
    “W-what the hell is that?” Jake stammered, becoming panicked. As Alan bent the two forward, they saw black goo pressing their feet together. As if the wetsuit was expanding, the rubber slowly moved down their ankles and held Jake’s soles firmly planted atop his dad’s feet.
    “D-dad pull it off! What the hell!” Jake yelped as his father reclined back in the couch.
    “Don’t care” Alan replied, dead pan, “feels good”. Jake struggled as he felt the slime hold his feet in place, sliding in between his toes. When Alan finally decided to get up, Jake was able to see the result. As always, his feet were planted atop his dad’s enourmous feet, however instead of seeing flesh, both of their feet were wrapped in tight rubber. Even down to each individual toe, vacuum sealing their feet into place.
    “Dad this is crazy, the suit is spreading! We have to do something!” Jake yelled, but it fell on deaf ears. The whole walk from the couch to the bed, Alan pumped his hips deeply into his son. Finally collapsing on the bed with Jake chest down, he felt his father’s massive weight above him fuck him deeply into another orgasm, until falling asleep on top of him. Upon waking up, Jake had realised that the same thing that had happened to their feet, has now happened to their hands also. Jake no longer had the last little bit of freedom he had left, his hands were firmly connected to his father’s. He would no longer be able to grab his phone if his father was careless, the last little hope of escape was dashed. His sweaty hands were now vacuumed sealed to his dad’s, essentially becoming one big rubber hand.
    “Dad please” Jake said breathlessly, “the suit keeps growing”
    “Good” Alan sighed into his ear as he began to lazily pump his hips, “it just feels so good”.
    Alan slowly raised the pair up from the bed and resumed pumping his hips into his son. Stopping by the wardrobe mirror, Alan stared into it as he fucked his tight, wet son.
    “D-dad I can’t……” Jake stammered between thrusts, losing himself to ecstacy yet again. Feeling their conjoined rubber hands grab his hips, Jake watched helplessly as his dad closed his eyes, plunging his cock deep inside of his son. The only flesh that was exposed now was their sweaty, red heads. Jake’s face was frozen into a permanent half-moan while his dad’s face had his eyes closed, tightly clenching his stubbly jaw as he plowed into his boy. As their left hand slipped from his hips, his dad forced their combined hand to wrap around Jake’s cock. Jake decided not to resist, partly because it felt so good, partly because he knew his hand could never overpower the large hand that surrounded it. Looking into the mirror, Jake was forced to watch their lustful faces, unable to deny his own desire. The cabin was still permeated with the hot stench of sex and neoprene, and the only sounds were wet squelches and the movement of smooth rubber. After what seemed like an eternity, Jake felt his neck start to become hotter. Peering into the mirror, he realised the wetsuit was expanding again, sending black warm tendrils up both his & his father’s necks.
    “D-dad, stop! Pull them…….away!” He breathed, unable to form sentences while being relentlessly penetrated. Alan didn’t respond as the black goo began to cling tendrils up his neck and onto their chins.
    “Dad it’s….getting close to our…mouths! We’ll……suffocate!” Jake squirmed, desperatly trying to move his arms. However, his fathers meaty muscles held their arms locked in place, digging into his right hip and left hand coiled around his cock. Watching the goo spread further, the rubbery tentacles wrapped up around the side of the head, clinging to theit ears & beginning to travel through their hair. God did it feel good. Watching the rubber smooth out and come up to the top of their head, the only skin that remained was the face. It seemed like they were wearing a black, writhing wetsuit hood.
    “Dad please! Think about what you’re doing!” Jake pleaded, as the goo circled their faces. As if by miracle, Alan permitted the use of their right arm. Flat palmed, their hand moved slowly away from Jake’s hip, over his abs and up towards his head.
    “Yes! That’s it dad!” Jake said breathlessly, as Alan’s eyes were still closed with pleasure. Still plunging in and out of the deepest area of his son, Alan moved their hand up Jake’s body before suddenly attaching it to Jake’s newly rubberised neck.
    “W-what?” Jake squeaked, as their hand pressed harder into his throat.
    “God it feels so fucking GOOD” his dad groaned, as he started wildly bucking his hips. His father was fucking him like an animal, moving his hips back as far as the restrictive rubber would allow.
    “No!” Jake yelled as the goo began closing in around their faces, “Dad please no!”
    Alan probably didn’t even hear his son’s pleas. He was lost in his lust, wildly fucking Jake as their hands wound tighter and tighter around Jake’s throat and cock. Jake watched in horror as the black goo sent tendrils over their cheeks, then the corners of their mouths, then towards their noses. It was no use, as Alan became rigid and locked into breeding position. As the rubber plunged up into his nose and mouth, Jake finally submitted to the suit as he began to cum. The last thing he saw was his & his father’s face in ecstacy as they finally orgasmed yet again, their horny expressions memorialised in rubber forever. As rubber covered their faces, the pair was completely encased in smooth neoprene, frozen at the exact time of orgasm. The father and his son would be held in the lover’s embrace, trapped in tight rubber forever.


    As the cabin door creaked open, two burly men wearing head-to-toe rubber suits entered.
    “Apparently father & son eh? He’ll be pleased with this one” one man said to the other as they entered the bedroom.
    “This cabin’s brought him a lot of joy. Let’s pack these two up to add to his collection” the other man replied, as they began to effortlessly lift Jake & Alan’s conjoined bodies out of the cabin. Rain drops ran down the black rubber while the men loaded the pair into the back of a van, as the neoprene sculpture of Alan & Jake writhed slightly.


    When my roommate found out how much of a boyslut I am.


    He pretty much owned me now. I’d make his bed, clean up his messes, do his laundry, make his food, and serve his cock whenever he wants. When he got board, he’d make me crawl on his lap naked (clothes weren’t allowed for me anymore) and spank me because he enjoyed seeing my dick get hard from his slaps.