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    So we've learned from experience that a live action adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender is a bad idea, but in case they decide to try it again I have exactly one idea that I actually care about.

    I think that they should have relatively unknown actors play all the characters with the sole exception of the Ember Island Players. The Boy In The Iceberg should feature exclusively A-list actors.

    Now Look Me In The Eyes Hollywood. Look me in the eyes and listen to me. If you do this, and you don't get Dwayne Johnson, literally The Rock, to play the Ember Island version of Toph, I'm going to burn down the golden globes. Idk how but I'll do it.

    And that's literally all I care about, I won't be accepting criticism. Bye.

    This is a Suki appreciation post

    Thank you, A: TLA writers, for giving Suki so much dimension. For making her a romantic who daydreams about Sokka saving her and is open about her heart

    While also making her badass warrior capable of handling herself and with a unique fighting set to being to the group.

    Gosh, she is so strong and such a beauty. She has such a big heart.

    Unlike most female warriors, she is both a fighter and soft, in touch with her emotions. She’s a lover. She’s allowed to be feminine and strong at the same time.

    She is Suki, and I love her with all of my heart.

    <>Unacceptable Careers for Toph

  • Cop
  • <>Acceptable Careers for Toph

  • Rich layabout living off her parents’ inherited money
  • Vigilante who uses her parents’ enormous wealth to fight actual criminals 
  • Fire Lord Zuko’s Anger Translator
  • Diogones-esque philosopher (kind of what she eventually became)
  • Pro-bending champion turned aging, grizzled mentor to future pro-benders
  • Badger mole breeder (nobody wants them bred but that has never stopped Toph from doing anything)
  • Construction worker 
  • “I saved the world and y’all expect me to have a career too?? Nah, fuck that, I’ll take my hero pension from the Fire Nation thank you very much”
  • Post canon Toph who doesn’t want to go back to her shitty parents so she just decides to stay in the Fire Nation and bum off Zuko’s hospitality.

    Zuko’s like no, yeah, I totally get it, and just makes her one of his advisors. At first it’s just so she has a good excuse to stay but after the first meeting Toph storms out shouting about how EVERYONE was lying why would you even need to lie about what kind of tea you want??

    Zuko: I mean they’re politicians.....but also who, and when, and in what way

    They make a subtle Morse code system so Toph can warn him when someone is lying to him without tipping anyone off that she can sense lies.

    Zuko gets a reputation for somehow being both extremely socially inept and yet somehow disgustingly perceptive?? You can’t get ANYTHING by him???

    #my lord what EXACTLY is ms Beifongs role in these meetings #a nervous nobleman asks after the third time she interrupts them with stupid commentary #zuko with perfect deadpan: she’s my scribe

    You CAN’T leave that in the tags

    claim: zuko is a theatre kid


    - “they butchered ‘love amongst the dragons’ every year”

    - remember when he was playing with the knife iroh gave him and he pretended to get stabbed and dramatically fell on the ground

    - perfect impersonation of azula and iroh. you know he practices when he’s alone

    - “im never happy”


    - when he did one good thing and immediately fell ill like some pneumonic victorian child

    So I’m rewatching Avatar, like any normal person right now, and I’m pretty sure that when Zuko’s trying to join the Gaang–after following them around the world for almost a year…..

    he doesn’t know Aang’s name

    oh my god, now I’m just imagining this scene happening and he’s not even listening to the second half of Katara’s threat, he’s just trying to figure out who the fuck Aang is