NSFW questions to ask based on your phone battery %

    1% How many people have you had sex with?

    2% Can you remember the names of everyone you’ve slept with?

    3% With whom did you first do the sexytimes? Was it good?

    4% What’s the best sex you’ve ever had?

    5% What’s the worst sex you’ve ever had?

    6% Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

    7% Where’s the most unusual place you’ve masturbated?

    8% Have you ever been caught doing the sexytimes?

    9% If you masturbate, when did you start, and how?

    10% Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    11% How would you describe your sexuality using only adjectives (describing words–busy, fluffy, squishy, etc.)?

    12% Have you ever been in a queer relationship?

    13% Have you ever been in a straight relationship?

    14% If you aren’t straight, how and when did you realise you weren’t?

    15% Are you out to everyone you know?

    16% Where do you meet queer folks to date? Do you find it difficult?

    17% If your parents know about your sexuality, how did they react?

    18.% Does your best friend know about your sexuality? How did they react?

    19% Describe your first queer kiss.

    20% What’s the queerest shit you’ve ever done?

    21% Are you happy with your body?

    22% What’s the raddest part of your bod, and why?

    23% What do you do with your body hair (pubes, underarms, legs, etc.)?

    24% Do you have stretch marks? Where?

    25% Describe your nipples in too much detail.

    26% Cut or uncut? For girls do you have a preference?

    27% Longest dry streak after you lost your virginity?

    28% Describe your size, Guys penis, girls breasts

    29% Have you tasted your self? Did you like it?

    30% Favorite body part on your preferred sex?

    31% Describe your most unusual/taboo fantasy.

    32% Do you fantasise more about real situations, or imaginary/impossible ones?

    33% Who’s the oddest person you’ve fantasised about?

    34% Do you ever find yourself fantasising absent-mindedly, or is it something you do on purpose?

    35% Do you always fantasise while you masturbate?

    36% When you fantasise, does it usually lead to masturbation?

    37% Have you ever had sex with someone while fantasising about someone else?

    38% Do you have any celebrity crushes that you fantasise about?

    39% Have you ever fantasised about something by accident, and felt weird about it after?

    40% Describe your most sexy fantasy.

    41% How do you feel about BDSM?

    42% What’s your most unusual kink?

    43% In an SM context, do you prefer giving pain, or receiving it?

    44% Do you consider yourself to be dominant, submissive, both, or neither?

    45% Describe your most recent bondage experience.

    46% In a BDSM context, have you ever referred to anyone as “daddy,” “mommy,” or any similar term?

    47% Do you have a kink for any bodily fluids (pee, saliva, blood, tears, cum, etc.)?

    48% Have you ever revealed a kink to someone and had them react negatively?

    49% Do you have any kinks that you’re ashamed of?

    50% How much money have you spent on equipment for your kinks (toys, whips, chains, etc.)?

    51% Do you like squirting

    52% Have you ever come solely from penetration (anal or vaginal)?

    53% Can you have an orgasm without your genitals being touched?

    54% Describe how you like your genitals to be touched.

    55% How sensitive are your nipples? Does nipple play turn you on?

    56% Do you find it easier to orgasm with another person, or through masturbation?

    57% Have you ever had an orgasm that you weren’t expecting?

    58% Do you get off easier from rough contact, or gentle?

    59% What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?

    60% Did it take you a while to have your first orgasm, or were you an early starter?

    61% Do you enjoy giving oral sex? Why?

    62% What’s your favourite position in which to receive oral?

    63% Describe your oral sex technique.

    64% Do you find it easier to give oral to someone with the same genital configuration as you (eg., you both own vaginas/both own penises), or different?

    65% Describe the worst oral sex you’ve ever received.

    66% Describe the best oral sex you’ve ever received.

    67% Do you ever simulate oral sex while masturbating (sucking on dildos etc.)?

    68% How sensitive is your mouth? Is it an erogenous zone, for you?

    69% Do you like 69ing?

    70% Can you deep-throat?

    71% Do you like it in the butt?

    72% What’s the strangest object you’ve had in your butt?

    73% Do you enjoy being rimmed?

    74% Can you take a lot in your butt, or just a little?

    75% Describe your most recent experience with buttsex.

    76% Do you like doing stuff to other people’s butts?

    77% (Prostate-owners) Have you ever received a prostate massage?

    78% Do you own any buttplugs?

    79% Have you ever had an embarrassing buttsex experience?

    80% Have you ever pegged someone (ie., worn a strapon and fucked them in the butt)?

    81% Do you have sex with music in the background

    82% Have you ever had sex with more than one person?

    83% Have you ever had an orgy? Would you?

    84% Do you enjoy watching your partner(s) having sex with others?

    85% Lights on or off?

    86% Do you own any sex toys

    87% Have you or would you ever do a gangbang?

    88% Have you ever teamed up with someone and given a double blowjob/double cunnilingus?

    89% Have you ever been penetrated by more than one person at the same time?

    90% Have you ever been ejaculated on by more than one person at the same time?


    91% Post a selfie.

    92% Post a naked selfie.

    93% Tag your biggest tumblr crush.

    94% Post your follower count.

    95% Press ctrl-v, and post whatever comes up.

    96% Tag your top five followers.

    97% Post your most recent Facebook status here.

    98% Post the last SMS you received.

    99% Post the last SMS you sent.

    100% Your choice of question


    50%-how much have I spent on lifestyle toys and accoutrements? Probably $1000+. ProbabLy spending more on making them soon, enough, too.