• not writing
  • writing
  • people reading their stories
  • people not reading their stories
  • Editing
  • Not editing
  • Not having any good ideas
  • Having too many ideas and not being able to decide which to write
  • Having one really good idea and worrying they’re not a good enough writer for the idea
  • Not having the time to write
  • Having the time to write
  • seeing writing prompts they like and want to write
  • not seeing any writing prompts they like
  • Can’t stop imagining post-redemption Azula and Toph frequently getting into fights because “no Zuko is MY brother”

    <>Toph: hey uncle Iroh

    <>Azula: he’s not YOUR uncle

    <>Toph: say that to my fists

    <>Azula: you can’t just join a family by force

    <>Iroh: oh look it’s my two favorite nieces

    That’s ridiculous, Iroh likes Toph WAY more than Azula.

    Yes but he’s probably too polite to say “Oh its my favorite niece... and also Azula.”

    Bold of you to assume that Iroh won’t absolutely SHOWER Azula with affection the second that she calms down enough to stop trying to kill everyone

    The only thing standing between Azula and an excellent time with her uncle is a full night's sleep and some serious self reflection.

    Every episode gives me something new to have Relationship Feelings over I swear

    Martin confidently setting a boundary is SO GOOD and shows such progress for his character, but also it was a tricky one without an easy answer!  Jon had been bottling up the venting to the point that it was seeping out into his words just in normal conversation.  Martin was insistent that he wasn’t willing to listen to it, but never went to just stop” or “try harder” like Jon kept getting in s4.  He didn’t turn it into a personal judgment on Jon as a person.

    And they managed a compromise!  Clumsy and slapdash with emotions running high, but they managed it.  Jon offered one solution, but Martin shot it down because he didn’t want to be alone.  So Jon offered another that ended up working for both of them.

    And as ridiculous as it may sound at first glance, the “put your fingers in your ears!” wasn’t dismissive.  The way Jon double-checked to make sure Martin wouldn’t hear him (in the dorkiest way possible, bless him) showed that he wanted to respect that boundary and not cross the line even a little.  

    All of this while huddling in the shadows of a living nightmare, when lashing out and taking stress out on other people (a huge flaw of early season Jon) would be such a temptation.

    Anyway I’m proud of them and am looking forward to next week’s installment of Navigating Relationships in the Apocalypse.

    i’m sure there are muscles in my body that don’t hurt right now

    i just can’t seem to find them

    every description the magnus archives has given of gerry because they are all so mean to him all the time

    <>MAG 4: Pageturner: this was a year after him getting hospitalized after the incident with the desolation, which means he totally had tattoos and also a lot of  burns but the only description we’re given is that he looks unshaven, very tired, and that his hair is an “artificial black.” (in the statement givers defense, it was 2 am and a lot was happening) he’s also wearing a “long, dark leather jacket” which he apparently carries lighter fluid in. Dominic Swain, the statement giver, says that if he hadn’t opened the door for Gerry, he’d probably just keep waiting outside Swain’s apartment. Gerry Keay is kind of a weirdo.

    <>MAG 12: First Aid: only statement that mentions his tattoos (which the nurse mistakes for “small black scorch marks”) even though this is before his travels with Gertrude. also says that he has burns all over his body except for his tattoos and that the burns end at a line on his neck that makes it look like he’s wearing a choker. also says he has dyed hair, and is wearing a suit with his jacket on top. it’s the same suit that the lightless flame guy was wearing, which i think means Gerry was doing cult stuff. the nurse also says that Gerry made her very afraid “despite the sheer quantity of painkillers we had given him.” also he shaved!

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    Are Caroline Brodie and Phillip Brown (the prison guard) the parents of Callum Brodie?

    It’s not explicitly confirmed but that’s very much the implication. 

    Manuela Dominguez also mentions that his father had been "directly marked by the Dark" and Philip did very much encounter the Dark in MAG 52