Quick post on what’s happening in Atlanta right now

    So there’s this beautiful trail in Atlanta called the South River Forest Trail. As we all know, Atlanta Georgia is renowned for their tree cover and historic forests. 

    The City of Atlanta and corporations like Delta, AT&T and Amazon are funding a massive police training center that will destroy the forest.

    Dubbed ‘cop city’ by many protesters, this will cost about $90 billion with a B to build. This will be used to further militarize Atlanta’s police leading to more incidents of police brutality in the city. 

    On January 18th indigenous activist Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran was shot and killed by the police for defending this historic forest from destruction. Their reason? “He did not comply”. Many protests have been going on in Atlanta to defend this forest.

    Since Tortuguita’s death, the situation has quickly deteriorated

    This forest is very dear to me but I am unable to physically protest at the moment, so I am handing this off to Tumblr to spread awareness. Rebloging this may help this tragedy become part of national news instead of just an Atlanta problem.

    Donation and petition links to stop cop city

  • https://www.gofundme.com/f/stoptheswap2020
  • https://act.colorofchange.org/sign/no-cop-city-atl/
  • https://defendtheatlantaforest.org/solidarity
  • a picture of Tortuguita with the words

    "The One Spirit Team has been working tirelessly to help as many families on the Rez as possible through this intense winter season. Road conditions are making it near impossible to distribute firewood and food. Many homes are without power or a reliable and safe heat source.

    Any donations received at this time will be used to purchase firewood, supplies, and food to take care of those critically in need."

    Donations can be made here:

    Donations to Oglala Re-Member organization, which also assists people living in the Pine Ridge Reservation, can be made here:

    [img id] Art Commissions by starlightshore. Contact information in the post below. Artwork shows a dog surrounded by colorful flowers and a painted picture for Angel's Lullaby with two characters sitting at a table in a garden.[id end]
    [img id] Icon are for $15. A drawing of a person wearing a hat holding an orange kitten. Black and White Line-art is priced at $25 for bust, $30 for full body. Drawing is of a woman and her magical girl form. It's cutesy with bows.[id end]
    [img id] Character Designs are for $30. A colorful drawing of a young girl who's wearing a raincoat and holding up a froggy umbrella.[id end]
    [img id]Color drawing is: bust for $30, full body for $35 and for extra characters it's 70% each. The drawing is a painting with someone's original character from Final Fantasy game, with bright red hair and dark glasses. There's a chihuahua wiener dog begging for food from them.[id end]
    [img id]Color with background for: $45. Drawing is a Stardew Valley protagonist holding up a galaxy sword, ready to face off various monsters from the Skull Cavern.[id end]
    [img id]Comics are $30 with $15 per extra page. The example is a page from Ask Fallen Royalty, an undertale webcomic. Asriel hides under a table, where we can see a shot of the living room in detail. Frisk is off to the side.
Sprites are separated into two categories: character animation is for $20 while a Game Mock-up Screenshot would be $30. The example is a screenshot from Angel's Lullaby and the animation is the zombie protagonist running. [id end]

    I'm opening up commissions, please email me at starlightsammyart at gmail.

    My current slots are 0/4. Thank you so much for considering me!


  • I'd need to be in-contact with you throughout the process to ensure the art piece is as you wanted
  • either pay half upfront/half at end or all at once
  • I need your email for an invoice through Paypal
  • You'd have a week to pay / I'd have a week to finish*
  • If any complications arise or if I need to cancel, I can resend the money back in full.
  • Refunds are available but I'd need to be told so I can send you back your money
  • For any questions feel free to ask :>
  • *(time varying on complexity of the art piece )

    ♥  Gift Guide Help  ♥

    Hi all :-) 

    As you know one of my fave things is to browse the net for cool trinkets and goodies, so if you’re a bit stuck on finding a gift for your pal/co-worker/dog/enemy this holiday season - send me an ask and I’ll see what I can find! 

    All you need to give me as a guide is a budget, and a lil summary of their personality (fave movies, season, trinkets, colour, hobby, something they hate perhaps) and I’ll see what I can do! 

    SLOTS OPEN: 8/9
    Hi! After unexpectedly needing to replace my phone I'm really struggling to make it through the next month or so. I need to be able to pay my upcoming phone bill and pay for transport to/from school.

    I'm comfortable with fanart, OCs, anthros, et cetera; I'm also totally down to work on illustration or character design projects that are broader in scope than the ones shown here. If none of these examples look like what you have in mind, let's chat!!!

    You can see more examples on my artfight profile if you have an account there!

    DM me if you're interested and I can give you a price estimate and details about payment! I prefer to use p/aypal but if that doesn't work for you we'll see what we can do ^_^

    Reblogs are hugely appreciated!

    Hey so I’ve avoided having to do this before, but I need to actually ask for help, for once. The last couple months sucker punched me kinda hard and I need to keep being able to make rent, so if I could get some help (whether in exchange for art or not) I’d greatly appreciate it.

    I set up a “Ko Fi” for this, you can either drop a little in a jar, or buy slots of various commission types.

    As for the parts about gamedev work: I’ll honestly need an actual job when I’m back from my trip, so if anyone is looking for an artist who can do concepts, spritework, 3D models, so on… send me a line, I’m in the market right now.

    mail for work talk: kitetfrogspond at gmail dot com
    kofi page: https://ko-fi.com/kitetfrog
    commission listings: https://ko-fi.com/kitetfrog/commissions


    All ill say if the us supreme court decides to turn over the indian child welfare act and i don't see white people talking about it, especially white lgbt people, i will be pissed


    Putting this on my account so it reaches my audience. I don't know what this is or what's happening but if I can spread awareness for those who need it, I'll happily talk about it.


    So the ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) basically prevents the removal of Native American children from their homes, which essentially removes them completely from their culture and whitewashes them. Obviously, that’s not very good, which is why the tribes fought to get the bill instated and now people are trying to remove it, which is why it’s going to the SCOTUS. Which is why that link above is very helpful!

    Commissions are open!

    Hey, I don't know if anyone is interested but I have my commissions open! https://kitteypwince-commissions.carrd.co/

    I know most of my recent followers are here for DHMIS content so I can tell you that I can draw fandom art/DHMIS stuff as a commission too!!

    (The tags are like this mostly to get reach and also because I have put drawings of these characters in here so.. yeah!)



    hey dhmis tumblr!! some dhmis stickers are now avaliable on my etsy store if you want some lil guys to put on ur phone case or laptop (or other surfaces too ig the worlds ur oyster man). it’s mean a lot if you could check it out and maybe purchase some if you want :D have a nice day :]

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    someone in the UK threw eggs at Charles and was arrested and has been banned from openly carrying eggs in public and has since been sent death threats but their statement on the matter was so fucking good


    alongside online abuse, public threats, risk of expulsion from their university, and everything else, they are currently facing legal fees of up to £10,000 - and if they r found guilty at trial it’s 6 months of prison and a £5,000 fine - >>>>and you can donate to their paypal fund-raiser here<<< please consider donating what you can, just a little goes a long way!! 


    i saw that their gofundme was taken down and didn't know if there was an alternative at the time of posting thank you for sharing !

    I haven’t yet seen a tumblr post with these resources so I am making my own and hoping it shows up in the tags. I ASK EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS TO PLEASE REBLOG THIS.


    I am not going to go into heavy detail on the bill, on its history, anything like that, the resources have a lot of information, but as a little bit of background:

    It is a bill passed that forbids Native children from being adopted by non-Native families. This is for a good fucking reason, there have been historically large scoops of children taken from their Native families, at a much higher rate than white children (see the 60s scoop in Canada). These children are often abused in these homes, and their entire culture is taken from them (many end up not even knowing what tribe/nation they came from), hence the point of why they were taken in the first place (forced assimilation). Now, this does still happen through the foster care system, but this has protected in the case of adoption. It makes it that only Native families can adopt Native children.

    White people hate this and have been smearing it for years (think of the whole Lexi Choctaw/Alexandria P. situation, which was so fucked how they used that little girl). Now, the state governments of Texas, Louisiana, and Indiana have taken it to the Supreme Court to be ruled unconstitutional. This case is called Haaland v. Brackeen. Because white people … really want to steal Native children. This is being heard by the court, oral arguments start WEDNESDAY. ICWA could be overturned in the matter of weeks or even days.


    Petition that will involve you sending messages to your Congressional leaders through their text automated system, only available to those in the US (BUT NOTE YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A CITIZEN, OR ELIGIBLE TO VOTE TO SIGN, JUST NEED TO BE IN THE US):


    Petition to send a message to President Biden and leaders at the Department of Justice, this does have a place to put in your country so seems like it may be available for those outside of the US but I am unsure (consider also donating to the Lakota People’s Law Project if you are able to):


    Petition to be sent to the Attorney General and Secretary of the Department of the Interior, since it is through change.org it likely can be signed from outside of the US:



    Commissions are back open!!

    Here’s my new commission sheet again for reference:

    (I tagged some of my biggest fandoms that I make art for so if you like the way I draw a certain character…..👀 you can pay me to make them be silly if you wanna. I will also draw stuff from fandoms I’m not in + original characters too! I’ll basically draw anything that isn’t illegal/harmful/propaganda or nsfw!)


    i'm a black autistic person with an autoimmune disorder + other disabilities and i need community aid while looking for a place to live. no set goal bc idk how much longer i'll be jobless and couch surfing, i was fired bc of my speech difficulties. everything helps.

    green money app: $piscesmadness

    blue money app: p-ypal.me/mojippang


    no longer jobless i start working next week but i still need help with the last of my medical debt taken care of so i can focus on other bills and saving for my move abroad next year like i've cut it down a lot from the original 5k so i really just need help with the last of it. i can't keep up with it by myself so the constant late fees are halting progress.

    $12 / $1860


    nov 8th

    plz rmb notes don't reflect donations so this post is still an active call for help and reblogs are still needed


    Hisuian ghosts in a snow grove


    This is such a stunning and gorgeous animation, OP! I love how you were able to convey a sense of beauty mixed with trepidation.

    This is the kind of art that makes me long for the pixel art era of Pokémon!