How to do tarot with playing cards

    Hello! So sorry I’ve been gone for a while, but the holidays and family get-togethers had me pretty busy. I’m also pretty sad I didn’t get to write up a post on Yule this year, but maybe I’ll make a post going over the different Sabbats another time. But for today, I have another topic I want to touch upon!

    As you can tell from the title, I will be explaining how to do tarot with playing cards. Playing cards are always a good alternative if you don’t have access to a tarot deck, or if you’re still ‘in the broom closet’ as many of us witches say. Playing cards are typically reasonably priced and can be found at Wal-Mart, dollar stores, game stores, etc. You can even find one online for a good price if you want to go there. Or you may very well have a deck stashed away in a drawer somewhere in your home.

    Case and point, they are really easy to come by. And may even be a good starting point for you if you’re first getting into tarot. This is typically my go-to method for divination and advice. The only downside to using playing cards as a tarot deck is that you won’t have the twenty-two major arcana. But even so the cards can always, and often will, tell you something important.


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    Ways to Cleanse

    • Smoke Cleanse: (Commonly using sage)Using smoke from a burning sage bundle, pass it over the item or being that you would like to cleanse. Focus on your intent while sending out the negative energy. Use incantations if you like. Make sure the plant you are burning is in no way poisonous and is safe! This cannot be stressed enough!
    • Incense smoke: Choose a specific scent corresponding to your goal. Pass it over an item or being like smoke cleansing. Focus on you intent and cast out negative energy. 
    • Holy water: You can purchase or create your own. Submerge or sprinkle over an item as needed. Focus on your intent to help cleanse it from negative energy. You can use an incantation, say a chant, or call on any entities you work with.
    • Running Water: Make sure the item is unable to be harmed by water! Submerge into a running creek or river. Let it wash away all the negative energies and become charged with positive one. Rainwater can be used as well.
    • Sea salt: Bury the item you want cleansed into sea salt, make sure it will not harm the item. Leave it for a few days in the salt. The salt will absorb any unwanted energies.
    • Sunlight: Make sure the item will not be harmed, certain crystals will fade in the sunlight! Leave the item in full sunlight and let it absorb the suns positive energies and remove the negative ones.
    • Moonlight: Place an item outside or on the window sill to soak up the moonlight and dispel negative energies.
    • High vibration sounds: Using a crystal bowl, a Tibetan Singing bowl, a gong, drumming, tuning fork or even your favorite music turned up loud will cleanse an item of unwanted energies.
    • Pyramid Energy: Placing an item under or inside a pyramid which has been charged for cleansing will take away any negative energy and return the item to neutral. 
    • Personal Energy: Using your own personal energy to drive the unwanted energy out of the item that needs cleansing. It is the safest way to cleanse because it wont harm any object. Though, it can be intensive depending upon the quantity and quality of the energies needing to be stripped away.
    • Charged Crystals: Some crystals have a natural ability to strip away energies of items and leave them neutral, amethyst or rock crystal excels at such work.
    • Sweeping: Sweeps out negative energies.


    ==Moonlight Mystics

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