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    man some of the seven deadly sins aren’t even that bad. sorry I’m angry n wanna fuck? Sorry I ate a lot? shut up


    Wrath is beating someone up because they exist in a way that you don’t like. Wrath is not being angry because someone hurt you.

    Lust is not wanting to have sex with other people. Lust is using sex to hurt other people or hurting another person in a sexual way.

    Gluttony is not eating lots of food (your own stomach will tell you when enough is enough). Gluttony is when you have enough resources to yourself that you could house and feed the rest of the population of your city but you keep it to yourself because you do not want to give up the power associated with it.

    Greed is not wanting to improve the state of your material life because it would improve your quality of life. Greed is taking opportunities and resources away from already marginalized people. (And if someone tells you that a service you benefited from and it actively improved your life was not meant for you specifically, then there needs to be more of that resource).

    Envy is not looking at someone who has a higher quality of life and wanting to improve it. Envy is when you are looking to take away from someone who is in the same situation as you. The example the Bible (or catholic school) uses is a man looking at another man’s wife when his own wife loves him very much and is equal to the other woman in every way that is important.

    Sloth (aka laziness) isn’t when you’re exhausted or hurting and being too tired to do anything else. Sloth is when one contributed nothing to the work and yet reaps the rewards of the work.

    Pride is when you think of yourself of greater than your peers and your fellow humans. Pride is also when you think of yourself greater than God. Pride is not being proud of yourself or others for accomplishing something that was difficult. You are allowed to be proud of your hard work and your accomplishments.


    Why did a tumblr user just explain an aspect Christianity than all my years of private school and church