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    Three's a Crowd, Four's a Party

    NewJeans Minji and Hanni x Male Reader(s) | (Tags: Smut) | a collaboration with @gangplanksorenji

    Chunk's A/N: Yes, this is a collab. Yes, Raf wrote smut (finally, I know right? xD). Yes, this is a gruppenfick. And yes, this is my longest fic ever (~12.5K words). Two weeks worth of being down extremely bad led to this behemoth of a piece, it doesn't help that I'm currently on spring break so all hands were on deck here lol. It's truly an honor to have my first collab with such a qt and to help write his first smut :).

    Orenji’s A/N: Orenjideul! Well, it has been a long time since I put out a fic and honestly, I enjoyed writing this piece with Chunk and I hope the long wait is worth it ehehe. This will be a different genre that I had been deciding to write onto and hope this comes out well. Have a great day Orenjideul! 


    Nothing beats the feeling of joy once you hear the school bell ringing on a Friday afternoon, signaling the dismissal of classes. Like clockwork, the school yard is immediately filled with students who are ready to spend the rest of their day basking under the radiating warmth of the Sun and enjoy their weekend. Likewise, Haesoo is also ecstatic to have the next two days off but for a completely different reason: he didn’t exactly have a great day. It was exhausting, boring, and he would’ve preferred to stay home and play video games instead. Plus he had to witness the wrath of his professor infuriated over his classmate sleeping at his desk which in turn made that grumpy old man pissed for the rest of the period, as if he wasn’t grumpy enough already.

    Nothing could also beat the sight of Haesoo's best friend, Minji, after such a day—where could she be at this very moment, anyways? Last time he caught a glimpse of her, she was off socializing with her friends. He takes a deep sigh; maybe if he actually had the guts to ask her out she would be by his side all the time but alas, things didn’t go as planned. If there was one person that he wanted to see at this very moment, it would be her. He quickly sends her a text asking for her whereabouts but it wasn’t necessary as he can see her walking hurriedly down the spacious concrete on the quadrangle up to the not-so-narrow corridors from the other building, Haesoo sees the familiar figure with a familiar dark-colored backpack with that bright smile on her face.

    Kim Minji.

    There she is, with her jet-black locks cascading down past her shoulders. A smile that can only be compared to the Sun, Haesoo's ultimate enemy—his worst rival but also the most adorable, thoughtful ray of sunshine a man could ask for. For almost a decade of being best friends with her, he's just so grateful to meet a girl like her as he can’t thank her enough for all of the work she's done for him as he does the same for her. Even though he didn’t feel worthy of being thanked by Minji, she’ll always reassure him, and let him know how grateful she is to have a friend like Haesoo, even though he teases her like it's his last. From her helping his smallest battles up to even fulfilling his needs, she’s always there for him as he's there for her. 

    “And I think, she doesn’t even want to—”

    “Want to what???”

    Minji lets out a muffled squirm, her shoulders shrugging and tensed up as she gets shocked by Haesoo's motives.

    “Oppa!! Don't scare me like that! You weirdo…”

    “Ahh—Minji, Minji, Minji. You always know that I will.”

    While Haesoo smiles from the success of his evil mischief, Minji's face was nothing near the emotion of happiness nor the same succession as his—her face is disgusted by Haesoo's silly, childish actions as she doesn't like it, hitting his shoulder playfully as she pouts right after. Knowing that she isn't really offended or serious about it, Haesoo just laughed it off as Minji mocks his laugh sarcastically as she teases Haesoo more, making him cackle more.

    “Stop mocking me! You're ugly whenever you try to!”

    “Ohh… Haesoo-oppa is so offended, wahh… He doesn't like to be teased when he teases me so much, wahhh…”

    “Minji! Shh, shut up! O-Or I'll do it myself!”

    “Like you can make me shut my mouth? Nuh-uh. Never.”

    “Oh, you little—”

    “Hello oppa…” A soft-spoken girl interrupts Haesoo's not-so-heated teasing to Minji as the girl fixes her tie and does a small, little wave towards Haesoo, making him flash a cheeky little grin to her.

    Oh, hi Hanni…”

    “Well, I guess Hanni will make you shut up.”

    Minji chides as she vents out the little frustration that she built up with Haesoo as he apologizes for Minji's sudden sulky demeanor.

    “Whatever… Anyways, we're gonna go home with oppa, don't you wanna go with us?”

    “Ohh, I'm waiting for Hyuk-oppa coz' we're going to a coffee shop right after his dismissal.”

    We'll wait for him then.”

    Hanni's face was puzzled as Minji and Haesoo chose to stay to wait for Minhyuk, an oddity for her since she knows that only Minji's waits as Haesoo doesn't usually bond with the two girls—Hanni's even seeing Haesoo barely at times, mostly it's just him with Minji.

    After a few minutes of waiting and chattering, a familiar figure makes Hanni's eyes wide open as he sees Minhyuk, rushing to hug him tight as he was shocked by her sudden affection.

    “Ohh, Hanni… We're still in public. Come on…”

    “Bwuf, I awlready mith you, oppa.”

    Minji awkwardly looks at both Hanni and Minhyuk as she does a little wave to him, letting him know her presence. Haesoo, on the other hand, feels off and embarrassed at the sight of Hanni hugging Minhyuk affectionately. Not so long after, Hanni then pulls out of the hug as Minhyuk apologizes for Hanni's extremely clingy behavior.

    “No need to apologize Hyuk, I can understand coz' Minji could be like that sometimes—”

    “Shut up! I only do that coz' I feel cold, that's all.”

    Haesoo gives Minji a disappointing stare, knowing that she's clearly lying on her teeth as she feels the same affection as Hanni does. The non-stop teases never stopped between the both of them as Minhyuk and Hanni can't stop smiling seeing them fight like cats and dogs.

    “Guys! Stop arguing! We're still here!”

    “Sorry oppa, he started it!”

    “What do you mean I started it?? It's you who—”

    “Stop it! Please?”

    Hanni's mildly infuriated tone are the switches to make their mouths shutted, refraining them to talk further as Haesoo apologizes for being too childish. Minhyuk's eyes became uneasy as a mad Hanni is a rare sight to see and not even him can usually see it.

    An awkward silence prevails as Hanni decides to break it, her radiant energy immediately changing the once uneasy and anti-climactic atmosphere earlier. Such was the dynamic of the friend group, bickering ensues between Minji and Haesoo (the other two thinks those two have a huge crush on each other but who knows) and it’s up to Minhyuk and Hanni to break them up.

    Sorry about that, and… why don't we hang out for a bit? Today seems to be a good time!”

    Haesoo seems to have second thoughts about Hanni's suggestion as Minji unhesitantly agrees on her motives. “Ooh! We can, a-and maybe at Haesoo-oppa's place?”

    Their eyes averted towards Haesoo as his eyes widened from Minji's sudden suggestion to hang out at his place.

    “I m-mean, why not? I'm absolutely free and I just cleaned my apartment yesterday but not right now. Maybe next week instead.”

    Minji then goes in front of you as she pouts, her puppy-eyes convinces Haesoo to hang out at his place, alongside her motives of modulating her voice in an adorable, lower tone. Haesoo was doubtful, his cheeks puffing as he let out a sigh, knowing that she’s not having her friend doing “aegyo” in front of her.

    “Minji, stop it, you’re so cringe.”

    “Please can it be at your apartment?? We’ll just hang out and it’s us, so, please??”

    “Stop being so cute coz’ this is too cringe, please, Minji.”

    Haesoo can’t definitely deny her at this rate since it will just add fuel to the flames so without any choice, he agrees and Minji squeals in joy as the other two flash a smile at you, knowing that they’re happy with your decision. Not so long after, the four of them then walked their way out of the campus. Minji hurriedly walks out as she gives her backpack to you, letting you carry it. With Haesoo being alone, this opens up a great opportunity for Hanni to approach him and ask questions about him and Minji that piqued her ever since Minji had talked about it. Hanni then ask Minhyuk of approaching Haesoo as he doesn't seem to mind, him agreeing as Hanni hurriedly walks towards Haesoo.

    “Do you want some help, oppa?”

    “Oh, a-ah, u-uhm… I don’t need some but thanks, anyways.”

    Hanni just averted her eyes off Haesoo as she nodded but she didn't let her curiosity die at this moment.

    “May I ask you something, oppa?”

    “Oh yeah, sure. Go ahead.”

    “This may sound incredibly weird or something, but I wanna ask you something, oppa. I hope it’s not too much or anything…”

    “I'm all ears, Hanni. It's alright.”

    Hanni sighs deeply as she gains enough courage and feels the urge to ask Haesoo this question, no matter what the output can be.

    “Ah, uhh—me and Hyuk-Oppa are exploring anything about oral sex, more like blowjobs and stuff and you, Oppa and Minji are quite experienced at that matter, so, I'm just wondering if the both of you can teach me some ways of it tonight?”

    How does she know that Minji and Haesoo areWell, it doesn't matter at this point since Hanni wants to learn, Haesoo is ready to oblige but he needs to inform Minji about this first. So, excusing Hanni for a second, Haesoo hurriedly goes to Minji to inform her about this matter.

    “Uh, Minji…”

    “If you're going to tease me again, I'm not—”

    “No, Minji. This is about Hanni, your friend.”

    Minji then faces Haesoo as her eyes widen, puzzled at what makes him mention Hanni out of the blue as she becomes all ears on what he's going to say.

    “What's with Hanni then, oppa?”

    “She said that they want to learn and explore more about oral sex, most likely blowjobs and how did they know that we had a thing about this?”

    Minji's eyes were in shock, gulping anxiously as she's uneasy about what could happen next.

    “Uh-uhmm… It's just them that knows about it. Hanni opened up to me about this and I decided to step in and help them. If you don’t mind, oppa, can we teach them tonight?”

    Haesoo lets out a deep sigh as he doesn't know what to really say about this newfound information yet he's eager to oblige and help them too. Still feeling uneasy, Haesoo trusts them as she looks at Minji's eyes, feeling reassured and comfortable, as he’s still having second thoughts about this situation.

    “I mean—okay but I don’t know what to really feel. What if someone finds out that we’re fuckbuddies or some sort—”

    “No one will know, only them, oppa, okay?”

    Minji then held Haesoo’s hand as a sign for further reassurance, letting Haesoo feel the comfort he'd never felt before.

    “Just trust us, oppa, okay?”

    Alright then…”

    With all of them being informed about “hanging out” at Haesoo's place, they then hurriedly walked their way up to his apartment with Minji leading the way.

    “Oh god, I don't think this is good idea, fuck…” Haesoo mutters under his breath as the sense of excitement and worry runs down his veins. He has never agreed on something this crazy in his whole life, and neither are the rest of them (maybe) but he must not let anybody down tonight.

    This will be one hell of a night, and it will be remarkable.


    There wasn’t any party occurring anywhere near the vicinity of the building and if there could be anything like it, the neighbors may even file a noise complaint on how loud these four people are. Constant blabbering and laughs that even reverberated outside are just signs of enjoyment from all of them.

    “Woah, this is such a nice apartment dude.”

    “Oh yeah, thanks. I did a good cleaning yesterday, especially in the bedroom.”

    “Oppa, why would you even bother cleaning if it's gonna get messy later?”

    Hanni and Minhyuk laugh it out from Minji's 'double-meaning' type of joke as Haesoo glares at her with disappointment from his eyes.

    “Minji, you're so— corny, gosh and also, how would I even know that y'all wanted to have sex at my apartment, tonight?”

    “You have a fair point there, not gonna lie.”

    After a minute of those constant, identical chattering with topics varying from anything they could think of, Minji then offers them if they want a glass of water as Hanni just thanked her and said that she’s fine yet Minhyuk was the opposite—he wants some as he’s a bit exhausted from the earlier school activities that's always a pain in the butt.

    “You definitely need some energy later, oppa.”

    “Thanks Minji.”

    “Oh, where was I? Oh—right, so, y’all definitely want to do this now?”

    “I mean, can we just watch a movie first? Or like, play some games?”

    Reconsidering Hanni's suggestion to bond before the main thing, the rest of them start to brainstorm and most likely, agree to Hanni's suggestions.

    “Well, let’s just watch some movies first, no?”

    The rest of them agrees from Haesoo’s motives as he hurriedly opened the flat-screen television with the remote. Minji then steps besides Haesoo as he assists him in choosing what could have been the movie that will be enjoyed by all of them. Constant flashes of previews and swipes can be seen at the blue-screened emanated television as the two of them start a small argument on what’s the best one they can all watch.

    I’m telling you oppa, this is way—way better! We must watch this one! Not that stupid horror thriller movie—or whatever you call that!”

    *laughs mockingly* “Oh, why? Because your wittle tiny heart can’t handle it? Aww, how cute of you, eh?”

    Argh—you’re so annoying, oppa!”

    Haesoo read Minji like a book as she braced himself for the impact of Minji’s punch towards his shoulders. His intentions of annoying and teasing Minji is just the way to let himself win and to further make him entertained.

    “Hello? We’re still here! Yoo-hoo!”

    Minhyuk grew impatient with their childish-like fighting and might as well their behavior to be exact. Oh yes, they’re definitely still there and they argue like there’s no one around—them arguing like cats and dogs is probably a sight they should expect to see from now on…

    Sorry, Haesoo-oppa is just so annoying.”

    “How am I even annoying? I was just teasing you—”

    Well, that’s the point dummy!”

    Hey! Oppa! Minji! Stop this small fight or whatsoever, please. We're not here to be cats and dogs to each other.”

    You know things are going to get serious when Hanni steps up to stop this not-so-immature behavior of Minji and Haesoo. She doesn’t seem to be genuinely bothered but she just wants to make a positive approach towards the both of them, especially towards Haesoo.

    The both of them said their respective apologies as Minji playfully punched Haesoo, him then flashing a smile back to her as Hanni initiated to pick the movie they’ll watch herself so there will be no “childish” fights that may occur anymore. Haesoo didn’t retaliate as Hanni picked up the remote from Haesoo’s hands as she quickly selected the movie she wanted to watch as the four of them sat on the couch and relaxed themselves.

    This better not disappoint us all, Hanni


    Between the subsequent laughters, cries and screams by all of you is the sincere delight you’ve never felt before. 

    Maybe this was a great idea all along.

    You were really hesitant when it came to inviting visitors to your apartment, maybe except your family, some of your friends and maybe even Minji—it’s basically obvious on why Minji feels like comfortable at your apartment—

    Apart from that, you’ve never really felt this much comfort and reassurance while bonding out with someone and you never thought that this would be this fun! You always love watching movies with someone  and it’s more fun when Minji is here, even though at the next second, the both of you will fight each other like rivals at its best. You always imagined how exciting it could be watching some thrilling films with groups of people and with Hanni and Minhyuk making your imagination into a reality, it couldn't be better—you're loving every second of this. 

    Gosh, I'm g-glad the movie is already done…”

    Well, maybe a scaredy-cat Minji is not what you really expect, to say the least. She always exudes this kind of “fearless” demeanor whenever she's always with you, or perhaps, maybe, just sometimes. You could basically take a picture of her right now, a glimpse of her defenses down as she hides her face with a pillow that she's been hugging since the start of the movie. 

    “Aha! Never knew you would be so scared watching this movie, huh?”

    Shut up, oppa, I'm not scared. This movie is just so not-my-type-ish~”

    Well, it’s nothing new about her lying on her teeth. Not really. In fact, you’ll be even surprised if she’s straightforwardly honest. 

    “Stop the cap Minji, aish…”

    Yet, on the other hand, she convinces you like no one can. Like, you may even tell this is sorcery or some mind-bending magic that she uses against you to be persuaded by her. It's even worse when she looks right straight into your eyes as she instinctively pouts—like, who could resist this adorable bunny? Maybe, you can, but you could never deny how much you love it when Minji does that. 

    I'm being for real! Why don't you believe me—”

    Unnie, I saw you hiding your face on Haesoo-oppa's neck, care to explain that then?”

    It's just like a “me” thing, Hanni. You know me, right?”

    Another lie. At this point, you know—and most likely Hanni too—that Minji isn't even trying anymore.

    Maybe this is the reason why her nose is so sharp. Maybe it is, but honestly, it's not—most likely a childhood-like reference.

    Gosh, ugh… You got me. Now, happy?”

    “More than happy, Minji.”

    You mocked her, your eyebrows scrunching as sarcasm is evident in your tone. While you're busy mocking her, Minhyuk then comes behind you and whispers something that really wakes you up as you liked what he said. Minji noticed this and as the annoying friend you are, you started to look and laughed at her as curiosity lingered around her mind. She then comes in front of you as your faces are just inches from each other. It's nothing romantic but rather the opposite as she glared at you, her not-so-threatening aura demanding some answers from you.

    What did Minhyuk-oppa say, hm?”

    “Nothing really much, Minji. It has nothing to do against you. *whispering* Don't embarrass us in front of them.”

    Clearly, with a single sentence of you, Minji's well-mannered disposition prevails as she holds back her frustration towards your annoying behavior, not letting herself ruin her image in front of the two (Minhyuk and Hanni) even though it feels like she already did.

    Well, you're lucky oppa…”

    Minji gives you an intimidating look as she faces Hanni and Minhyuk, ready to tell them something that no one will ever dare to forget.

    Uh, guys, since I think we all are like “warmed-up”, I was thinking if we should go and do the “thing” that Hanni wants to do?”

    Ah, this horny girl, I swearyou muttered to yourself as you know that she's dying to feel you ever since the movie started. Those eyes glistening with excitement and lust whenever she steals glances with you throughout the film—you know that she's needy and eager to get up to the climax as soon as possible.

    “Ahhh, Minji… Come on, it's like almost 7 P.M. right now. Don't you guys want to eat some dinner? I got some chicken and some ramen that we can cook first—”

    I'm still good, oppa. Thanks anyways.”

    “Yeah, I'm pretty good too, thanks though.”

    Hanni and Minhyuk respectfully decline your offer towards them as they just flashed a faint grin towards you, smiling awkwardly as they giggled to each other.

    I guess they wanted the main course early toowell, it seems like it's the case yet you're unsure about their real desires. Maybe is it just because they're too shy towards you? Is it just because they wanted to have possibly the hottest oral session today? You’ll never know unless they answer your question themselves.

    “Are you all sure? Not really starving or what?”

    Hanni and Minhyuk shake their heads, letting you know that they’re fine as Minji looks at you and whispers something in your ear that turns you on immediately.

    Well, the only dinner I’ll be craving today is that delicious cock of yours, oppa.”

    She really knows the right choice of words to let your defenses down as you're aroused on those words, her deep, husky voice being the cherry on top is something you'll always love. Minji is something really clever when it comes to these things as she knows that she'll get what she wants once she starts talking dirty to you. You absolutely wanna be just used by her at this very moment but you won't let you guard down as you look at her sternly and unimpressed, your nonchalant tone while talking is enough to intimidate her.

    “Let's just start this, shall we? Minji is—uhh, kinda needy, so, that's why…”

    Well, she won't lie about that when she knows she already confessed her needs towards you earlier. She will also get what she wants, and you're ready to fulfill those wants as you're also dying to feel the warmth of her mouth again—it's like she didn't sucked you off two days ago at her place.

    With the utmost trust you have with Minji, you let her set this session up making Hanni and Minhyuk comfortable on what she's going to do. She further reassures them that they shouldn't be nervous and you, as part of this so-called “session” will do your best to make them comfortable too. Without no time to waste, all of you then coursed your way to your bedroom and they were met with the simplicity of it. 

    The organized setup and arrangement of your things makes them compliment on how tidy your bedroom looks. Those so-called soundproof walls and the mix of the latte-like colors is the cherry on top—basically it makes them think that it represents tranquility and the utmost simplicity.

    “Your room looks really good, Haesoo.”

    “Thanks, Hyuk. Really cleaned and organized things thoroughly yesterday.”

    As they wandered over to your room, Hanni stumbled upon a well-secured transparent box full of common adult toys and more as she told you and Minji about it. You were in shock and panicking on what to do yet Minji immediately approached Hanni and is well-composed about it.

    Oh, unnie! Is this what I think it is—”

    Oh, Hanni, yes, those are adult toys and we sometimes use them with oppa whenever we want to spice things up yet for now, we’ll pretty much gonna be vanilla.”

    The sudden panic you’ve felt and the tension on your body wears off as Minji holds the situation calm and composed. You always love these small actions from her as her leadership skills as well as her urge to teach someone and to inform them what makes Minji a good friend of yours. 

    Ahh, I should learn more from Minji—you should definitely learn from her more but today, you’ll let her know something that no one else could and you can’t just wait for it.

    With you hopping on the bed, you relaxed yourself as the so-called “session” was about to start. Hanni and Minhyuk averted their eyes towards the both of you as Minji went down on her knees, you then spread your legs wide as the beast inside you is just an inch away from freedom, freedom in Minji’s hands.

    “Now, oppa, just relax, alright? And Hanni, come here, I’ll show you how it’s done, okay? You just need to observe me.”

    With Minji’s reassuring tone, Hanni feels comforted and enthusiastic, her eyes burning with desire and eagerness to learn and discover. 

    Without any time to waste, Minji hurriedly drops down to her knees in front of you as she works her way on undressing your bottom half—your belt being unbuckled hurriedly and carefully as she wears off your boxers and your pants in one swift motion.

    Minji is in awe at the sight of your freed length, getting erect under her spell as licked her lips in anticipation, you then sensing her exhilaration as her uneasy hands and gleeful smile says enough. Still down on her knees, she pumped your hardening erection with vigor and renewed fervor, making sure that you're fully-erect before she makes an unforgettable show for the two of them.

    With the temptation of teasing her, you finally gave in. You then trace her luscious, plump lips with your index finger, feeling every inch and the softness of it as she sucks on it wantonly, her eyes igniting with lust, excitement and  nervousness—might as well add the exigency burning on her iris and those hazel-colored eyes that you always adore and finally, those pupils dilating right in front of you as the cherry on top. With her own, seductively sinful actions, you involuntarily get more aroused than ever as her single touch awakens the entirety of all of your five senses.

    Now, Hanni, for the fun part, watch and learn.”

    Minji tucks her hair behind her neck as Hanni watches beside her, her eyes in the form of analyzing every move of hers. 

    Minji starts her oral assault on your dick as her tongue circles around the slit, peppering your tip with kisses as she adores the length of yours as with her every touch, it brings peak pleasure and jolts down your spine. She alternates between the short licks and kisses around the base up to your tip as she doesn't let a single inch untouched.

    “Oh fuck, M-Minji, that's good.”

    You don't want to hold yourself back, not when Hanni is eager to learn and Minji is sucking you off like it's her favorite lollipop. Small moans escape your mouth as Minji smiles between her aggressive licks, knowing how she's doing a great job at pleasuring you as Hanni's eyes sparkle in enthusiasm and how hot the scene is.

    Look closely at oppa, Hanni. You see oppa's facial expressions? That's what you should aim for whenever you're doing this.”

    Hanni studiously nods as she takes notes in her head, her eyes averting towards your face and Minji's work from time to time.

    Now enough for the playful licks and lustful kisses onto your shaft, Minji’s mouth shifts her focus down to your balls as she kneads them gently like a dough, making sure that you won't be hurt at the same time, still feeling the peak euphoria. Instead of her mouth invading the entirety of your shaft, she instead strokes your length with a rhythm that's pleasurably slow—you couldn't ask for more as you ultimately trust the dexterity of her fingers rhythmically massaging and stroking your shaft. She then takes a ball in her mouth as she sucks on it gently as the pleasure you’re feeling skyrockets, stimulating you further as you release the infamous colorless liquid from your slit.

    “Y-You see how she alternates on s-sucking the tip then my balls? That's how you g-give a nice, s-stimulating blowjob, Hanni.”

    You point the details of Minji’s spectacular work on your cock as Hanni takes notes eagerly with her eyes wandering over your length, burning with lust. With your keenness and the amicable tone of your voice, Hanni feels more enthusiastic learning and observing everything that Minji does.

    If only you were eloquent and can think articulately on this moment, you could have guided and taught Hanni better as the dopamine overloading your brain is to blame for the unavailability of you to think clearly.

    As Minji continues sucking each of your testicles, your fingers run down her dark-brown locks as you let out several moans and groans as she stimulates you too well. Minji is a master of her own craft—everything she does is at peak greatness, flawlessly executed like no other can. The way she sucks you with intimate fervor up to the hypnotizing rhythm of her strokes, it just shows how passionate she is on pleasuring you and with Minhyuk and Hanni watching, she won't let nobody down as she exerts more enthusiasm and effort which you really like and always adore.

    Minji once circles her tongue again at your slit as she delightfully consumes the pre-cum leaking out of it. A few more licks is what it takes before she does the climax of the show as the both of you made eye contact, knowing what Minji will do as you prepared yourself on what could have been the best blowjob of your whole life.

    Minji then pushes her mouth, taking up the half of your dick as she bobs her head, up and down, the pace gradually increasing over time as the dopamine you're feeling is getting over the roof. Minji sucks you off like there's no tomorrow—herself drooling over your cock as saliva seeps out of her mouth, dripping down to her chin and then staining her uniform. Only constant sonorous sounds and the sinful slurpings can be heard as Minji gobbles down on your dick, her facial expression signaling that she's savoring the taste of your cock, like a candy she can’t get enough of.

    “Oh my god, Minji is just so good, right, Hanni?”

    Unnie is really good at a lot of things Oppa and oh gosh, this is just so hot.”

    Minhyuk and Hanni’s praises reverberate around Minji’s ear as they commend her performance on your throbbing length which makes her invigorated to step up her game, even though she doesn't need to. She then fondles your balls as her repeated slurps and circling of her tongue becomes more aggressive, making you moan her name in ecstasy. 

    Not so long after, she pulls out of length, gasping for air as she gains oxygen, you allowing her to as you caress her hair, letting her know how satisfied you are with her performance. String of saliva connects to your tip up to her mouth it drips down to your balls and even the remnants drip down to her uniform.

    You swear to god, she's just hotter and more ruinable when she's in her uniform, sucking you off with vigor in her eyes.

    Minji didn't even bother uttering a single word and instead, took you in her mouth again as this time, she effortlessly deepthroat you, making you squirm in pleasure as her warm, wet cavern sends your brain in haywire. You were caught off-guard as you really thought that she was gonna stop but it was a complete opposite—she takes every single inch of your length inside her mouth as frantic bobbing of her head ensues, her lips wrapped around your glans up to the base of your shaft. More saliva seeps out of her mouth as she becomes a disheveled mess—her hair messier than before, remnants of her lipstick now smearing the base of your shaft, a hint of her makeup ruined as tears stream down her cheeks and her drool seeping out of her mouth being the cherry on top. Hanni is in awe and shock at how eager Minji sucks your cock as constant slurps and forceful gagging reverberates around the room. You can feel the knot in your loins tightening up, so you informed Minji about it as she knows that you’ll be releasing soon on how much your length is throbbing inside her warm mouth.

    “M-Minji, fuck—I’m about to cum…”

    There it is—almost there—it’s almost there—


    A loud pop is all you hear as you can see Minji pulling out on your length that’s once invaded by her mouth. You can just see a sight of a ruined Minji and the strings of saliva connecting to your tip up to her mouth as she breathes heavily right after, catching her breath from the breathtaking (pun intended) act she has done onto your shaft.

    “Why d-did you stop?”

    Minji chides as she squints with a hint of her fierce glare, letting you know that something is wrong but you aren’t sure what it could be.

    “Why not? And, you're not gonna blast your load on my throat, not right now.”

    Not right now.

    Is she implying something? Is she going to surprise you? Well, maybe time will tell to find out what exactly she has in store behind those lustful eyes of hers.

    I hate how fucking good your cock always tastes like.”

    The oxymoron in her sentence just shows how she always adored your shaft at all times as the intense fervor and enthusiasm of her performance earlier is one evidence of it. She won’t stop herself from getting obsessed with your length and even with the worst of all moods and even if she lies through her teeth, she will always get aroused with the thought of you and most likely, the woodwork between your legs.

    I'm going to ruin you tonight, Minji. Mark my words.


    Minji's sudden eccentric demeanor is something rarely seen by Hanni, let alone you. It feels unreal at how everything seems to be out of place; everything happened so fast that it doesn't feel right. The other side of you, says the opposite as you felt aroused and enjoyed the spectacular performance you've witnessed and you can't wait to feel what Haesoo felt.

    Ok Hanni, we'll start right now, okay? And Hyuk-oppa, I want you to relax and we’ll do the work, okay? I need you to trust us and I’m sure Hanni will do a great job.”

    You feel reassured with Minji's soft and stern-filled tone as you lay back on the bed as she instructs Hanni to get down on her knees, right in front of your crotch.

    Undress him, Hanni. Maybe, you can tease him with your fingers while stripping him but I prefer it the fast way.”

    What do you mean by “the fast way”, unnie?”

    This is what I mean—”

    Within a single second, you can just see Minji undressing you hurriedly as she yanks your pants and boxers with one swift motion, your raging, almost full-erected length is now released from its frustrating restraints as it almost hits Hanni in the face. You can tell that she’s serious about this as her forbidding eyes full of lust and anticipation says enough. You don’t know if you should be scared or excited with that but you then relaxed yourself, trusting them with all of your heart as all you can think is how good these girls (most likely Hanni) will make you feel good.

    Oh, sorry oppa! Are you hurt or some—”

    “No, I’m good, it’s just—”

    Too fast? It’s alright, we’ll make sure that you’ll feel good right after.”

    With Minji’s further reassurance and your relaxed state, Minji then instructs Hanni the basics and the supposedly start for a good blowjob.

    You can stroke Hyuk-oppa slowly okay? And, I want you to pepper his cock with kisses and, I need those kisses filled with intimacy and eagerness, okay?”

    Damn, Minji has never been hotter instructing someone like this

    It’s maybe your first time seeing this side of Minji as she’s a completely different person when she’s teaching someone eagerly—her never faking a façade for even a split second.

    Without any time to waste, Hanni peppers your shaft with lust-filled kisses as she doesn't leave anything untouched with her luscious, plump lips. With this single action of hers, you're now fully-erected as your slit leak amounts of that colorless liquid, aroused with the sight of your best friend pleasuring you with her utmost efforts.

    Her strokes are leisurely done with enamore in her eyes but you won't complain nonetheless as her mouth are the ones responsible for the peak dopamine you've been experiencing. Even though Hanni is naïve about this stuff, it feels like she's done this multiple times as her talented mouth drives you crazy—she's a complete natural at this.

    Also, if oppa is leaking, consume it, okay? Don't waste your food and I bet, it's really, really delicious, maybe even better than Haesoo-oppa's.”

    Haesoo glares at Minji's not-so-serious roast as the three of them laughed. Knowing that Haesoo isn't offended, the three of you continue what you've been doing.

    Hanni follows Minji's instructions as her warm tongue presses against your slit, collecting the pre-cum out of it as you squirm and moan with the sensitivity and pleasure you've been feeling. 

    “Oh gosh, Hanni, you're doing really well. So now, it's either you can increase the pace of your strokes by spitting on your hand so it becomes more lubricated, for you to easily stroke him with a fast pace or you could start sucking his tip with your mouth and tongue, your choice though.”

    As much as you want those slim fingers with her long, well-manicured nails stroking your cock with intense fervor, the latter sounds much more pleasurable and way hotter as you're dying to feel her warm, inviting mouth wrapping around your swollen, mushroom-shaped tip.

    Hanni didn't even utter a single word as all you ever felt is her warm cavern—which is her mouth—wrapped around your tip as she slowly sucked it. The pace was excruciatingly slow as you're dying for Hanni to increase the pace but you let her do what she wants to. Gradually increasing the pace of her bobbing, she adds a few licks onto your swollen cockhead as you continue to moan her name, like a chant ringing around Hanni's ear. Hearing this, she smiled as she thinks she's doing a great job and on the other hand, Minji is not really getting impressed by the sight of this—maybe she wanted Hanni to gradually make this scene hotter or she's just really impatient, who knows what she has in mind.

    Stroke him while you suck his tip and maybe even fondle his balls so he gets more stimulated. Gosh, I know you can do better than this Hanni.”

    Hanni just nods to Minji between her bobs as she uses her drool as a lubricant to pump your shaft. Between her strokes, she hurriedly, and gently fondles your testicles as you groan in pleasure. Her strokes and fondles don't really synchronize to the rhythm of her bobs and licks onto your tip but that's what makes it incredible. The blowjob may not be close to the utmost perfection that Minji has done to Haesoo, but nonetheless, it's way too pleasurable and she's too good for a first-timer.

    There you go Hanni! You're doing a great job. Hyuk-oppa is moaning like crazy, do you hear that? Oh, he must be so needy for you and, ooh, what's this? You're already wet, huh?”

    Icawn't hwelp iwt, unniw—”

    You could tell how Hanni had waited for this moment as her needs are also inevitable as much as your cock is so irresistible for her. Her muffled speech is still somewhat audible considering how she's slobbering so much over that juicy meat of yours. The accumulated drool makes your testicles wet by dripping on it and so is the tie of her uniform, making the scene hotter.

    “W-We should have d-done this sooner, Hanni.”

    Hanni only responds with a satisfied hum and an immediate nod as she continues the oral assault on your throbbing length. She then applies what she saw on Minji's performance earlier as she takes half of your length, frantically bobbing her head as she pumped your shaft with vigor. Hanni's tears are evident as you can see the glint in her eyes, further messing up her make-up as the lipstick now smears alongside your length.

    Not so long after, she gags onto taking half of you as Minji instructs her to relax the muscles on her throat.

    Relax, Hanni, relax…”


    Another almost so-identical pop can be heard as Hanni pulls out of your shaft, coughing and gasping for breath.

    “Oh shit—are you okay, Hanni?”

    Minji then pats Hanni's head as you ask if she's not hurt or anything, concern evident from both of your eyes.

    “Is she alright?”

    “I think so, Haesoo—”

    I-I'm g-good—I'm fine.”

    A sigh of relief escapes your mouth as you're reassured seeing your friend, Hanni, responding to your questions and that she's not hurt in any way.

    I know how much you want to take it all in, but don't force it if you can't, okay?”

    Hanni nods frantically as she holds your shaft again, stroking you before taking you again into her warm cavern. 

    She's now a disheveled mess considering how she's sucking you off like a lollipop that can't get enough. She slobbers all over your raging length as more saliva seeps out of her mouth, knowing that she loves the taste of your shaft. You then grabbed her dark locks, making a makeshift ponytail as an outlet to fight the pleasure you've been feeling. Hanni didn't mind your motives and continued what she's doing, and more so, being more enthusiastic hearing your lustful moans and calls of her name.

    “Hanni Pham. Hanni Pham. Hanni Pham! Ahhh—I'm gonna cum!”

    You don't hold back as the knot in your stomach tightens, signaling your release. Hanni then stops sucking you off, pointing your throbbing length right at her face as she licks her lips, full of anticipation and bracing herself on what's about to come. Her hurriedly furious strokes send you into overdrive as she sticks her tongue out, as tempting as possible, making you aroused even more.

    “I'm—fu—ahh, cumming!”

    Your ragged breaths turned into relieving sighs and moans as you release shots of thick, warm semen at her disheveled face, painting every inch of her visage in pearly white as she moans in satisfaction and how warm your load feels on her face.

    She then strokes you on your orgasm, making you squirm in half-pain and half-pleasure as your post-sensitiveness doesn't help with it. With a few breaths escaping your mouth, you slowly recover with your high as you regain your vision back to normal.

    W-Woah, that was one hell of a load, oppa.”

    Wow. She's just so beautiful with your hot load covering every inch of her face.

    She is truly beautiful, but right now, she's just simply breathtaking. 

    You still lay down on the bed as Hanni scoops a small sample of your semen on her cheek, tasting it as she squirms in delight, knowing that she's ultimately satisfied.

    Oh god, that was so fucking hot. Shit…”

    Minji is just flummoxed on how incredibly hot this went. She's in awe of how well Hanni did as she praises her, Hanni then flustered as her cum-covered cheeks shades a rosy pink.

    “Where's the bathroom, Haesoo? Because, I'll help Hanni clean up—”

    Haesoo points on which way directs to the bathroom as they hurriedly went there, Hanni getting some tissues on the pastel-brown colored box near the table.

    Well, this was only just the beginning of what's about to come.


    It has not been a long time since Minhyuk and Hanni went to the bathroom as you supposedly wait for them to come out, but they don't and it all fits incredibly well to your plan.


    What, oppa?”

    You stammer as between your ragged breaths are those needy, lustful eyes of yours begging to fulfill your own needs. You can't take it any longer as that act of Minhyuk and Hanni makes you almost touch yourself to release it but you know that Minji wouldn't like it, because you know how she doesn't want any drop wasted.

    “I r-really need t-to fuck your face.”

    Minji is shocked at how straightforward you are as she smirks right after, knowing that teasing and edging you is the best option, maybe just a revengeful act on what you've done earlier.

    What exactly did you do for her to be like this though? Maybe it's because of all the teasing you've done earlier or maybe, it's because of her picked movie not getting picked to be watch by all of you—yet, either way, it's childish if those are the exact reasons but you half-doubted these thought because it's just maybe her wanting to act dominant around you.

    Hell no! You're not fucking my face after what you've don—”

    You pin her against the bed as your face is just inches away from hers, letting her smell the mint-flavored toothpaste on your breath. You glare at her as she glares back at you, not falling for your dominance.

    “But what did I exactly do, hm, Minji?”

    The switch of your stances are so abrupt that the two of you are shocked, but stayed in that, nonetheless. Being the dominant person is always fun and no wonder why Minji loves to act dominant with you but this time, you wouldn't let that happen, not even a single second.

    You e-exactly—ahhh—teased me so m-much… You're s-so damn, a-annoying—”

    “Oh, getting weak now, huh, Minji? Never knew that my single touch will make you too much for yourself to handle, hm?”

    Minji is never a quitter. She never was and no wonder why she's a friend to rely on: she's capable of teaching others with enthusiasm and she never gives up and quits. You loved those traits of hers but right now, you're adamant. You won't let her small games trick you to fall into submission yet she reads you like a book, breaks your defenses like it was nothing. She looks at you, straight in the eye as she places her warm hand on your chest, feeling the sudden enervation as you feel falling right into her knees.

    It's not that, oppa, it is because—”

    Not allowed to finish her sentence, you kiss her lips as you invade her mouth right away, exchanging breaths and intimacy as she fights back with her tongue, dominating you. The taste of her strawberry-lipstick is still there, so, you savor the flavor ultimately of her lips with it, like some candy you can't get enough of. The intimate kiss lasts abruptly as Minji pushes you, letting herself to not fall over your dominative aura.

    Ahh—o-okay! Okay! I'll let you fuck my face but if Hanni and Minhyuk-oppa gets out of the bathroom, this will be over, okay? I don't care if you'll fuck me with just a second or if I’ll edge you.”

    Wasting no time, the both of you got up on the bed as Minji knelt right in front of you. She pumped your erection furiously, like it's her last. Knowing that it's fully-erect, she took you in and started bobbing her head up and down.

    It was like the ordinary blowjob she had given earlier but this time, it will be a spectacular one as it's way better. You wasted no time putting your hands behind her face as you started to thrust slowly. Between your sluggish pace, Minji adjusts herself on your length as to her surprise, you begin thrusting frantically, which caught her off-guard. 

    She welcomes each rough thrust as you pound her mouth with abandon as drool seeps out of it, knowing how well you're using her tight, warm cavern. Constant moans escape your breath as you use her mouth like a fleshlight that nobody can afford. Everytime your tip hits the back of her throat, she lets out a gag that reverberates around the room. You didn't give her some time to even breathe as you pound her mouth more, only concern for your own pleasure, her then holding both of your hands with her own on the back of your head, further assisting you on fucking her.

    You know she loves this so much and you can see it from her eyes, those oh-so lustful, brown eyes, full of glint as tears stream down her cheeks. You know that she wants to touch herself under that uniform, so with force (you're still gentle towards her), you force her to avert her gaze towards your eyes as not so long after, she matches your rough thrusts with the bobbing of her head.

    “F-Fuck, your mouth feels so good—argh! As always, it feels so good, so tight, perfectly shaped with my cock. You're wanting this, aren't you, huh? What a greedy little brat who wants to ruined by m-me. Don't worry Minji, I'll m-make sure your mouth will be well-spent once I'm done fucking you—”

    You double your efforts on fucking her face as you felt the familiar knot on your loins, signalling that you will release anytime soon. As you're busy pounding Minji's mouth, you then hear a loud click echoing from a door, the sound is most likely coming from the bathroom.

    “Unnie, Haesoo-oppa! Are you guys done—ah!”

    To their surprise, Hanni and Minhyuk were shocked to see you mercilessly fucking Minji's mouth as it shows a lewd display to them, making them feel something that is not right. 

    It shouldn't feel right. Yes, it shouldn't, but here you are, using Minji's mouth like it's your last as you didn't fulfill her deal and might as well, her wants. Knowing that you won't last any longer, you groan as you screamed her name in ecstasy.

    “Oh fuck, Minji, I'm going to c-cum, and you're going to take i-it like a good girl, okay?”

    All it takes are a few thrusts before you know that you’re going to blast out. Tricking her into releasing inside her cavern, you suddenly pulled out of her warm, tight mouth as surprisingly, she initiated to furiously stroke your throbbing length until your orgasm arrives, just right in time.

    P-Please give me your l-load, oppa. I’m dying to feel and t-taste it…”

    “I’m cumming Minji!”

    Minji’s idyllic smile is the last thing you see as you roll your head back, letting everything out as streaks of hot, thick semen fire towards Minji’s enticingly beautiful face. As much as she wants your load down her throat where she would choke and taste it, she wouldn’t complain about being painted fully, every inch of her face covered by your own cum. The both of you then laid down at the bed, exasperated with all of the action you’ve done as you recover from your high and Minji gasping for air as both of your faces are flustered as you exchanged smiles with each other.

    Gosh, Minji is just really ethereal looking like thatshe is indeed ethereal as if you were to be asked, she’s the epitome of beauty. Even her being a disheveled mess with you to blame by your own doing, she always looked gorgeous nonetheless.

    The two of you are so focused on each other that you didn’t even know that Minhyuk and Hanni already came out of the bathroom as you can only see their eyes, perplexed by the hot sight that just happened. 

    “I’m still not done with you, Minji.”

    As Minji’s still tracing some samples of your load from your cheeks to taste it, you then grabbed her wrists and turned her, facing against you as she didn’t even dare to resist from your actions—you know from this moment, she fell into submission and it couldn’t have been better.

    Op—pa~, please be gentle—”

    “I am, Minji, and now, be a good girl for me, okay?”

    All that Minji can do is nod frantically as she gets down on her fours, knowing that she will be taken care of by you (definitely). Offering your finger for her to further assess her wanton needs, she greedily sucked on it as the mixture of your cum and her saliva can be tasted by hers. Not so long after, you hike up her skirt and notice the not-so-common spot on her panties.

    “You’re wet, huh? Hah, well it’s not really new because I know how much you are always dripping wet because of me.”

    S-Shut up…”

    It’s true. Even though she always lies about it (as most of the time, she does), you know that deep inside, she is already aroused and wet by the thought of you ruining her. She can’t get enough of you as much as you are to her as the feelings are mutual, and you couldn’t ask for more.

    It almost feels like you didn’t wanna strip her off because of how you’re much more aroused with her disheveled uniform but you had no choice but to do so—you can still fuck her with those clothes on but it would be a struggle at your end.

    Tracing your fingers slowly on her milky, pristine thighs, you make her feel how she’s going to be ruined by you as gasps and shallow breaths escape her mouth, her emotions with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. She squirms under your touch as you know how sensitive she feels right now, and it’s way too much because of how submissive she feels under your spell.

    W-Why are you teasing m-me so much—ahhh—”

    “Because why not? I’ll reward you right after but you need to be a good girl, do you understand?”

    Another nod. At this moment, you know that you’re in full control because of her submissive antics towards you yet you're still not complacent about it. To further assert your dominance, you lightly pull her hair, making a makeshift ponytail as you spank her butt harshly enough to make a mark and to make it sting—the sting lasting until later, or maybe even until tomorrow. She squirms and wails in pleasure as the dark spot on her panties got worse, letting you know how drenched she is right now. You then yank her panties off, down her ankles as your hardened girth twitches on the sight of her dripping pussy, drenched with her own juices. You then brush your index finger gently on her waiting entrance as she squirm and moans your name, arousing you even further. 

    Stop t-teasing me, oppa. Just p-put it in me already…”

    “Nu-uh, just be patient Minji, okay? If you aren’t, this won’t be better for the both of us.”

    Minji grew impatient from your own antics and games. Her pussy is drenching wet as her sultry moans and squirms reverberate around your ear and all you can see is a needy, submissive Minji.

    Pleas—se oppa, I n-need you inside me…”

    You ignore her pleas as you rub her clit with your thumb with a rhythm so pleasurable that Minji can't help but wail and moan. 

    If she edged you earlier, might as well pay her with her own coin.

    “I can't seem to hear you, Minji. Hah, it would be a shame if you were to get off on my fingers. ”

    Please oppa, just p-put it in—ahh—me, please. I w-wanna feel you oppa, please…”

    With Minji’s further attempts to persuade you into fucking her, it just further ignites the flames of teasing her, which she didn’t approve of. It’s maybe hitting her, realizing that you’re doing this to her in payback of her edging you earlier. She hitched a breath as symphonies of moans escaped her lustful mouth. 

    I’m s-sorry about edging you e-earlier, oppa. So please, I w-want to feel you, please, p-please, please, just shove y-your fat cock in my p-pussy and t-tame the living brat out o-of me. Fuck me hard and use me like a toy like you a-always do.”

    Her submissive pleas are basically now a chant ringing on your head as between her numerous stutters are wails of pleasure coursing down her veins. With her great choice of words to tempt and arouse and your carnal needs towards her, you also can’t help to tease her for so long as you grabbed the bottle of lube from the cabinet table nearby and began pouring some on your hands. Minji knew about your motives about this as she tried to complain but you read her mind as you hissed at her.

    “I’ll do what I want to do, Minji and you’ll like this like you always do.”

    Lubricating your throbbing girth with a thick layer of lube, you tease your tip onto her waiting asshole as you insert a finger on the rim of it, teasing her further as it sends her mind into overdrive. You then teased your hard erection with rubs on Minji’s soft buttcheeks as you spanked it again, sending ripples and waves of pleasure on Minji. You then stopped teasing her as the long wait is over, the both of you gasping and wailing as you feel each other’s touch.

    Shit! Oppa! You're s-so big—ahh!”

    “M-Minji—ah! Fuck, you’re so t-tight—ahh! So, so tight—grrr.”

    Symphonies of moans and calls escape from both of your mouths as you push your tip further, sending shivers down your spine as over time, you gradually increase the pace of your thrusts, therefore overloading the dopamine you're feeling. 

    It always had been an euphoric experience having sex with Minji. Whether it is just a fast one or such long sessions, you always feel like you're in heaven, in a state of bliss—rather calling this, perfection. The two of you always loved exploring new things to do and today is the perfect time to do so, as Hanni and Minhyuk are the ones who will make this more than an unforgettable experience.

    With your constant rhythm of thrust inside Minji's incredibly tight asshole, you can't but grip on her makeshift ponytail as you begin to pound her ass with only concern of your own pleasure. You know that she likes it rough and hard, so you need to fulfill her wants by simply granting it. 

    H-Harder, oppa. Fuck me h-harder—ahh! Yes! Ahh!! Use m-me, punish me—ah!”

    Her mouth is agape as subsequent moans of pleasure only comes from it, her eyes rolling over on how well you're fucking her. You begin to exert more effort into fucking her as the constant slapping of each of your own bodies echoes around the room as the heat from the hot sex that's happening emanates around the room. Between her constant wails of pleasure and your groans with your gritted teeth, you noticed that she's touching herself, rubbing her thumb on her clit as her own juices stain the bed sheets—and you swear to god, you're going to clean and fix your bed again on how dirty is this going to be. You didn't care about it as Minji fingers herself faster, synchronizing to the rhythm of your thrusts as she screams your name within a constant pattern, still able to form coherent sentences and words despite how rough you’re pounding her ass right now. 

    Haesoo-oppa, Haesoo-oppa, Kang Haesoo! Ahhh—y-you're fucking me too good! Shit—you always fuck me so well, oppa—guhh—ahh!”

    With her calling your name, your length throbs gradually as her juices streams out of her pussy like a waterfall on how much it has been dripping, you know that she's gonna climax soon as you helped her reach her high sooner, inserting a finger on her wet, warm cavern as your other hand holds her hips still, assisting yourself in a relentless pace that you're always loved doing.

    Oppa, I'm gonna cum—AHH!!”

    It was all enough for Minji as her reservoir broke loose, her juices gushing out, staining the bed sheets and might as well some of it on the floor and your thighs. Her climax was so strong that you felt the excessive pulsations of her pussy even though your length isn't penetrated in it. You never stop thrusting as you fuck her through her orgasm as your chasing yours too. With your rough thrusts still occurring, you’re still surprised the spaced-out Minji still has the ability to assist you, moving herself in unison of your thrusts as you groan her name, the pleasure skyrocketing and heightening up all of your senses.

    “Oh shit, Minji, I’m about to fucking cum and y-you’re gonna take it like the good girl you are, won’t you?”

    Ahh—ahh! Y-Yes, oppaahh!”

    If you were to be asked, there’s nothing coherent and articulate about Minji’s response as her moans and screams of pleasures prevailed. You give her a few more hammering thrusts as you bury the entirety of your cock deep down her tight cavern as you can feel your orgasm coming soon.

    It was all too much, way too much for you to handle as you groaned Minji’s full name in unison with your euphoric high. Thick shots of white, pearly semen paints the inside of Minji’s ass as you managed to pull out of her clenched hole, the last shots then painting her pillowy cheeks, a canvas painted white as your cum glistens on her soft, luscious skin and the first rounds then dripping out of her asshole. Your orgasm sends shockwaves throughout your body as it enervates you, but not for too long as you regain your stamina back, ready to ruin this beautiful girl more in front of you.

    “I’m gonna enjoy ruining you Minji.”

    R-Ruin me please, oppa. I misbehaved s-so bad you need to punish me more. Please strip m-me oppa, please…”

    “Don’t tell me what to do, brat! I’m gonna fuck you with this uniform on you until you pass out.”

    Ignoring her pleas just send gasoline on the fire of lust as her peak submissiveness arouses you further as your cock twitches on her glistening cunt, wet with her own doing. Positioning yourself onto her entrance, she grabs your arm for support as you will reward her more—more like a punishment in this situation.

    Whilst the two of you are on the verge of another hot, steamy sex, small whimpers and groans can be heard to the other side of the room as it reverberates around your ear. Your suspicion was right, it’s Hanni and Minhyuk making love as you didn’t avert your focus towards them as you’re mind is way too clouded about fucking Minji and maybe even more.


    It doesn’t feel right, it shouldn’t feel right. And yet the hushed whispers of encouragement in your ears as you carefully plunge your length inside her is only driving you further and further into madness. Every “oh fuck and “yes please” rolling off her tongue so smoothly, so lustfully only serves to heighten all five of your senses. Lips brush past hers as they find refuge on the crook of her neck, your tongue darting out carefully to capture the sweet and salty taste of sweat that you have already discovered to be so addicting. The reaction is immediate; her tiny body squirming and writhing as you continue to lap up such an immaculate taste of her sensitive skin. Wrap your muscular arms around her to keep her steady and to feel more of her soft skin against yours. It’s messy, it’s hot, it’s raw, and it’s downright carnal. But it doesn’t compare to the guttural moan that she emits once you finally reach the promised land, legs quickly wrapping around your waist as you fill her completely. 

    H-Hyuk oppa!”

    Whereas Minji and Haesoo are fucking each other like rabbits, you prefer to take it nice and slow because Hanni deserves that level of respect and attention. Capture her lips for a fervent kiss once more, partly because you wanted to muffle her loud moans so that the four of you don’t receive a noise complaint—God forbid anyone finds out about the sinful things happening right in this very place—but also because you want to taste her again. And again, and again, and again. You just can’t get enough of those lips: soft, plump, and with just a hint of the strawberry lip balm she always uses. It’s a perfect concoction that serves to push you towards the edge of your sanity, holding on tightly much like she does with her well-manicured nails latching onto your shoulders and making deep, red scratches that will surely sting once you wake up tomorrow. But adrenaline overpowers your system, a sensation more lust-inducing than the strongest alcohol ever crafted.


    It also serves as distraction while you continue to gradually increase the pace, though the tightness of her warm and velvety walls makes it difficult to do so. But you would gladly give her all the time in the world to adjust to you (it was already a challenge for her mouth to accommodate your raging cock), especially if the payoff includes having her body pressed against yours with no inch to spare. Pull away from the kiss regretfully to regain oxygen but you don’t stop in your pursuit of pleasure, stare intently at her unfocused eyes and they convey more than a thousand words could. They burn with passion and unbridled lust that could only be matched by the intensity of your own eyes. You already found her gorgeous to begin with (especially when she’s sucking the soul out of you) but nothing can beat the sight of her disheveled hair, bruised lips, and rose-tinted cheeks all while she whispers your name like some sort of mantra. 

    Hyuk oppa.”

    Hyuk oppa.”

    Hyuk oppa.”

    Each thrust is an earnest attempt in locating that sweet, magical spot that would be the cause of her undoing; to completely unravel that woman that you’ve known for over a decade. It’s a journey that leaves your abs burning like you just ran a marathon but the reward is more than worth the wait as she slumps forward, energy completely zapped out of her with repeated jabs towards the soft bundle of nerves. Her canines bite down on your clavicle, surely an unorthodox way of expressing her outburst of pleasure. They dig down on your skin as if you’re a prey somewhere in the middle of a barren landscape. She mewls, then a sound that can only discern itself as a mixture of cries and wails. Or maybe it’s Minji making those noises while Haesoo continue to fuck the living hell out of her—good thing it’s the weekend because she won’t be able to walk at all. But the point is moot, you suppose this is Hanni’s revenge for covering her neck with hickeys that announces to the entire world that you two fucked, at your friend’s place nonetheless. 

    “So fucking tight, Hanni. Ugh. So. Fucking. Tight.”

    You are not going to complain, however. Maybe it’s still the adrenaline or maybe you’re just a masochist, but it fills you with a surge of dopamine that only drives you further and further into your most primal of desires. The stinging pain left by the imprint of her teeth, her nails that continue to leave scratch marks on the expanse of your back, it all blurs into a bundle of pleasure that serves as a catalyst to your own eventual undoing. Add your moans and groans to the cacophony of the vocalization, feet planting on the bed while you chase for her lips again. Feel her moans vibrating against your lips, the thunderous slapping of skin against skin—she’s screaming something in English but you can’t quite catch what it is, but she screams with such vigor that it must be something good. But with how she clenches and pulsates around your cock, you didn’t need to understand her words. Her slick and wet pussy continuously floods your crotch with juices, such delectable honey regretfully wasted when you could be lapping it all up. Maybe some other time, maybe this won’t be a one time thing.

    “Feel so damn good. Shit. Shit. Shit. You’re so fucking irresistible.”

    M-Minhyuk oppa!” Her vocabulary strictly limits itself to your name, though the tone and volume varies from time to time—ranging from hushed whispers to loud proclamations. But it doesn’t seem to get quieter anytime soon, in fact it’s rising to a crescendo. Not even the muffling you attempt with your lips (it’s definitely not purely because you want to kiss her again) can silence her; and it’s not like you really want to do so anyways. The symphony is reaching its final movement, your thrusts have become sporadic, a virtuosic prowess that can only be demonstrated by the orchestra of your bodies. From your peripheral vision, your eyes wander to Minji and Haesoo’s tired and spent bodies already cuddling in the far edge of the bed.

    Oppa, p-please. I-I can’t hold on much longer!”

    “Cum for me, baby. Please. Please cum for me, I wanna feel you.”

    Oppa!” It’s loud, it’s deafening, and it’s so fucking hot. She clenches around your length so fiercely that it almost becomes impossible to continue fucking her, juices completely drenching the satin sheets underneath while she completely unravels in your arms. If you weren’t sure if the neighbors can hear you two, then you definitely are right now. The way she ragdolls to your chest, sweaty bodies intermingled with each other, hot and shaky breaths as she rests her head next to yours, every single sensation sends shockwaves to your body that ultimately unshackles the very fiber of your being. You were so focused on helping her achieve her high that your own orgasm catches you by surprise and arrives in unexpected fashion. You can only groan in silence as ropes of semen fire deep inside her womb, filling her completely and draining your balls with every thrust and with more to spare as they spill out of where you two are joined. It’s pure and unparalleled bliss, your vision turning white for a fleeting moment as your thrusts begin to slow down.

    “Hanni, fuck…..”

    Mindlessly, you cup her cheeks and kiss her again (this time it’s devoid of lust as you want to display just how much you truly cherish her and thank her for allowing you to give her that experience). Hanni continues to whimper and moan as her hips continue to buckle but at a much slower pace, as if she wants to drain every single drop out of you. And that’s exactly what she does because despite one orgasm already, you manage to unload at least eight shots of thick and hot semen inside her which immediately trickles down to your balls. You join her in making those satisfied sounds as well, you’re tired and aching but you feel so fucking relieved. Even in this state she still looks so pretty and gorgeous, if you could kiss her all day you would. And as much as you don’t want to admit it, she causes butterflies in your stomach that you don’t want to—

    Fuck, that was hot. Right, Haesoo-oppa?” The brief silence is interrupted by Minji, still resting in the arms of Haesoo. Right. You completely forget about the presence of the other couple in the room because your eyes are focused on her and nobody else. The male can only groan and nod, probably just as drained as you are. The woman resting her head on your shoulders on the other hand, is looking at you like a lion gazing down at its prey.


    An exasperated Hanni calls your name as she breaks the silence between the both of you. As you still feel light-headed from your high and the exhaustion you’ve been experiencing, you still managed to respond to her as all you can see is the aftermath mess after a hot, steamy session.

    “W-What, Hanni?”

    Her petite body climbed up as her head rested onto your shoulders, her gaze then averting towards you as she hitched a breath, preparing to say something. I don’t know if you… know this but, there are times that… I am just—uh—so grateful to have you as a friend. Like I don’t k-know how to express this accurately but I’m just so grateful. So, so grateful, oppa. This may seem weird but I wanna express it now. I wanna express on how—”

    “You love me?”

    The world felt silent as time ticked slower than before. With a single word, you felt butterflies on your stomach as you finished her sentence, her tired disposition now changed with unbridled delight as her eyes are wider than before—her pupils dilating with your response. The both of you then exchange smiles as you shed a tear, intense fervor prevails your emotions as if it was a roller-coaster but in the end, all you can feel is peak ecstasy. 

    How did you kno—”

    “Hanni, I k-knew it from the start, but I’m just afraid of really expressing my feelings too, so I thought that you won’t feel the same. That you were just playing it off every time you made a move. I was dumb, so dumb to know your true motives. I—”

    Hanni pauses you as all you can just see is her soft lips pressed against yours as you were caught off-guard but fast enough to reciprocate to the kiss. Both of your tongues fight and tangle to each other as you kiss her with intense passion; intimacy and love permeating around the air on how much you show your affection through every second of your kiss. After a hot minute of kissing, you pull out of her mouth as strings of saliva follows from your tongue on how much you exerted effort and love with that single, intense action. The both of you exchanged breaths and smiles as you can see the glint in Hanni’s eyes, knowing how much she loves everything that has happened, up to this moment.

    I love you, oppa and I hope that you feel the sa—”

    “I love you too Hanni, my honey.”

    You’re not too sure if you intended a pun unintentionally or you’re just simply in love with her right now that all words that utters in your mouth are full of affection and nothing more than that. You kissed her lips once more as you captured the sweet taste of it, again as your animalistic urges wanted you to dive in more but you refrained yourself, as you just wanted to rest on her and spend the preceding hours just in her arms and nobody else but her. With the pent-up exhaustion, drowsiness took over your body as the both of you lay in each other’s arms.

    Hanni is just so sweet, right, oppa?”

    “Yeah, if only you’re as sweet as Hanni, I could’ve made a move to you—”

    Oppa, what the fu— eww…”

    Haesoo and Minji will be the living epitome of the saying “cats and dogs” as they were about to tease each other again. All you can just hear are their faint murmurings and unhurried movements as your vision becomes blurry, and soon gives in to the drowsiness you've been feeling.


    Everything seems to be calmed and much tranquil from the earlier emanated hotness that once permeated around the bedroom. Not so long after, Minji and Haesoo gave in to their own drowsiness as they didn’t bother to even clean up, their exasperation was to blame here as it drained their energy.

    Everything just went dead silent as it’s just the faint sound of the air conditioner buzzing and the loud, metropolitan noise outside that resonates up to your eardrums.

    Well this is one hell of a night, a hot night, a hot night to remember.


    male reader x chou tzuyu

    5k words

    "Figured you should know," Tzuyu says, appearing in the bathroom mirror behind you, "you’re all out of coffee."

    This unfortunate revelation comes as you’re halfway into brushing your teeth. Comes when her warm arm reaches around your waist, fingers splaying out across your stomach before they decide to slip past the waistband of your pajamas.

    "Did you—" You raise an eyebrow at her before leaning over the sink to spit, and the mouthful of toothpaste no longer muddles the question, "check the cupboard above the fridge?"

    "And the pantry." Tzuyu gives your cock an experimental pump. "And the hall closet."

    As you eye her reflection, Tzuyu is already distracted, trading one vice for another: dragging her lips against the side of your neck. Of all the places she loved to be—at your side, in your arms, on the end of your cock—the pucker-shaped bruises shadowing in across your throat were beginning to indicate something of a clear favorite.

    "Hey." You drag the toothbrush out of your mouth, minty foam nearly drooling off your lip as you let out a dry laugh at the fingers wrapping your cock. "Can you, like, give me a minute?"

    Tzuyu looks up over your shoulder, straight into the mirror and blinks a few times. Caffeine conundrum aside, it’s not a sleepy kind of blink, rather the kind that might buy one but a moment to think, get their thoughts in order. She rolls her eyes, because she likes getting what she wants, especially when you’re involved, but you like her better when she’s a little riled up, after the suspense of waiting has caught up with her. Chipped away at that prim and proper outer layer of perfection.

    "No," she says finally in a surprisingly steady voice, and squeezes her fingers tighter around you. Gets a couple of gentle pumps going under your shorts. "I don’t think I will."

    It’s not through any fault of her own, but she looks an ounce less put together than when you both staggered through the front door of your apartment the night before—you’d gotten your hands into the delicately styled waves in her hair and as a result, all those primly smooth toffee-brown locks either tightly curled or straightened stiff to their own volition. Then it’s your sweatshirt thrown over her shoulders, she’s absolute swimming in it. Perhaps impossible to not find it endearing. And her cheeks, still flush (because oh, had you just done a real number on her) are smoldering and probably hot to the touch. You usually have no problem getting out of bed in the morning, but the fact that she’d woken you up with her ass in your hips made it hard not pick up where you’d left off the night before.

    That fact that she’s all bundled lust and sin in your arms, playfully teasing your cock between her fingers and looking at you like you’re the one who’s at fault is en route to the same outcome again.

    By the time the two of you are out of the bathroom and stumbling down the hall, it’s all hot kisses and heavy hands, working toward a common goal one moment, tugging gently at your hair, lined firm beneath her jaw, faces pressed together in this sloppy, consuming kiss—and antagonistic the next, silencing the loud smacks between your lips as Tzuyu begins to tug your shirt up over head.

    Tzuyu pushes you down the hallway which is every bit as ludicrous as it sounds, presses your back against drywall with a hand at your waist, and gets her fingertip tracing a lazy circle over your chest. "Hey," she says, and her voice comes out cool and composed like she isn’t standing there in her underwear, the long lines of her legs getting tangled up with yours. "Do you think it’s bad?"

    "Gotta be more specific, beautiful," you tell her, snaking a hand up her sweatshirt. Still no shirt. No bra. The same as how she woke up.

    As she leans her body against you, all gentle angles and immaculate curves that would make Euclid roll in his grave, you’ve got a handful of incredible ass to knead and a second sinking fingers into her chest that makes her question come across all that much more ridiculous:

    "That the two of us are always together, you know, like this." And even as she considers—however seriously—that the two of you might spend too much time behind closed doors and under fitted sheets making each other cum over and over and over until you’re gasping and red in the face, she begins to rut her hips gently against you, finds a circle of motion that brushes your stiff cock between her legs in just the right way.

    "Well," you say, voice trailing while your thumb skates beneath her lip, admiring how much better she looks in your hands than on TV, in magazines, all glitzed up in studio lighting and digital effect.

    And psychologically, you think you understand it. How this is the only way the two of you can put any part of yourselves—the joint self, the you and Tzuyu, the combined unit—first. You can’t do what regular couples do; you can’t indulge in everything that Tzuyu so desperately wants to do. You want to as well. Of course, you don’t whine about it as much as Tzuyu, but in reality, there’s nothing more than you’d like than to hold Tzuyu’s hand in the middle of a crowded street or kiss her passionately in an airport terminal, in front of a tourist attraction, get an indulgent makeout going at a concert or a bar like you see of so many other couples. You see them all the time, so happy, so wrapped up in each other, so oblivious to what they get to enjoy that you don’t.

    So you’re both lenient about the going-ons in the privacy of your own home. To a degree.

    Doesn’t mean you can’t say you try to be responsible about it, keep the way you two go at each other in check, under control. You know better than to let Tzuyu have access to you where her name is up in lights, where cameras are flashing and under all those prying eyes, where the two of you could turn a mistake into calamity.

    But still you like to test those limits.

    "How do you figure?" You nuzzle your lips into Tzuyu’s neck. Her response is exactly like what you expect: a heavy sigh and a tilt of her chin that tells you to kiss her more, touch her more, get your mouth all over her and make her feel good. When you get closer to her ear, you whisper, "where’s the harm?"

    "I just think we really have to be more careful," Tzuyu has to tell you. Frequently. "You know you drive me crazy. But if someone where to find us—"

    "Tzuyu," you start, and the sound of her name on your voice, coming out low and austere, always brings her to heel. Quickly. "No one’s going to find out. So tell me. What do you want me to do to you? Right now."

    Her cheeks burn brighter with that beautiful rosy shade of pink, a flush heat that travels across the bridge of her nose—eyes flicking down to where you can’t see them, suddenly bashful like she wasn’t the one who jumped you in the bathroom, gotten you hard and ready—like she wasn’t the one who woke you up with her thighs sandwiching your cock and silently demanding you fuck her right there.

    "I’m just saying—"

    "Tzuyu," you say again, and this time she all but shudders. Starts to quietly whine as your fingers get closer to where they can have her absolutely creaming and whimpering and coming undone; teasing at elastic, tracing the wide form of her hips; only closer without ever arriving. "Tell me what you want."

    You watch the usual suspects: the swell of her lip twisted between her teeth, eyelids lidding and dusky irises glinting with thoughts of you. It’s all there, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The Want. The need.

    Tzuyu’s mouth falls open in a whiny moan as you realize there’s not a lot keeping you from simply shoving her across the hallway, turning the tables and getting your weight on top of her. She bites back a needy sound as you pin her in place. Normally, the proud smirk on your face would be enough to make Tzuyu groan and roll her eyes, but it’s hard to muster up the resolve required to send you a piercing glare when her current expression is as far from intimidating as it could ever be.

    "Tzuyu," you say a third time, after a long pause, breathing slowly and keeping your voice even. You don’t need her knowing that seeing her like this gets your heartbeat going rabbit-fast. Don’t need her knowing how bad you want to turn her around in your hands and fuck her senseless.

    "What are you doing?" Tzuyu asks, and the muscles in her body are coiling so tight they’re practically screaming. "I’m not a little girl. Stop teasing me."

    You’ve got your free hand running a thumb down Tzuyu’s chest, along her stomach and sliding it across the smooth pale skin that stretches over her ribs, until in one quick delivery, you’re pulling her soft cotton panties down around her thighs. When your pointer finger makes contact with where she’s hot and fidgeting between her legs, Tzuyu’s throat clicks with a swallow.

    "Just tell me what you really want," you repeat, gliding your finger across the her cunt’s aching lips, "or I’ll stop." It’s possible you’d never be able to help yourself, you have to tease, playfully nudge her. The real fun is when you could get her to start cussing and swearing and begging—that’s how you knew you’re giving it to her good, that toe-curling, mind-blowing sex that everyone dreams of, when that delicately maintained veneer started to show cracks and rough edges. "Let me make this easier. Do you want me to hold you down?"

    It’s not a surprise that you’re hitting the nail on the head. She’s yours. You know Tzuyu, and her eyes go wide. She nods, because it’s what she’s only ever wanted—filled her nighttime fantasies and daydreams for months before she’d ever truly seen it, truly felt you over her and fucking her with your tongue, your fingers, your cock. She’ll later swear up and down that you’re the one always dragging things to the bedroom, getting her so worked up she can’t help but ride out her own frustration. The way she sees it, you’re the one who’s corrupted her. Not that it’s even half the truth.

    "Do you want me to get you wet?" You ask, even lower now, like a growl at her throat, and Tzuyu lets out a delightful sound at the mere mention of it.

    She spreads her legs wider as you continue to finger her, wriggles her hips desperately on your hand to find some sort of friction that might set her loose, but you bring a grip down hard onto her waist, pressing her firmly into the wall to keep her from shifting.

    "I want—" Her words become cut off and unintelligible when your fingers find purchase inside her, find her immediately soaked and dripping around you. She gets that adorably needy tone in her voice the moment your thumb comes to rest on her clit, prodding at the bud just light enough to make her shiver. "Please."

    It seems to take a special kind of awful to look down at Tzuyu’s desperate expression and find it nothing other than charming and adorable, but much to her impatient displeasure, you’re that exact kind of awful.

    "Speak up," you say, even though rationally, everything is clear to you—the fact that you can get Tzuyu begging for it a whole separate matter. "Wanna hear your lovely voice, Tzuyu."

    She sighs. It’s anxious. It’s needy. It’s a perfect honesty: "want to feel you in me."

    "Want me to fuck you," you amend, kissing her once, hot and hard, and when you pull yourself off her mouth, you make sure she’s listening. "Want me to cum in you."

    She nods. Swallows. Rolls her lips between her teeth.

    "Want it." Tzuyu’s chest heaves to shoot out a hot, pointed breath, and she preens the misplaced hair off her cheek and back behind her ear before returning to a moment more composed. "Want you now."

    "Oh, I think we all have all the time in the world, darling," you breathe into the hollow of her throat, and the two of you don’t stop kissing this time, your lips always on each others, the smiles growing at the corners of your mouths giving way to something more heated and intense. More urgent.

    Tzuyu’s arousal is like a living thing, fighting for control, getting her furious and blotchy and burning up to the roots of her hair. When you draw your fingers out of her throbbing cunt, she doesn’t even stop to think; takes them between her lips and starts sucking. She doesn’t decide to do it, you figure, it just happens, as if she’s meant to. She’s perfect for everyone, and then shes flawless for you.

    "Gonna make you cum now," you growl against her cheek, and she coos the moment you sink to your knees. Starts slipping her hands through your hair in anticipation. Gets your face between her legs where you’ve got wet kisses trailing down her inner thighs. It’s so close to where she needs you, has her rocking and circling her hips in the hope she might reach your mouth, the pleasure she might only realize at the end of your tongue.

    And finally, you slide your mouth upward. Tongue flattened, lips hot and loose, you let her find it.


    Between her legs, you grin, pull back enough to murmur, "there’s my girl." And with that you’re hooking a hand behind her thighs and diving back in.

    Tzuyu’s eyes are all docile gleams and innocent glimmers, watching from above as you push her legs open wider for you—sharp draws of air as you eat her pussy with delicate and calculated approach: the tip of your tongue against her clit is just the right amount of hot and wet and firm to get her dizzy, voice flooding full of lust and want. She yearns for nothing more than the way you pull at her swollen lips, masking her cunt with these hot, hungry kisses that cover your chin in her slick, fill your mouth and your thoughts with her.

    "Oh, my god," she says behind the knuckle worrying her teeth, crying out in such obvious satisfaction that it has you nearly laughing—so smug and self-satisfied that you push your face into her hot pussy harder to hide the expression. Like flicking a switch, you’re tapping, teasing, torturing that button that makes her feel all of that pure concentrated relief. Makes her feel like you’re pulling her apart and tearing her to pieces—makes her desperate and choke back moans, ones that cry for more.

    "God," Tzuyu curses, and your name on her lips becomes a wish, a prayer, begging, "fuck, what are you doing, that’s so—that’s so good, you’re so good, please, please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop."

    Even if you consider keeping her on that precipice, nudging her closer and closer until she physically can’t take anymore, Tzuyu’s cunt is so warm and sweet, and even her cum tastes incredible, all strange and familiar at once—gets you bearing down to kiss deeper, harder. You know the basic principle of what you’re seeing: that Tzuyu’s body is reacting, that you’re reducing her to instinct, bringing her to the edge and fucking her earnest.

    "C’mon princess, you can cum for me, I want you to cum," you rasp, and the pet name—one that you’re sure would in any other context make her wince—gets her heating up even more. When you lower your mouth again, you swirl your tongue around her clit and then suck.

    "Yeah," she says, nodding, "Yeah, yeah." The word becoming all she can manage between hot, shuddering breaths that you can feel coil in her distinctly tight stomach, only releasing in the violent jerks of her hips, each spasm more uncontrolled, less predictable than the last.

    It’s a concerted effort: the wet touch of your mouth, the two fingers—three now—that you have fucking her dripping cunt get her needy cries echoing through your apartment and her throat hoarse. The pressure must be just perfect because Tzuyu flies right over the edge into everything. She’s all broken moans and stutters and hiccups—all you find between her thighs is hot and wet and pulsing and quivering and perfect. The beginning of the end, and she’s pleading, begging for release.

    "You’re going to make me—" she pants, twice, holding tight to your shoulders, nails sharpening like claws into your skin, and her legs aching into quakes and tremors around you.

    That’s your Tzuyu.

    "CummingI’m cumming," she cries out, almost silently, and then it’s your name and curses all sputtered out across these keening moans that almost see her young, tight body collapse and spill all over you. "I can’t—You’re making me cum."

    "Good girl," you murmur, your mouth still dragging across her stomach, and it’s the praise that all but kills her, gets her breath arriving in fits and starts, wrestling against you for control, but it’s far, far too much. Far too gone in her own orgasm to realize she’s fucking soaking you in her slick. Of course, you’re kneeling there, just grinning like the devil himself, pushing your fingers in and out of her slowly to ensure that Tzuyu’s fucked right through the apex of her high; curling against the way she throbs; feeling the way she quivers.

    She’s the girl whose name is on everyone’s lips, and she’s practically drenching you—oh, what a heartthrob, you think, and then immediately remind her: "you’re so fucking pretty Tzuyu. Love when you cum for me."

    Her fingers thread through yours, and she finally lets her lips twist out that million dollar smile, laughing all abashed and flushed and red in the face until finally giving you that look: an expression that lets you know she has only one thing on her mind, and that she wants for nothing more than to get filled by your cock, mend the empty feeling knotting in her stomach, the utterly foundational need.

    And after kissing you, melting into you and getting her own taste off your lips, she brings her mouth against your ear, breath still hot and haggard, tells you, "get on the bed, baby."

    And but so, you arrive at a familiar crossroads, those four corners of your bed. You’re sprawled with your head at the base and feet at the pillows because that’s simply how you two managed to tumble, Tzuyu controlling the fall. When she peels the sweatshirt from up and over her lithe frame, your cock jumps, twitching in her hands, because the image is nothing less than perfection. The fact that a girl could have a face like hers, and a body like that is some sort of error, a cosmic mix up—one to which finds you the sole beneficiary.

    "Maybe I should tease you," she says, licking her palm and getting both hands around you, pumping you languidly to full attention. "Look how bad you want it."

    "You’re in charge, princess." you say, laughing out loud.

    Tzuyu rolls her eyes. Gets her elbows on either side of your face so you’re looking at nothing other than just her. There’s a story here, and sure, it’s novel and unique. Right up until the point it isn’t; there’s never been a different ending beyond your cock buried deep inside her until she’s panting and whimpering.

    "Is that right?" she asks, leaning in so close you can feel her warm breath tickle your neck.

    "I mean, I might be lying; decide to get you underneath me if you go too slow."

    "I’ll keep that in mind." Tzuyu chuckles, her laugh echoing against your chest as her lips curve up into a toothy grin. If that isn’t a look perfected. She grabs you by the jaw and kisses you, so thoroughly that you really haven’t the shadow of a doubt in your mind that she will be every bit the challenge you could ever hope for—and when she pulls away, her tongue licks across your lower lip, before gently biting down and whispering, "I’m gonna ride you now, baby."

    The look on her face is careful, more determined, as she lines herself up against your body, straddles your hips and rubs the head of your cock through her heat, kissing it to where you’d made her soaked and wanting; there’s a deep breath between you, and then Tzuyu slides closer in your lap. Sinks down.

    And then you feel herall of her—as she takes the full length of your cock into her hot, tight cunt. Neither of you even move. Simply sit there and look on all teary eyed and so wracked in pleasure to the point your mouths just hang, frozen, because apparently she was discovering the answer to every question in the universe, and all of them were you.

    "Move your hips for me, Tzuyu," you say, and you’re guiding her, urging her, making haphazard grips out of the beautiful curve beneath her tiny waist, a makeshift reign where her hips flare and that ass smacks down hard against your thighs. "There you go; fuck yourself on my cock."

    Actually it’s more like she slams down. It’s a lofty goal of hers, to get you so fucked and bothered and reduced to smithereens. That, or get you so close to the edge, get you so needy for your own release that you’ll simply throw her off you and pin her to the mattress and fuck her like she really wants.

    "It’s so fucking good," Tzuyu gasps, raising her hips. The sound that comes out of you is indescribable when she lowers them again. That’s the reaction she’s looking for, that you—ever indomitable you—are shuddering under her hips, that every time she drags her pussy along your length, gets you aching inside her tight, hot cunt, she has you absolutely struggling, hanging onto by a thread.

    "Tzuyu," you choke, and you’re gathering all these smirks and haughty looks; she throws her head back because apparently that vice-like grip she has around you, a glove to your cock, all velvety smooth and addictive is just as good for her as it is for you. "I just love how this pretty little body looks when it’s bouncing up and down on my cock."

    "Oh my god," she curses, moaning at how good you feel inside her, voice finding a familiar tremble as each bounce on your cock gets her hot cunt that much more fucked, more soaked, more perfect, and you’re both whimpering mindless. Her body stretches to accommodate you as she squeezes up so tight around you that you’re joining her groans with a lazy smirk. She nods, slapping her hips roughly against you, fucking you with all the energy she can muster, and she rasps, smiling in silent laughter, "ugh, I can feel you filling me so deep. Love fucking you like this. Could do this all day."

    The sounds coming out of you—fucked out of you each time her thighs land flat against yours, each swivel of her hips in a rhythm that doesn’t falter even once—are driving Tzuyu up the wall. Every last moan and sigh only spurs her to ride harder and harder until she realizes she’s better off lifting herself onto her feet, crouching over and using every muscle of her toned legs to fuck your aching shaft. With her beautiful form above you, tight young body glistening with sweat and whimpering at the bottom of every rut, you hold tight to her waist, carelessly marking bruises under your fingertips, grasping hard as you’re fraught with the utterly perfect, tight, wet cunt wrapping your cock.

    "It’s good," Tzuyu gasps, on repeat, and her cheeks begin to flush again, fill so unbelievably pink. "It’s so fucking good, baby."

    On the basic, thrust by thrust level, it’s kind of her trademark—what you’ve come to expect from her. She’s all toned muscle and coiled lust around you, merciless, truly fucking you, taking you up and down while her curves ripple in place: small, perfect tits shaking each time she crashes onto you, and her ass against you waist feeling incredible.

    It’s fast and heavy and hot and you’re nearing everything dangerous, nerves on fire and holding your breath right up until the moment Tzuyu cums all over your cock. She slows to a near crawl, hips still circling against you, and then, overcome by the sensitivity of another orgasm, freezes. This time, it comes with no warning, just the writhing and wracked look of a girl who can’t believe how good your cock feels deep in her pussy, making her feel so full and complete.

    "Tzuyu, you’re gorgeous," you reaffirm, reaching a hand against her chest, sinking your fingers hard into her perfectly sculpted breasts. You know how this goes, the fact that she never knows how to ask for what she wants, that when she’s like this, she needs you to take control. There’s always such sweet fun to be had in grappling her hands behind her back, get her ready to be fucked and used like she craves. Shift your hips downwards and prime yourself at the perfect angle, and get her cumming over and over until she’s a hot, fucked mess. "You look so good cumming for me. I’m going to fuck you through it sweetheart. I’ll take care of you. I always do."

    "Mnppph." Tzuyu moans into your neck, as you start to glide upward into her hot, fucked hole. She’s so massively drenched that the sound of it, you thrusting fast into her cunt, is absolutely filthy. If the sheets were in bad condition from your romp before, they’re approaching new levels of fucked, completely beyond repair.

    Tzuyu grins. She loves this. She loves whittling down your arrogance and repurposing it into an unabashed lust, the kind of raw emotion that will hammer at her cunt until she’s mewling, keening, and simply falling apart. Until she’s recovered enough from losing herself on your cock, and she’s whispering in your ear, "want your cum, want to feel you fucking burst."

    You consider it. All with Tzuyu’s lips on your throat, kissing your face and punching out tiny breaths every time your cock buries into her, it’s a pretty real possibility. It was taking some amount of self-control to hold back before with Tzuyu’s pussy being the hottest, tightest, wettest you’ve ever known—only growing more unbearably immaculate with every inch you bore into her—and here you are, fucking her with such strong, hard strokes that slide so easily from base to tip of your cock that you’re approaching it all. Dangerously fast.

    Yours, Tzuyu croons in your ear, crying out in heavy desperation with a voice so crushed and gravelly it’s near irreconcilable—she’s so wracked that the only thing she can do is beg for you to unload in her cunt. "Im yours. Want you to cum in me so bad, fucking own this pussy baby, fill me and make me yours."

    "Tzuyu, you" Holy shit. You’ve got it all twisted, explosion imminent. Nerves and muscles acting together and without your permission. "—feel so fucking good."

    "I know," she says, thumb rubbing at your cheek while she barely holds herself above you—eyelashes fluttering each time you bottom you out in her cunt. "You can cum. Go ahead. Cum for me, baby."

    Your teeth grit, and you take a final gasp of air between your teeth, "Tzuyu, fuck."

    You’ve got your hands clamping down on her ass, pulling her into the end of each thrust, and as you bury yourself deep into her cunt again, you cum. 

    "Amazing," Tzuyu breathes against you, ignoring the groans and sighs still billowing out of your lips. "You’re perfect." She clenches down on you, tightening around you to wring you dry with each shallow thrust you make to fuck your cum deeper into her. It’s hot and wet and fucking unbelievable.

    It takes all your remaining energy—those last waning vestiges—to shift Tzuyu’s body aside you. Your cock falls out of her well-fucked pussy and onto the sheets before you feel her ass snuggle again into the crook of her hips, as good a way to start as it is a way to finish, and the exhaustion of your own orgasm has your breath short and unsteady.

    "Hate to say it," Tzuyu says, wiggling her ass against you, which is truly a dangerous game, regardless of your condition, "but I’m really hoping you’d go get more coffee."


    Minju invites you inside her place to have sex. Would you rather watch her undress while following her to the bedroom or undress her yourself?

    Minju invites you inside her place to have sex. Would you rather watch her undress while following her to the bedroom or undress her yourself?

    Undress Under duress

    Male Reader x Kim Minju

    Length: 2876 words

    Tags: teasing, undressing, outfit change, dirty talk, clothed sex, touching and feeling yourself, watch don't touch torture, rough sex, quick sex, standing sex, from behind, hair pulling, self-indulgence, creampie, Minju is the hottest thing ever, literally the sun can't compare, cursing, teased!you

    Inspiration: apart from ask, mostly just the outfits and Minju being so damn hot that I can't help myself

    (A/N: Lol that was so easy to write wtf. Yes, I'm working on other stuff, especially the 69th idol story, but those take a lot longer than a quick Minju smut.)



    Terrible flirtatious greetings often lead to rejection and a bit more tequila in your veins. But not tonight. Tonight it leads to horny giggles by you and the girl that just opened the door for you. The two of you met last night at the most cliche college party you have ever been to. A cliche party deserves some cliche pickup lines, you told yourself, and dropped one after the other until this gorgeous girl gave you her number.

    “You look good, standing in this door frame,” you slowly hum, and reach for the top of said frame and lean on it with stretched arms, “but I bet you look better laying in bed.”

    She giggles again, bright teeth shine through an even brighter smile. She is one hell of a catch. It’s incredible that she fell for lines like this, in all honesty, you didn’t even try, it just rolled off your tongue. 

    “You want to find out?” she asks and you scan her outfit one final time: the baby blue denim of tight jeans is a perfect tease to hide what you assume are amazing legs. Her fuzzy long-sleeve crop-top looks perfect to tear off of her torso and reveal her collarbone and breasts. The fact that she is not wearing shoes makes it even hotter somehow.

    “You don’t have to ask twice.”

    Enter the small apartment. It's really not that special, minimal decorations, the typical college student chaos of textbooks and papers, an old couch in the corner. The only thing that catches your attention is a large mirror opposite of said couch. It hides the entire wall, floor to ceiling, thus making the room appear much larger than it actually is.

    “Sorry, I didn’t find time to clean properly,” the girl says, her back turned to you for a second. You immediately take this opportunity to hug her from behind, arms firmly wrapped around her small waist and wide hips. 

    “Don’t worry, Minju, I like dirty things~” you say and place a peck on her cheek. She brushes her hair to the side to give you easy access to her smooth neck, but before you can suck on the skin, she invites you into her mouth. 

    The taste of juicy mango on light pink lips is a welcome surprise, so you attack her mouth further with your tongue until you find a quick, thrilling rhythm in which your tongues swirl. Saliva is exchanged, heartbeat increased and your fingers already fiddle with the top button of her pale blue jeans.

    “Ha, stop,” Minju moans and reaches for your invading hand. “Sit down. I want to give you a show.”

    “Oh, wow, I did not expect this. Alright then.”

    You take a seat on the couch opposite of the mirror. Luckily, you don’t have to look at your flushed, horny face for long, as Minju steps in front of it and starts to play with her hair. Her pointers twirl the chestnut colored strands. She pulls the curls that form, making her hair bounce, all the while smiling widely and narrowing her fuck-me eyes.

    Suddenly, her hands jump to her collar. Minju makes sure you are attentive, that every ounce of your attention is filled with her every movement, before she gradually moves her hands downwards. They glide through the fuzzy fluff of her white crop top, moving slightly up to pass over her mounds, but they never halt. 

    Minju's insane lack of speed makes you shift forward in your seat. You want to, you need to jump up and grab that stupid white piece of clothing and tear it off. But the young woman just smiles seductively and shakes her head. Her hands continue their slow journey, over her toned abs, that beautiful navel until she finally tugs down her jeans a bit.

    The first button pops free. That’s it. She doesn’t drag the denim down, doesn’t remove the prison of her legs. Only a slight tug and you see the hem of her what appears to be black lace panties. Your mind begins to melt. You grab the rest of the sofa, squeeze it, almost break it. It’s all right in front of you, but yet so far away.

    “You like it~?” Minju teases with a husky whisper.

    “Fuck, you’re such a tease,” you respond, eager to see what happens next.

    You did not expect Minju to turn around. Sure, her back looks good, at least the parts you can see, but it’d look a lot better if you were railing her from behind, without the stupid crop top in the—

    One pull and the crop top flies open. You couldn’t see how Minju did it, but by quickly adjusting your posture, you see in the mirror the reflection of her upper body. A black lace bra, very expensive and luxurious looking, covers her modest breasts. When she gets rid of the crop top all together, you drool at the sight of flawless skin on her collarbone, shoulder, arms.

    “Minju, fuck.”

    “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

    With that said, Minju takes a step backwards, away from the mirror, towards you. Her rear end is still covered by the tight pants, but when you hear her zipper, a rush of hormones and adrenaline engulfs you. Both her hands are at her hips, slowly creeping into the jeans and guiding them down as she bends over. More and more of the hem of her panties is visible, yet she still keeps her ass hidden. God, so close, you want it so much, you are ready to fall on your knees and beg. 

    Minju catches your gaze through the mirror. She winks and puts out her tongue to taunt you, the deeply breathing, incredibly horny guy a meter away from her butt. Even though she could drag this torture out forever (and frankly, you would sit there and drool forever), she pulls back her tongue and bites her lip.

    The firm skin of her cute ass comes into view. A black thong runs in between the well-formed cheeks. Minju lets the pants rest right underneath her butt and straightens her posture. A tiny shimmy, the cheeks begin to wiggle lightly. You are out of breath.

    “I know it’s not the biggest, but it seems you like small butts,” she giggles and continues to let her pants fall in short hops. Her meaty, perfectly formed, round thighs make your heart flutter to an extreme you could not have dreamed of. For some reason, the finish was too fast. You can’t just jump up and fuck her now, but it’s exactly what you still desperately desire.

    “You are such a slutty tease. I’ll fuck you so hard—”

    “This was only part one,” Minju says. Her laughter rings through the apartment as she jogs out of the room. 

    Minju returns shortly after with a completely different outfit. A simple pink dress with tiny gems spread all over it in simple patterns. The marvelous, mouth watering width of her hips is accentuated perfectly and invokes a want in you, a want to cum inside her. Not only cum inside, but also hold her hips while doing it and feeling her womanhood suck you dry. 

    “What do you think of it?” she asks and turns around once.

    “It’s good, good, but for fucks sake, I want it on the ground,” you grunt. 

    “Do you know why I like black thongs the most?” Minju asks, completely ignoring your response. Her eyes have this gleam of unbridled sex, as if nothing else mattered now, just raw, primal sex. But yet she still seems cool, unaffected, the lust is not overtaking her.

    “No clue.”

    “Because you can’t see how wet I am.”

    With that said, she grabs the hem of the dress and gently lifts it up an inch. Your orbs widen and focus on her gap. Sure, she might show more of her delicious thighs, but you want to finally see her pussy. You expect her to pull up a bit more, but instead, she moves her fingers to the sides and sways the dress as if it were a skirt waving in the summer breeze. Her cute giggle would fill your heart if you weren’t so damn blinded by how much you hate her tease. 

    You hate the way your perfectly fitting pants become uncomfortable  to wear. You despise the fact that your boxers are ruined by a stain of precum already. You can’t deal with her delighted mood, not at all innocent, but also not uncontrollably horny. Minju is in control, and for some reason, through all your hate, you fucking love it.

    “Minju, please,” you squeeze out through gritted teeth.

    “Please what~?”

    “Please… pull the damn dress up.”

    She laughs. But only because you asked so nicely.”

    The pink cotton moves up to reveal her midriff and crotch, the former bare, toned and beautiful, the latter only covered by a thin, ornate thong. It’s sexy beyond belief, but the black barrier still blocks your view of what you imagine is a shaved, wet pussy.

    “Fuck,” you gasp.

    “You want more?” Minju whispers, the bunched up dress firmly in her hands, ready to give you more—or is it just another tease?


    Minju raises an eyebrow at your lackluster answer. “Yes what?”

    “Yes, please. Please, Minju!”

    “There you go,” she bluntly says and easily pulls the dress over her head, then lets it fall out of her relaxing hand. Tension visibly leaves her entire body, she relishes in your gaze as it wanders up to her bare tits. They are a bit smaller than you assumed after seeing the bra, but your monkey brain wants to reach for them, pinch the hard nipples, and suck on them with reckless roughness. They are perfect, flawless, if you actually think about it. 

    “I can’t hold it anymore, I need you now.” 

    The words come from your mouth quickly. You stand up, hands already tearing open your pants, but Minju is a bit quicker. She places her hand on your heaving chest. In her deepest, most seductive tone yet she strikes you an offer that cracks the foundations of your imaginations.

    “Before you go at me, hear me out. Either you can stay here, suck my tits the entire night and fuck me once with one of your stupid condoms.

    “Or you can sit down again, watch the final show, and I’ll let you do anything to me. You can let all of your frustrations out, fuck me senseless with your hard cock. I don’t care if I can’t walk or talk anymore, I don’t care if I leak your fucking cum all over the apartment. Yes, you can even do it raw.”

    You struggle to pull your pants back together. Your cock was almost free, now it’s not only getting blocked by clothes and the short distance between it and Minju’s cunt, but also Minju’s insane offer. Her hand is still on your chest, applying a small bit of pressure. You let yourself succumb to it rather than the spontaneous lust. Fall back into the couch and simply nod. 

    “I think I know the answer.”

    Minju winks and sneaks out of the room slowly, her hips swaying to the point where your head just sways along with them. This time, she stays out for longer, but what even is the time you have to wait in light of what is to come afterwards? Even if she walks out wearing an entire hanbok, you’d wait for her to finish this torturous game, undressing each layer of the excessively large dress.

    “What do you think of this~?” the brunette moans as she enters. Your jaw drops and your eyes become unfocused. Minju hit another spot.

    “Fuck,” you repeat your new found mantra at the sight of Minju doing gradual body rolls in her final outfit, another crop top and hotpants, both come with a catch. 

    The crop top is black but slightly see through, to the point where you can make out that she is not wearing a bra. The gray hot pants are frayed at the edges, to the point where you doubt they cover her full. As Minju continues her little dance, you catch glimpses of what is below those pants. Nothing. No thong, no panties, just her juicy pussy lips. 

    She is skilled however. You can never get a satisfying look at her entrance. These milliseconds are just another way to tease you. The way her hips move, Minju makes sure to not give you enough, to make you more addicted to the drug that is her body. You’re about to burst, in more ways than one.

    “You’re doing fantastic,” Minju says and makes her hands go down her waving body, over breasts, abs, thighs, you know the drill. “I’ll give you a look.”

    This time, no button is popped open. Minju wiggles the tight gray denim down until it’s loose enough. She drops it to her knees in one motion. Her pussy is finally exposed, free of any teasing blockades. It’s even prettier than you imagined. Smooth, shaven skin around it, pink labia, cute hidden clit. 

    “Do you like it?”


    “Do you want it?”

    Nod, nod, nod, a million times.

    “Then what do you say?”

    “Please~ oh my God, please, Minju!”

    Your desperate, pleading shout makes Minju stick out her tongue as she gives tiny rubs to her more than wet clit.

    Come and get it.”

    Jump up, pin Minju to the mirror. Your cock spring free on its own—nah, she was helping, but what’s the difference really? To her audible surprise, you don’t kiss Minju or remove her clothes. Instead, you pull her hot pants back up and tear them open. They are unusable in public now, but they are more than useful for what you’re going to do with her. 

    “Hey, those were my favorites!” Minju protests.

    “I don’t care,” you growl and lift her left leg up.

    “You better don’t care. Use me like a fucking sex doll. No more hesitation.”

    “You’re one to talk, teasing slut.”

    Align your cock with her entrance. Hot and wet, like your tip already is.

    “Fuck, I’ll probably cum immediately. Shit,” you curse and feel like hitting yourself for this lack of self-control.

    “No problem,” Minju responds, needily, holding onto your nape, “I’ll make sure to keep your cock warm and clean it so you can repeatedly fuck me. 

    “Also, I’m going to cum too.”

    Piston your entire dick into her with one thrust. She pulls you in at your nape, you pull at her back. The two of you let all of your emotions out in screams and growls, before grunting and moaning when you start to fuck her against the mirror. It rattles each time you force Minju’s butt against it with your pelvis. 

    You lose your mind to the pressure on your shaft. Minju’s pussy was loose, easy to penetrate at first, but now her walls grind all around your cock. Things get even better when the young woman cums with an erotic, feminine moan. Her cunt milks you, it’s ripple and hotness too much to handle. After mere seconds you burst.

    Engage in a torrid make out session as you flood Minju’s tightness with your seed. The teasing session had the same effect as edging. You blast and blast and blast, huge, thick spurts of cum until Minju disconnects her lips to let both of you breathe. 

    “Fuck, keep it in me. I’ll keep it war—”

    “Shut up, slut.”

    Your blunt response is followed by an even blunter action. Pull out of Minju and spin her around. With a lewd squelching sound, a considerable amount of your baby batter falls onto the floor before you can plug the hole again. She gasps in shock as you pin her body between you and the cold mirror. 

    “You’re not going to give me commands,” you grunt into her ear and start to pump your spent, still hard cock into her leaking cunt. Eager to feel all of you, Minju presses her ass backwards until your pelvises meet. Get a handful of her hair while you take her from behind.

    “Fuck, that’s the spirit,” Minju babbles through her drooling mouth. You firmly grab her hip to make the fucking easier. Your eyes go to the mirror. The reflection is not embarrassing to you anymore, you feel fucking feral at the sight of two bodies in their prime fucking. 

    Minju must think the same thing. She can’t stop gawking at her own image, feeling herself, her body getting plowed. This self-indulgence, this arrogance she possesses makes you livid. She only wants to be looked at, her moves, her teases. She acts like you’re not there—although your cock reaches her womb and hits her cervix again and again. 

    You increase the pace and press her stupidly gorgeous face against the mirror.

    “You like your face, slut?”


    “Then make out with it.”

    And as Minju closes her eyes and slobbers all over the hot image of herself, you don’t hesitate to slap her hourglass figure to make sure she remembers you. You are there, you were there—and you’re gonna stay for a bit longer, always cumming into Minju’s cunt.


    A/N: Short PWP request from someone who wished to stay anonymous. Sorry this took so long!

    TW: Cheating, anal, degradation?


    Chaewon's boyfriend stood in the doorway of her apartment, feeling like he was in a nightmare. His girlfriend was bent over the coffee table, her skirt lifted up, panties around her ankles, and her tight little ass in the air as you pounded into her from behind. He had always suspected you, now here you were defiling his girlfriend right in front of him.

    He wanted to turn away, but he was rooted to the spot, unable to move. He felt like he was in a trance, watching the scene unfold before him in horror.

    Chaewon was clearly enjoying it, her moans of pleasure filling the living room. She was so lost in the moment that she hadn’t even noticed her boyfriend standing there.

    You, however, had noticed. You paused for a moment, then pulled Chaewon's hair back, making her look at her boyfriend in the eyes.

    “Look at him,” you said, a smirk on your face. “Doesn’t he look proud of his baby girl?”

    Chaewon glanced at her boyfriend, her eyes filled with contempt. She smirked and said, “Doesn’t look like he’s too proud. In fact, I think he’s disgusted.”

    "Stop this! You can't treat my girlfriend this way!" Her boyfriend yelled, thinking he was protecting her.

    "This was all your girlfriend's idea," you said with a smirk. "She's quite the anal loving whore, isn't she?"

    A sinister look appeared on Chaewon's face. She had told you she never let him fuck her ass no matter how much he pleaded. She wanted to prove that she wanted this just as much as you. Chaewon began to bounce up and down on her own, her tight nubile ass enveloping your entire length. She slowly rode your cock, making sure her boyfriend could see every inch disappearing into her ass.

    “Does this disgust you, oppa?” she asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Do you like seeing your baby girl being treated like a whore?”

    Her boyfriend felt his heart break. He wanted to run to her, to take her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her. But he couldn’t move. He was too shocked to do anything but stand there and watch.

    Chaewon's speed increased as she continued to ride you, her moans getting louder and louder. Suddenly, she let out a loud gasp, a stream of fluids gushed out of her, squirting all over you and the floor–collapsing on top of you, her body shaking with pleasure.

    You smiled and said, “See? This is how much your girlfriend loves my cock.” You continued to thrust into her lifeless body, her screaming became louder and louder until you finished inside her ass.

    Chaewon remained slumped over in your arms, looking up to face her boyfriend. "What do you have to say now, oppa?" she said with a smirk.

    Her boyfriend felt his heart sink. He wanted to stop her words, but he couldn’t. He just stood there, his eyes full of tears.

    "You're a failure of a man," she spat. "Look at me. Look at what I'm doing." She spread her legs, revealing her gaping asshole filled with your cum. "This is what your girlfriend has become. A slutty little whore who loves getting fucked in the ass. Your worthless cock could never satisfy me so I had to find someone who could."

    Chaewon then got up and walked over to her boyfriend. She grabbed his face and forced him to look her in the eyes. "I need more cum," she said, her voice low and desperate. "I need you to watch as he fucks me and fills up my cute little ass. I need you to watch as he pulls my hair and orders me to suck him dry."

    Chaewon returned to her hands and knees, slowly crawling back to you, your load still leaking out of her. "Please fuck me again. Stick that thing back into me and plug me up," her voice full of desperation.

    You smiled and pushed Chaewon back on the floor calling her a greedy cum slut. Spanking her while relentlessly thrusting your shaft into her tight little ass–trickles of cum oozing out with every consecutive thrust. She buried her face into the carpet, crying and moaning, your stiff rod slowly but surely overwhelming her.

    Then her body completely tensed up–her fluids completely staining the carpet. Even as her orgasm took over her body, she begged you to keep fucking her ass. You could only obey, pounding away until you were almost at your limit.

    You pulled out her ass, your voice firm issuing out your orders. "Clean up my cock." You remembered her scathing words that tore her boyfriend apart, grabbing her hair and forcing her lips on your cock. "Suck me dry." Chaewon took you from her ass to her mouth without any hesitation.

    Things started out slow, but her warm mouth and the suction of her cheeks felt too good, too enticing to just stand idly by. Her throat bulged every time you pushed deep, slowly building up speed in fucking her mouth. Tears rolled down her face as she gagged and choked, but she showed no signs of giving up–opening up her throat until you erupted inside.

    A sadistic smile appeared on Chaewon's face, she opened her mouth, showing her boyfriend the pool of cum gathered on her tongue, then spat it out on his face–the final act of humiliation.

    He stumbled out of the room, his heart broken. He had failed his girlfriend in the worst possible way. He had allowed her to be treated like a whore and he had been powerless to stop it.

    He knew he would never be able to look at Chaewon the same way again.

    NOTE: The requester commissioned an rewrite.

    Messy (ft. Kep1er Chaehyun)

    WC: 1.3k
    Genre: smut, Chaehyun x m!reader
    A/N: Just reuploading under my real pseudonym.

    She came home ecstatic and excited, but why is she like this? Oftentimes you speak to yourself, but no speaking could be done when her lips were entangled with yours. You watched her have fun, sing, dance, and have the best time of her life on stage. You thought she would feel tired from all that, but it seemed as if she never lost energy.

    “I missed you, oppa.” She spoke in between kisses. “I wish you were there on stage with me. We could have made a show up there.”

    Stunned, you had no other choice but to let her do what she wanted. Was it shock or was it fear? You lacked the brainpower to process all these thoughts rushing into your head. As your mind was in overdrive, she was in overdrive as well, pushing you, making out with you until you tripped over the couch’s arm. She leaped onto you. Her full weight landed on you as she pressed her lips against yours.

    Her kisses weren’t as soft as they used to be. She was soft, gentle, innocent before today. That goodbye kiss she gave you, heavenly, sweet, warm. If you had no vision, you’d think you’re kissing a different person. Someone really desperate to get laid as if their life was in the balance. It seemed that way as you were matching her kisses, but it’s the same person as before.

    No hello, no greetings. She dove in right as she entered. Not even a change of clothes, but you didn’t want her to change. You had never seen her wear such a dress when she walked on the red carpet. She was stunningly gorgeous. Her curves accentuated and her curves in full display. You knew she would be the center of attention. She’s the center after all. But too bad for those gazing eyes, she would sleep in the center of your bed tonight.

    Sitting up stradling you, she took a minute to catch her breath. Compared to her, you were breathing much heavier. Her breathing was lighter, yet efficient. She’s a vocalist after all. “I’m so happy right now, oppa. Let me enjoy this moment,” she said in between breaths. She got off you, grabbed your hand, and led you to your bedroom.

    She stopped in front of the bed and turned to you. “Undress me.” You had been fantasizing about that all day since you saw her on the red carpet. No hesitation, you obey. You ripped her dress off right away. Was it a rental? Did the company let her use it for today? It didn’t matter. It’s ruined anyways. She was left in a bra that stopped her mounds from bouncing all over as the camera was pointed at her. Without them, you would’ve seen a much better sight of her walking down the carpet. Your frustration towards this ripped off her bra to leave her completely topless. Your arms, practically moving on their own, aimed to reach them. Your hand itching to fondle her, but you were stopped in your tracks.

    “Oppa, not so fast. You’re not yet done undressing me,” she teased. So instead, your hands went down to her panties. You rushed to pull them off but a familiar smell caught your attention. You saw her lower lips glistening, dripping juices down her milky thighs. “I’ve been wet all day, oppa. Can you clean it for me?”

    Again no hesitation, you obey. Your tongue ran up her thighs to catch every drop of fluid. Hypnotized by the scent and taste, you gripped her thighs that you slowly spread apart. You had never given this much attention to her legs, so this was new to her as well, and clearly she was enjoying it. Small mmm’s escaped her sealed lips.

    After lapping up her thighs, you were thirsty for more. One lick was all it took and her legs weakened, falling onto the bed behind her, but it only gave you a better position. You knelt between her legs and continued your lapping. You brushed your tongue against her inner folds and felt her shake. A couple more and she was basically vibrating. 

    You were unceasing. You were eating your favorite dessert after all, but you felt her hand pulling you away by the hair. She sat up and kissed you once more deeply, looking for any leftovers on your tongue and anywhere inside your mouth, but by then you had swallowed it all already. “No more left for me?” She pouted.

    She grabbed your collar and pushed you to the bed, switching positions with her. She wasted no time in pulling your pants down. Your length sprung out within its confinements. She teased by giving a light slap. “This hard already?” After being turned on by the fine woman on top of you, you couldn’t help yourself. She then exposed your member to the cold air, but not for long as she sheathed it inside her.

    A “mmm” turned into an “ahh” as the pleasure overcame her. This wasn’t the first time you entered her, but she was still as tight as ever. She leaned forward, grabbing your shoulders for support. She took a few moments to regain her composure while adjusting to your length. She raised her hips until your tip was left inside, then sunk back down, causing another “ahh” to come out of her. You placed both hands on her lower cheeks to guide her in fucking herself onto you.

    Your member glided smoothly going in and out of her courtesy of her wetness. Her ass clapped against your pelvis every time you penetrated her. All the while you were maintaining eye contact. Her assertive expression slowly lost, replaced by a more needy one. She clearly needed this.

    You were hitting her G-spot this whole time, which explains her slowly losing herself. Her arms this time started shaking until it weakened. She no longer could hold herself up, so she bent down until her face was beside yours. As she grinded against your crotch, you took the initiative by thrusting into her. Her rhythmic moans grew louder and increased in pitch. She really is the main vocalist. She sunk onto you deeper as you continued fucking her. You felt her mounds press against your chest and her walls tighten.

    “I’m cumming,” she cried out. One, two, three slaps of the skins followed before she paused. You felt a gush of even more fluids seep out along with the pulsation of her walls. Her breathing followed a steady rhythm while the pulsation followed in double time. She was a mess laying on top of you, yet she still didn’t waste time.

    As she got off you, she pulled you up to a sitting position while she knelt between your legs. Finally able to taste herself after leaking all day, she inserted your length into her mouth. Her lips surrounded your cock and glided up and down its length, and to fully taste herself, she added her tongue to the mix. She was thorough in cleaning your messy erection, which in effect pushed you to your limits.

    Your orgasm soon followed. In an overload of different sensations, you didn’t feel it coming, but did when you shot ropes of cum into her mouth. Hours of arousal came to this. Your load filled her mouth so much that it seeped out and dripped down her chin. After swallowing your first load, more were still filling her up. She didn’t bother catching the semen dripping out. She wasn’t done.

    After your high subsided and her emptying her mouth, she straddled you, smiling brightly. She stroked your hair a couple times before pulling it to face her.

    “I missed you so much, oppa.” She kissed you.

    “I missed you t—mmmf—” You were cut off by her shoving her breast into your mouth. She knew you were especially aroused by her tits as she teased you the whole day with them. Only a few licks and flicks later, you regained your hardness and she regained her wetness, as if you didn’t clean each other up earlier. She was relentless, and you were only there to enjoy the ride. 

    Moth to a Flame

    IVE Wonyoung x Male Reader | (Tags: Smut)

    A/N 1: Welcome to another episode of Chunk goes monkey brain. Credit goes to @kaedespicelatte as always for beta reading


    From: Vicky Jang

    “She told me she just got on the plane, daddy. You know what to do.”

    You should’ve known that she had something up her sleeve as soon as your girlfriend left for Japan. You should’ve known how opportunistic she is and yet you find yourself driving to her apartment as quickly as possible once again like you don’t already have a significant other that loves you very, very, very much. It should have raised red flags when you didn’t receive any messages from her the week leading up to your girlfriend’s departure. It was foolish from you to think that maybe, just maybe, she finally realized just how extremely messed up the situation is. You should’ve known better, you should be better. But it really doesn’t matter now because it was pathetic how quickly you dressed up as soon as you received that text from her. You couldn’t even wait until your girlfriend has completely left the country and you’re already dying to dick down her best friend out of all people. 

    It’s infuriating how addicted you are to Jang Wonyoung. It’s infuriating how she can manipulate you. It’s infuriating how easily she can gaslight you. It’s infuriating how you are willingly giving in to all of it. And what makes all of the above worse is that she’s not even your girlfriend to begin with. No, she’s just your girlfriend’s beloved best friend that somehow crept her way into your life like some sort of parasite waiting for a vulnerable host. And you were vulnerable in more ways than one because it only took one session of drinking before she was able to seduce you and you’ve been falling prey constantly ever since. It didn’t help that you’ve already developed some sort of attraction with her that you tried so hard to hide deep inside you because of your “morals” but it’s almost disgusting to even bring out such a word at this point. Knock on the door in a specific pattern that only you two know and you’re met with a surprise that far exceeds your expectations.


    Only one foot inside and you already find your body meshed with hers, lips doing the same as you haphazardly close the door behind while you attempt to weather the storm that is Jang Wonyoung. It’s all too overwhelming and yet you should be familiar with it now; one second you find yourself engaging in an awkward dance in the middle of her spacious living room and then another finds you blindly crashing on top of her sofa (be careful not to land on her pillows again or she might actually kill you this time). An outsider might think that this is all just one giant mess but everything is carefully orchestrated; Wonyoung is one for establishing routines and sex is no different matter. Her slender fingers make quick work of your hoodie, hurling it god knows where and leaving you awkwardly in a white tank top that you wore in a rush. You hope she would look past it and she fortunately does, more so because it gives her an even better opportunity to ogle at your biceps than she usually would and such a sight turns her on immensely (though that’s something she won’t ever admit to you).

    “Hmm. I’ve missed you so much, daddy.”

    You hate it.

    You hate how one word can bring the most primal and sinful desires out of you, the way she utters it with such conviction and vigor devolving you into a shell of your former self (which doesn’t say that much considering you’re so willingly giving in to what she wants). You hate how her perfume lures you every single time, notes of red berries and datura flowers driving you further and further into the edge of your sanity. You hate how those lips intoxicate you much faster than any alcoholic concoction could; their taste and texture rivaled by none—soft, plump, and with a hint of the peach-flavored lip balm she always uses. You hate how amazing her body feels against yours, tight, slim, curvy and oh-so-delectable in all of the right places. You hate how just one measly text from her brings you right into her apartment every single time. You hate how you always promise to yourself that this shouldn’t happen ever again and yet you find yourself itching to fuck her right at this very moment. You hate how easily you forget the fact that she’s not your girlfriend—or even worse, you hate the fact that she’s not your girlfriend.

    “Wony, I told you not to say that.” It’s a feeble attempt in trying to look and sound intimidating when she already knows you too well—even better than your own girlfriend, unfortunately. It’s almost pathetic hearing her laugh in response, her teeth sinking into her bruised lower lips to prevent herself from destroying your ego even further though the sight just makes her that much tempting to your eyes. She knows how much power she holds over you, an irony considering her position in this power dynamic you two have going on; and yet it’s a position she’ll gladly relegate from if it means getting fucked until she can’t walk the following morning. But she’s too nice of a girl to push you to your limits and she doesn’t want her dick appointment to be ruined so she pulls you for another kiss to subdue your feigned anger. It’s embarrassing how quickly your anger is quelled the more she swirls her tongue around yours, the more amorous sounds that emit from those lips of hers, the lower her hand travels starting from your well-defined abs down to the raging tent forming on your gray sweatpants.

    “Or what, daddy?” 

    It’s downright poisonous, the way her eyes dare you to do something, anything and yet you’re like a deer in the headlights. Those damn alluring eyes. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary either, it’s common knowledge that you’re too much of a coward to actually confront her about the usage of that particular term of endearment (See, the truth is that you actually love the fuck out of being called “daddy”, but why boost her inflated ego even further by telling her? Keep acting like you hate it and she’ll continue to tease you for it). Thankfully, there’s still a small part of you that is completely aware of just how wrong all of this is—and this small remnant of humanity in you wants to inform her of such unjustness. To inform her that you have a girlfriend who you have a loving relationship with, that you should be in your shared apartment and FaceTiming her because she’s bored out of her mind in that hotel room, that all you should be worrying about right now is how to make sure her dog doesn’t leave a mess all over the place. Isn’t it your anniversary in a few weeks?

    “I can’t.” Of course you can’t. It’s a “grass is green and the sky is blue” situation. Any response other than that would freeze hell over (not that you aren’t there already). Was it worth trying? Perhaps. But all it does is make Wonyoung even more impatient—and you should know out of all people just how incredibly difficult it is to deal with an extremely horny and needy princess. This brief moment of vulnerability enables her to flip your positions, straddling your lap. Groan as the underside of her shorts make contact with your clothed length and the sensation almost sends you into a frenzy. A proud smile paints her features—it’s another battle won for her and you didn’t even put up a fight. Maybe you should stop trying at this point, you’d rather paint her face with your cum anyways. That will surely look better on her than the loads of makeup she spends hundreds of dollars on.

    “That’s what I thought. Now take these clothes off of me— and wait! Don’t rip them, okay? I’ll cut your dick off if I have to throw away another expensive top.”

    “You’ll have nothing to fuck then. And if I recall, none of your toys can make you scream as loud as I do. I don’t think you want that to happen. Right, Miss Jang?” Checkmate.

    “Hmph, shut up!”

    Before either of you could retort, you sit up to meet her at face level. Take this moment to appreciate just how gorgeous she is, a face truly sculpted by the gods and made to be ruined. Starstruck couldn’t even begin to describe how you felt when Yujin introduced her to you, it was like looking at a Michelangelo piece come to life. Except she’s actually real and you’re about to spend another night finding out just how perfect she is, no need to snoop around in a museum somewhere in Europe. Brush loose strands of her hair aside and grab her by the waist, pulling her into a kiss that is gentler and softer than the first two. It’s captivating, alluring, and addicting. It’s a feeling you don’t quite achieve even in your hottest sessions with your girlfriend and deep down, that’s probably what kills you the most. “You’re so gorgeous, Wony.” 

    “Save the compliments for later, I want you to fuck me hard right now, daddy.” Before you could even do the honors, she’s already pulling her top over her head and you do the same to yours. Wonyoung moans as your lips latch on to her neck; kissing, licking, and biting as you give her hickeys but you’re careful not to leave any darker ones or you’ll be out of here in a flash. It’s so sinful the way she moans your name, and it fills you with elation knowing that you’re the only one out of eight billion people on this planet that is capable of such a feat. It sends more blood rushing to your groin and you can’t wait to just ruin her. Your hands aren’t idle however, roaming her smooth back as you search for the clasps of her lace bra before throwing it with the same force as she did with your hoodie.

    She’s definitely not as big as Yujin but her breasts are perky, taut, and just the right size to fit in the palm of your hands. You’ve grown to love them over time and you wouldn’t have it any other way. They look perfect in your hands and even better once you have your lips wrapped around them. Trail your kisses down to her collarbones, continuing to leave marks while you fondle her tits. It only makes her moan louder and you bring your lips to hers to silence her—you two have already received a noise complaint and you don’t want her to get kicked out (it’s definitely not purely because you want to kiss her again). But it’s useless once you do end up sucking on her tits, careful not to overstimulate her while your tongue twists around her areolas and your lips latch on to the soft flesh.

    You would gladly stay like this until the end of time but of course the night couldn’t end like this because before you knew it, she already had a firm grip on the waistband of your sweatpants. Regretfully lift your face off her tits and she gives you a look that could only scream “fuck me already.” And what Wonyoung wants, Wonyoung gets. She removes herself off your lap and pulls the obstructing fabric down in one swift motion, immediately exposing your fully-erect cock to the cold air of her apartment. She almost drools at the sight, but she doesn’t want you to boost your ego either so she could only cover her hand to prevent you from hearing any sounds of arousal. But it really doesn’t matter because at the end of this night, you’ll have her screaming for your dick as if her life depended on it.

    “Commando? Seriously? And yet here you were acting like you didn’t want to do this?” She tries hard not to give any further reaction and yet, her eyes can only look at its size and girth in awe. The sheer attention she gives to it almost makes you want to pull up your sweatpants again because of how much precum is dribbling out due to arousal. Completely remove your sweatpants and it joins the scattered pieces of clothing in her living room. Now you’re completely naked; and as much as you don’t want to think about it, not even Yujin gets the privilege of seeing you in such a state regularly (go ahead, keep thinking about your girlfriend and that would make it two women you’ll disappoint tonight). Just focus on Wonyoung, you already made it all the way to this point so you might as well see through it.

    Make her straddle your lap again, this time working on unbuttoning her shorts and taking off her matching lace panties that are absolutely drenched. You would tease her for this but given the mutual overflowing lust for each other, you decide to save that for a later time. Now both of you are fully naked and given how wet she is, it makes the task of sliding her down your length much easier. Though it doesn’t say much considering how tight she is, even tighter than Yujin, despite the handful of times you’ve had sex with her already. You almost groan in pain as her nails dig deep on the skin of your back while your cock digs deep inside her warm and suffocating pussy. She screams, the sound reverberating throughout her studio apartment and given how thin the walls are, you two are about to give her neighbors a show tonight.

    “So fucking tight, Wony. So. Fucking. Tight.” You hiss and grit your teeth as you fill her more and more, stretching her out with every inch inserted inside her. It takes a few more seconds before you can finally impale her, your tip reaching her cervix and then completely pulling out—audible whines from Wonyoung as she grabs your cock from underneath and forces you back into her. She’s so damn needy. But you would be lying if you said you aren’t either because you grip her ass needily as you begin to stroke upwards, immediately sending shockwaves throughout her slim body as she falls slump on your chest. Her slick thankfully aids in helping you maneuver or you’ll have to use some lube (something you’ve only had to do when she asked to do anal once and you’ve been dying to try it again).

    “God—ah—f-fuck, daddy. You’re stretching me out so well.” Hot and heavy breaths send goosebumps all over your body as she buries her face on the crook of your neck, completely pressing her warm body against yours (you actually wanted to kiss her again but you’d gladly feel every inch of her perfect body as an alternative) and god, does she feel so fucking amazing. The way her thighs crash against yours, the thunderous slapping of skin on skin mixing with the faint noise of the heater turning on in the background, her moans flowing directly into your ears—it’s all too much to handle and as much as you hate to admit it, the fact that she’s not even yours to begin with is what truly sends you spiraling into a world of bliss. You’ve already fucked up anyways, might as well indulge to the fullest before judgement day comes.

    And indulge you do because soon enough, you’re moaning and groaning much like she does—only at a lower tone as if a conductor is telling you to harmonize with her. But eventually, it gets drowned out by the continuous slapping of your hips to her thighs, creating a vociferous squelching noise that only increases in volume and confirms just how wet and aroused she is. Look down and the juices flowing down her thighs adds further evidence as it stains your crotch with her precious honey as well—such a delectable treat shouldn’t be wasted and should be lapped up instead. Fortunately you have the weekend all to yourselves so you can eat her out all day tomorrow if you want.

    “H-Heh. You’re really enjoying this aren’t you, daddy?” Wonyoung lifts up her face to look at you for the first time in a while and she looks so beautiful, breathtaking, and absolutely fucked. Tears have begun to well under her eyes and yet somehow her mascara is still intact, guess it was money well spent after all. “I bet Yujin unnie can’t fuck you this good, huh? I wonder what she would be saying right now once she finds out that her best friend loves getting dicked down by her man, hmm?” It should make you angry, it definitely has to make you angry. But every sexual encounter with her has stripped you of any sense of dignity and honor. And at this point, you don’t give a damn about anything else other than giving in to your desires.

    “Shut the fuck up, Wony.” You have no response either, so you just grab on the sides of her face and pull her into another kiss. “Just shut the fuck up and take this dick like the cumslut you are.” Fuck it. You go back to the hickeys you’ve made earlier and turn them to an even darker shade of red, making it near impossible to hide the sinful events that took place tonight. No worries, it’s not like you two are planning to leave this house for the next two days anyways. You want to make sure that you’ve fucked her in every single corner and in every position manageable. You don’t see it but a smirk appeared on her face. She got you worked up again like she wanted and it caused you to be even more aggressive just like how she wanted. You really are just a moth to her flame, how pathetic.

    “Of course, where else would I want your cum? Turn me into your breeding bunny, daddy.” A sultry whisper to your ear and it unlocks an even more primal side from you. Plant your feet on the couch and you begin to fuck her with reckless abandon like the wild animal you are. Wrap her long legs around your waist and lift yourselves off the couch, a position that almost makes your knees give out. But your leg muscles are there for a reason as you grab on the back of her thighs and pound her relentlessly. It’s raw, it’s hot, and it’s so fucking passionate. The way her sweaty body would lift high up in the air before gravity brings it right back to your cock, the way she clings on to you for dear life, the way she tries to kiss you despite it being an almost impossible task. The air grows increasingly hot signaling your impending orgasm.

    “I-I can’t hold on much longer—ah, shit. I can’t hold on much longer, fuck.” Thank goodness her floor isn’t made out of carpet because her slick starts to seep out of her pussy with every deep thrust. Usually she would respond with a one-liner but she’s so deep into her own world of ecstasy that all she could do is cry and wail as your spearing length continues to drive home into her cervix. You can’t talk that much more either because the familiar, bubbling sensation in your stomach only grows with each thrust. And the way she clings on to you for dear life, screaming to the world how good your cock is only serves to expedite and intensify your eventual undoing. It only leads you closer to completely unraveling like she intends you to, like how you’re supposed to.

    “Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkk! I’m gonna fucking cum inside you, Wony. Gonna cum and fill that tight pussy.” 

    “Don’t fucking stop, daddy, I-I’m gonna cum as well. Please—“


    With one final deep and unrelenting thrust, you completely explode. It’s a shout that’s definitely justifiable enough to cause your eviction, even more so as she joins you in your peak. It’s a sensation that’s overwhelming and numbing at once. Your vision is filled with white. You can feel your ears ringing, legs completely giving out as you crash back down on the couch. An out-of-body experience that only happens with her leading you to become breathless and scrambling for air. You won’t stop cumming, can’t stop cumming as ropes upon ropes of semen continue to unload inside her, every jolt of your hips make sure to shoot your cum deep and fill her walls white. It fills you to and over the brim with bliss, a feeling that you want to chase over and over again. It’s addicting, it’s mind blowing, and it leaves your balls completely drained inside her. So much so that your cum immediately starts dripping out of her fucked pussy as soon as the last spurts have been left inside her, an erotic sight that you will never get tired of. 

    A few minutes past before the tremors completely stop and you engage in a mindless makeout session with her to help you two calm down. Brush loose strands of disheveled hair aside as you can gradually feel her breathing return to normal, wrap your arms around her waist possessively and she squeals due to her heightened sensitivity. “You filled me up so well daddy, fuck…..” Wonyoung takes a finger and swipes at a streak of cum that drizzled out of her and brings it to her mouth as if it was spilled ice cream, her facial expression indiscernible. “Yum! Next time I want it all in my mouth, m’kay?”

    “God, you’re insatiable.”

    She gives you a kiss, then she starts grinding her hips again. “Only for you, daddy.” 

    Thinking about you (Choi Yena)


    Thank you @capslocked for reading and input <3


    > How have you been doing? I miss u

    > I hope you’re taking care of yourself and eating well ㅠㅠ

    > I can’t wait for you to hear the comeback!

    > Let’s meet each other s

    > I hope you’re thinking of me too


    She was absolutely right.

    You missed her. The old her. Clear flashes of her energetic, glowing face persisted, but so did those unfathomable, lewd expressions.

    You never looked at Yena the same way you did before. She was an entirely different person after the day you met.

    Not a single night passes by without you restlessly thinking about the fanmeet. You got way more than your money’s worth, even if it punched a hole so deep in your pocket that only recently began to heal from. It was both the best and the worst night of your life. Almost six months have passed, yet it hasn’t sunk fully in your head that this bright, cutesy idol moonlights as an eager cockslut to her most dedicated supporters.  

    That isn’t to say you’ve never stopped supporting her. To the dismay of your neighbors, her music plays over a hundred times a day inside your apartment, any of her social media posts is an automatic like, and you don’t open up YouTube without watching at least one video of her, be it a performance or her other content. It’s an obsession bordering on lunacy; it might actually be lunacy.

    Your credit card may as well be linked with Yena, even though she’s nothing but an idol to you. In her eyes, you’re just a mere fan. Since that fateful day, you didn’t spend a single coin on any of her merch—not even when she had her first comeback—but you’ve always kept that Universe membership active. That notification from the app is your version of the morning newspaper. Your daily routine grinds to a complete halt whenever you hear that sound. Your brain hardwired itself to instinctively grab the phone, dash and flick through the screen, as if your life depended on it.

    On the screen are four new photos. Usually she sends selfies with a common style: Acting cutesy and bright, pouting and puckering her trademark duck lips on camera. This time, it’s different. 

    It’s only ever seen seldomly in live performances—think her red top at that one festival or a similarly matching green crop she previously wore—but she’s rocking a white crop top with jeans, perfect belly exposed, complemented by faux panties linked to her pants. Her plaid is dropped down her arms, shoulders fully exposed. It’s bold. It’s scandalous. To almost everyone else, it’s a dramatic shift from her bubbly concepts, but you, along with a lucky few, have already seen this before—far beyond explicit detail.

    Immediately, your thoughts return back to last summer. Quick, vivid flashes of her in every lewd position imaginable play in your head. Whenever you see that face, you can’t help but be reminded of how you were atop her, how your cock was deep inside her mouth, and how she was carelessly used by five different men, including you. A cloud of guilt and trauma lingers over you, still incapable of grasping how this cute girl with a colorful image, enjoys being taken in such a pornographic manner. 

    Still, the door to the past remains open, enough for a little light to seep in—or in this case, darkness. 

    Another bell, another notification. She follows up her jaw dropping photos with three perfectly timed messages:

    > I can’t wait to show you a different side of me ㅠㅠ

    > Some of you already have ;)

    > You mean a lot to me, jigumi

    It’s almost like she’s reading your mind, actively dissecting your thought process, and using the right words to drag you back into that darkness. Most people would definitely embrace and relish in it, but not you. In your eyes, she’s still an idol with a family friendly image to uphold, and not everything is tainted, but when Yena herself comes out with these kinds of photos and outfits, you’re like a parent dumbfounded at their child for being rebellious. 

    She’s an adult and she can do whatever she wants—you acknowledge this—but your heart feels heavy seeing her act this bold and confident.

    A handful times you’ve considered dropping her. It’s not like she’s the only idol you like; you like her former members just as much, some of which are prospering in their new groups, but you’ve always had a special connection to Yena, one that was corrupted when you participated in that fanmeet. She’s still the same Yena, with the same charms that caught your attention, but it seems as if you’re looking at a clone or a variant. It doesn’t feel the same.

    Suddenly, you hear a knock on the door, interrupting your deep contemplation. It’s probably one of your neighbors, as usual. Lxxk 2 You plays over the big television subwoofers, bass thumping, loud as if it were a concert, and it’s that time of the night when most working people should be sleeping. You should be preparing for bed too, but you’re considering other activities before you get some shut eye.

    So you hop off from the couch and walk over to the flat’s entrance, powering the music down to ear-friendly levels. You open the door, and your face goes wide, completely in shock.

    It takes everything in you not to shout like the building’s on fire. Celebrities shouldn’t be visiting middle class apartments randomly, nor should they be knocking on people’s doors, especially this late at night—unless an entire camera crew is behind them. Not a single camera person or hidden camera in sight.

    This has to be some sort of elaborate stage prank, because the timing couldn’t be any more on point; then again, that’s what you thought when she began undressing in front of you.

    Yena’s standing at your apartment entrance, grinning from ear to ear. In her tiniest, squeakiest tone, she whispers,Hi.”

    As if you were gonna say anything back, and even if you had something to say, the overwhelming emotions you’re feeling derail your train of thought.

    She playfully leans her face close to yours, eyes scanning your idle, unintentionally humorous expressions. “Looks like someone’s happy to see me again.” 

    An understatement. Despite the emotional conflict you were dealing with, no words and no width of a smile can express how excited you were to see her in the flesh—and right at your doorstep, no less. Unless—

    It’s—it’s y-you, right? Tell me this isn’t a joke.” Doubt makes itself evident in your anxious tone. You didn’t want to expect much, only for that hope to be ripped to shreds.

    “Of course it’s me!” Yena puts her hands on her waist, jokingly pouting, as if she was offended. “Who else would be knocking on your door this late at night?”

    Blinking rapidly while you stare, still in utter disbelief, a momentary pause before you reply, “My neighbors?”

    “Really?” Expecting a predictable answer, only to be subverted, her eyes dilate. “I’m sorry. I can come back next week if you want—” 

    “No!” The scream you let out echoes throughout the hallway, foregoing any form of built up subtlety. Joke or not, it’s far too soon for this fleeting moment to end. “I—I didn’t expect you to show up like this at all.”

    “Nobody does.” Yena giggles, and it’s cute, warm, and everything that drew you to her in the first place. “Anyway, if you want me to stay, you can invite me inside your place and we can talk some more.”

    She didn’t need to add a follow up smile. You were always going to welcome her regardless of whether or not she said anything.


    Call it hyperbole, but you’re really caught up in your own feelings. How wishy-washy you are— contemplating whether supporting Yena was the right thing to do, only to drop those questions the moment she appears at your doorstep, reminding you that nothing of value was lost.

    From the dining area, Yena casually watches you teeter across your little kitchen, holding that smile from outside your flat. Ignore the hot kettle in your hand; you can’t last even a few seconds without looking in her direction, sometimes meeting her gaze. When your eyes do meet, there’s a spark, a connection taking form, but it’s make-belief inside your head. She has a finger gently placed on her rosy cheek. It gives you butterflies in your stomach. Then her grin broadens an inch wider, and your heart races. Every little thing she does makes you flutter, as if you’re having a crush on someone for the first time.

    Yena has this large racing jacket layered on top of what appears to be a gray sleeveless dress shirt with matching color skirt, striking a balance between quirky and attractive. Even outside of her profession, she always dresses unconventionally—probably because it’s her style, and not only because she wants to stand out. Had she appeared in that fit from the photos she sent half an hour ago, you wouldn’t have been able to control yourself.

    Despite the beautiful distraction occasionally getting in the way of your focus, somehow, you’re able to brew up some hot chocolate to serve to your guest. She already had dinner earlier—she told you right as you led her inside—and thank goodness for that; you didn’t want her to use your bathroom for all the wrong reasons, make her second guess the decision to randomly visit a fan out of the blue, especially right before a comeback. Worst case scenario would be a reported hospitalization and the postponing of many different schedules, all because of you.

    Can you imagine the fallout?

    It’s probably best not to think about it too much, especially after she drank through the whole mug like it was a bowl of ramen. There’s small residue, tiny little specks on her lips, and she has this gleeful, childlike look in her eyes. 

    God, you’re so cute, you think to yourself.

    “It’s really good,” she says, turning her gaze to you, shifting to a more businesslike stance in a snap, smiling and nodding. “Thank you.”

    No words can describe how mushy your heart feels. Being complimented by your favorite idolyour favorite person—has to be one of the highest forms of validation possible. You’re set for life. If she tells you to quit your job to sell drinks instead, you’d drop the resignation letter in a heartbeat.

    “Would you like another?” you ask. The joy is too much to contain, cutting loose in the form of a toothy grin. 

    “This is enough, but thanks,” she replies, and you’re brought back down to earth again. Still, this memory will last as long as you live. 

    Deep in thought, her eyes roll down to the empty mug. Her index finger runs loops around the cup’s edge. Even when she’s doing seemingly mundane things to pass the time, you’re left in awe of how gorgeous she looks. You already saw her before, under different circumstances, and she was everything you hoped for—far better than what any camera captured. Here, with less makeup and with a more casual fit, she was as close to perfection as she can possibly be.

    You look at her for what appears to be hours, soaking in the sight of a homely Yena you’ve previously only imagined in dreams. The way you stare at her, scan even the tiniest of motions, and examine every little part of her leans on disturbing at points, yet she doesn’t say a word, nor does she care to glance in your direction. She appears lost in thought, mindlessly using the cup as a tool to exercise her brain. You’re anxious to say a word, let alone ask a question—and you’ve got plenty.

    “I bet you’re wondering,” she says suddenly, tone hushed, eyes focused on the mug’s base, index finger still running laps on the edge. Pausing, she repeats herself, reforming her train of thought. “I bet you’re wondering why I’m here.”


    There’s one of your questions, delivered in a way you’re unable to. At least she knew that one, but she may as well have known everything inside your head over the last several months.

    “I like to remember the people in my fanmeets.” She lifts her finger off the cup, cleans the stains off the fingerprints by rubbing it against the wooden surface of the table. “And I checked who I haven’t spoken to in a while, and guess what? We haven’t interacted since then. At all.”

    Your eyebrows lift, concerned more than surprised. “You’ve been visiting your fans?”

    Her eyes slide up, meeting yours in a magnetic gaze. She flashes you a grin, no different from any of her other smiles, but you’re immediately smitten. “I do.”

    There’s a pause, a moment where you stare into each other like you’re both in love. You’re smiling too. 

    I mean—I don’t go out of my way to visit them.” Yena breaks the tension, averting eye contact. The right sleeve of her jacket slides down, exposing a lot of shoulder and skin. It’s dangerous, how nonchalant at how sexy she is. “Everyone sends me a message, and they usually run over to my place to do the thing, then they leave.”

    “Damn,” you comment, taken aback by her sudden reveal. “You let everyone run through you so easily?”

    “I don’t hate it. I enjoy it.” Yena fires a mild scowl at you, seemingly insulted by the manner in how you said it. “You were there, you know.”

    You lean back into your chair, rattled by her sudden stern demeanor. “Yeah, but—”

    “Idol life is exhausting. I’m sure you know that, right?” interjects Yena, half pouting and half grimacing, her brows lowered. “I need an outlet from all the stress, and what better way than to get some from my fans? They get to feel good, and I feel good too. It’s a win-win.”

    “It has to hurt at some point,” you reply, even more worried. The thought of Yena being used on a daily basis many times agonizes you, yet you never really mused the idea when you were using her mouth. 

    “I’m used to it, don’t worry.” She relaxes her composure, gradually returning to her softer side. “You weren’t this worried when you were shoving that long dick of yours down my throat.”

    Consider your argument invalid. You look down at the table, guilty as charged.

    “Something up? I remember how hesitant and nervous you were, but you still used me like everyone else.” She holds your hand, drawn into a knuckle, inching her face a bit closer to yours. “Didn’t you enjoy yourself?”

    You sigh. “I don’t know if I should say it to you directly.”

    You can tell me everything.” Yena says it with endearing conviction, as if she were your therapist. Here’s the thing, though: you have no experience with one. 

    You pause, then you sigh. Again. There’s a line between her invitation and your doubt tugging at you from opposite ends. Months of pent-up turmoil and internal conflict, ready to unload all at once. You have to remind yourself that she's an idol, not your personal counselor, and it may prove to be overwhelming even for her. There’s her hand, tenderly resting on yours, lulling you into a sense of security, but here comes your mind, acting in ‘self-defense’, feeding you negative thoughts like the three meals you eat every day.

    For a third time, you sigh.

    Fuck it. You’ve got nothing to lose, anyway.

    God—where do I begin—” you huff, tilting your eyes in the opposite direction, dodging Yena’s perceptive gaze. A brief silence follows. You’re hesitant, undecided on whether to tell all or keep it to yourself, but your toes are already deep in the water—might as well dive in. “I—I thought you were special.”

    Yena angles her face, quizzical. “What do you mean?”

    “I really liked you from the beginning, when you were still on Produce,” you reply, eyes now facing the direction of the living room. There are a handful of framed photos, mostly Yena photocards from previous releases. “I don’t know how I can properly explain it, but—” you pause. Swallow that lump in your throat. “You were different from every idol I’ve followed before.”

    She frowns. The hold on your hand becomes a tad bit tighter.

    “Gosh, this is gonna sound so cheesy—” you quietly mutter, chuckling at what you’re about to say. Yena fails to suppress her own giggle, her hand trembling. “But—I thought you were just the best, you know? So funny, so cute, and so talented in every way. You were the perfect girl. Still are.”

    Her cheeks blush a bright flowery pink. “That’s really sweet of you to say. Is this a romantic confession?”

    “God damn it, Yena—” you quietly groan, rolling your eyes back to your skull. Way to ruin a serious moment with humor. “Kind of! If you want to look at it that way—”

    “Not the first time someone outwardly asked me to be their girlfriend. Sorry to tell you this, but I’m kind of busy with myself to have relationships.”

    “I meanno! I don’t want you to be my girlfriend, obviously—” 

    “I wonder what she’s gonna say about this one—” 

    To your dismay, Yena smirks.

    “I don’t have a girlfriend, ugh—” you grumble, annoyed. On the other hand, she’s laughing heartily, enjoying every single moment of the exchange. “Can I just cut to the point?”

    She cackles a bit longer before gradually calming down. “Okay, okay. Continue.”

    “Okay, where was I? Perfect girl. Right. Point is, I wanted to follow your career and watch you succeed. So when I heard you were coming out with a fun and colorful concept, I was so excited. I knew it was the perfect match for your personality. God, you had no idea how overjoyed I was when I found out I was gonna finally meet you face to face. All that album spending was finally worth it. Then the day arrived, I thought it was gonna be simple and fun. God.”

    “Then what happened?” she asks, casually, seemingly oblivious to the sudden widening of your eyes. There’s trauma written on both of them.

    “Then you started stripping.”

    The little smile on her lips curls, turning serious. “And then?”

    You couldn’t really answer, not because you didn’t know—you do—but because you don’t want to elaborate. Even thinking about it now, with whatever confidence you’ve mustered up until this point, this is as far as your resolve can go.

    Sighing, you say, You became tainted to me.”

    Yena nods. Ridiculous as it sounds, she immediately understands. Oh.”

    You feel something loosen; it’s her hand on yours, pulling away. A tense silence follows, while you both ruminate over everything that you’ve said. It’s heavy—perhaps a bit too much to take in all at once, like you predicted.

    “I still don’t regret it,” she says, pouting. Call it cold, insensitive, or callous, she shows no sign of remorse. “But I understand where you’re coming from. Look at this young idol, she’s cute and sweet, but then she lets herself get used by everyone for fun. I guess you wanted me all to yourself? I don’t blame you. Everyone wants me for themselves, too.”

    For a moment, she was close to figuring it out. For a moment.

    “It’s not even that,” you reply, unamused at the somewhat narcissistic answer. I mean—you’re not wrong—”

    “There you go!” Yena interrupts, internally celebrating and patting herself on the back. “You’ve said it yourself that you wanted me too. Well, here I am—”

    “It’s not that simple!” you shout, throwing your hands in the air out of frustration. Forget that she was an idol, forget that she was a guest—you’re yelling at her the same way you argue with your landlord about rent. “Can you listen to me for just one moment?”

    She looks at you, eyes wide and mouth agape. Frozen, stunned, speechless.

    For a moment, you hesitate, regret almost immediately striking you in the gut. You don’t blame her if she decides to walk out on you. Wasting time arguing with a fan should be the least of her priorities. She’s a soloist who can go about with her career in any way she wants. You have just as little power over her as anyone elsenone.

    “God, forget about it,” you say. If there was any moment not to be human, not to be you, it would be now. “I mean—I really do want you, but I just—”

    “No, no. Go on. I’m listening.” Yena’s tone and expressions are dead serious—a far cry from the usual jumpy side she normally shows. Her hand snakes back to grab yours. At first, you draw it an inch back, until you change your mind and reach it out for hers again. An olive branch of sorts.

    “I don’t know where to begin, Yena. You’re so cute,” you say, staring into her starry eyes, twinkling under the dining room light. “I didn’t expect you to be such a—um, you know—”

    “A cock slut?” She says it so casually, it’s off-putting to the ear. It still feels weird to hear those two words come out from those seemingly sweet lips, even though you’ve heard them before.

    Yeah. A cock slut.” The words escape your mouth like puke.  You can feel your conscience gradually die calling her one, worse than any profanity you’ve ever spoken. “Can you not—”

    “Of course, of course.” Yena nods. “Sorry.”

    Anyway—” You pat her hand tenderly, rolling your eyes while you condense your thoughts into something coherent. “Look, I justI really can’t tell if you’re still Yena after what happened. I know this is so stupid, but I always liked your cute image, and now it’s ruined.”

    She caresses your hand back, showing a little reassuring smile. “Aw. I’ve heard that before, and I understand where you’re coming from, but as an artist, I want to make the music I want, and I want to be more than one-dimensional. I want to show sides I never could when I was in a group. I want to be great at everything, so you can be proud of supporting a multi-talented idol.” 

    “I’m already proud of you,” you whisper. “You’re already perfect in my eyes.”

    “I appreciate it, and I appreciate you for supporting me all these years.”

    Next thing you know, your hands are no longer on each other—they’re caressing rosy cheeks, feeling the warmth and affection of the other’s skin. You’re staring. With much of the angst you’ve repressed is finally poured out, there’s nothing left except a growing desire of want and lust.

    “So, you don’t want to support me anymore?” she asks. Seeing the disheartening look on her features breaks your heart. It’s like saying farewell to a best friend going away, never to be seen again. “I understand, but I am always grateful—”

    “No. I still want to cheer you on. I just—this is just a little too fast for me, seeing you mature gracefully.” 

    Her smile grows a bit wider. After the dark clouds, the sun shines brighter. It’s not over. “I’m still young, so I’m not maturing that fast. At the end of the day, I’ll always be your duck—and your smiley hero.”


    It happened way too fast. Love makes no sense. 

    How quick those tense moments fly by, only to be replaced by bliss so shortly after.

    She kissed you, pulled you close by the fabric of your shirt. Feelings of a long distance relationship that may have blossomed in another life spring forth. It’s reconciliation. It's a reconnection. 

    It’s like the last half-hour of superficial melodrama never even happened.

    Then again, you should have known exactly why she was here to begin with.

    Before you know it, you’re making out with each other passionately as you head into the bedroom together. Her jacket’s long gone, forgotten somewhere in your living room. Based on how muted the music has become, you may have a hunch as to where it ended up. There’s little resistance from your end; you submit to her quicker than when you shared her with others.

    Some things are best experienced alone, and making love with Yena is one of them.

    Your lips trace down to her chin, to her soft, sensitive neck. She whines. It’s a sweet sound that tickles your ears. Raising her head up for greater access, you leave marks deep into her flesh, assert full ownership of her body, even just for one night. You hold her by her shoulders, hugging her like your favorite pillow, kissing her delicious, mushy skin, leaving red blemishes on her cute figure, glowing brighter than the sun.

    Mmm, this feels so good,” she whines, humming. She grabs a fistful of your hair while weaving her other hand between your chest lightly pressing on hers. The little separation breaks your attention. When you regain some semblance of restraint, you note the last of the buttons on her dress shirt come off, a black bra revealed behind it. With an inviting smirk, she looks at you with glazed eyes, indicating what she wants without the need for words. 

    There’s a tinge of anger, some leftover frustration, in those hands of yours. You shove her down, send her crashing to the bed. It only serves to arouse Yena even further. Your pupils are dilating, driven crazy by the lewd scene playing out in real time. It’s a possessed, hungry stare, ignoring all those endless hours of existential contemplation within mere seconds. 

    How quick you are to throw away your qualms on a whim.

    She looks up at you with an intense, deep glare. Instantly getting up from the fall, her fingers dig deep into your pants.

    She isn’t the only thing quick to rise tonight. 

    Your pants are the next to fall, shortly followed by your underwear. Only now do you realize the disparity between you and Yena—how you’ve been talking to her in your pajamas while she’s dressed up like a star. Given the circumstances, you’re not at fault, but stillshameful. The only thing saving you from embarrassment is your lack of self-awareness, and that your erect cock demands complete attention. Soon, those carefully curated nails dig into your skin, making you wince. A brief retaliation. It’s not like you can do anything back, even if she gracefully relinquished control to you. 

    Nothing worth getting flustered for, you’ll both be down to your barest shortly.

    Can I?” asks Yena, in her cutest tone, hot air against your tip making you shiver. It’s almost fucked how she pleads to you while readying herself to do the one of the filthiest things imaginable. Tip barely grazing her strawberry lips, her nails itching to grab you by the length, it would be criminal at this point to say no.

    You barely notice you’ve given your approval. Almost immediately she takes your tip into her mouth with a delicate hum, so hungry to taste you, so eager to claim you. It takes every bit of your strength not to crumble right then and there, not to succumb to your weakness, clutching at her raven colored locks for support. Both her hands grab you by your girth, stroking your shaft as she plunges it deeper into her maw, devouring you.

    Every breath you take is tense, like it’s the last one before you inevitably drown. Based on how consumed you are by pleasure, you’re practically halfway there. Mouth agape, eyes completely shut, hands gripping and losing hold of Yena repeatedly while she vigorously sucks your cock, purring with delight as she engulfs you with her wetness and spit.

    “Ummmppfff.” Yena releases your dick from her mouth with a sloppy pop, your shaft now coated in a fresh sheen of saliva and precum. The relief is only temporary as she leashes your cock with her hand, pumping you at a steady but excruciating tempo. 

    When you manage to reopen your eyes, the first thing you see is the pornographic expression in her eyes meeting you halfway as her tongue laps up your tip, followed by your underside, then down to your balls, swallowing some of it in her mouth. Kissing around your balls, she refocuses her attention back to your cock as it leaks some more.

    Oh my God—” you groan, still holding onto her locks, before the rest of your unspoken words deteriorate into nothing more than pleasurable, erotic sounds. In some twisted form of appreciation, she pecks up your balls as your tip stains her tiny nose, before putting your girth back into her mouth again.

    The short bursts of moans you make spiral into a strain of prolonged, breathy groans. Add the occasional drop of her name and a curse, and it’s the perfect string of praises to give to her. Yena’s tempo goes haywire, losing herself in ecstasy of your cock deeply buried in the back of her throat without any gag reflex. She’s all blushed up, makeup and sweat and precum glazed on a perfect canvas—an expression of wanton desire. Before it dawns on you, she surrenders herself to your most basic of urges, allowing you to fuck her face without consideration for thought or comfort. 

    The hair tie keeping her locks together loosens. Another chain unshackled. You don’t really need your eyes open to know how much Yena loves your cock—how she tightly keeps your shaft sealed between her lips with each thrust, how she sings the sweetest song, and how much spit she lathers all over your shaft. All of these sensations combine for a shiver that’s the closest experience to heaven, almost as if she’s ripping your soul out of you.

    Yena rushes the pace even further, grabs your ass from underneath you. She doesn’t care that she chokes and coughs from desperation to fill her mouth. She knows something you don’t. The signs are starting to show: the rapidly expanding tension in your loins and the quivering in your legs—an inevitable climax is about to happen, and you’re trying in vain to keep yourself in this position even a second longer than you deserve.

    Fuck, Yena, I’m gonna—”

    Determined, she pushes you against her, makes sure your cock is tickling the deepest part of her throat. It’s enough of a rush that spikes an incomprehensible high before you’re sent spiraling back down to earth almost as quickly. Just like that, you’re gone. Your body shuddering, Yena takes you all in like an open faucet, thirstily swallowing every thick, warm shot of cum down her dry throat. 

    She releases your withering cock from her airtight lips with a familiar sounding pop, breaking the thin connection between her mouth and your tip made of saliva and seed.  Playfully, she swallows her throat in a show of glee, grinning from ear-to-ear. That’s the first thing you see when you regain your senses.

    Your legs are barely holding out, only supported by whatever willpower left in you remains, and your hand pressed into her long, loose dark locks. While you’re gathering yourself, she grips onto your thighs, licks the tip with her filthy, cum-stained tongue, then around the rest of your shaft to render it ‘clean.’ 

    You consider that a night well spent, and more than enough, but for Yena, one isn’t enough. To her, it was merely an appetizer.

    “You done?” she asks, innocently, but to your ears, it’s almost teasing, mocking—at your poor stamina.

    “Not yet,” you say, still gasping in between. 

    That’s what I wanna hear.”

    Yena pulls you overhead, sends you down to the bed on all fours, hovering atop her lithe figure. It’s an arousing sight enough to make you hard, but sore—and you’re slowly coming around the fact that you sorely needed her. So you lean down and kiss her, show her intimacy you’ve previously only done in private, behind these same closed doors by yourself, when it was only you and a photograph of her.

    Kiss her again. The way it plays out seems ripped directly from your dreams, but something seems a bit offshe still has the rest of her clothes on. 

    So you quickly dispose of them, to the floor where they belong—bra first, followed by her panties. In between, you shower her with delicate kisses down her body, from her chin and neck, to her chest as you peel the lingerie off her, down to her toned tummy. You reach between her groin, make instant work of her underwear, and note her already sopping, wet cunt.

    That too, you give a kiss of appreciation. 

    Right as you’re about to leave, Yena’s thighs begin to clench between your face, denying you an opportunity to leave without a taste of her as well. It’s a brutal sweeping force pulling you in, and you can do nothing but concede, allowing yourself to get swept away in her over wetness. Her body writhes, squirms as you indulge in her, lapping your tongue around her tasty flesh and her sensitive clit.

    Mm—oh t-that’s so—f-fuck—” she whines, tensing up and body clenching tighter as you devour her with greater hunger than what she did to your cock. 

    It only serves to spur you on, unlocks a deeper level of thirst and instinct you thought you never had. With a frenzied pace, your tongue sticks to her mouthwatering clit like a magnet, with her mmms and aaahs in the background urging you to take it all. Any spilled drop of her would be a waste, and you're determined to make sure none of it goes anywhere except your mouth.

    Her body quickens and accelerates to its natural bliss, faster than you expected, and you can feel every nerve, every fiber burn and tense beyond the point of repair, yet she can’t—and won't—stop moaning, unable to keep herself shouting with ecstasy, crying out your name like you’re her savior. Hands gripped on the sheet, she eagerly anticipates the moment you’ll deliver her to her nirvana, her paradise, and you’re working your hardest to bring her there.

    Digging your fingers between your thighs, you slip a digit around her delicate folds, and it drives her mad. She lets out her loudest yelp, a scream worth a neighbor’s concern, but you’re beyond past caring for subtlety. Let them knock, let them burst through the door. They’ll have to drag you away for you to stop.

    Gonna cum, gonna cum, I—”

    It’s on a rather weak flick that sends her careening over the edge. Your face becomes a vessel for a torrent of ambrosia, of gooey juices to gush over. She twitches and groans, enveloped in a shockwave of her own high. Releasing your fingers from inside her, you barely hold her upright, keep her legs suspended in limbo while you’re still an outlet of pleasure she uses to fill up. 

    Winding down, the grip on her thighs loosens. For the first time in minutes, you can finally breathe. When you emerge from her delicious clit, you’re a beautiful mess, a canvas made of ecstasy and slick—an image she always draws for every fan she meets, and perfectly recreates.

    And it still isn’t enough to satiate her.

    I need that dick inside me,” says Yena, delivered low and seductive. She extends her arm out, points out your already hard cock. This was her plan all along—to buy time while you ready yourself for the second time. “I can’t go without at least one nice warm load in this wet pussy.”

    You sigh—not out of frustration, but exhaustion. 

    She smirks and silently giggles. “I didn’t see you grumble like that at the fanmeet. Now that we’re all alone, you have me all to yourself. Come on. Use me. Fuck me.”

    It’s not just in the way she says such profane, salacious words to lure you, it’s in the elaborate order she says them—like she’s practiced it meticulously a thousand times, and knowing everything now, it makes complete sense.

    Yet with the way your body moves, how you almost immediately respond to her call, it works to near perfection. 

    Hand on your cock, you hover atop her, line your shaft against her sopping cunt, force a gentle whine in response. Testing the waters, you whisper against her lips, “How do you want it?”

    “Any way you want,” she mumbles back, smiling sweetly, but the intent behind the expression is anything but. Her hand traces the outline of your free arm, up to your cheek, caressing your face tenderly—a display of gentleness in the middle of high tension. “From here, from behind, on all fours—maybe even my mouth again. All up to you.”

    So many options to choose from, you wish you had the strength and the endurance to do them all—maybe in that order as well. It’s an inconsequential question and challenge, but the decision making is more than existential. You don’t know when you’ll get to have an opportunity like this again.

    Her lidded eyes stare into yours, anticipating your next move. Leaning into her ear, you moan into her as you penetrate her pussy with your shaft, her cry melding with yours into a harmonious sound. Your hands intertwine with hers, lifting them over her shoulders as you slip your cock into her tight, suffocating cunt. Missionary might be the least inviting of all the possible positions, but you wanted to see her crack, to see her fall apart, to see her break.

    Unsurprisingly, she does. Between one deep nail into her after another, you watch Yena crumble into a lewd, pornographic heap of skin. Her eyes go shut and her lips curl, melt wide open, moaning and cursing like they’re the only words she ever knows. The same expressions that haunted you are back, but with the way you’re smiling, now you’re master over them—it doesn’t torment you anymore. 

    Call yourself hypocritical, but you’re enjoying every moment of this, every moment of your cock buried inside of her cunt—for yours alone. Combine your collective moans with the sound of your thighs sloppily slapping against each other, you’re making beautiful music. 

    Fuck, Yena. Fuck, Yena.” Your thoughts loop between those two words, with nothing else to fill in the gaps, and it eventually materializes on your lips. There’s her breasts, bouncing vibrantly with each ripple of her body, so that might be the distraction. You grip them with a hand and it doesn’t change anything. At best, it only changes her pitch. You’re fucking her, that’s for sure. 

    Many nights you’ve secretly wished and pined for this moment—and at times, you’ve slept with wet fingers pretending it would come. Now it’s here, at its apex, and you don’t want to let the time slip away—at least not yet.

    Your body doesn’t follow, doesn’t recognize you’re one whole entity. It’s rebellious. It thrusts, it picks up speed, it only knows to go either 0 or 100. There’s no in-between. Yena’s perfect figure recognizes how unruly you are. Her pussy flexes against your cock harshly. It may as well be a death grip. It’s almost taunting to see how difficult she makes it for you to slip out, so determined to make you cum in as little time as possible. 

    She has places to be, but you’ll make sure she doesn’t walk out of here unless it’s limping.

    Even that proves to be counterproductive. The way you rail her, exert every last bit of effort into ensuring your dick is deeply buried inside her as humanly possible proves to be too much for your own body. Your pelvic joints flare up, ache and sore, pleading for you to be gentle, but anything less would be a disappointment to Yena. That’s how she wants it, and you’re more than willing to sacrifice yourself to give her everything.

    You’ve drowned out her loud screams at this point. Even the idea of a few more minutes seems out of reach. Yena helplessly quivers beneath you, screaming in both agony and joy as you wildly fuck her, completely submissive to your most radical of whims. Rational thinking is practically non-existent, only dependent on the most basic and primal of your instincts to end her—and yourself.

    Mouth agape, exposed neck with red sores all over from marks you’ve unknowingly made, she cries out, aware of your plight, “I can feel you’re so close to cumming—Give it to me—I can tell how badly you want to cum—just give in and fill me up!”

    You can’t even look at Yena, losing the last of your restraint rapidly by the second. The sight of your cock spearing her beneath doesn’t help either. It’s basically over. With a deep thrust and sigh, you give in and do as she says: fill her up. 

    The groan you make is inhuman, borderline animalistic. Without thought, you let yourself go, fire thick shots of cum, one after another inside her soaked pussy. The painful but thrilling feeling lingers on for what may as well be hours. You can’t stop throbbing inside her, pulsating inside her greedy cunt, waiting for your cock to finally stop shooting a presumably infinite amount of seed to fill her with.

    Using the last of your strength, you move yourself to the side with enough space that when you eventually crash, your outstretched arm gently settles atop her bare chest. Gone are the loud, deafening moans and unrecognizable bed creaks, replaced by deep, gentle breaths.


    Thank goodness it’s the weekend, otherwise you’d be worrying about the work day to come while you lie restless in bed. Actually, you do have something concerning—the heap of reports your boss gave you earlier that day. You’ll get it started after you’ve gotten enough rest, which will take you into the afternoon.

    It’s not the monotony and the tedium of work driving you crazy tonight. It’s Yena. You both should have been completely tired by now, bodies completely drained of all their strength. Instead, you’re trying your hardest not to give in to her advances while she playfully demands another round with you. 

    Toss and turn as many times as you want, pretend to act like you’re sound asleep as much as you want, she doesn’t buy into the act. She’s considerate enough to be gentle, but mischievous, kissing every part of you, clambering over your shoulders, looking at you with an unassailable bliss, all while you’re evidently miserable. You were done.

    “You don’t have work tomorrow, right?” she asks, so sweetly but quite taunting. Her arm wraps around your waist, teasingly going for your groin, completely numb at this point.

    “I don’t.” A feeble lie. Even the slightest notion can start another wildfire, so you desperately avoid entertaining her, yet she proves to be more persistent than you bargained for.

    “Come on, then. I suppose you don’t have a little more for me, right?” Yena flips you face up that you’re staring into each other’s eyes. She’s still hungry, still greedy, a fire still brightly lit within them. 

    Sighing, you lightly lift your head, pulling her face close for a chaste kiss. Then she steals whatever control you have. It spirals out into a full-blown make out session.

    Next thing you know, she’s riding you, moans overpowering the aching and groaning you loins feel, demanding every last drop out of you, yet you can do nothing but watch helplessly as you succumb to her wanton desires. 

    Then you flip her around and pound her against the backdrop of a mirror, making your argument completely pointless.

    Plenty of time has already gone to waste, and you will spend some more, but you don’t regret a single second of it.


    “Thank you for a wonderful time,” says Yena, cheekily smiling as she crosses beyond your entrance door. Fully dressed and mostly clean, she sounds like a guest for a simple dinner—as if you didn’t rail her five times throughout the night. 

    “Yeah, thank you as well,” you say, holding your throat between words, unsure whether you’re feeling guilty or awkward—perhaps both, but it’s a terrible disguise for the high you’re actually feeling. “Thanks for thinking of me.”

    “Gosh, you should just drop the act. I know you actually enjoyed it.” 

    Caught red-handed, you lift your hands, shrugging your shoulders playfully. You’re lightly smirking, barely suppressing a chuckle. She’s right. “Yeah. Sure did.” 

    “Comeback’s on Monday. Maybe I wear this outfit during the showcase,” she remarks—the first time she’s said something about her occupation throughout her stay with you. Winking, she adds, “I hope you enjoy the new music. I’ll show a different side of me.”

    “Heh. I have already seen it.” 

    “And I have already seen yours. To be quite honest, I quite like it.” Yena shoots continued winks at you, her favorite weapon of choice. “I’d like to see more of it, in fact.”

    Tilting your chin up, amusement clearly written on your features, you fold your arms. “I know you’re busy and all, but I don’t know when I’ll get to see you again.”

    “I don’t really have a lot going on. Just some appearances, but no serious music show promotions, so you’ll see me sooner than you think, who knows?” Yena waves you goodbye while you slowly but quietly pull the door on her, her cheery smile persistent even with the sight of your evident sadness. “Please rest, okay? Oh, and check your table later. See you.”

    Instead of taking her words to heart, the dinner table is the first place you head to, not your bed. On the edge lies a polaroid of you two like a couple, her arms wrapped around you in a bear hug. Behind is a 10 digit number with a note written beneath in tiny letters, but with the three most encouraging words your eyes will have the joy of reading.

    > Call me anytime. <3


    (A/N: I figured it was high time to write a Yena fic again. 34-35 days is like the longest gap between fics on a non-hiatus period. I thought it was kind of interesting to explore what happens to an OC after one of those fanmeets like that of Make me smile, make me scared. Thank you for reading!)

    Been holding on to this one in a finished/unedited state for a few months now because I wasn't too happy with it. @worldsover did some editing for me. It still feels like something's missing (I'm not going to try to make Levi literally rewrite the whole thing), so feel free to give me critiques and suggestions, even if it's "yeah, I see what you mean and it is a little odd". I don't want to avoid posting it for forever, so let's call it a learning experience.

    Regardless, I hope you enjoy! This is my first explicitly stated female reader insert, so that's yet another fun step.

    (Also, I know I promised that the next story would be "normal" but you know what? Anything is normal compared to my last fic, so the only critique I will not be accepting is "Waaah, this isn't 'normal!'")

    Tags: NSFW, TheLounge, Red Velvet, Irene, Female reader insert, anal, rimming, not a single line of dialogue, canonical silence, ass worship, massage oils, hand holding, yeah you’re deeefinitely the dominant one here

    Open and Shut Up


    No talking.

    You can get behind that. That’s totally sexy. What’s less sexy… is a flowchart.

    Obviously, you printed it out. Irene is going to be paying you for thi—It’s not payment, you remind yourself. It’s a mutual favor between acquaintances which may or may not involve money or goods/services which require it.

    You scowl retroactively at Yeri’s so-called humorous insistence that you are, effectively, a prostitute. Performing sex acts in exchange, one time, for smoked salmon bagels is most definitely not prostitution, as you have reminded her many times.

    Trying very hard to put that train of thought behind you, you glance around at the room. Low light, vanilla lavender sandalwood candles, obscenely soft towels, lube options, massage oils, and the stupid fucking laminated flowchart. You sigh—

    NO! You don’t sigh, actually! Because the no talking rule was emphasized in great detail during negotiations, and included moans, groans, hums, whispers, grunts, and unnecessarily heavy breathing. And since a sigh is a heavy breath, you fucking hold that shit in tight!

    But why do you need to hold in your sighs? Well, because of the final feature of the room that wasn’t mentioned two paragraphs ago: Irene, lying entirely nude on her stomach, on a bed of silk sheets, implying that your job—NOT your job, excuse you—has already begun. You entered the room mere seconds ago, so this should be extremely obvious to you, but you had to take care of a bit of exposition before you could really admire her body or get into the action. Perhaps you should do one of those two things now.

    You can hardly believe what you’re seeing. Her slim legs and waist, the expanse of her back easily defeating the silkiness of the sheets she’s on, her elegant neck, her luxurious pitch black hair twirled into a loose bun, and the mild plumpness of her ass, peeking out from above the creases where her thighs meet it. Now, you’ve seen plenty of naked idols, but it’s the prestige that comes with this idol in particular that may have you so excited. Or it’s what she wants you to do to her. It’s hard to say. Point is, you’re wet, and you’re probably going to have to lay down a towel of your own.

    On that note, you forgot an important aspect of the exposition: You’re not allowed to touch yourself.

    That’s right. You’re in a room with a naked Irene, perhaps the most desired (per capita by fans and/or marketing departments) idol in history, preparing to gape her asshole in exchange for goods and/or services and/or currency totalling in value no less than the approximate equivalent worth of this spa treatment, and you aren’t supposed to get yourself off. But you are supposed to be naked, so you remove your shirt and bra, making just enough noise for her to hear you undressing, since that’s supposed to be how you let her know you’re about to start—

    Oh, yes. Did you forget the most, actually, critically important part of your exposition? Oh, you think you caught on to it moments ago? Why, yes. You’re here, specifically, to gape her asshole. No more, except any action that will lead toward said gaping, and definitely no less. You are to take the role of dominant, while she takes the role of submissive. Never mind the fact that, per her instructions, you can’t speak, or make any noise, or touch yourself, or use her body to get yourself off, or choose your own state of undress, or touch any part of her not shown in the diagram on the flowchart, or do anything that isn’t explicitly spelled out on the flowchart… But you are required to spank her if she makes any noises. So yeah, you’re totally the dominant one here. (And, to be more specific, you are to keep track of which buttcheek you last spanked so that you can make sure to spread the ass-slapping evenly between cheeks and preserve symmetry, followed by immediate continuation of whatever action you were in the midst of prior to said spank.)

    … Yes, that is the last of the exposition. What? You want to have a flashback to when the verbal negotiations were happening? Absolutely not. That’s dialogue, which is technically against the rules. It’s time to do things to Irene’s butthole. Stop stalling.

    Once you remove your skirt, slippers, and underwear, you get onto your knees, noting that the floor seems slightly spongy and wondering what that’s about. Irene’s legs are closed. The crevasse of her ass on its own makes you want to scream, but the centerpoint of the cross formed by that crevasse and her thigh crease . There is the slightest gap at that point which reveals the tiniest sneak peak of what hides between. You bite down on your lips to suppress your instinctual lewd moan. Okay, you’re just getting started. Calm down, or this is going to be impossibly difficult.

    You straddle Irene’s calves (without touching them!), take a deep and silent breath, and lean forward, placing your palms first on the flawless globes of her ass, then letting your fingers come to rest as well. They’re such a perfect combination of firm, soft, and smooth that it brings tears to your eyes. The inability to comment on them out loud brings you near-physical pain and certainly-mental anguish. If Irene cares, she’s not making it known. She’s deathly silent, and you only know she’s alive because of the way her back rises and falls with her breath.

    Contact achieved. Looking at the flowchart isn’t necessary for now. You had a pretty easy time memorizing steps one through five since they don’t have any branching-off points. Step two is to inspect. You look away and take a couple more deep (and silent!) breaths, then increase the pressure of your hands on Irene’s butt and ever so slowly pull apart.

    Within the realm of your imagination, you can see yourself comically hyperventilating. In the real world, you see a hole that you could only ever describe as manicured. Not a hair in sight, and some shade of pink so unrealistically perfect that it probably has a Pantone color named after it (Irene’s Butthole Pink? Pick a hex code). The miniscule folds of flesh are already very slightly gaped, giving you a near-imperceptible view into her interior, as if she’d had someone else very recently do what you’re about to, or as if she’d prepared herself with a butt plug. You wonder if Irene even owns a butt plug though, considering she can probably convince any person on the planet to open up her ass any time she would even want to use one. Or maybe she does have one. The Alexander III Commemorative Fabergé egg is still missing, after all…

    You pull a little further, and can’t contain your shudder as not only her asshole opens by another couple millimeters, but her pussy lips spread and eventually split apart when the pressure barely overcomes the moisture holding them together. Your eyes and heart flutter, and you think you might faint. The vagina is one of many areas which is not indicated as touchable on the diagram, which hurts your soul because it’s the perfect number of shades darker than the surrounding skin and—

    It’s time to focus! Asshole only! Get your mind out of the gutter!

    Keeping one hand in place so she stays half-open, you get a handful of one of the massage oils. It feels room temperature, but you're supposed to hold it until it's warmer, so you stare at Irene's back as you try not to let too much drip away. The movement of her breathing is steady and subtle. In. Out. You try to match her pace. In. Out. In. Out.

    When it's ready, you let the oil flow off your hand into the cleft of Irene's ass. She doesn't so much as flinch, which you obviously credit more to your excellent reading of body temperature and less to her ass-trance. But back to the butt in hand.

    The oil travels leisurely down her crack, speeding up ever so slightly as the path becomes more vertical, and stopping to pool on top of her hole. You place your oily hand on its designated cheek again and repeat the process on the other side.

    It’s time to really get started now… with step three-dash-C.

    The tips of your thumbs meet just over her hole and press down flatly so that they do not enter her. You slowly shift them around each other and back, massaging with just the right pressure to stay on the rim. The rest of your hands are for massaging the rest of her derriere. It’s not necessary, but you want to show off your manual dexterity, and you want to make sure she’s as relaxed as can—She’s effectively already achieved Nirvana down there, from the looks of things, actually. The relaxation is for you. You’re the one who’s Nirvous about this anal—Is this a joke to you? It’s time for another spread test. You need to make sure Irene’s ready, because maybe somewhere between steps four-dash-E and four-dash-K you’ll forget to off yourself for that pun… Thank fuck you didn’t say that one out loud.

    Step four is the first insertion.

    Every ounce of fortitude you have is tested. You hold back your shaking. It’s just a finger. It is just a finger, right? You’ve done this plenty of times, to plenty of idols, no less. Well, not a silent butt-fingering, per se, but you’ve been knuckle deep in other idols before, and often more than one idol and often more than one knuckle! Irene just has a gravitas that makes yo—Don’t you dare say she has a gravitass. Stay. Quiet! And keep her ass spread with your free hand.

    You watch the carefully trimmed, polished nail of your forefinger leisurely slip into her asshole. Then you pass your first knuckle. You stop on the second and quietly release your held breath. You don’t recall making an analogy about the feeling of her ass cheeks, but you’ll sure as hell compare the interior of her butt to cashmere. The minor gape you’d noticed previously has no effect on how tightly the hole hugs your digit.

    Irene’s back rises a centimeter higher, and falls more slowly. Her pattern is broken. You catch your breath again. Did you do something wrong? Is the massage oil adequate? No, it’s only meant to be the starter. This was the whole intention. Right? You glance at the flowchart. Yes, step three, massage oil only, no additional lubrication. You do your best to relax and drag your finger back.

    The way her asshole holds on to your finger is its own story of seduction, affair, and dramatic departure. She (her hole is a she) clearly doesn’t want her (so is your finger) to go, but she has to, lest her family shun her. But she cannot resist returning, leaving again despite all the kissing and languid hugging, and returning once more. One last time, she escapes completely, but after telling the story to a saucy friend, introduces Irene’s butt to them, and suddenly the sordid romance becomes a menage a trois.

    Two fingers, two knuckles deep in Irene’s ass, you note your own wetness beginning to trail down your inner thigh. You aren’t sure exactly why the thought crosses your mind that you hope that it will somehow evaporate against your ragingly hot and bothered leg.

    Now, out, and back in, out, and back in. With your breath. You match Irene’s. Out, and back in.

    You gulp. You’re halfway through step four’s substeps. Next is the addition of another finger and more thrusting at a torturously slow pace for an actually timed five minutes. You find yourself hypnotized by it. The five minutes pass by in something more like twelve seconds, and the clock on the wall gently changes color to let you know it’s time to make the final preparations for step five. It’s not magical. It’s just connected by bluetooth to the phone to your left.

    But what is magical? You’ve come this far, so you should know by now. It’s Irene’s asshole. You remove two of three fingers, then reinsert one more from the opposite hand, and as cautiously as you can, pull apart. There’s the magic.

    Irene’s butt is open, and not just immediately around your fingers, but in a whole oval shape. It’s not enormously wide, but it’s enough that you could reasonably, without discomfort, insert the tip of your tongue.

    … Hey. Wouldn’t you know it? That’s step five.

    Rimming is always a questionable thing to do to your nose, ranging from the worst to a merely neutral idea. When you draw in close to Irene’s open ass, however, it’s the massage oil that overpowers your trepidatious olfactory sense. You’d noticed earlier that it was labeled as Fresh Linen, a scent that certainly makes sense given Irene’s reputation for laundry-doing, but it triggers a seemingly unrelated and entirely Loony memory of the smell of coffee. How the smells of linen and coffee are linked in your mind, you may never know. Perhaps you should see a professional about that.

    But how’s the taste? Well, bland with the slight bitter spike of chemicals that improve viscosity but shouldn’t be ingested in large quantities. The risk of health complications is extremely low though, and you’d risk significantly more for this specific opportunity.

    Irene’s butt cheeks and your face cheeks are still separated by your hands, but as of step five-dash-B that will no longer be the case. For now, your lips and tongue are in full contact, and that would be more than enough. To be licking around and inside the asshole of Irene, the rarely disputed queen of idols, you have to be infinitely lucky. You thank heaven you are.

    Your focus is drawn in further and further. No more jokes. No more references to other stories. Even the most obvious pun/reference slips from your mind as you try your best to keep your tongue soft for Irene’s pleasure.

    Your complete and total compliance doesn’t go unnoticed by Irene, somehow. The tiniest roll of her hips, that barest indication of her appreciation, kicks your core into overdrive. The trail down your thigh widens and it’s all you can do to beg the universe that you won’t drip on her calves.

    It takes more strength than you knew you had not to squeal your desperation into her ass. Your thighs and your lungs and your everything else burn with desire. You know it’s not for want of air since your nose is still free, so it has to be your overwhelming need for Irene’s attention. You’d do anything. You are doing anything. A friendly agreement to gape her hole? No, this is a test, a labor, a trial. You’re proving your devotion.

    You’re not licking a queen’s ass. 

    You’re worshipping a goddess. 

    It’s not a flowchart. 

    It’s a divine ritual.

    The shifting color on the clock only mostly guides you out of your trance. You pull away with a heavy heart, staring half lidded at the strings of saliva still connecting you with what you now live for. There’s no difference in size, but you much prefer the sheen you left on her rim to that of the oil. Step five isn’t over yet.

    Do rituals have steps? You try to think back to any hieroglyphics you’ve seen in old textbooks. There were no numbers… Obviously there were no numbers. They were hieroglyphics. You can’t read that shit—


    You remove your fingers, allowing Irene’s ass to close once more. It happens slowly. You nearly choke, watching her hole return to its previous shape with your breath held so tightly in your chest that it feels like something is going to burst. Hey, maybe it will, but that can’t happen yet. That would be too loud, and your goddess demands silence, so you open your mouth to simply allow the breath to drift out along with any comments you had on the subject.

    You close back in once again, this time letting your face settle against Irene’s cheeks and gently nudge them apart, reattaching your tongue to her rim. You want to dive in, to feel her squeeze you, maybe even cum around you, but that’s not part of the ritual. You need to give her rest. The best is yet to cum—no. Come. You give her the lightest rimming you can, holding your tongue back to merely caress her asshole while you silently revel in the light press of her glutes on your cheeks.

    Another slight roll of her hips sends you reeling. Your vision fades and Irene is all that’s left. You can see the movement. It’s not just her breath, but her oh-so-gentle rocking back and forth that makes the light and shadows play across her back like the grains of the Elysian fields waving in the breeze. It doesn’t seem right for you to be allowed to experience this, to taste this, to be treated to a view of paradise, to understand the touch of divinity.

    The gently shifting color of the clock, magenta to yellow, broadens your vision again. You back away, taking a deep breath that you only now realize you desperately needed.

    Without thinking, finally, you do as Irene has commanded. You place your palms on her ass: your altar. You slide your thumbs into her glorious hole, and you pull apart softly. Her muscles have relaxed so thoroughly that you meet no resistance. She is simply open, as if this is just how she was always meant to be, told in myths that cannot be written. Her soft ass doesn’t try to clench down. It remains a portal that entices you, begs you to enter.

    And you could. Certainly, as is the case with other gods, Irene could forgive you for showing her your specialty. You, the heroic champion, could show her an unexpected pleasure. Touch her clit, lap at her juices, grind yourself on the back of her thigh. Her instruction indicated that you’re the dominant one here. Make it so.

    You hook the first knuckle of each of your pointer fingers, as directed, inside.

    No. You can’t get greedy now. You’re not that kind of hero.

    Irene opens further around your digits with no effort. Now you see the depth of her abyss, and it does not try to close. Irene wants you to see into her. Even the beautiful spheres of her ass to either side, her graceful back, her soft legs, her captivating hair… It all fades away. You know what the next step is. You don't need the clock to intuit the moment she's ready. Your higher thoughts and your lust blend together.

    Slowly, you pull further apart. Not much. It may not seem like it's so small, but this immortal gateway still needs to be treated with reverence. For every millimeter you actually widen her, though, you see miles more. It makes you feel light-headed, even a little dizzy. And when you slide your fingers out, those feelings become far more distinct. Irene remains open.

    Gaping may have been an appropriate word for her to have described what she wanted from you, but it was far too crude to represent what you see now. Then again, you’re not sure what else to call it. It’s been a while since the thesaurus failed you.

    Irene's muscles are relaxed. Serene, even. Like this is where they should naturally be. You simply guided them.

    You lean back in and gently kiss her rim. It's dangerous, running your tongue around the defined edge of the mortal and everlasting, but exhilarating. The slight rolling of her hips is your indication that Irene is feeling the same passion, for all the hubris it takes to assume such a thing about your goddess. As far as you know, she could just be moving because your tongue and lips aren't in the right places and making up for your inadequacies.

    Still, every slight, slow shade of her ass against your cheek is a divine caress, urging you further along the journey. Your kisses are as insistent as you can get them without making the grave error of smacking your lips.

    In the foggiest reaches of your vision, a hand reaches out to you along the floor. Irene grasps at the air like she wants something. That’s not part of the ritual. You can only think of one thing in the moment, and you take her hand in yours.

    Irene’s fingers close around yours and curl into your palm. They flutter every time you swirl your tongue across her rim, and, after a moment, they squeeze.

    It’s terrifying, at first, when Irene trembles underneath you. It evokes thoughts of earthquakes, brought upon by the wrath of the gods. But no, it’s orgasm. Her asshole contracts slightly, but otherwise just quivers against your mouth. It ends almost as soon as it begins.

    Irene takes her hand away, and a bit of your soul with it. She lightly presses on the clock, and it shifts to white. You don’t have to be reminded of what that means. Steeling your heart, you back off of Irene’s ass and carefully push yourself up to your feet. Even at your full height, you can see into Irene’s hole. Taking it in with the full picture of the rest of her body is an incredible sight to behold. Knowing that you contributed to it makes it even more beautiful.

    As you look over her, your eyes go wide and you have to contain a gasp. Irene’s calves are covered in little wet streaks, right where you had been hovering over her. Embarrassment washes over you. It's hard to imagine being so turned on as to not have felt yourself dripping on her, especially after having worried about that very thing mere minutes ago. You want to reach for a towel to correct your mistake, but you know you're not supposed to touch her. You're supposed to be dressing yourself and leaving, so you step away, and reach down for your clothes.

    Your arms feel heavy as you pull your underwear up, only getting more embarrassed about how soaked they immediately become.

    As you put on your shirt though, Irene moves again. You can't help but stand perfectly still, mesmerized by the smooth motion of Irene getting up onto her knees and sitting back on her heels. Now upright, she's even more statuesque, back curved inward from her generous bottom up to her gentle shoulders. One hand releases her hair from its bun, and the night sky falls past her neck, simultaneously obscuring and enhancing that gorgeous expanse.

    Irene’s torso twists a quarter in your direction. It's hard to think that for however long you've been here, this is the first you've seen her face and it's merely a silhouette, not even far enough around that she could look at you out of the corner of her eye. All you can see is her eyelashes, pointed down, to indicate that her eyes are closed. The movement also coyly presents you with the side of her breast, yet another of the endless curves of her body that you have had no opportunity to worship.

    One graceful arm comes back. Her fingers find their way to the cleft of her ass and sensually feel their way down. You don't even think to wipe away your drool as you watch those fingers dip inward. They move in and out, unhurried and exquisite.

    Your mind reels. Were you not enough? Is she just basking in the remnants of her pleasure? Is she doing this for you to watch? Should you even still be here?

    Irene continues to toy lightly with her asshole while at the same time her other hand shakes out her hair from below. 

    Your legs twitch. You can't stay here anymore. You practically jump into your skirt, grab your shoes, and you're out the door. You keep the doorknob turned in your hand even as you whip yourself outside so the latch won't click when you close it.

    In the hallway, you slump back against the wall. Your body is on fire. You need to be touched. You don’t live very far away. You can get home fast, and if you can’t grab someone on the way, idol or otherwise, you’ll be sitting on a vibrator all night—

    The door you just came through opens again. Irene walks out in a shoulderless sweater, just long enough to cover her shorts, and sneakers. How she can look so casual, you’re sure you’ll never comprehend.

    She doesn’t turn to leave, though. She steps closer to you, and closer, and closer. The hallway isn’t that wide. Are her steps inches long or is space expanding? Either way, she crosses and stands over you. It doesn’t matter what your height was. Your knees will only hold you against the wall at a height that makes it look like Irene is miles taller.

    You open your mouth. You want to ask her to make good on her end of your bargain right now. Or maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. You just want to say something. But before you can, you feel the shock of physical connection. Irene strokes your cheek with the back of her fingers. Her eyes capture yours, holding you steady.

    The distance becomes inches, and you’re paralyzed. She doesn’t blink as she gets even closer, but closes her eyes just in time to remove the final gap and touch her lips to yours. She kisses you so softly that you can barely feel it. In fact, the whole of your body seems suddenly light and cloudish, like a breeze could send you away. You even feel a drop of rain leave your eye.

    When she retreats, she gives you the coyest smile to ever coy, and as she approaches her full height again, her fingers leave your jawline and the lightness you felt reverses. Gravity crashes your ass into the floor.

    Then Irene turns to leave, breaking the line of sight to her eyes, freeing your own to wander. The last thing you see before she turns the corner is that she is not, in fact, wearing shorts under her sweater. You get one last glimpse of your handiwork. Though you can’t see very well and can’t imagine her ass is still gaped now that she’s back on her feet, it is still visibly wet, as are the backs of her thighs and calves.


    Tzuyu x Male Reader

    4,030 Words

    This is an interlude of @lockefanfics Business Trip, taking place after Control.

    A/N: Special thanks to Locke for allowing me to write an interlude of the iconic series. I’m truly honoured and hope this is good enough to be part of the series. Your comments are great <3

    A/N2: Thank you to @capslocked​ for looking through the fic and giving some feedback for the future, as well as @worldsover​ for giving some grammar advice (I know it’s only one section but still)


    You would have thought two weeks with her would have prepared you sufficiently for how the day would turn out.

    Well, you thought wrong. 

    Upon entering her apartment hours ago, you had been wholly under Tzuyu’s control. With her blouse and pencil skirt tossed aside and forgotten, she lured you into her room. The bruises on her hip and waist from the harsh fucking against her work table, the light bite marks on her inner thighs before you ate her out, her hoarse voice whimpering “I want more, Daddy” as she lays prone on her bed—all evidence of your debauchery. Several hours passed by without you realising, such is the effect Chou Tzuyu has on you.

    Now, she’s sitting on your left thigh and nuzzling against your neck while you fondle her butt. You both lazily enjoy feeling each other’s body while the day winds down. The gold rays from the beautiful sunset pierce through the bedroom window, illuminating both the room as well as the gorgeous young woman. She begins to move once again, lightly rocking her body and spreading your combined juices on your leg.

    Unfortunately, your body has other plans. Your stomach growls and you reluctantly hold Tzuyu in place.

    “Tzuyu, I’m hungry.”

    She smiles against your neck and kisses your cheek. “I’m all yours to devour, Daddy.”

    Keep reading

    Dr. Minji

    Male Reader x Kim Minji

    Length: 1127 words

    Tags: prostate exam, fingers up your bum, semen sample, also called cock sucking, p-gasm, anal, butt stuff, riding a dildo, loud sex, proffesional_doctor!Minji

    TW: butt stuff with the reader, also Quickie

    Inspiration: @worldsover who wrote the prompt and inspired me to go for it, @kaedespicelatte who just says random shit and IT WORKS lmao

    Credit: @worldsover for editing. Thank you!

    “Bend over.”

    Swallow the enormous lump in your throat. You were mentally prepared for the worst, a weird, ugly male doctor shoving his fingers up your ass and rubbing your prostate. For the sake of your health, yes, you would do it. But as it turns out, Dr. Minji is definitely not ugly and most certainly not a man. She is a cold killer, her gaze unimpressed as she watches your face fill with blood. A sigh comes from her lips as she grabs her gloves.

    “Sir, I have a lot of patients waiting. I’m sure your prostate is fine, but if you want to get it checked, we should not waste time.”

    “I, uhm, uh…”

    You stutter, you sweat. Dr. Minji is enveloped in this imposing aura. The way she stretches the white gloves on her fingers looks menacing, as if she is about to murder you without leaving traces. From a drawer, she grabs a tube with lube and places it on her desk. Another sigh.

    “Sir, I—”

    “I-I’ll do it, sorry.”

    You interrupt her and scramble to open your belt. Fiddle at it for a second that feels endless. Your pants fall to the floor and soon your boxers follow. Although you try to hide your cock throughout the process, the doctor certainly caught a glimpse of it. Life is cruel. 

    “Okay then,” Dr. Minji says, her voice disinterested, yet softer than before, “I need you to relax now. I know this is hard, but it is necessary, okay?”

    “Yes,” you say in between labored breaths and bend further down. You expected her to move behind you, but Dr. Minji decides to kneel in front of you. Her fingers, cold and covered with glove and lube, dart through the opening of your legs and search for your puckered hole. 

    Your entire forehead is a sea of sweat. You wish you could wipe all these beads away, but both of your hands are occupied: the left gives you stability on Minji’s desk; the other hides your manhood. You have to suffer through this ticklish feeling on your temple as Minji tickles your butthole. It’s still too tight for her to insert a finger, and the coldness of her glove doesn’t help. 

    Suddenly, one of the many salty beads loses its grip and falls down on the doctor’s face. It leaves a wet trail on her cheek and she looks upwards, straight at you. Her disinterested, unimpressed expression has not changed, even though you're looking at her with the most pitiful, disgusting contortion of a face imaginable. With yet another sigh, she gets up from her knees and grabs something from the drawer.

    “Sir, let me show you how it’s done,” she says bluntly and plants a massive, suction dildo onto the tiled floor. You gawk at the absolute insane length, and for a second, fear that it is meant for you. That is before Minji pulls down her pants and steps out of them. No panties to speak of. No hair as well, her legs, crotch and pussy are smooth masterpieces. 

    “Come closer,” Minji commands, while putting a healthy amount of lube on the silicone phallus. As you carefully shuffle forward, Minji strokes the fake dick a couple of times and then squats down. Like the professional that she is, she takes it up her ass with no effort.

    “Fuck,” the two of you groan. Before you know it, Minji has slapped away your hand. Your cock has already become erect at the sight of seeing this young, attractive doctor half naked, so there is no use hiding it anymore. Quite frankly, you do not care anymore as Minji starts to slowly go up and down on the silicone monster.

    She once again reaches for your butthole, but this time, she won’t be denied. 

    Her finger pierces you open. No time for it to adjust to Minji; it’s time for you to learn what the doctor is showing you. Relax, relax, and take it up there without whining. Whine you do, however, at her first touch of your prostate. From that moment, you feel things spiral out of control.

    "Also, I'll need a sperm sample,” Dr. Minji says, her breath quicker than before.

    "What for?" you respond with less confusion than you would hope for. Minji reaches for your hard shaft.


    That's how a good doctor multitasks: she's sitting on that silicone dick, taking it in her guts while being more thorough with her prostate exam. Her finger not only grazes your prostate, it begins to poke it. The friction of her in and out movements makes your knees quiver, and every touch on your sensitive organ fills your mind with fog.

    "I'll have to make sure the taste is normal too,” Minji bluntly adds and goes from just staring at your length to putting her lips onto it. But when did they learn about kissing the tip in medical school? Of course she is an expert in anatomy, but this knowledge is not part of the curriculum, right?

    Even though her gloves are cold, her tongue's certainly warm enough to make it feel all better. It makes you relax. The pleasure is a comfortable couch and you just lay down on it—perfect for Minji to carefully ease another finger up your rectum. The double attack on your prostate leaves you with gritted teeth and an unhealthy amount of precum on Minji’s taste buds. 

    "It's okay, this amount of precum is normal with all the stimulation," the doctor gives her medical expertise, interrupted by moans.

    So this is where the distrust of doctors comes from: you're absolutely leaking from the slit of your dick. How normal can this be? It's a test of all your senses, the fingers in your asshole, the lips around your frenulum, the sight of Minji slowly bouncing up and down—what happened to sterility? Oh, it's gone now that she's drooling; you might as well be too.

    Let's call it doctor-patient confidentiality, how she swallows your semen sample, even as the orgasm keeps going, doesn't let any of the seed go to waste as the orgasm keeps going and going, because your ass is clenching hard around her cold gloved fingers—can't let there be any evidence, can't let it show up on a black light. The orgasm is so intense, you have to bite down on something: Minji offers a finger—oh, is that—you almost cared, until you start watching Minji's ass ripple too in her own orgasm, so your lips wrap around her digit as you throw your head back and give Minji much more than a sample of semen in her mouth. The whole clinic must have heard that one. Better hope the walls are soundproofed well.


    You hated the word ‘ethereal.’

    It was used way too often, you thought, by tiktokers and instagrammers and smut writers in the deeper, darker parts of the internet - each of them latching onto it, using it freely, as though the use of such a pretentious word would lend them the appearance of intelligence beyond their actual possession.

    “She’s so ethereal,” they’d say, every time some k-pop idol decided to take a selfie and post it online. OMG, so ethereal.”

    You’d known what it generally meant - you did, after all, deem yourself a man that was more than comfortable with the inner workings of the English language - but you’d actually decided to look up the meaning the other day out of sheer curiosity, if for no other reason than to convince yourself that all the unwashed masses of peasants using it were in fact using it incorrectly.

    Extremely delicate and light,” the definition read, “in a way that seems too perfect for this world.”

    Fair enough. It was a good word for a specific description. Not that it alleviated your disdain for its overuse.

    But as your finger traces a delicate path along Myoui Mina’s shoulder, you knew that there was no better description for her.

    Ethereal. Ethereal. Yup. That’s it, that’s the word. There was no better one.

    She is sleeping soundly, a soft rush of air leaving her nose with every breath - the concept of snoring seemed so crude and beneath one such as her and the sublime state of existence she seemed to exist on. Her eyelids flutter open as your fingertip reaches the peak of her shoulder, and for a moment you’re overcome with an unexpected pang of shame for having disturbed the slumber of such a gentle being.

    Her lips curl into a soft smile before her eyelids cover her eyes once more.  Beneath the covers, she presses herself a little closer against you, her naked thigh pushing between yours to slip between your legs and press, gently, against your crotch.

    “Good morning,” she whispers, a soft greeting, barely loud enough for you to hear. You smile as she speaks with that soft, delicate tone of hers. In these, in your quietest, most intimate moments, every word she said was like a secret - one you wanted to treasure, one you wanted to keep between you and her and no one else, a dragon greedily holding onto something to add to the hoard of precious moments shared between you.

    “Good morning,” you answer.

    “Did you sleep well?” she asks, cuddling a little closer as she seeks a more comfortable position in the warmth of your body and the sheets that wrapped you both. Her left arm snakes around your torso, and the soft, warm thigh wedged between your presses a little tighter against your shaft - which, intentional or not, awakens that little part of your brain that was in charge of acting on such sensations.

    “I did. Mostly because you tired me out last night.”

    A small giggle drifts up from your chest, where she’s buried her face - and while you can’t see it, you can almost feel those soft lips of hers curling up into a smile.

    “You were leaking out of me the whole night,” she whispers - another series of words you never want any other person, ever, to hear but you. “You filled me up so much.”

    How does one respond to something like that? What witty, cocky, funny response could one possibly conjure, and what words would they use? For a moment you wish you had access to that online dictionary, or perhaps a thesaurus - yes, a thesaurus. What synonyms existed in the English language for fuck yeah that’s hot?

    You think about it for a moment more, wrack your brain for some sort of reply - but you settle instead for simple honesty.

    “I couldn’t help it. You felt so good.”

    You feel more than see the expression on her face - a deepening of the smile on her lips, perhaps a biting of them by a perfect ivory tooth. She raises her head from your chest, her hair somehow magically parting to reveal a face that was perfect and beautiful and-


    “So did you,” she says, her voice a little more than a whisper now, as though she somehow meant them more. You find yourself in her eyes, those brilliant, deep pools that were always full of thought and emotion and feeling - and you bring your lips to hers. 

    You never tired of kissing Mina. Yes, the oral and the sex was great, but damn, the kisses. It felt, sometimes, like that was when you were most vulnerable. Eyes closed, her hands wrapped around you, lips locked to yours - you were helpless to do more than simply let her do as she wished with you and your mouth and your tongue.

    When your lips part, it’s almost a kind of sadness that overcomes you, like you’d lost a gift you were just given.

    “I hope I didn’t hurt you,” you say. Your mind had begun to replay images from the night before, and amongst them were moments when you’d lost yourself in the pleasure you’d found in her body. “I kind of lost control there a couple of times.”

    Mina laughs, and that damn, hated word springs to your mind again as you watch her, with her perfect smile, and slight blush on her cheeks, eyes forming into perfect half-crescents like she were some cartoon come to life.

    “Do you want to know a secret?” she asks, the words leaving her mouth in a hushed, soft tone - even more than usual - but with a sly undertone, as though, god forbid, this perfect angel were about to share something naughty.

    “Of course,” you reply. Eager would have been an apt word to describe you, you supposed.

    Mina bites her lip, an action that would have seemed so small and insignificant were it not for the utterly suggestive context in which she performed it. The blush on her cheeks deepens. Her eyes draw downward, toward your chest, where she has begun to trace random patterns with the tip of a finger.

    I love it when you lose control,” she whispers.

    Aroused. Would that have been enough? No, you needed a different word to describe what you felt; ‘aroused’ simply wouldn’t do. Turned-the-fuck-on. Crude, but yeah, effective.

    “Yeah?” you manage to stumble, your brain finding itself utterly unable to do more than manage the most basic of responses, so occupied was it in fighting off the unexpected ambush of sheer arousal that were threatening to overcome its meager defenses.

    “Mmm,” she hums, fingertip playing with the ridgeline of your collarbone, uncaring or unaware or both about the massive onslaught of sheer sexiness she was about to unleash on you with her words. “You know those last few seconds right after you tell me you’re gonna cum? When you stop caring about me and how I feel and just start fucking me?”


    “Those few seconds… god, those are my favorite seconds of every time we fuck.”

    “God, Mina.”

    “Because I know… in those few seconds, when you lose control, I know… that I made you that way. That I made you lose control over yourself.” 


    “Yeah. It’s so hot. I wish…”

    “You wish?” you say, quickly, more a plead than a question, a desperate attempt to urge her to continue.

    “I wish… you treated me like that all the time.”

    “Y-... yeah?”

    “Yeah. I wish you just… fucking used me. Just fucked me to get yourself off, not giving a shit about me or how I felt - like I was just a fucktoy, a place to dump your cum. Because knowing that I get you off… knowing that I make you cum so quickly… that’s so fucking hot to me. Just thinking about it, it… it…”


    “Just thinking about it… it makes me so wet.”

    Her hand, finally having its fill of your collarbone, drifts down to her waist, where your arm is draped around her body. She finds and grasps your wrist before dragging it down her body, twisting her torso slightly to give you better access, slipping her leg from between your thighs and opening the most intimate part of herself to you.

    She brings your fingers to her pussy - and yes - she was dripping.

    Mina was ethereal, yes, but also an exercise in contrast. Because while she certainly embodied all the angelic, delicate properties associated with the former word, she was, undoubtedly, more than willing to contrast those properties with ones that were altogether less proper.

    And that was what made her so utterly captivating. She could be - and often was - a princess. With ice in her veins and that soft smile of hers on her lips she often seemed like she didn’t belong in this world, like she was above things like lust and lewdness and sex.  

    But only you knew about this side of her. Only you were privy to how Myoui Mina, that perfect ice princess, acted beneath sheets. And that knowledge drove you insane.

    “Are you going to fuck me now?” she says, every syllable saturated, dripping with lust in the same way that her body was.

    “Yes,” you answer, turning her onto her back, looming over her and positioning yourself between her freely spreading thighs. 

    “How are you going to fuck me?”

    “I’m going to use you, Mina. I’m going to use your wet little pussy to get me off, just like you want me to.”

    For the first time, there is a crack in that facade of hers - a slight twitch of her eyelids, a barely detectable gasp between soft pink lips at the mention of what lay between her legs. What the world would have said had they seen her - Myoui Mina, ice princess - the way she was now; you wondered what word they would use, and whether ethereal was anywhere near the list of possibilities.

    Needy. Lustful. Wanton.

    “Do it,” she says, reaching down between your bodies to grasp your aching cock, aiming its tip at her slick opening, dragging it up and down and lathering it with her slick juices. Unable and unwilling to wait even a second longer, you slide inside her - and the air rushes from both of your lungs as you fill her to the brim.

    Warm, wet, slick, tight - the adjectives you could have used to describe Mina’s body were endless. It was a pussy you’d had many, many times, but each one seemed like the first. Each time you entered her it was like you were being given a gift that you knew in the deepest recesses of your soul that you were not worthy of - like you were some unwashed dirty peasant receiving a small trifle from a noble lady.

    Fuck your little princess,” she hisses, as though reading your thoughts. “Use your princess cunt.”

    Your eyes, which you hadn’t known you’d closed, jerk open at her words. You look down at her beneath you, eyes half-lidded, cheeks blushed, mouth half-ajar. The picture of pleasure. Not so ethereal anymore. 

    For the first few seconds you feel almost guilty about the way you fuck her. You only give her one, two, three thrusts before you quickly find and keep a rhythm that is fast and hard and almost punishing in its tempo. It doesn’t take Mina long to become a mewling, moaning mess beneath you - the unbidden and unfiltered cries of quickly building pleasure that leave her lips just one of the many signs her body gave you that yes, this is it, this is what it wanted.

    And so any thought of reserving yourself, of holding yourself back, quickly flee your mind in the face of her body’s reactions to this new, rough, careless way of fucking. You cared little for her comfort or pleasure, knowing only that her legs were wrapping around your waist, thighs warm around your hips and ankles locked together behind your back as she moaned and gasped and shouted her pleasure right into your ears.

    To say her body felt amazing would have been an understatement - to tell the truth you wondered if there would ever be a word that could describe the way her cunt tightened and pulsated around you. She was so wet - no doubt due to her own juices but also the loads you’d left in her the night before - but for all of its slickness her cunt was no less tight for it.  

    Some indeterminate amount of time later - time was such an abstract, foreign concept when you were fucking - Mina pushes you over, ends up on top. She rides you hard, fierce, sometimes leaning over your chest, sometimes leaning back with her hands on your knees and giving you a show, letting you watch those wide hips and toned stomach work as she impales herself over and over again on your cock, every impact of her hips on yours sending a delicious little ripple of movement up her full thighs, across her trim abs, and giving her small, round breasts and the taut nipples atop them a mouthwatering bounce.

    Throughout it all she doesn’t stop, doesn’t falter with her pace, as though her only goal in life were to make you cum as soon as possible. Thankfully, the tightening of her cunt and the abundance of the juices flowing onto your crotch were evidence that she, too, were enjoying the race to orgasm as much as you.

    You feel your orgasm approaching, feel the telltale tingle in your crotch that told you it was only a matter of time before you’d crossed the point of no return. It was coming so quickly - almost embarrassingly quickly. But you don’t care. You care only for the pleasure, and for the young woman bouncing atop your cock.

    Your hands clutch at her thighs, your teeth grinding against each other. She sees it, feels it. She knew you so well by now, knew every little outward sign your body was able to make and how to react to it all.

    “Let yourself go,” she hisses, “don’t fight it. Just use my pussy, just cum for me.”

    You begin thrusting upward as best you could between her spread thighs, meeting her hips with yours. She yelps, she sighs, and she momentarily lets you control the pace, keeping her hips stable, letting you grip the soft cheeks of her ass as you pound into her opening from below.

    “Fuck, Mina,” you snap between gritted teeth. “I want to cum in you.”

    You push her off you, and as if propelled by some unknown psychic connection she automatically gets on her hands and knees, that round, plump ass of hers already wagging, her heat point directly at you as you take position behind her. She knows what you want. She knows what you need, knows exactly how you want to cum in her.

    “Do it, baby please,” she says, half-plea, half-moan. “Use my cunt, fill it with your cum please, baby please.”

    You take a moment to admire the sight of her - bent over, chest pressed against the bed, spine curved deliciously, that round, firm ass wiggling slightly as the wet, hot flesh between her thighs yearns to be filled. She mewls and quivers and moans as she waits for that delicious moment.

    Unhinged. Crazy. Primal? Your brain, in an odd moment of coherence amidst the lust-fuelled haze the sight of her had filled it with, struggles to come up with the right word to describe the way she made you feel. Wild. Feral. 

    Feral. Feral! Thats the word. Myoui Mina made you feral.

    There was something feral about it - about the way you took her from behind, fucking her tight little cunt like some wild, uncivilized barbarian, or some unevolved primate taking its mate in a cave during that period before history existed. There is no room for subtlety, no room for emotions or passion or romance - only a primal, feral need to fuck and fuck and fuck the woman beneath you, make her yours, spill your seed inside her.

    It doesn’t take long. Without any mental barriers or “oh no does it feel good for her has she cum yet what if i hurt her OMG I don’t wanna cum too soon I wanna relish this” clouding your mind it’s not long before the tingle in your crotch becomes a full blown avalanche, ready to overcome your senses and sweep all before it in an unceasing, unrelenting wave of pleasure.

    “Gonna fucking cum in you,” you hiss, words spilling from your lips in a barely cognizant tumble, not at all a request or a question and more of a demand.

    “Yes!” she replies, her face half-hidden by a tumble of raven locks, some of it matted to her flushed cheeks by sweat. “Do it, cum inside me, use me, use my cunt-”

    If words had power, Mina referring to her body with that word had to rank somewhere near the top of the power rankings. And that’s what does it, that’s what does it for you. 

    You bury yourself inside her - not just in the physical sense, with your cock lodging itself as deeply as it could inside her body - but in every sense of the word. You almost feel a part of your soul leaving you and entering her, that’s how complete it feels, how utterly complete her body drains you, of every drop of cum, and of every ounce of your body and soul.

    Your cock pulses inside her, filling her with thick rope after thick rope of your warm cum. She sighs with each pulse and the spurt of semen that accompanies it. 

    It takes you just about forever to recover. When your senses return you find yourself still there, still buried to the hilt inside her. You caress the flushed, firm cheeks of her ass, squeezing them, pinching them, giving a cheek a firm slap that elicits a yelp from the young woman. Your mind feels drunk, as though you are floating, and everything feels hazy.

    Eventually you slip out of her. The sight of your cock as it slides out of her body, slick and wet and streaked with your juices and hers - it’s a sight to see, that’s for sure. The lips on either side of her opening grip every inch of you as it leaves, tight against your shaft, as though trying in vain to keep you inside.

    You watch as a small pearl of cum appears at her opening - one that quickly becomes a steady stream of thick, white semen. It drips from her pussy, making a mess of the sheets beneath her. Mina slides a hand down her body, fingers playing with her freshly-fucked cunt even as you watch her like some lewd pornographic performance, those thin, dainty fingers of hers playing with her lips, sliding between them into her opening and coming out wet and slick and glistening. She spreads your semen all over her pussy, around her clit, making a mess of herself for you, only for you, and no one else.

    Eventually you fall to the bed beside her, and Mina lets her upraised ass finally drop to the bed. She cuddles up next to you, and you find yourselves in much the same position that you were a few minutes ago, albeit with elevated heart rates, hungry lungs, and significantly messier lower bodies.

    You kiss her on the top of her head - an oddly innocent, caring gesture. Perhaps it was an apology of sorts, because even though you’d fucked her just the way she’d wanted you weren’t sure how actually pleasurable it was for her. You weren’t even sure if she’d cum.

    But she doesn’t care. There would be another time when her pleasure would be the priority. All that she knows, as you wrap your arms around each other and you both slowly drift off into sleep, is that she was the sole object of your desire. She relishes the idea of being desired, of being wanted so completely that it causes another person to lose control over their body and mind.

    She smiles, knowing that she’d made you that way.


    It’s the blinding light from the bedroom window that wakes you.

    The world seems brighter, lighter somehow, a far cry from the dark, lustful, sweaty environment it was earlier that morning. Your eyes struggle to adjust, fingers rubbing the sleep from tired eyelids.

    There is a movement in the room, and you realize that Mina is standing in the corner of it. She is facing away from you and towards the large dressing mirror, slipping the shoulder straps of a bright yellow sundress onto her frame.

    You watch her as she dresses, as she fusses with her hair, as she slips the necklace you’d bought her for her birthday on her neck and clips her favorite earrings on. She looks like a million different things - a model from the pages of a magazine, an angel temporarily descended from on high, a princess readying herself for a day outside the walls of her palace.

    You’re reminded again about what a delicious contrast Myoui Mina was - it wasn’t even so long ago that she was a wanton, needy little thing beneath you, craving and wanting and begging to have her body used. And here she was, all womanly, feminine charm and graceful appearance, the very picture of a lady.

    She notices you in the mirror’s reflection. Your heart warms at the sight of those lips curling up into a smile as your eyes catch hers. Stunning. Alluring. Beautiful. 

    “Time to get up, sleepyhead,” she says, every syllable light and delicate, as though floating on the air that carried them to your ears. “We were going to that farmer’s market today, remember?”

    You smile, knowing that even a farmer’s market could become a memorable experience if you’d spent it with her hand in yours. You watch as she continues to fuss with her clothing, slipping on a small watch, adjusting the straps of her dress, dealing with stubborn locks of hair.

    Graceful. Gorgeous. Angelic. Extremely delicate and light in a way that seemed too perfect for this world.



    Author’s Note: Just a quick BFH-inspired fic because Mina too pretty. Just barely edited by me so please excuse any typos. Just wanted to quickly jot it down before I lost the idea lol.

    Back to the series with the next piece (which will probably see Mina return in the next Karaoke chapter).

    Love you all <3

    Sisterly Bonding (ft. Le Sserafim's Chaewon & aespa's Winter)


    Hey, readers.

    I'm trying something new—writing something a little more taboo. Don't expect this to be common.

    Enjoy the sin with pleasure, and put it on my tab.


    The sibling bond is a magical thing. 

    They could hate each other, but still love each other. They could be tearing at each other's hair, then in the next breath be defending the other when it matters. Most siblings are like that—each other's most bitter rival, all while simultaneously being each other's rock to lean on. However, the degree that each sibling pair leans on each other differs. Every pair is different in their own way.  

    With the pair in front of you, there are no words to explain it, but many actions to show it.

    "Chaewon-unnie, it's my turn"

    Kim Chaewon rises from your embrace, a soft smile gracing her features. She caresses your face as she gets off your body, and her soft groan of pleasure escapes her lips when your hard cock slides out of her freshly fucked cunt, hitting your skin with a 'Plop!'. A mixture of Chaewon's juices and your semen stains your crotch from when she squirted all over you, and she adds to that mess when the load you left in her immediately bubbles out and drips onto your cock. 

    "You came so much, Minseok-ah…"

    Chaewon leans over to kiss you on the cheek, and then her hot breath grazes your ear. 

    "Now do the same for my cute little sister, won't you, baby?"

    You groan when she brings it up, and the sight of said naked little sister eagerly yet patiently waiting for her turn after watching her older sister have sex with you leaves your cock twitching. 

    "Come on, Minjeongie."

    Chaewon calls for her sister so nonchalantly that you'd think she was just getting the younger girl's attention on a normal day. However, this situation is the same, yet entirely different; Chaewon does call for her sister's attention, but not for any normal reason—she's sharing her boyfriend with her blood sister. Minjeong has yet to lose her virginity, and Chaewon wants to help her through her first time. 

    "Remember what I said, Minseok."

    Chaewon pulls on Minjeong's hand, and the younger girl follows. She crawls over your body to straddle you, and you watch as your girlfriend guides her younger sister. Minjeong's confusion at her sister's words to you is written all over her face, but she doesn't ask.

    "Minjeongie, look. Look at how hard Oppa is for you."

    Your cock twitches when Minjeong looks. Your eyes rake across the younger girl's body—petite breasts sized just nice for a handful, smooth milky skin almost akin to a doll's, a slender waist you'd love to grab, and the cutest outie pussy you've ever seen, clean shaven. Minjeong is the dream girl of so many boys at her school, and here you are, the chosen one by her older sister to be able to fuck such a goddess.

    "Are you excited?" Chaewon caresses her sister's cheeks, before her hand falls to gently knead her younger sister's breasts. The younger girl moans sharply, and your cock twitches again, white precum dripping from the tip at the sight in front of you. 

    "I-I'm so excited, unnie"

    "You're such a good girl."

    Chaewon's lips meet Minjeong's for a kiss. With practiced ease, Minjeong reciprocates as her lips move against her older sister's, and you're more than happy to play voyeur as you stare at both sisters kissing each other. Chaewon's tongue slides against Minjeong's as they deepen their kiss, and the elder's hand slides down to rub the younger's clit, the wet sounds of Minjeong being masturbated going straight to your cock. You can't resist slowly jerking off just to alleviate the pressure.

    The soft sounds of Minjeong moaning in pleasure only gets louder when Chaewon breaks the kiss to trail her tongue along her sister's neck, then plant soft butterfly kisses in a trail as she straddles your legs behind Minjeong. When she takes her place behind her sister, she pulls her drenched fingers out of her pussy, strands of Minjeong's slick clinging on to the digits as Chaewon raises her hand to her lips to taste her sister's pussy. 

    "Mm, Minjeongie, you taste so good."

    "Really, unnie?"

    "Of course, baby. My little sister's pussy always tastes the best." 

    You curse at the sinful words that come out of Chaewon's mouth. This relationship wasn't something you weren't aware of, but for it to be mentioned so casually, and the pure taboo of it in general has your mind and body working overtime with lust. 

    "Minjeong-ah, come taste yourself—mm, yes, good girl, that's right…"

    Ever the obedient little sister, Minjeong licks the remnants of her slick off Chaewon's hand at her sister's command. She smiles sweetly at the praise, an expression you don't expect to see in the bedroom, but welcome nonetheless. However, the lust in Minjeong's eyes returns instantly when her eyes lock on you stroking yourself, along with her nervousness.

    "Unnie, I'm scared"

    "There's nothing to be scared of, Minjeong-ah. It doesn't hurt at all—in fact, you'll feel so good that you'll forget about being scared. It feels so good you might even get addicted to it, but you shouldn't, okay?"

    "O-Okay, unnie."

    "Good girl, Minjeongie. Come, follow unnie's instructions."

    Chaewon pushes on Minjeong to move forward on her knees, right above your cock. That's your cue to stop pleasuring yourself, and you let your cock fall back as your girlfriend primes her sister for her first cock. 

    "Go on, hold on to Oppa's shoulders."

    Minjeong hands land on your shoulders, and you instinctively grab her waist just as you would with Chaewon. Minjeong flinches in surprise before she relaxes into your warm touch. 

    "Unnie, Oppa's hands are so warm."

    "They are, aren't they? I love those big strong hands." 

    Chaewon reaches beneath Winter, her hand grasping onto your hard length. She pulls it up and strokes you a few times as she kneads Minjeong's ass. With a giggle, she slides your cock right along Minjeong's slit, drawing a groan from you and a yelp from her. She continues sliding your cock up and down along her sister's slit, Minjeong's slick slowly dripping down your cock over hers from earlier. 

    "Hold it there, Minseok, baby. It's time for Minjeongie to take her first cock."

    You oblige and watch as Chaewon gently guides Minjeong. 

    "Minjeongie, relax, baby. Just sink yourself down on Oppa's cock slow and gentle, okay?"

    "O-Okay, unnie!"

    You groan when Minjeong shifts, and you begin to curse up a storm when she begins to sink down, as per her sister's instructions. Both you and her release loud moans as your tip disappears into her tight virgin pussy. Minjeong is so wet and so tight that you're already about to blow your load with your cockhead just in her. 

    "Fuck, she's so tight, Chaewon!"

    "Oh, is she, baby? Does it feel good?"

    "So fucking good, fuck!"

    Minjeong doesn't speak—she can't, not with the overflowing pleasure coursing through her system. She gasps, whines, moans, and whimpers as she sinks herself further and further onto your length. Her cunt stretches to accommodate your girth, and she forces herself to take more and more of your cock into her. Inch after inch of your cock gets engulfed by Minjeong's wet walls, and you can't resist shallowly thrusting up into her to speed up the process. You hold Minjeong in place and push into her bit by bit until you feel her crotch press flush against yours. Minjeong releases a long sultry moan and falls against your body, her breaths heavy, as are yours. 

    "Congratulations, Minjeongie, you're not a virgin anymore."

    Chaewon runs her hands along her sister's body to soothe her, and she leans in for a kiss with you. Both of you begin a short makeout session while Minjeong recovers, only breaking the kiss when she whines in protest. 

    "Unnie, it's my turn with Oppa!"

    "Ah, sorry, Minjeongie. He's all yours."

    Minjeong pouts, but the expression is soon replaced with pleasure when she shifts against you, tentatively lifting herself off your shaft. You groan when your shaft leaves the warm embrace of her cunt…



    Minjeong fucks herself back on your cock, and without any instruction, she begins to ride your cock. She starts slowly, her eyes half-lidded as she tries out how to best pleasure herself with your shaft. You let yourself watch as Minjeong explores the experience of taking her first cock. She picks up quick, and soon enough, you're fucking up into her as she bounces herself on your cock. 

    "Chaewon-unnie, Oppa's cock feels so good, unnie! He's so warm, so big, so hot in me!"

    Minjeong's moans only grow louder as you keep fucking up into her. 

    "Yeah, Minjeong? You like Oppa's cock?"

    "I love it! I love having sex with Oppa! Sex feels so good!"

    "You're doing so good, Minjeong, you're our good girl…"

    You turn to meet eyes with your girlfriend. Chaewon is on her knees at your right as she leans forward, her right arm supporting her weight. Her left hand is between her thighs, no doubt fingerfucking her own pussy as she watches her sister take her boyfriend's cock. The older girl crawls over, and when Minjeong turns to face her, Chaewon crashes her lips into her sister's to initiate another makeout session. Her free hand snakes across Minjeong's body, and she mirrors her actions from earlier by kneading her petite chest.

    "Mmph, mmph, mmf~!"

    You enjoy the taboo scene in front of you play out—Chaewon helping you to fuck her sister while kissing her as she would a lover. Chaewon breaks the kiss to suck on Minjeong's left breast, which leaves Minjeong free to moan in the pleasures of the combined assault on her body. 

    "Unnie, unnie, I can't take it, it feels so good unnie, fuck! Oppa's cock feels so good, unnie! It feels so much better than the toys we use!"

    "Of course Minjeong." Chaewon's reply is muffled against her sister's breasts. "The dildo we use when we fuck is just that, a fake toy. It can never compare to a real cock, because the real cock can fill us with cum."

    Chaewon's words leave Minjeong moaning louder, and she abandons her actions on her sister's body to lie next to you. 

    "Minseokie, did you know what Minjeong told me when I was planning this?"


    "Why don't you hear it straight from her?"

    You turn to look at Minjeong, and she turns red, even redder than she usually would. She slows down to a slow grind, and you have to bite back a curse at the sudden change in pace.

    "N-No, unnie, no"

    "Be a good girl, Minjeong. Tell Oppa what you want."


    Minjeong trails off.


    "I want you to cum in me, Oppa

    "Please cum inside me, please cum inside me like you always cum inside Chaewon-unnie. I want it, no, I need it. Cum in me like you would cum in my sister, please!"

    "Mm, that's right, Minseokie. Minjeong wants you to breed her. She wants your cum for her first time, baby. She always talks about her dream to be a housewife and mother, you know that? How about you help her with that right now?"

    Chaewon giggles. 

    "Remember what I told you earlier? Go ahead, give her that thick load like you would with me. Fuck a baby right into her tummy. Make her a mother, Minseokie, baby. Father a child with my little sister."

    "She's ovulating right now, baby. Put a baby into that fertile body of hers, I dare you."

    With a roar, you plant your feet onto the mattress and flip Minjeong over. Minjeong's yelp of surprise turns into a loud scream of pleasure when you begin to fuck her like a beast would. You're a mindless beast now, powered by lust and your breeding kink, under the influence of the Kim sisters' words. 

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuckfuCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!"

    "Oppa, Oppa, OPPA, I'M GONNA CUM!"

    Minjeong screams as she orgasms, her pussy crushing your cock as she squirts hard. With you still pounding into her and chasing your orgasm, her cum gushes all over your body and hers. Minjeong's orgasm even drenches Chaewon as violent gush after violent gush of squirt is fucked out of her body. 

    At the same time, you explode deep into Minjeong. Thick white semen floods her cunt as she milks your balls for every drop they can offer, shot after shot after shot of semen emptied right into Minjeong's pussy. All you see is white—your orgasm takes you just as hard as Minjeong's took hers, and you barely register Chaewon squirting next to you as well, as she watches her sister take her first load thanks to you, her boyfriend. All three of you enjoy your respective orgasms until they subside, and you collapse to the side after pulling out of Minjeong. All 3 of you lie on the bed, exhausted and pleasured.

    "Thank you Oppa, thank you Unnie."

    Ultimate Meet and Greet

    Park Jinkyung (Wooyeon)

    Tags: Chokinh, pussy slapping, baby-trapping???

    Words: 3.6k

    Another request.

    Well here is another small group.

    Finally, you are able to line up to buy the albums you wanted. It may just be a small group but Woo!ah! is your favorite group and finally, you got your first piece of merch. You notice that with every purchase of the album, there is a raffle offer for the fan sign event where you can meet and greet with your favorite idols.

    You can finally meet Wooyeon, your ult ever since they debuted. But what are the chances of that? You only bought one album and the person before you bought more than ten. He probably has a better chance of meeting Woo!ah!. But regardless why not shoot your shot? No harm in signing up for the fan sign event. If you win then that’s nice but if you don’t you still have your album.

    When you get home, the first thing you do is that you open the album. All the photocards and the freebies. You only got two photo cards. One of Wooyeon. That’s nice and the other is Nana. She was your initial favorite. She is the most popular member and has a lot of activities. Something you are sure that the other members are jealous of.

    But your still favorite is Wooyeon and you are happy you got a photocard of her. Then you received a notification. It is about an email for your raffle. You see that you have successfully entered and they’ll announce the winners on Friday later this week. Now you just wait. The small chance you actually are able to get picked for the event.


    Now it is Friday. You are going through a very unusually busy schedule of work and you cannot wait for the weekend. All you want is rest. This week your company had a huge data leak and your team was in charge of dealing with it. Finally, on Friday, you are able to fix everything up and hopefully, it won’t happen again.

    You rest on your desk and scroll through emails. It has been some time before you went through them and now there are hundreds that you have to respond to. But one caught your eye. It isn’t a regular business email you usually received. It is from NV entertainment.

    You got in! You won the slot to go to the fan sign event.

    “OMG.” You almost shout.

    “What is it? Is there more we have to do?” Your co-worker says.

    “No! I’m going to meet Woo!ah!.”

    “Woo who?”

    “Woo!ah!. They’re a K-pop group.”

    “Ah! K-pop. Whatever.” 

    It completely went over your head. It was something you forgot but now you can see you won. You finally get the chance to meet your favorite member. You just have to mention who you want to meet and they’ll give you the details. Of course, you went to your favorite, Wooyeon.

    Quickly, an auto-response email was sent to you. It is the time and place where you’ll be meeting them. But you first went to HR and filed for a leave of absence the Monday after. Even if you know the event would be on a Sunday. There would be a post-fan meet high that you’ll have and you want to enjoy it when you can.

    Now it is the end of the day and you can finally enjoy your time going home. You put on some music while you ride the subway. Your favorite song is playing, Catch the stars. A song that you wish would have more streams and you have tried introducing it to your friends. But anyway they haven’t listened to it.

    You smile as you think about meeting Woo!ah!. Just smiling even when you see the album art on Spotify already makes you happy. But now you have to prepare yourself for Sunday.

    The next day, you went shopping for toys for the members to play with. Maybe some rabbit ears for Nana or some stuffed toys for Wooyeon, Sora, Lucy, and Minseo. Something small yet meaningful for you. You hope they’ll enjoy it. Then once you get home you start to write some letters. Just short ones for the members. But when you get to Wooyeon’s you let your heart out. You put how much you are a fan and you always found happiness when you see her. Then some more cheesy stuff. You might have gone overboard but you don’t care as you saying this from your heart and maybe Wooyeon will be happy when she knows that she has touched your heart.


    It is Sunday. It is D-day. You are finally going to meet Woo!ah!. You showered your best, put on some perfume, and wear your best clothes, a nice long sleeve polo and a nice pair of pants. It may just be a brief moment but you’ll experience the best afternoon of your life.

    Now you are already at the venue, the line is long and the atmosphere is great. You have never seen so many fans of Woo!ah! in your life and now you can meet and make new friends.

    The staff guides you to the seating areas. Your number will be called when you’ll be called to the front. You are excited. There are your favorite idols up onstage. You can see them smiling as they sign the fan’s autographs and give them a high-five. You are so excited.

    Then your number is called. You walk up on stage. The staff takes your gifts and will give them to the members. The seat next to you is of a fan with Nana. She is joyfully talking to him. Then you see him move on to the next seat. The manager asks you to move to the next seat.

    “Hello, I’m Nana. Nice to meet you.”

    You shake nervously.

    “Hmmm, is it alright if I call you oppa? You seem nervous.”

    “Okay, no problem. Oppa is fine.”

    “Great! How are you?”

    “I’m fine. Just a little nervous. I brought you some rabbit ears for you.”

    The staff gives her the headband.

    “Oh, it is a perfect fit!” Nana smiles as she wears them. 

    “I also have a letter for you.”


    “Yeah, here it is.” Your hands shake as you hand over your letter. “I know it is short but I hope you’ll like it.”

    She opens it and reads it for a bit. Her heart opens up. “Awww, Oppa. I love this letter. Thank you.”

    “No problem.”

    Then Nana signs the album and gives it to you. “Nice meeting you Oppa.” She smiles again.

    Now it is your turn with Wooyeon. You are even more nervous than with Nana. She is great but Wooyeon is on a whole new level. She is the beauty that you wish your girlfriend to have. You wish she is your girlfriend.

    “Hi, Nice to meet you.”

    “Hi, Wooyeon.” Your voice is shaky.

    “Oppa? You okay?”

    “Sorry, I’m just a very big fan.”

    “Awwww, I’m happy you’re my fan.”

    “Here.” The staff hands over a huge bee.

    “Oh, Oppa what’s this about.”

    “I always say your voice to be sweet like honey. So I thought I can give you a honey bee.”

    “Oh, that’s so sweet. I don’t know if I’m the best singer but this gift will help me with my singing. Thank you.”

    You see that Wooyeon is also nervous. She is also shy and blushes after every interaction with you.”

    “Wooyeon-ah, here. I have a letter for you.” You hand it over.

    She opens it then tears start to leak from her eyes. “Oh, Oppa. You’re making me cry. This letter is so beautiful.”

    “Don’t mention it. Beautiful people deserve beautiful things.”

    “You’re so touching. Hold on.”

    Wooyeon calls her manager and whispers something to her. The manager gives a reluctant nod to her as Wooyeon smiles.

    She signs the album and on you go.

    Each other interaction with the other member goes as smoothly as you think. Even as nervous as you are. Things go well. You never expect to see Woo!ah! in such a casual setting. The event ends with some games and them doing some performances of their songs. Like your favorite, I don’t miss you, Purple, and Catch the stars.

    Time went by so fast. You didn’t notice that it is already at the end. Finally, the members say their goodbyes and bow to everyone. They exit the stage waving at you.

    You go home in the jubilee. The fan sign of a lifetime. An experience you’ll never forget. You jump to bed and open the album to see the signatures of the members. But something falls out.

    Meet me at Banpo Hangang park 8 pm tonight



    You dress up nicely with the same clothes you wore to the fan meeting, putting on your best fragrance. Is this real? Did Wooyeon really ask you to meet her in a park near the Han river? A romantic place where couples would go. Does Wooyeon like you? Did you do anything that can convince you to meet her a second time? Or is this a trap where someone is going to expose you?

    Are you going to risk it?

    You go there cautiously, just sitting on a bench, trying to observe your surroundings. It is already 7:55 pm. There is no sign of Wooyeon. Only couples on romantic dates, watch the full moon. Then you see someone go up near the railing. She is wearing a thick jacket, a cap, and a mask. 

    Maybe that’s her

    You go up to this person and lean on the edge beside her.


    She turns to you confused. It isn’t her. You are embarrassed and run away from her, face-palming yourself.

    How can I be so stupid? Is Wooyeon really going to be meeting me here?

    You check your watch one more time. It is 8:05 pm. 

    Maybe she isn’t coming. Maybe this is just a joke.

    Then you bump into someone. She is wearing a cute blouse paired with jeans.


    “Oppa? Is this really you?”

    “Oh, yes. It is.”

    “Oh, sorry for being late. I was over-preparing myself.”

    “Don’t worry. You’re perfect as you are.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Why aren’t you wearing at least a mask? Isn’t anyone going to spot you?”

    “To be honest. Even if I don’t wear a mask or something that can help me hide my identity. I can be fine. At least we can date openly.”

    “Date? We’re dating?”

    “Don’t you want to? That’s what you said in your letter. I kept on reading it even when I got home.”

    You hug her tightly. It isn’t something you expected. Wooyeon loves your letter enough for her to convince you to date her?

    She looks up at you and kisses you on the lips.

    “Like that?” Wooyeon smiles at you.

    “Very much.”

    “Come on. Let’s eat.”

    She clings onto your arm as you walk down the boardwalk to the seaside restaurant. You both get in and a waiter is waiting for you at the door.

    “Hello, table for you?” She says.

    You smile and nod. She gets the signal and seats you on the side with a great view of the river and gives you the menu to choose from.

    “Have you been here?” Wooyeon asks you.

    “No, I haven’t.”

    “I have.”

    “So, what’s good.”

    “Their crabs are good and their seaweed salad.”

    “Then we should get that then.”

    You can for more food and decide to also get the barbeque ribs. Then the waitress arrives with the side dishes.

    “Are you ready to order?”

    “Uhhh…..can we haven’t he garlic butter crabs,” Wooyeon says. “Also the barbeque ribs…and the seaweed salad…”

    “Is that all?” The waitress says.

    “I think so.”

    “Any drinks?”

    “Can I have a soda?” You ask.

    “I’ll just stick with water.” Wooyeon replies.

    “Okay. I’ll get this started for you.” The waitress says.

    “So, Wooyeon?”

    “Yeah?” Wooyeon’s eyes turn up as she drinks her drink.

    “Why me? Why did you choose me?”

    She puts down her drink. “Well, you touched me. That letter you gave me plus….to be honest you’re handsome…” Wooyeon blushes.

    “Really? I wouldn’t think you’d like me.”

    “You? Of course, I’d like you. Wouldn’t you think so? Don’t you like me?”

    “Well of course. You’re my favorite member?”

    “Really! Sorry… I really don’t hear that people like me.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “People usually like Nana-unnie. She always gets attention. She’s the one that’s in dramas and on other variety shows. And here I’m just being another member of a very small girl group.”

    “Don’t be sad. I would always love…”

    “Love? You already love me?”

    “It’s an idol thing.”


    “Well, I can see you’re beautiful, kind, and caring.”

    “Well you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes do you.”

    “What’s there.”

    “I’m not saying there is any bullying but I want to have more exposure. Be more famous and when Nana-Unnie gets everything. I’m jealous.”

    “Stop talking about Nana. It’s your night and I’m here for you.”


    The food arrives. The crab, ribs, and seaweed all come at the same time.

    Jal meok-ke-sseum-ni-da!

    Both of you dig in the food. It is delicious. You eat with Wooyeon and you smile as you see her eat well and you do too. The food is amazing and Wooyeon knows where are the nice restaurants. The crab has a savory taste that you haven’t had before and the sweet and sticky ribs are to die for. Finally, with the salad, it lightens up the pallets. It is the perfect combination for the dinner.

    Once supper ends, the two of you split the bill and then escort Wooyeon out of the restaurant. She clings to your arm as you walk back to the boardwalk. It is nice and calm. The air is cool and there is a very weak breeze.

    “How’s idol life?”

    “Not much. We don’t do much remember. Just some promotions for the songs. I don’t go to a lot of variety shows or anything else. Sometimes we go to music shows at least.”

    “I always make sure that I’ll be able to watch your stages.”


    “Yeah! I tune in to Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo.”

    Wooyeon smiles. She stops you at the edge of the railing. The moon is shining on both of you. Then another kiss touches her lips. Like before it is amazing and wondering. Never had a kiss been so good you don’t want to let go. Wooyeon holds your waist to allow you to kiss deeper. Tongues connect and a passion burst.

    “Oppa, let’s go to your place.”

    “My place? Why?”

    “Let’s take this t the next level.”

    “Wait…you want to…?”

    “Yes, oppa. I think you and I are ready.”

    So soon, you ask yourself. You do not want to take advantage of such a girl in your arms. But she is the one who is asking and you do not want to deny her request.

    “You live alone?” She asks you.


    “Then let’s go.”

    You hail a taxi then you get into the taxi. You smile with Wooyeon as you give the diver your address. In the back seat, you and Wooyeon start kissing again. Suddenly, she grabs your hand and makes you grope her breast. It is small yet soft. You can already feel her stiff nipples thru her shirt.

    Has she been horny all along?

    Once you arrive, you pay the fare and head upstairs to your room. She chuckles as you back hug her and peck her neck in the elevator. It already starts to arouse her a bit as you play with her. 

    Then you burst into your room. The door swings wide open. Wooyeon crashes her lips onto yours. You have to carry her inside your room. You have to close the door with your foot as you enter your apartment. 

    Heavy kiss and pants you are breathing out as you move your way to the bedroom. Wooyeon forces you to fall to your bed. She removes her shirt and then her bra. She becomes a ravenous creature that wants sex and only sex.

    You insert your hand inside her pants and touch her slit. It is already soaking wet. With your other hand, you unbutton her pants and pull them down to the ground. Now you see a fully naked Wooyeon on top of you. But still, she kisses you. You roll her and make her on the bottom and you are on the top.

    You break the kiss and leave her lips and move down to her pussy. Since it is already wet. You already have the idea of inserting your middle finger inside her. First going slowly. You push in and out. As your increase speed, you add your ring finger. You pull out your finger then pussy slap her. She moans as you do that.

    You slap her for a second time even louder moan. Then you go back to fingering her. You are so fast that you are so loud and that if anyone was in the room you can hear the juices rub against you and her pink walls. Then again another pussy slap. You repeat this until you see her cum.

    She squirts all over your bed. Wooyeon pants ad tries to slow down her breathing. You were intense and now you let go. This allows Wooyeon to recompose herself and rest for a bit.

    She looks at you with her messed-up hair. “Why did you stop?”

    “Can’t I have my turn?” You undo your pants and reveal your girthy cock.

    Wooyeon gets surprises end and covers her eyes. She is shocked to see the large meat you are packing.

    “It might hurt. Just get ready.”

    Wooyeon bites her lips as you grab hold of her legs. You play with the lips with your tip. Just sliding up and down.

    Then here it comes, first, the tip enters. You can see with Wooyeon’s eyes she is experiencing some pain. You exit.

    “Wooyeon-ah, you sure you want to do this?”

    “Just….let’s do this.”

    As the tip enters, you can see how Wooyeon is trying to take it all in. You push in deeper, going all the way. Then You have your cock fully inside her. As you are fully inside Wooyeon, she feels a bit of relief. You aren’t moving but she can feel something massive inside her. You can also feel some bit of pleasure as you are in her.

    You start thrusting. First slowly, your cock going in and out of her. Your foreskin is rubbing against her walls. Wooyeon starts moaning in delight. Things go smoothly with the help of the juices of Wooyeon’s pussy. Things are going faster and faster. 

    You hold on to Wooyeon’s smooth and delicate waist. Each movement feels better than the other. Then your lips collide. You swoop down and start making out. Your arms hold onto her shoulders. Something gentle only what you would want to do to Wooyeon.

    Then suddenly, Wooyeon switches positions with you. She turns you over and now she is on top of you, a perfect position for her to start riding you. Her hips move forward, backward, and side to side, like rolling all over your body. She grabs your arms and makes you groper her jiggling breasts.

    “Fuck, Wooyeon-ah. How are you so good at riding?”

    “I don’t want to say much. But let’s….ugh….say it isn’t my first time.”

    “Obviously you aren’t a beginner.”

    You sit up once again and start making out. Tongues are connecting. Lips are smacking. A strong lust between a fan and an idol is only something two lovers can have. And are you already lovers?

    Wooyeon starts biting you, your lips, cheek then down to your neck, leaving a purple mark on your shoulder. She pushes you once more. Now you are lying on the bed with your pillow on your head and still with your lips locked to each other. 

    Turned around once more, you move against to get more control. It is back to a more classic missionary position. You thrust again. This time as fast as you can. You thrust too strongly. You and Wooyeon are now screaming in delight. A loud delight fills the room. 

    “Fucking choke me,” Wooyeon says.

    You sit up and grab her neck, strong enough for her to feel it but yet weak enough to make sure she doesn’t pass out. This time as you choke her. You are at your fastest. No when have you ever been this quick when it comes to thrusting even with your past relationships? 

    “Fuck….Wooyeon. I’m going to cum.” These are the words that are going to mark your orgasm.

    “Inside. Do it inside.”


    “Yes, I’m sure. Just do it.”

    Now when you reach your climax, you spew everything in her. Slowly you pump your cock to allow every drop to drip out. Once you are dry, you lay next to her.

    “You sure you won’t get pregnant?”


    You sit up. “You aren’t on the pill?!”


    “Wooyeon…are you going to be okay?”

    “Let me tell you something. Woo!ah! is going to disband soon and this is my retirement plan.”

    “Wooyeon-ah, I will take care of you as my wife but you shouldn’t be doing this when you are so young.”

    “Well, we just did.”

    You hug her close and kiss her on the lips briefly. “I’ll take care of you. We need to get married, have our child, and grow old together.”

    “That sounds perfect.”


    Do you think your works have influenced others to write or inspired certain elements in their own stories? What was the best compliment you’ve ever received, be it from another writer or a reader?

    Yes, here are a few things:

  • Quickies: as a term for shorter smuts, which obviously existed before me, but I originally used that term specifically stories with <1000 words and now no one respects its sanctity! (Wait I've written "quickies" with over 1000 words? over 5000???? nvm woops)
  • Dialogue-only smuts: I remember starting this trend with Nothing Wrong With Breaking the Rules and enjoying all the takes on it
  • ft. Idol Name: as a way to denote the characters in story. I used this as a reference to featured artists on songs, since my main one-shot smut series is called "Title Tracks"
  • Imperative mood: I've been doing this ever since I started writing second person stories because in one creative writing class, the teacher mentioned it as a technique for varying the sentence structure of the second person perspective, which can get repetitive with all the "you's"
  • : I swear to god no one on the internet has ever used the em-dash as it should be used (substituting with " - " instead) and I understand why, there isn't a button on the keyboard for it (I have to use ALT-0151 to type it out but you can set a substitution on google docs for it), but hopefully I've edited enough for people to fix their ways yes i know it doesn't matter language evolves to the medium i'm being prescriptive etc etc how about go prescript some bitches and use the em-dash as the lord intended why is this the hill i die on idk man go read a single novel and tell me which type of dash you see there
  • The best compliment I've ever received is having Judgement to the Desiccated ft. Karina read on ep. 131 of the Slash and Burn podcast. That alone has pretty much validated everything I've written, but the fact they were so nice about the writing, even comparing me to William Gibson, made it even better.

    Guilty Pleasures - Dreamcatcher Gahyeon


    “Damnit Gahyeon I’ve been here for 30 minutes already.”

    “Sorry sorry! The train was late, and it was packed and I had to wait for the next one,” Gahyeon sneaks in the real reason at the end. “And I overslept.”

    “Ugh, are you this late to schedules? Why do I even put up with you.”

    “Because that’s work, unless you’re paying me to be here, this ain’t work. And I’m the most good-looking person you know, now shut up and follow me.” Gahyeon pulls you into Dongdaemun Fashion Town. You and Gahyeon cut an odd pair—a fashionably dressed yet fastidiously anonymous woman dragging a shabbily attired man around the shops, the two of you stood out for very different reasons. The two of you were rivals in school, but Gahyeon went on to become an idol, and you went on to become an office worker. You suffer each other’s company begrudgingly: Gahyeon because you weren’t a star-struck fool who asked her for favors, and actually gave her shit when it mattered. You because she stuck around, made an effort to stay in touch rather than fade away and into her celebrity life.

    “So who are you meeting? Do you have her insta? Does she have any exes on her profile?”

    “Don’t they delete all of those?”

    “They might just hide their faces, I want to see what they dress like, see what her type is.”

    “Oh, anyways no, a friend set us up, I just have a name and a pic.”

    “No college, no background?” You tell Gahyeon what you know, and with a few taps she brings up an instagram profile.

    “Is this her?" You’re left to wonder if Gahyeon might just be in the wrong line of work as she starts scrolling through the pictures.

    "I think so? Looks like the photo." 

    "Damn, no guys, or at least guys that look like exes.”

    “Just pick what you think looks good then.”

    “Hmm okay, then let’s go!” Gahyeon has you following her like a puppy as her head turns on a swivel, walking down the many rows of shops. Suits, t-shirts, outerwear, innerwear, the place had it all.

    “This and this, try them together.” “Do this one instead.” “Try the black one again? It looked better than the navy.”

    It also happened to have sleek spaghetti tops, skirts, and pretty one-pieces.

    “Hold on to these for me?” “How does this look?” “Wait here, I think I liked the other one better.”

    You swear by the time you exit the market at least half of it is Gahyeon’s purchases, and that you’re holding all of it.

    “Omo, you’re such a nice boyfriend, helping her hold all the shopping.” An old granny comments at the two of you exiting the area.

    “What?” “HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!” Gahyeon shouts loudly over you. “Some of it is his stuff too!”

    “Aigoo, poor you.” Gahyeon shoots a death glare as you kindly wave your hands at her.

    “No granny, we’re just friends.”

    “Do friends do that hmm? Have one person hold everything while the other one walks around like they own the place?” Gahyeon’s flabbergasted, her mouth opening and closing comically as she slowly grows redder and redder.

    “No no, this is me repaying a favor, she helped me pick some nice clothes!”

    “Did she now?”

    “Yes I did! Y-You shouldn’t comment if you don’t know anything!”

    “Aigoo sorry, you know, kids these days, all of them are couples. Here, a little something for entertaining little old me.” She pushes a box into each of your hands, and you nearly drop yours as you struggle to carry the bags.

    “We don’t have money,” you say automatically, wary of being scammed.

    “No no, it’s just a little trinket, help you two grow closer together.” Before you could thank her she turns around, disappearing into crowd, as quickly as she appeared in front of the two of you.

    “Right— Hey!” Gahyeon grabs her bags from you, tossing the box into one of the bags unkindly before stomping off.

    “Fuck it, I’ll carry themself! Tch!” You watch her crash through the crowd for a little bit before switching to using two hands. You catch up to her quickly and take the shopping bags back from her.

    “Come on, you just carry the bag with the box in it.” Gahyeon continues to pout, and after some cajoling and a lot of dessert you finally see her off in a taxi, loading the bags into the back seat for her.

    “Thanks, let me know how the date goes!”

    Keep reading


    male reader x jeon heejin

    16k words

    It’s not even twelve hours apart - the first time you exchange pleasantries, all careless and untroubled, to the moment you’ve got Heejin in the back of a taxi and your hand so far up her skirt that it has you emptying your wallet at the end of the ride and slapping the biggest tip you’ve ever left into the cabbie’s open palm, silence full of disapproval. 

    It isn’t planned or anything.

    Heejin doesn’t simply wake up one morning with a craving for your cock. It just sorta happens. 

    And then It happens again a week later. The third time just a few days after that. 

    The fourth time, the two of you barely spend a night apart before Heejin’s back in your apartment, thighs shaking violently as you fuck her into the springs of your mattress.

    “I’m trying to figure it out,” you puzzle, holding a coffee mug to your cheek while taking note of how Heejin slips her arms back beneath the black straps of her bra at the foot of your bed. Why a rabbit?”

    She laughs first. Looking back over her shoulder when she responds, “why not? It’s cute.”

    “Yeah. Sure. And incredibly provocative.”

    “You’re really hung up on it, aren’t you?”

    “Um. I just think it’s interesting.”

    “Does that mean it’s going to end up in one of your articles?” She asks, tossing her hair back over her shoulders. “Something about it on the front page?”

    “Why would you think I’m going to write about rabbits?”

    Heejin smiles, bright and cheery and increasingly full of mischief. “About this breeding kink of ours.”


    Her hands reach to her hips like she’s ruminating through all these possibilities, the things she could do to you, the things she has done to you. And as she crawls back onto the bed, your eyes follow hers - all brilliant and huge, self-aware of just how pretty they are.

    She lets out this pinchy little laugh, and leans in to kiss your jawline. Bites it for good measure. Ah, he says, pensively.”

    “We went over this,” you start, leaning back into the headboard. “It’s just not a kink. Wanting to cum inside a pretty girl is, literally, basic biology. Like, it’s so foundational, it’s in my DNA.”

    “And I get sooo turned on thinking about your DNA,” Heejin snaps back, and she’s got that edge in her voice again: playful, mildly threatening. “Besides, there’s more to it than that.”

    “Isn’t there always.”

    “It’s the ownership,” she breathes into your neck, “the intimacy, the risk–”

    “Risk?” you say, laughing as you jump into the middle of Heejin’s explanation. “What risk? There’s literally no risk when you’re on the pill.”

    Ugh. You’re the worst, you know that? Who’d thought I’d have to explain what fantasy means to a writer.”

    Before you can do anything about it, she kisses you three times. Twice on the cheek, once on the lips. And it’s as close as you’ll get to anything like retaliation - you flip her underneath you, drag her panties down her thighs, and fuck her again.

    That’s how it goes. Like it's some sort of cosmic law. It’s been this whole thing.


    So again, you write - when it all starts, you’re writing.

    There’s this story.

    Your editor’s the one demanding it from you. Find it, embellish it, fucking outright fabricate it - whatever it takes so long as the article arrives on her desk before she finishes her coffee on Monday morning. 

    Between you, there’s always this dynamic: work comes in, you’ll point your finger to the ceiling, saying, "trust in the creative process," and then she threatens to kill you. Hence it’s her drumbeat; you’re marching to it.

    "You know, I think I might know a guy," you shout over the top of your glass and down the bar, when the topic of LOONA comes up over drinks. You end up phoning a friend of a friend, pulling a string, making a promise you never intend to make good on, and it has you sitting in an unremarkable conference room on the fourth floor of your office a little after lunch the following day.

    So, as it starts, there’s this girl sitting across the table from you - Heejin, she says, and it rolls so nicely off her tongue as she does, like the name was simply hers. You notice it immediately, and if you were any younger, the kind of age where you could fall in love with a girl just off the end of a smile, your heart would be rocketing out of your chest.

    Now, honest to god– 

    (Not that you’re god-fearing or honest or virtuous, it’s just a turn of phrase, and that’s how you earn your keep.)

     –it kicks off innocently enough between you, as most things do. 

    Just to put it in perspective, there’s never before been a celebrity profile you’ve written that hasn’t fallen neatly into one of three categories: (1) astonishingly talented, (2) breathtakingly gorgeous, or (3) certifiably insane. So, as you puzzle about that track record now, there should be absolutely no reason at all for you, a professional, to let this girl, another twenty-something-year-old idol who’s too pretty for her own good - with a voice that runs just a little deeper, raspier, perhaps more sultry than you’re used to hearing - ever get the better of you.

    "I don’t know, I guess I was expecting someone… different," Heejin says, somewhere in the middle of things, folding her fingers neatly beneath her chin.

    Your eyes flick up from the notepad in your hands and find this look in the deep browns of her eyes, like she’s studying you from across the conference room table, gazing into the contents of a test tube. You lift an eyebrow, and she does the same; there’s a bit more suggestion to it than there probably should be, but you’ve been stoking it, fanning it, from the moment you’d both sat down.

    "Expecting?" you ask, if only to point out what had thrown you off-kilter, and you can feel your weight shift in your seat. 

    After all, it had been just that morning when you met Heejin for the first time. She was standing perhaps a little out of place beside the door to her dressing room, kicking snow off the bottoms of her boots. You told her you liked the color of her dress, a welcome departure from the grays and browns that usually filled your office. Her hair was curtaining her face and after pulling it back, tucking it neatly behind her ears, she smiled brightly back at you - thanks, it’s vermillion.

    You weren't aware of it then, and it won’t become clear to you until much later, but you do fall for her there, if at least just a little.

    "Well, see, it’s my publicist," Heejin starts to explain. From that alone you’re certain you’ve got the rest puzzled out. She steeples her fingertips together, continuing, "the way she talked you up, she made you out to be, like, totally despicable. Said you were no better than those creeps that sit in the bushes outside my apartment."

    Okay, so unfortunately, part of that’s not entirely unwarranted. To a girl like her - to the scrupulous companies that stand to gain, to lose - all that concerning secrets to hide and hell to pay, you could be absolutely despicable. Afterall, if there’s a labor that goes into making someone like Heejin come across as the kind of perfect that everyone believes her to be, you’d be the first person looking to undo it. 

    It’s nothing personal, you reason, and you’re smiling back across the table. "Hey. Low blow. I haven’t sat in a bush in years."

    A quiet smile shadows in the corner of her lip and she fires back at you, "so you’re saying you’re just a little despicable."

    "Oh, ya know," you reassure her, gesturing your hands to the side, one palm up and the pages on your notepad splaying out in the other. "More or less comes with the mileage."

    "All joking aside, I’ve seen guys…" 

    Heejin dips her eyes a moment to laugh out loud. And you’re becoming familiar with the sound, sweet and throaty and genuine. Harmonic. 

    "You know, I’ve seen guys climb trees. Really, I’m serious. This was just last summer, around the time Haseul broke up with her boyfriend and moved into our apartment. Don’t write that down. I’m standing at the sink, washing dishes, and I see this guy. He’s just balancing there with his feet hooked around some of the branches, a camera against his face with this massive lens. I bet you he could probably see the bacteria on the window."

    “You wash dishes?” A handbag that costs more than a month’s salary, these dainty fingers that look like they’ve never seen so much as a scratch, and you’re picturing her, or struggling anyway - washing dishes.

    Ugh, it’s been this whole thing,” Heejin says, floating her fingertips to her collarbone. “There was a rumor that the housekeeper had been talking to the press. So our management fired them - and then the dishwasher broke. Company was supposed to buy us a new one, but they haven’t yet - because they’re cheap as shit. Don’t write that down either.”

    “Never rains but then it pours, huh?”

    “Right. You get it,” she says before letting this simple tight-lipped smile fill out on her face. "To be honest though, I’m curious about something." 

    Heejin’s raking her fingers through her hair, and you watch the silver band of her watch fall just a few inches from the sharp edge of her wrist as she holds a messy handful of blonde locks just above her face - the way they bounce against her cheek and spill back onto her shoulder when she lets go.

    "How did you - and I’m not saying you’re the same as one of those people - but how does someone even get into entertainment journalism in the first place?"

    "Slowly at first," you answer, eyes returning to your lap to pen out the rest of some scribbled note, "and then all at once."

    When you look back up, Heejin is frowning, brows furrowed, as though she were trying to remember something.

    "Slowly at first," she repeats, "and then all at once." She blinks a few times as your attempt to avoid the question registers. Thoroughly unimpressed when it does. "No, I’m serious, there had to be something that drew you to all this."

    You finish out the end of a note, lined into the pad, while you land on a chuckle, dry and humorless. "What is all this now?"

    "It’s a question."

    Nevermind that it’s in the wrong direction, is your first thought. Careful now, your second. Because maybe you knew that beneath the surface were those stray thoughts that kept you up at night, lurking: 

    What kind of journalism career is this? 

    You graduated from a good program. With classmates who were now reporting on national legislature, getting shot at to cover a war in Ukraine for The Associated Press - and then here you are, sifting through the transient thoughts of yet another pop star, grasping at straws, struggling to spin them into gold.

    "Is this one of those things?" you ask, heeding first to the click of your pen, once in, once out. "What was the word for it… postmodern? Where you turn the tables and you’re the one interviewing me?"

    "I don’t think I’d go that far," she says, lips slanted slightly, "you’re still the one holding the notepad after all."

    “What, the appeal of meeting fascinating people isn’t enough of a sell for you?” Oh, you’ve had your fair share of boring, mundane, or even offensive too, but you’ve not gotten to where you are without learning a little flattery goes a long way.

    Heejin scoffs. “Oh, don’t lie. I’ve read your magazine. The profiles? I’ve met those guys and gals—fascinating is being rather generous, wouldn't you think?”

    “Careful,” you say, punctuated by the end of your pen again. Click.

    See, it’s the way her eyebrows twist over that coquettish smile. That's how she gets you - one out of twelve, you’re realizing why the cameras are stuck on her. And everything that comes out of her mouth just brushes effortlessly on the innocent side of frustration, of challenge. It’s hard not to indulge, even if just a little–

    “I mean if I’m wrong, go ahead, feel free to correct me.”

    “I was real sick of freelance work,” you answer, feeling the conversation start to de-rail. “Was tired of worrying about making rent. And it was just less of a total pain in the ass.”

    There was a method. It was delicate, and usually you were quite good at it: you were supposed to be just funny enough to make her laugh, captivating enough to coax out something more than a monosyllable answer where you needed it, get her to like you, and then have her forget about you the moment she walked out the door. Hell might freeze before you could get her publicist to schedule a follow up, all because Heejin had chewed up the clock - had gotten herself interested. 

    It’s probably wishful thinking to hope the sigh rolling through your chest doesn’t give too much of all that up. “And just why might you ask?”

    Heejin reaches across the table and turns off your tape recorder. It’s here probably: where you should’ve been clued into the pieces, the board, the game in front of you. “Because you don’t seem like most of the others.”

    “The others?” you answer, making careful sure not to sneer. “Are you suggesting that I’m–”

    “Charming?” Heejin rises from her seat, and her hair swings behind her shoulders as she meanders about the room. “Oh, I’m declaring it. It’s not a subject for debate.”

    When she finds a spot to lean against the table beside you, her skirt hikes itself just a few noticeable inches. You’re not trying to stare, but she is right there.

    Okay, so you’re fucking staring. When it’s clear that you are, you drop your eyes immediately, starting over at the floor - you’re unsure what to make of it. Her boots jump out immediately, these black knee-high things with just enough of a heel to let her stand a little taller than your shoulders. Beyond them is the dress that’s tinier than she is: vermillion - not red - and hung tight around her frame, gaping perfectly to present her thighs and chest like they ever needed introduction. Follow her collarbones, the delicate skin on her neck, the bold red lipstick she decided would compliment the bow in hair like she’s some present waiting to be unwrapped, and yeah, okay, she’s cute.

    You’d have perhaps made a mental note of how unconventional it was for her now to be looking down at you, arms crossed and smile slanting, but, she also just manages to plainly ask if you’re seeing anyone, so there’s little time to dwell on that transgression - and all with the casualness someone might ask how much snow that approaching storm was supposed to bring tonight. In nearly the same breath, she asks if you were holding onto any of those numbers girls handed you when you went out drinking. It’s confounding and it’s your head space and it’s rapidly becoming preoccupied and littered and busy.

    "That surprises me," Heejin tells you upon hearing that it’s complicated. "I figured it’d be rather straightforward. What all with a smile like yours. And an ass like that—"

    "You’re flirting with me."

    Doesn’t matter that it’s so obvious you could’ve seen it from space - everything comes to a screeching halt after the words fall out of your mouth. 

    You tilt your head, quizzical. 

    Heejin’s chin cocks, ready to fire. "And what? Is that some sort of crime?"

    It’s honestly hard to believe. She tosses you the question, recklessly unaware that doing that thing she does where she simply exists is almost criminal. Thoroughly disinterested in the fact you were having plenty enough trouble keeping your focus from sinking into the neckline of her dress. You watch her blink slowly while you struggle to get out ahead of this, and it has her discovering that smile again. “Oh. And I wouldn’t write any of this down either. You know, if I were you.”

    Your hand must know how deceitful it sounds because it’s covering your mouth, trying to mask the words curling off your tongue:

    “Look, I - Here’s the thing… you know it’s completely unprofessional.”

    Heejin smirks, pointedly, like she’s recognizing something on your face that confirms each and every one of her suspicions. 

    Okay, you were trying to act nonchalant, but all the mistakes keep adding up - have added up - gazing at her gentle, focused features long enough that you might inscribe them in your mind as something to hold onto when you walk out of this meeting.

    “Hand me your notepad.” Heejin pushes her hand in front of you, expectantly. “The pen.”

    You watch her lashes nearly fall onto her cheeks as her eyes dip into the lined paper, and then it’s just the sound of the pen. Scribbling.


    If you're going to consider that the bare minimum requirements of your job probably forbids undressing in a random meeting room in the middle of a workday, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the rest of the interview unfolds without incident. 

    (Albeit woefully precarious.) 

    Here’s what you learn:

    Heejin’s life isn’t terribly interesting, at least the parts you can write about without fear of starting fires in the streets. The backstory has all these parallels you’ve come to expect. She’s the youngest of three girls, and you figure that’s where all the confidence comes from, if it isn’t the fact that she’s the kind of beautiful that inspires all this admiration and reverence and adoration to the point where it has people tripping over her. 

    Her flatmates are apparently storied in their own sort of fucked up ways, and as she described them, you quickly realized that none of it would be able to fit into a publication like yours. Not that you’d stop the train of thought: Yeojin - a hopeless romantic - and Haseul - a total fucking golddigger - who were well on their way to fuck half the city at their current pace (you’re paraphrasing here).

    So with that, you’re writing. The doc is completely blank, and you’ve deleted the first sentence god knows how many times, but you’re writing.

    Heejin had mentioned she was taking piano lessons and music theory classes, but had piqued more of your interest when she opened up about a novel she was working on: “It’s fiction, and it’s about two lovers slowly growing apart.” She shrugged her shoulders when you asked if it had a happy ending and refused to go any further into it when you brought it up again (twice), but that’s more or less how these things usually go.

    You double back to your notes where Heejin’s phone number is written neatly at the top with little hearts trailing off the last digit. Only it does little if any to help inspire the kind of creativity you need to do your job - inspire any thoughts beyond the way her dress tapered in at her tiny waist, how you’re pretty sure you could reach both hands around it and how light she’d be in your arms.

    You should call her, springs immediately to the front of your thoughts.

    And that’s how you know it’s bad. Something worth some sort of concern.

    Oh sure, you’ve had a crush before - when you were the age where hormones were reeling through your body and had you, like a good portion of the world, needing someone to hump like a dog in heat. Fast forward to when you lost your V-card to the girl you’d been pining over for years and it failed to give you superpowers, you figured it was best to put your time and effort into anything else. You can relax, take it slow, get your work done, stop thinking about it.

    Monday, you decide. 

    She probably has plans this weekend anyway, and that is the rule isn’t it? Three days ought to give you enough suspense and pretense to illustrate that you’re not hopelessly fixed on the idea of pulling Heejin’s dress up around that fucking waist and hoisting her onto your kitchen counter where you could really just give it to her.

    You tap your pen against your desk. 



    5:00 p.m. rolls around. 

    You call.

    The phone rings one too many times, and you’re within inches from just simply hanging up before you hear her speak. You actually jump a little in your seat and your knees smack into the bottom of your desk when you do.

    “I thought it was completely unprofessional. You said that.”

    “Yeah, well the clock hits 5:00 and maybe I’m having second thoughts.”

    There's some idle chit-chat, nothing special while you both circle around the obvious.

    “Know any good Thai places? I’ve been pretty in the mood lately,” Heejin’s voice comes through as the pieces begin falling way too easily into place. 

    “I mean there’s plenty to choose from downtown,” you say as you pinch the neck of the lamp on your desk, still bobbing in place after you’d knocked it out of balance, “or one of those pretentious places that keep popping up in the old public market.”

    “No, I mean, the editorial shoot ran a little late so I’m still here.”

    “At the office?”

    “Yeah. Hey - you know the photographer that goes around calling everyone boss? He’s, like, a total flirt by the way.”

    “Trust me.” You laugh out loud. “That’s not the first I've heard of that. Pretty sure he’s even tried to hit on me a couple times.”

    “Ugh,” she says, feigning all this disappointment, and it has you picturing how you’d seen her earlier pull in her shoulders so tightly as if to shrug with maximum effort, “You really know how to make a girl feel special.”

    Your phone is cradled between your neck and shoulder as you scour the internet for something in walking distance - someplace that you don’t expect to see half your coworkers drinking away their Friday evenings - when you ask, “You give him your number too?”

    There’s a brief silence on Heejin’s end of the line, only slightly unceasing. “I thought about it.”

    “Sounds like you’re done thinking about it.”

    Guess I figured you might benefit from the head start.”

    “Generous.” It earns something like a chuckle out of both of you, and you're shaking your head, answering, “I’ll be sure to pay it forward.”


    Oh, it’s a terrible date.

    Neither of you are anywhere so brash to explicitly say that, but look, it just so happens to be your job - splitting out truth from reality. You’ll call it how you see it.

    Honestly, it’s a comedy of errors, but the real kicker is that the kitchen forgot to put in your order.

    So, you’re trying, failing, to flag down your waiter, and you begin to notice the wine doubling its punches on an empty stomach when Heejin leans in across the table - one finger beside her temple and her other hand drawing circles around the rim of her empty glass.

    “You know we could just… get out of here.”

    It’s suggestive, but it’s hardly anything like a suggestion, because you’re right there with her.


    Outside on the sidewalk you find the kind of snow that lands wet and heavy and threatens to soak through your clothes. And aside from a recent tire track or two, there’s a fresh blanket of it now on the asphalt. Every now and then, Heejin will flash her eyes over her shoulder as if to check and see if you’re still there, a footstep behind her. Like the sound of snow squeaking under your boots isn’t proof enough. 

    “Okay,” says Heejin, in her unfailingly charming way, and trounces around in the snow in front of you, “so that was, like, the worst thing ever, right?”

    “Nonsense. I’ve seen plenty worse. Trust me.”

    She spins on her heel and you come close to knocking her over. “Sounds like you’ve got war stories.”

    “A few,” you start, laughing to yourself, “Here's one. This girl goes on and on telling me about the guy she just got out of a relationship with - and i’m sitting there thinking wow, this guy sounds a lot like a good buddy of mine.”

    “And it was?”

    You gesture slowly with your arms, something defeated and existential.

    Oof. That’s gold.” Heejin’s eyes flick to your lips, lingering however long it takes you to notice. She smiles, beaming. “But you know, with a little luck, I think someday you might just get it right.”


    Heejin finds you somewhere in the harsh light of a streetlamp, fisting a hand into your collar. 

    You’re watching snowflakes melt, like they were tears streaming down her cheeks, colliding against the warmth in her pale face - the vibrantly rosy hue now glowing across it.

    Her lips aren’t dry or cracked or wind-bitten like you might expect in the middle of December. Your eyes trace them closely, these soft, featherlight things, and you don’t even realize how long you’ve been staring until she passes her tongue through them with an experimental lick.

    “Oh,” she says, shockingly casual, “you’re into me.”

    You’re laughing as your eyes return to hers. “You sound pretty confident about that.”

    “Yeah. Guess I am.”

    Heejin’s breath lands warm against your face. You’re simply suspended there for however many moments, the wool of your coats pressed together, watching lights glimmer and fade in her eyes. From this close you can count the odd freckle on her nose, her cheek. It’s probably the most intimate thing you’ve done in months, just standing there, breathing the same air.

    Maybe ever.

    Heejin doesn’t even say anything else, just looks, her eyes searching for something they might only find in yours.

    “Hey,” finally says Heejin, in this choked, rasping voice, “you should kiss me.”

    And you do.


    Where are you two headed? The driver’s voice strains as if he’s been smoking religiously for twenty years. And from the way the cab smells - the stains in the upholstery on the ceiling - it’s as good a guess as any.

    Once the door closes behind you and it shuts out all that wintery air, you lean in to where Heejiin is delicately removing the scarf around her shoulders. It’s yours and she’d wrapped it around herself twice, three times, and it made her look tiny. “Where do you want to go? Back to Hapjeong?” Her flat is in Hapjeong.

    Heejin shakes her head. “How about we go find somewhere to grab a drink?” you ask.

    She looks down, tracing her finger along her lower lip, and then lets her cheek collapse into her shoulder, eyes drifting back to you where you can see that myriad palette of golds and browns in her irises. “We can just keep drinking at your place, no?”

    While you square away the details with the driver, Heejin folds her arms and closes her eyes, sinking into the back corner of the seat. Her silver earrings catch the light as the cabbie hits the meter and the taxi pulls away from the curb. Then it’s her dress, all that barely-there vermillion fabric, as if it had been tailor made to match the warmth in the back of the cab. Watching her, you come to a realization: there’s the story you’re writing, then theres this story you’re living - all in want of a little inspiration. 

    And you think maybe you’ve found it.

    The taxi sways. Heejin talks. She talks about her life growing up. She talks about one of her sisters who is now in medical school and vomits at the sight of blood, how she was jealous that her siblings had turned out to be such brainy academic types - the kind of thing she imagined her parents were really secretly far prouder of - how she’d grown up fighting her dad tooth and nail to get where she is now - all these intimate details you doubt she’d shared often with anyone. Let alone someone she just met.

    You listen - an occasional question every now and again woven into the soothe of Heejin’s lowered voice. And for the first time, you’re not scribbling out notes, building sentences as you do. Simply listen.

    “You know,” Heejin starts, lidding her eyes and smirking in your direction. She could send a tremor through your heart, but she’s far less forceful than that. “I think it would be really rude.”

    “What would?” you ask, confused. “If you spent the whole ride,” she pauses, and the elegant lines of her face scrunch ever so slightly while she fiddles with one of the featureless rings that rests on her middle finger. “–sitting over there.”

    There’s a list of excuses, something to make it logical, but it’s never been quite this simple either.

    You drifting across the backseat, until you feel yourself press up against Heejin’s lithe frame, and the rest of the world might as well melt away to nothing beyond than the blur of passing street lights, the hum of ‘Winter Wonderland’ coming out of the radio in crackling bits and pieces, the pink blush still staining Heejin’s cheeks.

    Holding her, you kiss her again. 

    Near effortless as before. Your lips stuck on hers when you pull yourself away.

    "So, remind me to set the record straight with my publicist," Heejin murmurs in the same hushed voice she'd been speaking for the entire ride, thumb rubbing the back of your knuckles in a manner that could lead you to believe she wasn’t aware she was doing it. Her lips curl at the corners of your mouth where these short, hot breaths fill your proximity. "Just a little despicable."

    With a hand finding purchase in her hair - bundling between your fingers as smooth and satiny as it looked - you pull Heejin into you, seize her lips. Hard. If there had been any restraint, to this point, about the shy touches on your arm when you made her laugh, to the light hand you’d place on the small of her back guiding her through a door - since the moment she sat down across you in that interview - this kiss now threatens to become near tidal in intensity.

    Together, those soft lips sliding against yours, it’s irreverent, it’s reckless, it’s cashing in on that chasteness a thousand times over.

    Still, you notice this departure from everything about Heejin. Because there’s nothing elegant about the way you have her, your bodies rucking desperately in the backseat - unable to give two fucks about smashed knees or hunched backs. It builds up. It falls apart. A mass of wool struggles to fall to the side, hung and stuck around your shoulders, and effortlessly sliding down hers. As your tongues slip and rub, this tantalizing push-pull that makes even the heat-dry air of the cab feel heavy like you’re wading through the humidity of summer, you doubt the efficacy of it all. But it’s the hand that arrives at the nape of your neck, kneading as though to say good enough so that you might start pressing more of your weight into her; simply sink into her embrace.

    Heejin’s voice sneaks out between long, shivery, bone-deep kisses - the sound of your name lilting off her tongue, she whispers, “Hey. I want you to–”

    “Yeah,” you pant, knowing exactly what she means. Your fingers twitch at your sides, all this anticipation currenting through your body that makes you feel like an exposed live wire, the electricity forcing your heart beat into something erratic. “Yes. Fuck. Of course.”

    It has Heejin guiding you by the wrist. Down her side. The absolute concave flatness of her stomach. To the hem of her dress. And when she finally relinquishes your hand - your fingers - she kisses you harder, claiming the swell of your lip firmly in her possession.

    It takes hardly any effort to find her - up that skirt and between her legs, growing hot and wet and needy. When your fingers collide with fabric, prints teasing across her entrance, she lets everything start to slip - a hiccup into your mouth, and shifting her weight gently in your hands.

    This intense shudder travels through her entire body when your fingers dip down beneath the elastic hugging her waist. The kiss breaks. From those needy, watery eyes, there is little to lament - the way Heejin strains for air, holding her lip between her teeth as she lets a wet breath billow from her chest. Her lashes flutter, close tight, open again, and she looks at you, concealing the mirth in her smile. “Do you have any idea what I want to do with you?”

    “I haven't the slightest clue,” you answer, flat and unamused, and you’re swirling your fingers against the wet heat between her legs as you continue to play a fool. “Tell me.”

    “First I–” Heejin takes a deep breath and steadies herself when you fit the first knuckle of a finger inside her. “I want - fuck - I want you to sweep me off my feet. Literally, pick me up and carry me.”

    “Okay, sure,” you say, like you haven’t been entertaining the thought all afternoon - like grabbing her and bending her over the first piece of furniture closest to your front door isn’t now the foremost thought racing through your head, “I’m sure we can make that happen.”

    “Then you can take me and put me so tenderly into this big, cozy bed, all comfy and a little tipsy and there’s none of this - fuck. That, that feels really good–”

    “Mhmm.” You’re half listening to the curses out of her mouth, how her voice hitches and sputters the moment you tent her underwear with your knuckles - the air she sucks in when you tease the sensitive nub between her lips. Between kisses that drag your lips all along her delicate jaw, the bruisable skin on her neck, you whisper, “I’m listening.”

    The look of need and want in Heejin’s irises is a mirror of your own. And, just once, it’s a gentle touch that makes her keen. It’s debauched, it’s something glorious, the sound sneaking past her lips. You hear it. The driver definitely hears it; he’s turning up the radio.

    “Fucking–” She laughs into the dark, voice strained and breaking at the pressure against her clit. Her mouth slants at the rhythm now in your fingers - motions that make her optimistic, and her lips part again, continuing:

    “I’m not knee deep in snow and it’s warm and you’re there, just cuddled next me–” 

    Heejin squirms again, interrupted; you’ve got her pussy creaming and tensing all over your finger.

    Windows fogged, bodies digging deeper into the dark corner of the taxi, you study Heejin closely. Think about getting her off right there, about getting your fingers deep inside her and thumbing her clit until she’s shaking against you, about her cumming like that, back arching off the seat and ankles hooking around you.

    It’s nearly tangible, the thought; her eyes flare and her chest heaves the more you fuck her slicked cunt with your fingers.

    Heejin swallows. “And then - you start to undress me.”

    It's been something akin to a virtue, and oft to your benefit, you’ve always been a good listener, so your fingers make course to slow, consider remorse, and continue on with only those gentle motions that keep Heejin’s eyes half-lidded and breath short. Nothing more.

    “I do?”

    “Yeah.” Heejin nods - even your vanishing touches driving her crazy, putting all this stress into the simple and composed features on her face. “Little by little. So delicate, like you - fuck.” You drag your finger back, grown wet and sticky. Let her finish the thought. “Like you’re unwrapping a present.”

    Chin shooting up, you quip, “What if I’m the kind of person that tears wrapping paper to shreds?” 

    “Yeah,” Heejin chokes out, “that’ll work too. But either way, then I’m laying there, kinda spacing out, practically naked and feeling really hot and soft and then I realize what you’re doing, dragging my panties down my thighs. I yell out ‘Wait don’t! I just met you and I’m very sincere about these things, so please stop!’”


    “But here’s the thing: you don’t stop.”

    “I would stop though.”

    “I mean sure. Never mind that. It’s just how I’m imagining it.” 

    “I see.”

    “So then you don’t even hesitate. Just slide your pants down, pull out your cock” - the cabbie clears his throat from the front seat like he’s trying to start a lawnmower, but Heejin powers right through the thought - “and it’s just hanging there, bouncing. And it’s huge. So then I start telling you ‘No, you can’t, I’ve never done anything like this before.’”

    “But you have.”

    “Look, I just… this is just my fantasy. So then you end up–”

    Okay, so it’s not virtue that got you here; your fingers are toying in her cunt. You can’t help it.

    Mnph, yeah - Jesus, okay, that feels good,” she whines, sneaking her hips toward you when you start to slide your slicked thumb all over her clit.

    There’s a moment where her lips part, where she doesn’t speak anything at all, before she can steel herself and labor on with her point.

    “Y-you end up wearing this really put out face, and I start to feel sorry for you and I’m - stroking your hair - while your head… while your head is in my lap, saying, ‘it’s okay, it’s okay.’”

    “And that’s what you want to do with me.”

    Heejin shudders as your fingers seek refuge deeper in her cunt. Right.”

    “This is what you want to do right now?”

    “Yeah. Well, sorta.” She twists her lip before letting this wide, giggling grin fill out her pretty face. “Right now, what I really want” - you watch her gulp down another heavy swallow - “I really just want to cum on your fingers.”

    It’s simple. You’re not far from your apartment, though the car gets stopped at every light, and even when it isn’t, it’s slow going on the fresh layer of sleet now troubling the roads - but it’s not like it at all has you taking your time. Heejin mewls slightly, and then she simply comes undone, gasping. Your whole hand is buried in her underwear, your fingers fucking fast and slick into her cunt, thumb mercilessly brushing around her clit.

    “Oh my god,” Heejin whines into the palm of your hand, shutting her eyes tight as she sinks against you, sinks into the corner of the seat.

    You’re hitting her basest desires with fingers that are all but destined to make her fall apart; straightforward, effortless, a perfect balance of touches light and heavy and destructive, you bottle lightning. 

    Mmmph,” Heejin whimpers.

    Her back arches when she cums. With all these ragged whimpers leaking out from the spaces between your fingers. They’re inaudible, sort of. The radio is blasting. The same damn song even. Stars align, and while Heejin gazes into them - into the blackness that can only be found behind clenched eyelids - it’s simple: you kiss her hard again.


    The two of you don’t fall into bed immediately. Not in the literal sense.

    Heejin first gets her hands on you when you’re both standing in the elevator, quietly and mostly still, boots leaving gray puddling footprints on the floor. She looks like she’d been through a windstorm, and to some extent she had, but it’s mostly a direct result of your hands in her hair, your tongue in her mouth, the fact that you had her panting and sweating in the back of that taxi.

    You’d had the quiet pleasure of watching Heejin’s legs wobble from the moment you spilled out onto the curb. Where she rested her face on your shoulder, pulled tight at the lapels of her coat like it might ever keep these gusts of snow-laden wind from freezing the skin around her eyes, and without saying anything at all, managed to demand your arm around her waist.

    So, once the elevator doors close, and you’re feeling that temporary frost in your bones begin to thaw the further Heejin melts her weight into your side, it’s only natural: pull her into you, bury her nose into your collar.

    You kiss her forehead.

    In something close to reciprocity, she reaches a hand over your pants and grabs your cock.

    “You’re, like, super hard,” her voice hushes into your chest, really leaning on that low, smoky tone. “You know that?”

    “And what? I suppose that’s such a crime?”

    “Maybe.” Heejin turns up to meet you, eyes glinting atop this expression - innocence feigned doesn’t even begin to do it justice - and balling up the collar of your shirt in her fingers. Bright eyed, knowing, she nudges into your side. “Just tell me what it is you’re thinking about.”

    “Take a guess,” you say, running your hand through your hair. Like the nonchalance might make it less obvious you have this mental image, photographically vivid, of fucking Heejin’s tight body right into the wall of your foyer.

    Oooh.” Her eyebrows arched high, she looks you up and down, nodding while mischief skitters across her angelic features. “How many guesses do I get?”

    “Three,” you answer. Then start grinning. “No. Two.”

    “Two?” Heejin slides closer, her eyes hot. “That’s hardly anything charitable.”

    “I have faith in you,” you say, and you’re reaching into her coat, finding the divot that runs down her back, where you can trace a finger up this zipper that you’re not entirely sure you can refrain from unfastening the moment you feel it’s metal shape between your fingertips.

    Against your face, Heejin gives this small puff of amused laughter. “Okay, you’re thinking about…”

    While her voice lilts and trails, she taps a finger to her chin like she’s trying to solve some intricate physics problem or ponder the secrets of the universe. Though by this time, the elevator’s doors have stuttered open in the haphazard way they always manage and you’re both surging towards the deserted hallway, laughing quietly and brushing elbows.

    “I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, but you’re going to run out of time to guess,” you say, a hand dug into the inside of your coat pocket and searching for your keys. Heejin’s leaning her shoulder into the doorframe when you catch her looking, staring - you only manage to slip out from under that gaze when you come up with your key at last. “Found it.”

    Heejin tilts her head, hair falling halfway over her face, and then pulls it back again. “You’re thinking about kissing me.”

    “Surprisingly tame,” you say, scoffing as you turn the key in the lock and shoulder into your front door. “But no. Not quite. Oh, and leave your boots in the hall.”

    It’s that second guess, neither incorrect nor entirely the truth. When it does arrive off her tongue, you have Heejin pressed against the inside of your door, now shut and finally private, and her tiny body in your hands where it feels soft and slender and unfathomably hot - oh, do you have ideas. Her breath mixes with yours, concocting something that tastes entirely sinful before she leans forward and traces kisses up your throat.

    “Still. You are thinking about my lips,” she whispers into your ear, and it’s dripping with confidence, with suggestion, with another humid breath that hits you square on your cheek, “how good they’re going to feel wrapped around your cock.”

    She studies the knot that forms in your throat as you swallow, eyes flicking back up to yours, and burning hot when you tell her she’s right. Lying, all on account of you not having the heart to let her know that you’d been harboring this errant thought, that for a greater part of the day, you’d been thinking of how she might fold over the kitchen sink, the living room couch - wherever - and fucking her six ways to sunday. She runs her tongue across her lips, like it might keep back these small bits of breathless laughter. And it has her unzipping your pants, coaxing them clear off your waist.

    Right, proper intentions, and she’s smiling like she knows it: you’re both paving a road straight to hell.

    “Jesus. Youre so hard,” she says finally, and it’s so blatantly sexual that a foundational shiver in your bones takes hold of you. What are you to do? Her fingers are deep in your underwear, fighting elastic, pulling at the skin of your cock when she gives you a final kiss that sticks to your lips, smacking. And then without any words to accompany her, she pulls the fabric around your thighs and sinks to her knees.

    If this were a different kind of story, maybe you would sweep her into your arms, and ride off into the sunset and find a cottage in the hills that overlooks the ocean and live happily ever after and raise a half dozen kids. Because surely, a girl like her - perfect and flawless and near regal in the way she carries herself, like something out of the pages of a fairytale - belongs anywhere but planted into the floor of your foyer, dragging your underwear down to your ankles. 

    If Heejin was anywhere but her knees, perhaps you two would fall into bed, where you’d leave her with all these sweet kisses that make her skin swelter and her voice choke at the way you’d press your lips to the hollow of her neck, her shoulders, her collarbones, and you wouldn’t even think of leaving marks or bruises. No, instead she’d whimper softly for you and the two of you could roll over to meet that simple conclusion.

    Sure, you can always pretend like you don’t know what’s happening.

    But that would make it a different kind of story, one painfully absent of Heejin’s tongue, placing a slow, measured lick right up the slit of your cock. Or fingers claiming your shaft, your balls, and pumping delicately toward your waist. Rising action unlike this pair of soft lips that purse and leave kisses down your length. A climax beyond releasing a load right into the back of that throat - which is only speculative in your thoughts for a second, because Heejin’s tightening her fingers around the base of your cock and dragging a smirk across her pretty face, “you should, like, totally cum in my mouth.”

    “Right,” you answer, mouth drying; it’s a labor to even swallow. 

    Heejin runs a semicircle over her lower lip with her tongue, flattens it, presses it up against the belly of your cock, and looks up at you - eyes round like the angel she is, pupils dark as three am and every bit as impious. Oh, you’ll struggle enough with this story as it is.

    Fuck,” she says, one time, nearly breathless, and it almost sounds reverent, “I want it.”

    Before you can get even a half decent reply forming on your lips, you watch Heejin’s jaw go slack, and sucking in a chestful of air, she seizes you deep in the warmth of her mouth.

    There’s then a moment - excruciatingly drawn out - where Heejin sits near motionless, sinking further into the floorboards. Her lips are pressed tight into this seal around you as she takes it slow, a silent effort to become familiar with your taste, your shape.

    A flutter of muscle between her cheeks, and the moment passes. Her lips relax, tighten, relax again before you feel her tongue. Sliding. Curling.

    “I–” You sink forward against the door, abandoning whatever thought and allowing it to curdle into laughter, into this seedy moan that Heejin rips right out of your chest. Somewhere along the way, you’d figured that since you were more senior, more seasoned, more veteran in an industry full of girls whose looks might leave you for dead - girls who, with a little praise, and just the right amount of attention, would look up at you like you’d hung the stars, the moon and the sky - you figured Heejin would be in your hands, melting.

    And then there it is, eager to point out your mistake: Heejin’s tongue, again. It slides delicately over your head, and when she sinks her lips further down your shaft, you can feel it narrow and tease at the base of your cock. Her eyes are closed, but you can see how they crescent, smiling undoubtedly in something like victory as she hums against you, delighted.

    “Heejin,” you start, wanton, and you’ve got a fist in her hair, gentle in how you bundle it all between your fingers, experimental the way you push her mouth further into your hips. There are two delicate hands coiled around your slobber-covered cock in response - and then she starts to twist. You nearly fold and collapse and crumple under your own weight, gasping, “you’re killing me.”

    Heejin raises her head from where she’s been hollowing her cheeks and covering you in her spit, vicious stick of precum staining her lips. Grins, because she knows.

    “I am?”

    You’re tipping your head back, sucking in your next breath. Bucking your hips into her fingers - all ten of them lathering spit and gingerly pumping your cock. Impossible to ignore, they brush and tease all the spots that send you reeling as though they were returning to something familiar, had done it a thousand times. You swallow, and Heejin’s eyes trace that quiver through your throat. 

    When it becomes clear that you’re not really in a state conducive to banter or ribbing any longer - the clever words out of your mouth now amounting to nothing more than a few four letter ones - Heejin just smiles, sloppy sounds of her fingers twisting around your cock, and she falls back into that deep tone, “you look so hot like that, by the way.”

    You sigh, defeated, bunch more of her hair into your fist. And after Heejin pushes a fingertip to your slit, pulling the skin of your cock tight around it, your breath hitches, shuddering at the sight of Heejin playing with your precum between her fingers.

    “Can you imagine?” she asks, pressing you to her cheek, “how good this is going to feel inside me?”

    Heejin,” you groan, worrying a lip between your teeth at how her light hands pump up and down your length, the precum weeping from your tip providing her fingers with that much more hazard in their touch. Your voice is stuck to your throat for a moment, grasping, “I want your mouth - on me.”

    “Mmm.” She again has her tongue on the underside of your cock, velvety and slippery around your head. “Yeah?”

    “Yeah.” You can feel it. Just the hot breath tumbled from her lips onto you alone reduces you to a bundle of nerves and coiled muscle. “I want more.”

    “More what?” she asks, mulish, and a smile sneaks into the shadowy corner of her mouth.

    “More - you.” It’s hardly even half a whisper.

    Heejin has this quirk in her lips that stretches slowly against the tip of your cock, and her hands trace up your thighs, grabbing tight to the back of your ass. She nuzzles against you, and looks up, “then go ahead. Take me.”

    Oh, you’ve had a crush before. The kind of thing that had your heart and mind racing; the kind of thing that would swallow up your time for weeks if you let it. So when you’re looking, gazing, watching this masterclass in showmanship: Heejin’s lips parting around you, her eyes smoldering into yours - that’s when the realization hits. 

    This is so much worse. You’re truly fucked.

    Fingers thread tight into her hair, and you’re guiding Heejin’s mouth - hot and wet and perfect - onto your cock. Slow, measured, her lips slurp and seal. Near five-foot-nothing of pure sinful delight, and tossed locks of hair resting across her face where they shimmer in the darkness of your foyer, you slip your cock inside her. Press between those soft lips. It’s a voyage, enroute to heaven; then with your hips selfish and stealing more of that tight heat, it’ll be straight to hell. Inches, sliding and sinking, Heejin shuts her eyes and relaxes her muscles, jaw gone slack - grabs onto your thighs like you had any intention of being anywhere but the bottom of her throat.

    Fuck,” you hiss, and the next sound that comes out of you is practically a living thing, wild and animal and nothing close to voluntary. 

    Heejin’s mouth hangs wide and laxed for you to use, lips paradoxically tight, as you fuck your length over her tongue and deep into her mouth.The very prospect of asking for more is gluttonous, wicked and immoral, but here you are: thrusting your hips into her pretty face, pulling firm on her hair to keep the heat of her throat wrapped up around you.

    Mngh,” Heejin’s throat chokes the further you feed your cock into her - drag it back and bury into her again - strangled and straining, you can see the flush that floods her cheeks, the teardrops on the end of her long dark lashes, the unbelievable smile still in her lips.

    All bets are off.

    The pretense, the coy teasing, all that skirting about this clear predisposition toward fucking eachother senseless is further pummeled and ground to dust every time the tip of your cockhead punches the back of Heejin’s throat. And even beyond all that, Heejin holds firm to this composure, almost this plussed look of gratitude as you bruise soft muscle and steal the air from her lungs.

    “Oh my god, Heejin,” you say, back arching into the space over the top of Heejin’s face, holding her head tight and fucking yourself on her lips. “Your fucking mouth.”

    Triumphant, gloating, smugly humming into the spit-drenched skin of your cock, Heejin must realize she has you exactly where she wants you, trapped, fated: that under no circumstance are you going to unsheathe yourself from her throat until you’ve exploded and glazed it proper. She traces her fingertips down your thighs and hovers them about the hem of her dress, this bunched and furled mess of fabric at her thighs, pulls her panties to the side, and you can hear it - her fingers finding purchase in the mess between her legs. 

    You slide deep into her throat; she pushes two digits deep into her cunt; you’re both reduced to the basics, chests heaving out these small noises of frustration. It’s a behemoth struggle to even think, let alone coordinate said thoughts into anything resembling coherence - but the first thing that falls out of your mouth is born of sincerity.

    “Fuck, Heejin, I… I’m going to cum.”

    She nods, as best as she can, the length of your cock slotted deep into her throat. Any kind of concerns you may have harbored - all from fucking her face, and drawing small tears at the corners of her eyes - they evaporate the instant Heejin’s tongue reaches forward past her lips.

    Just one lick, between your balls while she has your cock entirely inhaled, and it sends you careening off course, destination hardly unknown.

    “I–” your voice fades. Because the tip of her nose is against your waist, her tongue is doing fucking everything - she’s killing you. It’s all coming down, you’re falling apart, breathing in fits and starts, fucking Heejin’s mouth hard enough that if you weren’t holding tight to her hair, you’d have thrown her off you.

    Heejin,” you growl, voice sliced to ribbons.

    When you finish between her lips, every burst of cum that spills from your cock sends a tremor, twitching and quivering through Heejin’s lithe body, and then you can feel it in her throat, tightening around you. 


    Fuck,” you gasp, uncontrollable.


    Heejin makes this impressive, maybe futile effort to swallow it all down. Laudable, admirable, you’ve got it correct about her: anything less than perfection is tantamount to abject failure. With that, she struggles, her eyelashes flutter, and a strangled sound escapes her throat - choking and sputtering as you keep cumming, more than she can ever hope to take. It floods her mouth and spills from her lips to unveil this shiny streak that rolls down onto her chin.

    Even though you’re still gasping and shaking and reeling from your orgasm, you recognize those taps against your hips immediately, how they beg for breath.

    “Heejin, oh my god, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry,” you say, horrified as it all starts to return to you, and when it does, you jump backward, unsheathing your cock from Heejin’s mouth. Gaze drawn to that profane mixture of spit and cum that follows lazily in its wake.

    She waves her hand at you wildly, realizes the gesture is probably not the most reassuring thing she could’ve done, and instead holds up a finger as if to say give me a second as she catches her breath.

    Coughing a handful times and wiping her mouth with the edge of her wrist, she slumps backward. Hits the door, face flush and eyes sharpened like daggers, pointed, ready to kill. And the moment she’s certain you’re lucid, present in the image in front of you - that you belong to her again - it becomes performative: the way she presents you her tongue, the space beneath it filled and drowned with your cum - how she swallows it, that dry knot traveling dramatically down her throat.

    “Jesus, fuck,” she stammers out, the loss of composure only transient and fleeting, “not bad for two guesses.”


    The first time you fuck your cum into Heejin’s cunt, you don’t anticipate it. If you’d been perhaps a kernel less distracted, a trifle less overwhelmed by the scorching slick between Heeijin’s legs, you might have had the pleasure of calling the shots.

    But this is where you’re at, melting beneath it: all her porcelain skin spilling onto you and her hands firmly on your chest, nails like claws, claiming you as her own. 

    She’d dragged you toward the sofa in your living room, made a one-off comment about how bad she needed you inside her and then kissed you hard. Of course, when you tumbled down into the cushions - still muddled in a half daze and caught off guard by the sheer pluckiness of it - Heejin had controlled the fall, making sure she was the one who landed on top.

    “Look at you,” her voice is low, rasping, pitching when she crashes herself down onto you. Feels her pussy all full and creamed as she fucks herself with your cock. “Just relax, let me fuck you. You don’t have to do a thing.”

    She has her ankles locked over your thighs, knees sinking into the cushions, and ardently rolls her hips, fucking your shaft - exceptionally sheened from her slick and every bit as hard - deep into her pussy. Hot, wet, unbelievably tight, it’s near immaculate. And it only grows unrighteous at the end of every frantic bounce from Heejin’s thighs. Because she’s tiny, legs muscled, abs chiseled to perfection - vivacious to the point of peril - and she’s riding you hard and fast and bringing you so near the proverbial edge that your fingerprints threaten to sear into her waist if not for the fabric of her dress twisted and stressing, surrogate in its place.

    “Oh my fucking–slow down,” you breathe, fully enveloped by her heat. It has your nerves on fire, something wicked ablaze, begging for release, and with your teeth gnawing your lip, you throw your head back.

    “Are you sure?” she says, and runs her hands through her hair. Hoists it off her shoulders, bundling it over head - the visual not particularly favorable to your condition. Her eyes dip across her cheeks and into yours when she decides to salt the wound. This is slow.” 

    Heejin, I’m serious. You're going to make me..." you start, a final warning, and at the sight of you disappearing between her legs, you’re struggling, pleading, “I swear… fucking cum inside you.” 

    Ruinous, pushing a callous boundary, she lifts herself up and seals your fate. 


    This is how she gets you. Seats herself on you again, pussy slicked all over your cock and the tip of her tongue flirting in the shell of your ear, I know.”


    To what extent god will believe your account of these events - how much you believe, in relating the story, hot with lust and adrenaline and the hapless self-doubting confusion of a psychotic who knows what they saw and is still able to dismiss it - is not clear.

    Because look, it’s not as though you were unaware that the power had gone out.

    There was a noticeably loud crack of electrical disaster, and in an instant, the lights of your apartment, the delicate details of Heejin’s naked body in front of you, and even the incessant buzzing of the refrigerator motor - the very thing on which you could always rely to ruin the sanctity of silence - it all vanished.

    It’d be pretty difficult to miss. 

    Only, as it happened - mid stroke, thrusting deep into Heejin’s cunt and her tight body fucked flat into the cushions of the couch - finding the effort to care was simply a bridge too far.

    It’s selfish, metastasizing into something wayward, playing the cards you’re dealt. Hands pushing Heejin’s tiny waist deeper into your furniture, and railing her reckless and abandoning all that teasing, the dirty talk - having finally managed to steal back control. It would take more than a force of nature to wrestle it away from you.

    “Harder, please, harder,” Heejin rasps, seconds before you fuck her through her first orgasm. Her face sinks, voice flooded by the reality of your cock owning her tight cunt and vibrating through the cushion. “Yours, tell me - I’m yours.”

    Without even thinking you do. Twice, punctuated each time by a sharp thrust of your hips into the perfect round of her ass. 

    Mine, you say. And it has her absolutely keening.

    Pressing yourself into her, your voice in her ear makes her quiver and whimper, like it was the one thing she needed most to help her cum. Heejin just nods, mouth stuck agape, when you call her a total cumslut - near imperceptible when she does, bathed only in the pale moonlight reflecting off all the snow and into your apartment. It’s not necessarily the limits of what you’ve done, what you’ve seen, what you’ve said, but you can see it from here.

    “Is this what you want?” you ask, and you can taste all this pleasure coating each word off your tongue as you rail Heejin harder into the sofa, your cock sweltering in the fucked wet mess between her legs. Each time you bore into her, push her higher and higher, it fills her with ecstasy fit to burst. She moans, this foreign sound of depravity, and raises her hips slightly, shifts the angle - has you stabbing deeper, teasing, “do you want me to fuck you like the little cumslut you are?”

    She nods again.

    “Do you want me to fucking fill you up over and over again? Do you want to feel my cum in your tummy? You’re crying, practically sobbing, darling. All because you’re finally getting fucked and it’s all for me. Can you cum like this? Is my cock pounding your cunt enough for you? Or do you need me to use my fingers too?”

    Heejin whines. Knocked down a peg, the realization hits, and it’s clear as day, leaking out of her mouth all filthy and depraved:

    Daddy, please.”

    It’s almost unbelievable that this is how it will come together; you deep in her cunt and the soft, milky skin of her ass stained red from the sheer delight Heejin finds only at the end of an open palm. 

    Biting ruthlessly into your cheek, you grip tighter to her waist, your other hand thread through her hair keeping her partially upright and ripping your name, curses, incoherence all from her mouth.  

    “Then just be good for me, princess.” Your words are pointed, serrated, seeking to maim, to kill -  near as dangerous as the fingers you reach around her hips on onto her soaked cunt. “I’m going to fuck this cunt, you can cum whenever you like - I don’t care - I’m going to keep using it until I’m finished. Until you beg me to fill it again.”

    (Okay, so maybe you’re not abandoning the dirty talk. But here’s how you see it: tables always have a way of turning. You’re not seeking revenge or anything like that, it’s just that when it comes to karma, she always arrives right on time and ever more the unexpected.)


    It takes a substantial amount of shuffling around in the dark to clean yourselves up. Heejin’s dress is irreparably stained, totally fucked; sweat, saliva, your cum, hers - the kind of shit you’d be afraid to ever see under a blacklight - and you’re standing there, exerting just as considerable restraint to refrain from simply pinning Heejin against your closet door and having another go at her as she’s changing out of it.

    So together, you’re settling into the darkness, finding a reprieve from fucking each other within an inch of your lives.

    From a pitcher in the refrigerator, you filled two glasses with water, handed one to Heejin.

    She gulps it down almost immediately, and when you trade yours for hers, she sips it slowly, watching the boisterous storm outside the window. The silence that follows is warm, comfortable, welcome, sits over you like a heavy blanket. 

    Every ten minutes or so, an emergency vehicle making slow progress through accumulated layers of ice and snow will illuminate the inside of your apartment with its bright hazard lights. And it’s only in that brief spill of yellow and orange through the window pane where you can see Heejin clearly. 

    Around her shoulders is a flannel shirt pulled off one of your hangers, buttons uneven and misaligned. When she had gotten her fingers to the final button and realized she was two short, she just shrugged and let the clothing drape skewed and diagonal over her tiny frame, sleeves hanging far off the end of her wrists. She managed to tie back this loose ponytail with a binder clip she found in your kitchen and it lets you study all the details of her face - without having to run your hand through her hair and hold it back: features elegant and simple, regal and composed, eyes brilliant and gorgeous. The kind of beauty that righteously demands a team of photographers poised for a perfect shot; she tilts her chin, puts a hint of suggestion in her lips, and they scramble to find the next one, all with the desperate intensity of a starving man gnawing at a bone. 

    “God. You’re really pretty,” you say, and only when it hits your ears do you realize it came out of your mouth.  

    Heejin just smiles, all genuine and natural. Points at the flashlight in your hand. “I think you’d get more light from a cigarette lighter.”

    “Fuck, I know, I don’t have any more batteries.” You slap your flashlight against your palm, optimistic. 

    Not much more than a dull, pathetic glow escapes its lens.

    “Maybe you can steal them from something else?”

    “I was thinking the same thing,” you answer, “but everything just plugs into the wall these days, what all even still uses batteries?”

    “If we were at my apartment, I’d just go take them out of Yeojin’s–”

    She pauses, raises an eyebrow and twists her mouth cautiously, sinking into the sofa next to you. Finds your arm around her and folds her legs beneath her into something considerably more compact. 

    “Flashlight?” you ask, trying not to grin and sneer, “one of those flashlights with three speed settings?”

    A single strand of hair falls in front of Heejin’s face. She blows it away and it stubbornly falls back into the exact same spot on her cheek.

    “Promise me you won't write about this. It’s just… I have to tell someone.” 

    “My lips are sealed,” you tell her, with the unwavering confidence of someone she could trust - which pragmatically you aren’t, but you’re both looking past all that.

    “So this box arrives in the mail one day, right,” Heejin starts, pulling a blanket over herself, “And Yeojin sprints from her room, to the door, back to her room again, so fast that Haseul’s barely finished flipping the page of her book when it all happens. She’s already so small that you blink and you miss her, and in a lot of ways that’s what happened.”

    “So she’s back in her room, with the vibrator.”

    “Hold on,” Heejin says, tucking her feet into the blanket. “So we’re sitting there in the living room; I’m texting someone, Haseul’s reading something - I can’t remember what, but probably some cheap parlor romance - and that’s when we start to hear it.”

    “The vibrator.”

    No,” Heejin says, flicking her eyes back to yours again, “the moaning.”

    “Of course.”

    “Now, I’m not saying… Look, there’s nothing wrong with masturbation. What’s greater than having sex with the person you love most, right? That’s what I always say.”

    “You always say that?”

    “It’s a figure of speech, you smartass. Anyway, we’re both sitting there, trying our best to ignore it, but it’s hard because this city’s built on a fault line, and they build these places so cheap so that they can tear them down and start over again without thinking about it, so the walls are, like, paper thin, and then after a while, Yeojin just starts wailing. I’m not kidding, it sounded like someone was trying to kill her.”

    “I mean, in a way.”

    “Right.” Heejin nods, brows furrowed and letting the memory come back to her, “I look up at Haseul, and she just goes about her business reading on about the adventures of some lovable-probably-clumsy-pretty-but-not-too-pretty-girl meeting the billionaire of her dreams and having all this weird, freaky, earth-shattering sex or something - she doesn’t even say a word.”

    “And what exactly is she supposed to say?” you ask, “hey, what’s that noise?”

    “That would’ve been better than just sitting in there in silence! Ugh, honestly, the woman’s always got a chip on her shoulder about this kind of stuff. Like, she’ll show up on a Sunday morning, and her knees are bowed and still fucking wobbling (so you know she’s been getting it good. All that irreverent, mind-blowing sex), and she’ll still have the audacity to look at us all judgmental for not going to church or maybe because we’re coming home still wearing last night’s dresses and heels.”

    By this point, you notice Heejin has committed fully - with neither shame nor remorse - to stealing your blanket.

    “So, I swear to god, I’m going crazy. Haseul’s just sitting there, and I can’t stop listening to Yeojin sobbing and gasping like she’s getting the best fuck of her life, and it’s this thought that grows and grows and grows in my head. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. And then, every bit as sudden as it started, it just stops.”

    “Good for Yeojin, I suppose.”

    “Right,” Heejin says, gesturing with her hand, defeated. “When she finally comes out of her room, her face is so so so red. Like, it looks like the end of a girl’s night out - after we’ve cut her off for the night, and after she’s cried and cried about some cute boy at the bar missing all her patented mixed signals.” Heejin takes a brief look at you, then back out the window, and puffs a small breath out of her chest. “The only thing I can even think at that point is, Jesus, I need to get my hands on that thing.”

    “Do you?”

    Heejin holds her finger up like she’s scolding your impatience. “So fast forward a few days, I’m digging through Yeojin’s closet when nobody’s home - and let me tell you, it’s like deep space in there, things go in and disappear forever; the other day I heard Sandra Bullock hollering from inside - but eventually, by the grace of god, I find it.”

    “The vibrator.”

    “The vibrator,” Heejin finally repeats, “This toy is silver, and looks about what you’d expect: like Steve Jobs was tasked with designing a banana. Beyond that, it was so complicated I almost didn’t even use it. Oh, and it wasn’t anything discreet either; there was this light that flashed when you turned it on and it practically lit up the whole room, these O-shaped strobing signals you could use to direct incoming flights at an airport.”

    “Maybe we wouldn’t need to steal the batteries,” you suggest, and it makes a smile grow into the corners of Heejin’s mouth. “How’d it go?”

    “With the vibrator?” Heejin puts her finger to lip, tracing it in thought. “I mean incredible, game-changing.”

    “Better than just now?”


    “It’s okay, it’s the twenty-first century, I’m not going to try and compete with a machine here–”

    Different,” Heejin repeats sternly, and you’re willing to drop it. “Come on by sometime when no one’s home and I’ll show you.”


    “It’s really coming down,” you say once as you gaze into the storm, somewhere in the hours of the night that belong to no one.

    Heejin slips further into your shoulder, eyes off the darkness out the window, the snow whipping across its face, looking up at you like you were the most interesting thing in the world. “Wonder how long it’ll take for them to remove all this mess from the rails.”

    “I’m no expert,” you answer, “could be days though.”

    “Bummer,” Heejin says, lips forming a kiss onto your collarbone.


    “Are you sure you’ve used this thing before?” Heejin asks, resting on her elbows at the kitchen counter and blinking pensively at the French press in your hands. She looked on skeptically while you’d dug it out from a cupboard beneath the sink.

    “Yeah, of course I have,” you tell her, exuding your finest false confidence as you run it back; the thing has been sitting in that cabinet collecting dust since you took it home as a white elephant gift almost a year ago. Shameful too, when you start to consider how much money you’ve spent at the coffee shops near your office and your apartment.

    Heejin stares into her mug, her face lit by broken sunlight and still wearing that same perfected look. Only now it’s slightly different: hair tousled - rogue locks falling across her face and into the corner of her mouth where she could chew on it if she wanted - skin pale, the beauty mark on her cheekbone dotting her expressions like punctuation, a lack of sleep just beginning to shyly reveal itself beneath her eyes.

    “I can see the coffee grounds in this.”

    “You asked if I’ve used it, not that I knew what I was doing.”

    Her lips curl back, smile huge, holding down either a laugh or a smirk - there’s no way to know - and finally rest atop the rim of the mug. “It’ll have to do.”

    Only it doesn’t. Neither of you manage to make it through an entire cup, burnt, acrid, running on undrinkable.

    That taste of bitterness lingers long after you’ve swallowed, and fills your mouth again when you press your lips to Heejin’s. She should be taking a cab to the station, should be boarding a train, should be trying to hide how fucked the bottom of her dress had become, should be looking at her roommates smug and gloating when she walks through the door. 

    And you should be writing an article - about the girl you’ve seen wail and moan and sob on the end of your cock - who could just as easily turn it around, fuck you senseless like she has a knife at your throat. But this is borrowed time, an oddity, something like a glitch you figure, and you’re reaching under her thighs, pulling her into you like you’d simply hit an off switch on the responsibilities shadowed in your mind.

    (You’re abandoning logic here because it’s the most natural thing in the world.)

    There’s this reflexive quality to it, the way Heejin wraps her arms over your shoulders and legs around your waist as you lift her onto the counter. Sneaking into the space between long, soft kisses, she asks, grinning because she knows the answer, “If I'm stuck here, what are we going to do to pass the time?”

    “I’m going to kiss you, probably.” Your answer comes before you find the shape of her impossibly narrow waist beneath an ocean of baggy fabric.

    “Perfect,” Heejin says, voice carefree and charming and perfectly lilting, “and then what?”

    “Then I’m going to get you all hot and wet and needy and you’re going to be begging for my cock.”

    “You sound pretty confident about that.”

    “Yeah. Guess I am,” you breathe into her neck, and it lands squarely on all this soft skin desperately in need of your lips.

    She’s got a hand in your hair firm and grasping at you like she owns you - far less shy than the other at your waist, teasing the elastic of your shorts. “And then what?”

    The wrong answer is anything that fails to mention ramming your cock in Heejin’s cunt or your face buried between her thighs and making her cum over and over. You laugh first, and then fail knowingly at the cross examination, “then I gotta get to work on that article, you know.”

    Heejin lets out a sigh that could only ever be construed as disapproval. Palms the shape of your cock over your underwear. “Or.”

    “Or,” you repeat. It’s her challenge. She can fill the space, continue the thought; you can’t get enough of hearing filth fall from her pretty lips while she looks at you all wide-eyed and perfect and like the princess you want to believe she is.

    “You can take this cock of yours; the one I'm begging for right?” she says, fingers running down your underwear, rousing your length and finally cupping your balls. “You’re going to fuck me with it and fill me up with cum.”

    “Cumslut.” It’s perplexingly endearing, and you brush your nose against hers, trace your thumb along her jaw, catch the swell of her lower lip on the tip of your finger.

    Heejin smiles.

    “Daddy,” she says almost cautiously, but immediately starts slipping these quiet little bits of laughter in the silence it creates. She’s yours, your hers, it’s all doomed and fated at this point, especially at this point - scribbled into cosmic law and her eyes holding you like they were made for the very purpose - you’re sure of it. “I’m not letting go of you until you fuck me.”

    The heater has been off for hours, so the air in your apartment is frigid; simply getting out of bed was the kind of thing tibetan monks might do - walking across coals, self immolation, venturing out from beneath the warm covers in the morning, that kind of thing. And It has you perfectly content to take that bait in front of you, burying yourself deep in the scorching heat between her legs; turning her around, and doing it again. Making her cum like that and then letting your own orgasm drip out between her thighs.

    “I’m not playing around,” Heejin says, having watched you laugh quietly to yourself about the absolute vice she has you in - and beyond the legs pulling you closer.

    “One time,” you concede.

    “Yeah.” Her hands pump your cock gingerly against your underwear, and Heejin agrees, One time.”

    It doesn't take long. You turn Heejin into this whimpering mess - her legs and hips suspended above the counter and ankles thrown over your shoulder. She falls apart, moaning still like it isn't slicing her voice to bits, all rasped and ruined, and you fuck her through her first orgasm. Her thighs shake and quiver while you fuck her through the second, railing into her cunt like it had insulted you.

    “Fuck, that’s amazing,” Heejin pants, head rolling onto her shoulder, and her cheeks are so red you have to believe her. “Oh my god.”

    She’d gotten only through half the buttons on her shirt before she became too cock-addled to figure out the rest, and it hangs ever so slightly off each of her dainty shoulders - agape enough for you to watch her small breasts jump every time you thrust into her.

    Each long thrust into her heat has both your voices flooding, desperate. The way your thighs slap together all wet and raw only adds to the scene - this fucking filthy score of moans, curses, sex. It’s probably always been your instinct to pound like this: reckless, careless, selfish - and here Heejin is, begging for it.

    “Go ahead,” she says, eyes lidded, still catching her breath, and it’s the most seductive thing you’ve ever heard, “I need you - fucking use me, fucking take me - need you to breed me.”

    (It’s hot, you think. Maybe you’ll ask about it later. Maybe you won’t.)

    So yeah, you cum. 

    It’s one of those eye-clenching, blood-boiling, ear-ringing, teeth-gnashing orgasms that has you making a groan so inhuman, so broken and unbecoming, that it has Heejin laughing in response. She’s patting your sides, lips planted on your neck, cooing while your cock continues to ache and pump cum into her wet, fucked hole.

    “What was that?” you ask, breath hitching and your body sinking into those light arms wrapped around you.

    “What was what?” She’s got it so casual, so carefree, still so utterly charming - it makes you feel as though you were the one who’d said something out of place.

    “Um. Don’t worry about it.”


    Oh, it’s probably written in the stars, this mess between you, orbiting, circling, bound and tied: not even a half hour later, she leans over the sofa where you’ve set up with your laptop, kisses you once, and you’re reduced to nearly nothing but the kind of desire that will curdle into lust and threaten to eat you from the inside out should you refuse to yield to it.

    “Really. I can’t. Not now.” It’s bravery or something. You’re lionhearted and incredible and you deserve a pat on the back.

    Eyebrows knitted, she pouts at you when you explain once again that you have work to do, those pretty pink lips downturned into obvious disappointment, and you almost, very nearly give in.


    Heejin pulls a book from your bookshelf four times, flips through it and rejects it, before finally settling on an architectural survey of Frank Lloyd Wright’s greatest hits (you’d also received that in a white elephant exchange).

    There’s a photograph of Fallingwater on the front, and Heejin licks her fingers each time she turns the page.

    She lands on the sofa next to you, lying long ways with her head resting on the padding of its arm, the same one you’d buried her face into less than twelve hours ago, and the two of you do technically manage to fit, only her feet cram into you and stab sharply into your thigh.

    “You, uh, a big architecture person?” you ask, sparing a glance from your laptop to the girl nesting into the cushions beside you.

    “Not in the slightest,” she answers, “I’m just bored to tears because someone would rather play with their computer than play with me.”

    You give her a more pointed look, probably more akin to the attention those beautiful eyes of hers deserve. “I’m telling you: my editor will hang me from the rooftop if I don’t get this thing in her hands by Monday.” “That seems extreme.”

    “Hey, that’s why she gets her salary and I get mine. I’m not paid willing to commit a murder money.”

    She holds back a laugh, and leans forward, pulling her knees to her chest. “So what you’re saying is you’re a procrastinator, and I’m the one who gets to suffer for it.”

    “Yeah, and youre blameless after all.” You rake your fingers through your hair, running the past twenty-four hours through your head. “It doesn’t help that we’ve been at it like rabbits.”

    “Like what?”

    “Like rabbits.”

    “Like what?” she asks again, this huge toothy grin stretching across her soft lips.

    “Keep it up, go ahead,” you answer, shaking your head, “and who knows, you might just get what you’re asking for.”


    When the power flicks back to life in your apartment, Heejin stands in the doorway to your living room and flips the wall switch off and on a few times. She has her hand on her chin, as though she’s musing and considering what all the value of electricity might bring - near a hundred of years of civilization now at her fingertips - and you have no idea that she’s about to rip you away from your work with four simple words:

    “Wanna take a shower?”

    You tilt your chin over the screen of your laptop, and logically, you reek of sex and sweat. Every now and again, you’ll scratch your nose or hold your hand over your mouth and you can still smell Heejin’s slick on you, stuck to you, its indomitable linger.

    Heejin simply stares at you like she knows your hers.

    And if you’re thinking logically, you’re making progress faster than you expected on this article, words hitting the page and flowing freely. Logically, it would be near criminal for Heejin to be in your shower, her petite body all soapy, slippery and glistening, and you not there to see it, touch it, fuck it until she’s cumming and moaning your name and the sound of it echoing off all that tile–

    “Yeah,” you say, clam-shelling your laptop and tossing it aside, “sure.”


    There’s a certain quality about the renewed coyness, this sense of competitive playfulness, perhaps something diffident brewing between you, Heejin, and the four walls of your shower.

    Leisurely, you both wash as though you’re not dying to jump one another's bones, like you’re both not reliving each and every orgasm on some sort of highlight reel played back through your thoughts.

    Water falls to the ground in heavy spurts, loudly splashing after it pools and rolls off your bodies. And inside that cloud of steam, wrapped around you both like a blanket, Heejin catches you staring at her perfect figure just one too many times.

    “I’m just cleaning,” Heejin says, voice grasping at its highest register, and she wraps her fingers around your cock. “So, you know, don’t get too excited.”

    You’ll spin it around, turn on it’s head, get your fingers gliding along her slippery pussy all the same, and you’re right there with her, saying, Right, just cleaning.”

    “Imagine that.” Heejin’s pumping your shaft, perfecting it with this twist at the end that has you roused and ready and aching for more. “You spend all day, playing hard to get, and I just had to touch you?”

    “Who says I’m going to fuck you?” you ask, a little too breathless, a little too obvious of a lie. Heejin presses forward and presses her lips to your chest, little kisses trailing across it.

    Fuck it, me, I’ll say it.” She wraps tight around the head of your cock, squeezing tight and making the water between her fingers squelch. “You’re going to fuck me. You’re going to press me up against this glass, and you’re going to fuck me.”

    Heejin’s eyes light up when you smile, laugh because it’s true, and pull her up into your lips.

    It’s not particularly a great kiss. It’s maybe a little too wet, far too much tongue, a little mean, but it sets the stage: when you’re cock is finally lined up between Heejin’s lips, teasing - relentless you might add - and her tiny body is pressed so hard into the glass that your only lament is that you can’t see how it looks from the other side.

    You slowly enter her cunt, so slow it makes Heejin whine and groan, and you flirt your lips against her ear, “ask for it.”

    “Fuck. Give it to me,” she spits, and you can feel her open wider for you when she does. “I need you to fuck me, please, please, fuck me. Or I swear–”

    You never hear what’s on the end of that threat, because she doesn’t get the chance to tell you that you fucking better, that she’ll kill you if you don’t fill her up and make her cum, that it’s the literal end of the world if your hard cock isn’t buried so deep in her cunt that she sees stars.

    She doesn't get the chance because you’re pushing into her, fast and hard and all at once.

    Fuck, you feel so good,” her voice shakes, curses starting to flow like you’d ruptured a vein. She turns her head, cheek flush with the shower door so that you can see how her eyelashes flutter every time a stroke hits hard against her ass.

    It’s intense. It’s calculated. Passionate and uncontrollable. You’ve become so full of contradictions that it has you ready to burst, explosion imminent. You don’t even need to hold onto her hips, because she’s fucking you, jerking her hips back and forth and fucking herself full of your cock - liberating your hands to reach up her sides, gather soap and water and sweat beneath your fingerprints, hold tight to her firm breasts while you bury your face in the soft skin of her neck.

    When she collapses to her knees, legs wobbling and pussy quivering off your cock, she doesn’t even say anything. Simply turns and takes you into her mouth, stroking and sucking you until you can’t take it, that fucking tongue reaching all over and spelling out your end–

    “Yeah,” you croak, the word some sort of lifeline, a warning, “Heejin, I–”

    She pulls you out, lips smacking, and with three words does more damage than you thought she was ever capable: 

    “On my face.”

    It only takes a few pumps from her hand, her tongue still harassing the belly of your cock, and when she flattens it, opens her mouth wide and ready for a mouthful of cum, she has you simply acting on instinct.

    It’s certainly novel, what you’ve just done. It’s in her eyes, it’s on her cheeks, you fucking cum so hard there’s strands of it stuck in her hair and stained to the glass behind her.

    “Jesus,” you say, rolling back into the stream of hot water, cleansing your soul of sweat, of cum, of sin, “I just came on your face.”

    Heejin smiles, eyes shut like her life depends on it, and puts a hand out expectantly, “yeah, so give me a fucking washcloth.”


    “I don’t know, I guess I don’t really have any,” you tell Heejin in the breath after she’d asked you what your kinks are.

    She leans forward, wipes at the steam covered mirror until you can see her reflection raising an eyebrow at you. Really,” skeptical.

    “I mean, seriously, is that really so hard to believe? I get off to pretty girls. You got me. What a villain I am.”

    “Anal,” she says, turning to you and leaning against the vanity counter. Her face is still flushed and you can see the faint outlines of your palms and fingers on her chest, but she seems sincere about it - whatever it is.


    “What do you think about it?”

    “About anal?” You set down your razor, towel off your face. “Sure, why not, but I’m not going to sit here and say it’s my kink.”

    Heejin threads her fingers under your chin, along your jaw - admires the fleetingly smooth skin that she might only ever find at the end of a shave, and cocks her head. “Threesomes?”

    You laugh at the question, the sheer absurdity of it. “Are you asking or inviting?”

    She toys with her fingernail between her teeth before she answers, “asking.”

    “Well it depends. Who’s in it?”

    “Me,” Heejins says, and she’s got her brows quirked; settles this huge predatory grin into her expression. 

    She holds her lips next to yours - never quite kisses them - wraps her arms around your neck, shuffles a little and moves so that she’s straddled between the counter and your waist. She shimmies her hips and you almost groan, because now you recognize it: that’s Heejin’s shimmy. The silly little thing she does whenever she’s asking for sex without having to ever actually say the words.

    “It’s a promising start. Who else?”

    “You,” she says, flatly a matter of fact.

    “Mhmm, okay, maybe I'm in.”

    “Honestly, more than anything...” Heejin’s voice trails, and her lips pucker. “I just want to see you buried in Haseul’s ass.”

    “Okay then, maybe I’m back out.”

    “Sleep on it maybe. Do you wanna know mine?

    You recognize the caution filling your throat, and then promptly being neglected when you ask, “Is it breeding?” 

    Heejin just smiles, laughs like it isn’t incriminating. Her lips come close to your earlobe, you think she’s going to lick it or bite it or god knows what, but somehow it’s worse:

    “I just fucking love your cum.”


    “Don’t you have somewhere to be–”

    You’re not annoyed with her; it’s just that yesterday night was when the trains started moving again, and now it’s almost five o’clock on a Sunday and you’re wondering when this particular journey comes to an end, if it comes to an end. There should be a credit scroll, a fade to black, some sort of keystone to socket in place, you figure, and you’re asking what should be an obvious question.

    “–or at least some place you can get yourself a proper pair of pants.”

    Leaning over the back of the sofa, eyes scanning your laptop, Heejin ignores the question entirely.

    Year of the Rabbit: Heejin, the girl next door, only farther away than next door.

    Sometimes she’s blonde but dark at the roots, sometimes she’s tall but only with the help of certain shoes. She’s everything, anything she ever wants to be.

    When she first sat down, she wandered into the interview like a second semester-senior, not only at ease with the system, but a little beyond it.

    “Hold up, what the hell is this title?” she asks, pointing to the top of your document. “You’re so far up your own ass there’s even a colon right in the middle of it.”

    “It’s a work in progress,” you say as you slouch into the sofa, “and besides, the beauty comes out in the edits.”

    “I certainly hope so,” she says, worrying the corner of her lip between her teeth, and fixing her eyes back on you. “I was planning on staying for dinner.”

    “Of course you were.”


    You decide, possibly against your better judgment, to walk Heejin back to the train station.

    Although the city had resurrected itself, like Lazarus after a party where the guests had run out of wine (you’re not totally sure about this one), and started to put all its miserable pieces back together, the sidewalks are still a total fucking mess. You’re both there trodding along, navigating through the absolute, dreadful shitslop of snow and dirt when Heejin asks, “You’ll call, yeah?”

    “Sure,” you answer, like it was in your power to resist the very idea of it.

    “Hey. After all, if you don’t, I know where you live.”

    You point in the direction of the turnstiles. “Mildly threatening.”

    “I could always wait in the bushes.”

    You agree, tugging gently on a strand of hair that had come loose from her ponytail. “You absolutely could.”

    K-Cups Are Bad for the Environment (so Stop Buying Them and Drink Recycled Coffee Instead)

    LE SSERAFIM Chaewon x Yunjin x Kazuha!

    2295 words



    It was definitely a long shot, she knew, by how the big black contraption in front of her hissed and fizzled and burped, and yet she continued to try, try, tryyyy, for more bitter black coffee’s sake.

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    A/N 1: Short and sweet little piece I’ve been working on!

    In the dead of night, surrounded by nothing but the hum of the engine and silence, a hand creeps over yours.

    It curls slowly. Patiently. Fingers meet fingers, as each one of yours is slowly pried off the steering wheel, leaving it entirely under the control of your left hand. But yes, it’s slow. So gentle. Calming, even, almost enough to distract you from what you know is a bad idea.



    The hand doesn’t stop.


    Catch a glimpse of a smirk though the pull continues, extends your elbow until it’s almost straight and your hand is enveloped in consistent warmth, clasped between swathes of soft cotton.

    “I’m driving, you know.”

    But nothing changes. Your hand doesn’t move, nor do you try particularly hard to pull free. She doesn’t let go. The darkness on the road suddenly becomes an afterthought to the luminescence inside, however dim that blue glow might be on her face. Sneak a glance to the side, and she catches you with a cheeky wink, her bottom lip caught in her teeth as her hips rut into your palm.

    “So pull over.”

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    e^(iπ)+1=0 — {Feat. Minnie}


    1.3k words

    A/N: I’ve been studying math so hard that I came up with this… I don’t know if all readers can understand this, so I recommend googling the inclined terms(which are mathematical ones). Also know that e^(i)+1=0 is the most beautiful formula in mathematics,,

    p.s: Why is okay but e^(iπ)+1=0 not? Tumblr mysteries..

    Tags: Math(?), Choking, Creampie, Loving Sex

    Minnie is like the e function to you. The way her consistency fills up your heart—eˣ differentiated is still eˣ—, her always positive character—its domain is always positive number—, her out-of-this-world beauty—e^(iπ)+1=0—, and–

    The way her back forms an exponential arc in front of you.


    On her knees Minnie is taking your pounding, with her entire body. Her back arcs upward to meet you face to face, as she turns her head back to you and into a blissful kiss.

    You draw the sin x graph with your tongue inside her mouth. Up and down, up and down, corresponding to her tongue that draws a cos x graph, intertwined with yours completely—but following the exact same period of 2π.

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