I’m 6’4 260lbs All muscle

Size 15 feet Black belt in Taekwondo and Jujitsu. Ask for Cashapp and Venmo for donations. You won’t be disappointed!

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2021-03-03 19:41:11

    Everyone knows I fuckin love Zack Sabre Jr’s submission finisher…….here the youngster locks up AJ Styles…….Zack in his little briefs, locking on the armbar, then pounding on AJ’s cute face with his foot, fuckin pounding on it to loose up his arm so he can fuckin crank it back……then he drives his elbow in those sexy exposes abs so that he can gain access to the leg and crank it back…….so AJ’s arms are locked in a armbar around Zack’s legs…..so that Zack can use his arms to lock up and twist AJ’s knee………holy fuck, look at AJ submitting, his long hair all over the place as Zack just kicks back and relaxes, firmly having his knees and arms locked up!!!

    Jack off…..I mean have a look at the video…….

    Just for fun…….here is Zack being manhandled……his gym bod on display……..his face in agony……..


    He’s your boss in the gym. You literally call him Sir. He works out his father issues in making you suffer productively. And doesn’t really respect your generation anyway, so there’s that, too. Plus he and your boyfriend are friends and if you give Sir less than your best, he’ll hear about it. They think it’s amusing how they have you under their sweaty thumbs, the two of them, an old man twice their age.