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    Don’t let anyone tell you that writing is easy.

    People oftentimes think that anyone can be a good writer because it’s just words. People might devalue writing and say that you should be doing something better and more lucrative with your time.

    Writing takes effort, writing takes skill, writing takes discipline and writing takes practice.

    It’s staying up until 6 in the morning because you want to get all of your thoughts down before you forget them. It’s tearing your hair out because you’re stuck, and you don’t know how to continue on. It’s rereading your writing and hating the words you’ve written because they sound so stilted and boring.

    Writers, what you are doing now is an impressive thing. You’re attempting to create an entire world from scratch, create compelling characters that will capture the hearts of readers, trying to explain that brilliant scene in words when you can visualize it so clearly in your mind.

    It can be a really difficult and daunting task, but you’re doing it and you’re doing it well. It’s not worthless, it’s not meaningless, and it has a lot of value. 

    Writing is the joy of your characters coming to life. It’s the rush that you get when you finally get to that one scene you’ve been dying to write. It’s feeling like you want to cry when someone tells you that they loved what you wrote. It’s that sense of accomplishment you get when you can look back at what you’ve written and say “wow… I actually did this.” It’s the sense of fulfillment you get when you’ve had a productive day. It’s those long days of just thinking about how your story is going to surprise you, and planning ahead 20 novels in advance because you love your writing and your story. It’s the joy of creating, the fruits of your labor, and the excitement of sharing it with other people who will love it just as much as you do.

    Nothing will ever take that away from you. Let yourself be proud of being a writer. Give yourself a pat on your back and say “Hey you know what? I love writing, and I’m doing great.” Because you are. You’re doing something really hard, and you’re doing it well.

    Writing is an art that can touch people’s hearts, and if that’s not magical I don’t know what is.

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    Happy Thursday, Bookworms! Did you know that I LOVE book recommendation posts? I love discovering new books! 🥰 Have you read any books recently that you absolutely LOVED?? I’d love to hear your recommendations! 🤓 I’m going to recommend *Chain of Gold* and *Chain of Iron* for bookworms that are fans of Cassandra Clare! If you’ve read her other books, but haven’t started this series yet, you really should. *Especially* if you’re a fan of *The Infernal Devices*. 🥰 I’m currently working my way through *Chain of Iron*, and I am enjoying it so much. 🥰 What about you guys? Care to recommend a recent read??
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