He poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses!

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2020-08-30 21:49:18

    Can I watch a great film knowing the actresses in it were terrorized and mistreated the entire time? Can I watch a football game knowing that the players are getting brain injuries right before my eyes? Can I listen to my favorite albums anymore knowing that the singers were all beating their wives in between studio sessions? Can I eat at the new fancy taco place knowing when the building that used to be there got bulldozed eight families got kicked out of their homes so they could be replaced with condos and a chain restaurant? Can I wear the affordable clothes I bought downtown that were probably assembled in a sweatshop with child labor? Can I eat quinoa? Can I eat this burger? Can I drink this bottled water? Can I buy a car and drive to work because I’m sick of taking an hour each way on the subway? Whose bones do I stand on? Whose bones am I standing on right now? 


    People feel threatened by this.

    Keep that in mind.


    literally every single time without fail


    Get a load of you, making fun of someone’s profile pic in 2019. You must be so proud. I bet you get all the ladies.

    Fuck off.


    i am and i do, ponyfucker


    this is what you can find when you click on his FIMfiction link on his blog

    Bidoofs Law, at it again


    Oh God. They’re multiplying.

    Yeah, I’m totally the degenerate here. My opinion doesn’t fucking matter because I like to fuck horses and watch a show for little kids.

    Ugh… are you guys done? You’re boring me.


    *gets into an accident and dies because I put bumper stickers all over my windows to own the libs and now I can’t see*

    *horsefucker3000 is the only person to attend my funeral*


    The funniest part of this, to me, is that they didn’t use the “G” in Super Mario Galaxy? 


    There is no war in Ba Sing Se

    The Moon landing was faked

    Major words in Mario games have never used a G


    please stop bringing attention to my mistakes i already feel terrible


    What about the H in Super Mario Sunshine? @pesky-plumbers


    @pesky-plumbers what about the F from Mario Golf?


    this one is actually justified so kiss my fucking ass ok the Y is from Mario Teaches Typing

    your ass tryina 1-up me like everyone else but you failed uwu


    there was a g in this one too tho