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    How my meeting with Death went.

    On my way to the libary I took no notice of my untied Converse and tripped on the loose lace, falling into the street, right in the way of an oncoming truck and no Avenger was here to save me as it ran me over.

    Crushng my ribs as it punctured my heart and got squashed by fuck truck.

    I could barely hear the crying of people as i died, it was sad. My tombstone'll read R. I. P. she trippin, really proving Nick's point on my clumsieness.

    I woke up in a white room, a man with a white attire and very old was sitting next to a man with red skin and a black outfit-- wait!? I died!

    "Jermein Ashley Wood. Died on May 4th o--" "Woah i died on Star Wars day!? Now my tombstone'll be cool. I--"

    "Now i see why your going to hell. Annoying little brat, aren't ya?"

    "I'm atheist, i don't believe in--"

    "Its okay, not everyones perfect." The red man seemed to have fun picking on me.

    "Come on, hurry up Set." Howard motioned to my small form.

    ".....Can we just hurry this meeting up. We need to discuss where she's going, Heaven or Hell." Upon Howards words Set sat back down a grin on his face.

    "Fine so, how did you die Miss Wood?"

    "I be trippin." I shrugged not really caring as i had just got done being ran over.

    "Really? With wounds like that? Nothing more, nothing led to this?" Howard motioned to my attire.

    "Nope." I exclaimed, popping the 'p'.

    "Really!? So no reason as to why you have a crushed chest and heart!!!?" Set yelled.

    "Well it sounds like you already know!! So what is it, Heaven or Hell!?" I started getting impatient and tapped my finger on the ground.

    "Hey can you <>set me up, i am a little uncomfortable lying here." I smirked as Set flipped a table that magically appeared.

    "I'm not taking her! Howard you can!" And with that Set stood up to leave.

    "But she isn't good, she is atheist!"

    "Then why do we even have these meetings!!!??" The red man screamed back, ignoring a now smirking me.

    "...well i thought it was nice for us to meet up once in awhile."

    "Someone dies every second! I haven't seen my home in 67,686 years!"

    Howard sniffed. "That, that hurts, right here."


    "It's because you've been counting the days of not wanting to be with Howard, its not good for your relationship." I stood up and saw Howard nod.

    "He's just trying to control me!!" The Devil's father shouted.

    "Howard only wants whats best for you, and he needs to think of whats best for both of you." i turned to Howard.

    "If you love something you must <>set it free."

    Set growled and lunged for me only to be held back by Howard.

    "No! We can't harm people!"

    So i ran forward and gave Howard a hug.

    "I love you guys so much, i'm so glad our friendships back." I smiled up at him only to receive two annoyed looks.

    "Whats wrong?"

    "You! That's whats wrong!"

    "I guess if you love something <>set it free, i'm ready."

    Set seemed to realize what happened and backed away with a horrified expression. "Get her out! I'm not taking her! And i am staying down their for 666,666 days!" And with that he left through a door that said Hell.

    "You just had to use those numbers didn't you!?" And with that Howard left through a door that said Heaven. Thus leaving me alone, wondering which door i should go in.

    Hell it is.

    Skipping to the door i opened it and was blasted with hot air, and instantly spotted Set.

    "Hey Set! SEEEEETTTTT! IT'S ME! JERMAIN! HEY SET!" Waving my hands wildly i caught his attention.

    He hid his face in his hand and attempted to pretend i wasn't there.

    "SETTTTTT! HEY SET SET SET SET! I KNOW THAT MAN! HE'S MY FRIEND! HEY SE--" My rant was cut off by a red hand.

    "Shut up!" He hissed and pulled me away, apologizing to other people.

    "What the Heaven! Why would Howard send you here!!"

    "I don't know! I thought i was an angel!"

    "I'm about to send you back." He stated and sure enough he was chanting something.

    "W-what but i thought we were f-fr--"

    "No were not Friends!! Get that through your thick skull!" Set barked.

    "I was gonna say frenemies, but if you want to be friends we can." I shrugged noticeably. He deadpanned and started to push me into a red circle. "Frenemies has friends in it."

    "Yeah, but its like the complete opposite of friends and you didn't deny the friend thing....,friend." I smirked at his frustrated face.

    "Deep breaths Set, it's almost time to retire."

    "Yeah. Breathe in.....and out....., breathe i---"