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    tell me something nice


    if you grow mushrooms over a toxic waste site, chemical spill, or other polluted growing medium, they will suck up the toxins into their fruiting bodies with such effectiveness that they are being studied for their ability to clean up tainted industrial sites. it’s called mycoremediation.

    if you do this with edible mushrooms, they are no longer technically edible, but on the other hand they make a great way to poison your enemies. this is called murder and it’s usually frowned upon, but they won’t see it coming and you get bragging rights afterwards about your ability to kill people with a pizza topping.


    Sorry this was not precisely most people’s idea of “nice.” Let me add that you are a glow of comforting absurdity in an ever-more-fucked-up world.



    anyway don’t pay for the remaster lmao


    The company deliberately chose not to put the same-sex romances from 3 into 1 & 2 despite the following quote: “One of the first things we really wanted to do was, throughout the trilogy, unify the options,” he said. “If something exists in 3, we want it to exist in 1, and we want that to be able to be consistent. And then also we wanted to really expand choices for things like skin color and hair styles that just weren’t wide enough originally to support the diversity of our player base or give fans the opportunity to create that Shepard they really wanted to play as.” - Kevin Meek, environmental and art creator. Source

    So, yeah, BioWare is actual shit. They’ve been hearing about us lamenting the lack of representation for a decade, and this is the response. They did fine with Dragon Age, and they patched Andromeda to have more same-sex romances. If mods can do this, the company can, too. Absolutely unacceptable.

    Don’t buy it.


    It should be illegal or something to sing “This Land Is Your Land” without the secret verses


    You took one of the greatest hobo anthems ever written and turned it patriotic. That’s basically a war crime.


    Secret verses??!??


    At the beginning:

    As I went walking that endless bread line
    My landlord gave me a 2-week deadline
    And Labor Action ran a better headline:
    “This land was made for you and me

    This land is their land, it isn’t our land
    From the plush apartments to the Cadillac car land
    From the Wall Street office to the Hollywood star land
    This land is not for you or m

    So take your slogan and kindly stow it
    If this was our land, you’d never know it
    So let’s get together and overthrow it
    ‘Cause this land was made for you
    and me

    And then in the middle:

    As I went walking, I saw a signpost
    And the sign said “No Trespassing!”
    But on the backside, it didn’t say nuthin
    ‘Cause that side was made for yo
    u and me


    Holy shit.


    American folk singer Woody Guthrie, who wrote other songs such as Tear The Fascists Down, All You Fascists Bound To Lose, Miss Pavlichenko, and like 6 tributes to Sacco and Vanzetti, was what you might call a “communist”


    [image description: a four panel meme.

    1: a hand reaching out of water labeled “chronic illness patient”

    2: another hand reaches down from above labeled “doctor”

    3: the doctor hand high fives the other one and it says (quotes) “your lab results are normal!”

    4: the doctor hand disappears and the chronic illness patient hand starts falling down into the water

    /end ID]


    Kinda weird how you say you’re against fascism yet you shut down anyone just because they share a different opinion than you. You guys are exactly what you say you hate... FASCIST! How come I have never seen any member of antifa actually sit down with someone and have a civil debate? I’ve only ever seen them yell and throw tantrums. Doesn’t look good for you guys, yikes.


    fascism in italy was not defeated by discourse.


    Something I heard recently: if you insist on sheltering both lambs and wolves, you will get in the end only wolves. If you insist your safe space is safe for bigots as well as minorities you will have a space full of bigots- minorities will be driven out.


    How is it that article from a while back phrased it: “Tolerance is not a moral precept it’s a peace treaty”

    It’s not a paradox. Tolerance is an agreement and an exchange and if you break it you don’t get to be protected by it and you will suffer the consequences of breaking it. Period.

    Tolerance cannot extend to intolerance and bigotry because they are antithetical to the entire framework of the exchange and exist to destroy the people and things that tolerance/acceptance is meant to build and protect.

    So no. It is not hypocritical to be intolerant of your bigotry. I am simply enforcing the boundaries and consequences of breaking the social contract of treating people with compassion and humanity, if you broke the treaty, you don’t get to be protected by it, and enforcing consequences for breaking it is the only way to ensure that it continues to protect those it’s meant to and who contribute to it in good faith.