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    I hoping that now that we’re getting into the endeavor redemption bits, people start liking him more. he was just driven to the point of obsession to do the horrible things that he did, he’s not a bad person, and he’s working to make up for his mistakes, he just doesn’t know how to start, and people won’t let him get to the point of starting to let him try.

    some very important info re: paid accounts~

    I am not a lawyer, but I can decently interpret legalese and, being as I also suffer from tl;dr syndrome and assume others may as well, I took one for the team and went through the updated TOS for the post+ accounts and highlighted (what I understand to be) the most pertinent information, which ultimately comes down to this:

    You cannot monetize copyrighted works (aka charge and earn money from fanfic, fanworks, etc) and if you do decide to put your fanworks behind a paywall via Tumblr, when you are inevitably sued, Tumblr will not protect you and will not defend you and you alone, personally, will be responsible for whatever monetary damages said lawsuit results in.

    If anyone is a lawyer and knows I've gotten any of this wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me/this post.

    Screenshots taken from Tumblr's TOS (updated 7-21-21), Stripe's Account Agreement, and the post+ FAQs.

    1. Your paid account will not be hosted by tumblr; it is routed through a 3rd party.

    2. By signing up for a paid account, you're entering into an agreement with Stripe, so in addition to Tumblr's TOS, you are also bound to Stripe's TOS.

    3. Stripe, like Tumblr, will not defend you or protect you against any lawsuits.

    4. Furthermore, you may end up owing Stripe money (indemnify = compensate)

    5. Tumblr's TOS specifically states that you can't put any content on your post+ account that violates any laws, including laws that protect intellectual property rights of others. This is super important, because Tumblr's post+ FAQ also states that you can post anything that you would regularly post on tumblr, which I'm sure many will take to mean that gifsets, fanworks, etc are fair game, since all of that stuff can be posted on tumblr now. However, the difference is, you're not making money from the fanworks you're posting or reblogging now. Once money enters the equation, the game changes.

    Tumblr is making it seem like any and all content goes for post+ accounts, knowing 90% of this site is fanworks. This is not true and you'll be opening yourself up for lawsuits if you charge for fanworks.

    6. Tumblr further disclaims any and all liability in any legal issues.

    tl;dr: Please do not make a post+ account, bc you will be opening yourself to lawsuits and if that happens, Tumblr's response will be not our problem, you agreed to all the terms which said you couldn't do that, sorry not sorry. Please protect yourself.

    Normalize disliking people and avoiding them without starting a conflict and insisting that they’re bad people. You don’t actually need to be able to call someone toxic and abusive in order to justify that you’re not vibing with them.

    muse a and b are trying to get pregnant with no luck, barely affording hospital visits with doctors telling them the same thing. when it all seems hopeless, a young nurse comes in with some pamphlets about alternative means of having kids, the top one being about surrogates.

    they set up appointments with a few available women, with the first one being... the young nurse who gave them the pamphlets leading them to this decision! they learn her story, her and her boyfriend were thinking about having kids, but her boyfriend has infertility issues himself, and so they want to try the pregnancy scene first to see if she can even handle it and eventually get a donor.

    it’s shaky... but they eventually come to an agreement with muse c, that if all goes well, muse a would be her eventual donor!

    After a few months, muse c is getting nice and plump with muse a and b’s baby, and she shows up on their doorstep at night in the pouring rain saying that she and her bf had a massive falling out. nevermind it was one of muse a and b’s important anniversaries they welcome muse c into their home.

    ot3 goodness of all sorts welcome

    twist 1: muse b, despite all odds, also gets pregnant during this time

    twist 2: muse c is pregnant with twins, fraternal, one of a and b, and one of her and a. potentially what caused muse c and her s/o to break up because they panicked and found out they couldn’t cope.

    twist 3: just a plot of muse c to get a sugar daddy and mommy all at once

    I have, what I thought was a bot, messaging me on my main, and she’s like a hardcore dom of guys. she went full sadgirl when I had to turn down her advances and she doesn’t know what to talk about now but is keeping the conversation going??

    I’m pretty sure she thought I was a sissy because my main is mostly reblogged cat pics and vids