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    Name: Gloria

    Theme: Beach Date turn wrong

    Gloria: ‘Can you help me check where is it hurting?’

    She bent her body over her bed bottomless, with just her top and bikini on. Their initial plan to head for the beach had been cancelled when she spent a painful morning in the toilet, to a point she could not walk straight. Edison, her boyfriend who was still in secondary school, was now in a ‘doctor’s’ position to do an anal probe for her, with the disposable latex gloves and the lubricant coated around his fingers.

    Edison: ‘Tell me when I touched something that hurt k?’

    Gloria: ‘Okay. Go slow.’

    Massaging her anus with his fingertips, the girl was wriggling awkward as she felt the sensitiveness of her butt. Not long after, he pushed his way in and twisted his hand around, to caress the interior where she was complaining that hurt. At first, she was unused to having something foreign in that particular hole, not like she had been having sex, but her body was involuntarily trying to push him out.

    Edison: ‘Just relax more. I am going deeper.’

    Gloria bit her lips and relaxed enough for him to fully sink his index finger in, to no avail for finding that painful spot. About two minutes later, Edison was feeling bored from the misleading guide she had told him to move, and began thrusting his finger slowly, in a playful way to see how she would react. For someone who never had such experience before, the new hole felt extremely weird but pleasing at the same time. In under a minute of his teasing, she was moaning in that small body of hers and Edison was getting harder too.

    Edison: ‘You like it baby?’

    Gloria: ‘Yeah. It feels good. Helps with the pain too.’

    After some time, he got turned on himself and took a small vibrator out of his pocket, which he had prepared for her, and stuck it in place of his fingers. It was time for him to get some hormones satisfied too.

    Edison: ‘Turn around and lick me?’

    Gloria: ‘Huh. Okay.’

    He hopped up in excitement and removed his pants, relieving the aching bulge under his boxers. She then placed her mouth over it and sucked silently, while he groaned to her swirling tongue. Still in the doggie position, he then reached for the vibrator half sticking out of her ass and clicked on the button at the end of the stick, buzzing into the girl who was blowing him faster.

    Gloria: ‘It’s making me too high.. ‘

    Edison: ‘I know. Keep going.’

    Gently, he thrust the toy into her anus and she buried her face in his groin, enjoying the stimulating of her sensitive asshole while pleasing her guy. It was only after five minutes of this foreplay that she stopped to rest her jaws, while sitting upright on her ankles, grinding her hips on the toy that was pressing against her bed.

    Edison: ‘You won’t get pregnant from anal sex right?’

    Gloria: ‘What? You really want to try it?’

    Edison: ‘Yeah. You like it too right?’

    Gloria: ‘But it’s dirty.’

    Edison: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to put it in your mouth after that.’

    Gloria gave him a confused look before turning her body to face the headboard, feeling her bed move to the guy who was eagerly dying to deflower her. Once he had smeared enough lubricant over his dick, he guided his tip into her hole and she prepared herself for the poop-dumping mood. It was difficult to get relaxed enough for him to enter and it took them more than five minutes before he could get the tip in.

    From the point that bit of his dick entered, he did not pull out anymore and gave her all the time she needed to slowly sink his way in. Finally, after a tiring moment of strange sensation, Edison was thrusting his hip at her, very slowly filling her ass with his meat. As time passed, they found the mental state they needed and she spread her legs wider.

    At last, he was pumping in full strokes into that groaning girl who was kneeling half-seated, rubbing her own pussy between her legs to calm her overwhelmed anus. Edison did not take anymore chances and pounded her hard, driving her to the insane pleasure that made her beg for him to go deeper.

    From where he was behind, the convulsion in her pussy was squeezing her ass tight too, and the already-vacuum mode his dick was in, couldn’t felt any better than this. Pounding her butt with his might, the urge to cum was actually delayed by the high pressure around his stick. The two schooling kids went on fucking non-stop once they realised how much fun they could have without the risk of getting pregnant, or loosing her virginity.

    Edison, still considered inexperienced from his sixteen year old life, knew he could not last long in this and really took her hard, shoving his dick into that perfect seal. Gloria too, was too overpowered to regain her composure, only too keep massaging her clit to climax over and over again. As sick as you might imagine, there was no awkward smell from the anal sex and it was all thanks to her vegan diet her family had imposed.

    Lasting for as long as ten minutes, they took frequent rest until her butthole was getting sore from the drying lubricant, and she requested for him to go all out until he came. Taking control of her waist, the fit young man rammed deep and hard into her, entering a rampage mode where her last orgasm came and did not stop until he was done.

    Feeling the patch of wetness on the bed getting bigger, he was fighting to let his dick cum from the close fit of her anus. After the last lap of sweaty sex, Edison groaned out loud that he was cumming and pushed Gloria's back onto the bed. Jerking uncontrollably, his cum pumped into her asshole and soothed the pain, causing a last minute request to come from her to keep going.

    However late it was for that, he could not move from the sensitivity of his dick and he collapsed over her body, bent forward and panting hard.

    Gloria (whispering): ‘Boyfie, don’t pull it out. Let it come out itself.’

    Edison (whispering): ‘Okay.’

    They rested in that position until his dick shrank enough for her body’s natural response to force it out. He wrapped the soiled glove over his dick and went to the toilet, rinsing any smell off it and brought a few pieces of wet tissue to clean her up. She was nice to give him a scent-test to make sure he was thoroughly cleaned, and a after-sex blowjob served as a reward to his workout.

    The blowjob lasted long enough to get him up and hard again, and she kept going until the second load of cum spurted into her mouth. Her oral skills was one thing that Edison couldn’t get enough of but for that day, two shots was all he could afford. It was their usual way of getting enough other off anyway, she would suck him off while he fingered her to the countless orgasms she wanted.

    She laid in his arms to rest after the hour of non-stop action and thanked him for his help, to find the pain, and eased it with pleasure.

    Naomi rides a bicycle

    “Hey, how about we rest here for a while? We cycled more than 2 hours already.” Brendon suggested, slowing his bicycle to a stop. “I go get some beer at the 7-11 over there.”

    Noami got off her bicycle and watched Brendon walked into the convenience store.

    “Not going in to enjoy the air-con?” Naomi turned to look at Rafiq. “Nah, you go ahead. I look after the bicycles.”

    Rafiq smiled and ran after Brendon. Naomi stared at Rafiq’s ass, clad tightly in his bicycle shorts, making two perfect globes. She sighed as the sexy butt disappeared into the store.

    Her husband, Brendon, had recently been interested in cycling. He had been complaining that he was getting fat and the gym sessions did not seem to be enough to keep him from getting a “spare tyre” around his waist. Noami thought it was only natural that since Brendon is already 40 years old, it was inevitable that he was growing flabby. Anyway, even when he was younger, Brendon was just an average guy. He was slimmer, but not muscular or athletic. He was definitely not walking around with six-pecs.

    But Rafiq was different. Rafiq was Brendon’s colleague. He joined the company recently after graduating from a local university. He had somehow influenced Brendon to join him in night cycling,  starting from the evening and riding throughout the night till early next morning. Brendon was so into the sport that he invested in a high-end bicycle and various accessories, clothing and equipment. He even bought a set for her, so that she can accompany them. She had been reluctant at first, but after a long while, and not wanting to waste the money that was spent, she decided to join them tonight.

    She had heard about Rafiq from her husband but it was the first time she met him in person. He was good-looking, with angular facial features and a sharp nose. His tan skin suggested the many hours he had spent in the sun. She was surprised when she saw him in a tight-fitting black pair of bicycle shorts and a matching top. She could see his well-toned muscular arms and defined chest. His six pecs were clearly seen in the tight top. What drew her attention, however, was his large appendage. The tight bicycle shorts leave very little to the imagination and she could clearly make out the large, thick cock and swollen testicles. Throughout the journey, she kept on stealing looks at his groin. Rafiq had caught her staring several times, but she just could not resist the temptation to stare, even though it was a little embarrassing.

    The two men came out of the store laughing at some jokes. Brendon looked rather embarrassing next to Rafiq. His top squeezed his body fat into lines at awkward places around his body, making him look like the Michelin Man. His paunch was also doing a peek-a-boo, the pale pink fat jutting out just slightly between the black top and shorts. A sudden sense of shame enveloped Naomi and she shuddered slightly.

    “Hey, don’t be jealous, okay. The cashier in there just told us how fit and sexy we were.” Brendon was clearly in a good mood. “I think all this night cycling is really worth it. We should celebrate.”

    Naomi smiled at Brendon as she did not have the heart to tell her husband that the cashier was most probably only referring to Rafiq and not him.

    They cycled a short distance to a relative quiet place next to a park. They parked their bicycles and sat on a bench, drinking the beer. Brendon was still in a good mood and downed two cans in quick succession. He burped noisily and laid down on the bench. Within minutes, he was snoring noisily.

    “Gosh, this is embarrassing. He just burped and now he is snoring.” Naomi shook her head. “Sorry about this, Rafiq”

    “Nah, it is okay. Brendon is a straightforward kind of guy. He just do what’s natural, not caring about what others think.” Rafiq laid back, stretching out his legs.

    Naomi could not help noticing that with his legs outstretched, his cock appeared even more prominent, protruding from his shorts. She could even make out the line showing his foreskin.

    “Like what you see?” Rafiq broke her thoughts.

    “Huh? What do you mean?” Naomi tried to act innocent.

    “Come on. I saw you staring at my cock so many times. You are practically drooling.” Rafiq laughed.

    “I was just curious, that’s all.” Naomi muttered, taking a sip of her beer.

    “Never seen one as large as mine?” Rafiq nodded in Brendon’s direction, sniggering. “Not very big, is it? Can’t be satisfying.”

    Noami looked at Brendon. The body fat accumulating in his lower body had made the outline of his appendage less defined, but it was clear that Brendon is nowhere as endowed as Rafiq. It was true that Brendon had a small cock, but it was not only the size that mattered. Brendon did not last long in bed and often, he ejaculated before she could reach her orgasm. In the last couple of years, it was even worse as he started having difficulty in maintaining his erection.

    Naomi sighed. She saw that Rafiq had heard her and immediately regretted it.

    “So it is true.” Rafiq whispered gently. “How sad. You deserve much better.”

    “No, it is not a big deal.” Naomi tried to defend her husband.

    “You want a closer look?” Rafiq offered. “Have you seen any other cock besides Brendon’s?”

    “Of course. I had a couple of boyfriends before Brendon, you know.” Naomi was a trifle offended. “But none of them seems as big as yours.” Noami conceded softly.

    “So you are curious about my big cock?” Rafiq persisted. “You want to take a closer look?”

    “It is not only the size.” Naomi tried to make herself seem less slutty. “I was thinking about other things.”

    “Like?” Rafiq challenged her.

    “Well, all my boyfriends are Chinese. I have never seen a Malay cock and I heard it was different.” Naomi was pretending that it was just intellectual curiosity. “Like it was supposed to be thicker because there is no foreskin.”

    “Ha ha. That is the funniest thing that I have heard. Cocks are all the same. Chinese cocks, Malay cocks, Indian cocks. Only difference is skin colour.” Rafiq laughed. “But yeah, we Malays are circumcised so it looks a little different. If you want, I can show you.”

    Rafiq pulled down his bicycle shorts, revealing his cock. It was still flaccid but it was much bigger than Brendon’s. It was as Noami had imagined. The bicycle shorts really left nothing to the imagination.

    “I think it taste different too. You can suck it, if you want.” Rafiq stood up and pushed his cock in front of Naomi.

    Noami could not resist it and took the cock in her mouth. It was like stuffing a large German bratwurst in her mouth as it was so thick and fat. It tasted different, maybe from the perspiration. As she sucked on it, it grew harder, longer and thicker in her mouth. Noami shifted herself so that she was now kneeling in front of Rafiq. On his part, he pulled down his shorts so as to give Noami easier access to his balls. Noami responded by alternating between sucking his cock and his balls.

    Rafiq sighed in pleasure. Noami may not be younger than any of his girlfriends but her more extensive sexual experience is making this one of the best blowjobs that he ever had. He held onto Naomi’s head as he fucked her mouth. He could feel his balls tightening and he fucked her even harder. With a groan, and holding Noami’s head close to his groin, he exploded into her. Naomi knew that Rafiq was cumming but she had not expected him to hold her head so tightly. She had no choice but to swallow his sperm to avoid choking. At first, she was annoyed at being forced to swallow his bodily fluid. However, she realised that it tasted different. It was thicker and somewhat alkaline, like a type of exotic milk. When Rafiq released her head, she uncontrollably licked his cock clean, clamouring for more of his heavenly fluid.

    But Rafiq did not allow her long to do that. He pushed her on the grass, removing her tight bicycle shorts, revealing her pussy. He dived right in, licking her slit with his tongue, and jabbing her mound of pleasure. She moaned but Rafiq covered her mouth with one hand. She belatedly realised that her husband was still sleeping on the bench next to her. She need to keep her voice down.

    A sharp spear of pleasure pierced through her and again, she almost shouted. She bit her lips in time, as she realised that Rafiq was now fingering her. As he increased his pace, expertly rubbing and pressing against her Venus mound, she grabbed his muscular body, enjoying the strength flowing through his sinews. She arched her back, pushing herself hard against his fingers. As she felt herself reaching an orgasm, Rafiq closed his mouth onto hers, drinking in her moans of pleasure.

    Noami seemed to have blackout for a moment as her orgasm took over her. When she regain conscious, Rafiq was already impaling her with his large cock. She could feel her vagina being stretched wide as Rafiq’s cock filled her hole with his warm member. As he pumped into her, she felt waves of pleasure. Rafiq lifted her legs over his shoulders, fucking her even more deeply. Again, she could feel another orgasm approaching. Again, Rafiq responded by leaning forward and kissing her.

    “Let’s come together.” Rafiq grunted. He fucked her harder and faster, grinding his cock against her cunt. He kissed her again as he gave several hard thrusts, ejaculating into her. Naomi held onto Rafiq tightly as her own pleasure ran along her body, her legs wrapping itself tightly against Rafiq’s perfect ass, enjoying the closeness of their bodies.

    “Wait. You were not wearing a condom?” Naomi could feel warm bodily fluid flowing out of her vagina. She had a fleeting sense of responsibility as she caught a glance of Brendon, still snoring away on the bench inches away.

    “Is there anyway for me to be carrying condoms in my bike shorts?” Rafiq asked.

    “You did not buy condoms when you were in 7-11?” Naomi asked?

    “Were you expecting that I was going to fuck you?” Rafiq laughed. “Gosh, you are really hungry for my cock!”

    Naomi was embarrassed. It came out all wrong.

    Rafiq sensed that he made a mistake. “Sorry. Don’t be angry. To be frank, I did think of buying condoms in the convenience store. I was the one thinking of fucking you because you looked damn irresistible. But Brendon was there. How could I explain it to him? I can’t tell him I am being condoms because I was going to fuck his wife!”

    Naomi softened. “You think I am irresistible? You had actually wanted to fuck me?”

    “Yeah.” Rafiq smiled. “In fact, cocks don’t lie.”

    Noami looked down and saw that Rafiq’s cock was hard again. Rafiq was so much better than Brandon. There is no problem in getting an erection and more importantly, she has never cummed more than once with Brendon. “Let’s fuck.”

    Rafiq smiled and lay on the grass, his cock stiff and pointing straight up at the night sky. “Now I want you to ride me, like how you ride the bicycle.”

    Naomi smiled and straddled Rafiq, slowly guiding his thick, long cock into her. She moaned softly with each inch sliding into her. Finally, when the whole length of his cock is in her, she leaned forwards towards Rafiq, whispering softly. “You are wrong. It is not only the colour of the skin. Malay cocks are so much better. My husband is away for a business trip next week. I want to ride your cock again.”

    Junior Experience

    ***Disclaimer: Due to certain reasons, I will be posting the pictures here but with the face either blurred out or edited out. For those who've known me from my first Tumblr, you might find these pictures very familiar***

    ???: Oh fuck, oh fuck!! D-Don't stop, don't stop! Fuck you're too big!! Mmm fuck!!

    ???: I'm going to cum in you once more, Joey!! You fucking tight slut!! Ughk, here I cum!!

    Joey: Fuck!! Shoot it in me Lynx!! Like how you did it that time!! Fuck!! Fuck!!!

    Pushing my dick all the way into Joey's pussy, I groaned and unloaded a large load of cum deep into her, Joey rolling her eyes back as she orgasmed at the same time, squirting hard all over the floor of the room we were in.

    This wasn't how we started fucking each other's brains out though. As a matter of fact, Joey was anything but willing. This was how it all started.

    Working at a local KTV lounge as Head of Security, one aspect of my job scope was to ensure that no minors were allowed into the rooms (or as we call it, booths). And even if there were minors that was found in the premises, they would normally be allowed to stay as long as they were not consuming alcohol. And so it was on one particular Saturday night when I was doing my usual checks of the booths, did I run into Joey. She was my junior back in secondary school, but she wasn't the most attractive in her cohort. Nonetheless, seeing Joey once again was a pleasant surprise, even if she was with a group of friends which were three other guys and one other girl. As I was in the booth, Joey, who was wearing a black spag top and matching black skirt, looked at me for a good while as though trying to recollect who I was (At this point I still haven't fully seen her face yet so I was not aware she was the same Joey from secondary school)

    J: You're... You're Lynx, aren't you? Lynx from xxx Sec, right?

    L: Yes... how did you know who I was?

    J: I'm Joey. You know, your junior from the same secondary school? We were in the same CCA!

    L: Joey, Joey... OH. That Joey that has a huge liking for bears?

    J: Yea, yea! Hahaha, it's been so long since we last met, how've you been?

    L: I've been fine-- Hang on, let me just do my rounds first and I'll catch up with you later, alright?

    J: Haha, okay sure thing! I'm not going anywhere!

    With that greeting said, I quickly checked the booth that Joey that was in, and after making sure that there was no alcohol present, I left the room and proceeded to the next random booth.

    As I continued my rounds around the KTV booths, the sound of a door opening could be heard behind me. As I turned around casually, I saw two of the three guys that was in Joey's booth walking out, and noticed that one of them was holding a small object in his hand. Confused as to what they were doing, I made arrangements for my security team to continue the random checks as I followed the two guys from behind.

    Keeping my distance from the two guys, I watched on as one of them ordered a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and as the drinks was brought to them on a tray, I watched one of them adding something extra into two of the non-alcoholic drinks and subsequently stirring both drinks thoroughly. Not wanting to raise the alarm just yet, I decided to keep watching from a distance, pretending as though I didn't see anything. As the two guys walked back towards the booth and passed by me, I caught part of their conversation as they were walking by.

    Guy A: So you sure the two of them going to drink it?

    Guy B: Yea la. This one also not alcoholic, plus they did ask for drinks.

    Guy A: This better work eh. Can't wait to get them laid and wasted sia.

    Guy B: You see how she dress or not? So tight, asking to get the D tonight la that slut.

    Guy A: I know right!

    As the two of them continued talking, I kept my eyes on their backs, and watched them return to Joey's booth with the spiked drinks in hand. Based on what I just overheard, I was certain that the guys, at least these two in particular, was planning to get Joey and the other lady drugged enough so that they could do whatever they wanted with them. Deciding to continue watching for a while first, I headed back into the security office, where i would be able to view the events happening inside the booths.

    Returning to the security office, I quickly brought up the hidden CCTV live footage of Joey's booth and began monitoring the occupants inside for any signs of distress. In particular, I was focusing the CCTV on the two spiked drinks that, unless my guess was wrong, was meant for Joey and the other lady companion. From the CCTV, I could see the two guys pass the drinks around, handing the spiked ones to Joey and the second lady, and both of them began drinking from it slowly. Knowing that it would take some time before the drug took effect, I continued monitoring but as I'm doing so, the booth door opened and in came two more guys that weren't previously around when I was checking the booth.

    As the two newcomers made themselves comfortable, I could visibly see them making eye gestures at the two guys that brought the drinks in, and I knew that this was all planned from the start. Nonetheless, I chose not to take action just yet as it was still unclear at this point if the substance added into the drinks was indeed what I thought it was.

    About 15 minutes later, I finally saw what I wanted to capture on CCTV. As both ladies began drinking more of the spiked drinks, Joey was the first to feel the effects of the drug. As she placed her drink down, which was almost finished, and stood up, Joey began swaying on the spot. One of the guys caught her almost immediately, and helped Joey sit back down.

    Guy A: Are you okay Joey?

    Joey: Y-Ya, I just.. feel a bit dizzy, that's all..

    Guy A: You sure you're okay?

    Joey: Yea, don't... worry.. I just... need the washroom..

    Guy A: You want one of us to follow you?

    Joey: It's... fine..

    Saying that, Joey stood up again and managed to make her way to the door, stumbling out of the booth but was still able to stand on her own will. As Joey slowly made her way to the washroom, I could see one of the guys leave the booth and he followed Joey behind at a distance. Knowing what had went down in the booth with the drink, I left the security office and headed for the washroom as well, hoping to get to Joey in time before anything happened to her.

    As I turned the corner towards the direction of the washroom which Joey was heading for, I saw the guy from just now holding onto Joey and leading her away from the washroom, instead leading her out of the KTV via the back door. Worried that the drug might had taken effect completely, I quickly followed behind. Exiting the lounge, I looked around to see which direction the guy went with Joey, and I caught sight of Joey and the guy turning into a dimly-lit alleyway, which i eventually followed behind.

    As I turned the corner, I stood back and peeked at the two of them, not wanting to alert the guy yet in case he was armed. Looking around and making sure that there was no one else approaching them, the guy pinned a semi-conscious Joey to the wall, and began kissing her neck and face, his hands placed on her waist and roaming about her body. As Joey was still slipping in and out of consciousness due to the drug, the guy took it a step further. Slipping his hands under her skirt, the guy pulled down Joey's panties and began fingering her pussy, which caused Joey to groan uncomfortably as the guy then proceeded to take out one of his hands from under her skirt and placed it under her top, groping her tits at the same time.

    Guy A: Oh fuck, you're so wet down there already, Joey.

    J: M-Mmm...

    Guy A: Right, you're not able to hear me.

    Snickering and double checking again that no one is nearby, the guy then took his other hand out from under Joey's skirt, and grope her tits with both hands now. After a while of groping, he checked to make sure that Joey was still groggy, and then slowly pushed her down onto her knees. Once Joey was on her knees, the guy unbuckled his pants and pulled down both pants and boxers, revealing his erect dick as he stroked it using Joey's hair. Taking his phone out and proceeding to video-record what was about to happen, the guy tilted Joey's head up and slowly pushed his dick into her mouth, Joey groaning a bit more but still groggy from being drugged.

    Guy A: Even if you're not conscious, I'm still going to enjoy face-fucking you first

    J: M-Mmmmphff.... mmm...

    Guy A: Here I go..!

    Placing his free hand at the back of Joey's head, the guy began moving his hips, face-fucking Joey as his dick pounded her mouth rapidly. As the guy got lost in the sensation of face-fucking Joey, the drug's effect began to wear off, and Joey began to groan more as she got forced to blow the guy's dick. it didn't take long before the guy groaned and pushed Joey's head down his dick fully, unloading his cum into and filling up Joey's mouth. Pulling his dick out of her mouth, the guy closed her mouth as he forced Joey to swallow his seed, and Joey unknowingly swallowed all of it, bits of it leaking down from the corner of her mouth.

    Knowing that the drug would wear off soon, the guy quickly got dresed and stopped the recording on his phone too. With Joey still on her knees, he pulled her up quickly and pondered about whether or not to put her panties back on her, the guy eventually decided to do so just to make sure that Joey didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. As soon as he was done dressing her, he helped Joey back into the lounge, and I quickly made myself scarce as well, hightailing it back into the lounge before the guy noticed.

    Back in the lounge, as I stood a good distance away from the booth that Joey came out from, I watched the guy carry Joey back into the booth, and it was at this point that I decided to take action. By this point, I've already seen enough to have a reason to evict everyone in the room out, and without wasting much time, I walked into the booth with 3 other members of the security team.

    L: Alright, fun's over guys. The whole lot of you, out.

    Guy A: What, why? What did we do man?!

    Guy B: Yea, what'd we do?

    B: For starters I saw you two spiking the drinks meant for these two ladies. That alone is enough of an reason for me to evict all of you. Now, question for you lot. Are you going to leave on your own, or am I going to have to do it myself?

    Guy A: And who the fuck do you think you are?!

    Perhaps still feeling high from face-fucking Joey in the alleyway, the guy grabbed an empty beer bottle and swung it at me with the intent of harm apparent. Not skipping a beat, I managed to step aside in time, and as I do, I swung my knee right at the guy's crotch, which resulted in the poor chap keeling over onto the floor in immense pain.

    L: I'll tell you who I am. One, I'm head of security in this KTV. Two, that's my friend you just sexually assaulted outside. Now I'll ask this again. Do you guys want to make your own way out of here, or am I going to do it for you lot?

    Guy A: F-Fuck you!

    L: Oh. And Joey stays behind. As does that other lady too. Boys, hoist the rest of them out of here.

    Guy C: O-Okay we're leaving on our own!!

    Knowing that i'm not kidding about physically ejecting them from the premises, the four guys begrudingly got up and left the booth, having to be escorted out of the lounge by my security. Seeing the four guys leave, I called in a female security member to stay with the other lady as I personally carried Joey to another room in the KTV lounge. On most nights, this room is strictly out of bounds to members of the public and staff alike, and I was the only person that had the keys to it.

    Entering the room, I placed Joey down on the couch in the room, letting her lie down as though she was sleeping. As I placed her down, I couldn't help but notice that her clothes was slightly unkempt, a result of her getting sexually assaulted unknowingly just now. The more I looked at Joey, the more I felt a tinge of helplessness. Back in secondary school, I made it a point to look after my CCA juniors, and Joey was no exception to that. However, rumours soon began to circulate that Joey was a slut, and that she had allegedly slept with a few other seniors in CCA, and that she even went as far as to offer herself to instructors for special benefits. Maybe it was because of the rumours' severity getting worse as time passed, Joey eventually began to not turn up for CCA, and she even skipped school for a good while. That was about the last time I've heard or seen Joey, and running into her today was completely out of the blue as well.

    As I sat down opposite Joey and was lost in my own train of thoughts, Joey began stirring and she turned to face me, sweat forming on her rapidly. Getting concerned, I got up and walked towards Joey.

    L: Joey, are you alright?

    J: H-Hot...

    L: Hot...? The aircon's on though..

    J: H-H...

    L: Joey? Joey, can you hear me?

    J: L-Lynx..

    As I bent over to check on Joey, she suddenly wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down onto the couch, which caused me to land on top of her. Caught completely off-guard by her, I struggled to get off, but Joey was holding me down onto her tightly.

    L: Joey, let go. You're not yourself.

    J: I'm feeling... hot...

    L: Are you unwell or--

    Before I could finish my sentence, Joey suddenly kissed me on the lips deeply, causing my eyes to widen in shock as I could do nothing but to return the kiss as I was still stuck on top of her. After a good while, the two of us broke apart, Joey now sweating non-stop as her body began burning up even more. As I looked at Joey, I could feel the erotic sensations burning up in my body. I knew that Joey was feeling the same thing as a result of the drug, as she began panting heavily as we locked eyes.

    Knowing that Joey was feeling the aphrodisiac-like effects of the drug, and that I myself was feeling hot and horny as well after being kissed by her, I decided to take things all the way. Managing to break free of Joey, I walked to the door and locked the room from inside, before turning back to Joey, who was sitting up at this point. Even from a distance, I could see her panting hevily as her body was weating and heating up atn the same time.

    Not wanting to waste any time, I walked up to Joey and pulled her up to her feet, kissing her lips deeply as I let my hands roam freely on her body, the brief skin contact causing Joey to moan into the kiss loudly, her face now burning red-hot. Breaking the kiss, I started to undress Joey, tossing her black top and skirt aside as I kissed her tits. Feeling my mouth on her tits, Joey moaned more and undid her bra, tossing it aside as I began sucking on her nipples fast.

    J: Mmmm..! Y-You're sucking on my nipples..!

    L: Your body's so hot now, Joey...

    J: I-I can't.. help it.. Mmm..!!

    As I was still sucking on Joey's tits and nipples, i reached for her panties and simply tore it off her roughly, Joey moaning sexually as she felt the rough pull. Stopping for a brief moment, I took all of my clothes off as well and tossed them aside, before gently pushing Joey down onto her knees, my half-erect dick hanging out in front of her face. Looking at my dick in front of her face, Joey's panting became heavier and her face became redder.

    Without saying much, Joey wrapped her hands around my dick began pumping it hard, her mouth licking the head as she gave me a continuous hand-job, my dick erecting to full girth as I moaned in pleasure. Seeing my dick erect fully in her hands, Joey looked up at me and proceeded to suck on my dick hard, swallowing the head down her throat as she began bobbing her head up and down. As I felt Joey deepthroat my erection, I couldn't help but put my hands on the back of her head, pushing her head further down my dick more and more as she continued to bob up and down.

    L: At this rate, I'm going to cum Joey...!

    J: Mmmm...Mmmmmfffpppphh...

    L: C-Cumming..!

    Hearing that i was close to cumming, Joey wrapped her hands around the base of my dick and began pumping it hard as she continued to deepthroat even further. It didn't take long before I held onto her head hard and thrusted my dick forward and further down her throat, groaning loudly as I unloaded a big wave of cum that went straight down her throat and filled her mouth up almost immediately. Feeling her mouth filled to the brim and possibly overfilled, Joey quickly pulled her head off my dick, and looked up at me with her mouth open. Looking back at her, I watched as Joey swallowed the load of cum that was in her mouth, and smirked at her.

    L: That's alot you just swallowed..

    J: I'm still feeling hot...

    L: i think... I know what you need to cool off.

    J: Please do..

    Saying that, I gently pushed Joey down to the floor and got on top of her between her legs, Joey moaning softly at me pushing her down onto the carpeted floor. Not wasting a second, I french-kissed Joey deeply as I placed one of her hands on my dick, joey moaning into and returning the kiss as she began pumping my erect dick rapidly. Still kissing and now sucking on her tongue, I took joey's hand off my dick, spreading her legs apart as I slowly pushed my meat into her soaked pussy. Feeling the penetration, Joey's eyes widened as she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

    J: Ohh fuck you're inside..!

    L: You're already so wet... here I go, Joey..!

    J: F-Fuck!! So big..!!

    Grabbing Joey's legs with each of my hands, I began thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy deeply, Joey screaming and moaning loudly in pleasure as her eyes rolled backwards, her juices flowing out rapidly as I pushed my dick fully into her pussy and the head into her womb.

    Humping and pounding Joey's pussy harder and deeper, I then began to suck on her tits and nipples hard, nibbling on her perky nipples which caused Joey to moan even louder. As I continued fucking her harder and rougher, Joey raised her head slightly and began kissing and sucking on my neck, leaving hickeys as she continued moaning louder and louder

    J: S-Something's coming...!!

    L: Let it out, Joey..!! Fuck..>!!

    J: M-Mmm coming..!!!

    L: Ugh!!

    As my dick relentlessly went in and out of her pussy as rough as it could, I could feel the pressure building up, and it didn't help that Joey's pussy began tightening around my dick as well. Spreading her legs apart even more, I humped Joey harder and harder, and it didn't take long before the pressure became unbearable, and with a loud groan of pleasure, I pushed my dick all the way into Joey's pussy, the head entering her womb as I unloaded huge waves of cum into her insides, Joey widening her eyes in shock as she let out a euphoric scream of pleasure as her pussy walls tightened hard around my dick and she orgasmed hard, squirting almost non-stop as we came at the same time.

    J: FUCK!!!!

    L: Mmm so tight..!!!

    J:S-So hot!!

    My meat still in her, the two of us began frenching again, and my dick got erect inside of her once again. Pulling out from her sore pussy, I sat Joey up and sucked on her tits hard, Joey placing her hands on the back of my head and pushing my head towards her tits more as she continued to let out moans of pleasure. Unlatching from her tits, i looked at Joey, and at this point I could tell that the drug was almost wearing off completely. Not wanting to waste the last few moments of her aphrodisiac-induced state, I got Joey to get on her fours, her ass pointing towards me as I got behind her.

    J: W-What are you doing...?

    L: Just a last bit. Ready?

    J: I-I guess...

    Since my dick was still wet with our sex juices, I gently spread her ass apart, and began pushing my dick into her ass, Joey screaming in pain and pleasure as I managed to fit my whole dick into her ass.

    J: FUCK!! IT HURTS!!!

    L: Here I go, Joey!


    both hands on her hips, i began fucking Joey's ass roughly and deeply, each time entering her ass fully before pulling out and pushing in fully again. Humping her roughly in doggy-style, I reached for Joey's tits from behind and groped them roughly, squeezing them hard as Joey screamed at her ass getting violated and her tits getting abused. Maybe because her ass was still tight, it didn't take long before I could feel the pressure building up once again, and I slowed down on humping her ass, Joey looking back at me as she moaned away.

    L: I'm gonna shoot my cum inside your ass, Joey.. are you ready for it?

    J: D-Do it... I'm feeling it also...

    L: Alright then..

    With Joey giving me the go-ahead, I grabbed her hips hard and began thrusting roughly and deeply into her ass again, Joey screaming louder this time as I used one hand to roughly finger-fuck her. Feeling both her ass and pussy getting violated at the same time was more than enough for Joey to handle, as she began orgasming once again, squirting harder than earlier. The sight of her squirting was all it took to push me over the edge, as I suddenly let out a loud groan and unloaded a large load of cum into her ass deeply without warning.

    Feeling my hot load inside her once more, Joey squirted even harder, and as she continued to squirt, I pulled out from her ass and got in front of Joey, pulling her head up by the hair and pushed my dick into her mouth. Knowing what I wanted, Joey willingly deepthroated my dick as I used one hand to abuse her tits while the other hand was firmly placed on the top of her head.

    With Joey deepthroarting me non-stop, it was only a matter of moments before I came har din her mouth, but this time I pulled out just in time and, holding Joey's head in place, took aim and sprayed strings of cum over her face and onto her nude body as well. Joey let out a tired but sexual moan as she felt my cum land on her. Finally exhausted, I let go of Joey and took a step back, looking at her covered in cum and sweat.

    Grabbing towels from the storeroom nearby, I helped Joey clean up as much as I could, knowing that after all that sex the drug would had completely worn off. Sure enough, Joey returned to normal just as the two of us finished cleaning up, but for some reason she wasn't surprised at all that the two of us just fucked each other senseless in the room.

    As a matter of fact, a few days after the sex had happened, Joey came by the lounge again. This time, she dragged me to the same roomw ehre we fucked in, and once we were inside, Joey changed into her secondary school uniform, albeit wearing no undergarments of any kind. It was at this moment on that I knew that Joey was willing to let me enojy her body as much as she enojyed my dick fucking her brains out, and she won't mind if I was the one violating her at all.

    Part 1.2 of the story between Crystal and Amelia.

    After mercilessly raping your sister, you went to your room to cool off. Amelia was still reeling in the fact that she just got used by her brother. She decided to keep it in and brush it off. $2,000 ain’t that bad, she thought to herself. She’s been used to mediocre sex with her boyfriends and at least she’s getting paid.

    On the other hand, Crystal was still ignoring you and continuing to post stories of her training of the NSFs in camp. She however, decided to soften up and started texting you back. And at least, she started sending you R21 pictures in camp to which you jerked off to almost every night.

    Friday came and unfortunately, you were down with COVID, which meant you could not meet Crystal as you did not want to spread it to her.

    Jeremy took this opportunity to send her all the way home. He was being led on by Crystal posting him on her IG even though Crystal had absolutely no intentions of leading him on. She was merely teasing and annoying you.

    In the car ride, Crystal was casually chatting with Jeremy as they’re no longer in camp. She casually asked Jeremy, “Do you think all the boys in your squad want to fuck me?”

    “Err, ma’am, I cannot speak for all the boys. Why do you ask?” Jeremy replied nervously, afraid that Crystal would find out that the his squad mates have been secretly jerking off with a smuggled in fleshlight to her photos together in the male toilet as if gangbanging her.

    “Well, answer honestly. I’ve been hearing rumors.” Crystal replied.

    “Well, erm, truth be told, you’re very attractive and naturally all of us have needs and sometimes we do think of you in an inappropriate way.” Jeremy confessed.

    “Thank you for your honesty Jeremy. Truth be told, I knew Tristan was the one that smuggled in the fleshlight and I knew all of you were using it.” Crystal said, confirming Jeremy’s fears.

    “Omg ma’am, I’m sorry. We should not have done that. Please don’t tell our OC. We just find you irresistibly attractive.” Jeremy blurted out, fearing that the whole squad would be charged.

    “Do you find me attractive? Or am I the most attractive PT in base which naturally makes me your fap material by default?” Crystal asked, amused and loving the attention.

    “To be honest, I think your body is fantastic. However, face wise, I think ma’am Angela is prettier.” Jeremy replied, carefully manipulating Crystal, hoping she’d react.

    “I love that honesty. And for that, I will not report this. However, tell the squad not to bring a fleshlight or I will report all of you. Now, for your reward.” Crystal said as she reached over to Jeremy and put her hand on his groin, feeling around and instantly making him hard.

    “Ma’am, what are you doing?” Jeremy blurted out, flustered and trying to concentrate whilst driving.

    “Rewarding you. Unless you don’t want to be rewarded.” Crystal replied with a smirk.

    “But but, don’t you have a boyfriend?” Jeremy replied.

    “I do. Are you going to snitch on me? And honestly, do you even care if I have a boyfriend?” Crystal replied, unzipping his pants.

    “Fuck him. I don’t even care if he is your boyfriend or outranks me. I’m richer and bigger and you know it.” Jeremy replied confidently.

    “Good good. I like the confidence.” Crystal said as she started slowly jerking him off.

    Throughout the ride, Crystal jerked Jeremy off at various speeds. With Jeremy not being able to jerk off for the past 2 days in camp, he sure had built up his sexual lust.

    “If you can last till our car park, I’ll suck you off.” Crystal said, smirking at him and at the same time, hoping he could last because his cock is huge.

    “Yes ma’am. I will do my best.” Jeremy replied.

    Alas, Jeremy managed to keep it in till the car park.

    “Let’s go to the backseat.” Jeremy said as Crystal and him got out of the car to sneak into the back seat. Unbeknownst to both of them, you were waiting at the void deck and you saw your gf and Jeremy enter the backseat. Filled with anger and lust, you walked over to confront them.

    In the backseat, Crystal wasted no time and sucked Jeremy off immediately. The moment her small mouth closed in on his dick, Jeremy let out a huge groan of pleasure. He can’t believe that he is the first guy out of his squad to be pleasured by Crystal, the girl that all of them desperately wanted to fuck.

    He could not control himself and he grabbed her head with both hands and controlled it like it was the fleshlight they all used. He started thrusting upwards into her mouth and despite her choking from his massive dick with her hands trying to push away, Jeremy did not care. He wanted to go deeper and deeper down her throat.

    As you walked closer to the car, you could see the car moving and your worst fears were confirmed when you stood by the boot and looked in to see your beloved Crystal being used like a common street whore. As you were about to confront them, something sick arose in you. You decided to film it down like a cuck.

    Meanwhile, as Crystal was being mouth fucked by Jeremy, all she could think of was how she wished your dick was this big and how you’d have the confidence to dominate her. After dominating all the NSFs during the week, she wishes to be dominated and Jeremy was the one filling that role, or rather filling her mouth up.

    The deeper Jeremy tried to go, the more he grunted in pleasure and after a good 5 minutes of mouth fucking, he was about to cum.

    “Ma’am, I’m about to unleash a huge load.” Jeremy said as he started being harder and solely using her head as a fuck toy, not giving a damn that Crystal at this point was choking and having difficulty breathing.

    He then thrusted deeper a few more times with intensity and finally unleashed a huge load with such force that Crystal choked and spluttered and his hot cum came out from her nose.

    As you saw that end happen, you quickly paused the filming and hurried away. Crystal was panting heavily and whilst annoyed, she was also incredibly wet.

    “If only you could train with such intensity in camp.” Crystal said as she was wiping herself up.

    “I’m sorry ma’am. I could not resist. But I will do my best in camp and prove to you I have what it takes to be the best trainee.” Jeremy said as he was cleaning up.

    “Is that a promise? Because if you are not, I will fuck your buddy in front of you and let him cum in me. I’m going to cuck the fuck out of you.” Crystal replied.

    Instantly turning hard, Jeremy made up his mind to agree and promise her. The two parted ways.

    Back home, you had a raging boner and lustful anxious thoughts filled your mind. You could not confront your girlfriend. At that moment, as you were walking to your room, you saw your sister taking thirst trap pictures of herself and you instantly went into her room and locked the door.

    “Kor, what are you doing?” Amelia asked, fearful but always anticipating the rough sex coming up.

    “What do you think? I need a fuck toy and you are readily available for me. I’m going to use you for my own sexual frustrations whether you want it or not.” you replied as you unzipped your pants.

    The End! DM me if you want a continuation of this series!

    ** Short excerpt of the next part **

    “Kor, you’re so deep into me.” Amelia moaned in pleasure and pain.

    “Kor please don’t cum in me. Please. I have a boyfriend. Please don’t cum in me.” Amelia begged as you were thrusting harder and faster, ignoring her pleas.

    “Oh god. Fuck. Please don’t stop Kor. Please. I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop. I’ll be your fuck toy. Let me cum. Please.” Amelia begged you as she her struggles turned to moaning and pleasure.

    Part 2.1 of the story between Crystal and Amelia. This part focuses on how you ravage your sister.

    As you unzipped your pants, dick rock hard from what you just saw, you walked towards your sister and grabbed her off the bed and made her kneel down.

    “Do as I say and you’ll be okay. I’ll even pay you.” you growled as you forced your throbbing dick into her mouth. Initially, she tried to struggle but she knew she could not. Something devilish took over you as you mouth fucked her on the spot, imagining how much pleasure Jeremy was getting from fucking Crystal’s mouth.

    The thought of your girlfriend being dominated and used and abused by her group of NSFs drove you nuts and after a few more deep thrusts down your sister’s throat, you unleashed a huge load all over your sister’s face.

    “Wah, Kor, that’s fast and that’s a huge load. Get me tissue from the table can?” Amelia was mildly amused and kind of impressed by the huge load.

    Instead of listening to her, you carried her up and pushed her on the bed. One swift motion and you removed her sexy underwear and to your surprise, it was already soaking wet. Before Amelia could react, you spread her legs wide open and penetrated her.

    Both you and your sister grunted. You grunted from the pleasure but your sister gasped in shock and pain.

    As you kept thrusting into your sister, Amelia could only helplessly moan. In between thrusts, you would grope her tits. Throughout the whole merciless thrusting into your sister, you could only picture Jeremy ravaging your Crystal. The more you thrusted into your helpless sister, the more you imagined Crystal being dominated by Jeremy.

    From the initial pain came pleasure. Amelia gave into her carnal desires and actually started to enjoy the sex despite the incestuous nature of it all.

    “Kor, you’re so deep into me.” Amelia moaned in pleasure.

    “You like that don’t you? You dirty whore.” You replied, smirking at your sister.

    “Yes. I didn’t know you’re this big. You’re bigger than my boyfriend.” Amelia said as she in between moans.

    “As it should be. You’re just a common street whore, designed for me to relieve any sexual frustrations I have.” you replied as you thrusted harder and harder into your own sister, treating her like a fleshlight.

    “Oh god. Fuck. Please don’t stop Kor. Please. I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop. I’ll be your fuck toy. Let me cum. Please.” Amelia begged you as her struggles turned to moaning and pleasure.

    Upon hearing your sister beg, you tried to keep it in. You were on edge but you wanted your sister to experience an orgasm at least once. You keep ravaging her pussy with the same intensity and pace.

    “Oh god yes. Fuck. Kor. I’m cumming. Fuck yes. Ugh fuck. Fuck me harder. I’m all yours. Fuck fuck.” Amelia moaned as she orgasmed for the first time on your dick and as she finished her orgasm, you were about to reach yours.

    You turned her around, with her ass facing you in all its glory, you doggy styled her and within seconds, you were at your max. With a few fast and hard thrusts, you unleashed your load a second time today. This time, you unleashed it all over her cute little perky ass.

    With that, you lay there beside her, breathless from the intensive bang session. You felt better now that you’ve released some of that tension but still felt betrayed and angry at your girlfriend. As you both lay side by side, Amelia said in a cutesy voice, “Kor, that was great. Use me anytime you’re having problems. My pussy is all yours.”

    “Thanks Mei. I’m sorry if I was too rough but I needed an outlet to release it.” you said, patting her head.

    “What’s wrong? Maybe I can help.” Amelia said, sitting up and patting your head, comforting you.

    You showed her the videos and explained the whole situation to her.

    “That’s fucked up. She’s fucked up. Break up with her.” Amelia said.

    “No, I still love her. I want to give her a chance to explain herself and then I’ll decide.” You replied.

    “Well, if that’s your decision, I’ll support you.” Amelia said, giving you a huge hug.

    Part 2.2 coming up! The next part focuses on how Jeremy manipulates Crystal into sleeping with him. Will Crystal fuck Jeremy? Will it just be between Jeremy and Crystal? Or will there be other army mates getting a piece of Crystal. How will you find out about Crystal’s infidelity?

    Hints in the pictures below!

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    Peer-to-Peer Activity


    Vanya, 19

    There are often good-looking people that studies at places such as LASELLE College of the Arts. One such person is Vanya, a 19-year old Year Two student studying at LASELLE. Atending classes in skimpy clothes at times, Vanya often became the fantasy of some of her male classmates. On this particular day however, Vanya would find out just how much some of her classmates have fantasized about her.

    On this particular day, Vanya came to school as usual, dressed in a sports singlet and black track pants and also wearing a jacket over her singlet. When she entered the class, two of her fellow classmates, A and B, took glances at her and how she was dressed, her clothes barely covering most of her skin. The duo has always fantasized about how hot girls in LASELLE was, and having Vanya in their class basically fufilled their fantasy of having a hot chick around. As Vanya walked past the two of them, A whistled at Vanya, which made her look back at them.

    A: Hey, Vanya. Looking hot today huh?

    V: Shut the fuck up, A. I don’t have time for you and your jokes.

    B: Woah, what’s with the attitude Vanya? We’re all classmates aren’t we?

    V: The two of you are barely doing anything constructive in class, not to mention about your grades. I’d rather have nothing to do with you two then be associated with you two, thanks.

    Saying that, Vanya flipped the finger at both A and B before taking her seat, which is a few tables away from A and B. The two students, both Chinese with A being slightly shorter than B, stared daggers at the back of Vanya, but decided to swallow the small exchange that just happened, the duo mentally cursing at Vanya for her rudeness.

    A few hours passed by, and as the lecturer dismissed the class, A and B got off from their tables and walked past Vanya, who didn’t fail to notice the duo.

    V: *mumbling softly* As usual, the first to leave..

    B: What did you just say, Vanya?

    Vanya: It’s nothing you need to care about. Do you mind moving aside?

    Vanya got off from her table and shoved B aside as she quickly made her way out of the class. Watching her leave, A looked at B, who was fuming.

    A: Calm down, man. You know how she is, always being so stuck-up and privileged.

    B: Doesn’t mean she can just push people around like that even if she’s good at her studies right?!

    A: What to do, the teachers like her work better then the rest of ours.

    B: I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to talk to her face-to-face!

    A: Hey wait up!

    Upon saying that, B walked out of the class trying to catch up with Vanya, A following behind his friend, worried that the former would do something foolish.

    As the two teens walked out of the classroom block, they noticed Vanya walking towards the adjacent block, which was at that moment not in use by any faculty due to part of the block undergoing renovations. Even so, the study areas of the said block was still open for students to use despite the fact that it was secluded, and Vanya was known amongst the class to always hang out at those areas after school as she didn’t like to be disturbed by her peers. With that in mind, A and B decided to follow Vanya into the block, hoping to be able to confront her.

    It took the two of them a good 20 minutes walking around the accessible levels of the block before they were able to locate Vanya, who was resting on a study table, her head on said table. A still following behind, B walked up to Vanya, and hit the table with his palm, causing Vanya to jolt up in slight shock and taken aback.

    V: What the hell, B?! What was that for?!

    B: There’s nothing that says I can’t be here. If you can be here, why can’t I huh?

    A: We just wanna talk, Vanya. That’s it.

    V: I’ve got nothing to talk to you two about. Now if you excuse me, I got somewhere I need to be– Hey let go, B!!

    As Vanya got up from the table and tried to leave, B walked up in front of her and grabbed her arms tightly, Vanya flinching as she started feeling pain at her arms, and she tried prying B off from her arms. A looked at B, surprised as well that he would physically grab onto Vanya.

    A: Hey B, let go of her man. You’re hurting her already!

    V: Let go of me, you fucking worm!

    B: Okay that’s the last straw! I’ve had it with you, Vanya!!

    With that said, B let go of Vanya, giving her a tight slap across the face hard. Vanya fell backwards to the floor due to the slap, surprised that B would physically hurt her. She then got up to her feet and tried to run, but B grabbed hold of her arm in time, and turning her around, slapped her hard again. A looked on in shock, not knowing what has gotten into B. Vanya fell back against the table, her face red as she began to sob, scared of what B has just did to her.

    V: W-What do you want, B?! We’re still in school, you can’t do anything to me! You both can’t!

    B: Try me, bitch! A, grab her legs!

    A: What? O-Okay!

    V: G-Get back!!! Mmmfph!!!!

    B stepped up to Vanya, and covered her mouth with one hand, positioning himself to be behind her, and grabbed her in a over-arm chokehold. Seeing this, A quickly grabbed Vanya’s legs,lifting her up and off the ground, causing Vanya to thrash around, attempting to fight the two guys off. Carrying Vanya like this, the duo carried her into the block’s stairwell, well knowing that no one uses the stairwell at all. Once they entered the stairwell, B signalled A for the two of them to put Vanya on the ground, which A obliged immediately. Now laying on the floor, Vanya looked at her classmates in shock and fear, unsure of what they had in mind for her.

    V: W-What do you two want, dragging me here?!

    B: Go figure it out, you bitch. Two guys and one girl, in a secluded stairwell on campus. Guess what we could do to you.

    A: B, this is taking it too far. We only agreed on confronting her, not this

    B: She deserves everything that is going to come to her. Make sure that door is locked, A. I don’t want her to be running out.

    A: This is too much, B!

    B: Lock it, damn it!

    Knowing that nothing would dissuade B, A reluctantly locked the door of the stairwell, Vanya looking on in fear as she heard the lock clicking. As she looked at A locking the door, Vanya received another slap from B, who was getting on top of her, taking her jacket off and tossing it aside, exposing her sports singlet and near-exposed upper torso. Licking his lips, B touched her shoulders, Vanya slapping his hands away as he does so.

    V: Don’t touch me you creep!

    B: Fuck you, bitch! A, hold her hands down!

    B slapped Vanya across the face hard again, before signalling A to pin her down to the dusty floor of the stairwell, who reluctantly does so. As A pinned her down, B decided to see how much of a slut Vanya can be, pulling down the straps of her sports singlet and subsequently pulling her singlet off her, the duo realising that Vanya wasn’t wearing any bra underneath, with the only piece of clothing that was underneath the singlet being a set of nipple stickers on her nipples. 

    B: No bra at all huh? You slut!

    V: LET ME GO!!! HELP!!!

    A: Shut up, Vanya!

    Still pinning down on Vanya’s arms with one hand, A covered her mouth with his other hand while B ripped the nipple stickers off from her tits, exposing her perky brown nipples. Still sitting on her, B began groping at her tits, squeezing them as he kneaded them in his hands, Vanya squirming around vigorously, A’s hand still on her mouth.

    B: Hey A, let go of her mouth. She can’t breathe if you keep holding her down.

    A: Right, my bad. *moves his hand away from Vanya’s mouth*

    V: *gasping for air, still in shock* L-Let me go, B.. p-please..

    B: Too late, Vanya. You just had to keep pushing and taunting us. Now you have to pay for it.

    With that said, B moved his mouth to her tits, and began sucking on them, his tongue licking at her nipples each time. Vanya started squirming about even more as she felt her tits and nipples getting violated by B, while also trying to keep herself from moaning due to the stimuli that her tits was receiving. Seeing B attack her tits, A got aroused as well, his dick starting to form a bulge in his pants.

    A: Can I use her mouth, B?

    B: Yea sure. No one’s gonna stop us here anyway. 

    V: P-Please, let me go… please…

    A: B’s right. You deserve whatever’s coming to you, Vanya.

    Using his free hand, A unzipped his pants and whipped his erect dick out, rubbing it against Vanya’s cheeks as she started to struggle more, but with B sitting on top of her, she wasn’t able to move much anyway. Grabbing hold of her head and turning it in his direction, A forced Vanya’s mouth open and stuffed his dick in, forcing Vanya to suck his dick off as B laughed and sucked on her tits hard, Vanya unconsciously moaning with dick in mouth.

    A: Oh fuck, Vanya your mouth is so good.. suck it good, bitch!

    B: Your tits taste so delish, Vanya! I’m gonna suck it so much!

    V: M-Mmmmm!!!!

    Still grabbing hold of her head, A began oralfucking Vanya, pushing his dick deeper into her mouth as B sucked on her tits harder, Vanya gagging and moaning as she felt her tits getting sucked on by B and her mouth trying to keep the dick satisfied. As A continued fucking her mouth, B proceeded to pull Vanya’s pants and panties off at the same time, leaving her pussy exposed as B started fingering her pussy hard with one hand, his other hand now freeing his own dick and rubbing it against her naked tits.

    B: My dick’s going to enjoy fucking you all over, Vanya. You’re going to be so fucked when we’re done!

    A: Deeper, bitch..! I’m gonna cum soon.. mm fuck..!!

    V: *gagging on A’s dick* Mmmffphh!!!!!

    Pushing his fingers deeper into her pussy, B started rubbing at Vanya’s insides roughly, his fingers twirling inside of her pussy each time he violates her. Vanya, dick still in mouth, began moaning more and more uncontrollably, her body starting to succumb to the waves of pleasure her pussy was feeling now. Meanwhile, A began fucking her mouth faster and harder, his dick going down her mouth and throat, Vanya gagging and unwillingly deepthroating his dick as A continued pushing his dick forward. It wasn’t long before A started groaning, his dick pulsating in Vanya’s mouth, who felt the dick twitch, a sign of A getting close to unloading. Vanya tried moving her hands which was still pinned down by A’s, and A let go of her arms.

    A: I’m gonna cum ,Vanya… fuck…

    V: *pushes A’s dick away from her mouth, coughing* D-Don’t get too carried away…

    B: Don’t you dare stop, Vanya. We’re not even done with you.

    V:A-Aaah… I-If I do this will you two let me go..?

    Looking at Vanya, B nods his head even though he has no intentions of just ending it here. With B’s agreeing to let her go, Vanya wrapped her hand around A’s dick and began stroking it hard, licking the head and sucking it hard, causing A to moan loudly as he grabbed hold of her head and pushed his dick towards her throat, cumming hard in her mouth and throat. Vanya’s eyes widened as she felt his hot load go down her throat and she pulled back, coughing and gagging as she tried to swallow as much cum as she could, and moaned loudly as B contiuned to finger her pussy, this time rubbing her clitoris hard, and it wasn’t soon before Vanya moaned even louder as she began to orgasm from the sudden surge of pleasure at her clitoris, squirting her juices onto the floor as A and B looked on in surprise, her loud moans getting the duo even more aroused and horny. Looking at each other, the duo agreed in silence that there was no way Vanya would get away so easily this time, and B got off Vanya, standing over her.

    V: H-Haaah… A-Are we done now…?

    B: I lied, Vanya. Did you really think we would let you off after so much?

    V: W-What..?! Y-You agreed– Hey what are you doing?!

    A stood up and pulled Vanya up to her feet, and standing behind her, bent her forward in B’s direction and pushed his dick into her ass from behind hard. The sudden intrusion into her tight ass cause Vanya to scream in pain, which egged A on even more as he began thrusting his dick roughly into her ass. B stood in front of Vanya and taking the chance, pushed his dick into her mouth and made her deepthroat his own dick while A pounded her ass non-stop, the duo now spit-roasting Vanya with their dicks.

    A: Her ass is so fucking tight..!! Mmm fuck yes!!

    B: Suck on it hard, slut!! Come on!!

    V: Mmmmmm!!!!!

    With A pounding her forward with each thrust of his dick into her ass, Vanya was left with no choice but to deepthroat B’s erection, each time feeling his head hit the back of her throat. The duo groaned and moaned at how tight her ass was and how good her mouth felt. Soon, A began pounding Vanya harder and rougher, his dick coming close to cumming in her. B groaned as well, feeling his own dick coming close to cumming, Vanya beginning to moan loudly despite having her mouth occupied with B’s dick, her body starting to accept getting violated by their dicks.

    A: I’m cumming, Vanya!!! Fuck!!!!

    B: So am I.. Ugh!!!!!

    V: M-MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

    With A grabbing hold of Vanya’s waist from behind as he relentlessly pounded her ass and B holding her head down on his dick as he fucked her mouth, Vanya let out a dick-filled moan as the duo groaned loudly, both of them cumming into her ass and mouth, shooting their loads deep into her ass and down her throat. Swallowing as much as she could once again, Vanya pushed B back and moaned even louder, her body reaching orgasm a second time, squirting more of her juices onto the floor, a puddle starting to form below her. A then slowly pulled his dick out from her ass, holding onto Vanya as her ass started leaking cum.

    A: Your ass was so fucking tight, Vanya… 

    B: Her mouth’s good as well…A, let’s swap. I want her ass now.

    A: Sure, B.

    V: P-Please… no more… let me g-go… plea– AAAAH!!!!

    As the duo swapped places, A now in front and B behind, B carried Vanya up by her legs, spread her legs open as Vanya leaned against B, and pushed his dick into her ass hard from behind. Vanya let out an even louder scream of both pain and pleasure, but soon moaned loudly more as A got in front of her and pushed his dick into her pussy and began to fuck her pussy as B drilled into her ass. Despite the fact that she was getting brutally and violently raped by her own classmates, Vanya’s body started reacting to the dicks plowing her holes, as her pussy and ass tightened up around their dicks, the duo groaning in slight surprise at her tightening up.

    A: She’s getting tight!! Oh Vanya, you’re really a slut..!!

    B: Fuck, I’m gonna cum in her so much..!!!

    V: Aaaa…!! D-Don’t thrust..!! Aaaah..!!!

    The duo grimaced at each other and started thrusting harder and rougher, their dicks going deeper and deeper into her pussy and ass, Vanya moaning and screaming in pleasure as she felt her holes getting torn apart at the same time by the dicks of her classmates that she looked down on. Still thrusting away, A and B decided to also violate her tits even more, with B squeezing and fondling one of her tits and A sucking and biting on her other tit, the duo switching tits at intervals while still keeping up with drilling and pouding her. Vanya moaned more and more, her body trying its best to keep up with the endless waves of pleasure that the two erect dicks are sending out. As the duo began groaning loudly with their dicks coming close for a third round, both men kissed Vanya on her neck and bit down, causing Vanya to moan loudly in ecstasy as her body twitched and reached orgasm a third time, her holes clamping tightly around the dicks in her.

    A: Ohhh fuck I’m cumming–!!!

    B: Vanya, you’re tightening so much.. fuck!!!!

    The duo pounding Vanya began moaning and groaning loudly as their dicks unloaded the third round of cum into the deepest parts of her pussy and ass, Vanya moaning as loud as she could upon feeling the hot load of cum shot into her insides. The duo thrusted a few more times, making sure to unload completely into her, before pulling out and putting her back onto the floor in front of them. Vanya, now collapsed and on her fours, looked up at her classmates, their dicks still erect and close to her face. A and B started stroking their dicks in front of her, rubbing the heads against her cheeks.

    A: B, you haven’t had her pussy yet right? Wanna fuck her there now?

    B: Heh, sure thing… can’t believe she’s so tight..

    V: Haaa…haaa…. s-so much c-cum…

    B: You’re about to get more, Vanya.

    V: N-No… stop p-please…

    B smirked as he sat on the first few steps of the stairwell and pulled Vanya over to him, her back facing him. As she gets pulled towards him, B kissed and bit down on her neck, causing Vanya to moan loudly in erotic pleasure, and even louder when B pushed his dick into her wet pussy and began to fuck her hard, holding her hips as he pistoned his dick deeper and deeper into her, kissing and biting her neck each time. On the other hand, A wasn’t about to let B have all the fun, as he stood in front of Vanya, and perhaps on instinct, Vanya took A’s dick and sandwiched it between her tits, letting his dick titfuck her as she sucked on it hard, A grunting and groaning as he pushed her head down his shaft more each time.

    It wasn’t long before B grunted and bit down on her neck hard, Vanya moaning while deepthroating A’s dick as B drilled his dick fully into her pussy and unloaded hot cum straight into her womb hard, biting her neck and licking it in the process. While B was busy cumming inside of her, A pushed her head down fully as well, cumming his own load down her throat as well, Vanya choking on the wave of hot liquid that was going down her throat. B dismounted Vanya from his dick, and standing besides her, stroked his dick in front of her, and Vanya took the hint. Taking A’s dick out from her mouth and stroking it with one hand, Vanya turned her attention to B’s dick, deepthroating it immediately as the duo began fondling and violating her tits more and more.

    A: Ooooh fuck I’m gonna cum again, Vanya..!!

    B: M-Me too.. fuck here it comes..!!

    V: M-Mmmm…!! Mmm!!

    Vanya picked up the pace and deepthroated B harder and rougher, and soon B groaned and came in her mouth, this time pulling out and shooting cum all over Vanya’s face and tits, A also doing the same as he unloaded on Vanya, giving the cumslut a facial and coating her tits with his cum. As the duo stepped back from Vanya to take in the sight, they decided to make a memory of how they broke Vanya, whipping their phones out and taking pictures of her face and body covered in cum, zooming their cameras onto her ass and pussy that was failing to contain all the cum that they had shot inside of her, her mouth having cum leaking from the side. Once they had their fill of pictures and even a final pussy and ass fucking which culminated in the duo cumming in and on Vanya even more, they left the poor girl at the stairwell, having made sure to wipe their dicks clean with her clothes before leaving her there, Vanya having already orgasmed too many times to count, her body completely stained by their cum, her mind blank from getting raped in such a violent fashion.

    It took Vanya a few hours before she started to regain her senses, and when she did manage to collect herself, the cum on her face and body has already dried, her clothes stained in dried cum. Vanya quickly collected her clothes and rushed out of the stairwell, making sure to avoid anyone that could potentially know who she was. As she left the stairwell, her phone received messages from the duo that was responsible for raping and fucking her, the messages consisting of pictures of her being covered in cum and getting fucked by them before they left. Feeling ashamed, Vanya rushed back home as fast as she could, her insides messed up and full of cum thanks to the rapist duo.

    In the days to come, Vanya’s attitude towards the duo took a drastic change as the duo promised not to leak out the photos of her getting raped if she was nice and willing to comply with their requests whenever they wanted. Knowing that there was no way out of this situation even after they graduate, Vanya forced herself to comply with their terms, which often ended up with the duo fucking and raping her brains out everyday after school at the same stairwell where it first took place, and sometimes the duo would even fuck and have fun with Vanya at places where people could easily walk past and find them. At the end of each day, Vanya would leave school dishelved, being forced to swallow cum, her holes violated and filled with cum.

    ***Disclaimer: Story is a work of fiction. PM to remove. Special thanks to @girl-fantasy-writer​ for the pictures :) ***


    She is your friend's hot girlfriend who keeps teasing and seducing you with pictures of her behind her boyfriend's back. One day, after drinking, she was so drunk that she said she wants to suck on your dick. Would you betray your friend for her?


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