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2020-11-28 01:54:25

    Reasons underwear omo is good

    * Leaks are easier to see/more obvious

    * t-t hi ghs s ss

    * pretty bladder bulgies that peek out

    * underwear with pretty patterns! or big tough guy boxers! 

    (for those of you who like sexual omo ;) 

    * it’s,,,,underwear,,,,,,\kfe&#*(&bŶ&YHNJJJpf

    * it’s easier to tease sensitive spots or sneak your hand in ;););)

    * full on strokes/rubs/ect or flickering teases, it’s all good

    * if they’re really desperate and grab themselves they have a significantly higher chance of accidentally arousing themselves

    ^^ bonus content: underwear omo with oversized hoodies a,an d,, thigh high s o cks,,&(%%&*#*&#$*&$( 

    I know, but it’s just a little accident and not anything to worry about. I needed to pee while we were in the grocery market and didn’t want to bother wasting time looking for the ladies. These rather thick cotton panties are a lot like my training panties, you know, the ones I’m always wearing around the house. If we are going out and not planning to be near a restroom they are a nice convenience if I start leaking.

    I like how big you got the other day when you were watching me trying to pull my sweater down to cover my wet patch. Of course, I’d peed myself in the kitchen. My pantie was pretty much soaked and whatever leaked, also stained my stay ups. I think you enjoy that don’t you.

    Would you mind if I sit on your lap while you watch the rest of the football game? I’m already pretty wet, so going a little more won’t matter, will it?


    Tiffany looked down in disbelief at the wet spot on her bed. Her thumb instinctively finding its way to her mouth without her even realizing it. 22 years old in a wet pull-up on a soaked bed, sucking on her thumb. Way to prove her “babysitter” right.

    First she didn’t want to take a nap, claiming she wasn’t tired… then when that woman suggested she wear one of her son’s training pants “just in case”, she completely lost it. She threw a full on tantrum that resulted in her getting a spanking over her pink panties and being put right into a pair of Toy story pull-ups.

    Now that she leaked through them from sleeping too hard, itd be difficult to argue that she didn’t need them… she could only pray she could get her panties back.