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    This is legit.

    It’s actually not the same thing

    Because with $1,000, that might be the money you need for rent - $65 could be the prescription you need til the end of the month. Despite being 6.5% of the amount, it could be the difference between you actually eating that week.

    But a person with $1 billion has their every need and desire met. They don’t have to worry about rent or food or medicine. They could fund the research for the cure if they caught a never-before-seen disease. $65 million may be 6.5% of that, but it will make no difference in their ability to support themselves.

    tl;dr It’s actually less morally defensible for the billionaire to keep the money

    please take a moment to really appreciate the argument of why "most cops don't live in the cities they oversee" needs to be addressed

    full video here


    Yusuf Abdul-Qadir: what percent of the police live in the city?

    mayor: about 5% or so

    Yusuf Abdul-Qadir: 5%, so 95% don’t live in the city.

    mayor: yes.

    Yusuf Abdul-Qadir: so when you say that the vast majority of the percentage goes towards salaries, et cetera, fringe benefits, that means that they take their money on 81, go to outside the city, pay taxes in those communities that have some of the best schools while we have an underfunded school district--

    someone else: $60 million up.

    Yusuf Abdul-Qadir: so i just want to put into context what we’re talking about, because it’s really easy to say, mayor-- and with all due respect, i like you. but that was a very politician answer.

    mayor: sorry, what specifically?

    Yusuf Abdul-Qadir: the, “we will consider, and we will look.” what we’re saying is we’re not interested in considering and looking. what we’re saying is, actually, there’s $50 million. commit to $20 million cut, because we’re sending money-- as the mayor of Syracuse, when you don’t have a tax base, you’re sending money out of Syracuse. and not just for 30 years-- for the rest of their life because their pensions, their health insurance, their families. so we are funding for other people’s communities to have the promise of the American dream while we are denying it in our community. that’s the context that you, as the mayor, have to look at this under.

    so when we talk about renegotiating union contract, what we’re saying is you can’t play around with, “maybe, um, we will--” no. y’all got to go, because you don’t provide a service that is beneficial to the community, that is meaningful to the community. the services that you provide criminalize our community, impoverish our community, reallocate resources to suburbs. we are actually funding the suburbs, both in our police departments and in our schools.

    and to be clear, just to be clear, it’s not just the fact of, like, the percentage of people. we’re also funding what race of people are on the police force, the percentage of race of teachers, as well, superintendent, board president. so we want to put in context, because it’s not just a class issue. it’s a race issue. we’re telling black and brown people and poor people, you don’t matter. the devil’s in the data and in the details, mayor. respectfully, it is not acceptable for us to be here considering.]

    Of course you don’t. Free college might hinder the school-to-prison pipeline your  prison owning donors depend on



    <>Actual quote, in context:

    “I believe that we should make community college free. We should have debt-free college if you got to a public college or university. You should not have to borrow a dime to pay tuitio<>n… I disagree with free college for everybody. I don’t think taxpayers should be paying to send Donald Trump’s kids to college.“ [video link]

    Don’t spread misinformation just to fit a narrative, Clinton is advocating for there to be a cap on who gets free college so that the government doesn’t have to subsidize the education of people with enough disposable income to pay for it themselves. The plan she’s proposing would have a better chance of being passed, is more cost-effective, and still opens up higher education to low-income individuals who previously couldn’t afford it. 

    the op lagonegirl literally ended up being a russian psyop im losing my mind


    Sorry but that trim is sharrrrrrrrp

    Is he even real??



    That last one is literally tripping me the fuck out.

    I can see from the unfinished part that it’s 2D but I CAN’T look at the rest of it and not see a full 3D human. Like there are are perfectly rendered and real SHADOWS on the wall behind them HOW is that not photoshopped??

    I’m losing it.


    <>The artist’s name is Kelvin Okafor!

    Give a link to the guy’s website. He gives tutorials on how to work in a hypwr-rwalistic style, and sells prints of his work. 💕

    <>Unarmed Black Man With Hands Up Shot By Police.

    <>Charles Kinsey, 47, a behavior therapist from South Florida was shot in the leg three times by the police in North Miami while laying on the ground with his arms up and trying to help his patient with autism who had run away from a group home.

    It all started when someone called 911 and said there was a man walking around with a gun. However it was Kinsey’s patient who was sitting on the ground cross-legged, playing with a toy truck.

    Charles got shot by police despite telling them he was only trying to help his patient.

    <>The police shot him, handcuffed him and left him on ground bleeding.

    North Miami police have not released much information at all. They haven’t released the officer’s name, they haven’t given us an update on the investigation. However, they did say that the state attorney is now a part of this investigation.

    <>#CharlesKinsey   #BlackLivesMatter 

    <>#StopPoliceBrutality   #NorthMiamiPoliceDepartment

    “Sir, why did you shoot me?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “I don’t know’

    Ridiculous! I guess that’s what we get for having less training than most jobs.