I came on here last week and it made me realize that the last time I posted was days before COVID really kicked off and we entered a mandatory shelter-in-place.

    I miss my friends. I miss kink parties. Heck, I miss just going to the mall. But, I’ve been cocooning with my boyfriend, and that’s been really nice. We’re trying to make the best of things, and work-from-home means random sex and cuddle breaks. 💜

    I hope you are all well and staying safe in this strange new world. 

    Wear a damn mask! 😷

    Labor Day 🚿

    I spent part of the afternoon helping my boyfriend clean his things from a week at the dust bowl that is Burning Man. Afterwards, we took a shower together. I helped him shave, and he washed me all over. 

    Then he leaned me against the wall and spanked me. While he hit me, I reached behind and felt that he was hard. When he let me go, I turned around, got on my knees, and sucked his cock. 

    He picked me up and pushed my face into a tiled corner. He pulled off the detachable shower head and held it to my pussy so the water ran all over my clit. Then he fucked from me behind.


    Super new to anything bsdm. I know gf has cuffs but the relationship is still new. Any suggestions on how to use or what to expect?

    I feel like I’m missing some necessary details. Are you into bdsm? Is she into bdsm? Did she tell you that she’s into bdsm? More specifically, is she into it with you? Just because someone has cuffs doesn’t mean they’re into bdsm.

    I think it’s great that you’re looking to expand your knowledge and looking for other resources. However, I think you’re jumping the gun a bit. My suggestion is that you ask your girlfriend these questions. I can’t tell you what to use or what to expect because I’m not her. She may not be into the same things as me because bdsm is a really broad umbrella term. Some people love impact (yay spankings!) and for others it’s a hard limit.

    It’s fundamental that you communicate with your partner and ask what she wants or needs. Then you’ll know what technical things associated with her desires that you may need to learn.