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2021-07-28 00:16:03


    Hello everyone, 

    We are going to be putting out a lot of new content very soon! We have received many requests for our future videos, and we are going to be honoring all of them, give or take a few (no diapers, etc.)

    Some of the requests (and future content!) include:

  • Panties - although Princess is typically spanked on her bare bottom, the people have spoken and would like to see her spanked in panties! 
  • Jeans - again, we typically administer spankings on the bare bottom, but we also can’t say no to a nice round bottom being hugged by jeans ;)
  • POV - although we have incorporated some POV style shooting into our clips, we will be shooting full-length videos POV style, and perhaps even in a voyeuristic manner in the future (similar to the Ms. Macie video!)
  • Caning: LOTS OF CANING! - We will be getting a new cane (or perhaps multiple) in weeks to come, which means she will be getting caned very soon.
  • Temperature Taking - yes, Princess is going to have her temperature taken via a rectal thermometer between her cheeks :)
  • Mouth Soaping - this one speaks for itself!
  • Topless/Nude - also speaks for itself :) 
  • Please leave us a comment if there’s something else you’d like to see :) we will be getting a more private space soon to shoot content, so brace yourself for LOTS of brand new DD material!


    Keep the requests coming! We are open-minded 😉


    Petite young girl wetting her panties then getting paddled by mom showing her crying like a little girl