Everyone should know the international sign for Help Me. Let’s make this famous!!


    Interesting; I didn't know this was a thing.


    It’s apparently a thing, but it’s a very new thing, so it may need some help being known.


    Share this, it could save a life.


    newTumbl was created specifically for refugees of other social media sites. We offer asylum to all those who feel persecuted simply for wanting to exercise your freedom of speech.

    It is our mission to provide a new, safe home for outcast bloggers and consumers who have been abandoned by the very web sites they have helped to cultivate, grow, and thrive.

    We welcome you with open arms and hope that you will make newTumbl your new home. We also ask that you please bear with us while your new home is under construction.

    NSFW content is welcome.

    Come check us out at


    You might want to check this out as a way to preserve your blog!!