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2022-10-17 11:57:51

    I would be honored to have Tommy Defendi sit in a chair in front of me shirtless with his legs spread … talking to me like I’m nothing more than a wet mouth for his cock to dump loads in … talk to me like a just a random useless cum craves slut that is a junkie for his cum…. Dominate me with his words and Verbally abuse me while i do my best to please him … and he can watch me unzip and unbutton his jeans and slide them down to the floor only to have his flaccid cock hanging there waiting on my mouth to slobber and suck and tease for hours and hours until he explodes every drop of his DNA down my frothy freshly fucked throat… and then he stands up and makes me use my mouth to clean up his messy cum covered cock for him so he can just walk away and tell me … you’re actually the best throat I’ve ever fucked and smile