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    Please Never

    “Please may I cum, Sir?”

    No. If you feel like you want to ask to cum, I want you to say “Please don’t let me cum, Sir. Understood?”

    “Yes, Sir. Please don’t let me cum, Sir.”

    I won’t. Get close. You can almost feel it, can’t you?

    “Yes, Sir, I can. Please, Sir, please, please, please!”

    Please what?

    “Please… don’t… please don’t let me cum, Sir.“

    Good girl. Don’t worry, I don’t want you to cum either. I just want you so close you can’t think of anything else. Stay right there.

    “Yes, Sir, oh God, please don’t let me cum. Please Sir don’t let me cum…”

    Good girl. Now tell me you don’t want to cum. That you don’t ever want to cum.

    “Yes, Sir. Oh, please don’t let me cum, Sir. I don’t want to ever cum.”


    “No, Sir. Please never let me cum.”

    Never again… very close please. A breath away.

    “No, Sir, never. God, fuck, please don’t ever let me cum.”

    Alright stop edging, and give that orgasm back to me. Let it fade away until it’s gone, then we’ll edge you again.

    “It’s yours, Sir. Thank you for taking my orgasm.”

    You’re very welcome. Oh… you’re trembling.

    “Yes, Sir.”

    That’s so lovely. Fingers back between your legs now. Let’s make this one really hard.


    I had an online Dom that used to make me slather the outside of my pussy with peanut butter to get my girl dogs at the time to lickme down there. Hed also at times make me be their "kong toy" stuff my hole with peanut butter and let them lick till i was clean. I was to never wear anything in the bottem half of me and if i was home alone my legs were to he open and if there dogs wanted to lick i was to allow it. A few times he made me stuff my hole with their treats and be a treat dispenser. Shove hole hotdogs in my hole and let them eat them from me. I woke a number of times after that to being eaten out by my dog. Weird feeling. Very dehumanizing. He made me do the peanut butter on the out side of my pussy every other day n stuff my hole once a week.

    He also a few times when i took them outside to use the bathroom reminded me of my place and made me the outside as well.

    He also would make me fill my holes with house hold items

    Make me sweep with the broom up my pussy n wasnt allowed to touch the handle.

    Things like markers till it stretched my hole painfully and lay there with them in for 30 mins 2 times a week. Cucumber. Bottles. Body spray. Clothes pins all over my body and doing jumping jacks till he decided when i stopped. Made me put icy hot on my clit and pussy

    Made me stuff n stretch my pussy with silver ware and clench on to it and crawl from my kitchen to the front door and lay on my back spread eagle for 15 mins and crawl back. If any fell out how ever many did was the number of days i was not allowed to play with myself.

    He once made me sleep with a whisk inside my pussy

    He made me clean with a hard boiled egg in my pussy and when i was done cleaning i had to eat it.


    i love this

    the dream is getting stretched around a strap way too big for me and panicky breathing and whining that i can’t fit around it and my dom having to coax me to open my legs back up over and over and telling me how pretty my pussy looks stretched around her dick and and how adorable i am when i’m in pain