Another Q/A post.

    Yeah, prepare to get bored if you just want to fap. Sorry.

    I run a SFW blog as my main but want to follow you/like your art without you outing me. Can I do so?

    I don’t know if Tumblr shows what you’re following or what you like, but I won’t personally out you. Take no offense, but I generally just look at my notes, I don’t tend to run down the rabbithole to people’s blogs unless they go out of their way to message me.

    Where are your guro works?

    I don’t have anywhere to post them. They are against Tumblr’s TOS and linking to them is also basically skirting the TOS, so y’all gonna have to provide a safe outlet for me to post them before you can see them.

    Will you make porn with X character?

    Maybe? It depends entirely on my mood and what I want to do.

    TF2 Porn??? What next, Undertale or MLP you fucking degenerate?

    Nope. Miss Pauling is hot and I think Scout is a cutie when he’s being emasculated. You’re welcome to blow me if you have an issue with that.

    Patreon??? Kickstarter??? IMVU???

    I’ve elaborated on this in another post but basically-- I’m under no illusions here. I’m, honestly, blessed to have a fanbase at all, let alone a fanbase as all-around supportive as you guys. To ask for money would be a disgrace. Not only that but I’m dealing with copyrighted characters here. Plus, as you can tell, I’m not good with deadlines. Forcing me to make stuff monthly would kill the quality, as you can probably see in some of my works.

    Why such infrequent updates/Are you dead?

    This won’t be the last time I answer this I guess but, to put it short: I don’t make this stuff unless I feel into it, you get me? If I’m not turned on by what I’m working on, or I don’t feel like it’ll make all your pasty white dicks pump at a mile a minute, then I won’t bother working. If I don’t have something that makes me tingly in the thighs then I don’t fire up SFM. I’ve been in a creative drought in regards to SFW works as it is, and making hot NSFW stuff is already a fine line, so that’s why I’ve been absent lately.

    Unless I announce the shuttering of the blog, assume that I’m just working on something, or just in a bit of a slump. Sorry I can’t give more accurate update times, but that’s just not my style. Creativity comes in waves.

    Can I commission you?

    Kind of the same as the Patreon question. No. You can request something but I am not gonna promise you that I’ll do it since my experiments with requests were wonky. Not only that but working to deadlines kills my creativity and turns it into an emotionless mechanical act.

    Can I ask a question not here?

    Of course!


    ”I This post is to address some of the more frequently-asked questions I get sent or asked by people I show my work to. I won’t do a whole lot of these, but I figure communication is best!

    “Why are your posts so sporadic?”

    Simple: I work a lot of overtime, and a lot of unexpected overtime to boot. That combined with keeping up with games, movies, and generally doing life stuff means I don’t have a lot of time to contribute to lewd work. It’s gotten easier lately since I got a much more powerful PC that allows me to multitask, but I still try and ration things.

    “Do you have a Patreon/Indiegogo/Can I commission you?”

    Nope, nope, and nope! I’m honestly flattered you want to give me money for doing this, but at the end of the day, I’m making pornography with copyrighted characters. I can’t take money for that with a clean conscience. That, and I do this for fun. Taking money for it would make it into a job. I’ve done commission work for models and posters before, and honestly it’s fucking horrible being put under time pressures while trying to be creative. If you want to support me, then follow my blog, reblog my posts, and share them with your lewdfriends! No paywalls here. I’m free for public use.

    “Where do you get your models?”

    SFMLab, Tumblr releases, the Steam Workshop,, and also directly from modelers themselves. A lot of my recent models have been by Red Menace and Smug Bastard. I keep meaning to credit them, but recently whenever I’ve gotten to the editing phase I’ve been rushing to get the poster out the door. Without RM/SB’s work most of my posters would look like shit.

    “Do you do signal boosts/shoutouts?”

    Not autonomously, but if you send me an Ask and I like your work then I’ll give you a shoutout/reblog! I don’t tend to reblog work because I don’t use tumblr for finding porn that often, just posting it. I don’t like how resource-intensive Tumblr is on my browser. But if you send me an Ask, go ahead. And please don’t be offended if I don’t signalboost you after you send an ask! I might just not be into your work! Keep going regardless. I’m just some idiot who makes posters.

    “Why don’t you do animations?”

    Errgh.. this is a tricky one. I’m very anal about quality and very much a perfectionist when I’m not very lazy, and animation is very tricky to do well. Not only that but it can take several hours just to get a minute of animation done. It’s not worth it for me, time-wise. Plus I think a single very erotic image that encapsulates the fetish being shown is a lot better compared to 3 minutes of animation where you might only like a few hundred frames because that’s all that’s shown of your fetish. I’ve got nothing against animators, but it’s just not my style.

    “Will you make posters with Ellie/Tiny Tina/Underage Character Here?”


    “Will you make Undertale/MLP/Steven Universe/FNAF/Sonic/Furry posters?”

    Nope! Nothing against the fanbases, but... nah. I’ve considered doing a horrory guro pic with FNAF models before but I honestly figure the stigma around FNAF porn isn’t worth it and I’m just not into cartoon animals.

    “Will you add me on Steam?”

    Nope! Sorry.

    “Where did you get those nosehook/dog muzzle models?”

    They were made by someone on DeviantART I can’t remember. Had to pay some DeviantART funbucks to get them, and I ported them into Source myself. Because they’re a paid-for item I’m not gonna distribute them. If I find a free alternative version of these models I’ll port them to SFM and release them free.

    Actually.. I think the dogmuzzle was a free model. I’ll have to look into that. I know I had to pay like £2 for the nosehooks though.

    “Will you model for me?”

    Honey, I can’t even begin to model for myself. What makes you think I’ll make models for you?

    “Can I send you asks/feedback/criticism/requests?”

    Duh. Of course. Be warned though I stopped doing requests on average because I just couldn’t keep up. If you send me a juicy idea then I’ll probably do it.

    I also got a lot of asks that were downright creepy, so I stopped checking it for a while until they stopped. Oh yeah, that’s something I need to note. If you’re gonna send me an ask or a Rule34 message hitting on me, don’t. Like, for real, why the hell would you hit on some random porn artist on the internet? You don’t even know who I am. Put that effort into approaching someone you’re really into IRL.

    Also, if you want an Ask responded to directly, ask it with an actual Tumblr account.. Even a sockpuppet just made for sending me lewd asks is fine, but I can’t send private responses to anonymous asks. I don’t know why, since Tumblr evidently tracks what account sent what anon-ask, but hey.

    “You said you were thinking of making a darkblog for explicit guro and snuff..”

    Yup. Still am. I have a lot of unpublished guro and snuff pics that I wanna share at some point, but finding a good medium for it is tricky. I don’t really want to use Tumblr because I’ve seen a lot of blogs that post that stuff go down. And I also don’t want to use Gurochan because that place gets raided and goes down like every other weekend. If anyone can suggest a good place to share guro art that fits these criteria:

    1. Not infested with spyware ads

    2. Not constantly raided by the FBI

    3. Stays up and available

    4. Won’t ban me or shop me to GCHQ

    Then please send me an Ask about it!

    “Why don’t you use Rule34Hentai? You can post more explicit works there!”

    Yo, nothing against the owners of that place since they gotta make money somehow, but fucking hell is it riddled with ads, linkjackers, and spyware injectors. I use NoScript and AdblockPlus and yet the place is still fucking riddled. I feel like I’m eating out the worst kind of hooker whenever I go there. That, and the colors are ugly. Reminds me of unmodded New Vegas.

    “Why don’t you make more explicitly sexual stuff?”

    Knob plus hole gets very boring very fast, and I’m not really into it as much as I am weirder bondage stuff. That, and it’s difficult to make it look good. At the end of the day, you’re basically just clipping model geometry together. Even with the new SB/RM models I’ve got that have openable genitalia and anuses it’s a fine balance. So I avoid it where I can. I’m gonna do more anal though.

    “Why no vaginal?”

    It’s boring to me. I try to dabble in stuff your momma wouldn’t like but totally secretly would. Because your mom gets around.

    “Do you have any other works that aren’t generally available?”

    There’s stuff on my Rule34 and Hypnohub profiles I haven’t posted here either because of laziness or content. Go check them out:

    “Is this the end of the Q/A?”

    Yeah. If you have any more questions, send me an Ask.

    My gal, Elsie, gets involved in some lewd antics!

    (Of all my images, please don’t repost these. Reblog or link if you want to share!)

    ((For a bit of context, Elsie is my eighties OC Donut Steel character I use on F-List and in tabletop RPG’s.))

    Merry Christ-Day, or your relevant wintertime holiday!