What I’ve Done

No this isn’t a mopey post, well, mostly not. Basically I’m fucking depressed that 922 followers, 4-5 years of work, and hundreds of images are going to piss, and when I get depressed I get mad. This post will be long, and you can skip to the bottom if you just want to find out where you can find my new art in order to keep wanking.

First off I just want to say how much I appreciate all you guys. I know I’m kind of aloof and I disappear/reappear on a dime, but that’s mostly because this has been a project of passion and love for me, doing this NSFW art-- and when the passion and love isn’t in me, when my bones aren’t jamblin’ with the jomblies, I ain’t able to make art that satisfies, you know? Better no updates than shit updates, in my eye. That’s why I don’t post so much.

To see what was effectively just a bit of a side-line, general boredom thing that I started back when I was a NEET blossom into a massively-followed (at least by my standards), very popular blog that people will pounce on any updates from is absolutely breathtaking and I really can not emphasize how much I want to say thank you just for visiting my blog, or reading my posts. I might be aloof and weird but I read everything sent to me, even if anxiety makes me too worried to respond sometimes.

Come December 17th I have no idea what I’m going to do with the blog. If Tumblr just delete or hide all my old posts then I’ll be chill with that, I’ll just post a contact-filled post. If they delete the blog entire -- then, well, fuck. That’ll be nasty, but I’ll survive. Probably.

With that said, I am not done.

I’ve set up three different places to find my art, in order of where I’ll update most first, and least last.






Issues that have arisen:

* Twitter locked my account on the spot when I tried to make one. I don’t like the format, I don’t like the fact they compress art (heavily), and I don’t really know if they’ll ever unlock my account. If they do then look for Gingeslut357 on Twitter. But it’ll mostly be for contact and outreach -- I’ll push new art there last, probably.

* Hentai Foundry takes ages to submit art. Granted I’m almost at the limit for getting autosubmission cleared but that’s gonna take some time, and the mods there can be crazy about allowing SFM art through. Not holding my breath on anything I submit there, really. I’m submitting it in batches.

* If you want to contact me then send me a PM on FA or Newgrounds first. Paheal has almost no notifications for PM’s (some dude messaged me there three years ago and i found out in january lol, i felt like the biggest dick.) and I don’t check Hypnohub’s PM box all that often.

* Newgrounds has a crazy scouting system that I’m not a huge fan of. I’ve yet to be scouted, but people have found my art. Not sure how that works. Not a fan of the way any of their stuff works, but it’s easy to post art there, so I’ll post a lot of it there. No idea if it’ll get seen. Plus, there have been worrisome statements by their high-ups about the future of 3D art there. Only a matter of time before someone ruins it for everyone by uploading some really dodgy art.

* Pixiv is a place i’m considering but I’m unsure of the site. It’s in my head.

* Not really considering Pornhub, honestly.

* Dunno what Itch.io even is and I’ve heard it doesn’t allow 3D art.

I will keep on keeping on. Send me messages if you intend to follow me, or if you intend to not follow me any further into another site, please let me know and let me know why. even an anonymous Ask on this matter will greatly help me.

Stay safe.