Oh no, Pauling is next!

    (No, Scout isn’t dead because his brain got sucked out. He’s just a zombie now.)

    Uh-oh. Pauling and Scout got sucked up by that fancy dancy saucer!

    (No. I’m not gonna make an alt where Pauling is being probed instead. I might make a continuation, but until then you’ll have to put up with boy-butt!)

    Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve not posted in SUCH a damn long time, work has really kicked my ass and it’s meant I’ve had to seriously ration my time (I can’t spend 12 hours fucking around in SFM willy-nilly anymore, i gotta be sure i can accommodate for it and other stuff). This is an older image, but I feel like it’s of at least standing quality. The idea behind it is basically that Alyx has been captured by the Combine (or a perverted scientist working within the Combine) and is going to be replaced with a sleek android sexbot duplicate.