Wooh! This is a lil’ stealth-sequel to this image  from a good two years ago.

    I know most of my art lately has been hypnosis and stuff, but don’t you worry, friends, I’m still paying plenty of attention to my models’ bootyholes. They won’t walk right when I’m done with them.

    Now that my quality game has stepped up quite a notch it’s nice to see the contrast between then and now. I’m also gonna be watermarking my works going forward, since my quality has accelerated significantly (at least in my opinion) I actually want my works to be recognized. I kind of made this blog as a throwaway affair, hence the doofy name, but it’s lasted! And it’s gotten me some buckazoids -- thanks to the people who’ve donated to my ko-fi page! Like I say, all future works will be free, and will remain free.