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    Gassy Lessons - Fifth class: Computer Technology

    Jay knew his farting was getting better and Mr Watts was agreeing, but through his gassy persuasion he convinced Jay he could still get better. So since Jay’s last training session with him he had been tasked with going back to basics and researching other ways to make himself fart more.

    The opportunity to get this research done was in Jay’s Computer technology class. His class had been tasked to do a trial run with some coding program, but Jay wasn’t so invested in the class and the room was big enough for him to get a place a few seats away from anyone else so he took the opportunity to get some gassy research done.

    Jay only got a chance to look through a couple fart themed webpages giving him nothing but basic information, when a notification of an email from the teacher popped up at the bottom of the screen. Mr Anderson was the one holding the class today, Jay hadn’t had too many classes from the man but he was pretty sure he had a strong impression of what he was like. He had quite a twinkish build not being very muscular, covered half his cute face with chunky framed glassed and had curly pale blonde hair. He was a relatively softly spoken man and was never too assertive at least it seemed so to Jay, and the young teacher never seemed to be able to command a classroom.

    Jay never really spoke to the teacher so the email came as a shock. When he opened it though his shock deepened.

    ‘Jay Carter. Can you please keep to the schedule of today’s class and refrain from any childish web searches, as the teacher we have screen tracking technology on all the computers to keep issues like this from occuring. Please start your proper work for the lesson.’

    The level of polite assertion in the email surprised the student and he couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed at getting caught. He gave the teacher sitting at the other end of the classroom a glare, but the man at the desk didn’t notice him, he seemed to be typing something else giving the screen his full attention.

    Jay gave up any attempt to spite the teacher and letting out a sigh of premature boredom, he closed his tab and went to open the coding program. However before he could even move the mouse again another email notification popped up from the teacher.

    'Jay Carter. I take back my further request if you can display the fruits of your research as soon as possible, especially if you could thin out the number of students in the class. Either that or start coding.’

    This was of course an unexpected turn for Jay and when he went to look at the teacher over the classroom he could see him staring straight back at him with a challenging look and a slight smile. Jay looked around the class, there were no guys in here he particularly cared about, and Jay didn’t particularly care about his reputation either, and since his past escapades in his sports class maybe leaning into the gassy aspect of his personality would catch him some respect.

    After a full day of classes Jay had been holding in his gas for a while anyway and it was ready to burst, so he leaned back in his chair stretching and whole doing so spread his legs apart and let loose.


    The first reaction he got was from two friends sitting a couple seats away who both immediately looked over at him, one chuckling and the other just staring blankly.

    “Oh you want some?” Jay questioned jokingly wafting it in their direction. The rancid stink finally hit them and they both started coughing in unison. Jay laughing decided to put the final nail in their coffin and aimed his butt in there direction still sitting.


    Jay’s newly developed brand of eggy stink made it’s way to them and their coughing grew stronger. The mumbled something to eachother and stood up and left the classroom giving Jay a dirty look as they said some incomprehensible excuse to the teacher as they left the room. Jay glanced at the teacher who was chuckling lightly, the student was happy to entertain.

    Obviously his gaseous fun was not as well received by the rest of the class, mostly whispering and giving him strange looks, but one of the class reps obviously wanted to take justice into their own hands striding over too Jay. The Prep was obviously caught off guard gagging a little as he entered the stinking cloud surrounding Jay who played dumb and gave the glaring class rep and surprised look.

    “Is there a problem officer?” Jay asked.

    Through a pinched nose Jay could make out “Mr Carter as a class rep I’m going to have to ask you to stop your expulsions they are reprehensibley rude and a distraction to our learning.”

    Smirking back Jay grabbed the boy’s hand off his nose and in doing so made him stumble closer in a quieter voice he said to him almost seductively “I would hardly call this a distraction?” And he leaned forward in his chair and let rip.


    The other boy got a whiff of the toxic blast and his face went pale as he staggered out the room with a hand over his mouth trying to stop anything escaping. As the boy left Jay thought he heard him say something stupid along the lines of “This won’t be the last you bear of this. As Jay watched him leave with a smile he noticed that others were leaving but from the other side of the class, from the side closer to Mr Anderson.

    Jay looked over to the teacher who was obviously pretending to be distracted by something on his screen but still wore a cheeky grin. The student took a deep whiff of the air, he was happy to take in his personal brand of month old rancid eggs gas, but he sensed a foreign fart smell growing in the mix of rotten veggies and fragrant compost assault his nose. Looking back at the teacher it didn’t take Jay long to work out who the culprit was for the rival gas.

    The classroom had been emptied of most of it’s students filled with a significant amount of gas. Other than Jay and Anderson there were just two friends looking quite scared and ready to leave sitting pretty much an equal distance from the gassy competitors. Realising what it had come down to before the boys could leave both Jay and the teacher gave eachother a nod and a smirk and walked up to the two.

    "You need some help bud?” Jay asked ungenuinly putting has hand on the shoulder of the student on the left.

    “You having any trouble with the work?” Anderson leaning on the desk asked trying to keep his usual reserved demeanor to the student on the right.

    Before doing anything Jay got a good look at Anderson’s perky ass which had been hidden up until this point, he was happily surprised. Both of the students stammered mainly worried about Jay since he was the only obvious farter, they were probably hoping that Anderson would help them. Before Jay could get anything out he picked up on a very subtle hissing coming from the backside of the still concerned looking teacher. Jay of course wanting to contribute to the stink out quickly turned around and sat on the desk almost hitting the keyboard of the boy on the left and pointing his ass towards both.

    “Get a load of this action!” Jay strained knowing it wouldn’t be a small one.


    The eggy explosion rocketed out of Jay’s ass into the faces of the unfortunate soon to be casualties, and right at the same time Anderson’s stinky gas leak got to the boy’s nostrils. The combined stench was obviously too much for the two buddies as they knocked heads as they passed out.

    Finally getting drop any facade Jay and Anderson smiled at eachother in stinking solidarity as they both took a deep sniff of their joint creation. Of course the two passed out students were currently the main source of the smell, the room as a whole was now filled with a flatulent fog starting to make even Jay’s eyes water.

    “Impressive work Jay, it seems that it was obviously not coding I should’ve been pushing you towards.”

    “I don’t know why you spend all your time with computer shit, when your stinking butt obviously is obviously far more interesting.” The disguised compliment was a risky move Jay thought but Anderson seemed to respond well. He gave his ass a little smack and adjusted his glasses as he stepped towards his gassy student.

    “Well I guess you’ve got to have a day job.”

    Jay watched smiling excitedly as the seemingly transformed teacher ran his hand through his hair walking past him.

    “Let’s leave these two here, I’m sure you don’t mind taking the blame for them, I think I’ll be giving you some private tutoring if you just follow me.” Giving Jay a wink from behind his glasses and strolled out the room.

    Happy at the direction the class had gone Jay took one last sniff of his gassy handiwork and clambered off the desk to follow him, leaving the unlucky last two victims to marinate in the stink.

    Leaving the room Jay caught up to the man on the quick walk to his office only a little ways down the corridor, all the while making sure to stay a little behind him as to enjoy the view.

    In comparison to the quite airy and spacious computer room, the office was tiny. There was barely enough room for the desk and chair, and with both men standing in there, there was barely any room to move. Jay also noted the lack of be ventilation with only one small window which seemed to be locked shut.

    “You’ll have to excuse the heat.” He closed the door behind Jay who leaned against the wall. “I only got moved to the office this year and I haven’t been able to find the spare key for the window, I hope it won’t be a problem.” He gave Jay a knowing look.

    “Don’t worry I think I can cope” And in spite of the uniform policy Jay began to undo his tie, which prompted his teacher to follow suit. “So Mr Anderson what will this tutoring be about, I hardly think my computing skills need any improving, and I can’t seem to think of anything else we have in common.” Jay made sure to finish the question in cocking up one of his legs.


    The fart despite not being the biggest managed to fill the room in seconds making both men smile at what it’s stink implied.

    “Now Jay no reason to misbehave.” The teacher sat on a spot on the desk and unbuttoned a few of his shirt buttons as they had both began to sweat. “I merely wanted to give you proper punishment for your unprovoked biohazardous assault on your fellow students, it’s highly unprofessional.” The teacher concluded by leaning over on the desk displaying his butt again to the increasingly aroused student.


    What the flatulence lacked in volume it made up for in stench completely dominating the room with his rancid personal stench. Both men inhaled obviously neither really expecting how bad it stunk coughing in response to its bite.

    After recovering Jay responded keeping up the erotic teasing act they had going by turning around and leaning against the wall and peeled down his now stuck on with sweat trousers just enough to let his boxer clad ass show with the gray colour accentuating his now sweaty crack.

    “Well Mr Anderson I think I have quite a skill and I occasionally like to show it off to my classmates I don’t see the problem with that?” He stuck out his ass further in the direction of the teacher and winced.


    He was impressed with himself, the gas shook the room and reintroduced his eggy gas to the room. The power of the fart seemed to shake the tiny room and make both men laugh at the sheer masculine stinky power it showed.

    Again matching Jay, Anderson got up and began unzipping his trousers, the now erect student looked back at his teacher reveal his amazing smooth bouncy round ass cheeks. He made sure that Jay got a good look at them giving them a little shake.

    “Now Jay I do see a problem with that, thinking your gas could even rival something like mine is worthy of punishment.”


    It sounded like a high pressure gas leak and it intensified the heat in the room exponentially, but by far the worst aspect was it wretched stench making Jay’s eyes fully tear up and burn his nose.

    Jay managed to recover from his coughing fit relatively quickly in spite of the rancid stench feeling like a cartoonist stinky brown fog in the room. His brain was going haywire at the horrible sensation but he decided to go for one last shot.

    “Well then punish this…” He back closer up to Anderson until they were butt to butt. In a brave move Jay pulled down both their boxers until their bare sweaty asses were touching and let a rippling blast straight onto the man’s ass.


    The rank stink vibrated against the cheeks of the two men making them both gasp. The room was becoming a deadly hot box and Anderson could tell it was his place to finish it.

    The teacher after letting Jay’s fart finish strolled around his student toying with him and leaned against the wall pushing his ass out until it was just touching Jay’s erection. The two sweaty men could tell where it was going.


    The heat combined with the two men’s combined evil stink, either that or the pleasure Jay got from the last gassy blast from his teacher but he was out, collapsing at the other man’s feet.

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Chef

    (Re upload since original got flagged for the pic)

    Everything about the date was going perfectly: Jay was nice enough and cute, they made good enough conversation, and the restaurant had a bunch of great reviews.

    Which was why it was such a pain when Ryan had to send his food back. Jay seemed to like his dad but Ryan’s steak was so over-seasoned that it was hard to eat.

    “Are you sure it’s worth complaining about?” The prim boy over the table asked him.

    “Yeah I’m sorry if this gives a bad impression of me” Ryan kind of liked this guy so he didn’t want to seem too rude but this steak was expensive “I promise I won’t take long and I’ll be right back” Ryan said with a promising smile. Jay just rolled his eyes and went back to poking at his salad.

    After mentioning the food politely to a waiter Ryan was told that he would have to bring the plate to the head chef himself who had cooked the meal so he could address the complaint. Ryan was happy that he would be able to address the issue properly, but that was overshadowed by the intimidation he felt having to face the chef in their own territory. But damn this was expensive and this place was supposed to be great!

    Carrying the plate he felt like a member of staff but that didn’t help the piercing states he got from the chef’s making his way through the main kitchen towards the head chef’s private kitchen in the back he had been directed towards.

    As soon as he opened the door he felt immediately threatened. He could feel the eyes of the chef penetrating his entire being. Ryan walked further into the room with its steel walls and very obvious fan in one wall whirring loudly to ventilate the room. The man was half hidden by a cupboard door but Ryan could see his Auburn hair and his bare wide shoulders and the rest was covered by an apron. But something was off.

    Ryan realised what when the man sauntered towards him arms crossed from behind the door.

    He was completely naked except his apron, he could see no clothing hiding the man’s flesh as he got closer to Ryan.

    “I hear there is a complaint” The chef asked staring down Ryan.

    Still in shock from the eccentric Chef’s lack of proper attire he managed to stutter out “The m-meat…. it’s too… s-seasoned”

    Snatching the plate from his grasp the chef grabbed the steak off the plate with his bare hands and pulled a chunk into his mouth. His exaggerated chewing and joyful eating sounds irritated Ryan but he couldn’t help but be slightly aroused by the confidence of the man.

    “Ah I see what the problem is” He paused after swallowing again his eyes looking back to the stunned Ryan.

    “You are weak” he condemned Ryan which for some reason filled him with shame.

    In attempted defiance he questioned “What do you mean?”

    “As someone who dedicates themselves to the culinary arts I cannot stand complaints, especially from someone with such a weak palette that they cannot begin to understand the art behind their meal” Ryan could not believe he was being lectures by an almost completely naked chef who was slowly backing him into a corner pointing his finger in Ryan’s face.

    “And do you know what I do to people as ignorant as you” Ryan couldn’t do anything as he was stuck in a corner of the room as the Chef’s broke a smile for the first time.

    He turned around dramatically revealing his perfect ass. As soon as it was shown to Ryan he didn’t know how else to describe it. But before Ryan could think of a better adjective it was being thrust against Runs pushing him violently into the wall. And then the Chef let out a gutteral moan and it happened.


    Overpowering the sounds of the hissing pans and beeping ovens in the room was unmistakable sound of a ravenous fart blasting against Ryan. He looked down at the ass in horror and back at the chef who had a look of power in his eyes as he stared at the man pinned behind him.

    When the stench hit Ryan’s nose it consumed his senses. It was like the meat he attempted to eat earlier but rotten. As the ass was being rubbed against him he couldn’t even enjoy it since he was gagging so much on the stink.

    But as soon as it begun it was over.

    “Get out of my kitchen I hope you’ve learnt your lesson” The Chef said as we peeled his ass of Ryan and pushed him out though the door and back into the main kitchen.

    Ryan was in a state of shock but the snickers of the kitchen staff brought him back into reality. He had to get Jay and leave this messed up restaurant.

    He stormed through the kitchen ignoring the laughter of the kitchen staff, weaved in between tables ignoring anyone in his way and sat down on his table next to Jay who had already finished his meal.

    “Let’s get out off here I can’t stand this place” Ryan glared at the door of the kitchen and then glanced back at Jay.

    Instead of having a look of shock or understanding, he looked disgusted and had his hand over his nose, in a voice louder than anything he had heard from him all night Jay accused “Ryan did you just fart?” Jay was almost gagging just as Ryan was minutes ago. It was obvious what had happened, the smell of the head Chef’s gas must have stuck into Ryan and now Jay got a whiff of it.

    “Wait…no… actually..” Ryan was trying to splutter out a response or excuse as Jay burst up from the table.

    In a relatively loud voice he shouted to Ryan “There is a lot I can put up with from men but passing gas is not one of them!” And with that the sensitive boy almost ran out of the restaurant covering his nose.

    Ryan again was in shock. He felt like he should be angry at Jay especially since his loud accusation meant that tables around Ryan were laughing or had hands over their noses. But all he could feel was rage against the Chef who caused all this.

    Quickly feeling his anger bubbly up at how awry his evening had gone Ryan shoved through the restaurant and back into the kitchen interior he was facing the stinky Head Chef’s door.

    Bursting in he agressively shut the door behind him and glared at the chef who calmly looked back at him with a little smile.

    “You damn shitty chef, you ruined my meal becuase I stink of YOUR damn farts” the chef only smiled to himself more as he continued his work on a frying pan. Ryan stomped closer to the man around the counter which revealed the Chef’s ass to him once again making him stutter and pause. It was damn perfect. But he couldn’t get distracted. “My bloody date ran away becuase of your stench. Have you got anything to say for yourself you perverse man!?”

    Finally turning off the hob he was using the frying pan on the room went silent expect for the panting of Ryan after his rant and the whirring of the fan. The chef took a couple steps to get close to Ryan standing a little taller than him, he made sure that Ryan could match his stare by lifting up his chin so they were face to face.

    “So what’s your name?” Ryan was angry that his rant was ignored but he stubbornly replied:

    “Ryan, what about you?” The Chef gave Ryan a proud smile responding:

    “You can refer to me as Chef Hunter” He looked down at Ryan again emphasising his dominance.

    “Now just to confirm my suspicions, your date was male wasn’t he.”

    Ryan didn’t think he came off that gay but he assumed that his growing blush betrayed him “Yes..”

    “Of course” and Chef Hunter let go off Ryan’s chin making him stumble to regain his balance. He walked back to the counter again giving Ryan a great view of his bubbly bouncing ass as he stepped. This wasn’t helped by him leaning on the counter resting his elbow so his chin was in his hand as he looked back at Ryan again. Ryan couldn’t help but deny how attractive Hunter was his body looked smooth and inviting, his youth was obvious but he still seemed slightly older than Ryan due to a core sensual yet stern attitude he held.

    “Now Ryan you’re doing a great job of showing me your weakness, first the steak, now my gas, you’re just full of complaints” This was not the apology Ryan was hoping for. “I’m not sure what you came I. here expecting, but now all you should expect I’d to learn a lesson..” With a click from underneath the counter where the chef was standing the fan slowed to a stop, Ryan hadn’t even noticed the switch Hunter had been leaning over. Before Ryan could react to anything the Chef Leaned further over stretching out his whole body accentuating his ass.


    After the Chef’s sigh from the stretch Ryan heard it right before the stink hit.


    It was the same terrible smell from before but somehow even worse. Without any ventilation the gas from the Chef filled up the room quickly turning it into a gas chamber for poor Ryan. The meaty stench invading Ryan’s entire being making him go lightheaded and eventually collapse into the arms into the Chef.

    When Ryan came to it took him a few moments to realise he was back in the main room of the restaurant sitting in a chair at an empty table. Only it was different. The room was silent and empty, it was obvious it had closed for the day with the windows covered in curtains and the door with shutters over it. The lighting was also a lot dimmer with the only proper light over the table he was sitting at.

    Only a few moments after he had awoken right before Ryan was about to get up from the chair, there was a sound from the kitchen. The door swung open and out came Chef Hunter still in his same skimpy apron and still with the same juicy ass behind him. He looked over to Ryan giving him a wink.

    Sitting down opposite Ryan he cleared his throat.

    “I’ve been feeling terrible all evening about the fact that I ruined your date” Ryan couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic but he decided he would hear the explanation “So since the person you were with earlier was obviously shallow I decided that I would show give you a proper date”

    Ryan was bewildered, he didn’t know this man and the only experiences he’d had with him had been toxic to say the least. But the man was so amazingly hot yet also terrifying he could say no.


    “Oh god what terrible table manners I have I hope you don’t mind do you?”

    Hunter had leaned to his side to let the bomb rumble against the chair, it was on purpose, it had to be.

    “I’m sure I can survive it this time” Ryan tried to laugh at the crazy experience he was having. The stink wasn’t as bad as before as the room was larger but Ryan still got a wave of stink over him which he managed to deal with by coughing into his fist. “So Chef Hunter tell me about yourself?” Ryan asked the cliché question.

    Hunter raised his eyebrows and began a speech, “Well you know I was born and raised pretty typically but in my late teens I discovered three things” He lifted a finger each time he listed a point “I’m into guys, which I dealt with fine, my passion for cooking which is what lead to me to opening this place, and well my special ability”


    When he finished the sentence he spread his legs and let a blast of hot air escape his ass and be blasted out from between his legs. Ryan could feel it hit his knees and fell the eggy stink reach his nose.

    “It really has been a blessing and a curse. I love the power it gives me but it has made me pretty socially reclusive since I can’t hold it in for long.”

    He leaned to his side again fully cocking up his knee.


    “Ah that was a good one don’t you think?” He wanted the cloud of gas towards Ryan making sure he got a whiff of it. The rancid stench did paralyze him but something about how proud Hunter was of his gassy capabilities, it did arouse something inside Ryan.

    “But besides that, this is why I’m shocked by you, you saw my gassy ass in action but you came back.”

    “I was angry” Ryan interrupted defended himself, this man apparently thought he was weak enough already.

    “See I don’t believe that” he paused making a wincing face as he pushed himself off the chair by an inch or two pushing on the armrests.


    “Ahhhhhhh fuck!”

    The orgasmic moan and look of relief the chef have as he slumped back into his chair made Ryan uncomfortable and when the fumes from the gas reached him it made him squirm. The stench clouding their table was getting more concentrated.

    “I lock myself away in my own kitchen so as not to make my staff pass out, I wear the bare minimum to exercise the freedom I have by being in my own stinking solitude.”

    He lifted up his left knee so he could rest his foot on the bottom of the chair. As well as giving his hole room to breath it also lifted up his apron giving Ryan a peek at his now erect penis. Hunter was getting off on this.


    The stench lingering around them was now getting unbearable as Ryan began to cough more as his eyes watered.

    “But even now you just sit here and weather my stinking thunder, you can get up and I’ll let you out when you want, but it’s obvious there’s something you like about it” Hunter gave Ryan a smile and warm eyes. “Especially becuase of that tent in you trousers.” Hunter pointing his finger at Ryan’s rock hard member. Ryan had been so focused on Hunter that he had barely registered his raging erection matching Hunter’s. Ryan bit his lip and clutched the armrest taking short breathes trying not to let the stench overwhelm him.

    “So Ryan I’m going to test you” Hunter lifted up his right leg now pushing it under the table and with a swift kick he pushed it down and away. There was now nothing between them. “I’m not exactly the best baker but today I’m going to serve you some dessert” Hunter put his hands behind his head letting his pits breathe and put both his legs over the armrests and let his apron fall back. He had fully exposed his penis, taint and bare hole.

    “So I’ve decided to serve cake, care to try? It’s your choice Ryan.”


    Ryan watched as the Chef’s hole opened blasting out the hot gas and the stench despite how toxic it was seemed to be beckoning Ryan and he couldn’t resist. He dropped to his knees off the chair placed his hands on both of the cheeks and took a deep sniff, it made him feel like his nose was going to burn up but the chef was so alluring.

    “Dig in”

    And Ryan did practically diving into the man’s stinking taint as Hunter moaned in relief. Ryan tongue practically attack Hunter’s hole and the chef obviously interpreted this as permission to let loose.






    The assault was double sided with Ryan’s tongue against Hunter’s windy ass. With Ryan so deep in Hunter’s ass the gas went in every surface it could find making his eyes sting, his nose hairs singe and go deep down his mouth. Ryan could somehow taste the stink on his tongue. It was repulsive but it was so erotic he couldn’t stop.

    Hunter grabbed Ryan’s head and pulled it back to stop the assault momentarily. He looked down at Ryan’s sweaty hungry face.

    “I think it’s time for the last course” Hunter got off his perch letting go of Ryan but baking sure to give him a good view of his rotten ass so he would miss it. He walked up to a close by table and whipped the tablecloth off.

    Walking back over to Ryan still panting in a cloud of stink on the floor he held the cloth tightly in his hands.

    “See when I went to study abroad in Germany they have lots of weird ways of cooking, some times they even let there meals cook overnight at a low temperature” Hunter began to lie down in front of Ryan but resting on his elbows so he could look back at him “They had some crazy German word for it” he then used one arm to shove Ryan’s face in his ass and then covered his bottom half and Ryan with the cloth “but I just prefer to call it a Dutch oven” then he let loose.




    Multiple blasts of audible hot air rushed out of Hunter’s ass as he moaned from above the cloth.


    Ryan couldn’t try and escape this was too much for him, be accepted his stench filled fate and buried his nose inside Hunter’s hole between his massive cheeks and let the gas destroy his senses and for the second time that night knock him out.

    When blasting his car full of gas on the drive back to his place, Hunter looked over at Ryan who he was going to let sleep at his place. He couldn’t wait to let him test out the breakfast menu.

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Sailor

    (Re upload since the original was flagged for the pic)

    Joining the navy seemed to be the only way for Sam to escape his parents constantly pestering him about why he didn’t have a wife yet, since he really didn’t want to have to own up about his sexuality, at least not yet. Also being a repressed gay soul he found the purely masculine energy on the ship refreshing.

    Being a gay sailor seemed to feel like a bit of a stereotype for Sam before he joined the ship but when he finally did, he found out the rumour had some truth to it. He hadn’t seen anything too explicit but he was certainly getting a certain recognisable energy from a lot of the guys and some of them seemed to be very touchy with eachother occasionally.

    But in spite of all of this Sam only really had his eyes on one of the guys. He didn’t even know his name but he saw him from over the other side of the kitchen sometimes. He has rust coloured hair and deep penetrating eyes which he had made contact with on occasion. But of course what caught his attention most was his beautiful bouncing ass which filled up the back of his white trousers very comfortably. The man also seemed to be quite popular and outgoing having an overbearing presence which made people around him want to get close with him.

    In spite of all this Sam was quite introverted and struggled to find any reason to talk to the man. But he did feel a sense of urgency since he could tell that a few of the other men had their eyes on his amazing ass as well. He would have to make a move soon.

    But instead it all seemed to happen by chance, and not go exactly the way he imagined.

    Sam had finished his duties for the day when he was on his way back to his room to collapse on his bed. He was so exhausted he didn’t realise that there was someone walking close behind him so when he stopped for a moment to get his bearings the person behind him pushed right into him pushing him onto the ground.

    “Oh shit shit shit! Sorry I should have been paying more attention you had kind of distracted me, let me help you up.”

    Sam turned around on the floor to be greeted by the beautiful sight of the man he recognised from all the time he had spent staring at him, who was bent over outstretching his hand with a bashful smile.

    Still lost for words and staring agape at the man helping him Sam accepted his hand and was helped up.

    “Shit I’m so sorry about that.. I haven’t seen you around here much since recently, I’m John”

    He said shaking Sam’s hand which he was still holding from helping him up.

    “Um Sam, my name is Sam and thanks for helping me…”

    Before he could continue he felt a sharp pain in his ankle and winced in pain his knees falling a little and he stupidly fell into the chest of John. He couldn’t help but notice how strongly he smelt of sea salt and sweat.

    “Crap I think I sprained my ankle”

    Helping him find his feet again John said apologetically.

    “Shit I really did hurt you, well it’s a good thing my room is close my I have a first aid kit to see if I can do anything.”

    Sam blushed at how kind the man was being but also found himself lucky that he was getting so close to John so quickly and it didn’t even have to resort to scheming.

    “Yeah sure that sounds great, mind if I get some help though” Sam asked as he slung his arm around John’s almost comically wide shoulders so he could hobble next to him on the short walk to his room, making sure to get more deep whiffs of his masculine aura.

    The cabins on the ship are all quite basic and John’s was no exception housing only a desk with some drawers and a single bed. One thing which was very common also on the ship was bad lighting so the dim light lead to an oddly rough and sensual atmosphere in the room.

    John invited Sam to sit on the bed while he bent down and fished in the drawers in the meanwhile bending down so his ass was only centimetres away from Sam’s face.

    The temptation was strong for Sam and the least he could do was take a weak sniff just to get more pheremones from this beautiful man. When he did the result surprised him.

    Unlike the relaxing yet strong salty scent the rest of John had his ass was significantly more musky and dirty smelling even through his thick trousers. With only a short inhale Sam coughed a little prompting John to glance back at him.

    “Oh crap I’m so clumsy today, my ass is almost right in your face and i guess it might smell a little bit, umm I guess if we spend more time together you’ll find out why.”

    John was now crouching at Sam’s knee holding a ice pack to where the bruising was on his knee. Opting to be braver than he usually was, and overlooking the majority of John’s sentence having forgotten the smell Sam asked.

    “So you want us to spend more time together?”

    The question certainly got John’s attention as he looked up from Sam’s knee and dropped the ice pack in shock. His shock then turned into an interested smirk as he pushed himself of the floor put his arms on either side of Sam on the bed and brought his face mere centimetres away from Sam’s.

    “I could see that working”

    And after that sentence they both simultaneously joined in an hungry kiss. In that moment the tension in the room lifted as both men realised they had the same intentions.

    Finally breaking from the embrace John stood up fully and walked to the door.

    “Is it okay if I lock this?”

    He asked Sam suggestively being unable to hold back a grin.

    “I would expect no less” Sam replied lifting his shirt off and walking up to John as he finished locking up and lifting his up as well.

    As Sam lead John by hand back to his bed there was a deep rumble in John’s stomach.

    “Shit” Sam heard John mumble to himself “Not fucking now”

    Lifting his head up to make awkward eye contact with Sam John asked “Will it be okay if I just head outside for just a minute or two?” Sam thought it was a little weird nodding but luckily John continued saying “Don’t worry I’ll be right back” with a wink as he walked to the door.

    Unfortunately for him it rattled a little as he pulled at it and he tried the key but it was jammed.

    “Shit, shit , shit” Another stereotype Sam was beginning to notice was the whole swearing like a sailor thing.

    “You alright over there?” he asked half knowing the answer “Your ‘situation’ can’t be that bad can it I really don’t mind you being a ‘giver’ to be honest it’s a preference”

    His lewd proposition went completely over the other man’s head who seemed to be sweating a little and looked quite panicked “No it’s not that kind of situation, well not completely…”

    Sam was quite a naturally helpful kind of guy so he wants to calm him down walking up behind him. “Sorry I feel quite stupid I have no idea what you’re alluding to but it can’t get too much in the way of the fun can it?”

    John was far too busy panicking looking at the door lock to fully prepare for Sam to out his arms around his waist and put his crotch on his ass. The motion was intended to revive the sensual atmosphere but all it did was increase the bursting pressure inside John and finally lead to release.


    The unmistakable sound rocketed right against Sam’s barely covered member and being completely in shock from what happened the pleasure from the powerful vibrations came as a surprise and lead to the man letting out a wholly involuntary moan. But of course right after this the rank meaty fishy blast of air reached his nostrils. Sam sometimes got really bad gas himself and working on a ship meant he was around some bad smells all the time, but nothing even on this level. It felt like the inside of his nose was burning and he began to wretch at the terrible stink.

    Skipping all embaressment however all John could focus on was the moan that he got out of Sam. Spinning around the face the man who was violently coughing into his fist he said almost accusingly: “You enjoyed that, you moaned, you got pleasure out of that!”

    His face lit up from his seeming discovery of a fart fetishist, not giving any time for Sam to recover from the smell he continued. “So I’m sure you can tell by now that I’ve got terrible gas, it’s pretty much constant, but don’t get it twisted I love it, the feeling of relief and the smell of my own brew, but I’m sure you can tell that it could be debilitating sexually. But it seems like I found my solution!” He finished his speech grabbing the still wretching on the lingering stink Sam by the cheeks and pulling him into a kiss.

    “Since I started noticed you in the hallway I have been holding in my gas, so I’m not really sorry to say but you deserve this since I guess it’s kind of your fault…. but hey you enjoy it” John said pulling Sam over to the bed.

    Finally recovering Sam began to understand John’s misunderstanding but not knowing how to articulate himself he just stuttered on his words and couldn’t finish a sentence, which John just translated into excitement which was actually a massive panic.

    Before Sam could do anything he had been pushed down on the bed and John was getting into position to squat over his head. He was freaking out but this was his one opportunity to properly tell John what he was feeling but then he caught sight of that ass again.

    It was now hovering around above him almost hypnotising him with its beauty. Stinking beauty.

    In his distraction he had missed all of what John had been saying, but he didn’t care he was taking of his trousers and now his underwear. His ass had a layer of hair getting darker nearer the crack which Sam loved and began salivating at the sight of it even getting a little peek of the hole inside.

    “..so I’m sure you won’t mind using my flatulence as a substitute when you inevitably run out of air” He finally registered what John was saying and it scared him back into reality but by that point it was too late. Sam could barely finish saying 'Wait’ by the time he was engulfed in John’s gorgeous pungent butt.

    He hadn’t even ripped one yet but the smell of his ass was overwhelming and becuase of how massive it was Sam couldn’t experience anything else except muffled hearing of what John was saying.

    “Ahhh I’m so lucky that your hot face makes such a comfortable seat, literally I can feel your nose right in my hole!” Sam thought that was kind of a compliment? But the last part certainly scared him. He thought he could maybe get used to this but then it begun.

    “Think the canons are ready to fire Sam so prepare for impact”




    The sound and the smell of the flatulence was tenfold due to Sam being stuck in the abyss of John’s ass and all of the stink was free to go up his nose. It was rank, the powerful meatiness and fishiness but altogether rotten rancid stench made Sam feel like he was inhaling toxic fumes and his eyes even began to water.

    In contrast to this John was moaning at the relief of letting it out.

    “Oh god Sam I can even smell that up here and god I’m a stinker I can’t help but be proud of it” Sam could hear John say as he began to rub his ass even more into Sam’s face. Sam could even tell John was beginning to jerk off, at least someone was enjoying this.




    The cacophony of gas continued and Sam began to buck and attempt to scream into John’s ass for freedom.

    “Oh it’s good to hear you’re enjoying it down there, you really are a bit of a slut for my stink.” John said as he began to jack of Sam with his spare hand.

    'Wait’ Sam thought 'How the fuck do I have a boner?’. He was stuck under a hot man’s ass being forced to inhale his anal pheremones. Thinking it over it did make a bit more sense.But it didn’t stop it from stinking so much!

    The farts and moans from John continued as Sam’s grip to consciousness began to slip, but the hand job from John was about to pay off. But at that moment John stopped turned around and looked at Sam’s sweaty face and placed his ass cheeks around Sam’s pulsating dick.

    “Oh you look a little rough and God damn your face reeks, but I can only blame myself for that, but if anything I think you look cuter.” He said with a wink.

    All Sam could get out was “Fuck you stink…”

    “Haha I Know but you love it, so let’s finish this”

    And with that he pulled his dick one last time cumming all over your chest and simultaneously let out his last blasting fart to forcefully vibrate Sam’s cock past the point of climax and lead to one of the stinkier orgasms of his life.

    Sam couldn’t help but let out a moan which was stopped short by a deep kiss from John which when over they both inhaled, with Sam coughing on the residual stink of the room while John took a proud whiff of his handiwork.

    John pulled the blanket over the both of them and pulled Sam right into his chest not caring about the cum.

    Whispering to Sam he said “So now we know eachother a little better I propose you share this bed with me on a more permanent basis… I’m sure I can pull a few strings… Let’s sort out the technicalities in the morning. Goodnight and smelly dreams”

    Excited but terrified at what this meant for him Sam didn’t even notice the cover being pulled over his head. One rancid rip under the covers from John and Sam was out.

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Doctor

    (Re upload since the original was flagged for the pic)

    Joe liked his usual doctor he was low energy, understanding and old which meant he was never usually stressed about going for appointment’s. But according to receptionist he’d retired and now he had no choice but ‘Dr Wright’ who had only just finished Med school and this was his first proper job.

    It was only one of the last physio sessions for Joe’s recovery from his now-healed broken ankle but it was a pain it was with a new doctor.

    His slightly anxious train of thought was interrupted by the receptionist saying that Dr Wright was ready for him.

    Joe stood in front of the doctor’s door wondering if he should open it and if he did what he would say and generally overthinking the entire situation. But right as his hand grasped the door knob it was pulled forwards from the other side and with his still faulty angle he collapsed forwards through the entryway.

    Fortunately for Joe he fell on something warm and quite quickly to momentarily break his fall. Unfortunately for both of them they both fell backwards onto the floor of the office on top of eachother.

    “Shit, as if my first my first day couldn’t get any worse” Joe heard the stern voice mumbling as he blinked opening his eyes. Looking down the other man he couldn’t help but be stunned by him, his golden hair messed up by the fall still looked amazing, and his lips parted groaning in the pain from the fall seemed almost inviting.

    But Joe had to get a grip. He was on top of the man who was supposed to be helping him. And with a jolt of pain from his ankle his moaned which unintentionally reminded the doctor of his presence.

    “Oh crap sorry this is very unprofessional of me…” The doctor got out from under Joe and stood up brushing himself off and fixing his hair with one hand and offering the other to Joe on the floor “Let me help you up, especially since I probably just worsened your condition” He asked while bending down and giving Joe and apologetic smile.

    How managed to get off the floor with the help of the man who introduced himself as Doctor Wright who when standing next to him he realised had an imposing physique standing a bit taller than him but his shoulders jutted out wider and his arms were massive.

    Before they could get back into business a blast of freezing air came in through the wide open window making Joe shiver. It was the middle of winter and it was a cold day making Joe question the doctors sanity. His puzzled look at the window was noticed by the Doctor who again apologized explaining:

    “Yeah it was getting quite stuffy in here and my last patient had some complaints so I had to open it, that didn’t stop him from leaving though”

    “Why did he leave?” Joe asked a bit worried at the legitimacy of the doctor.

    “Oh no nothing really that bad I think he just needed fresh air” He said with an embaressed smile scratching the back of his head. The doctor was so damn charming that it erased any doubt in Joe’s mind and just left him blushing.

    After closing the windows Wright offered Joe a seat opposite him “Again sorry about all the informalities, let’s just help I can help your ankle”

    “Don’t worry I’m sure you can do anything to help..” Joe trailed away not sure what he was saying and worried he was coming on too strong luckily the doctor ignored this.

    He continued explaining all they had to do were a few stretches to help train the muscles. The bad news was that the stretches would be guided by the doctor, meaning a lot of physical contact, which Joe wasn’t sure if he would be able to handle.

    “Okay so the first one is easy” He was standing in front of Joe but facing away, this was his first time noticing the doctor’s ass which was seemingly barely being held back by his work trousers which only helped emphasise the shape of his ass. One of his legs was now on the bed surface and he was stretching to his side, but all Joe could look at was how it contorted his ass and how amazing it looked when it moved.

    “So do you get it?” Joe’s fantasy was interrupted and the doctor turned around to face the spaced out man. Joe had completely forgotten the stretch but instead of reprimanding him the Doctor only smiled and said “Okay that’s fine let me guide you through it”

    Before Joe could even splutter out a response the doctor was behind him holding his waist in one hand and his inner thigh in the other. It was so intimate, Joe was practically being grinded on by how closer the doctor’s bulge was to his ass.

    “Hah sorry about how close this is guess I should tell you I’m James by the way, always polite to at least tell them your name first” Oh god he was making sex jokes at a time like this, Joe was beginning to sweat as all he could do was force out a chuckle at the doctor who was practically groping him.

    “Okay now I’m just going to raise your left leg onto the bed slowly and stabilise you with my other hand securely on your waist” Joe’s leg began to rise easily but as he did he realised a familiar feeling in his ass it was full of gas , shit shit shit, he couldn’t let it out now, not like this. His panic increased as his leg got onto the bed.

    “Doc are you sure you need to show me all this I think my ankle is feeling fine actually?” Joe asked quickly.

    “Hah yeah you’re funny, I like funny guys, but no I saw your x-rays your going to need all the stretches you can get” What the hell does he mean by he likes funny guys, is he gay as well? Joe knew he could worry about that now the James was pushing his waist so his upper body stretched towards his leg only straining Joe’s asshole more to try and hold it in.

    But it couldn’t.


    It was an obvious clear sound followed quickly by the stink of the beans on toast Joe had eaten for breakfast. Joe actually enjoyed the smell of his own brew but he doubted the doctor felt the same was, especially when it’s right on his crotch.

    He tried to find words to express apology, to make an excuse, to lighten the situation. But all he could do was splutter. Joe even tried to scuff his foot on the floor to make a similar sound but the carpet was incapable of this and the smell was undeniable.

    Facing the consequences he turned his head a little to meet the face of the doctor who still held his waist.

    “Wheeew guess that comes with the territory pretty stinking though I’d give it a strong 6 put of 10” he said grinning at Joe.

    Joe was shocked. Why wasn’t this man disgusted surely this situation would be embaressing for both of them. So why was the only thing Joe could think to say…

    “Only a six?” he got out as he turned around to face the other man who seemingly refused to take his hands of his waist, feeling the warmth radiating from him made Joe blush a little more.

    “Not to brag..” James said shaking his ass with one of his hands behind his back which Joe wished he got a better view of “..but I’m pretty much a gas machine, back in my dorm at uni they used to call me ‘Dr Stink’ and I kinda lived up to that name”

    Momentarily regretting all he had said the Doctor’s voice became a little more coy finishing his explanation “So again not to brag but that burst of yours pales in comparison…”

    Both of them were left in silence with Joe being stunned by the apparently stinky Doctor’s reveal.

    Still surrounded in the smell of Joe’s emission James decided to break the tension with an awkward smile saying “So let’s continue with the stretches!”

    Again standing facing away from Joe with his entrancing ass on show he made a wide stance with his feet apart and looked back at him.

    “So this one’s a little easier just a basic forwards stretch, now copy my stance and we’ll do it together”

    Joe stood the only place he could fit in the modest office, right behind him. James began to bend down until he reached the ground as he did so his ass began to almost break the seems of his trousers trying to escape with part of his crack showing at the top. Joe had to try not to stare but it was the only thing in his line of sight.

    “Like what you see?” James was looking back at Joe from in between his legs, he caught him staring. He asked the question light-heartedly but Joe knew his answer would have been yes. “Well anyway you need to copy the stretch so come on”

    Joe had nothing else to do except follow not wanting to be more awkward. It wasn’t until he began to bend forward that he realised how close his face was getting to the Doctor’s amazing ass. When his face got as close to the butt as it could from bending he couldn’t help but look up at it, he couldn’t resist.

    The moment he looked up.


    The air around his face shook, the force of the blast blew his hair since it was so close and he could feel the heat of it. Then the stink followed swiftly invading Joe’s senses with its rotten eggy stench.

    “Ah I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist so I prepared a little punishment, oh and I also wanted to make sure you know that I live up to my title of 'Dr Stink’ after all.”

    In his weak stance and so overpowered Joe’s legs gave out and he collapsed on the floor of the office coughing in the gas cloud which surrounded him.

    Once again the doctor helped him off the ground and once again the doctor held his patient by the waist. James looked a little embaressed but mainly triumphant.

    “I probably should have held back a bit more but at least you know what I can do” the doctor said winking at the patient in his hands.

    Between coughs Joe managed to say “Yeah and it fucking reeks aren’t doctors supposed to make you healthier??” Joe managed to get out a smile with the last claim finding the humour in the situation.

    Instead of laughing at the claim however he just smirked wrapping his hands around Joe’s wrists. “Well this doctor has noticed you staring at his ass and his ass had something to say about it” Smirking as he said the sentence he guided Joe’s hands to his ass so he could get a good feel.

    Joe knew he should be more embaressed but all he could bring himself to do was grab at James’s ass. All room for rational thought had gone.

    “I think by this point Joe we’ve moved past any pretence” in the middle of the sentence James let out a short fart on Joe’s hands which soon added to the stench surrounding the two. He pulled himself out of Joe’s arms and walked to the door locking it and then walked over to the window to shut the blinds. As he began to unbutton his shirt revealing his toned chest, he looked back to Joe and continued “You’ve been quite an unprofessional patient so I’m afraid this appointment will have to use some more extreme treatment”

    Approaching closer to Joe who was getting more intimidated and aroused by the second he turned around in front of him and unzipped his trousers “It’s a treatment which I specifically specialise in and only I can cure your condition with”

    He pulled his trousers slowly down letting his bare uncovered ass spill out in all it’s plentiful glory “That condition being the one barely held back by your underwear specifically”

    Joe hadn’t even fully noticed the fact that his penis was completely stiff and easily visible in his jeans. He was lost for words and confused at what specifically about the situation was turning him on but before he could try and reason with him.

    “So if we are going to continue with the procedure I’m going to need you to lie down on the bed so we can begin” Joe gulped at this knowing that whatever smelly treatment James gave him he wouldn’t be able to cope with it. He had a very sensitive nose and just one fart from the doctor nearly made him pass out. But he lost all rational thought when the barely clothed James grabbed his waist and began kissing his neck making his way up to his face and eventually on his mouth. It wasn’t the most romantic situation but the sensuality and intimacy overcame Joe as he gave in completely.

    As they were kissing Joe managed to pull off his shirt and wriggle out of his trousers. Once he was only in his boxers James managed to lead him to the bed so he could fall back on it.

    James bent over the bed so he could look down at the sprawled out man underneath him. Smiling down at Joe he teased him rubbing his bulge underneath the thin layer of fabric.

    “I didn’t think I’d find a suitable sniffer on my first day so I’m shocked that a cute man like you would just stumble into my door and just let me start gassing him up.” In a quick flip of his leg James was straddling Joe with his ass over his chest and his erect dick pointing towards Joe’s underwear.

    Backing his ass up closer to Joe’s face, Joe was getting more and more nauseated at the pure stench of his ass. The smell of stale farts drifted up his nostrils. Giving one last look back at him James winked “Hope you enjoy your prescription”

    Then it smothered him James’s bare sweaty taint was on Joe’s face with his hole perfectly aligned with his nose.




    The barrage seemed endless and the gas began intoxicating Joe’s brain clouding any sense he had leading him to mindlessly moan simultaneously for freedom but also for more.

    Then Joe felt James start sucking on his dick getting him closer to the release he needed and also the stimulation of their bodies increased as James began writhing on top of him rubbing his cock on Joe’s chest for further stimulation for himself.




    The farts became less long but more frequent and had more power behind them helped by the fact that with James’s thrusting his ass was now beating against Joe’s face.




    The stink was becoming so overwhelming but the pleasure was as well. Joe’s thoughts were becoming clouded by the rotten stench of James’s gas.


    That last blast was enough to push him over the edge with its extra hot burst of sour smelling stench. He came in James’s mouth and moaned into his ass. Seconds after he felt warmth on his stomach and a muffled moan and triumphant laugh from above signalling that James had release as well.

    He could barely hear it from under his ass but he could make out: “Just one more….”


    It was worse than anything else Joe had experienced and it all went straight up his nose singing his nose hair and the toxic stink pushed him over the edge. Passing out he all he experienced was the powerful stink, the heat on his face and the muffled sound of proud laughter.

    Joe came to on the same bed but under a blanket and suitably cleaned up. The sun was setting reminding Joe of how much of the day he had lost. The room still had the faint stale stink of James’s gas proving it wasn’t all some crazy fever dream.

    On the table next to him was a business card with a phone number next to 'Dr. James Wright’ on one side and some writing on the other.

    'Patient seemed to react well to treatment but is under threat of facing repeat symptoms. Must report back at least weekly for repeat treatment and specific therapy’

    It seemed to Joe that he was going to have to get used to his new prescription.

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Office duo (Part 2)

    (Re upload since original was flagged for the pic)

    The next morning Luke was on his way up the elevator to his floor desperately trying to hold his gas in which was hard especially after his double egg omelette he treated himself to for breakfast. But he was saving it all for his opportunity.

    Squirming in his office chair Luke waited impatiently for Liam’s papers to arrive so he could deliver them for the morning briefing. He wondered if his overly tight trousers and shirt which was unbuttoned to a potentially unprofessional degree would be too much but it was too late to change anything by this point. When the papers finally arrived he grabbed them quickly and began carefully walking into the bosses office not wanting to lose any control over his rectum.

    As he shuffled over to Liam’s desk he looked at him through his glasses with sheepish eyes obviously still embaressed about his fart. “Hey Liam how you doing this morning?” As Liam began to reply with a long list of things and a couple apologies for the day before Luke ignored him lining himself up for attack. With Liam still talking he bent over to drop of the papers on a side table which he knew meant his ass was close to his cute face.

    Maybe with a slightly over acted “Oh damn” Liam winced and let himself cut one.


    It was one of his best and he let out a sigh from the relief but was worried that this plan may have backfired so he looked back to see how his boss had reacted.

    The wall of Liam’s eggy stench had obviously hit Liam as his eyes were watering and he was coughing a little but he was smiling. Luke had pulled it off so he began his over practiced apology.

    “Damn Liam I’m sorry my stink must have hit you right in the damn face, I’m so sorry can I make it up to you at all” He stared at Liam who was obviously still gathering his thoughts and recovering from the gas.

    “Yikes Luke that was a pretty strong one, part of me is impressed, but damn that’s bad I wouldn’t expect a smell like that from a guy… as well… I don’t know… as cute as you?”

    Luke chuckled a but at this, it was obvious Liam hadn’t flirted in a while, but the fact that he was flirting at all made Luke need to sit down. “Are you sure you’re okay boss I know my gas stinks, but I guess I surprised you, to be honest I’m actually a very gassy person” He looked up again to his boss who was now smiling sitting opposite him.

    “I understand you completely, if I’m honest it’s what Jesse hated most about me.” He looked a little bittersweet but Luke didn’t want to sour his mood.

    Putting his hand over Liam’s on the desk he gave him a understanding smile. “Oh I get that completely, want to tell me about it?” And taking a risk he leaning to the side on his chair.


    He laughed a bit at how casual he was being with his eggy gas which was now clouding the area around them. And luckily it made Liam laugh and Luke couldn’t tell but maybe even take a subtle sniff.

    “Ah good one…” and he leaned over grinning.


    Luke was impressed at how easily his boss could just summon his gas but Liam’s stench mixing with his own was beginning to intoxicate them both.

    “But yeah, Jesse was always so uptight, I’ve always liked having fun with my gas but he was never down for it and always made me hold it in.”

    “Oh and what do you mean by having fun?” Luke raised his eyebrows playing with the potentially sexual interpretation of Liam’s sentence.

    Liam gave Luke a dangerously sexual look from over the desk and stood up from his chair and looked down at Luke with a grin “I’m assuming you want to find out?”

    Luke smiled back up at him. This was it, he could tell they were both on the same page. “Why don’t you show me then.” He got up as well went to lock the office door. As he walked over to the door to lock it he looked behind him to see that Liam was following him. Liam slipped his arms over Luke’s shoulders from behind him massaging his body lightly and grinding on his ass.

    Practically melting into Liam, Luke decided to take the opportunity of their position.


    His eggy scent blasted against Liam’s crotch and Luke was happy to feel a slight reaction from him.

    “I’m assuming this was the kind of fun you were talking about” The sensual receptionist turned around in Liam’s arms and they held eachother looking into eachothers eyes.

    Liam learnt in his mouth almost touching Luke’s. “Well my kind of fun is a bit more powerful you see…” and he pulled away from Luke turned around and pushed him back into the door with his ass. Liam began madly gyrating against Luke’s growing bulge while Luke still recovered from the shock. Until he paused.


    Liam looked around to join Luke’s stare knowing the affect that his meaty stench was having on Luke.

    The two men were basting in eachothers rancid pheremones turning the office into a toxic gas chamber. The atmosphere relieved the two of any tension and secrets they held from eachother for the years they had been close and let them enjoy eachother in their true gassy sexual nature.

    Luke knew what he wanted to do and how he wanted to take control. He thrusted Liam off of him and swiftly grabbed his boss by the tie and lead him over to one of the sofa’s.

    While lying down over the arm of one of the sofa’s making sure his ass was in full view he looked back at Liam who was hungrily salivating at the sight of his butt.

    “Now I’ve booked you in for an appointment, the client is ready to see you.” Luke made sure his boss would get the message by shaking his ass in his direction.

    Without any words Liam went face first into Luke’s ass and began rubbing, massaging, licking his ass appreciating it in all its glory even through his tight work trousers.

    “I’ve heard this client has a lot to talk to you about actually…” Luke said with a grin down at the man making a stain on his ass crack.




    The gas squeezed out of Luke’s ass making a raucous amount of noise almost as a warning towards the power of its odour. Luke’s sensual scent enveloped them both but the majority went into Liam’s respitory system further infatuating him with the man attached to the ass he was grabbing at.

    Finally having gotten his fix of Luke’s ass, Liam managed to pull himself away and went to meet Luke’s face pulling him up into kiss making sure the stink now ingrained on his face was rubbed back against Luke.

    “Now Luke I think it’s time I let you off on a lunch break.” Liam whispered as he pulled away from Luke once again. He then lay down on an opposite sofa looking at Luke invitingly. He began slowly freeing his ass from the tight embrace of his trousers as it bubbled out from its cage, and he slowly continued to free the cheeks from his boxers as well. “I hope you can handle all your meal, it might be too filling for you.”

    From the other sofa practically licking his lips at the sight of his bosses beautiful hairy ass and deep crack he felt like he could almost smell it’s the terrible musk of it. Prowling over to the other sofa Luke reached Liam’s amazing ass feeling it’s warm cheeks and nuzzling the crack in preparation. He felt like he could say a speech on how much he had lusted over his bosses buns but the closer he got the less he could resist.


    The rotten gust of air blasted Luke’s hair back but the peek he got of Liam’s hole pushing it out pushed Luke over the edge. He dove in, his face getting engulfed in globes of his bosses butt and started aggressively tonguing his stinking hole.




    Going directly into Luke’s hungry mouth and burning nostrils, the meaty stench of Liam’s toxic ass overcame Luke’s senses forcing him into a state of ecstasy.




    Luke was getting so immensely turned on that his penis was almost tearing the seams of his trousers and Liam seemed to be equally erect as he was propping himself up with his member. The last bursts of rotten stench made Luke need release badly. Tearing his face out of Liam’s sweaty ass he put his dick in position.

    Liam turned himself around so he could look at Luke.

    “Well go ahead then…” and he punctuated his sentence with:


    The hit gust of air opened up Liam’s hole inviting Luke. So of course Luke obliged.

    As Luke thrusted ryhthmically Liam began moaning partly from the pleasure he was getting from Luke and partly from all the gas which was being stirred but held back by Luke’s cock.

    Luke was preoccupied with wrecking Liam but he was beginning to feel a need for release himself. As he pushed himself into Liam he began pushing out bursts of farts.

    “Ahhh you have no idea how long I’ve been meaning to do this for..”


    “And it’s even better that we can do it with our farts as well..”


    “I might need to move my desk in here you know..”


    “Just so I can bang you against it every morning..”


    “And I’m sure a morning face fart will be much more refreshing than a cup of coffee..”


    “Well we have all the time in the world to find out…”


    With his last thrust and release of gas Luke released inside of Liam who was too busy moaning to reply to Luke. With Luke finished he slowed down and let Liam recover himself but he had not.yet released. Between pants the stinky business man got out:

    “Uh Luke get out of me I need to let something out..”

    Luke could feel the pressure surrounding his dick and slowly let himself out.


    The winds practically knocked Luke over to the other side of the sofa and also got his cum sprayed out back over him. He grew lightheaded at the power of Liam’s rotted stench clouding him. While laughing at the power of his gas Liam shot his ropes over Luke.

    Collapsing into eachother both men were a mess.

    It was lucky that the two could agree to gas out the laundromat down the street to get some more privacy while their clothes got a clean.

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Actor

    (Re upload since original got flagged for the pic)

    Simon was disappointed in Jake to say the least. Sure he was a great actor and sure he was getting all his lines down perfectly, but he wasn’t giving it enough time, literally. During rehearsals Simon would try and push the actors as far as they can go and he could tell his star Jake had more to offer and had the potential for a bigger role. But it was hard to do anything about the potential when he was constantly finding excuses to leave.

    Whenever a scene was going on for too long or Simon was trying to push him to evolve as an actor he would start to look uncomfortable and almost demand to get off the stage. As the director Simon obviously found this problematic, especially since him falling for Jake’s charms was a lot of the reason why he got such a large role in the play.

    But the interuptions were becoming an issue and since the play was practically Simon’s baby he knew he would have to do something about it.

    On rehearsal that day Jake had been giving an amazing performance as always and Simon was enthralled, he couldn’t tell if it was the acting or Jake’s pleasing appearance. And fuck did Jake’s ass look good in those tight trousers which Simon made sure was part of his costuming. But as always right before Simon could give any constructive criticism of the scene, Jake made a contorted face and scrambled backstage.

    Simon had enough and called for the rest of the cast to take a break, and began stalking Jake through the backstage area until he got to a corridor leading to many different rooms and it seems like Simon lost him.

    About to give up Simon walked past the cleaning cupboard and heard what sounded like a deep powerful rumble and the faint sounds of relieved breathing. Despite the fear of the unknown Simon felt, if it was Jake behind the door he thought this was as better time than any to confront him. So he opened the door.

    He was indeed greeted with the sight of Jake, the tall actor looking shocked being caught cramped inside a storage cupboard, he was also blushing which Simon worked out what was for when he noticed the tent Jake had in his trousers. But what was most shocking was the smell that practically burst out the cupboard, a deep cheesy stench hit Simon making him choke. The unmistakable smell of a fart.

    So in spite of all the circumstances all Simon could say from behind the shirt he had pulled over his nose was:

    “Fuck Jake did you fart?”

    At the accusation Jake’s face quickly changed to irritation and he grabbed Simon’s shirt and pulled him into the small space.

    “God get in here I’m not letting anyone else see me like this”

    Simon was experiencing sensory overload being suddenly pulled into such a small space cramped with man he was undeniably attracted to, but still annoyed at, and the smell in the room was of stale but obvious flatulence.

    “Ugh Jake what are you doing in here, and why’d you pull me in? Is this where you are always running off to? And why does it fucking reek?!?”

    Simon’s barrage of questions left him breathless or maybe it was just the smell.

    “Dude you’ve got to calm down.”

    Simon did not appreciate how indifferent Jake was being but his chill response did calm the atmosphere and the fact that Simon felt the warmth of his breathe so close reminded him of just how close the two were in the cramped room. There was a slightly elongated pause where the two just looked at eachother not sure how to go on.

    “But you were right earlier, there’s no point trying to hide it any more, I did fart, I fart a lot actually…”

    It was weird to say the least for Simon to hear the dreamy young man say fart so casually, it just didn’t seem like it would be in his nature.

    “And that’s why I come here to let it out when I have to, I don’t really want to embaress myself in front of the cast and well you especially.”

    That last part confused Simon but he didn’t really have the ability to comprehend it at that time.

    “I dunno I also kind of enjoy it, like I know you know how good it feels to let out a stinker right?“

    Jake’s demeanour shifted to show his more boyish side but the question threw off Simon even more leaving him even more bewildered at the situation. Jake decided to continue his monologue feeling relieved to finally admit this to someone.

    “Like seriously come on hear this and tell me you don’t think it feels amazing”


    Jake scrunched his face a little but still kept his smile as he leaned over to let out the massive blast, Simon had to admit that the vibrations filling the room must have had some satisfaction to it and he could see the pride on Jake’s face as he moaned a little letting it out. But he lost focus on all this when the smell of the fresh fart hit. It was like the tiny room had gained the concentrated smell of a long abandoned cheese shop, the rich rotten smell making Simon have to pinch his nose so as to not pass out immediately.

    “Hah come on man it isn’t that bad!” He took a quick sniff and then a little cough “Okay maybe it is pretty rancid, mine tend to always be…”

    Finally regaining some of his composure Simon knew that as much as he enjoyed the intimacy with his star actor, he had to remain professional, and also he was starting to think that if he remained in the hot cheesy stink any longer he might melt.

    “Umm alright Simon, thanks for telling me about your umm, issue, but I have to get back now…”

    As he fiddled with the door a little desperately, Jake was disappointed that his cute director was going so quickly, and he had so much gas left that he wouldn’t be able to follow him back to rehearsal for a while. He grew determined and put and arm on Simon to turn him around and face him, their noses now few centimetres apart.

    “Come on Simon don’t go yet, I’ve actually got a few questions for you actually”

    Scared but a little excited by the contact all he could mumble out was “What?”

    “Firstly why is it that you’ve always got so much attention on me? I swear when I’m on stage you can’t take your eyes off me.”

    It was obvious Jake was teasing him but all Simon could respond with was him stumbling over his words and avoiding eye contact, and the more he tried the more he knew he was digging himself a hole. Giggling at how nervous he was making him Jake carried on.

    “And secondly why is it that I have to wear these damn trousers?”

    As he said it he turned around in the closet and poked his ass out so it was almost touching Simon’s crotch.

    “Like fuck these feel like they’re painted on they’re so damn tight, and I did hear you had some say in the costume design…. but hey at least they create some pretty good vibrations if you get what I mean?”

    Finishing the sentence Jake winked and confirmed his suspicions when he backed his ass back into what was obviously Simon’s unwilling boner.


    It was almost like there wasn’t anything between Jake’s hole and Simon’s dick as the gas blasted out. Jake’s grunts letting the fart carry on and on, with the sound of Simon’s moaning at the sensation and the deafening rip of the fart created a cacophony of stinking sound in the tiny room. And it didn’t take long for the smell to waft into both of their noses. Jake taking a deep breathe and sighing enjoying basking in his wretched stink while Simon was gagging still not used to Jake’s powerful anal pheremones.

    Simon’s knees went shaky as he slumped down onto the floor but his dick was still very much rigid.

    “Fuck Simon I don’t think you understand how good it feels to just stink up a room like this, like my gas has made this closet it’s bitch, and well you as well…

    Chuckling Jake realised he hadn’t had this much fun with his gas in ages. Looking down at the cute but barely conscious overstunk director he thought maybe he would treat him and then maybe he’d be more willing to come and accompany him the next times he had to relieve himself.

    Simon couldn’t believe his eyes when right in front of him he saw Jake’s ass start to be free of the constrictions of the trousers, the two glowing cheeks making the rank crack in between them look inviting. But it seems the invitation wasn’t exactly optional as the gap between him and the crack closed and soon his nose and face were wedged in it.

    Muffled Simon could make out Jake saying:

    “I hope you don’t mind having a bit of a stinky siesta in here for a little while, I think it’ll do you some good you seem to overwork yourself, sometimes we need to let go off stuff like that, in fact I’ve got something I have to let go of now…”


    Being so close to the source did no favours for Simon’s practically destroyed nostrils and it didn’t take long before the rotting odour of Jake’s flatulence made him black out in his ass.

    Peeling his ass off Simon’s face, Jake made sure to leave him in a comfortable position before he went to inform the rest of the cast they had day off. Once Simon woke up he couldn’t wait to show him how quickly he could stink up the entire stage.

    Gassy Lessons - Fourth class: Sports

    Jay had been attending his ‘Fart training’ with Mr Watts for about a week and half and he was beginning to build up a good technique. He had adjusted his diet slightly and learned some better ways off letting out the gas, according to his teacher it was becoming quite impressive. Between moments of flirtatious farting with his science teacher, he told Jay that he was maybe ready to test out his gas on other people. He didn’t really understand what this meant but he took it into consideration.

    It was his last class of the day sports, it was the season for team sports which he usually enjoyed but not having any proper friends in his group he found it pretty boring. The lesson started off with them all getting changed in one of the locker rooms while they waited for their coach. During this time most students chatted with their friends but Jay just stood in the corner of the room and just waited for the lesson to start while changing, he didn’t mind embracing the mysterious loner stereotype for just one year. Unfortunately it wasn’t so uneventful on this particular day as a group of guys decided they wanted to be pricks.

    “Hey man nice haircut” One guy called at Jay in a sarcastic way. At this time Jay was sporting a buzzcut but when guys wanted to be rude he guessed they just made fun of anything. He just rolled his eyes in response.

    Another called since the first remark didn’t get a response “Oi nice ass man bet your boyfriend loves it.” While his friends laughed at this Jay just found it funny, and he did have a nice ass he had to admit. But he knew a good way to respond to the guys.

    He stepped a bit closer to them which confused them “Well guys when you get a closer look it really isn’t that 'nice’” Be turned around sticking his butt towards them and lifted one leg in an exaggerated manner.


    “The fuck man!” The guys immediately began complaining and Jay was proud. He had filled the close vicinity with his own wretched stink cloud. The assholes drew their sports shirts over their noses as they looked at Jay saying shit like 'dude that reeks’ and 'that’s fucking disgusting’. Jay just chuckled to himself as he finished changing, while he’d gotten stares from the rest of the room with some waving their hands in front of their noses while others laughed with Jay he had gotten the perfect reaction. He considered that he might be happier with the label of gassy mysterious loner.

    Soon after however while the hint of stink was still lingering the coach entered, however his only reaction was slightly raised eyebrows after a quick sniff. He was another one of the many teachers Jay found attractive having a muscular but shorter than average frame which he made up for with his intimidating face giving off a serious energy, his semi-permanent frown hid what would be considered a handsome stubble covered face with a masculine short black haircut.

    He told the students to follow him out to one of the fields of the school telling them they would be playing football today, split into two teams and he would be refereeing as well as giving them critiques.

    Jay wasn’t the best football player and as the game started up he remembered just how little he really understood some of the more minute rules. After just a few minutes of the game while he attempted to get involved and steal the ball from another player, everything stopped and apparently his technique was considered a foul. When the coach had to get involved he wanted to stop the conflict as soon as possible and gave Jay a red card making him leave the game and stand by him for the rest of the match, Jay wasn’t really that invested in a game he didn’t care about to he went without hesitation enjoying the thought of just being lazy for the rest of the hour.

    Jay was ordered to stand next to the coach and watch the game to maybe learn something, but Jay really didn’t care for sports. He instead was much more interested in eyeing up the coach and attempting to remain subtle. The man had a bulbous ass and him wearing the tight gym shorts made it look amazing. Despite all the gassy interactions Jay had been having with teachers recently, nothing could stop the young man’s sex drive.

    Jay had only been standing next to the the stoic teacher for a couple minutes when his stomach gurgled. It was obviously the Triple egg and cheese sandwich he had eaten for lunch kicking in. Jay was still riding high on the confidence he got from gassing out the changing room and he was kind of interested in seeing how his serious coach would react. So he raised his leg once again garnering a glance from the man next to him.


    It wasn’t loud enough for the students playing to hear but the coach obviously had and was now surrounded in a fog of Jay’s eggy wrath which he was proud of as he took an loud sniff.

    “Phew that’s a stinker don’t ya think?” He was playing it up but as this point he didn’t care, he was having too much fun.

    For the first time in what seemed like forever Jay saw the man smile it was mischevious but the way it made the man look almost made Jay’s legs buckle, he was hot. And to get that reaction from a fart was interesting.

    “Huh turns out there is some potential in this class.” Even though the statement was about farts, the stinky boy blushed at it. While he was still in shock however the coach smirked and leaned away from him and turned his ass a bit in his direction.


    It was a roar of malodorous wind blasting warmth on Jay on the cold day, but it reeked of rotting meat.

    “Try that one on for size.” The deep voice said to Jay who was staring back at the teacher as well as making to look at the ass which shot out the gas which was making him cough, at least he has an excuse to.

    Jay attempted to recompose himself next to the teacher who had resumed staring at the game. The student still had some gas in his tank and thought he should probably kick it up a notch, be more bold. He stepped closer to the coach after he checked to see no students were looking and stuck his ass out to touch against the side of Coach’s waist.

    “What are you-”


    It rumbled deeply against the man’s waist and once it was done Jay strolled back whistling at the eggy stink he had forced onto the teacher who was looking at Jay with a pleased shock and after he took a deep intentional sniff he even grimaced a bit making Jay exceptionally happy.

    “How’s that taste Coach?” Jay asked cheerily.

    “Good…” He replied, the man trailed off at the end, Jay looked at him and could tell he was deep in thought, he’d began looking at the students playing but there was something more predatory in his eyes.

    Jay watched along with the coach until one of the students, one of the guys who had been fucking with Jay in the changing room actually, made a slight mistake. None of the other students complained but before they could start playing again Coach blew his whistle and beckoned over the boy who glared at Jay as he jogged up to them.

    “What’s wrong Coach?”

    “That was a clear foul, your here for the rest of the game.”

    The boy sighed but accepted his fate not wanting to argue with such an assertive man, so he went to stand in the gap between Coach and Jay while Coach whistled for the game to continue. They stood in silence with the student occasionally giving Jay dirty looks, after a while Jay looked over at the teacher who made eye contact with him. But by the way the coach stared at him Jay realised he was trying to say something, his eyes darted from Jay to the boy in the middle and then he winked his a small smile. Maybe this was a test.

    Jay extended his hand to the student “Hey man I’m sorry about my smelly incident earlier…” The other boy looked at him like he was a complete freak but obviously didn’t want to leave Jay’s hand hanging in front of him so he took it, but that was all Jay needed. He grabbed the boy’s hand tightly and tugged him down quickly making him trip up behind him. While the student was still in shock behind him on the grass Jay crouched a little pointing his ass straight at him.


    The eggy blast hit him point blank.

    “Yeah man sorry for not making you smell another!” As the boy wretched at thr rotten gas gagging him Jay just laughed at him while he tried to catch his breath while staggering to his feet.

    “Coach did you see that, this dude just farted on me it smelt fu-” he stopped himself from swearing in front of the teacher “-terrible!” But while he was attempting to talk reason to the coach he was staring at the game and replied quickly “What?” Jay snickered as he was surprised how good at acting dumb the coach was. The other boy was left dumbfounded at the injustice but Coach just backed up his question with “Don’t make stuff up kid, keep your eye on the game.”

    The student just huffed as turned back to Jay gave him a death stare “Dude you fucking stink.”

    Jay found this attempt at an insult hilarious, he could practically see the smell of his gas radiating off the guys face “Man what are you talking about?” he giggled back.

    The confrontation couldn’t go any further when the both heard the coach click his fingers startling them.

    “Hey you,” Coach looked at the other boy “could you pick this up for me?” He pointed casually with one finger at the grass behind him which had the pen usually clipped to his belt sitting on it. Of course it would be easy for Coach to pick it up but the student wasn’t about to talk back to him so he quickly began walking over to the ground to get it. As the boy bent down to pick it up behind Coach the man crouched a little and flashed Jay a grin. The asshole’s head was in the danger zone.


    It bubbled doftly and powerfully out of Coach’s ass and obviously hit the boy like a ton of bricks making him stumble and fall down even deeper into the source of the overwhelming stench. While the amazed Jay was standing several feet away the wave of wretched warmth hit him pretty quick and even he started coughing a bit at the meaty stink. But it was nothing compared to the other students reaction who was having a full on coughing fit on the ground, but he was beginning to stand up again, however slowly.

    “Jay come on and help your fellow student.” The tone of the teacher’s voice was not very sincere so as Jay hurried over he interpreted Coach’s instructions as he squatted over the other student.


    It was pretty abrupt but the eggy blast mixed with the meaty fog did the job as the boy stayed down with wet eyes and curled up loudly coughing and wretching.

    Jay stood up and gave the boy a look of deep fake concern. The Coach whistled once again.

    “This student is having a serious athsma attack over here so we’ll go and help him in the sports office, you all can play on until I come back.” He bellowed at the others. They didn’t seem to really care that much as they carried on, so per orders of the Coach Jay helped the man get the wretching student on the Coach’s back and they jogged back into the changing room. However instead of making the turn into the sports office with any medical supplies, Jay instead followed him into the dimly lit small sports supplies room where Coach promptly dumped the boy onto a pile of mats where he lay still coughing.

    Coach turned to look at Jay with his restrained but unbearably attractive smile.

    “Now we’ve had our fun but, we’ve got to make sure this kid doesn’t remember shit.” It was nice to hear the coach speak more informally and it was even nicer that he was holding the blushing farter by the shoulders telling him this. Jay just nodded smiling deliriously, the flatulence had obviously gotten to his head.

    Coach had quickly gone to get something and left to get something and had left Jay in charge on keeping an eye on the idiot student. He was beginning to recover pretty fast and had sat up now. “The fuck are you two doing this shit for?”

    Jay just checked his nails for dirt saying “The fuck, I didn’t know fart cushions could talk?” giving the other boy a passing glance. The other boy was getting frustrated he got to his feet and stomped over to Jay shocked at the sudden movement, the student got right in his face.

    “I swear to fucking God if you talk about farting one more time…” he just snarled at the end but Jay was expecting something like this as he had one hand down his trousers cupping and SBD he was letting out.

    Chuckling at the other enraged boy who didn’t even have time to raise a fist, Jay raised his cupped hand up to the boys nose. “Oh you means farts like this?” Unfortunately Jay wasn’t good enough to knock him out just yet but the stink was a good enough distraction as he began to cough again. Jay shoved the boy back to the ground for the second time in the day and did what felt most natural as he straddled the boy down with his ass resting on the boys chest leaving him right in Jay’s firing line.

    This was just the time Coach came back in carrying in two protein shakes. “See you’re one step ahead of me.” Jay grinned up at the teacher as he restrained the other boy who was starting to struggle again. “You’re really bringing out the contact sport in fart I like it.”

    “I made room for you Coach!” He said patting the boys face which was clear for landing.

    “Nice work young man, now you drink one of these, they’re my secret weapon I think our friend here will enjoy their effects.”

    As Coach sat down resting on the students face giving him a little room to breathe, Jay backed up making sure not to miss the opportunity to be ass to ass with his coach. They both chugged their shakes and not even a minute after Jay heard his Coach’s stomach rumble almost in synch with his own. It was time.

    “You ready Coach?”

    “You should be more worried about yourself!”





    The onslaught of gas coming out of the two men’s asses overwhelmed the boy underneath them who passed out at the mix of eggy and meaty toxic stench, but it wasn’t really about him.




    The gas kept going rumbling between the two’s vibrating asses shaking the room which felt like an earthquake to Jay. The sensation of being ass to ass with the sexy moaning teacher in relief while having warm gas in between them was starting to make Jay hard but he wasn’t properly capable of thinking of that as the smell of them both letting rip was getting to him.




    The toxic fog in the room was beginning to become more dominated by the personal stink of the coach as Jay realised that he was slowing down while his teacher was going strong. However once Jay was out his teacher abruptly stopped and looked over his shoulder to see Jay’s erection.

    The older man stood up off what may as well have been a decomposing corpse, at least by the smell of the face, and got in front of Jay. And in doing so showing off the hard on he as well was sporting.

    “I see we’re both getting quite a unique pleasure from this Jay.” Jay wasn’t all there, being in what felt like another stench filled realm of existence, but he was liking it, despite how bad it stunk, he was still turned on. “Now how about’s I finish you off too I need to get back to my class after all” He turned around and pulled down his shorts revealing a hairy ass being held taught with a jockstrap. And despite the stink Jay thought he was in heaven. “Go for it Jay.”

    Jay dove in, but in his state all he could do was nuzzle the man’s crack appreciating his musk on top of the overwhelming stench of his flatulence. He felt his asshole twitch and knew what was coming.


    The meaty stink singed his nostrils as it invaded Jay’s body. Despite thinking he would ever get used to something like this we was wrong, his body couldn’t handle such a putrid smell and he was out.

    When he eventually woke up he was back in the changing room. He noticed pretty quickly he was next to the boy who he and the coach tortured but he looked like he wouldn’t get up for a while, Jay considered the idea that he might be in a fart induced coma but unfortunately his breathing felt pretty present if not a bit damaged. Jay saw on top of his regular uniform a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. Jay smiled at what this meant and when Jay noticed that on the back it said 'For a stinky workout partner’ his smile deepened. Inspired by this he decided that before he left he would leave a few gassy gifts on the boy next to him.

    Gassy Lessons - Third class: Science

    After all the shit he had been going through Jay needed to vent to someone, and since all his friends had graduated there was only one person at the school he could trust. Mr Watts had taught Jay science every year he spent at the school but where Jay really liked the teacher was in the science class he usually joined each year where he would always enjoy what the man had to say about science, and also happened to give Jay more time to look at his ass. While Jay always got on with the sexy scientist he thought I’d he admitted what has happened to him he might be able to make an influential friend to help him through the year.

    So the day after the incident with Mr Johnson, Jay waited until after school finished to go and meet Watts in his classroom. As he expected his favourite teacher was there with his cute ginger hair styled into a pompadour and handsome face giving him a bright smile. It was nice to see a friendly teacher for once.

    “I heard you wanted to see me Jay?”

    Jay was invited to sit on the other side of the teacher’s desk but at least he could still see his face and toned upper half, but he was hoping he would stand up at some point so he could see what was lower down.

    “So what is it you came to see me about?”

    Jay remembered why he was hear so he cleared his breath and explained his extraordinary experiences over the past few days making it as believable as possible and attempting to convince the teacher how bad it’s been for him. And by the looks of it he was getting through to him, when he first mentioned farting the teacher looked shocked and then even angry at his descriptions of how bad they smelled. And when Watts heard that it wasn’t just one teacher but two he looked even angrier. Once he was finished Jay was satisfied that he might be able to get some action out of the teacher to maybe help him.

    “So you would say that these two men were very talented farters?” Watts asked meaningfully once Jay had finished.

    “I wouldn’t really call it a talent but they’re certainly good at it.” Jay replied snarkily.

    “Now Jay you don’t have to be rude I believe a proficiency in flatulence is a great talent and one I am willing to admit to having myself.

    It took Jay a moment to realise what the teacher was saying "Wait are you saying you’re a farter as well?!” Jay’s heart began to pound.

    “Yes Jay I guess you could say I am, and what upsets me is through what you’ve told me I am no longer the only one at this school, or at least the only one I’ve discovered…” Jay wasn’t really expecting this reaction but for now he didn’t feel too threatened at least, but he swore to himself that he wouldn’t get gassed again. “It’s one of my favourite things about human biology actually, such an efficient but powerful way to get rid of waste built up gas, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take pride in my own. Through some of my own personal research I’ve even found ways to enhance my own gas, not like I need it if course.”

    Jay thought if he treated it like a joke he would be able to change the subject to getting some help for himself. “Hah wow sir you do seem to know you stuff about farting, but -” Jay got cut off by the sound of Watts chair screeching backwards by him standing up.

    “Yes Jay, yes I do” The attractive teacher circles round his desk to Jay’s side and leaned down on the desk sticking out his ass behind Jay and resting his face on his elbow right near Jay. He gave his student a mischievous but subtly sultry look “Would you like to try one?” The look was piercing and sexual but the implications were horrific, but Jay found himself paralyzed in his teacher’s leer. Exhaling the man leaned up off the table and turned away from the boy but off course leaving his perfect ass lined up straight with Jays face, this was the closest Jay had been to it and it was so close he could touch it, he wanted to. “I’ll take your silence as acceptance” But Jay was too distracted to understand what he said.


    Point blank in Jay’s face, it caught him off guard and almost blew his face back, and the stink was something new altogether.

    “Ah it’s been a while since I’ve done it in someone’s face, how was it?” The man turned around after waving his hand behind his ass a little, he sat on his desk and tilted Jay’s chin up to look at him.

    “It reeked sir, please don’t make me do this again.” Jay hoped his begging would get some sympathy but it seemed the scientist only heard what he wanted to.

    “Ah good I’ve still got my signature stink!” He grinned as he let Jay go and hopped off the desk and went to fumble around in his bag and desk eventually pulling out a flask, a clipboard and some plastic lab goggles. “Now Jay how about you and I do a little experiment?”

    “What do you mean?” Jay was getting even more worried now, one fart was enough, it was only one but the smell was still stuck in his nose.

    “Now Jay for certain experiments like this one it’s best that the subject remains unaware” Jay was ready to leave but unfortunately for him Mr Watts noticed and was obviously not making leaving an option. Quickly the man bolted over to Jay and sat on his lap. Jay was of course shocked, such intimate contact got him excited but he was not going to get hard right now, he had to escape.

    Squirming under the man’s plump ass he tried “Come on Mr Watts isn’t this some kind of scientific ethical violation or something?” But Mr Watts just pushed himself down harder as looked back.

    “Sorry Jay but with a chance this good and such a unique subject so personal to my skillset, some ethics can be passed.” Jay just decided he would brace himself, there was obviously no escape the toned man was stronger than him, he thought that he might be able to at least try and enjoy the teachers ass on him but not too much he wasn’t going to risk poking the teacher with anything. After slapping on his goggles Watts began chugging the flask, Jay couldn’t tell what it was but it sounded thick and it seemed like his teacher was enjoying it. When the teacher was finished he made a noise of satisfaction and stifled a belch, throwing the flask to the ground Jay did get a look at the bottom of it before it rolled away, written on a label on the bottom it said ‘10 to 12 minutes’ Jay guessed what this meant but he didn’t want to think about it.

    “Okay then Jay let’s begin the experiment shall we, bombs away!”




    It seemed like an endless vibrated barrage against Jay’s lap and crotch and it wasn’t helped by the teacher rubbing in his ass and seemingly moaning with pleasure at letting them out. And even though it wasn’t aimed at his face the stench certainly got there with a wave of rotten fecal stench reaching his nose making him gag and cough into his teacher’s back.

    After a few minutes the teacher stopped and looked back sighing in exasperation and relief. “Now Jay how would you compare this to the flatus of your other two teachers?” Jay understood now and realised why this was all his fault, he had made the scientist jealous, farting was obviously his territory and he wanted to be it’s champion, if only he hadn’t told him.

    “I don’t know sir I can’t remember” This obviously wasn’t what he wanted to hear, he made an annoyed huff, the man was wanting results obviously holding his pen up to his clipboard expectantly. “Okay Jay perhaps this will jog your memory?” He pushed his pen down the back of his trousers and from what Jay could tell from behind him right in between his ass cheeks the man made a deep sigh and the sound of a deep muffled rumble. After a few seconds it stopped but that was enough to scare Jay, when the mad teacher brandished the pen like a sword from its scabbard Jay felt like he could see the stench radiating off of it. He tried to buck his head away as Watts raised it to Jay’s head but he knew he was in control here as he used his free hand to grab Jay by the hair holding him in place as he thrust it right up to his nose and with some spare fingers he shoved them into Jay’s mouth blocking it as a way of breathing.

    “Now Jay take a deep breath, I want you to get all of my stink…” And Jay had to taking a breathe through his nose pushed him over the edge, the smell was like a characteristic fart smell but tenfold making him wretch at the fumes invading his brain. He was going to pass out but his teacher wouldn’t let him off that easy slapping him sharply on the cheek jolting the life back into the stink soaked student. “Come on Jay don’t be so weak it’s just a bit of gas isn’t it, now tell me is it worse than those other two?”

    Tired of it all, Jay was at least happy he didn’t have to lie “It’s the worst fart I’ve ever smelt, you win sir.” The teacher got up and sat on his desk facing Jay he leaned back and smiled, he put down his clipboard, he had obviously didn’t need it anymore.

    “You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear that Jay, but then again I know you can vouch for me in saying that I never should have doubted my own brew.” To punctuate this he learnt to his side and let out a short burst against the desk making a loud echoing sound.


    He playfully wafted it at Jay who choked on it quickly and gave his torturer a defeated look. He had given up on escape.

    “What can I say I take pride in my gas as I think all men should, even you Jay, but make sure you always remember who the master is” he was cocky but something about it excited Jay about how sensual it made the man seem.

    Before the teacher could brag anymore his stomach let out a stark groaning rumble, the man checked his watch and grinned. “Now Jay we’re starting phase two of today’s experiment, I hope you remember earlier my remarks about my research on enhancing gassiness, well what I drunk earlier was the latest fruit of my research, a new concoction made to improve all elements of flatulence, and from my tests on my now ex-boyfriend I can assure you it works. Gulping this information had a mixed effect on Jay, while he was now saying prayers in memory of his nose, he had at least confirmation that this insane gassy scientist was at least gay, to be honest he probably should have worked it out already.

    The man stood up and began pulling off his belt. "Now as the creator of this drink I know how it’s results are best enjoyed” he turned around once again giving the student an amazing view. “and I believe that lets just say it’s best consumed raw.” and with that he pulled down his trousers as well as his underwear and let his round shapely ass pour out showing itself in all its stinking glory to Jay. The boy should have been terrified which he was, but the ass was beautiful with its light coating off hair and deep dark crack the inner pervert in Jay was delighted and obviously had given up on hiding itself. Practically drooling over the gassy man’s behind Jay had gotten very obviously hard which made his teacher chuckle “Ah Jay I see that your proving one of my theories about you down there.” But with all Jay had been through he was beyond caring.

    Wanting to take back some control Jay stood up and thrust himself upon the teacher from the back side with his still contained boner going against the crack of his dreams, at least it wasn’t in his face. “Bold choice Jay, but prepare to face the smelly consequences.”


    The gust of wretched winds jetted against Jay’s cock creating an unbelievable sensation massaging but attacking it, and just because it wasn’t point blank doesn’t mean that this enhanced fart didn’t pack a punch making Jay wretch into the teacher’s back which he had now grabbed onto in fear of being blown away by his putrid stench. Unlike the other ones it kept going, the teacher laughing like the mad scientist he was at the massive fart he was letting out.

    Both Jay’s dick and nose were at breaking point, but only the former actually gave in with Jay spurting while still fully clothed. His knees buckles and as Watts fart began to peter out Jay fell to his knees but either fortunately or unfortunately for him this meant that his head was resting right in the dirty crack of his science teacher.

    “I’m not sure if I should call that a brave move or not Jay but I will say that it took balls.” He giggled as he saw the wet patch on Jay’s trousers “and it seems like I certainly emptied yours, guess your some sort of fetishist because you sure as hell aren’t the only one.” And after that fart Jay wasn’t even sure what to think of himself anymore. All he could do was smile weakly and enjoy being close to such a hot ass.

    “However you’re really in the firing line there Jay and as a man of science I should really warm you against being so close to a source of toxicity but I guess you’ve got me feeling rebellious.”

    Jay felt the cheeks part as the man widened his crack with his hands letting Jay get a closer smell of his ass musk but also lining him straight up with his hole.

    “I’ve been looking for a lab partner for a while actually for some more extra curricular research and I’ve grown a certain fondness for you as well as the stench endurance of your nose, so let’s just say this is the end of your interview for the position as well as the last part of my experiment.” he put on hand on the back of the boys head as he pushed him into his crack even deeper “And anyways I can tell by the state and the stink of you that this will end you, so if you survive this I’ll see you on the other side…”


    Jay felt like the vile stench embodied him from the nose first rumbling around him like an earth quake. The fart was so powerful it was like a whole body experience of pure masculine stink. And Watts’ hypothesis was correct as the fart covered student world went dark.

    When he woke up in the class alone he couldn’t guarantee he was alive feeling numb and groggy but he was sure as hell he couldn’t deny what happened with the stink of flatulence still hanging distinct in the air around him. The sun was setting Jay hurried to grab his bag to get out of school since it must have closed hours ago, he noticed his planner on top of his bag with the page open on his schedule. After school three days a week had been penned in neatly 'Fart practice’. Whatever it was Jay knew this year was going to stink.

    Gassy Lessons - Second class: Maths

    It had been about a week since Jay’s incident with Mr Stevens and he’d trying to avoid him since but everytime he would see the teacher he would get a little smirk which quite honestly scared the student at what it could mean.

    While Jay was usually average at most of his subjects, Maths was a struggle for him and because of that he was usually part of a catch up tutor group, and since he was redoing the year, he would have to redo the group again.

    As he walked to the classroom where the class was housed over the lunch break he remembered that there was one positive. The horrible teacher who usually ran the group had retired so there would be a new one, Jay thought a little on what the teacher would be like, but he didn’t want to think about teachers too much ever since his smelly experience with Mr Stevens.

    Jay seemed to be the last to enter the classroom except the teacher, he didn’t know any of the students since he was stuck with the year group usually below him. There were only three others, two friends sitting at the back and another guy looking out a window seat. Attempting to avoid both he sat at the front middle.

    When the door eventually opened again Jay was in shock at the man who walked in. Jay tended to avoid using the word since he found it a little bit of a cliché but as soon as he saw him all he could think was “daddy”. The man fit the bill perfectly with styled up dark grey hair and a bushy but styled beard to match. A fuller figure than usual but as he walked past Jay noticed that a lot went to his gargantuan ass as well barely being held back by the trousers held up by suspenders.

    As the man sunk into his chair he scanned the room with a kind but authoritarian glance.

    “Some of you may not know me yet, but I am Mr. Johnson and as well as starting work here this year I’ve also been assigned with your group.”

    He began logging into the computer, but despite being such a boring activity, Jay couldn’t take his eyes off the older man. After a while he stood up to turn on the projector which was right next to Jay’s desk. Standing away from Jay, he got a perfect view at his ass, and despite his recent traumatic experiences he couldn’t look away even getting a hint at his natural musky smell. As he heard the whirr of the projector firing up Jay looked up and noticed that Johnson was looking down at him, he had obviously noticed Jay staring but instead of saying anything he just smirked. Jay blushed as the man walked back to his desk and tried to forget about it.

    “Now since you’re all so behind with maths I’ve been given permission by the board to use whatever methods I please which I’m very pleased about,” he said this with a smirk which confused Jay leaving him wondering what he meant “but for a while I’m just going to ask you some questions from this slideshow.”

    And for about ten minutes it went as so, him clicking through slides with his remote going through the questions and each time asking a different person. Despite the questions being quite normal for the students at their level since they all struggled they only got about a quarter of them right on average. And each time they failed Mr Johnson sighed or said something along the lines of “think about it harder” or “come on lads at least try”. This went on until he stood up in front of the board sliding the remote into his blazer pocket.

    “Alright then lads it seems this method isn’t working so I think I’ll have to supply some more motivation, so when you fail a question there will be punishment.” And as if on queue:


    The teacher smiled at his outburst, it had not been an accident obviously. He smiled at the students and sitting near the front Jay got a whiff of an odorous cheesy smell, he wasn’t ready for this again. The other students obviously didn’t know what to think, Jay looked back and saw the friends laughing a little with eachother obviously thinking it was a mistake while the other boy just looked shocked.

    “Okay then, let’s begin.”

    He started with the students in the back, the first friend was lucky to get the first question right but as Johnson strolled over to the back to ask the second the next question he admitted he couldn’t answer it.

    “Well then I guess you’re lucky…”

    Mr Johnson turned around theatrically pointing his ass clearly at its target and then.


    It was quick but loud and clear. Both boys started coughing immediately and wretching while Johnson only chuckled.

    “Dude what the hell was that.” The victim of the gas out complained.

    “I warned you didn’t I?” Johnson replied mockingly.

    “I thought you were joking?” He was still in shock as were the other three students.

    “You think I joke about gas like that??” the teacher shook his ass with one of his hands.

    Leaving them in disbelief he began walking to the boy at the window. As he did so the second boy was still coughing mumbling something along the lines of ‘fuck it stinks’ while his friend got up and moved to a different seat “Man I’m not sitting in that stink cloud especially if you’re gonna be shit.” His friend couldn’t even complain.

    Johnson sat down on the windowsill in front of the other student. And unluckily for him he couldn’t answer the question either. Johnson laughed at what was coming and patted his stomach. He leaned over on the sill and grimaced.


    The audible stream of gas could be heard. It took a moment but the boy who was obviously waiting for it to hit him went pale.

    “Sir I think I’m going to be sick” and gagging he got scampered out of the class.

    “Obviously some can’t handle it, I’m sure you all won’t blame him when you get a whiff.”

    Johnson wasn’t wrong, when it reaches the other two they started trying to wave the smell away but it obviously didn’t work as they complained and when the dirty shitty scent hit Jay his eyes got wet almost stinging at the smell.

    He came up to Jay and the boy gulped. The man loomed over him looking down. But luckily for Jay he knew the answer, only just though.

    “Seems like I’ll have to wait to ruin that virgin nose of yours huh?” He accentuated the statement smacking his ass. Jay knew this man had some serious gaspower but he worried that soon his math ability would let him down.

    Johnson got back to the first student who had now moved from his friend. And this time he wasn’t so lucky.

    “Ah sweet vengeance, but I think you might find it more stinky!”

    Looking back in horror Jay saw the man cock up his leg in the direction of the boy like loading a gun.


    It was the worst so far and Jay bet he saw his hair get blown back in what must have been a wave of stench. It was obviously too much for him as Jay saw the spirit leave his body as he slumped forward head landing in the teachers ass then sliding off it into the desk. While Jay pitied him, seeing him so close to the teachers ass made him slightly envious.

    His friend obviously horrified at what happened stood up.

    “Come on man we’re going!” He tugged at his friend but he was out. He gave up and headed for the door but he was blocked by Johnson lifting his foot up onto the desk making a barrier of his body while also giving Jay a perfect look at his spread out ass.

    “I assume you don’t trust yourself to be able to get the next question right?” All the student could do was shiver in fear shaking his head slightly. “Well how about I trust you with this?” The man cupped his ass around his ass and Jay heard a light hiss as well as the other boy as he tried to splutter out an excuse, but before he could Johnson had one hand holding back the boys head while he brought the other from his ass to flat over his mouth and nose. After that all Johnson had to do was step out of the way as his students body fell limp to the floor.

    And it was at that point with a scared realisation that Jay noticed he was the only one left. And what deepened his fear more was the sound of Johnson locking the door before he walked over to standing in front of him. All Jay could do was look up at the stinking intimidating man above him in the wake of him making two people pass out with his smell.

    “Now boy what’s your name?” He obviously wanted to get well acquainted with his victim Jay thought. He mumbled his name back promptly. “Ah well then Jay since this session is now just the two of us I thought we’d ramp it up to something a bit harder especially for my best student.” Jay was terrified.

    Mr Johnson stood to the side and pressed a button on the remote, when the screen changed Jay’s heart sunk. He couldn’t even tell what it was, a graph? an equation? a diagram? He knew he could never solve it. While he was staring at it Johnson pulled up a chair in front of the board.

    “Now Jay I’m giving you two choices, you either try the question and if you get it right that’s great and I’ll let you out early but if you fail…” he patted the chair “you’ll be my cushion for the 40 minutes left of lunch…” The idea terrified Jay, this man obviously could let out monstrous fart as much as he wanted and to think how bad they would smell straight from the source “or you can give up now and only spend a minute as my chair.” As scary as it was he knew that was the only option.

    “Fine just one minute.” Jay stood up and stumbled towards the chair begining to lie down.

    “I think you might enjoy it Jay…” He smacked his ass again, Jay bet he knew how much Jay loved a nice man’s ass but this was tortuous. As the ass lingered above him Jay’s sense of worry grew stronger especially when the teacher held him down with just one hand on his chest. Jay had no idea how his ass was being held back by those trousers it was so damn plump that it was filling them to the brim.

    “Now Jay let me show off a quick party trick before I start the show, an unknown variable if you will.” The mischief in his voice made Jay whimper. He heard the man strain a little and as he looked up from the seat of the chair he saw the seam in his ass crack start to tear, when Jay realised that this mad teacher was destroying trousers just for this torture that he knew how bad it would be. As the seat of his trousers continued ripping open Jay saw the hairy abyss underneath and could smell the unwashed musk of this man’s bare ass crack. Had he gone commando today all for this?! Jay tried to squirm free but the man above was too strong. Once enough of a gap was made for Jay’s face the massive daddy of a man sat down on the students face forcing the boys nose all the way up to his puckering hole.

    Jay was screaming into the hole his face emgulfed in the crack, but his voice was muffled so the teacher couldn’t hear shit. But the smell was burning his nose and the gas hadn’t even begun. He could barely hear above him:

    “Now Jay even though you’ve only given me a minute, I guess you didn’t know that that’s all the time I need…”

    Jake could feel the man’s stomach rumble and he could feel his bare hole moving, he knew what was coming.


    It rumbled under Johnson’s ass covering Jay’s face in a bath of strong rotting cheesy stench burning the boy’s sinuses and filling his lungs. Jay could feel the rancid sensation filling and covering him so much that he swore it was beginning to come out his own ass. As he felt Johnson laughing maniacally and rubbing his stinky taint over Jay’s face the fart lost some volume but in its place the heat became unbearable like being in a sewer on a hot day. Jay knew he wasn’t going to last the minute, the fart of the man above him made him his bitch.

    When the minute was up Johnson lifted up his bare ass a little to look below to confirm that his victim had blacked out, and as he peeled his ass off even the teacher wretched a little but more in satisfaction at his own sick gassy skill. And as the gassy hulk considered maybe living up to his word, he was more pleased with the idea of having a seat to soak up the rest of his lunch farts.

    So as the rest of the school was out enjoying fresh air, Jay was in the crack of a big farty teacher who was eating a meal he was sure would give get him ripping stink bombs in no time.

    Gassy Lessons - First class: English

    Jay was pissed. Despite being the first week of his second attempt at his last year of high school, he had already missed the first assignment. His English teacher Mr Stevens would usually let someone get away with just a warning, but since Jay was redoing the year he had higher expectations which was why when Jay was supposed to be heading home he was stuck in his English classroom.

    Sitting in the middle desk of the small room Jay considered just leaving since Stevens was taking his time arriving. He had done so multiple times during his previous years in the school but decided against it since he didn’t really want to get himself in anything deeper wanting this school year to go as smoothly as possible.

    Before he had any more time to think on it though his teacher walked in.

    Despite the circumstances Jay usually liked the teacher, but not particularly for his teaching. Since Mr Stevens was so passionate about English he tended to get up from his desk and walk around the room reading passages, making dramatic movements to emphasize what he was saying and occasionally scribbling down hasty notes on the board at the front. While many students found this method engaging, Jay tended to be more interested in how all this movement made the teachers thick chino covered ass move and shake providing enough motivation for Jay to attend the lessons. On top of his ass though Jay found the rest of the teacher attractive with his medium length messy brown hair, cute glasses and young features giving him almost a dreamy quality to the rebellious student.

    But obviously today Jay was more annoyed at the man who was obviously making a move to prove himself as an authority with the detention as he sat down at his desk and gave Jay an icy look. Turning away from Jay we peered into his desk draws and pulled out a thin battered paperback book. He stood up and strolled over to Kay and placed handed him the book which had obviously seen better days.

    “Since you obviously aren’t committed to your work yet this year, all I’m going to ask you to do is read through this poetry collection and take in some of the messages of the poems, once you’re done tell me.”

    And with that he turned back to return to his desk, and of course Jay took the opportunity to peek at his ass barely being held back by his trousers.

    Jay was relieved that the book looked short being only a dozen pages long, so he thought he might as well get it over with. As he opened the cover before he could even process the first words on the page he was assaulted by a wretched smell hitting him like a train. Not wanting to react to harshly in front of the teacher he withheld a gag but the stench wasn’t holding up. It had to have come from the book Jay thought as the stink arrived as soon as he opened it, daring to confirm his suspicions he brought the page slightly closer to his nose his theory was confirmed as it seemed the cloud of stink grew stronger the closer he got to it. In an attempt to stop the smell Jay slammed the book closed and attempted to get a breathe of fresh air to cleanse his palette.

    “Focus on you work Jay” He heard from the desk as soon as he closed the book. Mr Stevens look had become more mischevious with a slight glimmer of a smirk as he stared down his student.

    “Yes sir” Jay responded picking the book back up. As he did so the teacher withdrew a Tupperware box from his bag which he opened and began to eat from. Jay couldn’t tell exactly what he was eating but it looked something like an eggy salad with a lot of thick creamy dressing.

    Switching his attention back to the book he opened the next page and was again hit with a stink but this time stronger, more rotten. He couldn’t hold back a choke this time as he felt his air supply being attacked. His eyes watered as he attempted to power through the attack on his senses, he could feel the toxicity of the pages radiating out of the book.

    Moving through the pages he tried to stay on each for a little while to give the illusion he was reading but as they went on the smell got worse. Continuing through the pages he aimlessly hopes for maybe just one clean page so he could focus but the smell only got worse. It was in fact quite the opposite as he began to notice marks on the page, greenish brown stains on some of the pages. He didn’t want to believe it at first but he knew that he could recognise the smell all along.

    It was the undeniable smell of rotten gassy farts. He gulped making the disgusting realisation and as he did he heard a snicker from his usually nice and helpful teacher who had just finished eating. What was once just a smirk had turned into a malicious grin as he wiped his mouth, Jay put the pieces together and knew exactly wear the farts were sourced from.

    Turning to the last page there was a deep dirty green stain in the middle, the stench radiating out of it was sickening makinf Jay gag as he closed the last page and tried to recover from the second hand fart attack he has just experienced.

    “Oh so you’re finished?” Mr Stevens said standing “So what did you think of the collection? I find the words so engrossing, the really create a sensory experience don’t they?” He knew what he was doing mocking Jay with the words as he sauntered towards him.

    “Why did you do it?” Jay looked up at the teacher with his eyes still wet from experiencing the smell.

    “Do what?” He replied with fake concern, but immediately answered himself “Oh you mean this?” He put one hand on Jays desk and leaned forward looking down at his student with a mean smile.


    The fart blasted into the classroom echoing on the walls, even though it wasn’t aimed at him the stink still reached Jay, the smell being fresh hit him harder making him recoil.

    “Well being a teacher means I can’t exactly be farting around in lessons so between classes I often relieve myself into my favourite book.” He explained snatching the book back from Jay. “I’ve been saving it for a special occasion, so when I saw my favourite pervy student was behind on work I thought I could teach him a stinky lesson.”

    “What do you mean pervy?” Jay said feigning indifference trying to avoid eye contact with the sadistic teacher.

    “Don’t be stupid Jay, you really think I haven’t noticed you staring at this ass for the years I’ve been teaching you?” He turned around letting Jay get a close look at the cheeks up close, Jay obviously couldn’t resist not being able to tear his eyes from it.


    The fart was small but packed a punch making him pull back. But despite the horrific smell, Jay was now sporting a hard on beneath the desk after being so close to the ass of his dreams. “Who knows? Maybe I like the attention you give it Jay?” Stevens said sitting down in the chair in front of Jay turning it around to face him.

    In shock from everything Jay was surprised when the teacher asked “So Jay what was your favourite line from the collection?” Jay had completely forgotten he was supposed to actually read the collection.

    “I’m sorry sir I can’t remember any of it”

    “That’s disappointing Jay, it really is. I’d have to say mine would be the line from page 3…” He leaned over in the chair dramatically and winced a little:


    “I just really think it’s an important message which gives off a really strong aromatic sensation.”

    He wasn’t wrong, after the flatulence had amplified massively off the wooden chair it went straight for Jay’s nostrils with a dirty stink. The teacher stood up and began to waft his hand behind his big ass as he paced in front of Jay’s desk where he sat stunned at the gassy skill of his teacher.

    “What about the line from the fourth piece Jay do you think you could read it out for me?” Jay knew what he wanted but he really wasn’t sure if he would be able to pull it off. He tensed in his chair pushing all he could.


    “God Jay that was pathetic, almost disrespectful, have I failed you as a teacher?” He said in fake anger “It’s supposed to go like this!” He stopped in front of the desk turning around and leaned over his hands on the desk in front of Jay. His amazing ass was pointing right at Jay and even though he knew what was coming the ass tempted him closer.


    But it was like the blast pushed him right back with a cloud of powerful stink.

    “Ahh much better don’t you think?” the teacher looked back at his student dazed in a cloud of his stink. Mr Stevens leaned into Jay and gave his student a sniff. “Wow Jay you really smell like you’ve learnt your lesson” he said giggling at his stink covered student.

    “Despite loving the whole collection Jay, what I love the most about the book is how it ends, do you remember it Jay?” Jay recalled the stain on the last page and the unbelievable stench of it, but in fear of what it may mean all he could muster was a weak shake of his head. Ominously Mr Stevens stomach rumbled.

    “Oh Jay” be said pitifully “I think you do remember, and with the help of my egg salad from earlier I think my rotten ass can remind you.” The thought terrified Jay.

    Usually the sight of his sexiest teacher sliding out of his painted on trousers would excite Jay but seeing a matching streak stain on his white briefs terrified the student.

    “ Hopefully you can learn something from this…” The teacher said as he wrapped his hands behind Jay’s head and pulled him nose first right into his stained crack. The last thing Jake could remember was the engulfing sound of gas enveloping his face and the stink of eggy flatulence filling up his head.

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Farmer

    John’s city life fitted him perfectly, but sometimes it just became too much. Which is why he needed to escape to the countryside, back to his roots, just for a week or so to de-stress.

    Going on another hike around the fields in the area he was staying, John couldn’t help but appreciate the fresh air. Climbing over a fence into the next field, following what John thought was a public footpath sign, he sighed at the rustic beauty of the next field with its golden knee height wheat stretching for what looked like miles. It seemed that this was around the season of harvest for this crop however as about a quarter of the field had already been cut by a tractor slowly making it’s route through the field.

    As John began to wade through the crops at the edge of the field he was so engrossed in the beauty of the scene to he failed to notice that the sound of the tractor had stopped and the new sound of rustling through crops was getting ever closer to him.

    “Oi what are you doing here?”

    A rough voice jolted John out of his trance so aggressively that he stumbled backwards and fell down. From the uncomfortable floor of the field John looked up to see a disgruntled looking man. Unable to gather any thoughts John just took in the sight of him, tall, firm, visibly sweating, a light tan and a shirt with a considerable amount of buttons going unused. Still shocked all John could do was stutter at the man above him and try not to get to excited by just the sight of him.

    “You do know this field is private property don’t you?”

    “Private?” Was all John could get out in response attempting to regain some composure in the face of the personification of his sexuality.

    “Yup that sign in the gate says so” the piercing look he gave John made him quiver “So what are you doing here huh? You trespassing?”

    The last question made John panic, realising the potential of the consequences, he sat up and with a little confidence says “No, no I’m just here hiking I must have gotten lost…”

    The farmer seemed to relax a little after that but still looked a bit uncomfortable. Turning away from John to give some thought to what to do next, John was greeted with the sight of the man’s bubbling ass barely being contained by a pair of tatty jeans. The jeans didn’t leave much to the imagination with man holes and ladders of fabric especially concentrated around the ass area and specifically the crack. It couldn’t have been practical but that wasn’t what John was focused on. The area could have also been the area where the rugged man was the most sweaty with a natural musk radiating from the area. It did things to John’s brain only making him want to get closer and lean in.


    It could have easily been mistaken for a gust of wind but John wasn’t that stupid, and the raunchy cheesy odour which began to dominate John’s senses backed up his theory. But he was now too busy wretching to do anything about it.

    This was also the same time the farmer finally decided to let out a sigh and turn back around with a smile.

    “I guess I can’t blame you for getting lost, I’ll take you back to the farmhouse and I’ll find you a map to head you in the right direction.”

    But John was not able to accept the kindness as he was still gagging over the unbelievable stench of what could have only been some new strain of particularly toxic flatulence. Offering his hand to help John up the farmer realised his mistake.

    “Oh sorry about that, it was dying to come out, but shit it really did a number on you…” Once John was up he had pretty much recomposed himself but was still in a state of shock from the fumes he had been exposed to, he wasn’t even able to process how close he was to the glistening musky farmer. “Oh and I’m Andy by the way nice to meet you!”

    Andy begun shaking John’s hand, the force of his massive arms making John’s stumble and was only able to mutter out his name.

    Finally letting go Andy decided it would be quicker to get back to the farmhouse if they took the tractor so he lead John towards the hefty vehicle. While following John was able to take in the vision of the whole man in front of him, it was hard to keep his eyes of that ass though shaking in front of him. It was so eye catching that John didn’t realise when Andy stopped suddenly causing him to walk right into it. Andy right leg was cocked up and before John could understand the pose he heard it.


    “Aww yeah that was a good one” Andy seemingly in his element barely registered what he was doing wasn’t particularly normal “Oh I would apologize for what you’re gonna get back there but you shoulda been looking where you were going.” He said with a grin. The smell which finally hit John’s nostrils was rough, a wave of cheesy stink thorwing him off guard.

    While still disgusted at the man’s stench John couldn’t help but feel a certain kind of way about this man’s rough attitude.

    When they reached the tractor Andy was almost gentlemanly in helping John climb up into it first, the physical contact of his hands on him giving him a rush of excitement. But the feeling quickly wore off as when John took the only seat in the vehicle, Andy decided that the best way to deal with this was to dramatically sit his ass on John’s lap.

    “Ah sorry if I’m a bit heavy man, but hey at least you got the best view.” rubbing his ass in a bit John realised that he wasn’t wrong about either, with his ass and lower back eclipsing most of John’s sight.

    The past five minutes had wholly overwhelmed John with the duality of his flirtatious interactions with the man but also his unfortunate intimacy with his farts. But having the man so forwardly to practically give him a lap dance, meant that any chance of logical thinking had been abandoned.

    When Andy started up the tractor the noise of the vehicle overpowered any chance of conversation meaning all John could do was attempt to enjoy the ride while not getting crushed by the hunk sitting on him. The terrain meant the ride was incredibly bumpy and becuase of this Andy’s ass was vibrating all over John’s crotch, it took all of his willpower to not immediately pop a boner but that was made even harder when Andy looked over his shoulder and gave John a smirk and a knowing wink. The shaking of Andy’s ass seemed to increase and grow deeper and John couldn’t tell why until it was made obvious by the smell hitting his nostrils. The rancid reeking stink of Andy’s ass gas seemed neverending and the large vibrations on his lap seemed to carry on for minutes as well. And in spite of the sound of the machinery John could easily make out the growing sound of the gas coming straight from Andy’s behind.


    The disgusting yet pleasureful sensation didn’t seem to stop until right before the tractor stopped moving. By that time John’s trousers had been permanently ingrained with the stink of Andy’s rectum and his brain still remained indecisive on if he should flee from the stinking farm worker or never leave.

    Finally getting off John’s lap, Andy practically lifted him out of the tractor and with his now unchanging naughty smile he lead the still-groggy-from-over-exposure-to-flatulence John to the bench outside his humble farmhouse.

    “I’m sorry if the ride was rough” he said obviously joking to John “I’ve gotten a couple complaints about bad smells I think it’s something to do with the fuel I use…. definitely nothing to do with this!” smacking his massive jean clad ass as he finished to make obvious what he was referencing.

    Andy gestured for John to lie down on the bench in front of the house since he was feeling so rough which John happily agreed to. John also didn’t complain about the view when the farmer began unbuttoning most of his shirt obviously making himself as comfortable as he pleased.

    “Now I obviously want to help you get on your way, but to be honest I recommend you get a nap first since you don’t really seem to be in any condition to take in directions right now.” Maybe it was his state of mind but John found this idea perfectly reasonable. “And of course if you can’t get to sleep that easily I can always help…” With that the farmer slowly turned around chuckling lightly as he began to squat his gargantuan ass over John’s face “See you on the other side.”


    And like that John was out.

    John woke up in a bed he didn’t recognise, but what he could recognise was the farmer now only in a pair of alarmingly tight worn out briefs sitting in a chair next to him. John was pretty sure he didn’t just have morning wood, and it was clear to see with there being no sheets on the bed.

    “Sometimes I forget how much power my gas has, it feels like you’ve been out for hours.” Andy stood up to look over John, but unlike the intimidating farmer he met earlier in the day, this man had a much more sensual charming look in his eyes.

    His crotch eye level with John Andy lifted his chin so they were looking straight at eachother “Not to be too forwards but out of everyone who’s stumbled upon this farm you’re the only one who’s shown any kind of positive reaction to my expulsions.” In saying positive reactions his eyes flitted over to John’s obviously erect member. “So understand me if I don’t really want to lose you too quickly.”

    This was a lot for John especially just after waking up, the man was a sight to behold, and he certainly seemed like he would be able to protect John but his gas was toxic, even if he did know how to use it well… just thinking about the day got John confused but further turned on.

    “You see planting so many crops it would be very useful to have a bit of an air filter around since I do tend to kind of pollute the plants sometimes, like seriously do you hear this?” Jutting his ass out Andy let out a quick powerful blast.


    It wasn’t even facing John but the smell got the message across. It did feel like Andy never stopped farting but John was starting to realise that this was less and less of a problem for him. For the first time John’s smile matched Andy’s and he leaned closer to him from the bed.

    “It’s good to see that you agree with me, I think my ass does as well.” With that Andy turned away from John but of course that meant his bulbous musky ass was closer than ever to John’s face. And John didn’t need any more of an invitation than that. Diving into the pillowy cheeks John knew this was where he belonged. And when the butt blew out a long explosive gust of toxic gas John’s polluted brain was already getting hooked on the smell.

    Later that week John realised how quickly he had gotten used to his new lifestyle as he stirred yet another can of baked beans on the stove. Bringing the plate of beans out to the front of the house the rugged farmer met him taking the plate and began to eat again, all he needed to thank him was to casually raise his leg and let his butt blow John a kiss.


    When the Andy turned around to meet John’s lustful stare with a Devilish grin, he knew the wave of stink had hit hard.

    (Finally back, of course suggestions welcome as always but got some plans for new stories in the near future :)

    Ripping 9 to 5 - Butler

    Jeremy had enjoyed his first term at university but was looking forward to getting home for the break. Especially becuase he would get to see Adrian again.

    Jeremy was really hoping to finally make progress with some guys at Uni but he was still held back by his massive crush on Adrian. It had been holding him back pretty much since he moved in.

    The short of it is that Jeremy’s family is rich, and Adrian’s family went broke when he was a teenager. Being friends with Adrian’s father, Jeremy’s mother offered to let Adrian live with them. And being the good person he is when he turned 16, a couple years before Jeremy, he offered to be a butler for the family not wanting to be a freeloader. Resistant at first, Jeremy’s parents insisted against it, but not wanting to be a freeloader Adrian was adamant.

    Jeremy didn’t mind as long as it meant that he could still spend time with Adrian. But it did change things. Jeremy found Adrian being more private with him, being more formal, more professional. Jeremy still harboured a crush on him and he still got warm energy from him, but their relationship had changed.

    Going away to Uni was his first time not living with Adrian for a while and he missed him. Which is why he decided that when he came back for break he would make an active effort to reconnect with him. And now they were both fully adults he wouldn’t have any restrictions.

    Walking back into his large family house he said a brief greeting to his parents and had to pry them off him to get to his room for some privacy. Lugging his suitcases up the stairs he could call Adrian to help but he wanted to surprise him.

    Getting back to his room for the first time in ages Jeremy felt happy to be back in his element, everything was the same except for the fact that the window was wide open leaving a cold breeze chilling the room, so he quickly closed it. He began to clean himself up in preparation for his reunion with Adrian.

    About to leave the room satisfied by his lathering of deodorant and combed hair, Adrian walked towards the door. But before he could arrive he could hear pounding footsteps getting louder from outside. Getting closer to the door so he could get a better hear of it, the door was swiftly pulled open from the other side.

    There was Adrian in his typical butler uniform, in those same tight trousers which contributed highly to Jeremy’s sexual awakening and that same glowing face. But something was different. He was sweating on his forehead, squirming uncomfortably and had a hand on his stomach, and a shocked expression on his face obviously not expecting the sight of Jeremy.

    But Jeremy didn’t mind and if he had the element of surprise he could easily reconnect with him. He leaped forward and gave him a tight hug which was responded to with a grunt. Again he didn’t care bring so close to him again was contorting. He pulled himself off the butler and gave him a proper look over grinning.

    “You miss me?”

    Finally breaking a warm but formal smile (yet still looking physically uncomfortable) he replied:

    “Yes Master Jeremy very much so.”

    Putting on am exaggerated frown Jeremy punched him in the arm saying:

    “God how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that, it’s just Jeremy,” Pausing a moment he looked back again at Adrian winking “or whatever you want it to be.” With a giggle.

    Ignoring Jeremy’s advances he walked into the room still looking restless “So um, Jeremy, why are you home early?” He couldn’t really make eye contact but he sat down on the bed rubbing his stomach.

    “Oh yeah sorry, I gave you the wrong date, thought I’d surprise you” Still smiling Jeremy was happy he was finally seeing a more human side of Adrian.

    His butler pondered this for a moment gulping and then looked back to Jeremy with a desperate look. “Jeremy please do me a favour, could you please vacate this room?” It was said with urgency, but obviously not more urgency as Jeremy had to reconnect with Adrian.

    “Oh trying to kick me out of my room now? Gosh did you develop an attitude when I was gone?” It was all said playfully and Jeremy wanting to make some contact gave Adrian a weak shove on his side as he sat next to him on the bed as a mock punishment.

    But obviously the push caught Adrian off guard and he fell onto his side onto the bed away from Jeremy and grunted what sounded like ‘Crap not now’. Surprised by the relatively bad language from the man he didn’t hear the rumbling from him, but he certainly heard what came next.


    Never in his years of knowing Adrian had he ever imagined him farting. And now all of a sudden Jeremy’s nose was being assaulted by a rancid stink exiting his asshole. Adrian was a red panting wreck on the bed after letting the fart out.

    “Master Jeremy, I’m so sorry I never meant for you to see that…”

    Jeremy wasn’t exactly enjoying the smell gagging on it a little, he was surprised that Adrian could produce something so stinky. But seeing him with his guard so down for the first time in years overjoyed him, so he thought he could take advantage of it.

    Putting a hand on one of Adrian’s he leaned towards him. “Don’t worry I still like my Butler, even if he does have a smelly ass.” Jeremy joked but it seemed to only make Adrian blush harder.

    Adrian leaned up and stood up from the bed pulling his hand out from under Jeremy’s and used it to attempt to waft away the lingering smell of his expulsion. “Again Jeremy I’m sorry you had to experience that I really am, and I’m glad to see you are home safe, but I have things to do so I’ll see you soon.”

    Jeremy couldn’t have this, Adrian being his same old cold butler self. Especially after ripping the worst fart Jeremy had ever smelt. As Adrian began to exit the room Jeremy grabbed his hand holding him back, making Adrian give Jeremy a sad look back.

    “Adrian what changed with you?” Getting serious for a moment Jeremy was able to grab his attention. Adrian took a deep breath sighing and closing the door in front of him. He turned back to give Jeremy and earnest look.

    “Back when I was sixteen a lot of changes began happening, with me especially,” this time she sat voluntarily close to Jeremy “I became you’re family’s butler as you know and I’ve always been in debt to your family…” He took a deep breath “Which is why I knew that when I developed feelings for you I could not follow through on them in case of being unprofessional.” Jeremy’s heart was pounding not knowing what to say so letting him continue. “Also around the same time as all this was when I started developing my gas problems, in fear of being even more unprofessional I isolated myself from you even more so neither you nor your parents would discover this. I also took the opportunity of your unused room when you went to university as a room to relieve myself, I’m sorry if that sounds crude and I’m sorry if you feel violated but there is no point lying about anything anymore. Feel free to tell your parents as much as you want I’m sure I can find another job…”

    Jeremy had enough of Adrian’s negativity so he made sure to cut him off with: “You’re not going to have to quit!” Which gave Adrian an excuse to smile weakly. “And why didn’t you tell me you liked me did you never suspect that I liked you as well?” All Adrian could do was look down in shame. “And why didn’t you tell me about your gas problem it really wouldn’t bother me it can’t be that bad?!” With that last statement Adrian cringed in response.

    “Believe me Jeremy it can, and I’m desperately sorry but could I please relieve myself outside or in the hallway I would never want to subject you to that again.” He began to try and leave the room again but once again Jeremy pulled him back. Seeing Adrian uncomfortable hurt him so he decided that he would fully accept that side of him.

    “Adrian I really don’t mind, please don’t leave”

    Adrian just looked at him then covered his face with one hand embaressed and leaned over a little.


    I did stink, it was disgusting, it reeked. Jeremy wasn’t going to pretend it didn’t. Maybe he even played up his reaction to play with the mortified Adrian even more but just so he could surprise him more afterwards. After suitably gagging on the rotten stench filling the room, Adrian looked like he was on the verge of a breakdown.

    “Jeremy I’m really sorry, I know how much I stink, I really can’t help it.”

    Right as he finished the sentence Jeremy decided it was time to strike. He practically tackled Adrian to the ground and gave him a moment to reject him and then followed with a kiss. It was a great moment for Jeremy lifting a weight from him but he knew he had to explain himself to Adrian.

    Pulling himself off Adrian’s mouth he ran his hands along the body underneath him.

    “Adrian I think I can put up with your stink, especially for you, I tried to forget about you at university but I couldn’t so I know I can put up with a little gas.”

    Adrian looked shocked but happy “Thanks Jeremy, I’m not sure where we can go from here with all these crazy bloody circumstances,” Jeremy was happy to hear that he accepted that they could go somewhere “but believe me when I say it’s more than 'a little gas’, how can you be sure you can put up with it?”

    Jeremy didn’t exactly expect the conversation to be going this way but he wasn’t exactly willing to give up. “Test me, give me the worst you’ve got! And if it let’s me get more well acquainted with that bum of yours then I’ll be more than happy!”

    Shocked at the crudeness of Jeremy’s offer Adrian managed to break a smile but was still worried on Jeremy’s behalf. “Are you really sure I don’t want to hurt you?”

    The warning only made Jeremy laugh. “Dude it’s only a few more farts how bad can it be?” All Adrian could do was respond with a sigh knowing he wouldn’t be able to get Jeremy to give up.

    Adrian just stood up in front of Jeremy arching his back a little, feeling a little happy he’s finally able to show off his ass which he is so secretly proud of, knowing the complimentary his tight trousers have on it. Jeremy wasn’t complaining having to resist full on spanking the man choosing to only lightly rub the cheeks.


    It hit hard, surprising Jeremy even though he expected it. The rotten winds blowing out of the butler’s ass blew back his hair and made his nostrils flare. The fart seemed like it would never end and it seemed like Adrian was making no effort to stop it spreading his cheeks out with his hands.

    The gas finally subsided and Jeremy tried to catch a breath of fresh air but the oxygen around him was fully tainted. Looking back at him Adrian asked:

    “Do you see what I mean now?” He looked at the pitiful sight of Jeremy sitting agape his eyes watering from the stink. It was sad for Adrian knowing that man he loved couldn’t put up with his gas. “I’m really sorry Jeremy…”

    But of course despite the stench intoxicating Jeremy’s brain he still had his priorities straight. He grabbed Adrian and pulled him down into another surprise kiss making them both smile again, but Adrian still had doubts.

    “Okay so maybe it’s a little bit worse than i expected but do you really think that will put me off you?”

    Finally giving Jeremy one last serious look, “If you can put up with this one, you can have whatever you want okay?”

    Jeremy nodded in response gulping but ready for any challenge. Adrian stood in front of him again but this time he slid down his trousers and underwear displaying his bulbous shining cheeks spilling out his trousers. In spite of their beauty they did come with a natural stink but Jeremy could handle that but it reminded him of what was to come. But mainly Jeremy was focused on finally getting a good view of Adrian’s uncovered ass, he was practically drooling. He was so distracted that he barely registered Adrian say:

    “I’m sorry for this Jeremy…” And without warning he pulled Jeremy’s head into his ass fully smothering him. Jeremy would resist but the cool sensation of being inside Adrian’s cheeks was amazing. With a grunt and a rumble inside his rectum, Adrian let loose.


    Jeremy could hear Adrian moan in relief letting that one out. A shitty odour attacked Jeremy’s nostrils unfiltered by any clothing, this would have repulsed him more if he wasn’t in such a heavenly ass. It hurt him to smell but the feeling of Adrian’s hole winking on his nose actaully aroused Jeremy which surprised him. He could tell Adrian was about to apologize for his stench again so Jeremy thought he would surprise him, maybe even punish him for forcing his head in his ass.

    Adrian began to feel the orgasmic sensation of an explorative tongue invading his hole. The sensation was amazing making him buckle over more, he was certainly beyond the realm of unprofessionalism so he couldn’t exactly ask his master to stop. The pleasure on his hole was getting so good that it began to tempt more gas out of his ass.




    Rancid farts began further stinking up Jeremy’s engulfed face, but Jeremy had gotten to a point of the smell of Adrian’s anal pheremones was beginning to turn him on. Still rimming the butler he decided to put his hands to use using one to unbuckle his trousers and begin rubbing himself and the other to rub Adrian giving him a hint of where this is going. Adrian noticed the shift in atmosphere and smirked realising just how kinky his master is. He unzipped his own trousers giving Jeremy’s spare hand more freedom to explore.




    The smell only got more intense filling the room with a scent of ass stink. By this point both of them needed release, their dicks throbbing. Jeremy pushed himself out of Adrian’s ass gasping for breath.

    “Adrian!” He pulled the man down to face him by his tie in a less serious but still commanding tone he said: “I demand that you put your flatulence to good use and release those winds on my member!”

    With a sadistic grin Adrian gave him a quick kiss and said with a more sadistic smile “As you wish…”

    He slid his body down resting Jeremy’s shaft in-between his cheeks and letting his own push up against Jeremy’s chest.


    The gas began deep and rumbling, blasting hot gas vibrating against Jeremy but also the gas which escaped managed to instantly cloud both of them filling their nostrils with the rancid cheesy stink making them both moan as it overwhelmed their senses. When the fart reached a crescendo Jeremy thrusted against Adrian stimulating both their dicks enough to prompt climax shooting ropes onto eachother leaving Jeremy’s chest and head and Adrian’s ass soaked, and the room reeking. Jeremy knew the room was old but he didn’t remember the paint peeling off the walls before.

    Both men fell into eachother giggling over the insanity of their sexual experience but also in relief that they can finally be with eachother.

    In that moment Jeremy was hoping that Adrian’s new butler services would extend to putting him to sleep with his ass gas every night, but he was sure that he could persuade the gassy butler somehow.

    colinxwolves asked :May I request one with a sexy bold skunk boy and a shy small kitten boy? Like, both used to be in a relationship but the kitten broke it off cause he thought the skunk wasn't that bold and smelly, but the skunk wouldn't take it lying down and waited until he finally had the little kitten alone and showed him just how alpha bold and extremely smelly he really was by giving him hardcore stinky sex, with the end being them snuggled together and the kitten covered in a claiming 'scent', please? asked :

    Not really taking direct requests at the moment, but I’d love to read it if you write it :)

    Anonymous asked :Are you gonna continue the fart god story???? I LOVE it!!! asked :

    Thanks! I would love because I really like the characters but I’m not super inspired with them atm. I’ll probably just write the rest of it in like 5 chapters and just dump them all here at some point, but I have no idea when I’ll do that but idk?