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2020-08-03 02:15:03

    it is disgusting to be alive in america right now. what have they told us? “let them eat cake” comes out of the mouths of every other politician. we are told to send kids back to school, that only their friends will die, and their teachers, and maybe you. we are told to just find another job in the middle of a hiring freeze and massive unemployment. we are told that healthcare is a privilege while being encouraged to “be smart” about covid. we are told to move somewhere else if the rent is too high. to just grow more vegetables if food is running thin. to spend less on coffee. if you don’t like it, they assure us, the problem is you. america is the land of opportunity! there are a million ways for you to be taken advantage of, and we will blame you for all of them.

    jeff besos could pay each person on earth one million dollars and still be the richest man alive. the police continue to open fire on protesters, but the media has moved on. citizens are kidnapped by federal officers. children are in cages. flint still doesn’t have clean water. disney, gleefully paying minimum wage, happily opens to crowds. 

    i click on another article where another rich white man tells us to simply be brave and to be proud when we are afraid and dying and aware we are being mulched for profit. there is a parable, somewhere, about what happens when the wolves are starved but the mayor has hundreds of sheep.

    i am getting hungrier and hungrier. and there is no more bread to eat.