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2018-11-08 22:59:55

    I hope you haven’t had enough of Welcome to the Madness yet! This is my little contribute to the party :)

    As much as I’d like them to make out in the locker room just after the gala exhibition (and trust me, I loved all the hot fan fiction and doujinshi I read about it so far!) I must say I’d like them to take their time to understand their mutual feelings, and for now I’d love them to just be happy about how they managed to slay all of us! XD (I’m sap and hopeless romantic, I know).

    BONUS 1 

    [Inspired by THIS Yuzuru Hanyu’s gala exhibition / from min 4.15 onwards]

    Plus, JUST BECAUSE I have not one but TWO partners in crime @nehart82 (Loop) and @quadruple-axel (Axel) that help me release mywicked side (I love you my twins! <3), and after the whole Tumblr discovered about how *gifted* Otabek is..

    ..BONUS 2   


    Jumping in on this Miraculous Blackout in protest of art theft in the fandom.

    This is a two-week long protest (July 2 - 15) that I am 100% standing with. Art theft is becoming a huge problem and I want to help spread awareness. Fellow artists please stand with me - fellow fans please reblog and help keep original artwork safe. 

    I feel like artists in the fandom are slowly becoming endangered, take a stand before we become extinct.

    For more info on the mlb blackout HERE


    Apoyo a Miraculous Blackout !!!!