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    Crown Prince Ewan

    No triggers this time. :)

    In the royal palace, life had irreversibly changed since the disappearance of Erik. It had deeply wounded both Richard and Hermione. But perhaps most of all, Hermione, who spent some time in the boys ’bedroom, just watching Erik’s empty bed that he wouldn’t let anyone touch, so it stayed there and was there for the whole of Ewan’s childhood, as a reminder of what had happened.

    Admittedly, when he was a teenager, Ewan finally got his own room, although he still couldn’t talk about his own peace, as he was followed almost everywhere by a bodyguard (the stout, tall and dark bearish man) his parents had assigned him and themself selected from between several candidates. 


     Yes, Ewan understood that Esaias was there only for his safety, but still she sometimes longed for her own peace. However, he didn’t want to oppose his parents, so he just endured this. Maybe sometimes when he was a little older he might be able to ask his parents if there could be a little slak about the bodyguard. Sure, he understood why the parents had made this decision. They did not want to lose another child. 

     Later as a teenager, he did meet Laura during school. They became friends and later fell in love. 


     Eventually, when the schools were completed, Ewan, of course, wanted to introduce Laura to his parents, who, although they already knew Laura and had met this a few times, this was a slightly more formal meeting and also the moment Ewan was going to announce her engagement.


    Hermione and Richard accepted Laura pretty easily, as of course they couldn’t deny Ewan anything, as they only wanted their son’s best and that this would be happy. 

     Of course, they always hoped that maybe they would get their other son back, even though Marcus' research had stalled, as no ransom demand had come at the time, and anyway, the meager evidence, after all, didn't tell him everything. At times, they even doubted that Erik was still alive, for so many of the cases they had read had ended quite sadly for the child, when for some reason the kidnapper had decided to remove the child from the figures, when he had not gotten what he wanted, or when the plans had gone wrong for some reason.


     After this meeting, of course, Ewan, although he had already told his parents, publicly announced his engagement and for some time about it, was the wedding itself. 


     And it didn’t take very long for the wedding, when they already announced Laura was in a blessed state. Admittedly, this meant that now Laura was under fairly tight supervision to stay fit throughout her pregnancy, as well as safe.


     Laura didn't care, but realized it was for her own good. She might not be the queen in the future, but the king’s spouse, so of course her, as well as the future offspring, had to stay safe in order for the royal lineage to continue. Sure, she had heard from Ewan about that terrible childhood event, which is why the security measures were so strict at all. 


    To everyone’s delight and happiness, Laura’s pregnancy went really well and Laura, as well as Ewan, were blessed, with twins named Gabriel and Ginerva.


     Each inherited her father’s dark eyes and hair, but Ginny had inherited from her mother, as well as her grandmother’s freckles, as well as her mother’s fiery nature.

    Eriks Life in hell on earth

    Possible TRIGGER WARNING! May contain violent pictures, so reading is at your own risk.


    Over time, Erik developed into a brilliant chef whose food, even Mr. Black, was deeply appreciated, even though he treated Erik infinitely badly. Erik grew into a quiet young man. He was also very skinny because he had so very little time to eat himself, let alone that he was not allowed to touch the foods or foods intended for Mr. Black’s family. 


     Erik was also very clean and had his own order in the kitchen. He knew where everything was. He was also special that he never spent his birthday. For the simple reason that he didn’t know when his birthday was. Mr. Black never agreed to tell him that, nor his year of birth, so Erik didn't know how old he really was either. 

     Because Erik had been so very small, almost a baby back then, when Mr. Black had kidnapped him, and that’s why Erik no longer remembered his own parents let alone knew if he even had siblings. Erik couldn't really even hope for better for himself, as he assumed he had been born that way. To serve others and he had no right to demand anything for himself, no rights, no better treatment. He also assumed that because of his position, he had to be punished for even the slightest offense. 


    He never dreamed he would dare to oppose Mr. Black, for this had a few times beaten him unconscious during his outburst of anger. Recovering from them had taken time, and he really had not dared to show his bruised face to the other inhabitants of the manor. He did not know how these would have reacted to it and because he feared that Mr. Black would beat him again if he did.

    Of course, Erik would have had opportunities to escape, but he didn’t want to, let alone dare, for the fear of what Julian would do to him was great. He was also unwilling to mess with the police, as he did not want to cause problems for Mrs. Black and the children of the family. These once were completely innocent of the incident, and did not even know what Mr. Black had done. 

     Possibly it was also some degree of Stockholm sydrom, although Erik didn't even know anything about it or what it meant, as he was not allowed to read anything other than Laura and Lucius' textbooks to help with these homework, and of course cooking and housekeeping books. 


    Though sometimes, extremely rarely Erik managed to wiggle the newspapers a bit if they had been left on the living room table and before they had to be moved to wait for export to the paper collection. 

     Secondly, he wanted to avoid the scandal that would arise. Such would easily end up in all media, magazines, news, the web, and Erik didn’t want that to happen. Erik may have been in the dark about many things, but somehow he thought the media rumble couldn’t know anything good, so he wanted to avoid one by any means.


    As the years wandered, Mr. Black's children grew up and soon moved away after their studies. Mr. Black also seemed a little calmed down, not beating Erik so easily anymore, but still not treating him particularly well.


    Laura and Lucius studied, and found partners for themselves during that time.


     Mr. Black initially disagreed slightly with Lucius' choices, for it took him a while to digest the knowledge that Lucius was gay. Lucius himself had been tormented by the matter and had many once been debunked in the company of Erik, this when he always had to patiently listen and was always supportive. 


    Eventually, Lucius had come to the conclusion that he should tell his father, and he did so during a lengthy conversation. This brought a little friction between Mr. Black and Lucius, but over time this also improved and the Mr. Black accepted his son as he was. 

     Laura actually met Ewan at the university. Something in the young man had felt familiar, but eventually Laura forgot about it when she started dating Ewan. The socialization deepened and progressed wherever they studied and when they finally graduated, Ewan married Laura. 


     This information only confirmed Erik’s decision not to go to the police. He didn’t want to cause a rift between Laura and Ewan, which would no doubt arise if the matter ended up in public. On the other hand, he wondered if anyone would believe him though. A penniless, nameless man. It would be just his word, against Mr. Black's word.

    Royal Family Potraits. Richard and Hermione, Ewan and Laura.

    Oh and huge thanks to @sifix for the dresses and @batsfromwesteros and few other royal cc-makers for the gendlemen suits and accessories. And for @zx-ta for that curtain and @thejim07 for those awesome thrones. Oh and Lauras necklace and earrings are from TSR made by either @s-club-tbr or Natalis.

    This time I got the idea, (thanks to AleNikSimmer for that) to dress Barbara and Walter as Hawk Moth (Gabriel) and Mayura (Nathalie). Oh yeah and some things like Barbara’s hair color, Walter’s green skin, horns, ears and eyes I intentionally left unchanged.

    Hawk Moth and Mayura’s outfits, makeups, hair and accessories are made by @aleniksimmer and you can find them at TSR. So thanks AleNik. :)

    Poses are from @atashi77 and propably rinvalee, but I’m not sure of that. Anyway, huge thanks to them.

    Hi! I decided to take on the challenge, so here comes my minor sim challenge participant, Lady Chloris. After all, there is nothing else of her than a statue and some other garden decoration that came with the TS4 Romantic Garden Stuff, so this is made with my imagination. 

    Chloris, Lady - Lady Chloris is a Sim mentioned in the object descriptions for "The Folly of Lady Chloris" and "Where The Green Fern Grows" from The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff. According to the items' description, she was a lover and protector of nature, and starved to death when she failed to find an escape after her husband Zephyrus encircled her with follies as a loving tribute while she slept.

    And I didn’t really know what outfit I would put on Lady Chloris, but then I ended up with the same type as what that statue has that I intentionally put behind her. Thanks for this challenge go to @someone-elsa.

    The bracelet, or rather the arm ring, is someone's (unfortunately I don't remember the factor, but I can try to inspect it the next time I go to cas mode to edit the sims) modified version of the arm jewelry that came with The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.

    Dress is from @sifix and hair is @natalia-auditorets4 and necklace is @blahberry-pancake and pose (if my memory serves me right) is @atashi77

    And objects are TS4 basegame and romantic stuff pack. :)

    Erik’s life

    TRIGGER WARNING! Will contain violence and child abuse. So do not go further if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Oh and lot of texts and maybe typos. Sorry.

    Erik’s Tale The life of horrors begins.

    One morning Erik got up early, as always, and noticed that Fanny was not in her bed. Erik didn't care but thought that maybe the woman had gotten up a little earlier and had already gone to the kitchen to make breakfast for Black's family. 

     Erik took care of his morning work and went to the kitchen to help Fanny make breakfast, but there was no one there either. This worried Erik, but he knew he would be in even worse trouble if Mr. Black and his family didn’t get their breakfast on time. Erik got along and hoped that Fanny would still show up. 

     He got breakfast done, transported it to the dining room, where Mr. Black was already waiting, looking relatively dissatisfied. “Sorry I took so long, but I had to do everything alone. I don’t know where Mrs. Bottle is, ”Erik said in an apologetic tone and bowed. 

     Mr. Black said nothing, but looked at Erik icily until he moved his hand impatiently. Erik nodded and returned to the kitchen to wait until he was called again. 

     He didn't have long in the kitchen when Mr. Black stepped in, closing and locking the kitchen door behind him so that Erik couldn't get out and no one could get inside. Erik stood there looking expectant, not knowing what he should have done. He was scared, and he couldn't escape, he just had to accept what was to come. 

    Probably screams of slowness, he guessed and prepared to receive the screams and barking. But the shock was great when, in addition to shouting, the first blow flew him to the floor on his back. He looked at Mr. Black in fear and confusion. Why did this hit, he could not understand it. Erik looked his eyes wide at the man who approached again and rubbed his face which he was numbing.

     He would have liked to run away, but knew he had no place to escape and no one to ask for help. Mr. Black beat Erik properly until he disappeared without saying a word back into the dining room to continue his breakfast. 

     Erik, on the other hand, sit in the ultimate corner of the kitchen for a while, tears streaming down his, now bruised, cheeks. It was quiet until, after a long time, footsteps were heard again and the door was pushed open.

    Erik stood up quickly and looked, breathing hard, the newcomer. It was Mr. Black. Mr. Black stepped toward Erik, who was startled and stepped back in fright. 

     Mr. Black stopped and looked at the boy, “you can go get the dishes from the dining room,” he growled, turned and leaped away. “Yes, Mr. Black,” Erik said and almost ran after the man out of the kitchen and went to clean the dining room.

    He brought dirty dishes and food that had not been eaten into the kitchen. He arranged for the food to be recovered, after which he washed the dishes. He then cleaned himself up a bit and began preparing dinner so that it would be ready at the right time so as not to upset Mr. Black again. 

     Erik never found out where Fanny had gone. Had this just left or had something happened at night? And Mr. Black refused to say anything, though Erik had tried to ask it cautiously. 

     In reality, Mrs. Bottle had, due to her poor lifestyle, suffered a seizure after visiting the kitchen at night. Mr. Black had suspected the woman had secretly been drinking kitchen sherry or something else he had hidden in the kitchen for himself. Be that as it may, Mr. Black had found the woman lying on the kitchen floor and had first thought about this extinguished drunkenness, but on closer inspection Mr. Black had found that the woman was in really bad shape and did not even smell alcohol as usual. 

     Mr. Black had gotten Mrs. Bottle on her feet enough to have her taken to her car and then driven to the woman's nearest hospital. There, the woman's condition had collapsed again and eventually the woman had died despite the efforts of the medical staff. No one could say where Mrs. Bottle had died, but Mr. Black doubted that it was certainly due to Mrs. Bottle's excessive preference for alcohol. 

     After that day, Erik had to move from Fanny's room to a much smaller and dirtier room that didn't even have a window. 

    From the room was another door to a small space that served as a toilet and shower room. This new room was more than a prison. For the door there was thick and heavy, and prevented the sounds from being heard both inside and out, so that Mr. Black could punish Erik in all peace of mind without anyone ever hearing it. 

     Life after this was like a nightmare for Erik and the older he got, the more tasks he got to do. To clean the whole house, to take care of both the front yard and the backyard garden. To put in the food, do the laundry, and a little later to help Mr. Black’s children with school assignments. Erik himself, of course, didn’t get into any school and learned a little like half-accidentally everything he needed to help Laura and Lucius do their homework. 

     Although Laura and Lucius were quite pampered, they were still surprisingly kind, and they didn’t bully Erik. Admittedly, they weren’t his friends either, good when a few words were exchanged during homework. 

     If Mr. Black was very cruel to Erik, he was not that to his family. He actually loved his wife Margaret and his children very deeply and was willing to do almost anything for them. Only Erik had to face his outburst of rage and cruelty.


    My Royal HRH

    Okay, because I do a lot of The Sims 4 stories and because I’m impulsive and I always go by whatever I get the inspiration so there is lot of different TS4 stuff in my blog. So I’ll now at least put links to all parts of Erik’s Story so you don’t have to look for them among all my miscellaneous posts. 

    My apologies for being so impulsive.

    Erik’s Tale

    Some of the characters:https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/645010553099698176/here-are-a-few-characters-from-the-story-i-planned

    First chapter:https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/646996097823375360/my-hrh-challenge

    Second part of first chapter:https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/647027605002928128/my-royal-hrh-challenge

    Third part Black’s house: https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/651510515602980864/royal-hrh

    Fourth part:https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/651513339978170368/royal-hrh

    Fifth part:https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/651514032975691776/royal-hrh

    So now on, you can find them easily. I try to update this when ever I can and remember. I hope you like the story. :)


    Just reblog this so this does not disappeared middle of my other post. :)

    The Sixth part here:https://yavannah.tumblr.com/post/653548017270521856/eriks-life

    Hey! Again, for a long time I’m putting Stricklake pictures here. I then got the idea for some sort of story where this time Strickler, Barbara and their twins are caught in the clutches of a mad scientist. Besides, I wanted a good excuse to try that pose I used for Strickler. They became pretty good. 

    Oh yeah and the name of this crazy scientist is Dr. Henry Jekyll. :D

    And thanks to the poses goes to @qvoix   and that tank/tube is the game's own, in fact a working day add-on, a scientist's career. I just magnified it a little when I noticed that otherwise Strickler wouldn’t fit inside that research tank. Other items in Henry’s lab are again from the Strangerville Pack.


    Your nomura eye edit just made me think of when cats just go all wide eyed and dart around the room like a they’ve consumed all the crack and caffeine they physically could

    nomura before and after the influence of gravesand


    @twistedmashup how less (or more) scary would that experience be for jim


    This trick. XD

    Puss in Boots pic is from google.


    “We are in the endgame now.”

    Keep reading


    OMG! A that is really crazy creepy stalker, whoever he(or she) may be. Properly done altar there. It would seem that Ginny is in very big trouble.

     And I thought I was crazy about my own favorite actor, but alongside that, I just look like a nice fan. Admittedly, I could never imagine hurting him nor anyone important to him. And I wouldn’t even want to do that. I want everything to be the way it is now and that he is happy with his life, his family, and his work. Sure, it would be a huge plus to see him live on the theater stage. :) 

     That person who stalker Ginny, so if the whole thing isn’t just a staging / performance for that particular person, seems really unbalanced and dangerous. His place really is behind bars, or rather in a padded room and strong medication. 

    But I’m now looking forward to seeing how this your absolutely awesome story progresses from this yet. You left again in an exciting place and even clues that really make you wonder who and why. You should be scripting some excitement series on TV. :D 

    And apologies for any grammatical and translation errors. I use a lot of google translators, and my own language skills are not very good either, so mistakes can and certainly will come. So sorry about that.

    Oh yeah and apologies for reblocking, but despite attempts, I didn’t see this post among my new posts. I follow really many people on tumblr, so there will be a lot of messages coming in daily. Sure, I found this directly on your blog, but for some reason it’s not possible to comment through it. Or I just still can't fully use all the features of tumblr. I don’t know.

    Someone Elsa's summer cottage, albeit finely modified. But overall, I liked it the way it was because it was so well done.

    Someone Elsan kesämökki, tosin hienoisesti muokattuna. Mutta yleisesti ottaen pidin sen sellaisena kuin se olikin, koska se oli niin hyvin tehty. :)

    Joten siis kiitokset/So the thanks to @someone-elsa :)

    Tämä on muuten sitten Granite Fallsissa, tein siitä vähän kuin lomakohteen. Voin ottaa myöhemmin vähän enemmän kuvia tästä. Toki tämä näyttäs paremmalta, jos olis kunnon rantsussa, mutta simit ei osaa käydä uimassa kuin unelmasaarissa (Sulanissa), yliopisto lisärin mukana tulevan Pipsan baarin takana olevalla vesialueella ja uima-altaassa. Toki tuolla on saatavilla modeja, joilla simit voi saada uimaan vaikka maalla, mutta minä en lataa niitä. Mun sims latauskansio on muutenkin jo niin täynnä, että peli on hidas ja temppuilee.

    This is by the way then in Granite Falls, I made it a bit like a resort. I can take a little more pictures of this later. Sure, this looked better on a decent beach, but the sims can’t go swimming except in the Dream islands(Sulani), in the water area behind the Pipsa’s bar that comes with the university add on, and in the pool. Sure, some mods would definitely make the sims swim even on land, but I don’t download those. Anyway, I already have a lot of downloads, which makes the game slow and tricky.


    Kauhuleffojen life hackejä

    Bongasin Twitteristä tämän mainion ketjun kauhuleffoista opittuja life hackejä:


    (kannattaa lukea ketjun kaikki vastaukset, koska sieltä löytyy helmiä 😃)


    Luin ja hauska on. :D

    lisätääs listaan kohta, 18. Älä pelasta joen varresta tai mistään muualtakaan epämääräisiä henkilöitä, vaan jätä heidät sinne mistä löydät. Mieluiten vielä tapa heidät. Nimittäin yleensä tällaisista matkakumppaneista seuraa vain ongelmia ja puolet sinun retkikunnastasi kuolee, ennen kuin pääsette pois sieltä minne olette menossa.