Yes, that's it! Bob Iger, you mad genius!

    some other taxonomic facts for you to get mad at evolution for, instead of "birds are dinosaurs"

  • "Insects are Crustaceans" (Pancrustacea)
  • "Dolphins are Hoofed Mammals" (Artiodactyl)
  • "Mushrooms are closer to Animals than they are to Plants" (Opisthokont)
  • "Hyenas are Cat-like" (Feliformia)
  • "Herpetology is a LYING BASTARD since Amphibians are equally close to Mammals and Reptiles, and there's no reason it should be included like that. if anything, Herpetology should be a parent science of Ornithology, since birds are reptiles. why the fuck are toads here??" (Amniota, Sauria)
  • "really, we're all just fish" (Sarcopterygii)
  • 𝕯𝖎𝖒𝖔𝖘

    by Dragan Bibin

    Dragan is the quiet painter of the absence and the dread. He achieves this by involving the spectator into the calm and isolated regions of the characters or places he depicts. With his work, Dragan is able to present ordinary reality in a suggestive, yet questionning manner, giving a sense of something unsettling happening behind the scenes. Animals are often present in his works. Through them he is exploring our struggles, fears and anxieties. His eerie interiors, doors open on black nothingness and expectant animals are all playing with our fears and our nightmares.

    bio and pic source: https://www.draganbibin.com/