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    Membayangkan muka dia pun boleh buat dick aku tegang sepanjang hari. Itulah penangan aura sex Vivy yang aku anggap slutty hijabista. Susah aku nak describe obsesi aku yang satu ni. Semalam aku dapat wet dream. Vivy masuk dalam mimpi aku tutorial tudung mcm biasa. Mendada tayang boobs dia yang perfect. Shit.

    Aku rasa ramai fappers yang terlepas pandang hidden gem ni termasuk aku dulu dulu. Package betina ni sangat lengkap. Perfect gila utk tumpahkan sperm setiap hari. Paling bodoh, dulu aku selalu ingat boobs Datin ni kecik. Tapi aku silap besar. Rupanya sangat besar & solid. Tinggal dia pilih utk belanja atau tak je. Shit!

    Dengan luxury lifestyle yang dia ada, memang Vivy jenis yang open minded termasuk hal hal sexual. Into kinky. Dan dalam circle yang dia ada, semua pun ada high sex drive. Bila bila masa boleh bagi corperation demi kepuasan. Leading by herself. OMG fucking hot!

    Kekuatan paling utama Vivy utk turn on pelir tentunya aura sex dia. Aura sex ni susah nak ukur tapi siapa yang faham akan faham. Macam aku boobs lover punya type. Aku akan pandang boobs betul betul. Tapi dalam kes Vivy, tengok muka atau dengar suara dia je pun dah boleh buat aku jadi horny teruk. Tu maksud aura sex.

    Muka dia, gedik dia, bibir, body. Shit hampir semua padu. Paling best, dia dianggap hot mommy. Jenis subur gila. Hampir setiap tahun preggy. Memang sangat active fucking. Boobies tak payah cakap. Memang solid sial untuk body kecik macam dia. Kalau titsfuck aku rasa tak sampai 5 saat aku dah precum.

    Sapa yang layan dari era dia freehair pasti akan setuju dengan apa yang aku cakap. Sangat worth it untuk sajian batang batang.

    Betina Vivy ni memang sundal, slut, bitchy, notty. Fucking shit. Memang dick aku boleh tegang 24 jam tengok Vivy tak kisah masa dia freehair or hijab. Layan sexy baby bump & tetek penuh susu tu. Memang precum aku meleleh habis.

    Besar tetek kau mommy Vivy sayang. I wanna licking & sucking ur tits. Roughly! I wanna hear u moaning loudly. Talking dirty to me. U choose either I creampie into ur pussy or I cum at ur fucking sexy face. U choose, slut!

    Lepas habis 1 round, Vivy akan guide aku untuk fuck her bff as well. Damnnnnn.

    This is a fictional story. None of it is true. Pics submitted by a fan of my works. Names were submitted by fan as well. Theme was proposed by user too! Pure coincidence if it’s real.

    This story is about Melissa who is an aspiring model but ends up getting played out by the photographer.

    Melissa, known for her perky busty tits, always loved the spotlight. She loved telling everyone that her tits are real. Flaunting her boobs is a part of her personality. She loves any opportunity to show off her natural tits.

    As the pandemic rages on, she had to find ways to earn extra money after having taken a pay cut. She decided to create an Only Fans behind her boyfriend’s back. At the start, she hired a female photographer because she didn’t want her boyfriend to worry or for some creep to take advantage of her.

    Soon, her OF took off. She was making a lot more money than she was in her job. Soon, it was enough to sustain her and she decided to expand the range of services she offered through OF. Instead of just taking sexy shots, she decided to sell her used bras or lingerie for extra cash.

    Business was booming and she didn’t even tell her bf she has all this extra cash. Her clientele has boomed and she has even received requests for a lot more than just used bras and lingerie.

    She would start making video requests and sending it out to clients for $100 per gif. Most of her gifs involved her showing off her boobs and posing suggestively.

    One day, she received a message from an anon user saying that if she does not accede to his request of having a private photo shoot with him, he would spill the beans to her bf. Having no choice and not wanting her bf to find out, she begrudgingly agreed to meet this creep.

    “Room 666, come at 12 noon.” Read the DM.

    Reluctantly, she followed his instructions and his specifications for clothes and went to the hotel to meet him.

    At the hotel, she finally found out who the creep was. It was none other than her bf’s best friend Nathan. With a wry smirk, he said to her, “I knew you’re such a slut. But don’t worry, I’ll keep my word.”

    “Fuck, it’s you? Why are you doing this?” Melissa asked.

    “Because I fucking hate the way you’ve hid things from Jaden. Jaden’s my bro and I knew you weren’t worthy of him but he worships you.” Nathan said.

    “Fuck, there’s no need to do this. He’s my bf and he’s your best bro. Why do you want to blackmail me?” Melissa said.

    “As much as I hate you, a man has needs and it’s been awhile since I’ve got some. Since you’re a cheap lying whore, I might as well use you for what you are.” Nathan said.

    Melissa lost her cool and walked up to Nathan to give him a tight slap. Anger intensified and Nathan pushed her on the bed. As he was pinning her down, Melissa was struggling to get up and that’s when Nathan said, “The more you struggle, the more turned on I will get and the harder I’ll fuck you.”

    “Fuck you, you’re such a bastard I swear.” Melissa said as she continued struggling.

    Nathan started groping her tits and licking them as Melissa tried her hardest to push him away.

    In their struggle, Melissa managed to kick Nathan in the balls and in his pain, he managed to regain composure and pinned her to the ground. With one hand pushing her head down, his other hand unzipped his pants and out popped his long thick dick.

    He managed to remove her underwear and roughly fingered her pussy. When it was moist enough, he said to her, “You might be struggling but you will enjoy this.”

    “Fuck you, I won’t. You fucking bastard. You aren’t even a gentleman about it” Melissa cursed.

    “You don’t deserve to be treated properly, you fucking whore.” Nathan snarled as he penetrated her moist pussy, ignoring her struggles and curses.

    “Fuck, surprisingly your pussy is tight. Jaden doesn’t fuck you that much?” Nathan groaned in pleasure as he started pounding her pussy doggy style whilst pinning her down.

    “Ugh fuck, no, can you fuck me faster so we can get it over and done with?” Melissa groaned, half in anger and half in pleasure. Frustrated by her body betraying her, she could only hope that Nathan would get it done fast.

    As Nathan was pounding her from the back mercilessly, it was not long before anger and hate turned into guilty pleasure. As Melissa stopped struggling and cursing, Nathan stopped pinning her down as hard. Soon, Melissa was moaning and saying, “Fuck me harder. Give it to me. I’m your slut.”

    Nathan responded by turning her around, and started slowly thrusting into her with each hand groping her luscious tits. “Now that’s my girl, you’re a dirty little slut.”

    As he grabbed her tits and continued thrusting into her, Melissa’s hate slowly vanished and she gave in to her inner desires. She sneakily asked, “IF I let you cum in my pussy, will you help me take a gif and a few pics for me to sell?”

    “Now that’s what I like to hear. A barter trade.” Nathan said as he smiled and continued thrusting into her slowly, enjoying every inch of her wet pussy.

    “Maybe afterwards, we can have a round two and you finish on my boobs? I bet I can get lots of sales.” Melissa said, puppy eyeing Nathan.

    “Fuck, this should be a regular occurrence.” Nathan remarked in pleasure as he was sliding in and out of Melissa.

    When he could no longer contain his orgasm, he thrusted his deepest into Melissa’s pussy and unleashed his not warm load. Melissa on the verge of orgasm, tightened her pussy walls and vacuumed his hot load the moment he unleashed it. Feeling the hot load fill her pussy up, she managed to orgasm and she lay there breathlessly as Nathan slowly pulled out. As he removed his dick from her pussy, he sprang into action, taking a few pictures and videos of his cum slowly leaking out of her pussy.

    “Now that was a good fuck.” Nathan commented.

    “You better keep your word and not tell my bf about it.” Melissa said as she started fingering herself.

    “I’m nothing but a man of my word.” Nathan said as he started stroking his cock for round 2.

    The end.



    Si sab ni special punya fap material, ada ala2 muka korea, ibarat kau fap dkt artis kpop yg free hair. Tapi apa yang lagi menaikkan nafsu bila fap dkt sab ni adalah sebab dia bertudung🤤korean look dia + tudung memang ngam utk buat kote2 laki kt luar sana keras, dan aku rasa laki korea yang saiz d kecik tu pon memang stim bila tengok si sab berpakaian ketat mcm nk bogel🤤🤤

    Face: 8.2/10

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    Body(boobs): 9.5

    Satu lagi sebab aku suka kt sab ni, kebesaran tetek diaa🤤🤤 korang kalau tengok porn jepun/korea tahu2 la tetek awek asian ni kecik comel je.. tapi si sab ni lain macam🤤 dia punya payudara tu perhh memang besa gila😭😭 legit breast dia bukan saiz average, ni dh kira size large dah nii🤱kalau awek2 korea tengok tetek dia pon mesti jealous sebab tetek si sab ni mcm nk penuh susu🤤dia punya bentuk tetek tu perhh, memang nampak dia punya bonjolan nasi lemak.. ni bukan nasi lemak 20 sen mat, ni nasi lemak 10 inggit punya ni kalau saiz sebesa ni🤤🤤

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    aku rasa skin kulit dia pon memang lembut, bayangkan sab punya tangan yg licin handjob kau sambil dia buat muka mcm ni, confirm terpancut wei🤤

    Papepun sab memang modal fap terbaik, mcm pelacur yg kau dpt dari korea, tpi kau request pelacur korea tu utk pakai tudung🤤🤤Ha itu la sab the bad bitch💦💦

    Overall rating: 9.2 / SLUT