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    How fucking annoying is it when you feel so restless with creative energy but you can’t decide what to do with it and when you finally try to create something it comes out shit so you just give up and sit there being all creatively annoyed and jittery.


    1 - Decision Making Fatigue is a thing.
    --> Make a list of possibilities.
    --> Use a random number generator to pick something off the list.
    --> If you hate the idea cross it off and generate a new number.
    --> Continue until you either find a project or cross off the whole list.
    --> If you cross off the whole list pick a random short story prompt, write for five minutes, and call it a good work day.

    2. Yeah, of course your rough draft sucks. It’s supposed to.
    --> Let it suck.
    --> You can fix it in edits. 

    3. When you’re stressed you aren’t unbiased about your work.
    --> Don’t judge your work while your are actively working on it.
    --> Remember to drink water, take your meds/vitamins, eat something, and get sleep.
    --> Double-check to make sure the restless creative energy is not displaced emotional worries over something else. If it is, displace with intention and let the worries go into your work. You shouldn’t keep stress in your head, put it on a page, or canvas, or in a carving, or a meal, or something. Get it out and let it go.

    4. No work is ever wasted.
    --> All time spent planning and creating is useful in some way. 
    --> Failure means you tried, which is good.
    --> Try again. Fail harder. Fail better.
    --> Keep going until you like what you’re making.

    5. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to not be perfect.
    --> Seriously. 
    --> If this is a struggle I highly recommend seeing a doctor or therapist about depression.
    --> Because you are dang lovable, my friend. You rock. You do great things. I’m proud of you.


    Chloé Zhao, who just won an Oscar for best director, writes fanfiction.

    That's the kind of validation I needed in my life. Thank you, ma'am.


    To all those that think there is an age limit to fanfiction or you “have to be this” to write fanfiction — fuck off.


    I hope this reaches every author on this site. If they haven’t written a word in years, only are writing in their head and haven’t put it down yet, are hip deep in their own War and Peace wordcount fic. 


    I was high off my ass last night and had this dream where I was in this dense ass forest and sitting there was a tall woman. She was so tall I couldn’t see her face but she was wearing gold and I was like “uh…hi?” And she said “I made you, do you know that?” And I nodded and she was like “I hear your thoughts. Why do you hate my creation? Why do you try to destroy yourself? I made you perfect as you are. Please don’t break my heart”. Then she started crying and it flooded and I woke up with fucking heart palpitations like what does it Mean™️????


    polar opposite of this post


    inspiration struck and would not let me go until i drew this

    edit: you can now get this comic as a print!


    Another fun thing I do with customers - specifically parents of very small children who don’t know they’re alive yet - is directly imply I think the coffee is for the baby, not the parent. and lemme tell you, like 70% of parents eat that shit up. They immediately go along with the bit and start discussing it with their newborn child, while the baby just stares at us like 😮

    I want to say that Black girls and women in fandoms are some of the strongest people in the world, but that in and of itself is microaggressive (I’m Black, but still). We put up with a lot of hate, icing out, misplaced jealousy and concern trolling, and that’s even the case when Black female characters are treated well by the narrative, which they often are not. And yeah, we’re still here and everything, but we deserve better.

    Fandom is for enjoyment, not having to be the strongest toughest person in the room. I’m older now so I have the benefit of not giving nearly as much of a shit as I did in my early 20s, but I want more for the ones still finding themselves, trying to find community and make art about the things they love.


    A quick update for all my fellow r/196 migrants about how things are going back in the motherland. A saga has unfolded:

    It began with a basic hornypost, and a comment under said post:

    So, the fatal BreadSlice was getting clowned on in the replies, until:

    So yeah, the more things change the more they stay the same I guess.


    Local man becomes MonsterFucker overnight, more at 11

    1) You should assume good faith (good intentions, the most flattering interpretation of their speech) when taking with people, 2) it is normal to do so unless you have a serious, ongoing reason as to not do so, and 3) if you do not regularly approach people, especially strangers, in good faith during discussions, then that is a sign of something wildly unhealthy within your psyche.

    4) You do have options to change how you think, 5) it will require work to train your brain to approach people sincerely and 6) you may have to stop hanging out in spaces that are toxic or destructive.

    But, 7) by tempering your mind, 8) taking accountability for how your words harm others and 9) not hanging out in places that give you an addicting, self-righteous, sense of anger, 10) you can move towards having meaningful, adult, conversations, honestly and openly with others, 11) in such a way where social safety and kindness allows you to be intellectually curious, exploratory, and to grow.


    I know it’s not hard to point out reactionaries hypocrisy when it comes to like safe spaces or hug boxes or whatever but genuinely how much of an echo chamber do you have to exist in for you to think this is a reasonable thing to say


    reblog if attacking fascism is really the hill you want to die on


    this is literally like one of the most justified and honorable hills you could die on??? lol??


    I mean, if we do it right, the idea is to make sure the fascists are the ones dying.

    those first couple weeks after escaping a time loop have gotta be disorienting as all fuck. all those little cues that used to tell you what's about to happen are now triggers that cause you to brace for something that isn't coming. you have to relearn the permanence of death -- hell, you have reacquaint yourself with the entire concept of finality altogether. everything keeps changing but it never changes back and you keep having to remind yourself that this is normal. "it won't reset anymore," you echo to yourself, over and over and over, like a broken record, like you're still trapped in a loop, like someone who escaped the time loop but was doomed to bring it into the future with them