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    Pairing - Somi x Male Reader

    7584  words

    Categories: smut, public sex, face-fucking, Somi as a hot librarian


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    Friday afternoons were the least busiest time of the week at University. Much of your time was unoccupied, and not wanting to deal with your noisy roommate you headed to the school’s public library. Swiping your school id, the loud audible beep welcomed you in while you looked for the perfect place to sit.


    OMG Part 5: Exploration - Arin


    “Hey baby, Arin needs some help from you, do you think you could help her?”

    “Sure, what does she need help with?”

    “She wouldn’t say, and she shares everything with us, so maybe it is guy-related? You’ll have to ask her when you see her.”

    “Alright, where and when does she want to see me?”

    “Saturday afternoon should work, we don’t have anything then, I’ll text you her address.”

    “Okay, we still good for dinner tonight?”

    “Yes! See you then, love you!”

    “Me too, bye!” You end the call with Binnie and go about your day. You meet her for dinner and walk her back to her apartment, Arin doesn’t come up at all, so you don’t think much of it at all as you go through the week.

    Saturday comes around and you find yourself at what turns out to be Arin’s apartment, you knock on the door and Arin lets you in, giving you a nervous but cheery greeting. She’s dressed simply in a plain white t-shirt and jean shorts, looking innocent and fresh as white snow. You always thought of her as Binnie’s younger sister, but she’s stunning in her own right.

    “Hi oppa, thank you for coming! I really need help, and Binnie unnie raves about you all the time, so I thought you would be perfect.”

    “Sure, not sure what I can help with since she didn’t tell me anything, but I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

    “I didn’t tell her either, I’m too embarrassed to tell the members, they’ll laugh at me.” She fidgets, blushing a little at what seems to be a sensitive topic.

    “Why don’t we sit down and tell me about it?” You follow her into her living room and plop yourself down on the couch as Arin hurries around the house, trying to be a perfect host, but really just trying to delay talking about it.

    “Do you want some snacks, I have some chips, I can go grab them, or ice cream? Or-” You grab her arm and have her sit with you, trying to get to the main topic.

    “Arin, I’m fine, water is enough. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?” You see her bite her lower lip, her cheeks turning red as she tries to broach the topic with you.

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    WJSN Cheng Xiao x Male Reader

    3240 words

    categories, smut, oral, public sex, tit-fucking

    Went and updated my masterlist and realized I never posted this here. It’s almost a year old at this point so it’s probably pretty rough.


    The sounds of the oceans fill your ears as you walk along the warm sand. It’s too hot already. Even before noon the sun blazes down your skin as you walk across the beach, making your way up the stairs to a beautiful gazebo stationed next to an even more beautiful pool. All surrounded by an endless array of palm trees.

    Upon arrival you find a gorgeous dark haired girl, waiting for you and resting on top a hammock without a care in the world. Her body is magnificent. Slim toned legs displayed in plain view, making it impossible to look away from them the rest of her well sculpted figure.

    You had met her the night before. She didn’t know anyone and you offered to show her around. She told you her name was Cheng Xiao. She laughed at your pronunciation which helped her warm up to you. Her laugh was plentiful and cute as she was, and by the end of the night you had already secured her phone number.