"A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are for. " - W. Shedd

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    Great and informative photo post by sparklejams (link to original post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA28polgK6f/ ). These might be helpful to those who are able to attend protests. If you are fat or you are a slim/average size person who cares about fat people,  you must know that anti-fat prejudice in the world is rooted in and originated from anti-black prejudice in the world. The foundation of fatmisia/fatphobia began with racism. A brilliant book on this is called ‘Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia’ by Sabrina Strings. <3

    If you can’t attend protests wherever you are in the world or want to know some things you can do in general:

    - try to educate yourself on white supremacy and racism.
    - use google to research many resources, especially videos or books to read.
    - share what you know with those around you, start a conversation and help educate your family and friends, especially if you are white (or a person who is of mixed heritages like me). Talking to people in “offline world” is really vital.
    - stand up to racist jokes/comments/actions that you encounter. If you notice this kind of thing at work or educational establishments for example, report the person doing the racist thing to your superior and make sure the person who has been hurt is safe.
    - don’t post police brutality or violent pictures/videos just for some twisted “shock value”, that in itself is violence and it often causes further trauma to black people. And don’t send your black friends messages asking them to educate you on what is going on and what they can do. You are asking for free labour.
    - listen to black people, don’t talk over them or make the conversation about you.
    - when things get uncomfortable, it’s often better to not just switch off and ignore things. self-reflect on why something makes you uncomfortable. Don’t feel ashamed of getting things wrong, be accountable for mistakes and learn from them. Also you cannot please everyone all the time; oppressed people/communities are not a monolith, there are varying views of what is considered helpful action from allies. Don’t be put off from doing anti-racism work because it might feel confusing at times.
    - write to local area representatives. Sign petitions and donate. Black Lives Matter is a solid organisation and has many resources so you can actively help. #DefundThePolice is a good one.
    -support businesses owned by b
    lack people.
    - also, don’t vote for racist politicians wherever you are in the world!
    -stop believing that the protests are worse than the crimes that caused them to happen.
    - even when this topic isn’t trending, if you truly believe in a better world, continue all of t
    he above whenever you can.

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    “Well now,” said Vimes. “Shall I tell you something? They’re electing a new Patrician today-”

    “Who?” said William.

    I don’t know,” said Vimes.

    Sacharissa blew her nose and said: “It’ll be Mr. Scrope, of the Shoemakers and Leatherworkers.”

    Vimes gave William a suspicious look.

    “How do you know that?” he said.

    “Everyone knows,” said Sacharissa. “That’s what the young man in the bakery said this morning.”

    “Oh, where would we be without rumor,” said Vimes.

    -The Truth by Terry Pratchett

    The <>Arbatel De Magia Veterum<> (Arbatel: On the Magic of the Ancients) is a grimoire of ceremonial magic that was published in 1575 in Switzerland. It was likely edited by Theodor Zwinger, and published by Pietro Perna. The actual author of the text remains unknown, but scholars suggest Jacques Gohory as a possible candidate.

    The Arbatel mainly focuses on the relationship between humanity, celestial hierarchies, and the positive relationship between the two. The Olympian spirits featured in it are entirely unique to this grimoire. Unlike other grimoires, the Arbatel exhorts the magus to remain active in their community (instead of isolating themselves), favoring kindness, charity, and honesty over remote and obscure rituals. The teachings of Swiss alchemist Paracelsus greatly influenced the writing of this work, though it is also deeply rooted in classical culture, Ancient Greek philosophy, the Sibylline oracles and the philosophy of Plotinus.

    Originally written in Latin, these selected ten pages come from a later German translation of the work, dated to 1686.

    Relationships get so bananas when you start deciphering the other person’s love language.

    Like I thought I was just acquaintances with this person because they never told me details about themselves and we just talked movies and writing . But then they made time to have coffee with me and they showed up out of breath because they ran. Like. RAN to be on time for coffee with me?

    And I was like “i don’t mind waiting” cause I never want to run

    But they said they wanted every minute they could get because I’m so busy usually

    Which is when it clicked that I didn’t get how much they considered me a friend because I just straight away didn’t see MY signs of affection in them and went “cool! Casual buds it is.” But now that I’m seeing their signs of affection, I feel a little silly for dismissing them like that even though I felt like we could be best bros.

    Anyway, some people show affection through time or intensity or commitment and not vocally. I really have to remember that!

    Fyi- just in case you didn’t know.

    <>TOUCH<> got a bro that likes to give high fives? Back slaps? Are they a hugger? Do they not blink an eye at cuddles?

    <>QUALITY TIME<> this bro will (as op stated) sprint to spend every minute possible with you. Every second that you guys are together is a declaration of affection.

    <>WORDS<> does your bro tell you how amazing and great and fantastic and wonderful you are all the time? Guess what…?

    <>GIFTS<> do they buy you coffee? Snacks, energy drinks, spot you at the restaurant? Did that one key chain remind them of you? Ding ding!

    <>ACTS<> are they always doing things for you? Ie: Nah bro, I got this, I can do that, need me to get anything for you, I can help with…?

    <>PRO TIP - The way people show love is often how they receive love as well.

    Can I just say how much I love seeing this applied to friends / platonic relationships, when I’ve only seen it about romantic ones before?