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    the government be like hey guys the pandemic is over! but also no it’s not :) it’s totally fine to go out now but like still stay home! wear a mask but you don’t have to! stay six feet apart but like if you wanna go to a concert packed with hundreds of people that’s totally fine too!! Anyways guys stay safe out there haha :)

    if the pandemic is over, no it’s not. don’t go out because it’s over. no it isn’t. yes ❤️

    it’s ok to go out... haha just kidding... unless?


    so I was listening to music and got this message… at first I assumed that my boyfriend sent the wrong person a message asking for toilet paper, but when i got up to bring him some i saw his phone on the bed and realized 


    he left his phone in the room and only took his switch with him, so all he could do was desperately tweet an SOS

    i had to adapt to fucking survive

    remember when tumblr used to have the format for reblogged additions on posts be indented instead of vertical and if the post had enough additions to it (which happened frequently because no one on tumblr can shut their fucking mouth) it would just push all the text off the side of the post completely and it became unreadable. it would get so far pushed over that it would just be exactly one character per line and you had to read the post like that. that was a real thing that happened

    2012 tumblr drama be like:

    This post doesn’t belong on here but because she’s someone I look up to and care about I’m gonna put it on the blog where the most people will see it.

    Emily Gwen, who created the sunset/orange lesbian flag, is receiving threats and is having rumors spread about her. To be clear, this is not the pink flag or the flag with the lipstick mark, which was made by a biphobic and transphobic racist. It’s this flag:

    the orange lesbian flag, which is an ombre of orange to pink.

    Emily is trans inclusive and ace inclusive, as is her flag, and it always has been.

    Her flag, the lesbian flag, was almost featured in the google pride doodle, up until the final draft. All because people told the heads of the project that she was transphobic and acephobic, and that her flag didn’t “deserve” to be featured, so they told the artist to get rid of that flag and put in a new one. Those things aren’t true. Emily believes in including everyone and has not participated in discourse for years now. The artist wishes he had known this, but in the end he didn’t have a choice and had to do what the heads told him.

    Please stop spreading rumors and lies about her. She is a struggling human being. She has already had to quit so much social media and use a fake name because she is worried about being known due to how people treat her, and how they choose to believe lies over her.

    Stop spreading rumors about the lesbian flag too. You have no right to judge what flag lesbians use, especially now that it’s literally bled into the mainstream that “lesbians don’t have any good flags because the creators are all horrible people so let’s just not use any for them!” Let lesbians have visibility. The rainbow flag doesn’t count. Keep in mind it’s the community flag, and that while most places don’t use the actual MLM flag the rainbow flag has always had the strongest association with gay men. Most people don’t even known Gilbert Baker made it for all of us.

    And let Emily Gwen have some peace for once in her life, she is going through really terrifying and hard times right now with her family.

    Stop harassing someone based on lies, and when she gives you truth, stop ignoring it and tell other people they’re misinformed.

    Can I watch a great film knowing the actresses in it were terrorized and mistreated the entire time? Can I watch a football game knowing that the players are getting brain injuries right before my eyes? Can I listen to my favorite albums anymore knowing that the singers were all beating their wives in between studio sessions? Can I eat at the new fancy taco place knowing when the building that used to be there got bulldozed eight families got kicked out of their homes so they could be replaced with condos and a chain restaurant? Can I wear the affordable clothes I bought downtown that were probably assembled in a sweatshop with child labor? Can I eat quinoa? Can I eat this burger? Can I drink this bottled water? Can I buy a car and drive to work because I’m sick of taking an hour each way on the subway? Whose bones do I stand on? Whose bones am I standing on right now?