BOOM! I Just walked in!
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2021-09-19 03:06:21

    What what what what!?

    This is up on the Ankama Shop, available for pre-order (coming out 27th August, apparently!)

    What is up with this background? It seems to be some kind of helmet, work clothes and a bag with dynamite? Who is this hinting at? I doubt these items belong to Mr. K, since he doesn’t seem like the type to actually get his own hands dirty.

    Also, the scribble on the side confirms that in Mutafukaz 1886, Luna’s full name is “Luna Golgotha”, which makes sense, given that Mr. K owns “Golgotha Industries”, which is likely named after him.

    I…I want them to be friends and get a team-up episode

    This was not intended as a shipvid but you can sure read it as one if you want. The only reason I care about saying anything is that I don’t want people to think this is my OTP and start tagging me in stuff for it when really I, as usual, have crossover hellships for both. But dang they have a lot of cinematic parallels