A guest just came by my front desk and said “it’s my husband’s birthday today, make sure you say happy birthday when he comes down!” and I love it so much it reminds me of that post that’s like “if I was dating just some guy I would hype him up so much I would walk in and say here comes the most specialist boy make sure you clap and cheer when he comes in or I’ll blow this whole building up” you know that post, but it literally just happened to me in real life.


    Update: they just came back in from eating dinner at a local restaurant I recommended, and I asked the specialist boy in the world how his Special Birthday Dinner was and what he got to eat, and he began to gush about this lasagna he had, and in the background I saw the wife nod in approval that I had acknowledged her Most Specialist Boy’s birthday.


    I will trust a thousand out-of-touch left-leaning southerners who don't know every piece of correct terminology before I trust one weird "feminist/LGBTQ+ ally" dude who couches his bigotry in pseudo-progressive language


    60-year-old former hippie I met in Arkansas: I don't really know much about the whole deal, but I get it. I mean, you like ladies, and I like ladies, and some people like dudes. People should just leave fags and dykes alone, it's common sense.

    Me: Hell yeah brother

    Closet-reactionary liberal college student I met last year: Of course I love and respect the queer and trans community! However, one can argue that the early gay community's... casual attitude toward sex was a disastrous political and social mist--

    Me: I'm going to throw you into traffic


    When I was a U of Georgia queer kid doing Q&A with Queers, one of my copanelists said something I'm never gonna forget.

    They said, "look, if you're trying your best to be respectful but you don't have the words, we can hear that and we can tell. And if you do have the right words but you're trying to use them to be an asshole, we can usually tell that, too."

    I've generally found that principle to be pretty accurate as I go about living my life.




    [ID: a photo of a Pinterest idea suggestion with text and a photo of a puffy ovenbird warbler, a round bird with a green-brown back, white belly with black spotting, and a stripe of orange bordered with black on its head. The text reads “Ideas you might love: Little bird” with the words “Little bird” shown on top of the bird photo and the rest of the text above it. / End ID]