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    This Pertains To Anyone Who Has a Kink or Fetish:

    On May 9th, 2015 I was violently raped by a member of the kink community. I was not dating this person, he was involved with another girl who I’m friends with. We were both at a small house party when this happened. I went to the police immediately after.

    There is a LOT of evidence in my case, much more than a usual rape case. From forensic and DNA, to photos, to six witness statements, and not to mention my rapist confessed fully in writing to his crime only days after it occurred.

    However, last week, my case was dismissed by the district attorney on account of the kink that I have (Ageplay). He thought it would be too difficult to explain ageplay to a jury, even with the overwhelming amount of evidence.

    This dismissal is in clear violation of rape shield laws, which protect sexual assault victims from having to explain any past sexual conduct in their cases. They exist exactly for this reason: so that rape victims can get the prosecution they need without having to explain themselves in a manner that biases the jury and is irrelevant.

    When I was raped, it had nothing to do with my kink. The man who raped me did not even share my fetish. And certainly when he forced his penis into my vagina and then my anus, it still then didn’t, and never will, contain any relevancy to my kink.

    I feel extremely discriminated against for being kinky. It’s the first time that I really felt like being into ABDL has worked against me. This verdict really pertains to anyone who is kinky - does being kinky mean that if someone is assaulted, their assailant will walk free? Why am I not allowed the right to a fair trial just because I’m kinky? There are a lot of implications from this prosecutors decision.

    I want to fight this decision and I think if I do, it might make a difference for future criminal cases that involve kink and fetishes. But I’m just one person and I don’t have much money. Please if you can help me out so that I can hire a lawyer, it would appreciated so much! Please help make a difference, not just in my life but possibly in anyone’s life if you’ve ever been kinky, especially if you are into ageplay which is wthe specific kink they discriminated against.

    Even if you can’t help financially, please, spread the word. Reblog this and share it with your friends. Spread the word and make it loud! It’s not okay to discriminate against someone just because they are kinky! Loud voices can make a difference. Please don’t let this happen again! Let’s refuse to back down.

    If you would like to help fund a lawyer, you can do so by either finding me on cam or you can help directly by donating via Google Wallet or giftrocket.com to misspandaxxx@gmail.com

    Please spread the word! I refuse to just willingly back down and let them make this choice based on discrimination, which in turn allows a serial rapist walk this country free. Being kinky should NEVER be a reason that someone is denied justice.

    wow okay so amepiss i was originally going to write something small based off of an ask you got because i know you’re kinda stressed from school and your birthday just passed (that anon was me lmao) but it snowballed way out of my control so uh

    pearlmethyst omorashi, contains oral, and happy (late)birthday amepiss congratulations you got me to write the smuttiest thing ive ever written

    (also its kinda rough and the first time ive really written more than just kissing so pls bear with the awkward parts thanks

    She didn’t know how it started. It always just happened somehow. Going from something productive, going from working or studying or something to tangling her hands in her girlfriend’s hair, lips glued together and tongues down each others’ throats, making out like horny teenagers. Well- she supposed that made sense, since they technically were horny teenagers. Did legal college students still count?


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    I know a lot of people headcanon pearl as being super embarrassed about wetting, but I like to picture as the type who's really into doing holds. She likes to be in control all the time, it must feel amazing to have a feeling of totally loss of control of something, that something being her bladder.

    this is a good idea! you’re right about the control thing, she’d probably like holding for as long as she could before her body forcibly denied her.

    she likes to sit and read while she drinks, reading until her bladder distracts her too much to read. Her favorite is rapid desperation, when she downs large amounts of water with the occasional cup of tea mixed in, drinking and drinking until her bladder protrudes obviously and she has to loosen her sash to hold on. Of course, this is only when the house is completely empty, or just when she’s alone, because it would be all too obvious in front of anyone else.

    and then, man, the best part is sitting in her room surrounded by all that water, listening to the splashing and gushing and she sits there as long as she can, both hands jammed between her legs and her entire body shaking to hold back the ball of liquid that’s bulging around her stomach. her body starts to disobey her, gushing out little spurts no matter how tightly she squeezes or presses.

    and eventually, her bladder gives in. It’s not her that gives up; she’s still squirming and pressing and shaking, but it’s like somebody’s trying to cover a gushing water hose with their thumb, and the liquid starts hissing out anyway.

    at last, she gives in, moaning loudly and rubbing between her legs as she goes. it takes a few seconds for the relief to kick in just because of how full she is. but when it does, boy does it feel amazing and orgasmic. 

    the cleanup is easy that way too. the water just washes away all the evidence.

    it’s totally a super secret guilty pleasure though. Shed die if anybody found out.

    complicated explanation to justify a picture of a robot wetting himself:

    For this picture, I imagine Mettaton’s heart generates a lot of heat, and the heart container is full of water that needs to be changed in order to keep it cool

    i guess if the water goes too long with out being changed, the steam pressure built up in his heart container would trigger an emergency release of the water.

    alphys told him not to change his water in public because that is seen as crass and would lower his ratings

    i dont know lol

    Actually Kinda Full!

    I just regained control, doubled my efforts, went downstairs and got myself another 500ml bottle of water. I felt my abdomen and noticed it is actually swollen a bit, I-I have a bit of a bladder bulge and it’s starting to ache s=-so maybe I do have more in me then I had thought!

    I’m actually holding pretty well now, I think I just panicked for a second just now with the leaks and stuff, now my thighs are squished rtightlty together and most of me is shaking!

    I can feel the surges of pee coming right up to my urethra, threatening to spill out into my pantioes... mnnn! RTghinking abou t it makes it so much worrssee!

    Starting a Late Night Hold!

    Hey everyone~!

    It’s been a while since I last did a hold and shared it on Tumblr so here we go. Basically I often have trouble sleeping, and have been falling asleep at about 3-4am the last few nights and waking up around midday, which can make my mood bad and cause me to find it harder to be productive... SO:

    I’ve decided to stay up all night to try and fix my sleeping pattern, and, as I am now very sleepy, to aid me in my quest to remain alert I have revoked my own potty privileges~!

    This computer is in the same room as my bed, my gf is currently asleep in it. I could use a different one but I get scared late at night if I’m not close to her, she doesn’t mind as I’m usually quiet and she’s a deep sleeper (she says the typing and clicking are actually a little bit soothing, like background noise and a reassurance that I’m there despite not being beside her in bed).

    She knows I’m staying up all night and is fully expecting to be woken at about 9am by a desperately full, leaking, whimpering, bursting me!

    My aim is to please, so here we go!

    I last went tinkle at about 2am I think, I’ve only drunk about 400ml since then but I have another 900ml in total beside me now that I intend to finish in the next hour!

    I’ll update whenever things progress, until then feel free to tease me, or just encourage me to not fall asleep and to keep holding for my precious girlfriend!

    PS: As this is a fetish thing, I’m an 18 year old girl with short hair and glasses, yay!


    so i had an irl omo fic experience today i was on a road trip today, had coffee before going, didnt take the first pee break as soon as i thought “maybe i should of peed” traffic is backed up bc a truck caught on fire on the bridge we had to go over my need increased as i waited over an hour to finally get to a bathroom i wasnt close to peeing myself but i was very uncomfortable and texted about it the whole time to an omo friend


    Here's some more Ruby/Sapphire: Ruby giving Sapphire drink after drink after drink and Sapphire getting a definite bladder bulge to the point where her dress is uncomfortable. Ruby's kinda nervous about pushing Sapphire's limits so whenever Sapphire gets too uncomfortable she's allowed to go. Sapphire sits up in Ruby's arms, pulls her skirts up, and an absolute river blasts out of her and warms Ruby's lap and tummy. Sapphire sighs in contentment and Ruby just about dies.

    this is a christmas miracle tbhi feel like sapphire would insist she keep going but it makes ruby too worried so she goes to make ruby feel better 


    So you've seen the promo pic of Ruby in that new outfit? All I'm gonna say is Ruby omo feat. those shorts. Picture Sapphire holding Ruby in her lap, keeping her thighs spread apart so Ruby can't squeeze them together. Sapphire kissing Ruby while Ruby grinds against her trying to hold it in just a while longer. Sapphire swallowing the sounds Ruby makes when she loses it and both of them feeling so warm as Ruby pees and pees. There's steam and literal sizzling between them.

    DAMN ANON I JUST FUCKIN SHIVERED WHILE READING THISGOOD SHITsapphire and/or ruby with an omo fetish is so good