somewhere in the world

    a mother is singing her baby a lullaby for the first time, a shelter cat is going home with an excited family, a kid is starting the first pages of what will be their favorite book series, a couple in a long engagement is finally having their wedding, a gardener is stepping outside to see their produce flourishing and almost ready to be picked, a father is becoming a grandfather eager to hold his new little love, a teenager is putting the keys into their first car, someone is moving on from a break up and walking past a place they used to go with their ex without feeling an ache, a patient is taking their first steps forward after a long surgery, a child is getting all giddy with anticipation for their birthday party

    because life all around us is beautiful even though their is chaos and sorrow that can often overshadow it.


    I feel like Eugene as a character is really underrated. I think his was one of my most favourite point of views, and it was really interesting, but they didn’t expand on it. There were only like 3 episodes where he even mentioned how lost he felt, and those were really short scenes, but damn, some of the good shit.

    Things like “Flynn Rider was the closest thing to an identity I ever had. Sure, I was on the wrong side of the law, but I was my own man. In Corona, I’m just Rapunzel’s incredibly attractive boyfriend.”

    I really really want to see more of that. Even if it’s in songs like Everything I Ever Thought I Knew, I wan’t to see more of him as his own person.

    Before y’all call me out saying ‘but the bonding episodes he had with his father’ or whatever, I meant I would like to know his feelings a little bit more. (I am beyond grateful for the bonding episodes btw)


    You, my fellow Eugene stan, are not alone in this point of view. Through this series, he’s become my favorite-ever Disney character. There’s a fair few of us on tumblr who feel that way too!! There’s probably a higher collection of us here than on any other site except AO3 and perhaps Twitter. For some of the best Eugene-centric art out there, check out @bonkalore @tangledbea @lintushadow-art @wind-at-her-heels @tangledgal @eugeneismyqueen @sofwa-fitzzherbert @ink-and-moonbeams @autumn-sundrop

    1.) @tang
    ledbea is also a fantastic fanfic author and is on AO3 under LokoteiBex (as well as that being her primary art tumblr.
    2.) @the-writ
    er1988 easily writes some of the most heart-felt and deep fan fiction out there. She delves into and creates the nuance we all craved from the show but never quite got.
    3.) @ttsl
    over05 This gal KNOWS how to write you some serious SUSPENSE. :D
    4.) @kingrey
    writes or Kingrey on AO3 for the perfect slow-burn, filet-your-heart, twist-the-knife soul-wrenching angst…..this is your author. I’m telling you, nobody does it better…..
    @trekkiehood is also a fantastic author. I’m heavily biased, yes, but I’m also right. XD :D Trekkiehood on AO3.
    6.) @keeparec
    ordofthewreckage When it comes to rip out your heart, chew on a ventricle, throw-on-the-ground, stomp on it, torch it en flambé style romantic whump….nobody does it better!!! IT HURTS SO GOOD. Keep in mind that this is likely to have Mature content. Not sure of your readership preferences but hadda let you know, just in case.

    There’s a TON more. Check out the tags of [#eugene fitzherbert] and [#eugene appreciation week] or [#eaw] for some of the best and more recent Eugene-centric art and writings. :D Keep in mind that there’s a lot of content that’s exclusive to tumblr and not posted elsewhere. ^_^ Sorry if this post is overwhelming but I saw a more recent post how you were looking for recs….so….I decided to combine my answers on this one! Cheers and welcome to the fandom!!!


    I forgot to tag this to save it for later but ugh I’m still honored to even be included. 😌❤️