College for Cunts

    In the new world, cunts are still allowed to attend college, its just a very different experience than before. Men go to college to become educated, get careers, and contribute to the betterment of society. Bitches are too dumb for such things, so they go to learn the only thing they’ll ever be good at: how to be a better cum dump.

    All bitches can be sent to attend once they turn 18. All of their Professors are, of course, Male. But sororities have evolved into places where obedient Patriarchy sluts, referred to as “Big Sluts” can help in the training of “Little Sluts” as well. Their motto is “The bigger the slut, the better!”

    They are required to dress in uniform–skimpy, slutty versions of high school dress that show off their tits and ass spectacularly. They occupy the same building as the Men who learn as well, so as to become accustomed to being degraded, groped, and fucked by random Men.

    Most will have at the very least several abortions if they are not spayed by the time they graduate Slut Academy.

    If a slut is late to class because the Men decided to gangbang her and she shows up dishevelled and cum-soaked with a ripped uniform and messy make up, she will be punished in a variety of ways including: spanking with a ruler, mounting on the punishment poll (A pole with a large dildo on the end) accompanied by a dunce hat and sometimes placed in the middle of the hall to be fucked and humiliated more, or being installed as a public cum dump in the Men’s bathroom for a period of time.

    It is always stressed to them that it is THEIR fault if a Man fucks them. THEIR fault if a Man ruins their uniform or makes them late. And they are to grovel and beg for forgiveness for their indiscretion before their punishment.

    They are taught that it is a Man’s RIGHT to grope and fuck them and they are encouraged to feel bad about it, for guilt is how they know they are learning. They should always be ashamed of their sexuality because it is inferior and less important than a Man’s.

    Despite this, they are trained to edge relentlessly and always keep their cunts wet, horny, and eager to please. A slut’s life should be spent in a constant state of lust and guilt. She should feel bad about herself as her body spasms with her climax as she’s gangbanged by strangers because her orgasm is inferior.

    Humiliation is a powerful tool and Men want sluts to be constantly humiliated by themselves. They should be able to reach orgasm simply by being called degrading names and spit on.

    Men are encouraged to manipulate them. Get one to send you forbidden nudes, promise you won’t post them to the Slut Wall, and then after you’ve fucked her, humiliate her by posting them and having her punished. She’s weak for disobeying the rules and she should grovel and beg your forgiveness.

    Men have COMPLETE control over the bitches. They could demand a whore break the rules and she will be forced to and be punished for it. The goal is to make them sluts for pain, punishment, being used, abused, and degradation. Thats why they’re kept in a constant state of lust while it happens.

    Fraternity parties are one of the best places for this. Sluts will be required to buttchug alcohol to get them good, loose, and extra slutty, and then will usually end up 100% pregnant by the end of the night after having been passed around and used by EVERY Man there.

    They are often found, passed out, in humiliating positions the next morning. Face down, ass up with half empty beer bottles shoved up their whoreholes, shoved in garbage cans, left behind dumpsters, etc.

    All the better to teach them how inferior they are. They all will have orgasmed more times than they can count during the night.

    Welcome to Slut Academy


    i would love to attend Slut Academy


    I’ve got applications available…submit yours at my profile.


    Accepting applications


    I’d love to go to this academy.


    Makes you wet at the thought doesn’t it cunts?


    This is Fucking turn on, so Fucking hot. I swear this is what a perfect world needs


    A perfect combination of fantasies I’ve had. Almost word-for-word.


    This is low key a hot dream. Only i Respectfully disagree that ‘it’s her fault if a Man uses a girl’. Like penetration is punishment. To me it should always be a reward for her to have a penis inside her. So that she craves it and seeks it like i do. That makes me act all slutty all the time. Do you really want me to be afraid of sex?Ots the alternative im scared of. A beating or a whipping or being humiliated badly.

    I know we always talk about fucking subs braindead, but what about doms fucking themselves brainless in their sub? Being so teased that you just lose yourself, tear off their clothes and start rutting and pounding away, ignoring their whines to slow down. Face in their neck, taking in their scent, biting and sucking as you fuck into them. Cumming, but not really caring, because you need to keep fucking them, you need to fuck your baby until your hips give out, without a conscious thought penetrating your mind until you wake up, still inside your passed out baby.


    He greatly enjoys forcing her to have one orgasm after another with the vibrator she has in her pussy.


    She would never beg for one again


    That is some evil bondage. (Put her feet down for balance and she chokes herself.) And some devious torture. (Calmly working the remote to play with her sadistically.) And some extreme mindfuck. (His creepy calm, his fucking *gloves,* facing her away from him so she can’t fully see.) The more you look at this, the more fucked up and fantastic it is. Now, ladies, raise your hand if you wish you were her.


    Who’s naked and gagged in bed?

    This girl! Sir just used me and it was great. If this post gets 50 notes I’ll share all the fun details 😊 I’ll give you a tease by letting you know it’s a penis gag.


    @wickedsadist and I were in the kitchen and I asked him to fuck me. He grabbed my hair and led me to our bedroom where he told me to strip. He wrapped me up in rope. A chest harness with my hands behind my back. He pushed my face down on the bed and spanked my ass for a bit. Then he ordered me to lie on my back on the bed.

    This was hard to do since I was all tied up but I managed. He fucked me telling me what a pathetic slut I was. At some point he reached over and stuck the penis gag in my mouth. After he finished the first time I was soo horny and I kept moving my hips, fucking him which led to round 2 of him fucking me.

    We cuddled a little and I mentioned how horny I was. At some point he took the penis gag out of my mouth. I begged him to play with me. He teased my clit and fingered me which felt amazing. I was having a lot of mean ideas. I begged him not to let me cum because I don’t deserve to cum. I also shared how he could fuck me with the gag and then put it back on me. He agreed that was a good idea. He fucked my cunt with it - which did not feel as good as his fingers - and then shoved it in my mouth. I tasted myself. He buckled it tight and then took off my rope and said he had to go do something but I could take the gag out in 5 mins.

    I laid in bed and @collegecuckcake suggested I should edge while reading a dirty story. I took the gag out and brought myself to the edge. It felt so good and I was so close to cumming but I didn’t. How long until I should beg Sir to use me again? 😊

    I know I post degradation and humiliation but please know I believe the following things:

    1. Black lives matter

    2. Men and women should be treated equally (unless in a dynamic chosen by both)

    3. Donald Trump is a racist and a rapist

    4. Just because I'm inferior, doesn't mean all women are

    5. LGBTQ+ people should have 100% equality and freedom, and are welcome in the kink community

    6. Pedophilia is not a kink. Leave kids the fuck alone.

    Last night Master made me edge for just over an hour. No stopping. I felt so brainwashed, I was using a brush and the bristles hurt (bristles inside. Duh) and he told me I love it. I just repeated it back to him. Kept edging. I fell deeper, I eventually said “it doesn’t even know if cunts can cum” and Master told me we can’t so I said “good. We don’t deserve it, cunts are pathetic” so o kept edging. And edging. And eventually he made me beg for more, it was the worst I’ve ever begged for something and he told me so. Told me I can do better. So I said “it’s brain is mush” and finally when he told me to stop I was wanting to go tired. He was going to make me sleep with the brush firmly in my cunt but it filled me so full I couldn’t sleep. Oh I also had to thank him for showing me what a stupid ex dyke I am.