This potato works. Every. Fucking. Time.


    Then bring me luck


    the day after I posted this last time I was notified that I was selected for a really cool mentorship gig and got an unrelated glowing review at work


    I forgot to make the homework and the teacher didn't show up


    Actually I had another poll idea so never mind THIS is the last one for the day

    Sorry for the weird choices, I wanted to be a bit more creative with this one and I’m also pretty tired. Have fun! Also, reblog with the option you choice and why if you want, it’s fun to see people’s reasons and choices (and of course it gives the poll a larger sample size).


    Octopus like Mare


    poll time!!

    please reblog with your answer and country!!

    i, for example, have fired a gun, and am from canada.



    USA, yes. Shot gun and it was trap shooting. So hitting flying clay disks. I've shot a hand gun once and really didn't care for it.


    USA, literally only once. A friend of mine in the fifth grade invited me over for a playdate and it turned out her idea of a playdate was shooting at targets in the woods behind her house instead of, like, playing the Sims or something.

    I was actually a decent shot with a rifle but the kickback from a handgun made it impossible for me to control. In fact I seriously wonder why the fuck her dad thought it was a good idea to give a handgun to a kid with wet spaghetti noodles for arms.


    Mexico, I haven't seen a real gun in my life (only in videos, movies or pictures) and no one I know has a license to buy one


    okay i feel like i've seen a poll like this but i don't remember the results so

    i use google docs btw



    Straight to the app. I don't publish a single chapter until the whole fic it's done, and when it's done I hate it so much I only keep it as a draft to see how much I've improved.

    Like, you have no idea how many fanfics of so many fandoms I have. I went from the Creepypastas to the Countryhumans, then Five Nights At Freddy's, DSMP, Boku No Hero Academia, Friday Night Funking, Bendy And The Ink Machine, Among Us, Kimetsu No Yaiba, SCP Foundation and currently Undertale AUs.

    Most of them are complete yet will never be published because I hate them just as much as I hate myself.


    How did you find tumblr?

    I really enjoy talking with tumblr users so I thought I'd try posting more prompts to get some conversations started.

    I was in a nostalgic mood this week and was trying to remember how I first came to tumblr. It got me thinking that it would be cool to learn other's origin stories. I'll go first.

    Even though I'm a big nerd who loves Star Trek (DS9 4 life) and Anime (Fairy Tail forever) it was WordPress that brought me to tumblr. Back in 2010 while in college I worked part time for a WordPress theme shop called Obox Themes. They were looking for new markets and decided that tumblr themes would be a good area to get into. I fell in love with how easy it was to modify my digital home and how there was a whole community of people hacking and releasing themes. Creating a WordPress theme from scratch would have been impossible with my skillset then but with tumblr I could do anything with my handy CSS guide and a few energy drinks.

    Over the years what kept bringing me back was the themes. They were funky, weird and sometimes a little broken but who cares. It seemed like the entire web was trying to be grown up but tumblr was Toys R Us, they said it’s ok to be a kid. I loved that. Whenever I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere else I’d come back to tumblr and make a new theme ( I use to love clicking on the installs and seeing what kind of fun folks were using my stuff. What kind of people liked the weird stuff I did.

    It's your turn. What brought you to tumblr?


    A Dream sans fanart


    If this AU was centered on angst, I think it would follow the events of the movie, but, just as Dream goes back to normal Error stabs Nightmare before anyone can react. Then he proposes to Dream in front of everyone and when he gets rejected, he claims that Nightmare has manipulated Dream and swears he'll show him/her/them the truth. Since Dream is the only heir now, they must do what's best for the kingdom, and what better than marrying the "hero that saved everyone and, by the way, is a prince". Marrying Error would allow alliances with the other's kingdom and they wouldn't have to rule alone anymore. Besides, I'm sure that Error would find a way to manipulate Dream and make them his queen. He already has the approval of the kingdom so it wouldn't be hard.

    How could you come into my ask box, and just drop a BANGER out of no where???? I can not express how much i love this. and i drew so much because of this.

    first things first, having an entire kingdom engulfed in darkness would have obvious effects on the kingdom (plus there's the side affect of people's negative emotions being amplified.) Dream would likely get pressured by his kingdom, because they need stability, they need hope. and what better than having the kingdom's hero as their king?

    Dream knows he has to do what's best for his kingdom. but he HATES it. So he'll remind people as much as possible that his BROTHER is the one who should be ruling right now, that Dream shouldn't be in this position.

    the kingdom very much DESPISES nightmare for what happened. and so Dream will have to bury Nightmare inside the castle's walls, so no one could harm Nightmare's grave. With the death of Nightmare, everything that he made would vanish and die too, so that includes Ink

    Cross and Epic know the truth, they saw what actually happened. But obviously people won't believe the random hunter who talks to a deer (only Cross sees Epic as an actual person, others see Epic as a literal reindeer)

    but error doesn't want anyone putting any ideas or anything in Dream head. so he had to stop that immediately :3


    It's so beautiful. I love how Error isn't even looking at Dream, he knows he's right.


    PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK to sign petitions and send your representatives letters about stopping KOPA!

    The law could be severely misused and is open enough to interpretation that it seems like it could be used to take down sites like Ao3 and Tumblr for being LGBTQIA+ safe places. It would also likely require age verification for EVERY internet user, which would not protect kids, it would just give the gvmnt more possibilities to restrict and police our internet use.

    It took me less than 5 minutes to sign literally all of these that I can right now. ♡

    I saw another post about this, but they didn't want proshippers to interact, so I'm making my own.


    Can’t risk it


    The duck of creativity. I waited so long for it.


    fucking duck


    Not risking this


    Please bless me, duck of creativity!


    Help me oh Duck of Creativity.


    P l e a s e


    I will die under your wing trying to protect you


    Gimme some muse juice


    oh gimme that shit powerful Duck


    Oh shit oh fuck *scrambles to reblog*


    I beg of you don’t take my ideas duck of creativity


    Please, I need my creativity to survive in this cruel world.


    Instead of the apple incident Dream and Nm have been fighting over the fact that Dream ate his last batch of fries and never admitted to it. After hundreds of years later he’ll admit it, maybe.

    Instead of the apple incident Dream and Nm have been fighting over the fact that Dream ate his last batch of fries and never admitted to it. After hundreds of years later he’ll admit it, maybe.

    Dream pleads and yells away, ducking under a flying knife. Killer shrugs to Nightmare from across the field, where Swap distracts him.

    "Why, brother, must we fight like this? Years, perhaps decades even, of time wasted when we could be together!"

    All the same spiel. Nightmare tires of it.

    Instead of the apple incident Dream and Nm have been fighting over the fact that Dream ate his last batch of fries and never admitted to it. After hundreds of years later he’ll admit it, maybe.

    Dream pleads and yells away, ducking under a flying knife. Killer shrugs to Nightmare from across the field, where Swap distracts him.

    "Why, brother, must we fight like this? Years, perhaps decades even, of time wasted when we could be together!"

    All the same spiel. Nightmare tires of it.

    Dream dashes about the debris-littered battleground in his ridiculous yellow attire, ribbons fluttering behind him. All this while his legs, clad in those tight black spandex, send him scrambling for cover from a hail of bone shards from Dust. Alas, none of the attacks rip his leggings and show the sweating body underneath.

    Nightmare watches him without change in his expression. His eye is slitted with a keen focus. Unlike his usual character, he does not monologue to Dream about the hopelessness of his toil. This causes the guardian to wear himself out faster than usual.

    Nightmare tastes Dream's growing anxiety on his tongue, and it is delicious when it spikes with pain as his brother lands onto his side. Crashing down, like a shooting star. And just like that, the fight is over-his underlings know better than to get between the two, now. Nightmare needs to investigate that sad noise that Dream made.

    A pointy-toed, black, heeled boot pushes Dream off his injured side with a grunt. Dream swats his ankle with a yellow glove-and when Nightmare tries to stomp it, he gets flipped off. Rude. Frankly, Nightmare's a bit insulted that Dream let him get this close. He didn't even at least try to roll away and off the cliff he's on.

    So close, Nightmare eyes the steep drop, and yet…

    "The answer to our feud may be revealed to you in decades more, Dream."

    Dream is breathing harshly, every pant emphasizing the rise and fall of his rib cage. It is just like his modest brother to cover his throat, to defend it from attack. From whom, Nightmare wonders. He finds the black agreeable on Dream's creamy-white neck, where his scarf falls away and pools into sunshine under Dream's sweating head and his open, hot mouth.

    Gravel crunches underfoot.

    The wide, dizzying rays of hope that irritate his very existence flinch away from his looming shadow as he steps closer. Dream, on the other hand, continues to lay still on the ground. He's splayed like a pinned butterfly. Nightmare thinks that it matches the way he flits about. It matches his stupid ribbons, trailing around like a kite, calling out to Nightmare in a simpering voice-"Look, I'm here! Follow me, follow me, I'm here! Catch me!"

    "Can't you just tell me already?" His brother whines. That pouty, high-pitched voice is the same he used to wheedle the baker's daughter into giving Nightmare an added pastry-not that she knew it was for him, of course.

    He wants to pull on those ribbons, watch his brother's head tilt back and his spine bend under him. To see his rib cage shivering with the same exertion he sees in Dream now. Would he whine then? Would he use that same, pouty, high-pitched voice?

    "If you cannot remember now, then maybe another century should pass," Nightmare sneers. "and you may remember then."

    With the same longing that Dream is horrible at hiding from him. That Nightmare fails to hide, as well. Dream's single plea does not make him weak.

    "Please." and Nightmare does not swallow. He does not feel the word lance through him, scalding, like a brand. It does not scorch him from inside out, rake him new and raw, and does not make him leave him wanting for anything.

    Dream stares at him anyway, he always did, and those burning stars that nestled bright in his skull burn through him. How can he plea so openly while maintaining that intense eye contact? Nightmare fights to keep his scowl.

    How used to coaxing, his brother. "Just tell me." His voice is softer now, gentler, so much different from the simple boys they once were. He has a pleasing tenor to it, and it reaches a new high when he screams.

    How used to rejection, is Nightmare. "You should know, already."

    Nightmare knows he's being stubborn. Between the two, he had always thought Dream had the more stubborn streak-but…

    But he doesn't want to answer. It's embarrassing now, humiliating at the very least. After all of this strife, the answer had always just been…

    His mouth still feels so dry when he remembers. He wants, hungers so badly.


    A hand slides, slowly, hesitantly, along his thigh where he kneels beside Dream. The glove trembles. It hurts-their auras reject each other so badly, but the pain conflates with the same breathtaking emotion he feels when he sees Dream. He tries to shift away, but the fingers wrap around his pant leg and tighten.

    "I do, know."

    And his blackened, twisted soul, it freezes. Nightmare can feel the way Dream quails, that he becomes fearful of Nightmare's reaction, and then pushes on anyway.

    In an exhale, his words are tight. His face has warmed, and he tries to lean away, but Dream draws closer-despite the wince it draws from him. Quiet, vulnerable, Nightmare has not been such since one tall tree and two smiles. He forces the steel into his voice, but it melts in the face of Dream, and drips down hot on his back.

    "You do?"

    Dream's exhales are shuddering, and his face is golden even in Nightmare's casted shadow. He glows as he nods, those bright eyes never leaving his own. If only to guiltily flit down at his mouth.

    The next words are a slight husk. "And what, pray tell, do you know?"

    His brother's pale throat is hidden by black spandex, and Nightmare wishes to tear it away.


    And Dream, that coward, fails to voice the rest. He belated registers that he leaned in at Dream's voice. His arm and leg cage the other man in, a wide, clawed hand digging into the rubble. Trapping him in.

    The flick of yellow is Dream's tongue. He remembers it well. It reminds him of something stolen away in the gentle night, tucked between teeth and secreted down. He wants it badly, again. Nightmare does not swallow. He pretends to ignore the flare of want that scorches them both, again, staring at one another on this broken platform while the world shrinks away to muffled violence and laughter.

    And suddenly, Nightmare's long, long patience is worn thin. He tires of their dance, of the teasing, of the edge between a cliff and a heavy, panting body. He is greedy, he is selfish, and he takes what he wants now. No more waiting. He is tired of waiting, and of little yellow tongues and of fluttering ribbons and blinding stars.

    Nightmare does not need to wait in the dark any longer. He catches falling stars, and he makes his wishes come true.

    "You stole from me, brother."

    Dream blinks wide. Innocent, naïve fool. Ridiculous how endearing he makes it look. Cheater.

    He stutters a bit. "A-Ah, wait, stole your...?"

    Nightmare leans close, their faces close enough to brush if Dream jolted. He can sense the latter considering it, flustered as he is.

    "My fries."

    His voice is dark, and the deep richness of it rolls through Dream before his brother can register the words. He senses the pleased blur of his eyes, and a vengeful spite rises in him again. Dream, ever reactive to his tumultuous moods, stops and thinks. Nightmare watches Dream turn the memory of his words over and over in his head, and the ensuing grief and disappointment makes every injury worth it.

    "… your FRIES?" Dream shrieks.


    All those years of fights... All the spilled blood (or dust)... just because dream ate some fries?? HECK YEAH!!!! THAT'S THE HEADCANONS WE LOVE!! The fact that if Dream didn't forget about what they did and apologized none of those worlds would've suffered is hilarious


    I have to eat a book that is being flung…



    I have to eat me..




    … me verse….


    The tyme that is Shyne…06


    Either a cat-shaped eternal blizzard or a cat that gives luck and belongs to the neighborhood of whoever is reading this. Which leaves me wondering, how am I supposed to eat something that is eternal???? Will I have bad luck if I eat the cat or will I be the luckiest person on earth??