Permission to Edge, Ruin and Deny Requires Female Supervision

Let's make sure you KNOW this is an adult blog. It's not about getting permission to skip class or getting extra supervision on a new job. This content is for intelligent, curious, sexually open minded adults only! This blog is truly unique… How so you ask? Isn’t it just another blog with porn pics from the web? NO! Here you will explore and learn what supervised masturbation is all about. Here you will learn to ask permission to cum. Here you will become an expert on all things ruined. You will learn to STOP your mindless stroking and find much more exquisite pathways to release. I am a Dominant attractive female, age 42, well educated, well spoken, well dressed and successful in the business world. I run this blog myself with the occasional post from my female submissive "Amy" who is 27. Most importantly you MUST obey this one simple rule. You are ONLY allowed a full orgasm when you are in the presence of a woman or have permission from ME. From now on when you take matters into your own hands you are to follow the instructions found on my blog. It is updated pretty much every day. This is tease and denial at it's finest. Face it, you know this is for your own good. You want and NEED to be controlled. Otherwise why are you here?

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    Dec 16th - 2018 - The day the party ended...

    (posted late on the 15th)

    And so it has come to this. The 17th we die. Today we party! Well screw them. Let’s all go out with a SCREAMING BIG OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Yes EVERYONE gets to CUM FULLY TODAY!!!!!

    You are to enjoy yourself completely today - but you CANNOT cum until you have edged at least FIVE TIMES.

    To help you with your own personal edging party here are some video links... The whole thought process for you today is ...

    Female body worship.

    These videos will give you a LOT to be thankful for.

    Bad music in my view - great visuals

    Ass lovers delight

    Amazing females - body worship heaven

    And out all time fav - Pour Some Sugar on Me!

    And lastly - perhaps a little silly - some Fireworks to celebrate your final orgasm with us - the day the party died. Let’s celebrate what we had together - not what we lost - and move on to what ever is next with great anticipation. 

    https://youtu.be/CNjggrxUQ78   Your final Orgasm - to Fireworks

    Mistress and Princess Amy.


    Instructions for today - Dec 15th -2018

    This is Mistress - NOT Amy. I have re blogged this pic to see if it survives the 17th. Additionally this gorgeous females does look a bit like me. The hair color is really close - and I LOVE the “confident” look she is giving YOU.

    Earlier today - I sent these same instructions to one of my most precious followers who resides in the UK. Once Amy saw them - she suggested that I post them for everyone. So here you go...

    You are to OBEY and follow these instructions exactly. You are to have FOUR ten minute edging sessions today. NOT three and NOT five. Each NO more then ten minutes in duration. Each 90 minutes apart. Are these instructions clear? Edge at the ten minute mark. Then STOP. EAT anything you produce from your cock. DO NOT CUM. DO NOT RUIN. Add a note to this blog with the word "OBEY" (nothing more) if you are going to follow these instructions. 

    Additionally - you are to message Amy after each ten minute edge session. She will most likely not be able to reply to everyone - but she says she will do her best. She is SO HAPPY to be back in touch with you all - for our last few days together.


    Mistress Checking In....

    This IS a legitimate post from Mistress. The original - the one and YOUR ONLY true Mistress. As you all know, panic runs rampant across all of tumblr regarding the closing of the adult content. As the next few days unfold - I WILL be answering messages. Yes you WILL be able to reach both Amy and I via the tumblr messenger. Those of you who have chatted with us before will know that you are reaching the real females behind this blog. Ask us a question that only we would know the answer to if you like. 

    I am especially fond of this photo.

    I put the wording on myself. I have this “new” kink where I ONLY allow my subs a MAX of Ten Minutes of masturbation at a time. Then a rest of from one hour to many days - then TEN minutes again. ONLY. I have Princess Amy on this regime and I can say she is “most attentive” to me ALWAYS.

    Anyhow - this blog will not be deleted by me at this time. If tumblr takes it away - so be it. I won’t post new material - just keeping it open to see what develops. 

    What I will be looking for from all of you - is info on where the tumblr crowd ends up gathering again. There is only confusion now from what I see. No firm direction. I want you all to be my ears and eyes on what other platforms seem to be getting the majority of the adult tumblr community.

    TEN minutes at a time - NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mistress and Princess Amy.


    May 22nd - 2018. You Know what this graphic means....

    Its been a great ride for all of us. But let’s be honest and serious here - this is a labor of love. Not a “for profit” endeavor. The details don't matter - but a “few” have spoiled it for “many.” 

    It is very unlikely that you will ever hear from any of us again. I wish all of you every success - both online and in your real life. We will not be answering messages. The blog will remain online for an undetermined length of time. Enjoy the content while you can.

    Its been a great ride - while it lasted. I have NO patience for the nonsense. Time to move on. 

    Regardless - I do wish you all every success both online and in real life.


    Princess Amy


    Little Miss Victoria.

    May 21st, 2018 - Everything Changes Next Sunday

    Mistress will be back in the US next Sunday. 

    My world will change - so will YOURS. I am quite certain I know where I will be - this post shows that quite well - but I have NO IDEA what it will be like for you.

    I feel like a kid out of school for the summer - when the summer ends. Or a teenager with free run on the house- but now the parents are coming back.

    I am really excited to see her. To touch her. To simply “BE” near her. I am SO starved for the “way” she makes me feel. 

    As for you - there is something going on. I don’t know what it is. Mistress is oddly “vague” about the blog these last few days. She ins’t telling me what she expects from ME or from YOU.

    It’s all a mystery. And of course her “man” Robert is with her which I am not comfortable with. I told her so - and she said, “I sent you Little Miss Victoria to keep you company while I was away. Robert has been in my life since you were about 3. He is NOT going anywhere now. You have met him Amy. You KNOW what an amazing man he is. ” Somehow I took little comfort in that. And yes, I know Mistress will read this. She knows how I feel already.

    Anyhow - you had a ruined O yesterday - so as I am sure you expected - today is...

    Mundane Monday


    I means you can in fact touch your cock. You can play with it. Stroke it a bit. Whatever. Thing is you cannot EDGE! You cannot RUIN! You cannot CUM! It is like a no touching day - except you get to tease it a bit - but not even close to an EDGE. NO!

    I’m feeling kinda out of sorts over this Mistress thing today. I am just TOO into her to do anything but “fret” about her return. I’m feeling jealous. And I’m NOT pleased with myself for that. 

    Princess Amy.


    PS - Many of you followers really do mean a LOT to me.

    May 20th, 2018 - Today you ARE having a RUINED ORGASM - but - YOU WILL NOT have a FULL orgasm. When and IF you cum is NOT determined by you. Females CONTROL your releases. You MUST OBEY all females - EVEN submissive little ones like ME! LMV.

    Indeed my pets - that opening message from Little Miss Victoria applies to YOU. EVEN the most submissive, shy, small, slender female is ABOVE you when it comes to edging and releases. EVEN LMV can TELL you what you are to do and you MUST OBEY her. 

    You are feeling more and more submissive. You do NOT cum without my permission. I cum everyday. YOU can go weeks  and weeks with no FULL orgasms. They are for girls only. You KNOW that now. You are learning that your submission to me is FAR more rewarding than your endless “old ways” of jerking off ever were. 

    I will be posting a few video links along with instructions. Do this series when you are able. To begin - here is a video link.


    You are to use ONLY the OK JERKS on this opening video. Yes - I am working you up to your ruined O. This video is about POWERFUL WOMEN - look UP at them and edge. Yes edge and leak and EAT your pre-cum up as I have trained you to do.

    DO NOT CUM YET! DO NOT get TOO close. Edge ONLY on this video.

    Princess Amy.

    PS - You are to re-blog this post. You are to message me directly - explaining to me that you are indeed falling more and more under my spell. You are doing this willingly. Admit to me - this IS what you NEED, 

    LMV - Little Miss Victoria - has a surprise for you :-)

    Above is one of the GREAT look-alike pics that followers sent in. LMV has been on the phone with me this afternoon - she is a “keen” follower of the blog. The moment she saw the video link she said, “As soon as they have to STOP edging - that is when the girls have ORGASMS!”  Blonds - I know.

    Anyhow - she is loving the basic idea that guys have to edge and then STOP while girls keep going and Cum Cum Cum!

    Here is your link again:


    So thanks to LMV - pestering me - ALL DAY - you get to EDGE MORE TODAY. In fact you MUST EDGE MORE. Assuming you had privacy - the first post allowed you to edge up to minute 11:52. If you have not done that first part yet - then go do it first. Then rest and continue on with that second portion;

    11:52 up to 23:45 - Headphones ON!!!

    DO NOT CUM! - The purpose of this video is to train you properly. I want you GOOD and ready for your ruined O tomorrow.

    Princess Amy.

    May 19, 2018 - It was already light out when I got home this morning. I am a bit hung-over - but I “rally” quickly:-)

    While I get myself back in shape - YOU - have some training to do.


    Get your headphones ON - Follow instructions on the video.

    You MUST STOP watching at minute 11:52.

    DO NOT CUM!!!

    DO NOT CUM!!!

    DO NOT CUM!!!

    Watch it only once. Edge as ordered to. Relax.

    I will hopefully post again later. Your ruined O is still scheduled for tomorrow. DO NOT CUM and screw things up. I need more COFFEE!!!

    Princess Amy.

    May 18th, 2018 - Little Miss Victoria is “Over the Moon” thrilled with all the “look-alike” pics you sent! 

    Many of you really rose to the challenge and sent some amazingly accurate pics that look like LMV. So - tomorrow - I will be posting a series of her pics for you to edge to. It will be a day filled with edges in “worship” of that skinny little blond who makes your balls boil and your “stick” stand tall.

    As for today - seeing at this day is almost done in Europe - and already      5 PM where I am - today will be a day know as..

    Forbidden Friday!

    Stop pouting. This means no playing with your little weeny today. None. Zero. Zilch. I want your load to get really unbearable over the next 24 to 36 hours. Then...

    Sunday you will be having a ruined orgasm! Yeah!

    I am out this evening with “the girls” but will be around much more over the week-end than I have been this past work week.

    Be loyal to my rules. Don’t cheat on me. Just do other things until I post tomorrow. You will have LOADS of chance to edge tomorrow - Saturday - and then a nice ruined O on Sunday . That will relieve “a little” of that ball pressure. If your balls are aching - you could message me and tell me so. I do like to hear that you are “aching for me :-)

    Princess Amy.


    May 17th - 2018 Little Miss Victoria “Look - Alike”  Photo

    The other day I let LMV post. Then I guess I was somewhat unkind to her. I said in the next post - that I was sick of her “immature dribble” and put her back between my legs which is where she belongs - until she proves she can do otherwise.

    But - I admit - her “dribble” is just her own youthful enthusiasm. I was the same way. I guess its not like I am that much older than she is. I’m 27 and she is 22. But we are world’s apart in maturity.

    I let LMV pick out her own “Look - Alike photo.” I have to admit - she did find one that does look a lot like she does in real life. Same hair color, face is very close - tiny little skinny body. Pretty darn close to the real thing. The other day when I posted a girl like her - who had a fantastically large and appealing breast - LMV’s boobs are much smaller. More like this photo.

    So we will see what happens. Not sure if she will be allowed to get more time on the blog or not. That is up to Mistress.But I will tell you that Mistress - gave me an earful for “being such a bitch with LMV.” 

    I have been told.

    Today your edge play is to focus on LMV. I want you to find “look-alike” pics of LMV and share them with me via a message. If we get some good ones I will post them today. You are allowed to edge ONLY to girls that look like LMV. You make edge 3 times today. BUT - you are back to NO LUBE - until Sunday. Only OK Jerks. NO touching the head of your cock. NO cumming. Leak and Lick my little pets. Leak and lick ONLY!

    Princess Amy.

    May 15th - 2018 Everyone is BUSY or AWAY - so YOU have to Listen to ME Today!

    Mistress is away as you know. Amy is all caught up at work today. So you get to take ORDERS from me today. They are pretty simple - I did not make them up for you - Amy did.

    Touchless Tuesday!!!

    No touching your “thing” down there today at all. That’s it. That is all I know.

    Little Miss Victoria.

    May 14th - 2018 - YOU just “MELT” When You See Me :-)

    Admit it! Waiting all day for me to post was driving you CRAZY! Finally the post arrives! It was worth the wait because here I treat you to another “Look-alike” photo of your Precious “Princess Amy.”

    I had a hellish day at work. No time to be posting and chatting with all you naughty little pets.

    I had SUCH a great time with the ruined O messages yesterday. I have to admit - some of you are sending VERY HOT messages to me :-)

    Anyhow - the exact return date for Mistress to be back is not clear. It looks like she will be back by the end of May for sure - just not sure when.


    That means you are going to have to WAIT an undetermined length of time before your next FULL release. But I will be edging you like crazy in the meantime. Mixed in with a few more ruined orgasms to relieve a bit of that ball pressure. You will learn to eat it up willingly. 

    Now - here is a special treat to start off the week - along with my “look-alike” photo above - here is my “look-alike” video. Some of you have seen it before.


    EDGE!!! THREE times during the video! Relax for at least FIVE minutes between edges. Pause the video while you relax. LEAK - LICK - and DO NOT CUM!!!!!!! USE ONLY the “OK Jerks” method. You KNOW what that means. 

    I EXPECT some messages thanking me for being SO generous today. After all - this is only MONDAY!

    I really do spoil you little bitches. Maybe Mistress is right. Oh well - she WILL be more strict with you when she gets back.

    Princess Amy.

    PS - Kiss my feet above and make yourself VERY hard before you click on the video link. You are SUCH a little slut.

    May 11th - 2018 - OK Jerks Edge Pic Number ONE

    You are allowed to edge ONCE to each pic in this series of five photos.

    You are NOT allowed to cum today.

    Each photo is here to “send you a message.” You have a task to do on EACH post of the five. You are to POST a note or MESSAGE me with WHY you think I posted this photo. What is the message I am sending to you?

    Also you are to re-blog each photo to help those who are missing out become aware that we are active again.

    Princess Amy.

    May 11th, 2018 My Goodness! I’m LOVING the Whining!

    And begging and endless messages about how much your balls hurt and your cock is leaking. You would think I haven’t let you cum in a year

    This photo is here for two reasons. A reminder of your “perspective” with regards to your relationship with me. And of course - this pussy is SO well outlined - yet covered - as NO pussy is available to you. 

    Yes today you will be allowed to edge FIVE TIMES! I know - WAY to generous. You MUST NOT use lube. You MUST NOT touch the glands or head of your cock. You MUST ONLY use the OK JERKS method. You are to edge and produce pre-cum and lick it up. 


    I will post FIVE Photos - one for each edge. Sure look at what you want - but when edge time comes - you MUST EDGE to the photo provided. ALL photos are here for a reason.

    Over the week-end you WILL get to use lube again. Yes you WILL be able to touch your glans. Just NOT TODAY! NOT YET! Why not? 


    Princess Amy.

    May 10th - 2018 - YES! A LOT of Begging IS Going ON!

    I must confess that a LOT of you seem to be even MORE desperate than you should be at this point. After all - it’s only been 4 days since you had a full orgasm. Nevertheless - the whining and begging in my message box is endless. Which only brings my more cruel tendencies to the surface :-)

    Today you DO get to EDGE!  But ONLY ONCE! And like yesterday - NO LUBE! NO touching the head (glands) of your cock - use ONLY the OK Jerks to tease yourself to the edge. Leak and then Lick it up. Then you are DONE!

    Special News - Over the week-end - a special post will be on the blog - from - “Robert” who is “the man” in Mistress’s Life. Very few of you are aware of his existence. He might give you an overview of his history with Mistress - I do NOT know if that is going to happen.

    What he will do - is TELL you EXACTLY HOW Mistress makes him edge his cock. Yes - Mistress denies this man - at many times for month’s on end. Robert has NOT had a full orgasm since January. That is TRUE. He only is allowed to cum when he is with Mistress - and often they are apart for months at a time. 

    He is allowed to edge and ruin - using only one of two methods. One you know already - “The OK Jerks.” The other he will reveal over the week-end. 

    Pretty exciting stuff.

    Princess Amy.

    May 8th - 2018.  Your STRICT RESTRICTION Continues

    Touch-less Tuesday is Upon YOU!

    Today is ANOTHER day where you are forbidden to touch your cock in any sexual well. Plain and simple. You may ONLY touch your cock to “pee” or to “wash” it off in the shower. 

    Princess Amy.

    May 7th - 2018. And SO IT Begins.

    Yes today is the dawn of a new era. I do hope you all enjoyed the parties over the week-end and that your balls are relaxed and free of that nasty little “ache” I put there. 

    There will be NO MORE FULL ORGASMS for at least two weeks - which is when Mistress is expected back in the USA.

    As the photo in this post clearly demonstrates - you are NOT ALLOWED to EVEN TOUCH “Amy’s Worship Stick Today.” Only to “pee” or “wash.” Otherwise keep your hands off your little penis. 

    You had enough of that over the week-end.

    I am VERY SERIOUS about today’s instructions. Keep you hands OFF that little thing between your legs. IT IS OFF LIMITS!

    Princess Amy.


    Pay Attention Now - Your FULL RELEASE will be granted by Margie in her next and last post.

    I want you to getyour head around the fact that eating your load is the ONLY WAY to truly please me. I am here - live - for YOU. My pussy is soaking wet. In a few minutes Little Miss Victoria will be sucking my clit to one orgasm after another. If the little bitch ever gets here. Where the fuck is she anyways?


    I would really like you to be one of my best ever pets and eat up your mess for me. ALL of it. Then message me while the taste is still in your mouth.